Where President Trump’s Reelection Stands Today and How You Can Help

More than a week after the legal ballots were cast in the 2020 election, it’s nice to see that President Trump is not giving up the fight – and neither are his supporters. The mainstream media’s disinformation and demoralization campaign isn’t working. We’ve burned our proverbial boats, stiffened our spines, uplifted our chins and set out with good work that we plan to finish.

A lot of people are asking what they personally can do to help President Trump right now. Keep reading because I have a suggestion – but first, here’s a recap of what the election really looks like right now.

When you count up the electoral votes of uncontested states in the race, Trump leads with 232 votes to Joe Biden’s 220. That’s after North Carolina and Alaska’s totals were added to Trump’s tally two days ago. Trump’s margin of victory in North Carolina was wide enough that there won’t be a recount there.

In contested states, there are still a total of 80 outstanding electoral votes up for grabs. Trump has more paths to victory than Joe Biden does.

Here’s what’s happening in the up-for-grabs states:

Arizona – Athabaskan villages in remote parts of the Alaskan Bush loaded their ballots on barges and floated them down the Yukon River to hub cities to be counted… and their state still finished faster than Arizona. Biden’s razor-thin margin continues to shrink on a daily basis. Still too close to call, with 11 votes up for grabs. Probably headed for a recount.

Georgia – Upcoming hand recount and full audit. 16 electoral votes outstanding.

Michigan – Multiple outstanding lawsuits are under way from the Trump campaign and Republican groups. The Michigan legislature has subpoenaed election officials to testify in an emergency session. 10 electoral votes outstanding.


Nebraska – Nebraska has a single lonely electoral vote that is still up for grabs in District 2. It’s under investigation for possible fraud.

Nevada – Wealthy Californians from Sacramento and the Bay Area have second homes near Lake Tahoe. Wealthy Californians from LA have second homes in Vegas. Oddly, thousands of them decided to vote for Joe Biden in both California and Nevada. When those thousands of votes, plus the dead voters, plus all the other illegal ballots are tossed, Nevada’s 6 electoral votes are in the mix.

Pennsylvania – This is the biggest Schiff show in the entire mix. Multiple lawsuits, an audit and possible hand recount, and a Supreme Court order raise the very real possibility that Trump will carry the state. 20 electoral votes.

Wisconsin – A recount has been scheduled as well as a statewide canvas, since so many districts had more votes than registered voters. 10 electoral votes.

Trump needs to win 38 of those and Biden needs to win 44. But please blather to us some more about “president-elect” Joe Biden, mainstream media!

This doesn’t even take into account the fact that Dominion Voting Systems, which was used in a couple of dozen states and which employs Nancy Pelosi’s former Chief of Staff as a lobbyist, is about to get sued, audited and analyzed to the point where an IRS audit would feel like a fun alternative. One America News is reporting that after an analysis of DVS’ election night shenanigans, it looks like 2.7 million Trump votes were either erased or switched to Joe Biden. There’s a pending legal bloodbath coming up for that company.

The courts can absolutely block the certification of a state’s results if the Trump campaign successfully proves that fraud took place. And in that situation, the Constitution requires that the state legislature steps in and seats electors. Six of the seven contested states have Republican-majority state legislatures. Nevada’s state legislature is under Democrat control, but it only has six votes up for grabs.

Everything is trending in President Trump’s direction.

Now, how can you help? Here’s a suggestion of one thing you can do right now to go the extra mile for President Trump in this election.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, check out #MaidenGate which some outlets are starting to report on. A young lady got married a few years ago and moved to a different state. You can find her story easily on YouTube (Warning: She does need to have her mouth washed out with soap.). With all the obvious fraud going on in 2020, she decided to check the status of her voter registration in her old state. Sure enough, a ballot was cast under her maiden name. Thousands of people who have moved to new states in recent years are now discovering that they, too, cast ballots in the states they moved out of.

Every state makes it pretty easy to check the status of whether you voted, using your name and social security number. Let’s face it, anytime someone goes through the stress of moving to a new state, the last thing on their checklist is probably calling the state government to notify some bureaucrat that they’re moving.

This weakness in the voter rolls was yet another way that Democrats exploited a loophole to cast fraudulent ballots. It’s easy to check, so if you’ve moved or had a name change – check to see whether you somehow cast a ballot in the state you moved away from. Then report it.

