Time to Embrace the Fact That Fox News is an Enemy of the People

When is the last time you saw someone from the Trump legal team on a Fox News Channel daytime show? The last one I can remember was White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnaney a few days ago, when Neil Cavuto rudely broke away from her press conference. McEnaney was presenting 2020 election voter fraud information when Cavuto scurried away from factual news. This is no longer just an occasional “glitch.” According to one former congressional candidate, the orders are coming from Fox News management.

Not all heroes wear capes! Some heroes hire illegal aliens to hop across the wall at Nancy Pelosi’s palatial Napa Valley vineyard and erect a “sanctuary tent” on Nancy’s front lawn to highlight the House Speaker’s hypocrisy on immigration issues. Journalist Laura Loomer attained LEGEND status and earned a permanent soft spot in all of our hearts for that 2019 stunt. And she just ran for Congress in Florida in the 2020 election, although she sadly lost to an incumbent Democrat.

Even though she’s an outsider in the Republican Party establishment and a hated enemy of the left who is banned on all Silicon Valley social media channels, Loomer has a lot of fans. She knows some insiders at Fox News who have been feeding her information.


Loomer does have a social media account on Dan Bongino’s new outlet, which is called Parler. (It’s a total media lie that Parler is owned by George Soros. It’s Bongino’s site.) Here’s what Laura Loomer… uh… “parler’ed”… (?) on Thursday:

“Fox News has given a directive to their daytime hosts to not have anyone from the Trump campaign or the White House legal team on.

“They have been told to not entertain or discuss any allegations of voter fraud and to keep reassuring the public that Joe Biden is the President Elect.

“There has been a complete insurrection at Fox News and there are talks among the Murdoch run management of terminating the Pro-Trump hosts.

“Judge Jeanine’s show was suspended a few days ago because she wanted to talk about voter fraud.”

All of that appears to be true. Lou Dobbs has been giving viewers regular updates from Rudy Giuliani, but that’s on the Fox Business channel. The only other time you see a Trump legal team or White House official on the air, it’s with Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, or Laura Ingraham at night.

Judge Jeanine Pirro has Fox News’ highest-rated weekend show. But the network kicked her off the air last weekend to breathlessly – and falsely – declare that Joe Biden was the “President Elect.” (Reminder: No one is “President Elect” before December 14 when the Electoral College votes.)

As for “terminating the Pro-Trump hosts,” do you doubt that discussion is taking place at Fox News, after that election night catastrophe? We all saw it happen. Most of the people I’ve talked to since then saw it when Fox News called Arizona waaaay early in the night. And we all felt the exact same way: Betrayed.

It was like having Jeffrey Toobin wander into a Zoom call at work. You’re expecting some business to take place, but instead, a fat, hairy, fully nude CNN Legal Analyst blobs his way into your living room.

It was a slap in the face to watch Brett Baier and Martha McCallum sit there and tell us Biden had somehow won Arizona, before Trump’s obvious victories in Florida and Ohio had even been called by the “Decision Desk.” A lot of people noted that CNN’s election night coverage wasn’t as pro-Biden as what Fox News was delivering.

Do the spawn of Rupert Murdoch honestly think that we will continue watching Fox News if they go all-in on the stolen 2020 election. Do they think they’ll still be able to capture any of the conservative audience in America if they kick Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham or Jeanine Pirro off the air for talking about the steal? Sean Hannity was largely responsible for growing the channel into what we all thought it was up until November 3, 2020. Do they think they can get rid of him, too – and keep us as an audience?

Fox News’ daytime ratings have dropped faster than Joe Biden when he goes down for his daily 10 a.m. nap. What do these Enemies of the People think will happen if they replace Tucker Carlson with… oh, I don’t know… Jeffrey Toobin?

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278 thoughts on “Time to Embrace the Fact That Fox News is an Enemy of the People”

  1. Boy, am I glad to hear from you! On election night I was screaming at the TV and finally decided that I would only watch the coverage on Business Chanel/fox.

    Thank you, I have been saying everything that you write above, and have unsubscribed to fox online fake-news reports on November 4th!

    God Bless America and God Bless President Donald Trump!

    A Christian Patriot for President Trump,
    Donna Anderson

      1. Fox News is now part of the fake news rhetoric
        Just watched Fox News reporter throw a tantrum when a guest said he was part of the media bias

        1. sooo very sad !!! i believed fox news was an honest news coverage !!! now i know i was wrong … it was my onlysource of news … good bye fox news !!!parting is such sweet sorrow !!!!

          1. I understand that News Max and AON are reliable sources and growing fast. The Murdoch boys have turned Liberal and shafted Donald J Trump.

          2. Frances Watch One America News Network and Newsmax. Very conservative and great people reporting. I gave up on fox news except for Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Judge Jeanine and the great one Mark Livine.

          3. Fox has turn communist like the rest of the anti American liberal communist news outlets, we are pushing Newsmax to hire away Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, judge Jeannie & mayby a few others & F the rest of the hateful Trump hating scumbags

          4. Fox has turn communist like the rest of the anti American liberal communist news outlets, we are pushing Newsmax to hire away Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, judge Jeannie & mayby a few others & F the rest of the hateful Trump hating scumbags

          5. Oh how the mighty have fallen their rating are dropping like a stone hope they like the bottom. . NEWSMAXTV is the place to go for truth. Frances I loved Fox also but not any more I only watch The Five, Tucker Carlson , Hannity and Laura Ingraham the rest have shown their true colors over the last couple of years. Election night was a disgrace. Fox will never recover from losing their base because they can’t be trusted anymore.

          6. In defense of Fox News, they WERE until a year or so ago, the go to place to actually get balanced news…and they didn’t sugarcoat anything, whether it were pro conservative or pro liberal. We were getting two sides of political analysis and making our own decisions. I agree, Nov. 3, 2020 changed that phenomenon, but there were earlier signs that things may be changing up a bit. I will still watch The Five, Brett Bair, Tucker (the best they have in my opinion), Laura, and Hannity to a lesser extent. I like him, but he has been so repetitive the past couple of years, it’s like I’m hearing the same “news” over and over again… I like Gutfeld, and Watters, and Judge Jeanene, and again, to a lesser extent, Steve, the British guy. Daytime, and even their early morning show which I used to never miss, TV will be on News Max or OAN for the most part…

          7. I feel the same way . Some of the well known, I thought, supporters of the president just betrayed him and their viewers . I was truly shocked by Martha and Brett and a few others . I have switched to Newsmax

          8. Was watching Fox News for years. Was the only station we turned on. Good bye to the Murdoch family. We have ceased to watch you.. You betrayed our trust and President Trump. We now watch News Max. We will miss Tucker and Laura. Hope they move .
            P.S. my son,s family have done the same thing and also my two brothers.

        2. Well, we are aware of a shake-up at Fox, now that the HARRIS/biden administration will be controlling more of the media. As soon as Fox starts chopping heads or they just quit on their own, we will leave f&c@s and go to Newsmax or some other truthfully news, that tells it like it is, not more fake news. Wallace and company you have sold us out, especially with your biased moderating of the debate. Your father must be choking in his grave over your biased actions. We were the fox base since it came on the air, but bye=bye baby, it was great while it was FAIR AND BALANCED

          1. Chris’ father, Mike Wallace, earned the moniker “the godfather of FAKE NEWS.” Chris is merely a chip off the old block….

