The Real Reason Trump is Skipping This Week’s Debate: the Presidential Debate Commission is an Anti-Trump Dumpster Fire

The only thing surprising about the Presidential Debate Commission flapdoodle this year is that so many conservative talking heads are surprised by the Commission’s antics. You guys didn’t notice this 20 years ago? The debate commission is part of the institutional swamp in DC. President Trump’s unwillingness to play along with the swamp’s rules could turn out to be a tremendous gift to the American people.

Steve Scully, the former Joe Biden intern who was supposed to moderate the second debate, got caught red-handed last week. Trump called out Scully for his bias last week and Scully made a huge blunder. He sent a message to a vitriolic, bitter, Trump-hating former White House staffer named Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci for advice: “Should I respond to Trump?”

Scully intended to send the message to Scaramucci as a private Direct Message in Twitter – but instead tweeted it for the whole world to see. Oops. And then Scully pulled the Joy Reid defense, claiming that his Twitter account had been “hacked.”

Sure it was, former Joe Biden intern. Sure it was.

By Saturday, Scully had deactivated his entire Twitter account to hide his history of partisan, anti-Trump bias from the world.

Not to worry, though, because the Presidential Debate Commission came to Scully’s rescue anyway. They canceled the second debate, claiming that it’s for safety reasons because Donald Trump had the Chinese coronavirus a few days ago.

Kristen Welker of NBC News, who was picked by the Debate Commission to host the third scheduled debate, suddenly deactivated her Twitter account at the same that the Scully incident was taking place. Surely just a coincidence, right?


Meanwhile, something truly remarkable happened on Friday night which hasn’t got as much attention. Former Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole sent this message out on Twitter:

“The Commission on Presidential Debates is supposedly bipartisan w/ an equal number of Rs and Ds. I know all of the Republicans and most are friends of mine. I am concerned that none of them support Donald Trump. A biased debate commission is unfair.”

That’s remarkable. The institutional unfairness of the system in the swamp is infuriating to most Americans. No one would be opposed to Joe Biden or Kamala Harris being treated fairly in the debates. But no similar olive branch can be extended to Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Bob Dole’s remark also made me pause for a moment. I never liked Dole’s politics for the most part, but he has shown a remarkable amount of restraint and class for a former politician. He’s mostly dropped out of the public limelight since he lost to Bill Clinton in 1996. He’s kept his mouth shut and allowed the country to move along without his input, for the most part. That’s actually really classy.

Dole also resigned from his US Senate seat to run for president in June of 1996, after he had secured the nomination. It was a sign to the voters that he really meant it. He was all-in. If he lost the race for the presidency, then his political career was over. You never see politicians taking risks like that these days.

That’s something to keep in mind this week, as Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) is savaging Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. As a genuine, certified swamp creature, Harris didn’t give up her Senate seat when Joe Biden asked her to be his running mate. That seat is her insurance policy in case she and Biden lose.

What should Trump do in light of the institutional corruption that has now been exposed at the Debate Commission?

The same thing he always does: Give them the finger and hold his own events. Use the time to hold giant campaign rallies in swing states to keep the voters pumped for his reelection.

Or, better yet, throw down the gauntlet. Challenge Joe Biden to a debate on Joe Rogan’s podcast, which Rogan has already volunteered to moderate. Rogan is a Bernie-supporting socialist pothead; he doesn’t really support either of the candidates. But at least he’s interesting to listen to, intellectually honest and genuinely seems curious about the world we live in (unlike the mainstream media hosts picked by the corrupt Debate Commission).

Rogan’s podcast is currently being downloaded by 190 million listeners per month. By way of comparison, that’s 188 million more than the highest-rated program on CNN gets in one month. It would be massive exposure for both campaigns to do the Rogan debate, and the host would be fair to both of them.

Then again, a fair fight and massive exposure are two things the Biden campaign can’t afford in 2020.

132 thoughts on “The Real Reason Trump is Skipping This Week’s Debate: the Presidential Debate Commission is an Anti-Trump Dumpster Fire”

  1. The Dems are so afraid of Trump winning that they will do anything to distroy him. Unfair and so Unconstitutional they should all be punished and thrown out.