199 thoughts on “Where President Trump’s Reelection Stands Today and How You Can Help”

  1. We the people in Wisconsin, Love Trump! We are Trumpsters! We have been trying to email our Republican senators, to step up and support our President Trump! Where are they? Help us! Is this what we want to teach kids? To cheat? Shame on these people!

    1. Yes! I agreed with you 100%!!! I support our President Trump! We love him! He’s so wonderful and hard work in honest!!! That’s what we need him like that, right!

        1. Amen. God is still in control. President Trump will come out as victor. Personally, to me the easy way to correct this DEM-O-RAT mess is to throw all votes walk-in and mail-i n out. Start another election and only allow WALK-IN votes only. Then there would be no doubt to who the President elected really is. Also, it has come to me that polski is really the secretary of the kingdom of darkness (the devil). After the dust cloud lifts it will be TRUMP 2020.

          1. I said the same thing. Please pray that the forces of darkness will be completely obliterated . God is good, the President will win OR the United States will lose the grace God has poured out on us since the beginning of our constitution. Prayer can change things. Please Americans stand fight this spiritual battle with all our might. Evil is running rampant unchecked in Washington and many other states. Prayer and fasting can break the curse the demons hold over those people.

          2. God has spoken through His prophets and President Donald J Trump has four more years and possibly eight.

          3. They don’t have to do that. If Trump proves fraud in one state. Then the whole election is thrown out. The House of Representatives will vote. I no that worries you a little, they only get one vote foe each state and so there are 50 states. 37 of them are republican. So Trump is a shoe in. Keep the faith.

          4. I was on crutches with a fragile broken leg bone, still, I got my crutches, and caught the bus up the street, and went to the polling place, and voted with my absentee ballot in hand, with my Trump and Repubs and Repub. friendly issues to vote for, and gave the ballot to the Repubs there, and was done, came home on the bus w/crutches in tow; even though I am in Californicate where all the Traitor Dems have the elections all fixed for their dishonest Party, a decade ago, probably with those NotSoFineStein Dominion machines which need to be thrown away. I guess I am a Trump Optimist! heh…

      1. You said it all!
        Our entire family voted for Trump and we all love him.
        In fact, our middle son worked at his call center 5 days a week and then Saturday and Sunday he stood on Route 1 at town hall with his Trump hat, 2 full size signs of Trump and many huge Trump Flags! A few days his 7 yr old son held signs and wore the Trump hat!
        We are very proud of him.
        In 2016 he worked at the call center out of town (quite a drive) 7 days a week.
        Thank God his wife is a great Trump fan.

      2. I believe that President Trump is the best president we ever had I want him to be our president for ever if it was possible. I know that not could happen but if it could I would vote it to be. He is one of the best we ever had.
        Jean Longo


    2. There is too much of a ”cavalier” attitude in pols circles, like “Oh gee, that’s how the cookie crumbles!” This is our very life and traditions the democrats are stealing. CWs have happened for lesser reasons, they have gotten used to get their way because the republicans have been jellyfish until Prez. Trump came along, to make it worse they have already shown their willingness to burn, loot, kill and destroy. Our enemies have invaded us from next door.

      1. Since when have we listened to the pretenders in Hollywood? Well since they have collectively contributed many millions of dollars to defeat our President and now they are going after the senatorial votes in Georgia—-millions of dollars.listen, Pelosi just asked people of surrounding states to move to Georgia , register to vote democrat to defeat our republican senator. It’s illegal and immoral, but with the blackout of conservative news who will know or tell????? Wake up Georgia, wake up and check out the people registering now this month that have not registered before. Check out their ID, get a utility bill from their property. I’m so appalled that adults , Americans, would stoop so low, would accept payments from the corrupt democrats to cheat, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama should be brought to trial, fraud and subversion of our constitution. Damn things are out of control, do we need to have a civil war ???

    3. I hate to open your eyes. But the Children in College right now already are cheating and getting away with it. WHY? Because 1. They were allowed to go to liberalist public schools where the only thing they learned was, HOW TO CHEAT AND GET GOOD GRADES! and not even have to attend class. 2. As parents had both parties working and leaving their children to be cared for by children that don’t even know how to take care of them! When did it become more important to live above our means and let our children rot this is a very bad thing we have gotten ourselves into.

