Thank You, Mazie: Americas’ Dumbest Senator Brings Humor, Levity to SCOTUS Hearings

It’s hard to feel optimistic about the future of America when you watch a congressional hearing for more than five minutes. The Senators and Representatives are somehow supposed to be the “elites” in our society? Our best and brightest? But then every once in a while, someone like Judge Amy Coney Barrett comes along, and it restores a little bit of our faith in the country’s future. And if nothing else good comes out of Supreme Court confirmation hearings these days, at least we can always get a good laugh out of Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI).

We were all kind of half-joking a couple of weeks ago when talking about Amy Coney Barrett. After the Democrats embarrassed the country during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings with a cavalcade of fake sexual assault accusations, we were all joking that the left would do it again to Barrett. We were joking. We all figured there was no possible way that the Democrats would actually try to smear a married mother of seven as some kind of sex criminal. They couldn’t be that dumb… could they?

But then, we forgot that Mazie Hirono has somehow been elected to the United States Senate.

Hirono actually said to Amy Coney Barrett: “Since you became a legal adult, have you ever made unwanted requests for sexual favors or committed any verbal or physical harassment or assault of a sexual nature?”

I have a sneaking suspicion that when Hawaii sends people to the US Congress, they’re not sending their best!


Let’s set aside the fact that if Amy Coney Barrett ever made that sort of request to anyone, it was certainly not “unwanted” (she’s beautiful and smart, which drives the left batty). Let’s focus instead on a point that Tucker Carlson and I have agreed on for years:

Mazie Hirono is America’s dumbest sitting US Senator.

If you disagree with this, then you haven’t been paying attention. Back during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, Mazie Hirono suggested all of the men in America should shut up, because the women were talking about toxic masculinity and how all men are serial rapists and harassers. Your Republican Senators – if they were the men on the Judiciary Committee – should not be allowed to speak at all, according to the astrophysicist from Maui.

In a 2017 committee hearing, the most patient ICE official in the world had to take several minutes just to explain to Mazie Hirono that it is in fact illegal for a foreigner to walk across our southern border. She interrupted the ICE official, said, “Wait, I’m confused” – and then made him start over, as he was trying to explain the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act to her.

Just to be clear, Mazie Hirono has been in office in Hawaii since 1981. She’s served in the Hawaii State House, as the state’s Lieutenant Governor, as a US Representative and now she’s a US Senator. But in 2017, she actually thought that President Donald Trump had made border crossing illegal through a brand-new Executive Order that he had just invented. After spending more than a decade in the United States Congress, she was baffled and confused by the fact that a previous Congress had passed a law that made illegal immigration… illegal.

I know what you’re thinking: “But what about Hank Johnson?”

Yes, Johnson (D-GA) remains the dumbest member of the entire Congress. I’m simply asserting that Mazie Hirono is the dullest tool in the US Senate shed. Not even Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will ever be able to unseat Hank Johnson as the dumbest member of the whole Congress.

You might remember that during a House Armed Forces Committee hearing in 2011, Congressman Johnson caused a US Navy Admiral to burst into laughter at Johnson’s unparalleled “intelligence.” Johnson patiently explained to the Admiral that his “main concern” about expanding the size of the US Marine base on the island of Guam could lead to overpopulation – and that this could cause the island to tip over and capsize.

“That’s not really a concern,” laughed the Admiral.

Where do we get these buffoons? How are these the people that are supposed to be representing the rest of us and making decisions on our behalf?

Here’s my proposal for a new rule for the Senate: Before any US Senator is allowed to ask questions of a Supreme Court nominee, they must first prove that they can defeat a 5-year-old in a game of Checkers.

369 thoughts on “Thank You, Mazie: Americas’ Dumbest Senator Brings Humor, Levity to SCOTUS Hearings”

          1. I think that all Democrats have totally lost their minds. Where they come up with some of the stuff that they do is beyond me. I believe that the States that vote these people into office, deserve what they get. It’s not that hard to figure out what these campaign’s policies are and it’s not difficult to pick them apart. You need to listen to what these people say, Biden talks about nothing but fixing Trump’s failures and how Biden will bring the country back together. Unfortunately, Biden has no idea how to do that. Especially since Trump has had no failures. Biden’s policies are exactly what President Trump has already done and Trump will bring us back again. Biden has no say in what will happen if he wins. You must realize that Pelosi is trying to get this amendment to the 25th amendment is to remove Biden once elected. If you don’t get that, then you must be in the same category as Hirono. I can’t wait until election night when they say Trump wins by a landslide.

          2. Incorrect! Ignorance can be taught and thus relieved. Stupid is worse than Ignorant because no matter how much is explained or taught, stupid will not listen or learn. Stupid stays stupid, no relief from it, no common sense about it, no opinion change EVER! This is why I think that the BLM and Antifa movements are stupid and violent. No matter what the facts are, there is no change in the followers opinions because they do not want to listen or learn.

          3. It is so sad that these people are running our country but I did get a laugh out of it boy you just can’t teach stupid.

          4. Mazzie Hirono was an ignorant partisan hack during the Kavanugh hearings.After the Barret hearing there is no reason to believe she has changed.The people of Hi.should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to re-elect her

          5. Stupid = Can’t or will not learn.
            Ignorant = Total lack of knowledge of the subject.
            Stupid is a whole lot worse than Ignorant because if you are ignorant you can learn if you want to. But if you are a Liberal you are stupid and of very low intelligence and can’t learn and therefore can’t think for yourself. And as such can only mimic your socialist Liberal masters talking points.

          1. What is so scary is the Democratic Party
            Have spread their bull shi- so thick that
            A lot of people believe it. It seems easier to follow the leader than think for your selves. It’s all most like watching massive people jumping off a cliff because the people in front of them said it is the best thing to do. Please walk to the edge and look at what you are in for if you don’t think for
            Your selves

          2. Laura Wagner,,,, finally someone that knows the difference between ignorant and stupid,,,, well said!

        1. Yes my husband and I was watching that and that was our exact words to each other.
          I’m surprises even made it to the senate that she’s council showing that she’s not here now and just wants everything for free..
          Yours truly
          Virginia G.