          2. To Phil, eDWARD n All: Agree. I suggest that Trump develop his own Social Media!!! It would blow the Demos off the planet!!!!!

          3. The best networks now for truthful news are Newsmax,The Epoch Times,and OAN!,,FOX is just another MSNBC now!,,their ratings are tanking!!!and rightfully so!!for the first time since 2004,Joe Scarbourough’s morning show had better ratings then Fox and friends!And yes,If Mike Wallace we’re alive he’d be disowning that Pathetic excuse for a man!

        3. Fox News Channel acronym is FNC…that was then and This is Now…FASCIST NEWS CHANNEL! Must get Tucker, Sean, Mark Levine, Laura and Jeanine out of their fast! Must head over to NewsMax fast! These are the Enemies of the Real USA…CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and PBS! They are part of the MARXIST/FASCIST/IMF takeover! TRUMP WILL WIN OR THEIR WILL BE A MASSIVE REVOLUTION! I AM SIGNING UP NOW!!

          1. Absolutely we must contact every American possible to stop watching that turn coat Fox and switch to Newsmax, we can’t just talk about we have got to do this & call advertising companies with your displeasure with this turn communist news outlet!

          2. David Passarello, you are so right about the Luciferian news media. All of the above which you have named are Rothschild owned and AP is Rothschild backed. They are not for the American conservative people, the Patriots, but support the liberal Socialists/Marxist/Fascist agenda. They have lied coming and going on black people saying they support Biden/Harris and their agenda. These are outright lies. The high percentage of black people who support the President put him over the 270 electoral mark. Stacey Abrams and her cohorts, MoveOn with thugs in every state, together with their Dominion software hacked the votes did the corrupt dirty work for the degenerate liberals. Stole 300,000 black votes in GA, PA and MI from President Trump. Somebody needs to be in prison.

        4. You have it exactly right. There is another word for what is going on in media and print. BETRAYAL. We depend on the press to be impartial and truthful in order for us to make the best decisions when we vote. As of this moment, from my own research, President Trump was reelected. Not in the press. If this stands we will have a self admitted blackmailer for President.

      2. I was a staunch Fox fan (except i never watched Chris Wallace or Cavuto) until Nov 3rd, now i only watch Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Judge Jeanne, Levin, Steve Hilton Next Revolution, and Watters. If Fox cancels them, i will stop watching Fox period.

          1. I stopped watching FOX after the 1st debate with Chris Wallace. Only watch Newsmax & sometimes OAN. I do miss watching Tucker Carlson. Read that Paul Ryan is on the FOX Board of Directors.

          1. I agree–We only watch Newsmax. Can’t believe anything on FOX. Just can’t watch their lies.

          1. I only watch Tucker Carlson at night and Lou Dobbs on fox business,the rest of the day Hogans Heros. from noon to three I listen to Rush. waiting for newsmax

          1. Me too. No more fox at this house except Greg gutfeld on Saturday night. Not really political just satire. Oan and newsmax are the go for real news. Mark Levin is awesome his radio show is on here. We don’t have a president-elect no such thing as of today, just an old demented man who thinks he is important.

          2. Ditto! I also think the Trump family should start their own station! Call it Make America Great Again! Bring all those we watch to that station!

          3. OR GO TO TRUMPS NETWORK!! I hear he is considering start one to take fox down! I would surely watch it!

          4. When President Trump starts his news station then all those will move there.
            The President had mentioned starting one.
            I’m getting off facebook too. You can’t post your TRUE feelings, they won’t let you.

          5. Maybe that is what the President has in mind. Hope so. It is rumored that one of SOROS LACKEYS was hired into FAUX management by Murdoch’s son who is a BLM supporter!!????

          6. I totally agree Goldie! I love them guys but after election night I simply refuse to watch FOX News at all!!! They need to go off on their own or try to get hired on with NewsMax or another unbiased news company where they aren’t being pressured to feed us garbage or loose their jobs!

        1. Exactly! That’s the only reason they have even a single viewer. I hope that all these people leave and go to NEWSMAX, or to a new true news organization.

        2. I agree you watched the same programs as I do. I never watched Chris Wallace or Cavuto) until Nov 3rd, now I only watch Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, Judge Jeanne, Levin, Steve Hilton Next Revolution, and Watters. If Fox cancels them, take a hike Fox Murdock you have signed on to being Fake News & Views with the rest of them!

          1. Is this Soros money at work again? Or is it the old self delusion that commentary is more important than the truth? It is a shamt to see Fox fall. The democrats have been trying to cancel them for years.

        3. I only watch fox news because of those same people. I also like THe Five and turn it off when Donna Brassile is on. Chris Wallace is the worst and should not consider himself a journalist. When he’s on, we turn off the Fox News.

          1. The Five has turned into a Juan Williams dominated show ! Use to mute him, but have quit watching ! Good riddance !

          1. HUH ???????????? Guess Mexico is building the wall, the Covid-19 is a hoax and will be gone by Easter? Mr Trump just never said which Easter. He’s a morally and fiscally bankrupt man.

          1. What about Jessica Tarlov? I turn her off. I can’t listen to that voice of her’s.

            Dana Perino is never prepared and can’t read.

            Martha Macallum has her head down reading her notes when talking to a guest. So annoying.

          2. when they added Donna Brazil to Juan Williams that was enough for me I knew then it was stacked ,!!!
            after Nov. 3rd. I stopped recording all Fox News weekends / weekdays.!!!!!!!!!
            NewsMax , Lou Dobbs for me…….

          1. Tucker and Dobbs are quality people, Shawn is a worn out record. Shawn and Laura will not let guests talk but constantly interrupting them ! Fox needs to put all their Libs in a time slot together and give their remaining viewers a little relief !

        4. Go to Newsmax & OAN. Thats what we conservatives are all doing. I still watch my conservatives, Hannity,Levin, tucker, etc. Thats it!!! No more Fox & Friends, No more Outnumbered, & no more weekends. I love Pete Hegseth, but i cannot support. Im hoping they all move to Newsmax & screw Fox like they screwed us.

          1. I agree. No more FOX …switched to NewsMax.
            Fox has drastically changed !
            I do watch Tucker… like Pete Hegseth…Will Cain… Gutfield…Waters..

            They should start own show. Or move toNewsMax

        5. I don’t know why the people you mentioned would want to stay with Fox. Fox News was always on in the background at our house until recently. Newsmax has replaced Fox as far as I’m concerned. I find that I’m forgetting to change the channel back to Fox in the evening. Tucker, Hannity, Laura and the others you mentioned will have their ratings drop if they don’t jump ship.

          1. I found Newsmax the day after the election. I live in AZ and was totally shocked when FOX called AZ for Biden. Then if you listen closely to the recent comments on FOX they are sounding like CNN! We now turn on Newsmax and I do hope Tucker, Hannity and Laura will move to them. It is disgusting what has happened in our news. We the people decide elections……they don’t!

          2. Ditto. ALWAYS had Fox on in house. No more. It’s News Max, OAN and Parler for me………Rush and Mark on radio. I DVR Tucker, Sean and Laura so I can bypass some guests AND Fox advertisers! Very Sad.

        6. I’m am with you! We used to watch Fox News exclusively. Not anymore! Only Tucker, Sean Hannity, Laura , Jessie, and Judge Jeanine, Alonso Levin! The rest you can lump into one liberal ball!