      1. I agree to Dr. Bruce Andrews on where the schools & 4yr degree colleges student are going & not learning.
        You as a parent want your children to be educated, so you might want to think about sending them to a Technical School where they are teaching the Students Education & not the garbage that the Big Universities are filling their heads with. PLUS THIS COST IS MUCH CHEEPER & THE STUDENT GET A BETTER EDUCATION, & the professor at most of the big universities are installing THE GARBAGE THE PROFESSORS ARE FILLING YOUR CHILDREN’S MINDS WITH>?????

    4. I fully agree with you, I have President Trump’s backing and I have supported him right along. This President is a fighter and he loves this Country of ours. Somethings he may say that I don’t like but he gets the job done. He has done so much for this country of ours. To see what he has done go to: WHITE HOUSE. GOV

      1. Very sad all the children in Day Care
        WE gave up things so I could stay home to raise our three sons.
        Our newest great grandchild is being taken care of by his grandmother which I am so glad

    5. You and all likeminded persons need to get everyone (instate) to call your Senators’ offices and make wishes known. If they don’t step up they will find themselves vulnerable in the primaries. Make that clear in your call.

    6. There will be a pro Trump rally in Atlanta Georgia Nov. 14 at 12 pm .This will be at 206 Washington St. Atlanta Ga. 30334. Also call BRAD RAFFENSPERGER the Secretary of State at 404 656 2881 and tell him to have a monitor for each vote counter!!!!!!!!!

    7. I hear you, Valerie. This whole thing is absolutely crazy. I live in Texas and we love President Trump too. He won our state with no problem. I never thought I’d see this much corruption. They knew they couldn’t beat Trump so they cheat big time. Dead people voting, ballot harvesting, liberals going into the voting booths with the voters trying to get them to vote Democrat, poll observers being turned away so they couldn’t watch them cheat, ballots being delivered in the wee hours of the morning…all for Biden. All of this bs going on. It’s absolutely sickening. I know how you feel.

    8. Everyone on here needs to check if anyone in their family had someone recently pass away to see if they voted and report it to their County/Voting Office!

    9. I’m a Trumpster also!!! America loves him. Well smart Americans Its the swamp we need to drain that hates him because he truly loves us and doesn’t want to see us as Americans taken advantage of.

  2. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Georgia need to cast their electors for President Trump and be done with it. It is increasingly obvious that he won these states! We should not reward Democrats for cheating.

    1. We should prosecute them all for treason and punish accordingly! Enuf is enuf! They are supposed to work for us and we control the govt! Not the other way around!

      1. If they are not punished for defrauding the American voters, the integrity of American elections well be forever destroyed. I guess that the out come of this parody of an election will tell us if we still live in a free country were our votes really count or if we are ruled by communism, where they do not count and elections are only a farce.

      2. You r so right. Most of the American people feel the same way. We all need to stand up for President Trump. This corruption is why we voted for him in the first place. He needs to stay in there as President until he cleans ALL the swamp out. It runs a lot deeper than we all realized. The democrats r all evil and Satan their rulers. They want the mark of the beast, and one world gov. Which China will be our ruler.

        1. I agree with all of you. The democrats are not only stupid and corrupt, they think we will lay down our guns, shut up, tow the line and behave like deaf dumb and blind children, no offense intended. Antifa won’t stop burning looting killing and going after people’s homes and stores. BLM are thugs, ignorant ones at that. They have a welfare mentality and want free everything. So they will steal whatever they can. During the riots I saw them by the hundreds stealing from a Walmart, people were walking out with washers and dryers, everything they could fit in their cars and trucks. The governors of these states and the mayors still call them peaceful protests, that’s what Michelle Obama calls them and is encouraging more of the same. Of course she is protected with her guards and behind the wall of her 8 million dollar home/ fortress

      3. Living in NYS, I do not feel my representatives have really represented me as a constituent. I know as I voter, and lately that has been independent or republican, my vote does not make a difference. I do not understand how they get voted in everytime! I do not understand how the squad members re-elected. Do people not understand how destructive they are?