      1. The Senator from Hawaii (Mazie) is definitely hung up on people who like the same sex over people who prefer the opposite sex. Her questioning of the prospective Supreme Court Judge was out of line – stupid – and out of line and puts the label of DUMBEST person in the senate squarely on her back. She must be obsessed with Lesbians. Perhaps she is one herself. I cannot believe the people of Hawaii are as ignorant as she is.

        1. Maybe she only had her notes from the Kavanaugh hearing debacle. That was my first thought. Thinking is a concept that is seemingly alien to Mazie and the people that keep reelecting her. I wonder if she has pondered Johnson’s theory of Island tipping?

          1. No doubt, they are emersed in it. No puNon intentionally, it just happened that way. Now, for next trick is how long before Biden figures out, that while Corn-Pop Jr. Is out cam-splaining why JoBlo is some how relevant some where politically. Well, his Narcissistic buddy just wants to feel nostalgic to see if he can out rally Trump. Not only will it blow up in there faces, the dems will soon find out that 4 more years doesn’t equate to them what’s so ever.

        2. I hope people have not woke up too late, voter fraud, lies offer of free things, Affirmative Action has put people in office who don’t have the skills to do the job , they have tried to turn America into a World government, by putting ignorant people, the dummer the better in office by using race neglect as an excuse. Whomever is pulling the puppet strings is winning, and Polosi is the biggest puppet.
          Yes Pray Pray Pray. Only God can save the USA because his hand is on us. Please dear God continue to bless America!

          1. You are so right. Slow Joe gets in and after a short time they get him out of the way there’s no stopping them until they come for our guns that’s if they could find anybody to come after them.

          2. Amen, Specks. Amen. We need God’s help now more than ever. Go has said He will not help anyone unless they ask Him. We have to ask HIm. Puppet Masters withe their billions of dollars have bought so many politicians and Court Judges that the only way we can help our country is to ask God. God help us. Amen.

          3. You are so right, it was said many years ago by an enemy of the united states that they will not need a big army to take this country down because it will happen right from within our own walls and the more i see people as dumb and as vile like that snake Horono getting re elected to office since 1981 and open borders and the promise of everything free i do believe we might be on the verge of that prediction coming through

        3. Regardless of what sexual inclination one has, ignorance is still ignorance. Willful ignorance as in the Senator’s case is inexcusable !

        4. These representatives and senators are just demonstrating to us that they are part of the cross section of our electorate. They had to have a a few votes to be in office.

      2. We have to really PRAY for our GREAT COUNTRY & SANE LEADERS . They need all the wisdom to come against these insane people we have in OUR GOVERNMENT

      3. The truth is she makes viewers sick to their stomach’s everytime she asks a question to someone. She is so negative and its hard to believe she qualifed to be a Senator. Heaven for bid is she ever gets reelected.

        1. who can pass tenth grade civics before they can even file to run for office.
          Whoever said she was qualified to be anything? Seriously, we need people who

      4. Didn’t know I could get anymore scared then I am knowing Pelosi and her squad are members of congress! But yeah Mazie and Johnson are pretty stupid, maybe a unknowingly kind of stupid though, not like the evil stupid in congress

      5. Yes she has a big problem, but the question should have never been asked. But just maybe she was talking about her journey to her Seat

        1. B. Keene
          I agree with Bea King
          How did she get elected to congress to begin with?
          I have never heard of a wise remark that came out of
          her mouth.

    1. I believe that people who vote for them usually are dumbest,with all respect to does poor people. Unfortunately that what we have in the democrat party. Must people leave others to convince them to vote for those kind of people without thinking about.

      1. Not all Hawaii people voted for Senator Hirono. She is an embarrassment to the state of Hawaii. Tulsi should be Hawaii’s Senator.

          1. I’m not sure if Hirono is too stupid to know how ignorant she is, or too ignorant to know how stupid she is.

          2. I’m not sure if Hirono is too stupid to know how ignorant she is, or too ignorant to know how stupid she is.
            Good one Mom’s, makes perfect sense.

        1. Any person in Congress who acts like this should be given a psychological test to see if they are mentally challenged.
          What do you think? Same thing goes for

    2. Was not funny! She embarrassed herself and those who voted for her.she had nothing intelligent to ask. This is why Judge Amy and our President are so necessary! Honesty and directness!

    3. If they are that stupid they need to go! Come on people… Don’t you want someone in Congress who knows how to use the brain God gave them?

      1. That’s the issue. They dont believe God gave them a brain. In the book of Proverbs 2:11-17 He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest. He is a shield to those who walk with integrity. He guards the paths of the just and protects those who are faithful to him. God gives us the gift of common sense along with other gifts but you have to BELIEVE!

        1. On top of that they have free Cadillac heath care for life as well as that 175,000 as a retirement benefit. All this was voted on by them for them. That is why they think they work for themselves and not for us.

      1. I can’t believe how rich they get from 17500. A year. Any dumbass on earth should know it’s from being corrupt! These people have been robbing America and selling it out too LONG! Wake up America the people lie they are corrupt beyond believe and tell you what ever you want to hear to get there way. Between them and the media lying there asses off it’s beyond belief ! These people think you are stupid! Sad part is some are.

        1. I think we the people should be in charge of the pay… in any other job just because you want to earn more money doesn’t mean you have the choice to decide when you as an employee will receive a raise!!!

    4. why did i think of the same one? how she gets paid is beyond me. i bet HI. never lets her win again or they are insane for doing it.

      1. Doubt it. The (stupid majority ?) “poor” people of the once great State of California who, election after election, just keep on voting to re-elect the same fraudulent thieving parastes who “represent and serve” them, serves but to only provide an example of total ignorance and insanity.

    5. Those Democrats are bunch of nincompoop. NOT only the Congressmen BUT women too. Judge Amy Barret has outstanding and excellent records. I watched how she answered the ??? ‘s of the so called Demo(nEVIL) cRATS Congress people; Judge Amy B. was well-poised, no hesitation, brief, direct to the point and brilliant . She is definitely and absolutely amazing person. I will be proud to be an American to say, “ Amy Barret is a Supreme Court Judge, who is so awesome. “ With her decorum , finesse and knowledge of the laws she will be a great asset to fill the chair vacated by the late Gins… She gets my vote, that’s 4 sure.

