These Accusations of Racism Are the Dumbest Thing You Will Hear All Week

Immigration is a leading topic once more. While we’re dealing with the biggest migrant caravan in history — that is literally trying to storm the border — the situation in Europe is so bad that even mainstream Democrats are admitting to the problem.

Unlimited, unfiltered immigration is problematic. It has hurt Europe in more ways than can even be counted, and clear examples of the damage are now becoming apparent. One such case only even existed because reasonable citizens allowed themselves to be cowed by accusations of racism. Let this story teach us all an important lesson. The left already hates us all. Caving to their hate only makes things worse.

The Liberal Mindset

An Iranian refugee by the name of Siavash was granted asylum in the UK. As part of his asylum, the teenager was given a free education in a British public school. Unfortunately for this poor, tortured soul, the racists and bigots of England came from the woodworks to harass him. His tenure at Stoke High School was plagued with accusations of being too old to be in school. Just because his Iranian heritage and rough life caused him to physically mature early, students and parents used it as an excuse to try to have him removed from an education to which he was entitled. Every complaint was nothing short of Islamophobia racism, and the entire UK should be ashamed.

That’s pretty much how the progressives presented this story. To their great chagrin, facts eventually emerged. As you can undoubtedly guess, the idiots of this story are not the ones who complained about Siavash’s placement in a British high school.

The Truth

Siavash is a 6’1” Iranian refugee. When he first began attending Stoke High School, he had an impressive beard and a receding hairline. To the casual observer, he looked much older than 18. As such, multiple parents brought concerns to the school officials. They responded with the progressive trash you just read.

Siavash took advantage of his position and began propositioning teenage girls. It went from creepy flirting to online stalking in no time. When the girls raised concerns with school officials, they responded with more progressive garbage.

Finally, the parents and students took matters into their own hands. They forced an investigation into Siavash’s age. The findings were that he was in fact a little over the age of 18. While in high school, he turned 30.

Take stock for a moment. A 30-year-old man was trying to date teenagers while studying as a student in a public high school. Parents reading this are shivering. This is a real nightmare, and it happened in the UK.

Eventually, some version of justice was served and Siavash was no longer allowed to attend the school. Sadly, hiding behind the usual calls of racism and bigotry allowed British officials to protect this pedophile’s position in the school for years.

A Big, Big Problem

As an isolated incident, this is scary and frustrating. As a single point in a massive trend, it’s overwhelming. Britain’s asylum rules guarantee an education for minor refugees. That’s actually a good thing. No one wants illiterate refugees — especially since European laws basically make them permanent residents.

The problem is that Britain was requiring absolutely no verification of age. There were tons of cases of adult men lying about their age to get a free education. Even that would almost be excusable, but for the Muslim population, the ultimate motivation was to land a young bride.

No, this isn’t a sick joke. It’s the truth. The UK reviewed 705 age disputes within a year. As many as 65 percent of those cases found male students well over the age of 18 attending high schools. Tied to those many cases were multiple counts of sexual and physical abuse. The UK sacrificed their daughters in order to be nice to refugees. There’s no other way to put it.

This is the model championed by the American left. They want these same protections for immigrants and refugees within our own borders. These monsters (the American leftists) are fully willing to sacrifice our daughters in order to embrace the brotherhood of Islam. They’ll claim that any resistance is racist and bigoted. Just remember how that worked out in Europe.

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