        7. Tucker Carlson snd laura I Graham are selling us out too. After the press conference tucker went after Trumps attorney’s saying they provided no evidence of voter fraud and Laura is saying we need to work with AOC. Bye bye Fix News!!

          1. I saw that too…further proof exiting Fox was a good move. We don’t watch any of their programs at all anymore and we felt that way before the rigged election. Disappointing in some of their people but it wasn’t hard to go elsewhere if we wanted true news…Fox is history…by their own hand.

      3. .so glad to hear fox news,ratings are going down. They better not take off judge Jeanine hannity or tucker the american people love these people talk about socialism if they go all he ll will break loss.

        1. I knew Fox was going liberal when they started airing Biden’s rallies in their entirety “to stay completely fair and balanced” according to Fox. But the first debate with Chris Wallace sent me over the edge to start looking for a new source of news. I agree with most other posts about the remaining conservatives. Tucker is by far my favorite, however I can’t help but observe he no longer has guests that he debates.. only ones he agrees with. Also like Jessie and Greg on the Five., but fast forward when Juan talks.

          1. Chrissssssss Walacessssss is a low down snake! No he isn’t that would not be fare to the snakes. He gives me the creeps when I see him. I never watched his father so not sure if he is a chip off the old block or not.

      4. Me too. Betrayed is the word that best describes how I feel also Fox News…It takes years to establish a reputation that develops trust…and a few seconds to destroy it. For me you destroyed my trust Nov 3. I liked Fox (past tense) because I really felt you were “fair & balanced,” Right now I don’t see either. Bye, and won’t ever be back. I won’t be a regular viewer even if you would give Trump a nightly hour slot. I only wish you R.I.P…and light on the “rest.”

      5. fire paul ryan, ryan is a trump hater real life democrat-communist turn coat to the republican party that now has a cushy job for a non-profit. fox is selling out to the communist democrat party

      6. That is true, only BS has been coming out of this network for FOUR years. They are finally coming to their senses and realize just how bad Mr. Trump has been for this country.

        1. Bob, you are a liberal idiot!! President Trump will go down in history as one of the best presidents this country has ever had!!!

        2. Bob….you like paying more taxes, letting snowflakes off the hook for their tuition because they were taught by liberal morons? Oh, and how quickly do you think you’ll have to wait for medical once Biden sends everyone into Medicare for ALL? I hope you don’t own any guns as they’ll be coming for yours. Have a nice life. Think about your decisions instead of letting your news source tell you what to think!

        3. Awe, libtards have their crying towels and safe places ready? Mr.Trump won another 4 YEARS.
          I think we should arrange to have all these college “grads” have a year long field trip in Cuba or Venezuela, so they can see true communist dictators.
          BLM and Antifa need to be in prison for just being obnoxiously traitors in a country that offers freedom to choose your lifestyle. If you are criminal, goto jail. DO NOT DEFUND POLICE OR ICE .

      7. I’ve stopped watching Fox long before the election night fiasco. I could smell the rats in them stinking my TV so I switched to watching movies and went no news hiatus. No need to stress myself to see anymore judases in my lifetime selling Trump for mere 30 pieces of silver. There have been way too many of them.
        It’s getting too crowded down there.

      1. Dropped FOX when they hired Donna Brazile. This is when I saw it coming. Really – the woman who interfered with the last election by giving Hillary the questions before the debate! Go OAN and Newsmax. OAN has some really smart, young conservatives who are not afraid to show their color.

        1. Newsmax for me!!
          Fox is done for many conservatives…
          Jeanine..Sean..and Laura
          Need to leave fox..go to Newsmax..I heard they are hiring!!

          1. Ps..
            I heard CHEATERS DONT WIN!!
            GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

        2. Well said Kathryn, I felt exactly the same way when Brazile showed up. Would turn off Fox whenever she was on.

        3. i did too, AND, loved THE FIVE, but i cannot even look at juan williams so i stopped watching that as well. tucker, sean, laura, mark levin and greg gutfeld are favorites, but more and more, i’m watching OANN b/c they are fair, tell the NEWS AND NOT THEIR OPINIONS with snide faces and remarks. our President has been a pinata for four years and this election crap is the ultimate coup. i STILL BELIEVE he will win, and i also believe there will be hell to pay b/c THE DEMOCRATS can’t embrace loss without punishing with lies, slander or violence.

          1. Comcast does not carry Newsmax in my area but has added Newsy channel instead, what a joke. The only way conservative viewers are going to have a voice is to boycott their sponsors and call the sponsor and let them know that you are not buying their products anymore !

        4. When they hired Donna Brazile that was the beginning of the end. To hire a corrupt broadcaster who fed Hillary the questions before the debate is inexcusable. The Chris Wallace debate followed by the 2020 election coverage was the end for me. The Five was one of my favourite shows but I only watch a few minutes now. I don’t like Juan Williams wimpy protection of Democrat abuse of the constitution and the working classes but I at least believe that he is a decent human being. I still like Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, Watters, Dobbs, Perino, Gutfield, Tyrus and Kat and some of the strong women that make guest appearances but I am now changing my allegiance to NewMax and OAN. I hope the Fox regulars named above change networks or start one of their own. Fox has sold out and is now just another member of the Fake News MSM.

      2. Parler is good as an alternative to Twitter (operates a little like twitter) but you should check out PatrioticPlace.com if you do facebook. They are a new site but operate a little like facebook. I hear some people talk about MeWe with mixed reviews.


    2. We watched the entire election night on the Blaze (in previous years, we watched every election-related event on FOX News). We felt like things were already changing at FOX.

    3. The only channel that I watch news on is One America News (oann.com). The others can go pound sand. There is a new source that looks promising but – AFAIK – they are not on TV yet: Brighteon.

    4. I am with you, Donna, all the way. I watch selected shows on Fox now. Levin, Carlson, Watters, Jeannine and perhaps one or two more. Forget, Sunday Fox News and it is easy to see Bret Baier is not on Pres. Trumps side of the aisle. Now it is Fox Business, Newsmax and One America News Network. Period. Also a Christian Patriot for President Trump.

    5. I watched the Scum Bag Chris Wallace on election night on and off the phone all night long with the Biden Crime family campaign, advising them of everything that was going on and taking orders back from them… F**K the Communist Fox News Network. They are no dead to us all…

    6. I am really conflicted because I love Tucker,Laura,Sean,Watters,Gutfeld, Dobbs and The Five without
      Juan Williams–if those anchors leave no one will watch!! Trump needs to start a new network
      72 million people watching!!! so awesome!! TheMurdoch boys would be crushed!!

      1. Mary,
        from what I understand, he fully intends to “drive Fox into the ground”. Can’t wait. And as for Bob (above) he needs to remember who lied to him when the leftists have completely taken us the way of Venezuela. This idea that President Trump pushed the socialism to the Latin communities is disingenuous. The Latin community has many people who escaped from socialism and they don’t need to be told what socialism is…they already know.

    7. “C-SPAN covers almost all important events for Trump including most of his rally’s. Every time Fox would cut off Trump as he spoke the truth about Biden at the rally’s, I would switch it to C-SPAN and it would be on there.

    8. This is a damn shame… So how do “We the People” remidy this? Start a new channel? Maybe a mass exodus. Change is inevitable…

    9. I think Juan that appears on the 5 should go to CNN he is always anti Trump and is always opposite of what any conservative thinks .
      Chris Wallace is a joke! His 15 min interview with Pete Buttigieg just before a Trump rally made me sick! After his terrible attempt to moderate the Trump Biden debate it was obvious he was bias against Trump.