    6. Although they may have been “top of their class” so to speak it is evident that they could not survive that world now and have chosen to work for the government and demonstrate their ignorance time and time again. I continue to be amazed at the lack of information some of our legislature members demonstrate where they are supposed to be educated in so they can conduct the ship of state correctly.

    7. Mazie Hirono is absolutely the dumbest member of Congress. I can’t believe she is in there since 1981. Way too long. She needs to go. Come on Hawaii, you can do way better than this.

    8. Is it possible to be as stupid as this jackass. She should be an embarrassment to this senate and more importantly to this country. Democrats elect the most stupid people ever !!!!! ……such as Schiff, DeBlasio, Maxine Waters…..and many more ……..

    9. I think Hawaii should sacrifice her to the Volcano next chance, so she doesn’t embarrass the population of Hawaii any further. Their tourism may increase as we mainlanders think that she is an example of the people who live there! Who in there right mind would spend the amount of money it would cost to vacation there for two weeks living and dealing with a boneheads like Hirono? I certainly, will NOT!


        1. Just like when you hire somebody…that person is a reflection on you. If voters elect somebody stupid…that person is representative of them.

    10. She has to be the most ignorant person in life. Is the biggest embarrassment to our Country and the people of Hawaii

    11. If I would have been Amy, I would have said ” Oh, I’m sorry was that question for me? I thought it was for Senator Harris.”


    13. Absolutely clueless! Hirono definitely should have been better educated to get her position ! I heard school in Hawaii were not great but she definitely is lacking intelligence or knowledge! Or probably both!

    14. Yes, I feel bad for her to think she is so stupid that she falls short of ignorant , the world is watching and to ask such a question. What we should be worried about is who voted her into office.


        1. Including Barack Hussein Obama, the leader of the pack and “Native Islander.” An island in the Pacific, away from polite society, is where they all need to be for the health and future of this nation.

    16. I agree that is is not THE fullest tool in the shed but she’s PRETTY DAMN CLOSE riding on Johnson’s coattails!

    17. I agree 500%, the dumbest ever,don’t they vette anyone before they can run for office. Even the toilet cleaner should be vetted.

    18. your comments are great!! I had to laugh during some of the questions posed to Judge Barrett. On the up-side the Bible tells us that laughter is good as a medicine!

    19. I personally think their are too many stupid people in our government to just choose just one. We have Harris, Aoc and her friends . Just too many to choose onr

    20. Mr. Johnzon?
      Is the world also flat?
      If so, you might want to go get some
      Gravitonic anti fall over hip Wading boots. I have a pair and they really work well. Got
      Em at S Mart, a buck twoninetyeight.
      You have to put them on over your head, and pull them all the way down to your ankles. For a more comfortable fit, they should cover your face.

    21. remind me to never contract with movers to move to HI., if this is the best brain they send to congress!!!! my word if she can generate an I.Q. of three we’d all be proud…………… can she find her way home on a daily basis????

    22. I am 100% with you, that bitch is not only the dumbest senator of the Country but one of the ugliest, if not the ugliest of all, what a shame for HI, but there is another who can be in a competition with Mazie, it is a senator from Michigan who thinks that the isle of Guantanamo could flip over if they bring more people over there, that is what I call stupidity and ignorance.

      1. Agree about the civics test on American history, and playing checkers with a five year old kid…..Stupid is unfixable.

    23. You ask “where do we get these buffoons”? The answer is, we get these buffoons by the buffoons (Democrats) who vote them in. I agree with your solution about the checker game, by the way.

      P.S. No Doubt: Mazie is the dumbest Senator I ever heard tell, of. It that last sentence graphically correct? I don’t know. Let’s ask Mazie.

    24. The gal from Hawaii proved she “Can’t Understand Normal Thinking”
      (aka CUNT) & shouldn’t be a Public Servant as she is too old, stupid & senile.

    25. All democrats in congress and the senate are dumb..starting from Pelosi, etc and Schumer etc. Hirono is
      the worst . I just hate to see her open her mouth and say something. I started hating her during the
      Cavanaugh hearing and here she comes again. The nerve to ask Judge Barret if she was a sexual predator.
      I almost choke on my food.

    26. I agree, Maize must be drinking Salt water with her booze, salt water can ruin the brain and hers certainly been destroyed. Totally stupid.

    27. The part that scares me the most are the idiot citizens who voted these morons into office! Remember queen hrc won the popular vote in 2016. Blind guides leading the blind

    28. it is a dead heat among a number of the Democrats. She just is the most recent to show how dumb she is. Adma Schiff runs a close second, who is gtied for second with Pelosi. and and and . the lisit is too long .

    29. Agree Maisie is the dumbest I’ve ever seen on the Senate. I’m sorry she has cancer but there’s no excuse for what she tried to do to Amy CONEY Barrett. How sad she was representing the Democrats Senate of Hawaii. God bless Amy Comey Barrett
      Senator Graham you take the vote for her as the supreme justice court confirm her thank you

    30. You can’t fix stupid they should kick her butt out of congress take her to CAL. and let her swim back to the ROCK find her rock and crawl under it. I knew Biden had no brain up top but she is trying to beat him at being dum and stupid.

    31. And, of course, every person who would be guilty of such an action would admit to it under her shrewd questioning. What a clever and intelligent woman. I wonder how she would answer the same questions.

  1. Hirono’s questions were meant to cause sexual ripples between Barrett and her children. The voice of Satan speaks loudly from Hirono.

    1. Her staff probably wrote the question. She was just reading what they wrote. She probably could not think of anything to ask. Have to have a brain even to be brain dead.

    2. It seems to me that some people who can’t make it in the real work a day world choose politics for a living. Living off the despicable, uneducated, hardworking tax payer is the easiest and most profitable option. We need to do more vetting before we vote them in!

      1. Those of us that are too smart to get involved with politics will be governed by those who weren’t.
        Thank you Mazie for proving me right.