        1. The whole voting system was corrupt. The votes were already in for them. All dominion computers came from China. Why? Our computers are great, why These computers, why dominion computers??? Because they have already been corrupted. It took over two years for the democrats in Washington to fix these computers the way they want them. With a push of certain keys linked into a code, one can switch the vote from one person over to another. That’s what was done in the presidential election. The democrats never thought they would be caught, but stupid is as stupid does

        2. You are seeing WHY your vote hasn’t counted right now as Trump continues to “drain the swamp” I feel the same way you do. Thanks for speaking out. God is still in control!

      4. I agree, the Dems have to be prosecuted 100%! Bidens should be prosecuted for collusion with China, prosecuted for trying to impeach President Trump, for rigging the elections along with Harris, Clinton, and especially Obama’s!

        So much injustice to President Trump who is and always will be the best we ever had for USA!

    2. We should be punishing the Dems for Cheating they all should all have charges out against them and Biden too along with Harris they know what they have done and they should not get away with it .. We want another 4 yrs of TRUMP>>>>>>>>


          1. I believe the Democrats need to reimburse our tax payers dollars for the “millions” they spent on the Russia
            deal. We now know WHO (Hillary) began the mess but NOTHING has been done!!!!????? WHY???? You or I would be in prison for life.. I also believe our Government owes the Nixon Family an apology. Nothing they did is as wrong as we have endured this year. BUT he was man enough to take responsibility!!!! No one since has that kind of back bone until Trump!

      2. Your right ! I thought voter fraud was against the law . Biden and the liberal party thinks they pulled off the biggest voter fraud the US has ever seen and get by with it and if Biden is crowned president that means voter fraud votes of made up people ,dead people have more rights then we do . We are real honest voters and took off work to vote and can the voter frauds say the same thing , NO THEY DON’T EXIST . There should be no thought of letting Biden and the liberal party use those fake votes and since voter fraud is AGAINST THE LAW I THINK THEY NEED TO BE TREATED JUST LIKE OTHER PEOPLE CAUGHT USING voter fraud charges should be brought against Biden , the liberal party and the liberal media who knew about the voter fraud being used before the election began and any other liberals that helped in the voter fraud disaster . Does the law not apply to government workers are government workers above the law ? I want the answer to these questions . Biden and the liberal media act as though Biden won which is total liberal BS just because the liberal media called them the winner but the liberal media can’t tell us the winner but that fact is being totally ignored . I think they planned the whole think so they could get themselves into the door and then take it all even though Trump won ! They have been trying to steal the election since they lost in the last election and the liberal media has been helping them 24/7. If they call Biden the King ( he didn’t win and he’s not our president !!) that means voter fraud votes mean more then votes from real people and I think that is total BS and they will hear about it 24/7 because he didn’t win and Biden and liberals BROKE THE LAW. We can’t let Biden and liberals get by with stealing this election we need to fight because real US voters have rights to and we’re going to use them ! Biden does not get briefed because its just another thing Biden and the liberal party will use to try and push them into the White House its pretty clear liberals intend on stealing the election and try to make our free country into a Communist country and WE WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN ! We are real voters and we have real RIGHTS and we intend on using them !

        1. Sandy You are exactly right. Everyone needs to read the third reich. Hitler controlled the media to set out his propaganda to the world and the German people. This is exactly what is happening here with the Democratic Party leaders. If Biden wins by cheating there will never be a reason to vote again as it will just be for a show. They may through you a bone or two to keep you interested in voting. However, trust me just like Hitler they will lie to you and dictate what you need to do or pay the consequences.

      3. Yes they did, Joe Biden admitted on National TV that he and his crew created the biggest fraudulent ballet scheme ever. It was on a clip that fox news channel played of one of Bidens rallies or speches, it’s aired the week of October 16th of 2020. That needs to be found and used against Biden and harris.

      1. So some CA residents are cheating the state of personal income tax. Sacramento check into $$$$ nail their derriere. I would imagine it’s very costly for the Trump Campaign so where do you go to Donate MONEY ?? Trump and Pence for Four More Years & Thanks

        1. Yes, the Trump administration has said they need money for the massive recheck, audits etc, the lawyers and accommodations, food and travel for the recheckers and then money to hire lawyers to litigate. You can donate at DonaldJTrump.com.

    1. At least in the states of Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, N. Carolina, Georgia, and Nevada. Might even consider adding Minnesota and Colorado. They could schedule a new election for Jan. 5, 2021. This would give each candidate time to campaign in those states and the ballot count could be finished by Jan. 12 but representatives from both parties must be present plus a federal law enforcement officer at each counting site. Voting would be done by in person and absentee ballot (must be received by Jan. 5) and NO mail in ballots or ballots mysteriously discovered between the hours of 12:00am to 6:00am. It’s the only fair way to get through this mess that the dummycrats caused.

