Tucker Carlson Blasphemes “The Diversity” in America

In case you missed it, Tucker Carlson spoke ill of “The Diversity” on his Fox News show last week. Carlson, using his tricky rhetoric and hate facts, dared the audience to justify its blind allegiance to “The Diversity”, as if all us lovers of vibrant diversity are some sort of a cult. Carlson quipped, “How, precisely, is diversity our strength? Since you’ve made this our new national motto, please be specific.”

OK, Tucker Carlson and your hate facts! The Twitterverse may have refused to answer your direct, pointed question and simply resorted to calling you a racist and demanded that your show be boycotted by advertisers. But we’re not backing down. We’re going to prove to you that “The Diversity” is a vibrant, fuzzy, unassailable strength!

We’ll start with the Balkans in Eastern Europe, Mr. Smarty-pants Carlson. It doesn’t get much more diverse than that! In the Balkans you have Albanians, Armenians, Croatians, Macedonians, Serbs, Turks and other peoples all living in close proximity to one another. Plus, they are an additionally diverse mix of Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Muslims.

Oh, sure, Tucker Carlson, all that diversity may have led to the Armenian genocide and World War I because they all hate each other and can’t get along. But that’s because you’re missing the bigger picture about diversity. Think of all of the technological advances that the world was encouraged to develop because of all that diversity!

Innovative thinkers developed tanks, flamethrowers, submarines, aerial bombings, advanced mechanized warfare and poison gas in World War I. This was all a result of diversity! Take that, Tucker Carlson!

All of those nations may have broken up and formed homogenous, individual ethnonationalist countries after World War I, but that doesn’t change the fact that “The Diversity” changed them all in profound ways. Someday when the UN succeeds in convincing all nations to just erase their national borders and jams them all together again, they’ll once again come to understand how their diversity is their greatest strength.

Oh, and how about the former Soviet Empire? That’s another great example of the power of diversity. After the Soviet Union collapsed, the diverse empire was broken up into 15 separate countries. Sure, Russia had to quell the Muslim insurgents in Chechnya in two of the bloodiest and most barbaric civil wars in modern history. That was a small price to pay for Russia to keep that special Muslim diversity in its borders.

The Muslim parts of the former Soviet Union are doing an especially good job of exporting their diversity all around the world. Even America has experienced the strength of this diversity. Why, just a few years ago, those nice Tsarnaev brothers from Kyrgyzstan spread “The Diversity” all over the Boston Marathon!

The response to their special recipe for diversity – using pressure cookers in backpacks – was to mobilize the entire Boston law enforcement community in a unified house-to-house search. Billions of dollars in economic losses were sustained as the city residents helpfully stayed home from work. The people of Boston all became closer to one another. And it was all because of the diversity of just two Kyrgyzstani brothers.

And that dopey Tucker Carlson thinks that diversity is not strong! Name one boring homogenous culture where that sort of thing happens on a regular basis, Tucker. Can’t do it, can you?

The thing is, Tucker, the magic of diversity just spreads itself around unchecked if you leave people alone. Look at Detroit, for example. It used to be the auto manufacturing hub of the world and the economic engine of America. But thanks to diversity that just kept spreading and spreading, it’s one of the largest black urban centers in the country and those icky corporations providing the jobs are all gone. Progress!

Los Angeles is another great example! It used to have some vibrant black communities, but now you can’t even get a job in many places there unless you speak Spanish. “The Diversity” in Los Angeles even wants to call itself by a new name: Northern Mexico.  Even more progress!

You see what happens when you just jam people together in communities where they don’t have common interests, a common faith or common racial backgrounds? They just work it out themselves until one slice of diversity drives all the others out by making it too unlivable for the others.

The only place where we will admit that “The Diversity” is not a strength… and it pains us to say this… is the Harvard admissions process. In that case, you have to tweak the diversity quotas to keep those pesky over-achieving Asians out. They make the rest of “The Diversity” look bad by comparison, you see.

So, what now, Tucker Carlson? Still think “The Diversity” is not strong? We think we’ve proved our point admirably.

~ American Liberty Report

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