  2. I agree she is not very bright ,but the other Democratic women seem very mean and unkind , I pray none of them ever become our president !!!!

  3. In my opinion she exemplifies the mind set of the Democratic Socialist party today as she has opened her mouth and removed all doubt as an example of the intelligence of there choosing Joe Biden a pervert and Harris as there representing “The Best to run against our proven Leader Donald J Trump

  4. Honestly, Mazie’s name came to mind instantly. There must be cobwebs and many scary things in that head. The Hawaiians must be embarrassed by such a display of incompetency.

    1. I think you are right, but really there are so many in competition for stupid it’s difficult to choose the dumbest. I worry about the money behind these useful idiots. It’s the agenda to totally change the government of the founders that is behind all of this. They think we are so disengaged we won’t notice what’s really going on. Vote them out!

    2. Mazie…Maxine…AOC… all duly elected members of Congress. Never thought about it, but dumbasses had to vote these moronic embiciles into their respective positions. Democrat dumbasses at that. It’d my contention AOC should try to get a refund from BU, not thinking they taught her a freakin thing!! Am I the only one who cringes each time any of these lackeys opens their mouths and tries to make a point?!! When AOC starts a comment with “here’s what I think” I have to turn off the TV immediately. You all know why

  5. Maxie ,Harris both are fool and foolish I think Americans are not blind they see them for who they are that why we the people will vote for Trump a man who understand and care for our nation!!!!

    1. Because the people of the States involved put them there. And in part because a very foolish Senate signed off on a plan to have them stand for popular election instead of being the agents of their legislatures that they were originally. I think we need to change the very system that decides who is qualified to vote. I don’t believe in universal adulthood suffrage any longer.

      In 1959, the late Robert A. Heinlein projected a series of future events that included a third world war, and hot on the heels of this, total social collapse of every society, on the winning and losing sides both. Soldiers, mustered out into economies that offered them no jobs, returned to their cities to find them engulfed in the kind of civil disorder we see today in Portland, Ore., Seattle, Wash., Minneapolis, Minn., Chicago, Ill., New York City, and, to my particular shame, Richmond, Va. Those soldiers set up vigilance committees–make that vigilance forces–to contain the rioting and looting. When they caught some of their own taking part in the looting, they hanged them. And then they decided, “As long as we even have to execute some of our own, we don’t want to let any bleeding, profiteering, black-market, double-time-for-overtime, service-dodging, f***ing civilians have any say about it! They’ll do as they’re told, see? While us apes straighten things out!” In a generation or two, that became standard constitutional practice: that only those who put their lives on the line in a form of government service other than law enforcement, could become voting, office-holding citizens. And one of the restricted jobs would be that of peace officer.

      Maybe that’s the kind of system we could use. And we have a precedent for it: the Battle of Athens, a/k/a the McMinn County War, of 1 and 2 August 1946, in Athens, McMinn County, Tennessee.

  6. Hirono is not only the dumbest, but the lowest as well. No class at all. It’s a disgrace that this lowlife should even be permitted to interrogate a woman as remarkable as Amy Coney Barrett.

    1. I give Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) the dubious distinction you gave to Senator Hirono. Sen. Whitehouse openly threatened his colleagues by using school bully rhetoric. “Just you wait until we are in the majority again!” As if the Democrats had not always been behaving just as badly as he threatened to behave.

    2. Your absolutely right, what’s more sickening is that Senator Hirono! did this in front of Amy Barrett’s Family! Seems the whole Democrat Party’s mind set is about sex, Homosexuality…

  7. It’s one thing to ask questions to see if someone is “qualified” to sit on the highest court in our land. But it’s another unwarranted form of questioning to try and belittle someone and ask VERY inappropriate, unfounded questions.Which Ms. Barrett has been subjected to, at the hands of the evil Democrats, since these hearings began!!” Mazie” may be the dumbest member of congress but she fits right in for the Democrats qualifications to be a member of THEIR party; rude, evil, and not caring one iota for any decency .Shameful…

  8. Actually I think she was “just obeying orders.” Someone–I don’t know which Senator–must have gotten the whole Senate Judiciary Democratic Mini-caucus together and held out a handful of straws, each one with a similarly “stupid question” written on it, and asked every Senator present to draw straws until all the straws were gone. “Have you [a female!!!] ever paid unwanted sexual attentions to anyone else?” was one of the straws Queen Mazie drew.

    “Queen Mazie”? Though of Japanese descent, she occupies the seat of the late Senator Daniel K. Akaka. Who made a bid for the secession of Hawaii from the Union with a ridiculous proposal that essentially meant to take property away from non-Native Hawaiian (usually “haole,” or white) residents. A thing the Constitution would never have permitted; I doubt he could have gotten a majority of any Supreme Court unless it consisted solely of RBGs to sign off on that. So I remain convinced that Senator Akaka wanted to make himself King Daniel (or maybe King Kahikina, his middle name) of a new House of Akaka of a newly independent Kingdom of Hawaii. And this is the Senate seat Mazie Hirono occupies.

    1. Terry Hurlbut,
      Indigenous peoples do not take to colonizers taking their land. As an Indigenous Black American, I can attests to this fact. Look at what has happened here in America to the Indigenous Peoples. Those who were not of the “Christian” or the “Catholic” faiths were sold as slaves, shipped to Europe and Africa, and reintroduced to America as African slaves, together with the white chattel slaves of European ancestry (not indentured servants) which your lying compulsory educational systems forced you to read in their history books. White people should stop going all over the world stealing other people’s property. NOW GET OFF OF OUR PROPERTY! I Take No Prisoners. A. Willis

  9. To me, what is even more disconcerting is how did these people of “superior intelligence” ever make it through our educational institutions: think of the “educated” dumb ones taught them; who signed their diplomas! These people cannot even compete with Forrest Gump!

    1. You are so right!
      This more embarrassing to Democrats, however, simply because it shows the voters ignorance more than that of the elected individuals.
      I wonder how Kamala Harris would have reacted to the same question, considering her career choices…and methods.

