Step 1 To Taking Back Our Country: Primary to Every GOP Congressman in 2022

Assuming that America will still have enough electricity to hold an election in 2022 (which is sort of in doubt under Joe Biden’s energy policy), it’s time to talk strategy. As in: We need to viciously purge the ranks of the Republican Party so that it’s a lot more pro-Trump and a lot less squishy; “Please don’t call me a racist, I’ll do whatever Kamala wants!”

Have you noticed over the past month that a lot of Republicans in Congress are nicer to Joe Biden than they ever were to Donald Trump in four years? I have. And I’m sick of it. That’s why we need a primary challenge for every single one of them.

The Democrats are about to make sweeping changes to America that no one actually voted for in 2020. A recent poll showed that one-sixth of Biden voters would have stayed home on election day, or would have voted for Donald Trump, if they had known about all of the many media-suppressed stories that the public never learned about: The Laptop from Hell, Kamala Harris had the most extreme “woke” liberal voting record in the Senate, Trump’s peace deals in the Middle East, the record job growth in the third quarter of 2020, Trump’s many successes in the wake of the coronavirus, and so on.

Many of Biden’s own admitted voters now say they would never have voted for him, if only they had known about those stories. Yet the Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House and they are acting as if they have a mandate. They want BIG changes to punish Americans that didn’t support them.


My point in all of this is: What did Republicans do for two years when they controlled the House, Senate and White House? They passed a tax cut that no one asked for and which President Trump did not campaign on. Otherwise, they sat around for two years saying, “Well, gosh, maybe we should see how this Russia investigation plays out?” after everyone else on the planet already realized that the Russia investigation was a Clinton/Obama hoax.

We could have had a wall on the US-Mexico border that stretches from sea to shining sea by now, if only the Republican Congress had passed it into law – which they had the ability to do. They could have repealed Obamacare – but didn’t. I could go on, but you see my point.

Republicans in Congress are now trying to sweep the whole Trump presidency under the rug and “move on” as if it never happened.

Hey, dummies in Congress: Donald Trump is already the front-runner for the 2024 nomination, and he has the support of 96% of Republican voters right now if he chooses to do so. We don’t want any “compromises” with the Biden regime. The Biden administration is literally throwing Trump supporters in federal prison and throwing the key away, because they exercised their First Amendment right to protest a wonky election. Those Americans will never get out of prison unless a future Republican president pardons them.

The only way that we can police the ranks of the GOP is by scaring the hell out of them at the ballot box – and I mean all of them. Every Republican in the House of Representatives and 20 Republican Senators are up for reelection in 2022. To send them a message, we ought to be sending a challenger against every single one of them who is even more conservative and more pro-Trump.

Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely like and respect a lot of the younger Republicans we have in Congress right now. Marjorie Taylor Greene is fantastic. Lauren Boebert: Keep making the libs throw fussy fits at your gun collection. But every single one of the Republicans in Congress deserve a challenge from a pro-Trump, America First conservative. Iron sharpens iron, and this is how we will purge a lot of the dead weight in Congress. We have too many grifters in the party who are willing to cozy up to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer now that Trump is “out of the way.”

Primarying them is sure to throw at least a few of the bums out and replace them with more solidly pro-America candidates. And it will spook some of the dead-weighters, because it will let them know that Trump-style nationalism is here to stay.

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64 thoughts on “Step 1 To Taking Back Our Country: Primary to Every GOP Congressman in 2022”

  1. What about Convention of States, why do we not hear more about this sign the petition will this not help us take back control. We the people need to stand for this great country USA.

    1. Voters need to get off their lazy asses and vote, work at the polls, write letters, make phone calls and most importantly pay attention and listen to what the candidates are telling you. EDUCATE YOURSELF! I am still shocked people voted for Joe Biden but now they have remorse. He was very clear about what he would do if elected. People did not listen and now we are all suffering.

      1. If the enemy is still able to cheat again they will.The fact is everyone looked
        the other way and let fraudulent result
        stand.It’s past time for the majority to
        put a stop to this insanity.Supreme court?
        Useless.Talk useless.Stop being afraid of
        being called a racist.I feel sorry for blacks
        because they don’t even know they’re being used and lied to by foreign enemies.Anyone that hates this country so much has no right to live here.Move to
        American Free Liberia and see how you like it.

