US State Department Would Invalidate This Election in Any Other Country

Your liberal friends are probably squawking at you these days, saying, “But every election has irregularities and boo-boos!” While that is sort of true, back here in the real world, honest mistakes tend to cut both directions. Why has every single anomaly or irregularity in the 2020 election benefited Joe Biden and hurt President Donald Trump? What would you think if such a huge stack of “mistakes” happened in a foreign country?

Let’s review the list:

Illegal use of absentee ballots, including dead voters, back-dating and double-voting.
Opposition observers kicked out of vote counting stations.
North Korean-style turnout in areas where one candidate earned 98-100% of votes.
Mobile ballot box fraud and ballot harvesting.
Computer data “glitches” that only benefited one candidate.

When you look at that list, you might think that it’s referring to the November 3, 2020 election in the United States. But that list actually comes from a US State Department document issued in 2004. All of the “irregularities” on the list happened in the presidential election in Ukraine that year. HERE is the document, which is archived online.

There was so much obvious fraud in the Ukrainian election that year that a majority of Ukrainians took to the streets. The international community, including our own State Department, declared the election invalid. After several weeks of chaos, the country was forced to hold a second election in December.


George Soros, by the way, took advantage of the chaos in Ukraine that year to launch the so-called “Orange Revolution.” Say… does anyone know what George Soros is up to these days? Asking for a friend.

The totality of the irregularities in Ukraine made it impossible to know who had actually won the election. The only remedy, ultimately, was to hold another election with large numbers of observers on the ground to watch the casting and counting of ballots.

The good news is that when we hold a do-over election here in the US, we don’t need to put the whole country through it. That’s because the Democrat Party only engaged in mass fraud in a handful of swing states, and in deep blue strongholds with corrupt Democrat mayors. Instead of holding a second election nationwide, there is a very good chance that we’ll only be holding do-overs in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia. Nevada and Arizona are also possibilities, but the votes are still being counted there.

Speaking of the “international community,” um… where are they?

Countries from France to Japan condemned Ukraine’s election back in 2004. But with the same list of massive, fraudulent “irregularities” taking place in the US, very few of those countries have had the guts to condemn what just happened here. Don’t those guys care about “free and fair” elections? Oddly enough, one of the only world leaders to even come close to raising an eyebrow at this election was president of Mexico. He has pointedly refused to call Joe Biden to congratulate him, saying he’d rather wait until all the irregularities are sorted out.

Vladimir Putin has also said the election results here are questionable. Putin is almost as hilarious as Trump when it comes to trolling America’s liberals. He knows that if he says anything vaguely supportive of Donald Trump, it causes Democrats in America to have bedwetting nightmares.

But for most countries, they’ve been oddly silent about the rigged 2020 election here. It’s almost as if they’d prefer for the election results to be certified as quickly as possible, so Joe Biden can sworn in next January. That’s worth thinking about for a long time after these election results are sorted out.

Joe Biden’s campaign has now set up something that it calls “The Office of the President-Elect.” That’s really cute. Sort of like when your 6-year-old continues to play dress-up for several days after Halloween. And it’s just as meaningful in terms of a presidential election in America.

Bill Barr has emerged from hibernation early. The Attorney General has authorized US Attorneys to aggressively investigate voter fraud in all of the swing states under suspicion. When he made that announcement, the DOJ’s top official in charge of investigating voter fraud (Richard Pilger) walked off the job.

Somebody had better secure Pilger’s work computer and emails immediately.

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84 thoughts on “US State Department Would Invalidate This Election in Any Other Country”

  1. I would like to say hello to all my fellow vets .I served in the 202nd Army Security Agency Co. from 1970 until 1972

  2. “HAMMER and scorecard” are the two names ofthe two designed by the CIA to interfere in foreign elections and now being used in the USA .”HAMMER and SCORECARD” a pair of programs designed for the CIA before being privatized by DEEPSTATE players of the Obama administration . “HAMMER” is a counter intelligence survellance program used to spy on activities on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection while “SCORECARD” is a vote manipulation application that changes votes during transfer . It s the least detectable form of election manipulation because it works during data transfer between voting stationsand data storage hubs.unless both sides are looking for irregularities,it s impossible to detect.