    10. I have written Fox every day since the election night! People need to got to fox.com and tell them you will never watch their station again! Screw Fox! Watch OAN or Newsmax! The fight must go on! Pray for Prestdent Trump,evil Socialist /Communists tried to steal this election from we the People!

      GOD bless President Trump for all he has and continues to do for All AMERICANS.

    12. Why even talk about it. It just encourages Fox to keep going. I dumped the WSJ after Murdock bought it. I dumped Fox months ago. It is too late to talk about them reforming. They are just another propaganda source like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Cable networks are going down fast. It is not just the news. Look at what Netflix has done to their cable. business. Even stockholders are beginning to wise up!

      Let them all continue to support the liberals and fight it out among each other.

      The only news broadcast picking up viewers is Newsmax. Gee, I wonder why.

    13. Let’s face it, the Murdoch jackasses sold out to one of the leftist billionaires. Soros, Bloomberg and the many big bucks demrats
      paid $$$ to turn Fox News contrary to its founder. We need a “Glen Beck” to put a new conservative program back on TV. It’s
      readymade by just hiring the many Fox hosts
      ready to move!!! Come on Glen!!

    14. I stopped watching Fox News since I’ve been noticing the hostile attitude of Smith, Hemmer, Cavuto, leland buttery, Baier, etc etc !
      Fox was the best and under the “new management “ it sucks!!!!
      You have lost me forever!

    15. Hi Donna: I sent the following to Tucker Carlson on 08 Nov 2020. So far, the big four have maintained their former truth in broadcasting.Hi Tucker:

      We and at least seven other families in the Katy, TX area are very concerned and displeased with the direction that Fox news is headed. Up until the election coverage we were all staunch supporters of Fox news. However, with the way the Director of Election Coverage (can’t remember his name) distinct failures in projecting results and the impunity he showed with suggestions from the rest of the Election Coverage staff has put a black eye on the Fox news broadcasts. The way they handled the Judge Saturday evening is bordering on suppression or you could say did suppress her from being able to tell her story.
      While we will continue to watch “Tucker Carlson” , “Hannity”, “Laura” and “Levine” unless the network forces y’all to yield to the suppression tactics, we and at least seven other families will not watch Fox going forward. I have not talked to many others and do not know if they will even tune in to these top four shows, but the word is getting out about Fox News and their acceptance/giving in to the left’s pressure to change their programming.
      If we see you four changing your programs away from the conservative thinking, we won’t be watching Fox News any longer.

      We will watch Newsmax instead for accurate news casting. If they subvert the big four, we will also be watching Newsmax at time slots we used to reserve for Fox News. If y’all leave Fox News and change where you broadcast your programs, we will attempt to find where you are broadcasting your program. Remember this, it is not an indictment of y’all, but an indictment of Fox News and the loss of control of the conservative narrative.

      Sooner or later, probably sooner, Fox News will lose most of their viewers. I believe this is true, especially if they get rid of the big four or if they leave for greener pastures. Thanks for your message. Bill Sullens

    16. except for Hannity, Ingram, judge Jennine, Lou Dobbs and of course Tucker who will tell all politicians to go to hell are pretty much the only voices to speak for conservatives on the planet. if we want to hear the lefts propaganda we could turn to any other channel on the universe and hear how those channels love liberals and the cooks from the far left. Fox had their own unique channel where they could capture an entire conservative audience and keep them all to themselves but they could not stand success so now they could just join the other has been networks and fight for their measly little slice of the pie. Chris Wallace bungled the job he was given to be a fair and objective moderator in the first debate because he showed his cowardice to go against the left and his bias toward trump and i think that is when fox news joined the ranks of the radical leftists and let us conservatives without a clear voice in the media to defend us. Thanks to newsmax and outlets like this we do have somewhere to turn.

    17. Fox news is only (now!) reporting the facts and truth -no longer the miss information reporting of years past.
      Ken (35 year Republican)

    18. My wife and I along with another individual (2 didn’t show up) ran a polling site in Central Pa. We legally allowed all people legally registered to vote, properly spoiled absentee ballots of those who chose to vote in person (verifying signatures and that the absentee ballot was properly signed on the outside, secret ballot inside with ballot – then verified those signatures with those on the poll register) and then issued them a ballot to vote in person, after writing spoiled on their absentee ballot. Trump won the election that night. The illegally accessed and manipulated voter equipment (now revealed to have ownership in Venezuela, with servers in Spain and Germany “counting American ballots!”) churned out hundreds of thousands of ballots for Biden during the hours the Democrats closed the voting 2- 4 hours in the early hours of Wednesday – with wonder of all wonders massive Trump leads having “vanished”. The presentation today by the Trump legal team was awesome. Of course, the MSM did not cover it – OAN and Newsmax TV was live. Evidence is overwhelming of the steal, signed affidavits, sworn testimonies … Trump in a landslide!

    19. +
      Boy, do we agree with you. Maybe WHEN in 4 years, President Donald J. Trump will have his OWN
      TV channel. No one can beat TRUMP. He is the BEST.
      God Bless President Donald J. Trump

    20. Me too – if only they could have heard the thousands of us yelling at them!
      They are a disgrace! Fox should get rid of them!

    21. We too watched Fox election night and it was the last time except for Tucker and then Judge Pirro wasn’t on.
      We are done with Fox. We used to watch all day. No more!! Internet news and local news only.

    22. Hannity, Laura, Mark Levine and Tucker are the only ones I watch and Tucker has 1 mark against him for his comment on Sydney Paowell and the evidence. I am now watching him carefully

  2. We watched Fox channel most of the time.
    Now, with idiots running Fox we quit. The best description for the newcomers is that they lost a large and appreciative audience, and are best described as “imbeciles” who must be ignorant of what the “old” Fox audience wanted to hear, and appreciated. Hopefully the present constituents drop Fox if the agenda is not changed. Stupidity comes with a sudden end!

    1. go to newsmax channel 1115 they tell the truth not fake like F O X faux news is , I switched over 2 weeks, they have all the same commenters on there shows that F O X used to have

    2. Agree, with all. FOX let 2 anchors lead the way of Stupid & a bunch of the others followed & they need to be sent to pasture if FOX is to get us back again!

  3. I dropped FOX like a hot rock and went to NEWSMAX. One can see they are also holding Tucker, Hannity and Laura back on their reporting and on up to date breaking news

    1. If the company you work for dictates what and how you can report on it is time to move to another network like Newsmax or one america news

      1. Contracts. I would imagine that the network has pulled them back more than they did prior to the election. Hopefully, they’ll let them all out of their contracts. The façade of being a “fair and balanced” conservative-leaning network has been shattered.

    2. john , I did 2 weeks ago , best thing I ever did, it is like a breath of fresh air , watching to truth being told , F O X news sux they are F A U X news now

    1. I watch Newsmax and OAN, not Fox News. I hope Tucker, Sean, Laura and Judge Jeanine move to Newsmax or OAN.

      1. I love News max & dropped Fox like a hot cake. News max is the way to go! love all the people on there, especially War room with Steven K Bannon!