      1. Abso-fucking-lutely, you dumbass cocksuckers.
        Get free blowjobs from Kammy Harris if you Vote for Joey Bidumbass.

        1. Yep she slept her way to the top in California why not be able to give Joe blow jobs as her probably down underneath where we can get her kneepads so she can really suck the big one!!! She is a nasty Nancy instead of a Karen she’s a nasty Nancy because we know Pelosi is really nasty

      2. I totally agree with Zena. It would be nice if everyone could begin to CARE about our Country once again and vote for people who are not total “boneheads”. We the People should vote OUT those office holders who have been in for more than 12 years! TERM LIMITS, PLEASE!!!

        1. Amen….term limits are long past due. Watching some of these long term senators during the SCOTUS hearings, on both sides of the isle is proof that too many have been there for far too long. Senator Grassley on the Repub side appears to barely be able to read, comprehend, and project, as does Senator Leahy on the Dem side, and there are several others. I agree, two terms for Senators equal 12 years, four terms for House members is only 8, but I might support up to ten or twelve…

        2. That’s the real best thing to get a fresh start and pull the country out of this downward direction it’s been going in. When a great leader is in he or she is thwarted by all the career jackasses and many on the other side too.
          Somehow we must stop making useless paper called money too. Soon a dollar will only be worth ten cents.

          1. It’s really sad The United States of America has come to this the Democratic Party needs to change their name to the socialist party of America the communist party in the 1950s said the American people are the most gullible people in the world and would take control by the year 2025 do some research and see if I’m not correct on it. Thanks

        3. It should be like the Presidency. Two terms in office and go get a real job. No lobbyist either. Any one person or corporation putting money in the pockets of people that work for the people should be investigated for bribery. No super packs if the voting public doesn’t give you money to run your campaign then take it as a sign and get out of the race.

        4. Why is so hard to simply NOT vote for some one who has been in office more than 8 years. When this cap is recognized by the majority of voters, then the balance will be restored by the good USA citizens. We don’t need to force another law where the process is avery bad thing.
          To attempt to rewrite the US Constitution is a very dangerous act these days. Please take note.

        5. The Deep State is very wide and deep, and as I understand all the checked comments the past few weeks, Republicans don’t stand a chance of a fair election due to the huge Deep State, money latent control organization they have been creating for decades. Since the Debate Commission has been proven fraudulent, with eye witnesses and doc., it seems we need an unbiased moderator for debates, and new team
          To monitor mail in and walk in ballots. The cheating has gotten seriously aggressive and the scale tilted left.

    1. Today’s Democrat Party is an abomination, desperately struggling to find relevance:

      The Democrat Party that lacks the moral values to protect unborn children against late-term abortion is a party that has turned away from Christian values and rejects the sacred words of our Declaration of Independence that proclaim that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are endowed by our creator.

      The Democrat Party that lacks the fortitude to repudiate (and actually condones and encourages) violent anarchists who attack decent law-abiding people in the streets and destroy businesses and personal property is a party that no longer has credible relevance and is an abomination.

      The Democrat Party that fails to repudiate the destruction of churches, synagogues, statues, government buildings and national monuments is a pathetic empty shell of what used to be a proud American populist institution.

      The Democrat Party that supports efforts to eliminate guarding and protecting our borders (ICE) is a party that has lost all credible relevance.

      The Democrat Party that supports open borders, sanctuaries, taxpayer paid free education and health care for illegal immigrants adding to the burden of American taxpayers is a party that is desperately struggling to find relevance.

      The Democrat Party that wants to give voting rights to illegal immigrants is a party that is in desperation to depend on an influx of illicit voters to win elections.

      The Democrat Party that supports efforts of radical groups to eliminate police forces in big cities is a party that cowers down to anarchists with tunnel vision and has not given intelligent thought to the ramifications of such idiocy.

      The Democrat Party that fails to condemn anarchist violence against police officers is on the wrong side of the peace and tranquility espoused by our constitution and the laws of the land.

      The Democrat Party that is more concerned with the safety and well being of illegal immigrants than that of our own citizens, our police officers and our military veterans is a party that has lost focus and will willfully cower down to any radical group in the self-serving interest of obtaining votes.

