The Incredible String of Impossibilities You’re Supposed to Believe Right Now

Whoever recorded the election night coverage and caught that huge Biden miracle dump of ballots in Michigan deserves a medal. He or she took a screenshot of Biden receiving 138,000 votes in one batch – with zero for Trump – and it set this whole thing in motion. That first instance of catching the Democrats committing fraud set off an avalanche. We’re told that the first incident was a “glitch.” Since then, we’ve been asked to believe a lot of impossible things about this election. Let’s review some of those preposterous impossibilities.

First, there’s the uncharacteristic quietness of the media. Sure, they’re loud in telling us to accept the election results. I’m talking about how quiet they are about the numbers. “Joe Biden won and that’s all we need to know!”

This is abnormal and it’s impossible for me to accept.

Throw out your intelligence for a moment and pretend that Joe Biden actually won the election with 80 million votes. If that really happened – if anyone actually believed that had happened, the newscasts would be filled with celebratory pieces about Joe Biden’s miraculous victory.

Donald Trump is unquestionably the most popular Republican president in American history. And somehow a man who has never been considered popular defeated an incumbent president with record-high turnout. The media would be doing deep dives into the numbers and analyzing just how that happened, if they really believed that it happened.


Joe Biden supposedly received 80 million votes in this election. And he somehow achieved that with nearly record-low turnout among minority voters for a Democrat candidate. Trump won the highest percentage of minority votes since 1960 for a Republican candidate, while Biden won the lowest percentage of minority votes of any Democrat since 1960. Let that sink in for a second.

The Democrat Party’s Jim Crow laws and segregation were still in effect the last time that a Democrat candidate was so unpopular with minorities. But somehow, despite that dent in the Democrats’ coalition, Joe Biden surpassed Donald Trump’s vote totals by a record amount.

If the media believed this actually happened, they’d be devoting hours of airtime to looking at the numbers. Instead, they are wildly incurious. It would be like landing on Mars and discovering that there are Martians walking around there and the media just kind of shrugs and yawns at it. Ho hum!

By this point in the 2016 election cycle, we had tons of data and news stories about what had just happened. We knew how evangelicals and doctors and suburban housewives and LGBTQ voters and blacks and Hispanics and Asians and Sri Lankans and computer programmers and encyclopedia salesmen and coal miners and truck drivers and baristas and commercial fishermen and beat poets had voted. Everyone wanted to know who was in the Trump coalition that had pulled off that amazing upset victory.

But when Joe Biden smashes the all-time popular vote total, despite not having a single supporter who put up a Biden-Harris yard sign anywhere in the country, the media definitely does not want to look at the numbers. They somehow don’t care who is in the “Biden coalition.”

Media: “No need to look closely at any of the numbers or do any post-election analysis! Can we just skip ahead to the inauguration?”

Does that pass the smell test with anyone?

We are also expected to believe that despite the fact that Joe Biden is somehow the most popular politician in American history, the voters decided they didn’t really want any of Joe Biden’s policies implemented. How else do you explain the way that down-ballot Democrat candidates got hammered?

As of this writing, it looks like Republicans will be trailing the Democrats by 9 seats in the House. The Democrats have a razor-thin majority in the House. It’s the smallest majority Democrats have held over Republicans in the last decade. They’re talking about putting Nancy Pelosi up as Speaker once again, but before this is all over, the Democrats could still lose control of the House! A bunch of races are still up in the air. Meanwhile we’re supposed to believe that Trump lost but somehow the voters were so enamored with Republican House candidates that we gave them big wins?

We’re also supposed to believe that the “bellwether” states of Florida and Ohio, and 19 of 20 bellwether counties in America were won by President Trump – but Biden won the election. These predictive states and counties have determined the presidential election winner for decades now. I know that’s not scientific, but Joe Biden somehow lost all of those bellwethers and won the election? Really?

Anyone who believes this string of impossibilities has to be crazy.

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47 thoughts on “The Incredible String of Impossibilities You’re Supposed to Believe Right Now”


      1. These bandits have been in control of America since Bill Clinton was elected through Obama Biden. Trump disturbed their reign of power. So now they were determined to get back in power by every means possible. Trump revealed the corruption of the deep state swamp of our government. Too bad he didn’t fire all the alphabet agencies and clean house after he realized what they did to him during Crossfire Hurricane. That was a coup de state on America, and everyone involved committed treason and deserve to be hanged.
        This election is another coup attempt by the same perpetrators with foreign interference. Any election results obtained by foreign interference is nullified and void. It’s not a real American election.