      2. Rumor has it they are talking to Trump on starting the MAGA Network… For once Real True Honest no holds barred news…

      3. I don’t know if Newsmax can afford to hire Tucker,Sean and Laura,they are getting paid good money at FOX. NewsMax can’t compete with FOX. FOX has a lot of money,while NEWSMAX is not not big.

    2. go to newsmax for news replace F O X news they sux now , and replace twitter with P A R L E R shut down F O X sux news


    1. Remember those three R paid such astronomical salaries
      I don’t know if NEWSMAX could afford them or anyone else for that matter salaries in the tens of millions a year.

    2. The problem may be their contract obligations will not allow them to leave, unless Fox agrees or terminates them.

      In the corporate world, they use contracts to tie key people into their positions, so that they can not easily leave. It allows the Corporation to make changes and pretend that everything is fine, even if the key employees disagree with the new changes.
      Otherwise the sudden flight of key employees would signal the coming doom, their stock prices would plunge and the Corporation would be in a world of hurt.
      Instead it buys time for the key employees and the public to get use to the changes and hopefully accept them.

      1. I forgot to mention the Anti Competition clauses in most contracts, that prevents key employees from moving to another business ( or in this case a new network), without permission .
        So they may not be able to “just switch”, until their contract runs out.

        1. I think you are 100% correct. I’d guess they would love to go but contracts can limit things. You really made the point perfectly.

        2. However Shep SMith did it (goodbye to bad trash) and Megan Kelly did it….if they wanted to leave they can…its the money t hat has the hold on them and thats a shame. Some folks will spill the trash daily for big bucks.

  5. Et Tu Brutus? This was what Julius Caesar said to Brutus as he was being assassinated. ET TU Fox News? Is my response to being so profoundly disappointed in my ex-favorite news channel. You are now the current Benedict Arnold of this great country….R.I.P. Fox News!

  6. Neal Cavuto should be removed from that program! He should be ashamed of himself.
    Who gave him one hour of waste!

    1. Ive never liked Cavuto! I really like Jesse Waters and Pete Hegseth and Judge Janine. I really like Dan Bongino and Levine. I too only watched Fox. Disappointment!!

  7. Fox has been going in the trash ever since the asshole sons took over! They are low life liars and scumbag s ! No longer watch and switched to Newsmax! Hope they fold like the demoRats Libturds they are!

    1. They are Marxist communist. The sons sold their fathers business out to George soro and the rest of the radicals.i watched fox News for 17 years. Never again. It is all about the green backs and complete power and control. Fox new is helping with them trying to transform America into a third world country were all these elites will be in power and all the rest of normal society will be corralled like cattle. Just like in a communist Marxist country.

    Have been a fan for a long time, I am old enough to see what your network has


  10. You folks hung on to Fox way too long! I dropped them when they shoved O’Reilly out!! They’ve been going downhill every since!!!

    1. Agree Don…Fox is history in our house…NewsMax is good replacement. Watch what happens when Fox sees their ratings…the will eventually fold because all liberals only watch CNN and the like. They have lost a big audience but its by their own hand.

  11. Farst News is no better than a state run news channel in a communist country. I chose O.A.N. or Newsmax. Farst News wouldn’t know the truth if they tripped over it. With the likes of Hack Crissy the commie coward Wallace, Crying commie Cavuto, Bozo brazil, Token bitch Juanita Williams, apparently they found them in a dumpster behind the DNC & gave them a job. Farst news serves no useful purpose to society, they are worse than Commie News Network & MSDNC as Farst pretended to be fair & balanced.

  12. Dad to see the demise of the cable leading network. I too was disappointed with the leftist influence at fox. I agree with statement about Cavuto. But in his defense he was being instructed by his producer/director to cut her off. Just more ammunition to support turn coat fox’s position. I turned away from main stream media 4 yrs ago to fox. It is time to change again.its easy. Just like i boycotted MLB THIS YEAR.

  13. From what I’ve heard it isn’t so much the sons that are screwing the pooch but their wives. They love their swanky cocktail parties and hob knobbing with celebrities and couldn’t care less about their viewers. Ratings be damned.
    Well they lost a long time watcher in me and I won’t be coming back.

  14. The problem I always had is not the fair and balance comment is when they bring on Demoracts or non conservatives, they don’t push and I mean push them into a corner on their veiws! How Trump fell behind is on the first debate having of all people Chris wallace for the debate, he is a Demoract, why not a conservative, yea why not!!!!! Only a few of them are Fair and really challenge all!! We get our butts handed to us on all other stations, fox needs to do the same, be tough, be tough!!!

    1. I think that any debate should have 2 questioners, a Demo and a Republican. Let them ask the questions to the opposite party.

  15. There are very few shows I will watch on Fox these days. I’ve been turning to Newsmax more and more recently. It’s fast becoming my new favorite,


  17. We noticed the change or six months ago……..Wallace is a RINO and now has joined the push to elect a socialist/Marxist. I never thought that I would live to see the day when the MSM would back the imposition of a Stalinist/Castro/Maduro/Kim government in this nation. Far greater people than all of these socialists/Marxists gave their lives for this country TO REMAIN FREE! All media should spend a day visiting Arlington National Cemetery……..Heroes abound in that hallowed ground………or go to the Viet Nam Memorial…….Reagan was right, “Freedom is only a generation away from being lost.” All those socialists/Marxists who stink up the colleges and universities with their Hate America rhetoric should have moved to a nation long ago that shares their views. They are not too shy about collecting their retirement! George Soros is now the leader of the socialist/Marxist party formerly known as the DNC……..This version of the DNC is not the one I knew growing up. By the way, socialists/Marxists, this nation is NOT a democracy……..it is a Constitutional REPUBLIC.

  18. It is time for the Fox team to make a Fexit to NewsMax. FOX has lost its way and now is just like the other alphabet channels.

  19. Great commentary on here about the new Faux news, that Sandra Smith summed them up with her brand of leftism a week or so ago.

  20. I was a fan of fox news until I noticed a change in all of them making left turn comments about the president . now I only watch newsmax. This shows the
    Disrespect of fox viewers. So join the communist party and see what happens to your dumpster business.

  21. Fox has drank the cool aid they truly lost their way it’s the Chrissys, Williams, Neils Sandras, etc. who have lost their SOLES for the $$$. Only the Hannity, in grams, Tucker’s, and breams that are worth watching also fox and friends in the morning Steve, Ansesly an Ducey. Arrivederci, Sayonara. SAD SAD VERY SAD!!!!

  22. Just from a business/ratings standpoint, its a big mistake. We have plenty of fake, in the pocket of liberals “news” channels. Just be another one and no conservative will watch and you won’t be #1 anymore.

  23. A breath of fresh air I am now a big Newsmax fan have so many friends and family that are loving and have left Fox. Greg Kelly and Bob Smith and the news anchors on Newsmax have been bringing us up to date news that we all enjoy. We’ve all headed to Parler also enough is enough.

  24. Like many others, I was a big Fox fan. But when they cancelled Judge Janine the first time I really started to wonder about just how “fair and balanced” Fox really was. They did bring her back, thanks to her fans, but it was clear that Fox was drifting toward the sewage hole of CNN and MSNBC. Hannity has said on the air that he is currently bound by contract to stay in New York and work for Fox, but he has indicated that will change when his contract expires. I’m wondering how many others will leave Fox when the contract is over. Like to see several good host of Fox go over to Newsmax. I learned on election night that Newsmax is a much better news network than the phony “fair and balanced” Fox.