    1. Yes hammer is one major cheating problem. Bolshevik Communist Democrats are to blame. Destroy. And we will destroy them. Jail!

      1. Jail time? For interfering in the elections they should be tied to a post and shot like they would to to traitors in the Army.

    2. Dear God, thank you for bringing this to light, this entire election needs to be invalidated and another election done ONLY with in person voting and oversight by US Marshalls or some other entity that is “clean” and pro-American. Our “true” patriots and Americans need help, NOW. I do see that the BLM is already “demanding” Biden meet with them to decide the future of America. Does this tell you anything? They are telling Biden that “he won because of them” — I at least agree with the fact that they played a huge part in the deception and cheating as well as intimidation.

      1. This so called election is the worst case of voter fraud ever! When they have a cheating apparatus set up to transfer votes from one candidate to another, this is no American election-it is a rip off of American voters! Votes mean nothing in America anymore. This entire election really does need to be declared invalid and a new in person one done, which is very closely supervised by Honest people.

        1. That is why I say we need a revote, not a recount. They have probably destroyed the votes for President Trump by now.

          1. Exactly , no amount of recounting will bring back destroyed votes for trump or erase illegal votes for Biden

        2. Joe Biden should be ruled ineligible, due to fraud and as a conspiracy to overthrow our government by rigging a National Election. What he did is done by Dictatorships and in Communist countries, it must not and can not be tolerated in the USA. He should be in Federal prison.

          1. I agree Biden should never been a legal candidate given what we know about he and his families corrupt dealings in Ukraine and the influence he used to stop the investigation as VP. New monitored election needed in those swing states to prove they were rigged to all the legal voters. Another investigation needs to be conducted into COVID from its inception and who is benefiting from a vaccine. To many coincidences tied to the election aimed to damage the economy, health response, terrorism, police defunding, use of racism, censorship, supported mail in ballots, states changing voter laws, etc. Big fraud and big money used to coordinate the execution of there sinister plan.

      2. So many of us agree. But where do we go??! Need votes to be recounted!!! We need President Trump!!!! We all know this is a set up and Biden with it not be able to accomplish anything. What has he done in the past NOTHING!!! Compare President Trump accomplishments. In the last 4 years we want President Trump!!!

      3. I perfectly agree with you. Despite I am a Trump supporter, I want President Trump to win, fair and square. No cheating, no fraud, all the ballots are counted, no illegal votes. Let me make myself clear, if President Trump wins by cheating, by fraud and any other unfair paths, it would only make me feel shame. At this time, DEMENTIA AND SENILE BIDEN AND THE LIBS, SHAME ON YOU ALL!

        1. they have plenty of proff of fraud in this election.People are not going to risk going to jail to make a lie up.

      4. YES!! Well said…I agree that a new election needs to be held in the states that are questioned….and even perhaps elsewhere where Senate and House seats are close.

      5. Type “Antifa” into the url window of your browser. You’ll be surprised (then again, maybe not!) at what comes up!!!

    3. Great info there Southern Man! Perhaps someone from the US State Dept will read your post and implement action. Not going to hold my breath……. but something MUST be done about this attempted theft of a Presidency.


      They totally destroy any chance of a legitimate election.

      ALL of the states with these INTENTIONALS, must hold a DO OVER REELECTION. It must be paid for by the perpetrating group. If they want to hit Soros up for the money, that’s fine. However, the election to be held CANNOT be another BALLOT STUFFING HARVEST.

      HOW Americans, and the WORLD, perceive Our elections matters.

      1. This so-called, election is the epitone of corruption and has made America the laughing-stock of the world. We will never be seen as a great nation again, but as a corrupt and evil one like nazi Germany was.

      2. Is that you, Marlene from New Jersey? Is Daily Wire rejecting your comments like they are doing to me? I think our “fair and balanced” election (Haha) has something to do with it!!!

  3. Yes they would! This election was the BIGGEST FRAUD by the Democrat/Socialist Party! Communism/SOCIALISM! This is UNBELIEVABLE!

    1. 100% They are Frauds all of them. We do not want Biden in the White House Give us Trump 4 more years and we will see America rise up even more. We will protest against Biden

          1. That is why she wants to enact the 25 Amendment. Not to remove Trump, but to remove Biden

  4. I believe it’s time to dismantle the Democrat party as corruption has ran rabid in it as soon has the government proves that President Trump won by a landslide. This kind of corruption shouldn’t ever exist in our country ever! Time to completely drain the swamp!