          1. My personal theory is that Biden will be in a nursing home for dementia and HARRIS will be PRESIDENT.
            This country will never recover in our lifetime!

      1. Maybe there is a remote chance we could still be called the “UNITED” states of America, dear GOD I pray for it every day, and all out there that want FREEDOM need to pray a lot too. Biden in all honesty is a bad guy he is under investigation for treason and suffers from dementia. They want to make him president. It is hard to believe. The damage he will do is to the entire country. The voted worst president ever Obama will added to the Supreme Court. WOW.

        1. Yes I agree it is one very sad situation- seems out of the realm of possibilities but yet due to some not-so-smart crooks here is where our whole country sits…and don’t think for one moment our enemies are watching. Together we stand- decided we fall!

        2. Wondered what happened to the Republican Voters in California! I’m a 12 Generation from California and 5th Generation from Newhall. On Election Evening I went to bed and President Trump was in the lead. Practically all States were BLUE, which was totally opposite of what I had seen the night before. It was unbelievable because the Math was not adding up in my mind! I’m
          Sure others must have have wondered, just like I, that something wasn’t right!!!! President Trump, as far as I am con-cerned won the Election hands down. California has lots of Republicans, they did not vote for Biden, trust me!!!!!!!!!!!
          The Media may not like President Trump and the younger generation who voted for the first time are still, “Wet Behind the Ears”.

          This Election is a total Shame and an Embassament for our Country and to our Constituents around the world
          Yes indeed! I’m praying with you and everyone else President Trump will be with us for the next Four years.

          1. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020 Elected/Reelected Landslides
            Amen & Amen❤

        3. Let’s keep the faith Bobo.
          Not thinking it’s Biden they really want in the Oval Office. This entire Kamala Harris joke has Hillary’s fingerprints all over it. Hillary is so peeved and all consumed by her loss to President Trump in 2016 that I believe she’d do ANYTHING to venge herself of her embarrassment for that loss.
          She still salivates for the power she lost, ( must just be KILLING her lol) and she’s got little miss Cum’allya to do her dirty work.
          Let’s face it, if Creepy Joe gets in….. and my thought is he won’t.. but if he did, you can bet Barack and Hillary will be running the whole show from backstage. Pretty unsettling to think that this could actually be the brains and brawn behind this reprehensible VP CANDIDATE. It’s actually terrifying

      2. I agree totally! Maybe you should call & volunteer for Trump’s defense…..Sometime I think they are so close to the problem they CANNOT see the real picture…I know Trump does, he did before he even took office. As far as things Trump says……who can blame him….he has done more for this country in 4 years than any president in our lifetime. All while running the greatest country in the world, having to fight the media, the democrats, and yes, even, some spineless Republicans EVERY DAY since he and Melanie came down the escalator. They cannot accept that an American Citizen, not a part of the SWAMP, has truly awaken Americans. Thank God for Donald J. Trump and our beautiful First Lady.

    2. A new election date is needed with both Republicans and Democrats standing side by side doing the counting. This last election has already been shot full of holes by the dishonest Democrats.

    3. I’d be concerned that voting machines & voter rolls have not been “rebooted” from Nov.3. I think if election has a do-over voters should be in line @ polling place w I.D!!! Also, aside from ads, where does donor $$$ go? Buying ppl off?

    4. Well that is exactly how I felt until I really thought about it — we need to follow this path of deception to the end so that, once and for all, EVERYONE IN EVERY COUNTRY can see that the Democrat Party is criminal.

      1. That is the best path forward. I too thought why don’t we just redo the election. The established process already is set however and that takes us to a congressional one vote per state in Congress for each state in question. There are more republican reps by disputed state – in fact Nevada is the only democrat represented state among those affected states. I think it IS critical that all the fraud and election crimes be exposed as I also believe that Biden and all his criminal cronies should suffer the consequences of their action according to the law!!