        1. You are so right, the blacks are being used. Candice Owens, a very smart educated Christian lady, will tell you just what you are saying. No one ever heard of how Trump made it were the black colleges didn’t have to come every year to ask for money. I’m sick of all the lies. Most of them have sold their soul to satan. Evil people want a evil king and they got it. Most unions are for Democrates and I wonder how many lost their jobs with the pipe lines.

        2. You are so right on everything that was said..we need Mr. Trump again to help get us back in line. For as the Black some are so lazy it is pitiful, and so act so pitiful to get us The American to give them every thing for and keep them up.

      2. My God, I found someone who sings out of the same songbook as me! I have often said that the greatest threat to our country is not from some invader, but rather it is the ignorance of the average voter. Sure, the MSM is shoveling horse apples to the masses, but people have to wake up to the fact there is a concerted effort to steal their liberties and destroy our republic. Educate yourself, get involved in the process, write your letters, make your phone calls, nominate people who will stand for our constitution, expose the liars and do-nothings, and ask God for the wisdom to open your eyes to the truth.

    2. Douglas!! it takes 2\3 of states or 34 states to ratify the constitution we only have 24 red states how will we get the balanse of blue states to go along with the red states??

    3. You may have a problem with that thought. If I read what congress passed the states can not recall them. Once in office they can say and do anything they wish with no fear of reprisal. Look at what they did to Trump and his supporters. Only Congress can discipline them or remove them from office. It may be better to start a movement that would end in a no vote of confidence.

    4. Just heard from Convention of States in the mail 2 days ago. I get forty pieces of mail per day. It drains me and thought it would slow or stop after Nov.3rd.
      Nope heavy as ever. I gave thousands for Republican Party, now in debt trying to help but now I am at a point I am at a stand still. I need to pay off my debt, but knew millions were for Trump than the Dem.s cheated like hell.

    5. Agree with you 100%. Until we have term limits to many lazy people vote and vote on name recognition. 4 terms for House 2 terms for Senator

  2. 100% of the DEAD WEIGHT HYPOCRITES in the senate and Congress MUST BE PURGED if we want to set things straight in this country! Billions of tax payers dollars are being GIVEN away and STOLEN EVERY MONTH! Given to bail out CORRUPT BLUE STATES year after year. When will these states wake up and say something or even better yet VOTE for the party that gets things done right,fair and justly! Instead we have crooked criminals robbing the tax payers blind!! Why not start by investigating every politicians bank accounts??? Then you’ll see who’s the real criminals! Ask them where they got there millions from! Then take it all away from them for STEALING IT FROM THE TAX PAYERS! Pay the national deficit down with all there stolen and bribe money!! Bottom line! WIPE OUT ALL OF CONGRESS AND THE SENATE AND START OVER WITH QUALIFIED AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT WANT TO DO GOOD FOR ALL THE PATRIOTS IN THIS GREAT COUNTRY OF OURS!!
    GOD BLESS! Let’s get this done and move forward!

    1. jim, if we did what you suggest, we couldn’t build poor farms fast enough!!!! also, look at Hunter Biden. if you watched RIDING THE CHINESE DRAGON on u tube, he has upwards of 20 or 30 shells where he hides it. you couldn’t get enough forensic cpas to follow the money in Washington d.c. I know as I have someone who does that for the feds. each audit is long and arduous, and requires many people, judges who will grant warrants to look, a forest of trees for the paper involved. months and years of the same audit which never will end. you just dont know what is involved in just ONE audit, let alone thousands. that is why people like Clinton, pelosi, Schumer, et al will never be taken down by monetary audits. their attorneys lie awake at night to dream up new ways to hide the cash. it is a good idea, just never will happen.

    2. The problem here is both parties control who they will allow to run for any office. I am not sure how someone who has no money backers or very little name recognition could compete. I agree that the American tax payer is being robed blind. Why Elise would someone spend 420 million dollars for an office position that pays 180,000. Per year. Because he or she and there backers are going to steel 10 times that amount

    3. If this country had a backbone of patriots….it would form a group and go after the people that have committed treason!!! We as the people have became weak and now I just try to lean on God for things will get bad! Not enough people standing up for God and our country to take it back like they did in the Old Testament and like they did when the British were coming. I love you America and I know it will hurt to see this country taken down.