  5. This is a major voter fraud in order to make Biden win. No question about it. There ought to be ricounts or exclusion of all the Swing States’s votes; the result thereafter will decide the outcome! The Dems cannot be let into the White House ever again if this huge election Coup is not dealt with properly! The Dems should be sued one by one for this! They have to step down and beg for transparancy on their knees, otherwise they will be helg accountable for ever!

    1. There’s no suing them, this is treason. Public hanging are in order, not just for this election but for the seniors they killed in our nursing homes.

      1. Good call Nelson……. and just look at what “KILLER” Cuomo is doing to NY again…. that man is mentally ill !!!!!

      2. The 3people responsible for this pandemic are Barack Obama,Hillary Clinton and the money man George Soros, and I’ve been saying this since the beginning of this pandemic, Barack Obama paid the Wigan scientists millions of our tax dollars to cone up with this pandemic, and if you don’t believe me put it in the search engine Barack and the pandemic

  6. This so-called election was the most fraudulent election in the history of this country. It should never have happened, but since it did happen, it needs to be thrown out, investigated, every person that did anything wrong needs to pay the price for breaking the law. Elections are not games we play. They effect the lives of every American citizen in the USA.
    We need to hold another election. Do away with the voting machines that don’t work right, never have and never will. Make Voter ID mandatory in all states. No reason why it shouldn’t be. Nothing but in person voting, even if it takes 2 weeks for everyone to vote. No absentee voting except the military. People required to monitor the voting at the polls, both parties, which include counting the votes. Any irregularities reported immediately to the authorities.
    Voting should be the most honest thing that takes place in this country, not the most dishonest like it is now. The results of our elections do more to harm, or help for that matter, more people than anything we do in this country. As important as they are, they should be no question about the validity of the outcome.
    As important as the elections are and the effects they have on the people, there should be no questions about how honest the election was. We should no whatever it takes to ensure that they are honest and the outcome is correct. Throw this charade out and hold another, honest election.

    1. You did see that Pelosi and Feinstein families and/or staffers have financial interests in the voting machine company that had the “glitch”, right?

      1. And what in God’s name do they have interests in voting machines??!!!!
        When does this madness ever end with these low life scum constantly on the take on every avenue imaginable.

        For Gods sake, redo the election in these states that we need to and arrest the democratic demons and prosecute them.

        Two elections in a row and the Democrats put up yet another criminal….. corrupt, talking millions of dollars illegally from the taxpayers he’s supposedly “working” for As we know, Hillary is just as guilty if not more so than Gropin Joe.
        The Dems are so much more guilty of crimes against the state than they are just plain stupid.
        And stupid they are!!!! They will not get away with this election…. time to put the guilty ones where they belong.

  7. Boo Hoo to the democrats for four years the bombastic Hillary denied that she lost the election. That was without or that we were unaware of any cheating in 2016. However in 2020 the cheating was so obvious that it can’t just be swept under the rug. Joey is crying because he can’t get his intelligence reports, Joey they are for the duly elected President and your not it yet. If your party hadn’t cheated then everything would have been settled and on its way, but no you guys made it so damn susipious with Nancy out there flapping her gums about mail in voting and everyone that has some scence knew with the dems past they couldn’t be trusted. Your history has preceded you values

    1. What really ticks me off is that our R-OK senator is openly saying that he “will step in to make sure that Biden and Harris” get the intel. Maybe he needs to be kicked to the curb like Mit (traitor) Romney.

  8. The only way to straighten out this mess, that the dummycrats caused, is to have the presidential part done over in the 8 contested states. If they set the election date for Jan. 5 and allow 7 days for all counting with representatives from both parties and a federal law enforcement officer present at each counting site. It would have to be in person voting and absentee votes received by election day. NO MAIL IN VOTES! This would allow time for limited campaigning and still would be able to make the swearing in date in late January. Otherwise, this election could take months to figure out and it wouldn’t matter if Trump wins or Biden wins. Both sides will accuse the other of election fraud, even though we all know it’s the dummycrats who are guilty of that.