  10. I realize Nancy is not on this committee and is not even a senator but every time she take a swing at Trump he swats her down. Every single time. Isn’t that the classical definition of insanity, doing the same things over and over and getting same results. I think it was Collins that is putting forward legislation to put her out to pasture.

  11. You cannot make it up…. Truly…embarrassing…humiliating….How in the world did this woman become a U.S. Senator?????

  12. Mazie Hirono has displayed her lowest form of the ignorant septic tank democrat, a political SLUT, speaking directly from her lower cranial colon cavity as a proverbial sub-culture democrat the lowest form of humanity. She has proven the slang term for demoncrat is more correct. My God what a Slime Bag.

    1. Those words, Slime , Slimey, Slimeiest, Slimebag…. emanated from my mouth and brain beginning with Klobuchar….during the farcical debate….the subject of the debate is obviously and undoubtedly more intelligent and feeling than the entire group of Rats … who are so obviously hell-bent Socialist/Communistic and want to destroy our great country… so they themselves can rule in their destructive manner :
      Hirono, known by me previously as a dim-witted piece of crap was long ago dismissed as being just plain stupid… not even qualifying as the most stupid…. she was below several/many other DemonRats in that category…

  13. I am not personally well versed in the political arena however I know a 10 yr old who makes this person look and sound not only UNINFORMED BUT UNEDUCATED. Deeply sad who is being elected to such important positions for our country.

  14. Amy was not under stress at all. She spent two days answering first quarter law student questions. A day at home with 7 smart kids is more challenging and stressful. It was a couple of days ‘walk in the park’ for her. You go, Amy!!

  15. Hirono, Whitehouse, Bluementhal, Schiff (guess you might guess what I call him) to mention a few. Of course I would not leave out Durbin and their fearless moron leader Schumer. Many more – but a few good ones that will not jump the fence in fear of the gangster left. They are destroying this country.

  16. It would not be a surprise this weekend to see some disgruntled court functionary or long-ago law student come forward with a claim of previously unmentioned sexual molestation. There may also be some court or law school employee to whom the “n word” was uttered or some preposterous microaggression supposedly offered. We may well see revelations by atheists or satanists of bizarre or sexist rituals in which the Judge allegedly participated. Honolulu Rose and her comrades are now beating the bushes for disgruntled subordinates or jealous colleagues who will go down the path of perjury blazed by the corrupt harlots Anita Hill and Christine Blowsy Fraud.

  17. She’s actually a disgusting person, and truly pathetic. She was so ugly in the Kavanaugh confirmation and then to ask judge Barrett those disgusting questions made her even more ugly. What is wrong with this woman? She shouldn’t be in congress, and I would be ashamed in Hawaii for voting for her. The people of Hawaii need to vote her out. She truly is an ugly person.

  18. She IS dumber than the box that the rocks came in. Hawaii probably just wanted to get her as far away from the islands as they could. And since there is no government on the moon- ——–

  19. hirono represents the democrats perfectly with her dumbness, I mean, look at biden, he’s their presidential nominee.

  20. It’s bad to pick the dumbest Democrat they all seem ignorant, insulting, bigots, condescending to me. If you look up hypocrite in dictionary it would say ” refer to the word Democrat.

  21. Seems quite clear that there is a stupid test to enter Congress. One must prove they are sufficiently stupid to join the ranks. What an embarrassment they are to the once Great Country of USA.

  22. There are so many dumb Democrats it is hard to pinpoint the dumbest…I just can never figure how they get in office..except for Soros money…he needs to be tried for treason……

  23. Republicans are just trying to protect some of their lesser lights, number one of which is Gomer, oops, correction, Louie Gohmert, Congressman from Texas, the District next to mine. GO-O-O-O-l-l-y, he’s an idiot, anointed with nothing more than a brain stem.

    1. Louie rocks! You don’t know what you’re talking about. Just another libtard. I wish we had him here in NY instead of the crap we have.

  24. “Everyone is born ignorant, while others work hard to remain stupid!”

    I believe active ignorance is something one knows nothing about their conversations.

    Stupid is, is stupid does!

  25. I’m thinking Maxine Waters is the dumbest congressman. She had no clue about current student loan laws. Sadly, my Senator from NY, Gillibrand, is dumber than the one from Hawaii. Maybe they’re equal. Definitely not the best we have to offer.


  27. The genius of DT we see almost every day now, in picking this candidate for our SCOTUS, will expand his legacy decades into the future. This, even after all the great things he will continue to do for us during his 2 term. The resulting 6-3, solid conservative majority (never know…could end up 7-2…over the next 4 years)…will help him (and us) to do magical wonders for our country. Just, also, may be the end of the once great D party. JFK has already turned over in his grave at Arlington…several times over the last 4 years…watching from above at the antics of today’s, unrecognizable D party. Not to worry though…all true D’s out there…DT will fix your problem…probably in an hour, one Sunday AM next year…as he finishes up some of his “light” work for us, in the early weeks of his 2nd term.

  28. Yes you are correct,but unfortunately you left out that the numbers have been rising , in both the Senate and the House. And that’s nothing to brag on.

  29. Dumb, definitely.
    Dumbest? This isn’t over yet.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if someone dumber would actually try introducing charges against ACB along those lines.

  30. Hirono clearly asked the dumbest questions but to say she’s the dumbest in congress? She has some pretty fierce competition from the senate slut (now VP candidate), Feinstein, fake Indian, Durbin, Schumer. The from the house there’s the “squad”, cement face Pelosi, and Maxi Watered-down-brains. I’m sure I’m leaving out a few more, but it’s amazing that ALL or dummycrats. The only republican that might fit into that group would be Mitt Romney.

  31. Y ou can add Blumenthal, Coonze, most of any Dem. These Dems destroy the very meaning of the Constitution our laws respect for others… Their moto is destroy. They will use any means to win.. and destroy those that disagree.

  32. Maisie is hands down the dumbest old curmudgeon. Unfortunately the Senate Judiciary Cmte has the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dumbest as well. Klobuchar, Whitehouse, and Coons, Spartacus, and Conneticut Dick tieing for 4th.