  2. The left kikes to put out lists of trump supporters to be harassed and the media covers it up. Maybe its time to publish a list of those people in swing states that counted ballots.

    1. Good idea, let all see who helped with the criminal activity that went on during the night of the
      so called election.

  3. Not only are Americans watching how our court system handles the election irregularities and the numerous witnesses who signed affidavits regarding them, the world is also watching to see if our Supreme court follows Constitutional Law the USA tells other countries is our guiding principles. They will know without a shadow of a doubt whether or system is broken or actually works.

    1. I remember when america,use to go into other countries teaching them how to conduct elections, that was a joke .it looks like we picked up their bad habits

  4. This election was stolen so brazenly and crudely that they would have been embarrassed in Liberia or the Congo. The demented crooked pedophile rapist Chinese lackey and his round-heeled Jamaican marxist minder are no more legitimate than Little Rocket Man or Vidkun Quisling. We owe them no respect or obedience, and must tear off their masks, defy their lockdowns, go to church and open our businesses and celebrate holidays, evade their taxes, drive out the wetbacks and jihadis they will now pitchfork into the country and fight back when they send communist and black supremacist terrorists into the streets to intimidate us with riots. No legislation, no appropriations, no judgeships, no confirmations and angry crowds in the streets every weekend around the Mulatto House and the citadels of tyrannical Obammunist gauleiters. We must keep this up until Biteme and Klamidya flee like Batista or Ceaucescu. Not my President! Resist!

  5. If Briben would take The White House remember this? With exception to the steadfast development of the covid-19 vaccine then the return to this countries highest employment, lowest Hispanic/black unemployment and record stock market totals, which President Trump is credited for (not to mention peace between Israel and The EAU), what happens next will rest on the shoulders of Joe Briben! He must take responsibility and accountability for! Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it!

  6. We need to redo it all, have another national vote!
    This time EVERYONE needs to go and vote the right way in PERSON!! That way we’ll know for certain who wins . I’ll bet you it’s going to be a different story!

  7. A STOLEN election is just part of the LIARS, TRICKSTERS, & DECEIVERS they proven to be.
    Expect DESTRUCTION, HATRED, DIVISION, and ENSLAVEMENT to be the further extension of their administration if they get into power.
    Be wary of what you wish for!!! REDRUM will be their love.

  8. Why was mail in ballots not blocked by the Supreme Court before the election. Why have the executives of the Dominion Corporation who ran the voting machines disappeared. Where was the Justice Department, the FBI and the CIA before, during and post elections. Why did the Supreme Court allow Big Tech to block sensitive news. Why Why Why Why.

    1. I believe those connected to George Soros, Obama, Clinton, the Democratic Party, Deep State and Liberal left have control of the Justice Department, the FBI, CIA and Supreme Court. Their goal is to destroy the United State and bring it into the U.N control, so the One World government can finally be recognized. Trump is the only one standing in their way and if they get him out, their agenda will be complete.

      1. You are correct. Even here in Canada where the process has already begun, those of us with brains and an ability to see through the leftist bulls…t, are agonizing over the corruption and the length to which its tentacles reach. President Trump is our only hope for freedom.

    2. If the Supreme Court doesn’t right this insidious wrong, all we stand for as Americans is in the past.

      Tens of thousands of lives lost fighting the good fight for freedom and liberty, put the Babylon Whore in the White House and that’s just “history” too. She HATES America. What in the hell is she doing in the VP- elect seat ?

      This is worse than a bad novel….. let’s hope the Biden thing is nothing more than fiction, this Catholic “ yeah, RIGHT!!” can’t even pronounce the word Psalm………he says PALM, like the tree. C’MON MAN?!! Would someone please tell him….. evidently his own family aren’t up to the task. Too busy trying to figure out where their next Chinese millions will be coming from. This baby rapist and his “on her back wayyyyy too much” running mate are making this country look like a very weak entity to the rest of the world. Embarrassing really.

      Did anyone catch Cum’allya and Rachel M
      on MSNBC a couple of weeks ago making fun of the fly on Mike Pences’ head during the VP debate. Watching the banter between these two ingrates was over the top. Giggling like two grade school idiots, well, as Hillary stated about DJT on too many occasions……..not exactly “Presidential”. K Harris isn’t fit to be our leader in any respect. In fact, she’s not senatorial in any respect. What a waste of votes….. but we’re talking CA and that alone, speaks volumes

  9. I pray that the US Supreme Court will see how the laws were broken over & over again enabling enough fraudulent votes to be “cast” for JUST Biden. Red wave of down ballot winners without Trump being also a winner is suspicious in & of itself!!! Believe still that God is on the side of our great President who puts America FIRST!!!!!!!