  25. I stop watching the “5” every time that this piece of shit Juan Williams is on the show. This scum bag has never said anything good about Trump and the Fox channel keeps him on anyway. Just to hear his voice and watch his body language makes me want to puke!! Fox used to be the only conservative outlet standing against all the other Communist channels. Now Fox has joined them!! Carlson, Hannity , Judge Jeanine, Levine and Ingrahm are the only ones I can still watch. When Trump is reelected, and he will be, he intends to have his own channel. Traitors can go hell!! what Donald Trump has accomplished for our Country during the past four years is unprecedented in the history of all Presidential achievements.

  26. Cavuto was an intern in Carters administration and fawned on him during an interview earlier this year. Fox Business is still consistent with Maria and Stuart and Lou! Newsmax needs some new talent.

  27. Not only have I dropped Fox like a rock, I’ve dropped Sirius radio and Hulu. I had them only for Fox News. Rather than fair and balanced, we have a CNN copycat. There are now other, better sources for news including Sky News in Australia! Tucker, Laura, Hannity, Steve, Mark, Janine: time to exit the dark side, there are better homes for you.

  28. If everyone drops the app they have to notice you have to pay for it the faster you cancel it the faster they will notice cancel there app to I did

  29. So sad about Fox…we really don’t need another network of endless air time of disinformation, condisention, arrogance toward people who have a different view point. We watched Fox because it was a “safe place” to go and hear intelligent people report the news

  30. I too have been a longtime fan of fox. What a shame how they have changed. Still watch Tucker,Hannity, Levin, Judge Jeannine& Lou. Newsmax, Real America Voice & OAN are now my favorites. Hopefully the above will make the change soon. Have turned off when wallace, brazille and Jaun were on.

  31. I knew when they hired Bozo Brazil that they jumped the rail of fair news ……Now that little \Rat Wallace is just waiting for Hannity, Tucker, or Ingram to leave so they can give a prime time spot to him to spout his liberal bullshit…..Include Cavuto in there also……..The sons of Murdock should grow a pair, but the Liberal bitches they married won’t let them. Good bye FOX…………..

  32. I have been watching Fox as a loyal fan for as long as I can remember. I am so disappointed that they are no longer fair. You turned on President Trump when he was down! That I cannot forgive. Goodbye Fox News, you will no longer have a place in our house. Hello OAN and Newsmax.

  33. Most news stations are owned operated supported by Democrats, so why would they give any republican a break. I am not sure they know what TRUTH is, however, Saints now, and so do most awake Americans know that if they told the truth it would shock us. They lie so much of the time 99.8 of the time who would believe them if they did tell the truth. Apparently they don’t read the BIBLE which says tell the truth, and the truth will set you free…that doesn’t mean you won’t be punished, but you will have inner peace. I love to listen to Newsmax, and the Real American voice with Oan also enjoy Judge Jeannie. We need honest reports and journalist, not those that have had their reports altered to be against the republicians and the good they do. SAD THEY ARE HOLDING UP THE VACAINE SO THAT BIDEN WILL TAKE CREDIT IF AND THAT IS A BIG IF IS CONSIDSERED THE PRESIDENT…HE IS NOTHING MORE THEN THE OBAMA PUPPET AND WE KNOW WHO WISLL RUNT HE SHOW, obama, hillary, nancy, adam, warren, etc, all the shadow government. IT IS TIME TO PULL TOGETHER AND PRAY PRAY PRAY WITOUT CEASING…THAT ONLY GOD’S WILL SHALL BE DONE FOR THIS ELECTION AND THE NATION OF AMERICA, May the creator our GOD have mercy on AMERICA and her saints, and our freedom, justice, US Constitution and honest leadership

  34. When Fox news hired that pantywaist Paul Ryan I knew it was just a matter of time before they turn TRAITOR! Due to fact Ryan was WEARING A DRESS AT HOME! His wife is a big time lobbyist for the DEMOCRAT PARTY! And Ryan did not like Trump! Could not trust him in the debate against joe biden when he an Mitt Romney sit there like a deer in headlights in 2012! Didn’t even try to WIN THE DEBATE AGAINST OBAMA OR BIDEN.

  35. Fox is finished! Fox has failed! Fox has become fake news! If Fox were a piece of bread and I was dying from starvation I would’ve go near it! I take great pleasure in quitting this undeserving network! They blew it big time.

  36. I knew the moment they hired the Ex Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, who was a RINO, and sits now on the Board of FOX NEWS, that the channel would be going downhill. Then they hired Brazille, who is a cheating Democrat handing Hillary all questions in debates in advance of 2016 actual debates. Shep Smith is already gone from Fox, but he was a POS! I can’t stand Mike Wallace nor Cavuto…both liars and POS!! YES, only watch a few of Fox people now. The channel needs to get their act together and report FAIR, TRUTHFUL NEWS or ratings will drop like an anchor in water!!

    1. They already have ! Not watching them & that goes for most of us! traitors is what they are! Go to News max!

  37. Would like to see them altogether but alot of people don’t get Newsmax. Time for all cable people to start harassing their cable provider to make Newsmax available to us. FOX is the only channel I watch.

  38. I think it’s about time GOP should consider having its own TV news channel…..Fox is a big disappointment

  39. They have lost me. I can catch Hannity on his radio show. Murdoch should send a check to President Trump for all the audience that the President has pulled in in the last 5 years.

  40. I too scream at Fox channel every time I see Juan Williams, nothing but BS flows out of his mouth. Fox is losing another full time viewer. I thought our country was coming together as Fox ratings soared, now they can eat out of trash cans as far as I am concerned. goodbye Fox…

  41. Fox News not a thing of the past for me. Supposed professionals like Wallace are nothing
    more than liberal frauds , and an embarrassment to a once legitimate NEWS, not opinion,
    TV channel. When the Socialism arrives, I hope you pay a severe penalty for double
    standards. BYE BYE Fox.

  42. I have always watched Fox. Now our family is not watching any news. I did not feel Fix but be bought but now I know it can. I feel betayed. Disappointed!

  43. Post election – we have every TV in our home on OAN 24/7- we have watched Tucker Laura Shan Levin Jessie and Hilton – but not as often as we did before – there is only one reason Fox had the rating it did -Conseratives- and if they stop serving -Consreatives- they will loose that viewing audience – we are out there and we are the majority of the television audience- and will vote with our remote controls-Fox needs to reverse and do it fast

  44. It’s all about money and Fox seems to think that their future will be with the liberals (Lie-berals). Remember…the Lie-beral DEMONocrat Syndicate is totally based on: fake, hate, negate, denigrate, ingrate, degenerate, agitate, instigate, segregate, separate, isolate, desecrate, (Bible burning), depopulate (abortions), and D O M I N A T E !
    The reason the Lie-beral DEMONocrat demons are against the wall is ‘wall’ spelled backward is LAW and they believe in: No Rules, Just Right. Lucifer was cast out of heaven because he wanted to make his own rules/laws. It’s too bad we can’t cast out Lie-beral DEMONocrat demons OUT OF OUR COUNTRY !

  45. I’m retired now and go to sleep with TV on so literally 24 hrs a day I had Fox on. I’m at an age and stage in my life where I will not reward bad behavior and so I will stay with Newsmax and spend my money with their advertisers. Fox needs us far more than we need them. Actually I don’t need them at all, I have Newsmax!

