The Left Even Has a Double Standard When It Comes to Hookers Committing Extortion

Just when you think our “justice” system that never finds Democrats guilty of any wrongdoing couldn’t get any more one-sided, along comes “Client No. 9” wearing only his black socks. Any decision or executive action that Donald Trump takes is met with repeated assertions that he has committed a crime – an impeachable crime that deserves jail time!

CNN and MSNBC constantly alert us that Trump is a bad person. If we are to have any justice at all in America, he must be punished for his crimes… at least, that’s the narrative. But when the shoe is on the other foot and a Democrat does the exact same thing, or something even worse, it’s a non-issue.

One of the latest reasons why Democrats believe the president should be impeached is because he paid extortion money to two women who threatened to reveal that they had affairs with him years ago, prior to the 2016 election. Trump paid them, but then they went ahead and violated the non-disclosure agreements they had signed with him anyway.

The media insists that Trump is the bad guy in this scenario – not the two money-grubbing women who extorted money from a presidential candidate. And even though Trump paid them out of his own pocket, the media’s armchair prosecutors insist that this was a “felony campaign finance violation,” despite there being no such rule in the entire Federal Election Commission regulatory code.

But what if a Democrat was accused of paying hush money to a prostitute? Well, in that case, our current two-tiered justice system says that the filthy extorting whore deserves to go to jail! How dare she extort money from a dignified public official who happens to be a Democrat!

Eliot Spitzer’s wife had only one rule for the former New York Governor (2007-2008) to follow when it came to their open marriage: Don’t bring your whores to the family’s posh New York apartment. We’re not experts on the Democrats’ whole “open marriage” thingy, but that sounds like a reasonable request if you’re into that sort of thing.

Former Governor Spitzer was facing a quandary. He was really hot-to-trot for his Russian whore, Svetlana Travis-Zakharova… but he didn’t want to get in trouble with his wife. Using a level of creativity that puts Bill Clinton to shame, the former governor came up with a solution to prevent the doormen and neighbors from realizing what he was up to. Spoiler alert: If you’re drinking coffee, milk or anything else right now, you might want to set it down before you read what Spitzer did. You’ve been warned. Here it is:

Spitzer stuffed his Russian hooker in a suitcase to smuggle her into his apartment.

Svetlana was petite enough for Spitzer to cram her into a large piece of luggage. “My knees would be up to my face,” she says. “When the doorman would ask if he could help, Eliot would say, ‘No, thanks.’”

The former Democrat Attorney General and later Governor of New York would apparently sneak his Russian prostitute into the apartment up to four times a week for some “Russian collusion” while the old ball-and-chain and kids were gone. Svetlana, who charged Spitzer $5,000 per encounter, broke off the relationship in 2013 when he choked her in the bedroom. She called the police but did not press charges. Spitzer was so upset that Svetlana wouldn’t let him choke her that he reportedly screamed, “What am I paying you for?!” New York always has such classy Attorneys General!

Svetlana then proceeded to threaten to reveal her suitcase affair with Spitzer unless he paid her. She was ultimately able to weasel $400,000 out of him before the police arrested her and charged her with extortion in 2016. Ironically, Svetlana Travis-Zakharova was not one of the prostitutes involved in the escort service scandal that led to Governor Spitzer’s resignation back in 2008. That was an entirely different set of prostitutes and the case where Spitzer was identified by prosecutors as “Client No. 9.”

So, according to the media standard that has been applied to President Trump, where is Eliot Spitzer now? After all, Spitzer paid hush money to a Russian hooker. He did that in order to impact his public image with New York voters. Spitzer’s crime should be considered even worse, shouldn’t it? Spitzer was paying prostitutes for sex – sometimes $5,000 a night – in addition to paying Svetlana $400,000 in hush money (no word on whether she got to keep the luggage).

The two women who extorted money from candidate Donald Trump didn’t charge him for sex. Giving them the benefit of the doubt and assuming that their claims are true, they both had affairs with him willingly and for free. There was no prostitution involved. The extortion came later, when he was running for President of the United States. Eliot Spitzer was running for New York Comptroller (unsuccessfully) when he was paying Svetlana $5,000 a night to stuff her in a suitcase – and he was obviously still interested in running for office when he paid her $400,000 in hush money. Isn’t that at least twice as big of a crime as anything Donald Trump did?

If you believe that, then you obviously are not aware of how the left’s idea of “justice” works. Svetlana Travis-Zakharova is a “Russian whore.” She’s not some upstanding, respectable champion of free speech like Stormy Daniels! As such, New York prosecutors threw the book at Svetlana. She served three months in prison for extorting money from Spitzer. She’s out of jail now and trying to cash in on her affair with Spitzer by regaling media outlets with the suitcase story. Not that they’re paying any attention to her. What a boring story!

Meanwhile, Trump Treason Russia Collusion Emoluments! As for Eliot Spitzer, he’s still walking around free and faced no charges for his “Russian collusion.”

Why would Spitzer have been charged with anything? That would be crazy! But Donald Trump is a terrible, terrible person – he’s literally Hitler – after being extorted by two women. It’s preposterous to think otherwise. Special Counsel Robert Mueller hasn’t even interviewed the two women after they clearly threatened to tamper with the 2016 election. Neither has the New York Attorney General’s office that prosecuted Ms. Travis-Zakharova.

Svetlana is a villain who went to jail for extorting money from a public official, but Stormy Daniels and what’s-her-name are both heroines in our one-sided “justice” system. Oh, and the hundreds of women who have been paid hush money by Members of Congress with your tax dollars? Remember them? They’re all villains, too, which is why you can never know the identities of their innocent victims in Congress.

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