So. We Were 100% Right About Mueller. Again.

As we predicted more than a year ago, the only thing that Chief Witch Hunter Robert Mueller will be prosecuting people for at the end of the Russia investigation are people who had nothing to do with Russia or the Trump campaign, or people who fell victim to the bogus “lying to federal investigators” trick. Meanwhile, the Democrat fantasy that Trump-Russia collusion actually happened is allowed to continue.

For those who missed our earlier descriptions of the “lying to federal investigators” scam, here is how it works. Democrats sic the Department of Justice on their political enemies. The investigators then sit the Republican victim down in a room and interview him endlessly.

It’s not unusual for these things to drag out for several weeks of full 8-hour interrogations, day in and day out. If the victim gets a single detail incorrect – not through malice, but through a genuine mistake or incorrect memory – then the feds nail them for the crime of “lying to federal investigators.”

Gotcha! Now, plead guilty to “lying to federal investigators,” otherwise we’ll keep digging until we find something else. Oh, and we’ll make sure that the judge seals the details on this case, so that if you tell anyone about how we railroaded you, you’re in even bigger trouble. This allows the Department of Justice to tell the media that they caught a Republican “lying to federal investigators.”

It sounds like a spooky and mysterious crime, as if the “guilty” person is covering something up. The reality is often that they recollect that they bought Cheerios on the third Tuesday in March of 1994, when it was actually a box of Wheaties. Your tax dollars at work!

So, to date, the crack Department of Justice has charged Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn with… what was it? Oh, right, “lying to federal investigators.” Minor Trump campaign figure George Papadopoulos, who was grilled by Mueller’s team for weeks, just began a 14-day jail sentence for… wait for it… “lying to federal investigators.” Paul Manafort was busted for alleged financial crimes that happened years before the 2016 campaign.

The liberal run media desperately reassures us that author and investigative journalist Jerome Corsi is somehow related to the Russia collusion conspiracy. The real reason why Corsi is being investigated is because he spent 8 years asking uncomfortable questions about Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Corsi was famously denied a White House press pass, but somehow Jim Acosta of CNN and the rest of the Obama-smitten media never seemed to feel that this was an assault on the First Amendment.

Mueller’s team of witch hunters spent 60 hours grilling Corsi about the meaning behind text messages that he sent back and forth with Roger Stone and other people in 2016 which mentioned WikiLeaks.

60 hours in a sweatbox with aggressive prosecutors. Corsi described it as like being interrogated for 60 hours by the North Koreans… during the Korean War. And at the end of all that, Mueller’s team said, “Gotcha! Now plead guilty to ‘Lying to Federal Investigators,’ otherwise we’ll keep digging!”

This is what the media and the Department of Justice dishonestly describe as a “plea bargain.” In an actual plea bargain, the prosecutors drop certain charges in exchange for a guilty plea to a lesser charge that they can prove. But with the Department of Justice, they offer to “let” you plead guilty to the bogus “lying” charge, otherwise they’ll just keep searching for another crime.

Unlike George Papadopoulos, Corsi was smart enough to refuse this “deal.” He says he didn’t lie to investigators, but that he made an honest mistake on some point during his 60-hour interrogation. His real crime was that he made himself an enemy to the Obama administration and they are finally getting their revenge against him.

Hillary Clinton faced no charges for running an illegal, off-books server while she was Secretary of State. She lied about it and we absolutely know she lied about it. No charges. Not even a piddly little “lying to federal investigators charge.”

The Obama administration jailed Dinesh D’Souza for five months for donating slightly over the campaign limits to a personal friend in a local election. Rosie O’Donnell admitted on national television that she blatantly violated campaign finance laws by giving double the federal limit to five separate incumbent Democrats. No charges.

Senators Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley sent a criminal referral to Rod Rosenstein at the Justice Department back in January for Hillary’s British spy Christopher Steele, the foreign meddler who authored the fictitious “Russian dossier.” The DOJ obviously jumped right on that.  But here we are almost a year later, and Mueller is still investigating Obama’s enemies and charging them with “lying to federal investigators.”

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