  33. The Hawaiian people should take Mazie back and tar and feather her. She has a lot of chutzpah to ask Mrs. Barrett those questions in front of not only her beautiful family but the world. She has to be a complete dumb ass. And, yet she’s been in Congress for almost 40 years. Could the Hawaiian people not find another person to run? Really!

  34. If she is worth big money, then she can’t be that dumb right? I hate Democrats from square one! I wonder how she made her money?

  35. Even a pig knows when to get out of slime and mud when food is offered . This person cannot get out of the gutter and recognize a very smart nominee that would be a very good asset for the supreme court.

  36. The low caliber of some of the people in congress is truly astounding and perhaps that is why they cannot balance the federal budget, because they cannot even balance their own checkbooks. We the American people are also stupid, as we keep on electing these mental midgets into office and is also why Johnathan Gruber the author of the so called affordable care act, called the average American voter stupid, while expressing his unguarded opinion while caught on a hot mike. The whole Democratic party has this same opinion and we the American people will be truly stupid if we keep on electing them to political office. We need to be very careful when electing people, for the Republican party also has it’s stupid people and one way to prevent them from representing the party in the general is to participate in the primaries.

  37. If intelligence is the mark of who is elected to the Congress or Senate, there should also be a common sense test of some sort factored in. One can be educated in every subject and be able to show their intelligence, but if that person has no common sense intelligence is null and void

  38. Evidently and intelligence test is not required to be a demoncrat politician – a representative in The House or The Senate. But then listen to the ones who elected them. Most of them are the Walmart shoppers that show their class.

  39. Someone once said that people get the government they deserve. Have we fallen so far that this collection of clowns represent us? Seriously? Where the hell has our educational expectations disappeared to. If an IQ test were required to be a Senator, and they were background checked as though obtaining a SECRET military clearance, most would never qualify. God Help the USA!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. It is good to see that someone has taken Joe Biden’s place as the dumbest man in the Senate, it’s also good that it goes to a woman this time.

  41. One earlier comment was before a Congress-Person can ask a question they have to beat a 5 year old at Checkers. Clearly, that could be an insurmountable task. To be fair to the lawyers in congress change the requirement to a 3 year old. They spend a better chance of winning. The Congress-People will need the media so they can blame President Trump. Make Hawaii and NY face-off in checkers for a prize.

  42. These dufus Congresscritters are merely the ‘ Canaries in the coal mine ‘. What they prove is that the people who put them there, the American Voters, are the real problem. But they are also the victims . . . victims of an educational system dominate by Liberal authoritarians who have been responsible for the severe dumbing down of children in grade school up through the Liberal colleges.


  44. She’s definitely got competition for that distinction. What about that idiot who thought the island would tip over from all the equipment on it?

  45. Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest !!!
    She fits right in with Nancy Pollution, Slime Ball Chuckie Schumer and habitual Liar Adam Schiff.

  46. Being from Georgia I say let’s break it down to the dumbest female: Horino
    Dumbest male : Johnson
    Both are dumber than a

  47. Yes, I agree with you. What a dumb question. If she didn’t know that answer, she needs to go back to school.
    People in Hawaii should vote in someone who really knows what is going on!!!!

    1. The fertilizer on her pot was contaminated causing psychological repercussions that only aliens from the House of Retards would understand and having to be on the same wave link, you who have to be from Plant Urananus.

  48. I was shocked at how dumb she was. Then I thought how dumb are the dimms in Hawaii. Something is wrong out there that they would elect someone as dumb or as gross as she is. It really pains me to think that our Congress is compose of people like she and pelosi

  49. Several years ago, I read a cartoon in the NYTimes– two friends talking about why intelligence tests are not given to politicians? Doctors, lawyers, teachers,policemen and even driving tests are required. . First Friend says: I just don’t understand why politicians do not take intelligence tests ? Second friend, says the answer is very simple: if they were to take “intelligence” tests, there would never be A Democrat elected !!

  50. the first thing all people running for public office should be doing is take an IQ test. if they can not spell their own name then test is over NEXT: FILL OUT AN APPLICATION..if they cannot get thru this without misspelling test over NEXT: LIE DETECTOR TEST… THESE SHOULD BE ENOUGH TOO THIN OUT THE FIELD…THE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA IS IN WORST SHAPE THAN EVER IN OUR HISTORY… FROM THE #1 COUNTRY IN THE WORLD TOO THE 17th SHAME ON US

  51. No doubt it is Senator Hirono from Hawaii, but it could be Senator Diane Feinstein as well. Although the Democrats – every second senator – is an idiot. It is not clear where the Democrats take them to make a senator out of a fool?

  52. Agree 110%. “Crazy Mazie” is the sole reason that I’m embarrassed to say I’m from Hawaii. This is the result when you allow “democrat in-breeding”.
    Due to the democratic grip on this state it will be difficult to to depose her in the next election but I’m sure her time is up. She has also discrased her predacessors that held that position.


  54. I’m from the state of Hawaii but I NEVER voted for Maizie Hirono! To me, she’s proven herself to be the DUMBEST CLUCK IN THE BROOD OF DEMOCRAT CLUCKS! (With apologies to chickens…believe me, I’ve raised smarter chickens than this dimwit!) Not only has this woman brought shame to our state, but has subjected all of us to ridicule! Believe it or not, there are smart people who live in this state….they’re the ones who DIDN’T vote for her!

  55. Hirono is an absolute embarrassment to all logical Japanese people, about 20%.
    The rest are hard core democrats who think the same way. And they can’t understand that FDR (the original socialist president) was the democrat who put American citizens of Japanese citizenry behind barbed wired during WWII.

    1. Mazie Hirono is a mean spirited person who is constantly negative. She is certainly not a good reflection on the people of Hawaii

  56. Being a Republican, living in Hawaii is so frustrating because there is no chance of ever sending a Republican to Washington DC. The democratic majority has the state districted to prevent that from happening. The School children are taught that the United States is a colonial power and is responsible for all the homelessness and poverty in Hawaii. In reality it is the Japanese developers who exploit the population and sell developed property only in Japan so it is impossible to buy. Still Hawaiins believe what they are taught and send democrats only to the Mainland to find money for Hawaii. This money never gets down to those who need it. Republicans are in a double minority so most of us leave paradise. Sen. Dan Inouye (D-HI) was the last pro American sent to DC.