      The Democrat Party that suddenly wants to eliminate the electoral system of electing the president and change the make-up of the US Supreme Court from 9 justices to 12 justices is a party in a state of panic.

      The Democrat Party that wants to abolish the constitutional rights of law-abiding American Citizens to hold and bear arms is a party with tunnel vision that would turn this nation into violent revolution.

      The Democrat Party that perpetrated all manner of falsehoods to stand in the way of confirmation of Judge Brett Cavanaugh to the US Supreme Court is a despicable, lying abomination.

      The Democrat Party that begrudgingly refuses to recognize and acknowledge the unpresidented economic success of this nation prior to the Coronavirus pandemic is a shameful self-serving abomination. Had this country not achieved the economic level of success enjoyed prior to the pandemic, the nation would currently be in a serious recession.

      The abhorrent “leaders” of today’s Democrat Party will say or do anything to win the votes of the ignorant, uninformed masses. Nancy Pelosi, Joseph Biden, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Maxine Waters, etc will lie and perpetrate any hoax in order to advance their own personal agendas. For 3-1/2 years they have done nothing but spew lies, distortions, exaggerations, vitriol and hatred to try to remove our duly elected President of the United States. They are only concerned with regaining power, and not the well being of this country.

      The Democrat Party that was once the proud party of Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt and Truman has become a disgusting abomination.

        1. What’s even crazier, they can give NO excuse for their hatred, nor can they show any facts that cause them to hate Trump. They are TOTAL followers & just run to the media with what they say.

          Sick & dumb, dumb, dumber…..

          1. They hate Trump because he is not a member of the “club” made up of career parasites in Congress. He’s a threat to their status quo and usual financial comfort with contractors, lobbyists, Wall Street and job security during their terms. I wonder how they come into Congress as paupers and leave as millionaires. Isn’t that a good question?

        2. A question I’ve asked of Dems many time this election season and never received a straight answer: “Tell me why you’re voting for Biden without using the word Trump.”

      1. How well you have focused on the true deficits of the Democratic party. I am one who says: “I didn’t leave the Democratic party; long ago the party left me.” I first voted for JFK, but from Reagan on, I’ve been Republican. Our President and Vice President are working together for religious liberty, life from conception to natural death, and many issues to help us Americans. I pray to Jesus and to His Mother Mary for their continuing in office, and I vote for them.

        1. The same applies to me. Switched parties at President Reagan and stayed there! The Democrats have ruined their politics and good name. They gave a bunch of “SICK” followers in high voting places. Whoever is leading the pack needs to be “dethroned” ASAP!
          PRAYERFULLY the Republican supporters are seeing through Democratic stupidity and will VOTE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP.

          1. BARRACK HUSSAN OBAMA & HILARY RODDAM CLINTON are the leaders of this democratic cesspool, by the way, noticed the beginning of the party name IS DEMO, as in demolition, and they are trying to demolish the U.S.A., we MUST stop this movement NOW, VOTE IN PERSON !!!!!

      2. WELL SAID. I was reared in a staunch Democratic household. I am 68 years old and cringe to see what that party has become. It is all about “the few” and not the masses.

        1. Well said Joan! I too was raised staunch Democratic, but I am 4 years shy of 74 years old. I am SICK TO DEATH of the DISRESPECT shown toward our PRESIDENT. From BEFORE he was ELECTED but not quite IN OFFICE! We have a bunch of misinformed people (due to lies upon lies being spread through biased media and politicians!
          Go Trump!

          1. This cell phone has a mind of its own. My question: Will u vote for president Trump? Everyone who believes in this great country’s freedom and beliefs should vote for MY president Trump


        1. Our country cannot long stand with the constant derision and division from the media and their collectivist Democrat masters, who never let up. “One nation, Under God, Indivisible?” I don’t think so, unless the left accepts the coming landslide for Trump. We must give them a resounding thump! Thump for Trump!