  10. BOTTOM LINE: President Trump has been the.victim of the worst election fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people, who have benefited immensely from the policies implemented during his first term in office! If there is any justice left in this country, the Supreme Court will throw out the recent election and call for a whole new election, or the House of Representatives will hold a vote from each State delegation, each State having only one vote. Justice shall then prevail in the land once again!

  11. for me are musical chairs with a twist to it ten chairs 9 people that the democrat Joe Biden media come on man the only thing Biden is for is America to tax American for more money awhile he drinking wine with the dictator in china the democrat there`s nothing there Biden been a sewer rat for a long long time now there the truth remember if you don`t vote for me you ant black that should tell you everything you need to know about Biden

  12. ASSHOLE democrats very bad FRAUD in counting the votes very bad asshole counters at the tables kill all the muslims,socialist,communist-fascist that are in goverment including pelosi,schiff shummer,waters,tlaib,omer, the democrats presdent,and harris antifa-agitators put roiting and looters in jail with a $25,000 dollar fine FRAUD VOTING FRAUD VOTING with democrats in goverment this united states will go HELL ,

  13. Should we arrest many of the News media as enablers and coconspirators in the fraud which took place leading up to and during election night? Yes they are guilty and should be encarserated along with those who actually printed up the bogus ballots and who ran some batches over several times. All the crooks should be arrested. If the Supreme Court does not rule that Biden is disqualified due to gross cheating on the part of his supporters, then we may as well hold out our hands. Go ahead and put on the ball and chains. We are your slaves. Yes Master you won, and your cheating heart will tell on you, when you stand before God.

    1. I am never giving in to these communist assholes! It’s going to be the start of my revolution the minute the election is decided for Biden. Patriots “ to arms”!!!

  14. Great article just touching the tip of the ice berg. This was a brilliantly conceived plan by Democrats to steal the election by flooding the country with their mail in ballots, then not verifying their authenticity at count time. What is baffling is the why of it all. Why does the media want this? Or the Justice system? The media is our number one enemy. Lord help us. Pray the truth will prevail.

    1. Yes Ralph. The media is actually the number one “enemy” of the people indeed. Good questions, WHY do ANY of these entities seemingly prefer a socialistic state, devoid of freedom of speech and denial of the second amendment? We are Americans and I for one refuse to have ANYONE tell me how it is I’m going to run my life! DJT is a scrapper…. concession is not in his wheelhouse, as he knows what we all know…. he won by the proverbial “landslide” and that man (why we love him ) won’t go down without a fight

    2. Mr. Fredericksen:
      I must say that reading your comment was inspiring in the wake of most of the comments before you that are so badly written. Thank you for your literate comments.

  15. What good does it do to recount the same illegal ballots again. There should be an investigation of every mail in ballot to verify who sent in. There is no limit to what the Demorats will do to steal this election. Also there are a lot of elected officials involved in voter fraud. Send them to jail.

  16. It looks to me like the SCOTUS is going to be coming up to probably the most crucial case it’s ever had to deal with.

    There are two Trump appointed judges in PA that refuse to budge and have knocked down the allegations of fraud in that state. What puzzles me, is I’m sure they know what happened, why are their rulings going against Trump?!! They’re saying there is no proof of anything, ….. WHAT?! ……. who is it that are pulling their strings here anyway?!!

    It’s pretty obvious to the entire world what happened on Nov 3, If this case Does make it to the Supreme Court, what is John Roberts going to do? He’s been a royal ass in many respects and I for one, don’t trust him farther than I can throw him. If the final decree came down to him, would he vote for the conservative base…… I’m not thinking so.

    The choice is simple. Liberty or Tyranny

    I know that America went with Liberty, but a few cities in choice swing states went with Tryanny. A handful of cheaters don’t dictate to a nation just to how a vote will stand.

    Biden isn’t well. Then there is the VP candidate. Is anyone trembling like me yet?!!

    If we don’t get this corrected, we as a nation are done. Period. This election is the most important decision in American history. As I wrote the last sentence however, I cringed….. look what the left has done with our HISTORY in the last 4 years

    Trump will reign for four more years. God bless America

  17. Well said. I don’t know what to do. I have sent what money i can to try and help. We need to do everything we can to make sure our elections are honest

  18. I am a conspiracy theorist researcher. I like to research the truth based on facts. The facts do not lie. I also love patterns as it seem that there is always a right path and a wrong path. I would know as I have been in the dark with no flashlight to see my way through until one day the Lord set me Free. The only thing he asked of me is to educate you. That’s it. When truth stands in front of you, there is no denying it. The truth will set you FREE. Never believe or listen to what you hear as you will find most is lies and if not easy to verify. God Bless Patriots as they will save the World.

