The Left’s Smoking Gun on Trump Is . . . Nothing

Even if you actively avoid mainstream news, you’ve still probably seen dozens of headlines surrounding the Mueller investigation. The excitement is palpable. The Democrats genuinely believe that Mueller has President Trump cornered. They’re convinced that it’s only a matter of days until prosecution is brought forward and the President they hate most is out of office.

You already know that you can’t take liberals at their word. This is no different. There is some news surrounding the investigation, but it will take a bit of discipline to snatch the truth out of the hysteria being created by the Democrats. Let’s see what we can manage.

There has been a ton of news over the Mueller investigation over the last several days. He’s closing in on Trump! No, really this time. Don’t worry that we’ve been saying that for two years straight. Comey finally testified, and he pretty much single handedly destroyed the Trump Administration. On top of that Michael Cohen finally flipped and provided solid evidence that Trump paid off multiple people. If that wasn’t enough, Manafort’s plea deal fell apart because he has been in cahoots with Trump the whole time.

It’s been a crazy two weeks for the investigation. The only thing left to do now is start the impeachment process. If you have any doubts, one of the Clinton’s closest lawyer friends said so. Game, set and match.

What We Actually Know

That fairly summarizes left-wing media over the past two weeks. It seems they went in a little harder this round. In the meantime, the facts are as far from their reporting as you expect. Let’s sprinkle some truth on the narrative.

Comey did in fact testify before Congress. The vast majority of that testimony was him saying he couldn’t recall or didn’t know answers to questions. He provided the opinion that Trump is bad, but the only things resembling facts from his testimony suggest something we already knew: the FISA warrant to begin investigating Trump was groundless.

Michael Cohen has actually flipped. What we don’t know is what he’s actually provided to the FBI. Also, Manafort’s plea deal does seem to have fallen apart. Once again, we don’t yet know why. The thing about FBI investigations is that they try not to release all of their information until a public arraignment or trial.

Lastly, we know that this investigation has continued for the better part of two years. In that time, more than a dozen people have been arrested, and at least a dozen more have been investigated. Those numbers include actual Russian spies and some lawyers. Neither the arrests nor investigations actually include Donald Trump or his immediate family. The fact that there isn’t enough evidence to open a formal inquiry into any of them is the most telling part of all. If they had anything on Trump, we’d all know about it.

What Looks Bad

That said, the recent turn of events isn’t exactly good news for Trump. The biggest new story we’ve heard lately involves his real estate dealings in Moscow. Before he began his bid for President, the Trump Organization was pursuing an opportunity to build a tower in Moscow. Unsurprisingly, that required them to have discussions with Russian officials for zoning and legal issues. When Trump decided to run for President, he left the dealings to other people in the organization. They decided that for the sake of optics, they would abandon pursuit of the deal at the start of 2016. We now know that it took until July to fully and formally kill the deal. That looks bad.

One other thing looks bad. Although it might have gone through convoluted means, Trump’s money was used to pay multiple women to entice them to sign non-disclosure agreements. While that is legal, it doesn’t make Trump look good. Even worse, leftists are now trying to claim that those payments were campaign contributions. It’s an extreme stretch of legal definitions at best, but if they can get a kangaroo court to agree, the payments would make Trump guilty of campaign finance violations.

What Looks Good

The left’s biggest smoking gun is the campaign finance story. After all of this, they have absolutely nothing at all to suggest that Trump tried to collaborate with Russia to influence the election. That’s why they’re turning to the finance angle, and it’s actually good news for Trump.

In reality, those payments were made before Trump had a campaign, and one had nothing to do with the other. Even if the Democrats can subvert justice and get their way on this one, campaign finance violations are a civil infraction. It’s not a crime — just a no, no.

A finance violation comes with a fine and a slap on the wrist. It actually happens to more Presidential campaigns than not. You can see as much if you look at Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. All of those campaigns were fined for violations. None of them faced any criminal proceedings.

When you round up all of the facts and slice through the bias, you’re left with very little. In fact, only two new details have actually emerged from two full weeks of investigation and media frenzy. Those facts are that Democrats are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this finance violation angle and that Cohen either lied about or misunderstood the real estate deal in Moscow. Regardless, there is still no evidence at all that points to Trump breaking the law.

That’s been the whole case all along. If they don’t have something after two years, there’s probably nothing to find. Remember that the next time the media goes bananas.

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