      1. I agree, but we must take measures to be sure that this does not happen again. Missing from all the states listed above is Virginia where our President led by over 300,000 votes and suddenly Biden wins the state because more than that number of votes suddenly appeared out of nowhere. This was documented graphically, I believe, on Gateway pundit on November 3 or 4. What is more the loss of Michigan and Wisconsin was also graphically marked at the same time. Trump was leading in both those states. I have watched two You Tube presentations that show how votes can be transferred from one candidate to another. The machines and the software that runs them is not secure to protect the voter. One presentation was given by Russell Ramsland whose company specializes in cyber security. Another presentation was given by the former candidate for Senate in Mass. I’ve forgotten his name, but the presentation is clear and focuses on Michigan where Trump led by 69,000 votes and he shows how four counties in that state suddenly came up with more votes to wipe out this majority. The companies selling these machines and the software in their advertising and manuals boast how this can be done! We need security on the precinct level. Now we need paper ballots to be hand counted in the short run until the electronic security issues are resolved. We need to be sure that Pelosi’s bill to make election fraud legal is opposed in the House and Senate. We need to be sure that the GOP wins the Senate Races in Georgia and we need to support recount efforts by John James in Michigan and possibly in Colorado and Arizona for the Senate races. We can accept losses gracefully if they are won honestly by the opposition. But I don’t think these races were won honestly at the national level or statewide level.

        1. Thanks for sharing you facts and opinion Mr. Bateman. You make good sense and I, like you, agree – we need a VALID recount.
          And as a result of this attempted coo the Democratic Party should be obliterated and a new competitive party that can operate on their factual beliefs that still comply with the constitution and where they do not agree, fight to amend it- THAT IS the American way.

    5. No, the Supreme Court needs to null and void the election and the House of Representatives will need to vote as the Constitution states with each state getting one vote.

      1. I don’t know how all the laws are set up concerning the voting crap that’s going on but I agree with Ed Williams that the Supreme Court should step up and demand a nationwide revote with every voter required to show a picture ID.

    6. I agree fully this vote was a complete sham show and more fraudulent votes than one can imagine. Throw it out and start over in person vote or correct the mess as we know President Trump won and is trying to be cheated opt of the office. He has worked harder and done more for the American people than any president in recent history.

    1. We HAVE to show an ID and they check our signatures in Ohio. How do these other states get away with no ID’s and no matching signatures?

    2. Maybe add to that a data base that could be checked immediately to see if that person had already voted, was dead, or lived elsewhere.

    3. I agree that a voter ID and proof of residency are imperative. But unless electronic machines are secure even those just counting the ballots, elections can and will be corrupted. We also need poll watchers who actually examine each ballot to be sure that it is properly marked. Given early voting, there should be no extension of deadlines.

  3. Fraud and deceit are the only way the liberals can win, the American people are smart enough to see through their smoke screen, and the BLM has already asked what they are going to receive for their part in the deceit.

  4. Our President has tried to help this country. He is a GOD fearing & loving man, who is being lied about in the media from the Dems! He has never put down the military or the Vets. He highly respects them. He lowered the taxes to bring jobs back to America! It is a shame that this country has lieing,living, people in our GovernmentI pray for our President ever day.

  5. When this is all said and done, even the smallest official who helped perpetrate this fraud should be tried and receive jail time.. not to mention all those anti American Rats like Obama….Pelosi…Schumer..The Clintons…The..Bidens….etc. on down the line. Its the only way to get their attention…..all complicit lowlifes.

    1. Once tried and convicted all of their government benefits should be taken away along with any and all monies earned. Let them live the lives they want the rest of America to live. Amen!

    2. We also need to get Soros, all the Philanthropist, deep state players, X military officials, all Hollywood, all of the House Democrats and turncoat Republicans, CCP, all the China, Russia, Ukraine and the Jahad back companies that spoke out against Trump. Especially the people that had a hand in each state that push fraud, in this election. Also who paid the heads of BLM, and Antifa for destroying American city’s. If this comes from overseas also the Pope etc. We American need to clean house. Take all their money and rebuild America back, instead of taking care of all the countries of the world. I believe Trump is the one that was put in place to help the people of America. We also need to look at all the University and public & Private school. To stop the re-education of our kids. Make America great again.

