What We’ve Learned from the National Embarrassment That is the Democrats

Yet another failed prediction for Donald Trump: He said we’d get tired of winning. Wrong again!

Pulling out all the stops before the Senate floor vote on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) delivered a speech in which she called Kavanaugh a violent and dangerous person. She nearly whipped out her concealed .357 Magnum that she carries around for personal safety due to threats against her person – you know, the concealed weapon which she doesn’t want people like you to be able to own.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) concurred, calling Kavanaugh dangerous and stating that it was the saddest day ever in America. He started having PTSD flashbacks. The Kavanaugh confirmation vote was like Da Nang Blumenthal’s own personal Vietnam.

In an effort to show us all that they really deserve to be in charge of America instead of that crazed lunatic Trump and the voters who elected him, Democrat protesters were literally clawing at the front doors of the US Supreme Court as Brett Kavanaugh was being sworn in. James Madison would be really confused if he could see the left’s version of “democracy” in action.

Republicans held a razor-thin margin of victory going into the confirmation battle, and then that dork from Montana decided to skip the vote to go to his daughter’s wedding. We’re pretty sure that no one in Montana voted for Steve Daines thinking, “I’m casting this vote, so I can send this guy to his daughter’s wedding.”

Their thoughts were probably more along the lines of, “I’m casting this vote, so I can have someone in office from my state who will vote for a Supreme Court Justice that doesn’t think the Constitution is optional when his feelings get in the way.” Oh, well. Harry Reid saved the day for us by nuking the filibuster all those years ago.

America just went through one heck of a fight over a Supreme Court Justice. What have we learned from all of this?

First, the left’s hatred of you is real. Some of the worst agitators at the anti-Kavanaugh protests were George Soros’ paid operatives – but not all of them. A lot of the protesters were ordinary, rank-and-file Democrats. They’re our neighbors. And they are nuts. They are so obsessed with power that they are willing to do anything to get it back.

Think about this question for a moment: If a Republican Senator had been gunned down in an Applebee’s at any point in the last month, would it have surprised you?

The Supreme Court, of course, represents ultimate power to the Democrat Party. They wouldn’t have been able to impose any of their nutty extreme cultural makeovers on America without having a 60-year stranglehold liberal majority on the Supreme Court.

Abortion is one example. It’s one of the Democrats’ popular and pleasant ideas that the Supreme Court “legalized” despite it being hated by all intelligent and moral people. Since abortion is the unholy sacrament of all Democrat religious rites, they are concerned that it will be taken away now that they no longer have control of the Supreme Court.

Second, the Democrats and their dancing monkeys in the mainstream media really are a bit deranged. Following the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, MSNBC couldn’t wait to interview a person who was there to photobomb the hearings, every step of the way. They called in… Alyssa Milano.

Her great observation about the hearings was that President Trump is, “like, using, like, cult-like powers” against the American people. You don’t actually support President Trump or his policies, you see. According to Milano, Trump is using secret mind-rays to make you think that American superiority, building the wall, paying lower taxes and being left alone to succeed or fail on your own is all a sinister magic plot, carried out by the wizard of Trump Tower.

Third, we are all Russian bots now. Well, those of us who are not under the influence of President Trump’s cult-like powers are Russian bots, at least. Democrats are living in such an insular bubble that they literally don’t know anyone who supports President Trump or Judge Kavanaugh. Therefore, in their minds, anyone who shows support for them on Twitter or Facebook must be a Russian bot and not a real person.

If they’re going to call you a Russian bot, you may as well behave like one. For maximum triggering effect, be sure to send out at least a half a dozen tweets every single day asserting A) Brett Kavanaugh’s innocence of all false charges against him, B) the awesomeness of personal firearms ownership, C) your love of beer, and D) every pro-Kavanaugh, anti-Democrat meme that tickles a normal person’s funny bone.

Here’s a sample tweet that clocks in at exactly 140 characters to help you get started:

Brett Kavanaugh totally innocent of all charges so let us drink beer and turn Planned Parenthood clinic into a laser tag arena & shoot guns.

You’re welcome.

Finally, we should all have learned from this national embarrassment that President Trump’s instincts can always be trusted. His closest aides and advisors kept telling him, again and again and again, do NOT attack Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers. Trump smelled a rat from the very beginning and he wanted to defend his nominee from all of the dingbat false accusers.

“But we’ll get crushed in the court of public opinion, Mr. President! You must not attack the women, because that will make people support them. Instead, let’s wring our bowties and quietly surrender. Maybe you could nominate Merrick Garland instead?”

Trump finally trusted his own instincts and unloaded on Christine Blasey Ford’s Swiss-cheese story. It was glorious. The crowd roared because there was their champion, once again, saying what all of us were secretly thinking. It turned the tide of the fight and pushed any remaining on-the-fence Republican Senators over to the winning side, with one exception.

President Trump has shown everyone the way to victory. Don’t listen to the handwringing sissies of Conservative, Inc. who were incapable of even conserving little girls’ bathrooms. Look to the winner and emulate him. It feels great. Check out the swagger in Lindsey Graham and Mike Pence’s step when they walk down the street now. They’re getting a taste for winning. The American people need more of that on our side.

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