  46. Yes…I felt that Fox News with Tucker,Hannity, Stein, Judge Jeannine, Laura Ingraham, ….All are and were on my side of the story..The American Story…Land of the Free… Home of the Brave..The country my father fought for.during WWII…It is time for these brave and honest newscasters to get together and have their own company..where TRUTH can be told…and they won’t be stopped by broadcasting it ..Where, in public, we used to be Free to offer our opinions and not be called out for them…I believe in our Constitution, Our Declaration of Independence.. The crazy loons rioting and destroying the statues to the heroes who made this nation what it is…Where others BEG to come in.. What have the looters(THUGS)accomplished?….The Left and all the paid protestors ..burning and looting buildings…What does this accomplish? Has anyone had the gumption to ask those looters and destroyers of property what they represent?. .How is this our American Way of Life? Why?

    1. I agree & today i just started watching Newsmax . What a mistake fox has made to stop reporting the truth – they used to be the beacon light of Freedom !

    2. why haven’t you left any way , so your saying you go away if they if they suspend tucker, hannity, laura mark and the judge , I left 2 weeks ago , don’t worry F O X faux news love people like you still on the edge, you should leave now , go to newsmax channel 1115, and parler to replace slither twitter , toilet face book , your not going any where turn coat

  47. Fox has destroyed the network with putting on ms. Brazil. Saw it coming when she arrived. Cavuto is a whiner along with Juan . Good luck fox / hope to see Melissa and trish on newsmax.

  48. My perdiction is that Newsmax will grow and be well funded because of the many excellence members of Fox comming over to them. I’ll even make another perdiction in that another conservative network will be established because the need for more of the truth,justice and the American way.

  49. Fox finally did exactly what l said 6 months ago, they joined the communist party of America to survive. After Biden opens the border they plan to change America to Americo and destroy the American flag as it now exist and add Mexico’s flag to it. The way they see it is that it offends to many aliens and DACA STUDENTS. Folks America as you and l once knew it is gone forever. It’s gonna be what God wants not any earthly being or Biden. We are now headed down the broad road of total destruction.

  50. Sad to see that Fox has been hijacked. Tucker – you once were fun to watch – no longer. Hannity – so far, I am able to watch you through your hour-long show. 2.0? where are you? Mark Lavin – still enjoy you, too.

  51. I Haven’t watched Fox News since they fired Eric Bolling and O’Reilly. The only time I see my man Jesse Watters or Gutfeld, Tucker, Hannity, or Engraham is on the internet. Love Lou Dobbs and Varney on Fox Business.(Internet only.) I really liked The Five, but they need to get rid of Williams and Dana Perino. She is the worst turncoat. Don’t trust her one bit. She says one thing, but she hates Trump, just like the family of Geo Bush does. The remark he made about Jeb they will never get over that. (They also need to get rid of Cavuto.He is a Never Trumper.)Trump has done so much for our country, and the election was rigged, and if Biden gets in, our days of being free are over. Socialisim hear we come, plus communisim. The Murdoch son’s and their wives have gone crazy. Fox News won’t be around much longer.

  52. When I escaped Hungary, in 1956, and came to the US, I left because there was no honesty or support of freedom by the Socialist/Communist party of the Soviet supported government. Now I find that even Fox News is starting to be controlled by non-truth speaking and afraid reporters. Well…where do I go if this country is also becoming the duplicate of that type of reporting and Kamala Harris type control?

  53. Fox will survive. All those people who berated and laughed at us for watching Fox News instead of CNN and MSNBC will now be tuning into Fox. They will tell you how great it is. Miss the people on Fox that I had made part of my family but I will build a new family on Newsmax . Good luck to us all in trying to keep this a God loving country. Glad to be among the many who are seeking the truth.

  54. So sad to see how Fox has changed. The first one I noiced being very biased was Shepard Smith. Who cares what CNN thinks, Fox constanly showing clips from other libral stations…why??Because the wives of the Ales boys
    are running the show. Cavuto & Wallace have always been turn coats. Ingram tells it like it is, a good one! One of
    the other disappointing areas of Fox is every anchor tells the same story, photos and all. I do not need to see
    the same thing 3 or 4 times to know what is going on. Biden’s speach instead of Judge Jeanines Sat night program, for us on the left-what a disaster. I believe Fox has cracked down on the good anchors and contributers
    to be easy on liberal and to hell with the true blue Fox supporters who made them who they were!

  55. I had seen an article years ago about the future of Fox News after the kids took over. It’s like all the other “coming out” that’s happening now. All the masks are coming off.

  56. As of Nov. 14th, I will not watch FOX NEWS, have moved to Newsmax. and OAN NEWS!
    To Hell with CNM, CBS,NBC, MSNBC and Both FOX Channels!

  57. I have never watched cavuto or sandra smith. I didn’t appreciate cavuto’s digs and sarcasm and smith seemed all about herself like her word was gospel and she seemed more demoTRASH than repub. But my breaking point was when the libtard sons hired the criminal hypocrite donna brazille — couldn’t handle that. I hope the big 3 — Carlson, Hannity and Ingraham are intelligent enough to jump ship while they still have a decent reputation because fox has lost all their credibility.

  58. I knew something was up when FOX hired the despicable Donna Brazille! Why would any reputable news station hire someone who was caught giving the awful Hillary the debate questions twice!! Every time she opened her mouth we muted the TV. The night of the election we had switched back and forth with NewsMedia. When they called Florida I was ecstatic. So I went to Fox. NOTHING! They didn’t call Florida for 2 hours. That was it for us. There is no way that Tucker, Sean and Laura will be kept. I don’t think they will want to be and I’m sure they are looking elsewhere. All I can say is the Murdoch boys killed their cash cow in a year. Second generation of privilege are known to destroy their parent’s legacy. They really are idiots.

  59. Isn’t it a blessing that Fox News came out of the closet??????
    I greatly prefer knowing my enemy for sure rather than doubting my feelings about them.
    I will do whatever I can, whenever I can to point out the duplicity, Deceit and betrayal of patriotic Americans
    by the despicable Fox News network. May they rot in their own created HELL!

  60. Fox is going to be cancelled in our house….will check out OAN and NewsMax…sad because I love Tucker, Judge Jeanine , Hannity and Laura…love Greg and Jesse, but cannot stay with such a corrupt channel. Goodbye Murdochs you will not be getting any more of our money…gone, you are. Levine I am really going to miss you. I love your show…please go to one of the other stations that I am checking out.M

  61. Fox has shown their true colors. I don’t know why the few good people there are staying. I guess until their contract runs out.

  62. OAN and NEWSMAX are doing a good job so far…As instead of FB, check out GAB, they are truly an open forum for free speech. They are coming out with a YOUTUBE alternative. They have Gab news and their Gab Dissenter browser is top notch.

  63. I started to doubt Fox when they hired that cheating Democrat , you know the one who fed Shrillary the debate questions. Remember she never answered for her crimes against all decent people.

  64. Once fox hired Donna Brazile I knew things were going bad! The Murdoch sons and their radical wives are changing Fox, very sad I still watch the night time lineup and I love Greg Gutfeld but during the day I watch newsmax .

  65. We have completely stopped listing to FOX News. Their viewership is tumbling, just like CNN did years ago. We now mostly not turning the TV on.
    When we do, it’s usually tuned to NewsMax. We should have none Fox started hiring Liberals as part of the team. As far as Neil Cuvoto goes, he is a spineless wonder and totally a far-left Liberal. And did you think the Liberal left would let a Fox News as the Moderator, in the 1st Presidental Debate who wasn’t totally on board with the Liberal Left Agenda?