  3. Unity unity thats all the demoRATS say when they are not in power and when they have power disunity they promote. Republicans cave to the demoRATs time and again WHY. The entire system is corrupted by money the whole republican party needs to be vetted and cleaned up of RINOs .
    TRUMP in 2024 our only hope

  4. I say we show them how strong we are!?
    I say we pull the same thing that “the not fudging around” group the African party, carrying guns around to show them that they we are tired of all the parties Democrats/Republicans/Rhinos.
    I mean show up in strong force and I don’t care what color you are, just don’t want any KKK/skin head and white extremist. That would defeat our purpose. I know more the marry is a good thing but we don’t need bad publicity.
    We don’t even have to use our AR’s. Get your pistols or shotguns BB gun, hell we can use water guns, that would throw the far left media in a frenzy. I can see the fake news headlines, that we had Assault rifles.
    Every state in America, well I’m sure California will lay down, so every other state March in high numbers to show them the force we have and what our cause is for, to take back our country and run these career politicians, that do nothing for the good, out of office. Tax payers are sick of being played with, Christians are sick of being oppressed, America is sick of letting foreign countries rape America so the politicians that we have elected and the ones that stole the election, who is invested in foreign oil/gas, that’s making profits off of us by having to pay for it at the pump, we run them out.
    We don’t have to go to the capital, we March down the streets. We block the road like antifa did, March like BLM.
    We have to have millions of marchers tho, that’s the only way that we can get our message through.
    When the helicopters are above us and they see a line that goes from state to state, I think we would get the attention, of those frauds who are traitors to America.
    Someone please get this started. Let’s do it on a weekend….”Let’s shut this place down”

    1. Who will unite and organize the army we
      will need?How to communicate since they
      own the media.Will the American military
      fire on American citizens?Talk is doing
      nothing.Action drastic action is needed now.
      Otherwise the United States of America will
      be gone forever.Dr.Ben Franklin warned us
      about losing the Republic.

    2. the fact that we are patriots will be enough to throw us all under the jails. I for one am not going to jail for life so some fat cat behind a keyboard can pump his fist and yell YEAH!!!!! the military is against us. have you seen the man Pelosi has investigating the “riot” of 1-6-2021? he is a colonel, and sounds like the cartoon character, FOGHORN LEGHORN. this guy wants to throw any and all in jail for just being white., let alone anything else. until you look around and become informed, you should not try to get others arrested. look at the pResident in the Whitehouse’s staff. I mean who he has running all the cabinet posts. all are militant against whites. we do not have the same latitude as antifa, (a myth, Biden says) and blm, who by their skin color gets a pass, according to Merck garland, the A.G. he said that the riots of the summer were not insurrection, as they happened at night, and no one was in the courthouses, etc. I kid you not. please be informed. the demon rat party is deadly, do not underestimate them. FOGHORN LEGHORN is combing through the military and will court martial anyone who does not have the demon rat mindset or who voted for Trump or says they are patriotic. read this for yourself. it is out there, if you take the time to look. it is not as easy as what you say. we are the minority, judges are against us.

    3. Where do we start and who can organize it? ( Patriots who are ready) A date needs to b set to have each State participate. So who can get this rolling?

  5. I am ready I am so sick of these stupid democrats what do you won’t us to do? they have to go. They are evil, weak minded worthless I have seen wood chucks with more brains than they have. Take our country back, now I will do what ever it takes to save our country, Biden is the worst nit wit we ever had in the most important office in the world. they think they can get by with ever thing those days are over lets get busy.

  6. Let’s have these RECALL elections NOW! . . . And, let’s NOT go for a “simple” majority. LET’S impeach these TREASONISTIC Traitors and send them to FEDERAL PRISON: NOW! NOW is the NEW term we Patriots need to use. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

    1. research it first. you can’t recall some of these people. sounds good, but unless you know the law, it isn’t going to happen. you can only vote them out of office when they run. if you can cheat enough, that is.

