Stephen Colbert Is More Proof of How Hungry the Left Are to Eat Their Own

While the event was quickly eclipsed by other news, May started with a huge uproar over Stephen Colbert. The Late Show host is vehemently anti-Trump and a staunch opponent of the American right. Despite his longstanding efforts to boost the left, they are the primary source of his latest woes. In their social media campaign against Colbert, they once again have shown how eager they are to sacrifice any of their prominent figures for the sake of a little attention.


This is the latest social media campaign run by the left to attack a famous figure. How did it happen? Colbert aired another of his rants against Trump on his show. While this is a daily occurrence for Colbert, he hit hot water when one of his jokes went too far. The backlash was nearly immediate—not because of what he said about the president, instead members of the far left were upset the joke was homophobic.

The Twitter campaign went viral overnight. Despite the heavy backlash, the left is not united on this front. While many are offended by the homophobic nature of the joke, another large sect is adamantly defending Colbert’s right to free speech. The fractured response is typical of the modern left.

This isn’t the first time one of his jokes has brought him under fire from the left either. In 2014, he made a racist joke regarding Asian Americans. That time, the campaign to take him off the air ran under the #cancelcolbert tag. The Twitter campaign did not lead to any reprimand in that case, but this time around the FCC is investigating Colbert as he may have violated censorship terms.

Colbert’s Role

The irony of the whole situation is that Colbert has been one of the loudest and most effective voices for the left over the last decade. In case you’re wondering, the current onslaught of fake news and liberal propaganda has its roots in comedy news segments to the tune of John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Colbert himself has oft been cited as the inspiration for millions of millennials turning to the left, and for the past three elections he was listed as a primary source of information for voters under 30. His satire and misinformation were significant components of many successful Democratic campaigns, and he has scored more votes for the party than any of their politicians.

Despite the fact that he is such a core piece of their political success, the left is in such a state that they are willing to throw him under the bus for any publicity that puts one of their crazy agendas in the spotlight.

Duality of the Left

The greatest source of irony in this whole fiasco is the general viewpoint of the left. This is the body of Americans who ferociously attack bullying. Sexist jokes in the workplace, any racial insensitivity and mean comments in general are wholly condemned. If they had their way, Orwellian censorship would be a reality in America today.

Despite that hard stance, at least half the party is willing to abandon their ideals as soon as the mean words are directed at political opposition. Imagine the fallout if Colbert had made the exact same comment about Obama. He would have lost his job within 12 hours. Instead, the Twitter campaign has boosted Colbert’s ratings more than hurt his career. But, don’t expect any prominent members of the left to own up to this hypocrisy.

Other Cannibalistic Responses

This all circles back to why the Democratic Party is in such dire straits. This isn’t the first recent event to have a fractured response. No matter how established a prominent left-leaning figure is, the “activist” party is still hungry for blood. Even mainstays like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have been attacked — Warren for supporting Ben Carson and Sanders for buying a house.

The biggest flip flop is obviously in regards to the firing of James Comey. As recently as November it was the left demanding his head. Now that Trump obliged, they are in arms simply for the sake of being anti-Trump.

It’s a tough time to be in the spotlight. No matter your party lines or views, the left will attack you viciously. They may be fractured and disorganized, but they have the fanaticism to maintain their destructive course. It may look bad for their future election prospects, but you can expect the insanity and violence to continue for the time being. Maybe they’ll get their wish and cannibalize enough of their own voices to eventually stifle the frenzy.

~ American Liberty Report

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