The Left is in a Tizzy after Elon Musk Reveals Political Leanings

Are liberal meltdowns the most entertaining thing in the world? Probably. If you share even a sliver of that sentiment, then the latest hysteria will probably elicit a chuckle. This time, it’s liberal favorite Elon Musk who’s in the hot seat, and the situation couldn’t possibly be more ridiculous.

Musk has a few accomplishments to his name. He really made his way as one of the founding partners of PayPal. After selling his stake, he used the cash to start Tesla Motors and SpaceX. While SpaceX has done some admittedly cool things, both of these companies are closer to scams than they are to being productive parts of the economy. Both have only survived off of massive government subsidies—something the liberal media ignores when they report on him.

Despite that, many have heralded Musk as some kind of savior. They have convinced themselves that Teslas are the key to stopping global warming since electric cars are so much more environmentally friendly than gas guzzlers (the truth is far more complicated and in many instances electric cars are less carbon-efficient). The “be like Elon” memes have circulated for years, and he is often referred to by the mainstream left as one of the most important thought leaders of a generation.

People with a more grounded opinion of Musk were not surprised to see his recent media snafus. First, he proposed an asinine plan to rescue the kids trapped in the Thai cave with a submarine. When the rescue operators ignored him and successfully saved the kids, he went on record to insinuate that one of them was a pedophile. It was all really classy stuff. Unsurprisingly, the left didn’t really care about any of this, and many of them were praising his ridiculous submarine idea.

Then, the world collapsed beneath them. It was revealed that Musk spent almost $40,000 of his own money supporting a Republican PAC. The group is aimed at retaining Republican control of the House in November. The criticism was instantaneous and vicious. The left has decided that it is intellectually incompatible to own a company that creates electric cars and support any amount of Republican politics. They’ve gone so far as to cancel orders for Tesla vehicles and try to form boycotts of Musk’s companies.

It’s almost too rich to enjoy. The leading hypocrisy is the best. Suppose you’re a crazy leftist and you genuinely believe that owning an electric car is the key to saving the world from global warming. Then, you find out that the maker of the car might have the slightest Republican leanings. If your response is to cancel the car order, then you are demonstrating that you would literally rather watch the world burn than acknowledge any amount of validity in conservative politics whatsoever. That’s not petty. Not at all.

The best part of this is that Musk isn’t even an actual Republican. He’s still registered as an independent. And, in the same span that he donated less than $40,000 to the Republican PAC, he donated an additional $30,000 to Democratic groups. It’s almost as if he is lobbying specific interests rather than blindly supporting one side or the other.

But, the “tolerance” of the left has no room to spare someone in the center from their boycotts and extremism. If Musk is going to commit the unforgivable sin of acknowledging the right, then obviously the only reasonable response is to watch the world burn.

We’re not exactly fans of Musk over here. We’ve been consistently frustrated with how our tax dollars have subsidized his business whims. But, even we can acknowledge that he’s getting a raw deal here. When there could be backlash for his poor decision making (such as calling a Thai hero a pedophile), he’s instead losing the core of his base over identity politics. It’s a waste of an opportunity to call him on issues that might actually matter.

Regardless, this is the modern left. They genuinely, in their heart of hearts, believe that basic, run of the mill conservatism is the most heinous and evil thing on the planet. When they call us Nazis, they actually believe that we want to reinstate concentration camps. They are so desperate to prove this belief that they condemn every single position of the right, regardless of the consequences.

So, now they have demonstrated that ending humanity is more important than crossing the political aisle. Thankfully, their opinions on electric cars and their manufacturers are irrelevant to the sustainable future of our country and humanity at large. If we had to learn a lesson from this, it’s the same one we learn every day: never indulge this insanity.

~ American Liberty Report

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