  19. Seems like the best response to this mess would be to re-do the election. How can anyone verify votes, signatures, mass dumps of ballots exclusively for Trump, etc.? Do it over again.

    1. Paul, a re-do may be the only way to settle this, and all votes cast in the re-do must be verified as legal, and all legal cast votes must be counted correctly.

      All of this will take time to organize and complete successfully, without room for any doubt of the numbers. Current law dictates that if no winner of a POTUS election is declared by noon on Jan 20, the current POTUS must vacate the White House, and the Speaker of the House will be sworn in as temporary POTUS, pending a new election.

      Even as a temporary POTUS, I cringe at the very thought of Pelosi in this position and the harm she could do to our Nation. Hopefully it would be a very short temporary term, and surely anything she changed could/would be reversed immediately when the new POTUS is elected legally.

      One thing I’ve learned through all of this is how deep the “Deep State” swamp must actually be. When Federal justices basically declare “there’s nothing to see here folks, carry on”, with no concern for the very integrity of our electoral process, our Republic is in real danger. Every Patriot should be very concerned, if not totally disgusted, by the accusations and sworn affidavits of fraud and irregularities that have been taken since 11/4/2020. Every illegal or improperly counted vote disenfranchises a legal vote, and undermines a very basic principal of our Constitutional Republic. Every true American should be upset to hear of such activity, and should be absolutely outraged if it goes unpunished.

      But I’ve been around long enough to know that even if blatant fraud is proven in the courts, the true perpetrators and conspirators will not be held accountable. They’ve undoubtedly covered their tracks well enough, and/or have enough protection in the right places, to avoid prosecution for what amounts to treason. A few locals will lose their jobs, but the top players will continue to plot new strategies to avoid detection of illegal actions that they will surely employ in future elections.

      Personally, I don’t know whether I can ever trust our elections again. The process has been deeply tainted and I think I may always have suspicions of each outcome going forward. In my opinion, our courts should be very concerned that every legal citizen may feel the same.

  20. It is the duty of all patriotic Americans to restore freedom and liberty to all of its citizens . The only recourse if the Supreme Court doesn’t shut down the election is revolution! It may mean a lot of death and destruction but, we must destroy the evil among us! Liberty or death!

  21. Based upon what happened in the hearing before the Pennsylvania Legislature, this Wed & the Resolution that followed Fri: THAT ALONE should be all the Electoral College and/or the SCOTUS need to declare this election’s results to be suspect, at the very least – therefore, undeclarable, as a true result, of a fair election..I say, either resort to the (13th?)Amendment that allows for the election to be thrown over to the House, (where each STATE has only ONE vote) – and see what happens – OR declare the need for a “Do Over” vote, with Federal oversight, requiring proof of registered voters and verifications of every mail-in, or (walk-in) voter..The very fact that this was the first ever, large-scale “mail-in” election in history, should have called for intense scrutiny to rule out fraud, (which should have been anticipated, under such circumstances)..I’d love to know how the federal judges in PA could have stated there was “no proof” of election fraud, in light of the astonishingly disproportionate votes that came in for Biden, once it had been established that Trump was leading PA comfortably!?!?!..Talk about making America look bad: this is much worse than that..This election was not legitimate – and the vast majority of this country’s people know it..These people will never recognize Biden as President and I, for one, would never blame them for whatever action they may take to see that this injustice does not prevail..It is a disgrace..Is it asking too much to have fair elections in this Country anymore??!!..The SCOTUS must do it’s job, for the sake of our country’s reputation, for the sake of Justice and for the sake of our people – and their faith in our Government..Pray they don’t let American Elections come to this and pray for America if they do..

  22. We are to become the Union of Soviet Socialist States of America, Comrade. What we really have here is a WAR between the forces of God who love freedom and all that makes the USA great and the satanists who want to destroy, destroy, destroy which is what socialism does. It destroys. So, the Dems are for abortion, for curbing your First Amendment Rights, against the nuclear family, for lying as the MSM has shown us, for the false climate change narrative, for free college for everyone, for free day care for everyone, for higher taxes to pay for it all, for globalism, for having the State educate your children, against the Second Amendment…. can there be ANY party more aligned to what Satan wants in his efforts to destroy humanity than the Democratic Party?

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