    1. No more mail in ballots because they go through USPS and we know they were part of the destroying the ballots.

  9. When will any one be held accountable for their crimes. Look at the Clintons for as far back as I can remember and the now Hillary and her corruption noting done. Look under the Obama years all that corruption. Not to mention the Russia Russia lie mess. We the America people are fed up. We must do something now or we don’t have a now ever.


  11. This election is a travesty. Hold off the results until we can vote again, in the questionable states, and we vote then for president only. Just like they did with the fraudulent ballots….. only this time I’d bet, in a big way, that less than 100 percent of the ballots cast would go to but one person.

    And in as much as “counters” or “observers” are concerned …… have MILITARY PERSONELL conduct the oversight.

    My biggest fear is that 6 months into a Biden presidency, I’d realize that I’d have to grow a garden, get some chickens and a couple of cows so I can be sure I’ll eat…. something.

    I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that Joe Bidens economy isn’t going to be what it has been with Donald Trump. How would it be, Joe doesn’t have one bit of business sense. Oh, and when Nancy ousts him out of the Oval Office …… does anyone reading this think that Cum’allya will be able to resurrect the economy?!!!

    We’ve got to RE-vote in GA, MI, MN, NC, PA, and AZ. Trump 2020

    1. Joe Biden, business sense?!
      Hell, Joe doesn’t have ANY sense, and I’m quite sure the ex AG from Kookifornia can’t run the country on her back.

  12. I know that there are some uniformed people that were fooled by the Harris/Biden misinformation campaign because I have talked with them. These people have no idea what the globalist communist democrats are planning to do. They say things like, Biden is going to make the rich people pay their fair share. There is nothing you can do to help these people. They create their own prison. I still do not believe for a minute that Harris/Biden won this election. The fraud was huge. We need a do over because for one thing no one will ever trust in it again and for another thing, if the globalist communist democrats are allowed to steal this and do all the crazy things they want to do, our future and our children’s future will be horrible. Freedom is so valuable and we cannot allow the communist democrats to take it from us.

  13. this is a disgrace in american history of elections.
    remedy to this is re-do elections as there has been
    to many ballots counted without proper review/verification
    from both parties. If they do not do this is will be worse then
    what dems referred to as 2016 election. We the people
    are the important voices. Politians are paid to work for
    the people they do not have the right to violate our right
    to give themselves power.

  14. The new world order has arrived early! You will see shutdowns vaccination early in Jan Europe it is starting early! These so called elite pedofiles must wrestle power and banking wealth to their cabal. Nothing short of civil war can stop this! These people are satanist and very evil evil evil! Fight people fight. The goo logs are coming and your wealth and freedom will be stripped from you! This is no conspiracy it is fact!



  17. Fight for America Hit it on the head!!!
    If the Dems get this swept under the rug, and no one gets prosecuted for this act of treason, A revolution is in order!!
    Why was constitutional law on elections overruled in Democratic states only??
    Wake up AMERICA

  18. As Americans, we can’t let the democratic communistic party run this country in the ground over the next 4 years. Everyone, including dems know that President Trump won this election. We all need to stand behind President Trump on this fraud. Biden will never be my president.

  19. Step #1 at this point is the removal of Wray and anyone in the FBI who sat on Hunter Biden’s computer since last year. Had they done their jobs that they took an oath to perform there would never been an impeachment of our President. Instead the Biden’s, Clinton’s, Obama and Soros would all be in jail by now along with many from the FBI and K. Harris and all mentioned as “contacts” for the Biden’s illegal schemes.

    Trump needs to appoint special prosecutors to track all of the illegal and traitorist activities now as there is no time to wait. Had the FBI done its job from the beginning there is a good chance this ridiculous amount of voter fraud that was just manifested apon the American people would never have taken place.

    My final thought at this time: If there are any PATRIOTIC AMERICANS left in the Democrat Party they should be shouting out and demanding that the perpetrators of this voting fraud be brought to justice and all valid votes be counted.

  20. As a combat veteran l think all vets need to stand up to defend our great Nation once again. Call your elected officials to verbalize your disgust on what has happened to our election process and their silence if they have accepted the illegal results and actions of those trying to destroy POTUS due to hate and being UnAmerican. Folks once you lose freedom it will not come back for years if ever.