      4. Yes! The left supporters do not want to hear anything you have to say, it’s their way or no way. The truly American people are not stupid and have ears to hear all the lies that the far left spew out of their mouths. Biden and Harris lie so much, seasoned at saying anything they think you want to hear. Joe definitely has, at the very least, early stage dementia and it is a sin that the power hungry are abusing the elderly man for their own power gain (and that is elder abuse). The gain that they can’t achieve on their own because anyone with common sense realizes they are power hungry lunatics. Kamala is just a blatant idiot. Can tell that just by the ridiculous things that she says. Can’t even answer what is asked her. Why don’t they let California succeed from the union and have their own country where all the liberals and Hollywood elite can live? Leave the rest of us alone to live in the true democracy that we all love and revere. They can tax all their rich oligarchs and sympathizers to fund their agenda.


      5. Also, the big reason the Democrats need to get back in charge of the government is to hide and destroy all the evidence of criminal activities of there past. Hillary failed them.

      6. This was the most intelligent and well worded statement I have ever had the pleasure to read in all the time I’ve been following the comments on these political posts! You have been paying attention, these people aren’t the Kennedy area Democrats anymore! I must complement you on your ability to put it right in the faces of those who may have been confused on the tactics the Democrats have been behind, as well as where they stand on the violence and unconstitutional crap they have been pulling on President Trump and the Americans that support him! Thank you and BRAVO!


      8. The Demorat-communist party does not cower; on the contrary is controling these ANTI-USA degenerates; for these crimnals are proud to be call degenerates. They have become the enemies of those that fed, clothed, and housed them. They are no better than traderous animals; feeding on the goodness of the USA.

    2. I believe the DEMs knew all along about Joes health as well as his wife Jill -why is she going along
      with this run for president when it is going to be a land slide for Trump- SHE MUST BE OUT OF IT

      What i don’t understand the money coming in to Joes account Jill must is it as her reward going along for the ride

    3. The reason they wanted a virtual is that they can use a teleprompter and give Biden answers to the questions.
      Secondly this moderator who would be doing the debate was an intern of Bidens. So far three liberal moderators in the crew. Two already bashed Trump and talked over him so that Biden can be is usual rude self and not answer the questions asked and got a free pass. They think Americans are stupid but we the people see through all their nonsense. Trump Trump Trump all the way. Never vote democrat again.

    4. The president doesn’t need another debate. NO SHOW HIDEN BIDEN is doing well on destroying himself. All the president needs to do is keep holding rallies to keep the voters pumped. Trump wins in a landslide and we take back the House from the Demon Rats and add to the Senate. The whole country has had enough and a day of reckoning is at hand.

  2. This is one of the many reasons why President Trump will win reelection in spite of all the interference coming from the Democrats/Rino ,the MSM, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg surus funds and from the Russian and Chinese governments.

      1. You betcha: it’s better that our President Donald J Trump and vice President Mike Pence with the administration at hand that stand with them for America and your families go to rallies: then hear the garbage can dnc-drum up. Be an American stand up for America and your families vote for GOD,family rights, constitution of the United States our nation and her people:

      2. President Trump is what we needed in this Country, and in the “SWAMP” of D.C. He was elected by ” we the people” who have no use for the “SWAMP” crowd. He has forced them to show their ” true colors” and they hate him because of it. To try to “PUSH ” Creepy Old Joe on us is a disaster. Biden is and has been 47 years in the “SWAMP” and has done nothing but line his pockets. He is suffering from “DEMENTIA ” and cannot compete against our President Trump. He will tear him up, because Old Joe is a “Trogan Horse ” and they are using him to get votes, then will cast him aside and the lying fake Harris will take over. The DEMORATS will lose and will never ever get over the loss. TRUMP 2020. VOTE RED ACROSS THE COUNTRY IF YOU VALUE YOUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS.

          1. I think it’s sad that joe’s family is letting him go through this campaign. Jill should have been the one to keep joe from this presidential campaign. Jill has wanted to b the First Lady so badly that she has been tasting it for all the years she’s been with Joe. Just like the rest of them dumocrats, she doesn’t care about what Joe is going through. All they want is power.

        1. Absolutely, that’s exactly what’s going to happen IF they win. But I think most of Americans are seeing the true colors of the Dems.