  6. here in Florida one of our Republican clubs went from 300 to 2000 there is a wave going on

    I need Republicans from Wisc Mich Penn to contact me to get the real info

    1. I’m from Pennsylvania,I voted for Trump,please give us a little more info than your name there are 100 people named Steve Stern

    2. I’m from PA,I voted for Trump,please give us more info than your name,there are a lot of people named Steve Stern,give me an email or something

  7. If the Democratic Socialists, get by with this, things will get much worse. They will be emboldened, and our Republic will be lost!
    There will not be another chance to stop this evil from spreading.
    They are already talking of Obama in the Supreme Court.
    I wasn’t aware of an opening to fill!

  8. I voted absentee ballot in Florida and via US Embassy in India. I followed my ballot to Charlotte County where it was cast to the rightful Candidate! My ballot arrived at destination safely!! The Dominion Voter Machines, in most states, have not been saving the image of the ballot as it is supposed to do…. Federal Law states the Ballot Image must be saved…. there maybe this discrepancy in the states in question…. also if a person moved from another state to one of the states involved with Election Fraud, not Voter Fraud, check to see if former state still has the you in their voter roll…. if you did not get deleted from one then you are registered in two states as an eligible legal voter in both states… that is why we have millions over the figure of eligible voters!!!! Dr. Shiva from MIT has a presentation of exactly how the Dominion Voting Machine Company did the algorithm, which is suspect in one county in Michigan …. I am not a rocket scientist but a a mere humble person with high school education and even I could grasp the concept…. the presentation can be viewed on YouTube with typing in Dr. Shiva MIT, Michigan votes!!! I urge all to view it and discover how the Democrats and the Media knew Biden would be the winner without leaving the basement…. versus POTUS who criss crossed the country without rest to reach out to the Blue Collar worker … the only President who realised our plight and made the Republican Party, the party of the Working Class….God bless President Trump and Gd bless America.

  9. Totally agree with you all, it’s very clear indication that our President Donald J Trump. I have said many times that our President Donald J Trump will win a landslide victory over sleepy joe biden. Sleepy Joe biden can’t represent the United States of America and the American people.

  10. If this is provent to be fraud and not a “mistake”…Isn’t this treason on America? I’m not sure “Jail time” is enough. We must convict and punish to the fullest extent of the law. This is not just a “left on right” crime. This is an attempt to destroy democracy in America. To let this gently be punished is not acceptable. If the left commits a crime…nothing happens. If the right is “accused” of any suck crime they get 1000% more punishment and are guilty before proven innocent. In example, Kyle Rittenhouse, defends himself against attackers and he has a 2 Million dollar bail? It is time we hold those who commit treason against America responsible. Even if they are elected officials….Period!!!

    America Strong, We are the voice of America and will not back down against foreign or domestic terrorists. Our Forefathers would expect us to fight against government corruption. The Real reason we have the 2nd Amendment!

  11. President Trump has done more for this country and for world peace that any other president -but we all know that -plus he did it under the most adverse conditions – and we know that too. knowing that how could he possibly lost to a guy like Biden – who could never stand up to the phony investragations Trump and his family experienced.
    Americans really got screwed if this election is allowed to stand – There should be a total recount in all the states in question and it should be done according to the rules. No ballots received after November 3 rd should be counted

  12. EVERYONE,down to the vote ‘counters’,needs to be FULLY investigated and if found ‘guilty’ of voting fraud,be charged/jailed as stiffly as possible.Just think…if this would have happened 2 centuries ago, they would ALL be hung or shot dead, for TREASON.Especially Pelosi and her POWER MONGERS.

  13. I think we need to throw the democract s or any one involved in jail. Whom worked on the voter fraud I do not want my grandchildren growing up thinking that cheating is the way to get to the top by no means it’s wrong . Starting with Pelosi.. I want them votes all recounted also and each state should be made to hand them over or spend time in jail. So we as Americans will no the truth. If the biden campaign will lie to get voted in what else will they do. President Trump has turned our economy around and brought back jobs that the Obama campaign moved out .Im praying that you listen to the American people and allow our President Trump do so.. Our economy has never been this well done in years … And by no means is the president responsible for this virus either .. Please im asking you to reconsider all he has done for our country and what an outstanding job Donald Trump has done .. We the people need a President like Donald Trump he I has been the only one that has been there for our Country and loving our Military… 100% there is no man more capable of turning our Country around and making America great again as he was well on his way of doing this the one and only President Donald Trump.. God Bless him for everything he has done and will do for Our Country .. I believe that he’s done amazing job. And I think it’s time for congress and the Republicans to stand up and support the greatest President in the world.. with all the fraud votes and votes that were done against him . But no doubt he should serve our Country 4 more years . Thank you from the bottom of my heart President Trump because I know my children and myself are at peace and will sleep good at night as long as your in Office. Thank you and we love you


    2. Very Well stated. I too am sick of the left constantly getting away with their cheating, lying, and deceit. The media needs to be crushed for what they’ve been doing to our President. Congress, who constantly break laws and lie about our President Must be jailed with pensions taken away along with their bank accounts. Treasonous individuals for GITMO.