  21. Affirmative Peter…The major cities are the home base of Communist elites. It would be a easy win, lock them down in the cities and they’ll start destroying themselves like the rats they are, what’s left will be easy to take out after starvation sets in.

  22. Yes, The election was stolen by various means, too many ways to list here. Crook politicians are the fruit of leftwing socialist elites financing them with money from all of us patronizing their businesses. Rectify it by demanding a new election, delete their internet applications , sell their stock, and educate your neighbors and friends. Vote with your pocketbook as well. Their income will dwindle as ads for them will decrease, which will send them a message loud and clear. Be proactive, not passive and just take what is fed to us. I advocate a Free America, not a socialist dictatorship. If you don’t act, you have helped the freedom we enjoy disappear and the country lose it’s tea party spirit.

  23. I do believe that there should be a do over in those states in question. That would be the only way to fix this and have faith in the system. There was way too much fraud in these key states. It’s fraud that only benefits Biden. Start over and do it over in those states.

  24. In my opinion this is where it should be headed and Trump would prevail, the question the SCOTUS must decide is this: is the proven four plus years of 95% negative media reporting on our sitting president Trump, “Election Interference?” Willful deception perpetrated on the American public, by a once trusted new sources. Considering the media bias versus president Trump’s long list of positive achievements for America, if should not be a difficult decision. One that would render the election void and due a repeat with the president Trump’s record corrected, Joe Bidens record presented, election rules and compliance enforces.

  25. How can he even be “The President Elect”? The Electoral College has not even voted. Why hasn’t the UN gotten involved?

  26. If you really value your FREEDOMS you will donate toward the two senatorial races between David purdue (R) and Kelly Loeffler (R) and their DEMONCRATIC very left leaning USA hating opponents. These runoffs will decide if the republican retain the majority in the senate! Go to Lindsey Graham . COM to make a donation.

  27. In my opinion this is where it should be headed and Trump would prevail, the question the SCOTUS must decide is this: is the proven four plus years of 95% negative media reporting on our sitting president Trump, “Election Interference?” Willful deception perpetrated on the American public, by a once trusted new sources. Considering the media bias versus president Trump’s long list of positive achievements for America, if should not be a difficult decision. One that would render the election void and due a repeat with the president Trump’s record corrected, Joe Bidens record presented, election rules and compliance enforces. Amen

  28. What if Biden and his son we’re paid to bring the virus over here? Why hasn’t that been addressed ! That was my first thoughts in the first place ! What did the bidens really get paid for by China ?????

  29. Remember those are civilized countries. There is no way The United States is a civilized nation. You have noticed the roots right. The attacks on Trump supporters? Doesn’t sound civilized to me. Democrat’s making lists of those they will punish? Civilized? Democrat’s are as civilized are as a Neanderthal with a thorn in his hand.

  30. Remember other countries are civilized. There is now way The United States is a civilized nation. Remember the riot’s, the looting, destruction of property. How about the attacks on Trump supporters? Democrat’s making lists of Trump supporters they are going punish? Sound civilized? Democrat’s are as civilized as Neanderthal with a thorn in it’s ass.

    1. Hey Michael … that’s be a Nazi Neanderthal with a thorn in his ass.
      They refer to Trump as Hitler, and a dictator. LOL. “C’monMan”!! How is it that Trump is all this when their entire agenda is to control our every move. Remember a few months ago when (was it Fauci or Fredos brother)…. NO, it was Comrade deBlasio who requested a piece of cardboard between two people making love. Now there’s “control”!!. But seriously, the Dems want to bring us into communism. No
      Their whole cancel culture movement, you know.. forget or rewrite history, has made them ignorant of what Adolph Hitler did to MILLIONS of innocent Jews. Over 6 million people. Burned to death. In ovens. I believe the Holacaust to be the biggest scar in human history!! And done by the hand of a menacing mentally ill man with a heart of stone with absolutely no regard for human life.
      Perhaps I’m missing something here, but that doesn’t sound a thing like my President.
      The only person in our country right now who might be somewhat “Hitler-esque” would be Queen Nancy….. the one who “ feeds you”, have the minions in her care received their sorely needed second stimulus?!! The Queen, and ONLY the Queen, will be the judge of that.
      You Dems are outta your god damned minds

  31. You are very correct Michael Groves!
    Those who are making the threats need to be the first ones shot!
    Remember that when the revolution starts, because we’re not far from civil war 2!
    Wake up America

  32. Declare the election fraudulent, kick the decision to the congress where each state gets one vote. Order a review, strengthening, and standardizing of voting and counting procedures and laws. Harden all of the soft targets in the laws and procedures so this kind of fraud and cheating can not happen anymore.