        2. Our country cannot long stand with the constant derision and division from the media and their collectivist Democrat masters, who never let up. “One nation, Under God, Indivisible?” I don’t think so, unless the left accepts the coming landslide for Trump. We must give them a resounding thump! Thump for Trump!

        3. All the comments are well said , all I can advise is for us all to Pray . Pray and Pray fervently and humbly . Just what the USA money says ,IN God We Trust”, THIS simple Prayer of JESUS I TRUST IN YOU Is very effective to stop all abominations happening in this country we all love.

    1. Yes, he will win. Hopefully the whole democRats will be destroyed.
      Russian hoax now shows that Russia and Putin were for Clinton and now Putin praises Biden because they share the same policy that is communism.
      The only true word from Putin. Biden is willing to sell the US to Putin, China and Iran.
      The US will then be worse than Venezuela.
      Fight for re election of President Trump

    2. This is the other half of the problem. The power hungry element that are led by the dark side of the human race. They have it good, easy, and have too much control over their life style.

  3. You may take exception to President Trumps’s behavior but you can’t argue with the fact that he has done more for this country in less than 4 years than all the politicians in the swamp have done for the last 40+ years.

    1. Will maybe Clinton and Biden can go get blow jobs from hairs as away she works up the ladder she’s down on her knees blowing paper I bet Bill Clinton would want that Biden he just wants to sniff her hair and play with her

  4. The Moderator for the last Debate, Kristen Welker, is Nonpartisan and Unbiased?
    She traveled with Both Obama’s and Biden all during the Obama administration and with Hillary Clinton during her run for President.
    If you believe that she is going to be Nonpartisan and Unbiased, I have 40 pristine, vertical acres of land to sell you. Low maintenance, unbelievable view. Address – Grand Canyon.

  5. The whole dumbocrat / communist party is a DUMPSTER FIRE. Four years and they haven’t accepted the legitimate results of the 2016 election.

    Just listen to their vitriol and insanity at the SCOTUS hearings. FOR SHAME FOR SHAME.

    And, the senile presidential candidate and his running mate, Commie lala are planning to rewrite OUR CONSTITUTION which is America. This election is not which candidate wins, but whether America wins or loses.

    1. Exactly Marlene!

      I’ve reflected much on what’s happening and couldn’t agree more. This is my conclusion:

      The 2020 Election isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s also not about Joe Biden.

      What this election is about is an overgrown and over reaching Government v. the Private Citizen.

      Many have said “Against all odds, Donald Trump won” against Hillary in 2016. But was it against all odds? Or was it that enough Private US Citizens woke up just in time to start our own peaceful and judicial rebellion by electing Donald Trump to end the excessive control and division our own government has unleashed on us?

      Is it that many of us woke up and recognized WE NEED someone different because what we’ve allowed as voting citizens has not been working?

      I think the answer is a clear yes.

      Under President Trump we have seen unprecedented action from the White House that has been in OUR favor first, something that should not be so remarkable but it is. And we’ve seen the gap in racial unfairness and division close under President Trump, unlike any other president.

      As I look at all things in between it becomes more clear than ever that the left and also those on the right who have sold out, abusing their elected power, are terrified at Trumps accomplishments and ability to unite us, not divide us because it makes them obsolete!

      The more our over-reaching elected officials lose control of those they invested trillions over decades oppressing, brainwashing, pitting against one another, and doing their hateful dirty work so their hands appear ‘clean’, again, the more obsolete they become.

      Our 2020 election is about closing that chapter in our history: learning from all the past mistakes of a big over reaching government that does not work for us and that cannot work together to nurture our dreams as a country and inspire us as individuals. It is not about pretending our country has no history nor blemish.

      President Trump is the President of ALL AMERICANS who share more in common than what the expired career politicians want us to believe.

      Donald Trump is the people, for the people and BY THE PEOPLE!

      TRUMP : to trump is to outrank or defeat someone or something often in a highly public way.

      We the citizens, not the left or the right, will defeat our corrupt government November 3. And come November 3, we the citizens will defeat bad unAmerican and inhumane ideology that has been aimed to divide and further oppress us!