  14. I am normally very proud to be an American, however, it is at times like these which all of us are experiencing, I feel as tho I am living in a 3rd world country..
    The younger folks in America have no idea of what lies ahead of them.. Literally..
    I am happy for the years that I experienced in our once wonderful land…
    I also know our God will not forsake us in whatever path He chooses for each of us. Keep smiling and keep the faith.. He always makes the right choices.

    1. We cannot judge what the outcome was. Is it a Curse or a Blessing? Only God knows the answer. Keep the faith and keep your trust in Him.. AMEN

  15. I think since the democraps cheated screw counting votes! Just give the election to Trump! We punish our kids for lying, cheating and stealing…if its good enough for our kids well its good enough for the pathetic pieces of democraps! Go Trump!

  16. I totally agree with “Gary Detti’s” comment that the best way to prevent Voter Fraud in the future is to require that people vote in person and have a Government issued ID. I also agree with “AJM” that all these anti American Rats be convicted to the max —- Without exception!


  18. How long has this voting scam with Domion been going on??? Is this how these 20+ years politicians keep their seats??? Is this how those unpatriotic socialist congress people kept their seats in this red wave election??? America deserves better, the world is watching!

  19. My vote isn’t totally fraud and stolen my vote out for the I did not for Democrats parties I voted for who is standing up for all our country

  20. Every vote should be audited and recounted when needed. If there is a question with the system it should be checked. The peoples will must be served and not manipulated are our freedom is jeopardized.

  21. Absolutely, Government ID and voter registration card must be documented and shown when one goes to vote. Just like if hunting or fishing and you are asked to show your license, or when you file taxes and need a Social Security number. Go and figure, very simple solutions at least for legal citizens, oh yeah… that’s right to complex for far-left Democrat to comprehend…

  22. If you visit the Dominion Voting Systems site, you will find that all of the names of the Board and Top officers have been redacted, sound familiar. If they’re so innocent why don’t they have an independent party take a look at the software placed in the voting machines. Our country is becoming communist day by day. I hope Judicial Watch can get someone in to investigate the continued corruption or better yet the CIA if they can find someone who isn’t corrupt. I never thought our country would turn to such deceit.

  23. yes once again president trump has made politics interesting. as for the democrats once again they have shown us they will do anything to beat trump. first was the stupid Russian collusion which failed then they concocted a phony impeachment which also failed and now just when we thought they couldn’t out do themselves with fraud and bullshit they do with a phony and fraudulent election. “come on man” did they really think that we would believe that 77 million people voted for a complete jerkoff like joe Biden? this one belongs in Guinness book of records. I believe once all the real votes and only the real votes are counted trump wins by a landslide again and america and it’s people are saved.

    1. NO he didn’t win period it was his liberal buddies in the liberal media that crowned Biden king before any states certified and before the recounts even started . The liberal media DOES NOT have any right to say who won ! Liberals act as though Biden won and there wasn’t any voter fraud but there’s massive amounts and no one will be president until every vote is counted and it will be someone that is legally allowed to say who won the election !

  24. Everyone I know voted for President Trump. We do not want a reversal back in time to “before Trump”! That was pretty miserable. We had enough of that and if Biden gets the Presidency, I suspect that will be where we’re heading and worse. I do hope and pray that this all leads to a second term for our President Trump. He deserves it.

  25. We need manual recounts in all of the contested states and figure out the Dominion voting machines issue, once we do that, it will be clear that President Trump is still our president for 4 more years.

  26. OK
    1) Finish the vote tally properly
    2) Trump wins
    3) Go after Deep State, Dems, and Soros, and many Corporate Elites, as enemies of the USA via Treason, Sedition, Rico, etc.
    4) Go after every single penny these DEMS have stolen from the american people. