The Left’s War on Christmas Continues with Candy Cane Ban

The holiday season is now in full swing, and, for most people, this time of year is a time of a goodwill, peace, and cheer. Those on the far left, though, have a very different outlook on the holiday season. Christmas’ ties to Christianity make it an entirely unacceptable holiday in the eyes of those on the far left, who are prone to embracing and accepting all religions except for Christianity and, in some cases, Judaism.

The left’s war on Christmas began with changing the language surrounding the holiday. The phrase “Merry Christmas” was replaced with “happy holidays”, and any references to Christmas celebrating the birth of Christ became politically incorrect. Instead, the holiday was limited to its more religion-free tropes, such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, and gift-giving.

However, it didn’t take long for even these aspects of the holiday to become unacceptable for many on the left as well. Even when you take away all of the religious meaning and phrases, Christmas is still, at its heart, a holiday that celebrates tradition, the importance of family, and Christian values. These, of course, are all things that the modern left would rather not celebrate.

As with every other matter, though, it isn’t enough for those on the far left to simply forgo the holiday themselves and letter others celebrate how they please. Instead, the dislike for what Christmas stands for has turned into a full-on crusade against the holiday.

The instances of leftist individuals and groups attacking the Christmas holiday and those who celebrate it are wide-ranging and have been going on for years. In 2011, porn star Pamela Anderson played the Virgin Mary in a Christmas television special intended to make fun of the holiday’s religious elements. Even in 2004, Bill O’Reilly remarked that, “more than 90 percent of American homes celebrate Christmas. But the small minority that is trying to impose its will on the majority is so vicious, so dishonest—and has to be dealt with.”

Recently, though, things have become even worse. After their crushing defeat in 2016, the far left ramped up their aggression against Christian and conservative values to an entirely new level. Opposing President Trump now means opposing anything and everything that Trump supports with as much hostility as possible – including the Christmas holiday.

Recently, one elementary school principal in Nebraska decided to one-up all of her liberal colleagues by banning everything related to Christmas in her school. Teachers were instructed not to wear or decorate their classrooms with images of Santa Claus because the character is based on the Christian St. Nicholas. The principal also banned candy canes because the J shape of the candy stands for the “J” in Jesus.

This is wildly inaccurate and possibly insane. Even Google and Wikipedia — which are not exactly friendly to Christianity — acknowledge that the shape of the candy represents a CANE and therefore, sort of reminds everyone of a shepherd’s crook.

This is what happens to ignorant faux-cosmopolitan liberals when they try to lecture us about the world. The hint as to what the candy cane represents is right there in its name. We don’t call them “candy Js,” we call them “candy canes.”

The list of things this Grinch of a principal has banned doesn’t end there, though – other things banned from her school include singing Christmas songs, elf on the shelf, reindeer, red and green items, Christmas ornaments, and more.

You don’t have to attend this one school in Nebraska to notice the left’s war on Christmas, though. If you want to see their hatred for Christmas first-hand, simply go to a liberally-dominated area such as a college campus and try telling people you pass to have a Merry Christmas. Only do this if you’ve got a thick skin, though, because the reactions you get probably won’t be pleasant.

The biggest irony of the left’s war on Christmas is the fact that most of those who oppose the holiday do so in the name of tolerance. Since not all religions and people celebrate Christmas, those on the left feel as if they have to protect these individuals by banning Christmas entirely.

The fact that banning Christmas and lashing out against those who celebrate it is, in and of itself, entirely intolerant to Christians is merely an afterthought. Christians and those who are fortunate enough to be able to celebrate Christmas in the United States simply aren’t high enough up on the victim ladder to earn any respect from the modern left.

So, the left’s war against Christmas rages on. Bill O’Reilly’s words still ring true in 2018 – the majority of Americans still celebrate Christmas while those who oppose it are just a loud, vicious minority. The trouble is that this minority of Christmas haters is now louder and more vicious than ever before.

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