      1. November 3d may be in our favor but there is much chance of illegally adjusted mail in voting afterwards. It’s going to be a mess. Democrats willing to recount often untill they get their way. What if there is one more recount and it went back to the other side? Many recounts predicted.

    2. They can’t handle the whole idea that the biggest LIAR HILLARY lost. They are an EVIL and DANGEROUS group of liars, cheaters and hypoctites who should never, ever have Power in the White House .

      1. May God Bless the candidate he feels best to serve and move his country forward in a way that is best for his people to live in.

  6. The Democrats have messed this county up. There should be term limits for all representatives of the people ! Note a lifetime. Donald Trump his really brought the snakes out in our representatives, money hungry!

    1. We need “TERM LIMITS” to get these lifers out. Pelosi is the ” poster girl” for ine if the strongest reasons She is a deranged and delusional old hag that should be BOOTED FROM CONGRESS ASAP.

  7. President Trump is my kind of President – he behaves like freshly poured concrete getting stronger every second. 2020 is his and we shall make it happen for the goodness of America so we can straighten USA from the jaws of her internal enemies. There is a God and He is with Trump.

  8. The American people who love the freedoms that make this country great finally have a President that cares about them and fights for them. Washington has been broken for years, they lost their way because of greed and power consuming them. They have a choice, they can come out of the swamp and recalibrate their conscience to understand what is good for American freedoms, or they can continue to deceive themselves and choose not to understand what has made America great all along. FREEDOM TO CHOSE

  9. Trump has never been treated fairly. He needs to highlight the stark contrasts on immigration, law and order, taxation, economy, freedom, 2nd amendment, Hunter’s preferential treatment, as bullet talking points. Each one short and followed by equal time elaboration after the complete list is read. Echo one or two at a time in ads following the speeches.

  10. The Democratic Party of my youth JFK actually did help the American people, I moved to the republican party when Jimmy Carter trashed the economy allowing banks and big oil OPEC to gouge us with interest rates up to 25% on homes , autos,!credit cards, this was legalized loan sharking, after that the price of everything went through the roof and it never stopped, prices of a home went from $ 20,000 to $45,000 and up destroying the American dream forever. NAFTA drove a stake in the heart of the American job market, with the BS of there will be no sucking sounds to jobs going to Mexico, the only ones that benefited from that were the politicians that passed that and totally screwed us overnight. I WILL NEVER vote for any Democratic Party member. So people remember history or get screwed by it again and again

  11. If biden wins this election America is through! The American people should watch all poll sites. The only way dems can win is by cheating.

    1. They will lie, cheat and steal to try to get CREEPY OLD JOE ELECTED. They will then cast him aside and push the liar Harris in. If that happens we are DOOMED.

  12. You cannot take exception toTrump’s behavior. He has diminished the Presidency. We are in a terrible
    state. He has burned through so much talent because he does not understand the military or science. His niece, John Bolton, Bob Woodward. They cannot all be wrong. Hold your nose for four years until Nikki Haley runs but we have to change
    top two. The country cannot take the tweets at all hours, name calling and disrespect we are receiving internationally.


    1. Gary, Trump’s behavior is right on par with what we need! This country has become so PC SJW, you piss off a liberal simply by twitching your eye! It has to stop, and Trump is calling it like it is, and the media are the ones that are making a crap show out of it, as they launch their TDS hate on all their channels. Not only that, I think that you would be a bit miffed as well if you had the Dems trying to destroy you EVERY SINGLE SECOND for FOUR years!!! And Obama was in on the coup from the start!! All of the top Dems were!!! As for the people you’re mentioning that they all can’t be wrong, well, they certainly all can’t be right, because that’s the way the liberal lying media plays it! I’m sorry but every person that doesn’t like Trump’s behavior, or doesn’t agree with his policies, know everything! Trump tells things like they are. If you don’t like it, that’s your problem. And if someone else doesn’t like it, that’s their problem. He’s the ONLY president that has really tried to make our lives better, and protect the American people, and the corrupt Dems and their lying liberal machine keep trying to destroy him, and prevent him from being able to do ANYTHING simply because they don’t like Trump, period! That is NOT a reason for impeachment, that is NOT a reason for anything, other than people getting offended, when they really shouldn’t be. My thought to those people is, grow some thicker skin, and stop being wusses!! Trump has the numbers to prove his success, none of the others do!!!!! So before you go running off to believe people that have a beef with Trump, realize that THEY have the beef with Trump. And jaded people, or people that don’t like another person, are going to pretty much exaggerate to get people on their side. Trump has been the best thing for this country, with record numbers in job growth in all areas for all people!!! But the biggest thing of all, when you look at what the left is all about and is trying to do to destroy and rule this country, and you don’t see a problem, then the problem is NOT with Trump.
      TRUMP 2020!!! MAGA!!!! KAG!!!!