    1. Lie-beral DEMONocrats…the syndicate of fake, hate, negate, denigrate, ingrate, degenerate, agitate, instigate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E !

      To Jack B: I agree and that’s why I left there. Aloha is a myth. Hawaiians don’t like Americans and don’t want to be Americans. They have been brainwashed by the Japanese who control the islands.

  57. Y’ALL DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HER, DO YOU? I looked her up on Wikileaks (Thank you, Julian Assange, for Wikileaks!), in one minute! AND this is what I found:
    1) She’s totally GUN CONTROL! Voted for gun control and certain bans!
    2) She’s against better healthcare. Voter against POTUS and his ‘deletion of extra taxes if you don’t have med ins” amendment.
    3) She voted FOR giving control of the internet to the NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Act)!
    Which, FYI, is all about government control of free internet! AGAINST FREE SPEECH!

    Yeah, I totally get why she asked all these low brow, disrespectful and “entertainment” questions! Call her what she is folks! ANOTHER DNC/COMMUNIST PARTY OPERATIVE! A SPY FROM JAPAN…NOT EVEN BORN IN THIS COUNTRY!

    And you wonder why I, and millions of other Independent voters, are voting for TRUMP!

  58. Now that I am a permenaent resident of Hawai’i, I have four years to get her out.
    Sad to realize how she got in.
    You can’t fix stupid.

  59. What teleprompter did she use since the democrats are so dumb that they all need someone to tell them what to say every time they open their LYING MOUTHS.

  60. I’ve read over 90% of the replies to this article and 100% agree to the fact that Mazie Hirono is the stupidest, however, I know there is a great deal of water between Hawaii and California, yet the stupidity is rapid there as well and there is a contender equal to the stupidity that Senator Hirono has inherited and that person is Maxine Waters! I believe there should be a contest for who is the dumbest or most stupid! It is not a coincidence that The Democrat Party attracts this level of mentality, take Ben Johnson for instance, he stated the Philippine Island(s) were capsizing due to population and human imbalance!

  61. I’m sorry I must be as dumb as she is, I just can’t figure out why anyone would vote for a Democrat. Would someone explain it to me.

    1. Lie-beral DEMONocrats are mentally, morally, and spiritually deficient and are suffering from the insanity of satanity, whose only expertise is bullshitology, masked under the cloak of self righteousness. They have the Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome AND ARE FUGITIVES FROM TRUTH !

  62. I think it is time for an IQ test requirement to run for public office. No one with an IQ under 90 should be allowed to run. That eliminates Hirono, Mad Maxine, and nancy pugloser. It would also eliminate “Drunk Uncle Joe” Biden. If a sanity test was included, adam shiff and jerry nadler would be out. Then, of course, giving up all connections to foreign countries and religions should be added. That would eliminate the two muslime terrorists in congress. That would eliminATE

  63. Having been stationed in Hawaii for three years during the mid-80s, I can bear witness to the fact that lifetime residents of the State are NOT the sharpest knives in the drawer by ANY stretch of the imagination! After reading about Mazie Hirono’s progression upward in political office, I was immediately reminded of an old military expression: F*CK UP – MOVE UP!
    As for Hank Johnson of Georgia, it embarrasses me to think that my home State could have elected such a dumba$$ to represent his Congressional district, much less the entire State! The only optimism I have is that maybe, JUST MAYBE, Johnson was jerking everyone’s chain in a feeble attempt at humor! I can’t bring myself to believe that ANYONE is stupid enough to believe that an island can capsize for ANY REASON short of an Act of God!
    ‘Nuff said!

  64. Crazie Mazie was obnoxious & rude as usual. You don’t ask a sexual encounter question unless you going to follow up with why you asked that. It was an embarrassment for the Democratic Party. She had her family there. The anger is unhinged like Pelosi who lost it on CNN. People need to take a look at their Senators if they’re working for the people. Pelosi is holding stimulus because she doesn’t want Trumps name on checks. Wolf tried.

  65. I’m 80, been around politics much of my adult life as a member of the news media and I can’t remember a time when the mass media was so intent on destroying one side and propping up the other … but that’s another subject… back to dumb and dumbest … it may be time to focus on four or five states and spend what ever it takes to elect members to Congress, both houses, representing a third party. Don’t think nationally, focus all the efforts on those four or five states… elect conservative members and then once in office use that block to negotiate with the existing Republican Party for support. The threat would be simple, both parties would be held somewhat captive by the third, needing their support to pass anything. That may be the last opportunity for conservatives to have any power at a national level. We are in real trouble.

  66. Thank you, Maisie: -She’s not only America’s dumbest Senator, but America’s most sexually concerned Senator who brings frivolity and chaos to the SCOTUS hearing

  67. Who voted or sponsored her for office? She left her brains somewhere else and did not bring them with her. She needs to be voted out permenantly. She has to be the dumbest person in America.

  68. Hirano is obviously of Japanese ancestry
    The Japanese have a saying that fits her to a tee
    Bakawa shina nakya nao ra nai
    the english translation is “the only way to get over being stupid is to Die”
    another way to say this Is “Ignorance is curable but stupid is forever”

  69. If you want a good laugh at fools, just listen to aoc, mazie, nan, Maxine, Sheila talk during a hearing. They make complete idiots of themselves and unfortunately congress.

  70. also look at pelsoi she has lost her mind as well ..women can’t stand the pressure of public office as long as some men…but we have a bunch of dumb men in there as well ,and most are democrats. .Chuckie ,shiftless ,bloom what ever,Past time for term limits…

  71. also look at pelsoi she has lost her mind as well ..women can’t stand the pressure of public office as long as some men…but we have a bunch of dumb men in there as well ,and most are democrats. .Chuckie ,shiftless ,bloom what ever,Past time for term limits…take this site and give it to the kid’s to play with………………

  72. My opinion is that we need to fire all of Congress and Senate. Then start all over with working people who know how to balance their checbooks. I am talking about real working people. The people on the lower rungs of industry. People that pay their bills and manage credit with intelligence.