    1. in your infinite wisdom, what would you suggest we do? some tried to peacefully protest, and are still sitting in jail. they will sit there until a republican president, or house or senate is elected to let them out. the demon rats are making up charges as we speak. look at the gentleman and his mother for example. they were looking around, and got charged as being an insurrectionist. mom sure looks fierce!! and her son carrying zip ties he found on a desk, and was keeping from Antifa and the blm thugs there just terrified me to death, to quote AOC. NOT!!! the only thing we have now, for a while maybe, is freedom of speech. it is therapeutic to get it off your chest. if you have other ideas that are fail safe to stay alive and out of prison, please, please share with us idiots.

    2. say this to the Supreme Court, and the judges. they are bought, scared, etc. would you risk your family to do the right thing? most wouldn’t. and that is what the demon rats count on. our means of action have been severely fettered by laws, corrupt officials. we have to ride this out until 2022 and 2024. maybe, we can re-take some seats, and Trump can get into the senate to oust Pelosi. our only hope.

  7. I agree with all of the above and further, we need to stop the liberal, leftists’ agendas at the High Schools and Universities. Schools are being funded by the CCP and Liberal Elites and brainwashing our children with propaganda against Religion, Capitalism and Conservatives. The liberals are also trying to keep them out of in-person classrooms so they do not receive the a good education since digital learning is not as effective.

    We also need to support small businesses by not staying home; by going out to shop and eat at local businesses. We need to stop using Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Google!

    And lastly, keep religion as a freedom of choice and not be persecuted by the Democrats/Communists. We do not want a repeat of how the Nazis tortured and killed Jews during WWII.

    We can take back our country – it is not too late!!

      1. This is me, again. This is not a big deal, I guess, but it’s not 7:48 PM — it’s 2:50 PM. What’s up with such a large time difference?

  8. Please tell me who to call and write to, many of my friends are asking the same thing. Please give us the best path.

    1. Look it up for yourself on Google. Ask for the addresses and phone numbers of your state Representatives, Mayors, governors and so on. We can’ give you names of who to call in YOUR state. Are you lazy?



    1. with all the demon rats departing the locked down and ruined demon rat ruled cities, they are taking their mind-set to red states, and by sheer numbers are turning those states blue. how do you think you can get elected in an all blue state if you are a republican??? aint gonna happen, friend. look at Colorado. they are California east. same with all the surrounding states. they just go for the freedom, but keep their wacky views. that is what is happening to my great state. we are red at present, but the bluesy folks are coming here in droves from the frigid north, where those wonderful windmills and solar panels don’t seem to work so well in the dead of winter. most wind farms chose to omit the heating elements in the pursuit of cheapness. you can bet AOC and all her nature loving friends were warm and cozy this winter. I wish she and them could be forced to live in states that recently had the record-breaking cold, and the terrible loss of life because idiots like her dont like farting cows. the first resident there would be chuckie Schumer, who to the effect said that Texans got what they deserved. I sure fervently wish chuckie could get what he so greatly deserves, and very soon. bye bye chuckie.

  10. Biden and the rest of the Democrats who support him keep preaching “Unity” but everything they have done is causing Division. They lied, lied, lied during campaigning and did just the opposite. They’ve killed thousands of jobs, are making our country dependent on foreign energy, opening our borders and destroying our economy. Is THIS what you voted for??? I’ve told many people prior to that corrupt election, OPEN YOUR EYES, you will regret voting Democrat and suffer the consequences. Well, they didn’t listen and here we are. God help us.

  11. I looked at my 17 year old and said to myself…Am I going to let this country go the way of these commies? We as children were taught in the 50’s to beware of these traitorous people, they said “we will conquer you from within! “That stuck in my mind all these years. I’ll be 74 years old soon and I’ve had weapons all of my life, just in case. I will use them as our second amendment right guarantees , that It will not be infringed upon. So to ensure that my son enjoys the freedom and rights of this wonderful country, just as I fought in Viet Nam to preserve this country…., I will fight for my son’s rights to remain FREE in this country.