  33. November13,2020
    This election was not “Voter Fraud” it was the biggest Election Fraud ever!!! Mathematicians, Software Engineers have proved how the count was manipulated to swing toward Biden at a certain point through Diamond Voting Machines!!!! It was fascinating to watch!!! The Diamond Voting Machine software is manufactured in China. I found out who owned Diamond Voting Machines and discovered it was owned by an equity company! When I wanted to learn who were the investors in the Manufacture of the machines I was told to leave my question and they would reply soon!!! I still haven’t received an answer !! Subsequently, I found out that Speaker Pelosi’s Former Chief of Staff and Senator Feinstein’s husband were two of the several investors in the Company manufacturing the machines…. I knew then, that this was deep waters….or should I say “deep state” matter and way beyond my head
    No wonder Democrats were so positive that Biden was a sure win without leaving his basement, while POTUS was crisscrossing the country day in and day out…. The media too were in on it and that is why the called the election….. I, in my very humble capacity find two solutions…. only ballots cast in person and absentee ballots for Military Personnel and for persons who have been registered by the county way before the new fangled rules should be counted in a recount…. or a total re-election be called ….. with the absentee ballots already described remaining in place!!! That is the only way that the integrity of our Constitution, our Republic and our Individual Legal Right can be upheld!!! This Fraudulent Election has failed us, the American People and taken away our rights. Gods bless America.

  34. The corrupt Demon rats are doing everything they can to prevent a recount of the votes. They have corrupt allies in every district of the nation. Mayors, governors, district attorney’s, Democrat sympathizers, they are all in bed together with the Demon rat party. Donald Trump garnered 10 million more votes than he did in 2016, but he still lost the election to sleepy Joe Biden. How can that be one would ask? Joe Biden was spending 90% of his time in the basement, but he still won the election and he got more votes than Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton did. Joe Biden must be the most likable person on this earth right now … NOT!! This outcome can only be done this way if the election was rigged from the start. And rigged it was. I really think the American people should come together and storm the court houses in every city in the nation, especially the corrupt one in Washington DC. Could you imagine if 72 million patriot people came together and Protesting with one big voice against these corrupt devils we call the Democrats. Make sure the protests are peaceful now and always wear your masks. We did not want to upset the Democrats if you don’t. What a crock of sh!t!

    1. I’m all for redoing the election for the contested 7 or 8 states. It’s the dummycrats who refuse a recount or a redo of the election. I don’t care how much the dummycrats get mad. They tear up their own cities. As long as they stay in their own place and my tax dollars don’t get used to fix their crappy towns. I’m also in favor of secession if the dummycrats do get away with stealing the election and force their communism on the whole country. I don’t care if they limit communism to their own states, which most already are at that point. Those idiots need to realize that even with the cheating the popular numbers are about even so the country is truly divided and hasn’t been this way since 1859.

  35. Yes,I agree this election was a complete fraud and the american people will not let this happen.
    It will never go away we need to do a complete new election and it need to be done with no cheating.
    We can not let the Democrats win with fraud,if we don’t do a complete reelection,there will be chaos within our country for years to Come.

  36. The media, led by Soros, have stolen millions of our votes by gagging our ears and mouths. This is the crime of the century.

  37. We desperatly need to have a new vote in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin Nevada and Arizona that
    includes in person voting with voter Ids and watchdogs from both parties and also DOJ watching to ensure
    that the voting is legal and no fraud. We watched other country’s voting to make sure it was legal. Why shouldn’t
    we do it in our own country.

    there has been way to much corruption in our own country for years !!! It is time for us to take back our own country and make sure that there is no more treason!

  38. Judge blocks voter purge in 2 Georgia counties. Don’t believe these things are rigged? THE JUDGE IS STACY ABRAMS’ SISTER!!!

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