    2. this country would be far greater if trump didn’t have to battle lying liberal democrats and lying news media on a daily basis.

    3. So Gary, will you vote for Biden who called Trump a clown and a racist? I lay this squarely in the lap of the democrats who have used name calling and derogatory references for anyone who doesn’t wholly agree with them. Which party is calling for civil unrest directed at anyone associated with the Trump administration? Wake up, this is not a one sided argument.

    4. If that is the bill clinton who supposedly was a president, with a such a comment he posted, he has to b a PIG!!!!! And if it’s not that one, even more so. Such comments should not make it on any media!

    5. Gary, Is your head in the sand? Or is it that you don’t understand whats going on in this country? Or maybe u gave a very low IQ?

  13. As you watch the Democrats theory lies are as good as the truth if you can get people stupid enough to believe them Democrat candidate should not have an American flag in view when they’re lying it should be some sort of a communist flag I am sorry that we have such a ruthless bunch of people and office mostly Democrats but also some Republican that are jumping ship in fear of getting exposed to their corruption as you know almost all politicians are attorneys or claim to be and you can’t trust any of them that’s why they hate trump because he’s not an attorney and he’s not on the take if you can’t see the light by now and vote for him then you are not an American a Christian and don’t belong in the United States of America

  14. I have not left the Democrat party. We need more intelligent people of the JFK era to return. We need people who can vote in the primaries so as to not let these radical fools in. Term limits are already an option. We just have to exercise our right to vote. Realignment of districts so as to insure a candidate’s win has to be eliminated. If after four years they haven’t done a stellar job vote them out. I will be voting again for the best President since JFK. Donald J. Trump!!! 2020!

  15. I don’t blame the President. The whole thing is a fraud, and a setup to make Biden seen coherent when a majority of the nation know he’s not. Biden will be wired, given a script of what will be asked. The only thing worse is the Democrat’s thinking the public is stupid enough to fall for it.


    1. Wow. I can hardly accept the fact that I am actually responding to the real William Jefferson Clinton! I know it’s you because only a sexual psychopath would so consistently introduce into these–and probably all–discussions, only bodily functions. Hey. It’s all you have up there, Slick. Not judging, but that IS why you are known as Sick Willie.

      I have so many questions.!!!! Like, is it true that the reason Che!sea is so homely was because Janet Reno was her father? Youth wants to know.

      Well, gotta go. Keep on truckin’, Sick; you are the hero of the Left.

  17. President Trump. America and ALL Republicans know you are “THE BEST PRESIDENT, EVER”!!! I will pray for wisdom for you to make the right move. Stay well, and be safe!!!!

  18. What is Truth? We have been lied to by politicians,media,T.V. Hollywood,CDC,almost everyone.So what or who is telling us the truth ?Could it possibly be President TRUMP? I believe he is and some of us don’t know the truth when they hear it because of all the lies. Judge by what he has done compared to what he said 4yrs ago. Compare that to Russia Gate,China Gate,Covo19,Iran payments,Immagration,etc,etc.So who’s telling us the Truth?


  19. Get out and vote for Republican get rid of Schumer Pelosi Schiff Kampala hiden Biden Maxine waters swallwell get back the Senate and house then see what TRUMP does
    Keep America Great
    TRUMP 2020

  20. Vote for America, vote for our children, vote for freedom….Democrat party is gone they ruined it themselves…. Vote Republican to eliminate the lies and money grabbing politicians….Wealthy politicians that don’t have personal resources have taken your money and called it theirs are thieves and liars….Vote Trump Pence to finish cleaning out the swamp in the next 4 years….Trump is not our enemy….God is on his side….