  12. These politicians are suppose to be working for us and representing the public opinion, but they seem to have forgotten that, and are on this power trip doing whatever they want. The voters need to remind them of the reason they are in the position they are in – not on their almighty pedestal, but a servant of the people!!

  13. I don’t know why they are called democrats. They are communists. I don’t get why the news calls them radical left and deep state. Most people don’t even know what it means. They are communists. The communists have been brain washing America for a long time. 2020 made it all possible for the communists finally succeed. Many Republicans just let the Communists run all over them. Maybe they are brain washed also or just ignorant or maybe greedy. Find great comfort in Psalm 2: What fools the nations are to rage against the Lord! How strange that men should try to outwit God! For a summit conference of the nations has been called to plot against the Lord and His Messiah, Christ the King. But God in heaven merely laughs! He is amused by all their puny plans. And then in fierce fury He rebukes them and fills them with fear. Read on on your own.

  14. the ballot box is a joke. it can and has been stuffed, hidden until needed, and generally misused and abused. I think it is now time for the powder or ammo box. what makes people think that miraculously in 2022, and again in 2024, there will be no massive, wide-spread FRAUD????? are the people THAT stupid? nothing will change, and even more ways to cheat will be invented by that time. Nancy Pelosi and her H.R.1 bill and the current one she has up her sleeve, prevents Congress from ever overturning it. it calls for ballot counts 10 and more days beyond Election Day. that gives them a month, counting early voting, to get all the fraudulent votes they need, and print millions more. there is no way there will or can be another election in this country that is 100% above board and legal. unless you eradicate all democratic voters. or as I call them. DEMON RATS. this rhetoric reminds me of Lucy and Charlie Brown… c’mon Charlie Brown, I promise I won’t jerk the football away!!!!!!

  15. Go!!! Let us know and we will help …. you have a willing and helpful audience…. none of our reps in both houses cannot be trusted anymore ….. we need people who are diets and not talkers…. we want America First and not last…. thank you

  16. I receive messages from the GOP for funds. Good luck on that, I have a list of those traitors in the Rep. party and won’t share a dime with them. Seriously does Mitch think we will donate, I delete his messages.
    I am glad to see that individual states are not backing some that they really did elect. I think we will have to act state by state to save the nation. States do have rights.

  17. I agree with all of the above. Even though it will be an uphill battle, I believe with God good will overcome evil. It has been hard to come to grips with all the evidence pointing to voter fraud that no judges or powers that be pursued this. Just goes to show how pervasive the evil is in this country. I agree we need a show of force but unfortunately it will take voting these thugs out of office to get the job done, and with what happened last time it won’t be easy. Also working hard within our states to turn them all to red by voting good Republicans into local offices would be a start.

  18. We also need to eliminate Dominion Voting Machines, and the Smart ???? machine from elections, or we will never get another fair, honest election. Also need to make Voter ID a requirement. There is no reason for not having voter ID as law. Almost everyone has a Driver’s License or Picture ID from the State to do almost anything. Also no more mail in voting. Absentee Voting has voter ID requirements.

  19. The people of Germany voted themselves right into a Fascist government by voting in Hitler not realizing what they were in for back in 1932 I believe it was.Unfortunately I am pretty darn sure that’s what the American people have done also here in 2020.I wonder how many people know that it was the Democrats who started the KKK and they’re also the ones who passed and implemented all of the Jim Crow Laws that went mostly against the Black Communities.So people get your heads out of your asses and start paying attention to what is happening all over our Great Nation.

  20. With the way this country is heading under 0ld Joe, I’m sure all those who voted for Old Joe are now regretting it. Here’s a thought. I’m hoping in 2022, the GOP will win back the House and Senate. Now if D. Trump runs for the senate in Florida and wins, and the GOP wins the house, they put D. Trump back as the speaker of the house. Now they move to impeach Joe and Kamala, boom, D. Trump becomes the president again, and he can still run for reelection in 2024. Imagine what D. Trump can do for this country in six (6) years!!

  21. The G O P brought it on themselves by not getting the RINO’s under control, unlike the Dems who mostly votes unison, then there’s M Mconnell who was supposed to be the G O P leader who stabbed Trump in the back.
    You can’t have a team without having each other’s back.