  66. There are 73+million of us…cnn is for sale(?) was anyway…. How bout we all donate..($10-$100-$1000 whatever) we TRUE American patriots…..will buy it (our network) and let our PRESIDENT, DONALD J TRUMP fire all the low life scumbags and hire all the true American journalists, reporters, commentators etc? Just a fleeting thought….but wouldn’t it be awesome to hear DJT say “you’re FIRED” to all the low life’s and turn cnn into a Conservative News Network?


  68. Fox News is definitely no longer fair or balanced but probably afraid now. Sad to watch these people who claimed to be all that succumb to doing what management demands instead of doing the right thing for your viewers, the country and not to mention your own families. Is the money all that important? Wow … so so so sad but now you crossed the line to fake news so for the sake of MY family I will have the courage of my convictions for truth and America first to say no more fox.

  69. Wow, I can’t believe so many people feel the same way as I do. So many liberal ass holes are on Fox now. I hate that freeging Juan with his yelling all the time. I fast forward him when he yells. All the other MSM networks have only Libs talking. Fox now has probably 50 % Libs and Conservatives. If the heads of fox start to tell their newsmen what to say I will be leaving Dobbs, Carlson, Hannity, Inghram, Watters, Gutfield and Hilton. The two whores who are married to the Murdock boys have really screwed up this network. It used to be so good to watch it. Now I half heartedly watch it. I also Love Maria and Varney.

  70. Money talks and look who is talking! We now know the truth. They have never been patriots only liars! They were actors from the get go!

  71. Even before Election night we were betrayed by the “Outnumbered” hosts when they refused to talk about George Soros. Election night was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. What teaitors! I will only watch Tucker Sean Laura and Judge Jeanine. If they get canned I’ll follow them wherever they go. I’m so sad about all of this. Sad for Trump and sad for our Nation as we knew it. Y

  72. PISS on LIBERAL Fox !!! We are completely DONE with them , they jumped into bed with FAKE NEWS PROPAGANDA networks cnn and msnbc . We changed our T.V. package just so we could get NEWSMAX , they gives conservatives a voice . Last week , LIBERAL Foxs’ ratings were BELOW cnn and msnbc and thier ship is really sinking and they’re going to get worse . Tucker , Hannity , Laura better bail LIBERAL Fox before thier OWN reputation starts taking a hit for working on a LIBERAL network . BYE BYE Fox !!!

  73. I am sick of Fox News daytime, these idiots are nothing but rats. I love Tucker Carson, Shawn Hannity and Laura Ingraham. Also Jessie Waters, Greg Gutfield, Judge Jeanie Pirro, Hilton and Levin

    1. Yes Jerry
      I definitely agree with you! I don’t know what happened to Fox over this last several months, They have become the same fake news. Very disappointing to see this happen. The bias is so very obvious! and why the change? The Murdochs from Fox and news media outlets like CNN, MSNBC and others should let the the journalists and hosts do their jobs, and give the viewers honest and unbiased news instead of trying to push their views and propaganda on the people. Let people make their own decisions after listening to the news. This is what is poisoning our country and democracy. These news channels are becoming more like the gossip magazines you see in the grocery store, and are just a totally unreliable news source with no honest news anymore.

    2. The viewers have spoken what they want, and it is not what these communists want to sell. So the new awake viewers are canceling FOX because they are not listening to the viewers. So all I can say is goodbye to FOX.

  74. Thank you for this expose piece. It’s like FOX has two different agendas. One item you failed to mention is that the Murdocks recently hired a new news director who reportedly has ties to George Soros . . . what on earth is this all about. We also all saw what happened to Newt Gingrich when he happened to mention the Soros name in an unappreciative way. Is Murdock taking funds from this anti-American, evil, one world socialist, atheist who is planting seeds of destruction with his ill gotten billions? I see that someone is putting out a “puff piece” on Soros that discredits all accusations against him and tries to portray him in a much more positive light. Why has our government done any investigative work on this guy? He has an extensive, corrupt charity network headed up by what they call the Open Society that is the forefront of his illegal activities much like the Clinton Foundation and what is just being revealed about the Biden Cancer Foundation (all these groups have been under the protective wing of the far left liberal media as well as corruption ties to our government officials). Do we have the intestinal fortitude to root this evil out and cut the head off the snake?

    1. It is not a matter of if it is a matter of we do it or pay the price. We need to to start hiring hit squads to hunt down these globalists and take them out. Hire hundred or thousands of them working independently, so they can’t rat the others out if they get caught. Sooner or later they will get their prey. Put bounties on their heads. This will encourage those that work for them to turn on them. They will soon find that they are not invulnerable.

  75. Like all other news channels Fox, under the ‘children’, is now a channel of the fool, by the fool, and for the fool.

  76. Well, first I stopped watching pro football because of their disrespect for America, now I stopped watching Fox News because they have become like the rest of the MSM. Newsmax and OAN is a good alternative. I’m hoping Trump will start his own news network should the election fraud prvail.

    1. Fox News is a liberal station and had gone down the tubes. Even Tucker isn’t the same. Mark Levine is the only one who stands with the president!!!

  77. What says it all. CNN defending FOX tells you all you need to know. FOX has betrayed it fans
    SO FANS FOLLOW ME to NewsMax or OAN.
    We don’t need FOX to get real news, and FOX will regret having deserted their fans. By keeping a few conservative host they will not stop the loss of fans. They will lose to the communist news networks, and go the way of the dino. So incase I miss seeing you go I will so goodbye now.

  78. CNN defending FOX tells you all you need to know. FOX has betrayed it fans.
    SO FANS FOLLOW ME to NewsMax or OAN.
    We don’t need FOX to get real news, and FOX will regret having deserted their fans. By keeping a few conservative host they will not stop the loss of fans. They will lose to the communist news networks, and go the way of the dino. So incase I miss seeing you go I will so goodbye. That is what you get for miss treating those that made you great.

  79. I watched FOX for a long time, and I like getting the truth in my news.
    That is why I started watching FOX. Now FOX has decided to abandon the people, just as the rest of the media and news outlets have done. They have left us to fight our enemies on our own. I don’t understand that they come to this country to make it big, and once they do they turn their back on us.
    I think that from now on we don’t let any one get that big, and we start breaking up these large companies, and kick these globalists out of the country, and not allow them to operate in this country any more. Force them to only operate in communist countries, with a lot of government control. See if they like that.

  80. Fox News should go done the tubes. Let’s help by not watching them anymore. They are traitors, every one of them…

  81. FIRST I have to go and fine a new TV this will be the second one .Number 1 got shot the night they said Obummer was Pres. Number 2 was on Nov. 3,2020 Fox was on and they said Sleepy Joie and ho won pipe wrench don’t go well with TV’s so the garbage man got it. As I and friends have drove all over FLORIDA we haven’t seen one biden sign Guess biden and help from the boys from BLM and the Little people dressed in Black will have to put us in FLORIDA behind there barbwire fence. That way they can teach how to kiss there arse good luck. FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS IT’S TIME 1776 IS HERE AGAIN THE ARSE HOLES ARE COMING THE ARSE HOLES ARE COMING TO ARMS TO ARMS.

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