  21. It may be time for a boycott of CNN, MSNBC, THE WASHINGTON POST AND THE NEW YORK TIMES, they spent the last four years demonizing President Trump and the Republican party. I am requesting that for one week the American people stop watching these communists TV station and do not purchase any of the news papers that have saw fit to demonize the president and Republicans. Please try and refrain from supporting any company that advertises and supports these entities, this will send a message that americans want fair and balanced reporting not a skewed and partisan presentation of what some editor believes. This is nothing but brain washing, reporting the negativity and not the truth insults the intelligence of the american people.

  22. PLEASE NOTE If the dems are successful the United States will be in a revolution that ends in the country breaking into 3 separate governments with the southern states hanging on to the US constitution and the western and northern states becoming Communist. The wars will keep on for many more years. Ten years from now the United States will not exist.

  23. To those that believes the FAKE news poles that our president is not leading, I have some beautiful ocean front property in southern Arizona I’d like to sell you.

  24. I am voting straight Republican. I have seen the evidence of President Trump’s good. My taxes in my paycheck went down so that means that my paycheck increased. I live in a Demacrap state. My paycheck just got cut for Insurance that the state supplies. But they say the are for affordable health care huh! Every year that I have been with the state my insurance has gone up. I have to pay for or have my insurance pay for a Covid test, but Florida doesn’t charge for Covid tests. Demacrap state versus Republican state. Cannot wait to retire and move to Florida. The economy has been good the last 4 years. The President was nominated for a Peace Prize for doing good in this world. People who don’t like his tweets don’t have to read them simple as that! Look at the good he has done for this country not for his tweets.

  25. Even the corrupt Lyndon Johnson would look at today’s democrat party and say; THAT’S NOT RIGHT! Coming from a family rife with democrats and we are all voting for Trump. We come from Oregon, Illinois, Missouri and Pennsylvania. The SWAMP MUST GO.

  26. People not caring about the country is a reflection of the people who now reside in this country. These are the “Participation Trophy” kids who have never learned how to lose, much less, how to lose graciously. Spoiled brats, who if they don’t get their way, throw a hissy fit, like a child in the grocery store, whose mother won’t buy them a candy bar.

  27. Historically speaking, with the exception of the Civil War, no other time in America’s History, has the division among mankind been so great, as it is in our day. The family is in shreds and our neighbors are murdering each other. Why is there so much division in our land?
    This division in our land, is the result of ideological differences. Differences that have threatened the survival of the U.S. Constitution, and the foundation upon which our nation was founded. One either follows the dictates of the Constitution, or Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. The berry same Karl Marx that penned the Socialist Manifesto. ( Search: Socialist Manifesto. Social and economic justice ie Marx )
    Nearly all of our Founding Fathers, supported a Single Party System. Anything but a single party system, opens the doors to opposition. The primary goals of Karl Marx: Eliminate God and destroy Capitalism.

  28. Bob Dole was a class act all the way around. Like Trump, he was in politics to care for the people. He got sideways with a lot of politicians because he was like Trey Gowdy.–no nonsense questions that could get down to the heart of the matter very quickly. He should have been president.

  29. The Republican party is the only way to vote! The demonrat group should be ended. They are no longer for America. They want to end America!

  30. Kammy Harris Is a card carrying communist. She has never truly earned anything she has. When she ran for California AG. She lost. It took weeks to find(manufacture) sufficient absentee ballots to give her the win. This is what you want as Vice President? No way.

  31. Look at results not just noise that politicians make. They all sound great but do nothing or worse, do opposite of promises. President Trump does as promised. That improves America.

  32. Put all of them in prison asun-american terrorists! GITMO is a good place with the rest of the terrorists! Could build another one in Death Valley with no air conditioning!!

  33. To all those who have got their priorities correct. (Pro Trump)
    Nobody is spelling her name correctly. The right way is Camel Hairs.


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