    I think possibly there are enough of that kind of people in this world, then maybe we can put America back on track, with GOD as the head.

  73. The bar there is pretty low, but she can get under it on her tip-toes. Mazie is a national embarrassment and a disgrace to her state, feminists everywhere and all of America. She is a very mean-spirited, bigoted and hateful person with no agenda except to offend. In the age of “Cancel Culture” and being offended, she sets a very high bar. Hawaii, recall?

  74. She has lots of other company, but she is certainly one of the top ones. I don’t know how she could ever have been selected to be a spokesman for the state of Hawaii. They need help!

    1. Ignorance is so called bliss. This is one person who is still in the forest looking for the way out. It’s sad that she is a representative of others who are much more qualified.

  75. COONS – BLUMENTHAL – DURBIN – HIRONO all are students of ‘let me make the dumbest comment’ in the committee hearings school of thought!

    As one who travels internationally all the time, you would be embarrassed as to how the foreign press covers this!

  76. She meets all qualifications for a Democrat . Dumb dishonest and Deplorable.
    And early on to say yes to All these crooks ( Leaders) of their Party.
    What a bunch of Dumb asses.

  77. Oh, I think she has a lot of competition for that title. Don’t mistake ‘elitist’ for being among the elite. Education, titles and positions do not correspond with one’s intelligence. Most truly intelligent people are smart enough not to think about jumping in that swamp. Longer you are there, the dumber you become (disconnected from morality, truth and common sense). Some are devoid of all those when they enter!

  78. It is almost frightening to imagine that ANY voter would spend their vote on such an amazingly stupid person. The only thing I can assume is that she was elected by mail-in voting where they raided the dead letter file and gave them all to her as votes…….

  79. “I have a sneaking suspicion that when Hawaii sends people to the US Congress, they’re not sending their best!”
    Unfortunately, they DID send their best, a certified moron.

  80. “America’s Got Really Stupid Senators,” questions ranged in intelligence from “Will you recuse yourself from any case in which you’re likely to give a ruling I don’t like?” to “Glaga bagoo goo daga magadag?” or something that made approximately the same amount of sense. Klavan here:
    2. Senator Whitehouse wins the stupidest senator award. Andrew Klavan -==- During Judge ABC hearings. he brings ‘dark money’ spending….. and Ted Cruz blasts him, that the biggest contributors of dark money are Democrats. He has a list! wow! Stupid does as Stupid is!
    3. OH that stupid senator, AWARD,
    hold the phone, there was Corey Booker who asked the mother of two black children adopted from Haiti — and as God is my witness I am not making this up — here’s the actual quote: “You’ve already spoken to issues of racism, how you deplore it… but you condemn white supremacy, correct?” THERE WERE OTHERS. ”THE REGULARS”’ THE ‘PREDICTABLES” THAT DID NOT FAIL OR DISAPPOINT US.

  81. Mazie Hirono, a Japanese woman should have been vetted thoroughly upon entering the USA and when applying for citizenship. She is a disgrace and remains me of Bella Abzug years ago. Never ever should she be a U.S. Senator, ever. Unfortunately for her she is dying of kidney cancer and has soon to face a higher authority so perhaps her brains are also affected. If so, she would do the US Senate a great favor to leave and prepare for her demise

  82. Maybe the best answer that Amy Coney Barrett could have said to ignorant Mazie is. No senator I have not Have You ? And wouldn’t this have been a better question to ask Hair smelling Leg hair rubbing Pervert Joey Biden and wait for an answer. Trump 2020 !!!

  83. When the word “IDIOT” comes up the first thing you think of is the Democrats. Joe Biden; REALLY
    Mazie Hirono; REALLY. Adam Shiff; REALLY. Nancy Pelosi; REALLY. The Squad; REALLY (Communists)
    I could keep going on but there is not enough room here. Remember they all have one thing in common


  84. The State political parties choose who their candidates for Senate and House of Reps will be. They sometimes (perhaps too often) choose stupid people as their candidates because stupid people can be easily manipulated (i.e. “puppets”). People who, with out assessing the candidates, vote a “party line” for whatever reason will put these bozos in power. You have to get involved at the state party level ifyou want good and decent candidates chosen.

  85. Very definitely she is stupid beyond description, but putting her at the head of the class as the most stupid, is questionable when you start naming all of the democrats that have failed in their duty to America, i.e., Adam Schiff, Chucky Schumer, etc. Pelosi would definitely have to be the most shameful person in politics. I have often said she is Satan with lipstick on.

  86. IQ wise is one thing, but being stupid in another. Look at the leadership of the House and the leader of the Democratic Senators. All very intelligent according to IQ, but not one of them as the common sense to come in out of the rain. None of them were that way when they were first elected, but, they sure as hell learned that stupid is as stupid does, Now we have a new candidate for the Supreme Court, the Democrats claim that it’s illegal to appoint her, but according to the Constitution of this great country, it’s legal and the President is responsible to insuring that the Supreme Court has the required members. I would like to know what copy of Constitution the Democrats are reading.

  87. I’m sorry to say it but we are insulting dumb people all over the world! Maizie is unique! With an estimated IQ of 1 she shouldn’t be allowed out anywhere! It’s great when dry cereal flakes are brighter than she is!

  88. She is an absolute idiot!! It’s embarrassing that we, as United States citizens, elect such stupid people into any house of congress, to make our laws.

  89. Hirono seems fascinated with sexual assault. Is this an indication of her own attributes? People hate most in other people what they see in themselves. Is Hirono an addict to sexual assault? That is a question which needs to be asked of her.

  90. Another thing I have to say about Hirono. She did an interview talking about how intelligent democraps allegedly are. She tries to put forth the premise that they are so smart they need to tell people just how smart they are. She is clearly a product of drug-addicted parents. There is no other possible reason for her severe mental disabilities.

  91. Now you know why people are leaving Hawaii in droves. Hirono is, in fact, their best.

    I feel for those who don’t have other options than to remain in Hawaii. The only budget that has been successful is every Hawaiian politician’s. And this includes Hirono.

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