Trump Triumph in Helsinki; Treasonous Obama & Drunken Hag Hardest Hit

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in 1941, more than 2,400 Americans were dead and most of America’s Pacific fleet was at the bottom of the harbor. On 9/11, roughly 3,000 Americans were killed, the Pentagon was on fire and two of the tallest buildings in the New York skyline were pulverized.

Yet the mainstream media assures us in indignant tones that a press conference held by a sitting US president with Russia’s Vladimir Putin is worse than those two attacks.

President Trump’s summit with an economic competitor is somehow supposed to be a dire attack on the United States and our way of life, even more so than very real military attacks by enemies which left thousands of Americans dead.

President Trump called out the failures of the Obama administration which had led to the current deteriorated relations between America and Russia. You know, the failures caused by Obama and his Secretaries of State – Drunken Hag and Stolen Valor Kerry.

Trump’s truth-telling was declared “treason” by too many media pundits to count. The word was repeated endlessly by talking heads on CNN, MSNBC and Neil Cavuto’s formerly interesting show on Fox. Former CIA Director John Brennan called it treason and demanded that Republicans impeach President Trump. Over a press conference. What the hell is wrong with these lunatics? The Trump baby blimp story must have gone flaccid too soon.

Trea·son (/ˈtrēzən) Noun. Definition: Saying stuff Democrats disagree with.

Actually, the definition of ‘treason’ is betraying one’s own country, particularly by trying to kill its main leader or by overthrowing the government. But then… hey, wait a minute… if Donald Trump is America’s main leader… and our intelligence agencies and the mainstream media and the Democrats and the NeverTrumpers all want to overthrow the Trump presidency… doesn’t that mean… Oh, gosh, dots are so hard to connect! We’ll take “Irony” for $200, Alex!

Since the crime of treason carries the death penalty, you’d think that Trump’s enemies would be more careful in throwing the term around. Then again, based on a perusal of many mainstream reporters’ Twitter feeds, they do want to see President Trump and all his smelly Walmart shopping, ignorant hillbilly supporters dead.

Obama and Stolen Valor Kerry sent pallets containing billions of dollars in cash to a country where the leaders and citizens celebrate every public holiday by chanting “Death to America!” Was that treason? If not, why not?

Obama told former Russian President Dimitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility after my election.” Was that treason? If not, why not?

Obama did “the wave” at a baseball game with Raul Castro, whose regime worked blacks and homosexuals to death in slave labor camps. The Castro regime executed Cuban patriots at the Bay of Pigs with chainsaws and machetes.

Cuba currently has Hezbollah terrorist training camps on their little commie island, just a short hop away from Florida. (We know this because the information was hacked off Drunken Hag’s illegal bathroom server.)

Is doing “the wave” with a murderous tyrant treason? If not, why not? It’s remarkable that the media never used the word treason during those foreign policy blunders, but hey, that was different because the Anointed One was in office, so he got a pass on everything.

Even if you play the world’s stupidest devil’s advocate and accept that the John Podesta Gmail breach was an Attack on America™, how is it treason for President Trump to go talk to Vladimir Putin?

If any American read the Podesta emails about Democrats being “entertained” by prepubescent girls in swimsuits and switched their vote to Donald Trump in 2016, it was not because they were “duped by Russian election meddling.” They switched their votes because Drunken Hag’s campaign manager’s emails talked about being entertained by prepubescent girls in swimsuits and said “Ewww! What the Eff is wrong with those creeps!”

Any person who lived through the Cold War did not see a treasonous act when Donald Trump shook Vladimir Putin’s hand. They saw a reason to breathe a great big, fat sigh of relief.

We lived through a time when the Russians actually were an enemy of the United States. We remember our classmates puking, crying and having panic attacks when ‘The Day After’ aired on ABC in 1984.

We remember doing the “duck and cover” exercises where we had to hide under our desks – not because elementary school desks provided nuclear shielding, but presumably because someone would be able to use the assigned seating chart someday to identify which pile of ashes belonged to which child. Is that what Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper want us to go back to? Really? No thanks. Hard pass.

On top of all this, let’s not forget that there is no criminal statute which bans a presidential candidate from “colluding” with a foreign government. Even if every lie from the FBI gimp squad led by James “I Never Carried an Icky Firearm” Comey and Peter “Silence of the Lambs” Strzok was true and President Trump “colluded” DIRECTLY with Vladimir Putin – there is no crime in the federal statutes that Trump could be charged with, because having meetings is not illegal. Exchanging money would be a crime (Hello, Drunken Hag! We’re looking at you!); exchanging information is not a crime.

If “colluding with Russians” to sway an election is treason, then we’re going to have to dig up Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy’s bones and hang him posthumously. Why? Because that’s exactly what the Democrat Senator did in 1984 – in secret – with the Soviet Union.

We only found out about it years later when the Soviet Union no longer existed, and the Russians began declassifying their old KGB files. That’s right. The very same year that our classmates were puking over ‘The Day After,’ Ted Kennedy was meeting with the KGB to try to undermine Ronald Reagan’s campaign.

Since his enemies are now calling for his death over a press conference, President Trump needs to raise the stakes. He knows he didn’t collude with the Russians and in all likelihood, no one on his campaign did so knowingly either.

The President of the United States has the executive authority to declassify ANY document. Lay it all out there, Mr. President. Declassify every document related to FISA abuse, false warrants, FBI payments to Fusion GPS, coordination with the Clinton campaign, wiretapping Trump Tower – everything.

Declassify it tomorrow, Mr. President, because the American people have your back. Let’s see the documents and then everyone will know who the real traitors to America are. And we’ll bring plenty of rope.

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