  22. The GOP get off its can and ACT to rescue America?


    The Gutless Obnoxious Pussycat Party is one-half of the political system that has been working tirelessly to DESTROY America! They have done NOTHING of substance to stop this COMMUNIST take-over except to cooperate and insure their place in the New United States of Socialism.

    Face it!! Neither they nor Trump did a single thing to put an end to Election FRAUD that resulted in a COMMUNIST government or the Fauxvid Scamdemic that has destroyed our economy!! NOTHING!! And they all knew it was happening.

    You have been HAD, America, by the Princes you put your faith in!

    1. HUH? You say: “Face it!! Neither they nor Trump did a single thing to put an end to Election FRAUD that resulted in a COMMUNIST government or the Fauxvid Scamdemic that has destroyed our economy!! NOTHING!! And they all knew it was happening. You have been HAD, America, by the Princes you put your faith in!” Mr. Wilde, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN???? President Trump identified and did all in his power to bring this deliberate cheating fraud / scam to the authorities for adjudication. NO ONE would even LOOK AT the evidence, while constantly whining “where’s the evidence?” Major criminal trials proceed with FAR LESS “evidence” than was “available,” yet NO ONE, INCLUDING the so-called (but now contaminated by the intimidating fear of the Democrats, the new Party-in-Power) last resort “supreme”(?) Supreme Court EVER even LOOKED AT OR LISTENED TO the MOUNTAINS of evidence that MORE THAN proved President Trump’s (and MANY OTHERS’) allegations. President Trump underwent, or should I say “continued to undergo,” the UNChristian, UNAmerican, INhuman humiliation, back-stabbing, traitorous “appointees,” constant criticism and threats to himself as well as his family — and on and on — yet he forged on, for he so loves this country, he kept trying. Those who participated in their attempted “coup” should hang their heads in shame for trying, or allowing others, to destroy another human being. God’s Commandments have GOT to “trump” (no pun intended) man’s descent into inhumanity. “Love thy neighbor” includes even those you may not agree with. Think about it…… God Bless.

      1. Sorry — It’s me again! For the second time on this Comment section, my (2nd) comment above was NOT at 9:22 PM, but at 4:20 PM. As I noted way above, this is certainly not the most important problem we face as a Nation, but I don’t understand this wide discrepancy in time. When I don’t understand something in the current political sphere, I become very suspicious. Where the heck in our world is this site coming from? Even in the USA, this time span makes no sense. Any thoughts?

      2. Trump and the GOP did NOTHING to investigate and stop election fraud during his 4 years in office. The time to address this sorry disgrace was BEFORE the election, not AFTER. They ALL DID NOTHING and don’t try to tell me they didn’t know this was coming. WE out here in the world DID know and begged them to act.

        So what did they ALL do? They DID NOTHING for the entire 4 years except ignore it.

        And Fauxvid??? Why did seasonal flu suddenly disappear? Why are people dying in auto accidents listed as Fauxvid victims? It’s a SCAMDEMIC that the GOP and TRUMP did nothing about the entire time it was destroying our nation from the inside!!

        YOU may not realize that you’ve been HAD but I do.

  23. You still don’t get it! The swamp we need to drain is not our elected representatives–we can kick them out the very next election. The swamp is the unelected bureaucracy inside the beltway in D.C. They never answer to you and me and they’ve not experienced a recession in over 100 years. No wonder there is a disconnect with us nobodies! We need to push a conservative agenda that will shift control over our daily lives from D.C. to our state houses! We spend too much time reacting to liberal hair-brained agendas and it’s time for us to push ours! I’m not interested in term limits unless you start with the Supreme Court and all federal judges. They are kings appointed for life without effective checks and balances. We need to set the number of Supreme Court justices at 9.

  24. Charlie, there are millions of us out there that feel the same way. If I was not in my late 70’s, I would run for the school board. Our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated to believe United States is bad. It started years ago with no prayers in school and then the PTA, Scouts, public education and liberal professors. Yes, we let the left steal the election in so many ways. We have all the proof necessary but NO ONE will listen and now they are silencing us. A lot of people stay silent. Such a shame. Call your elected officials and find out who votes for these liberal laws. Throw them OUT.

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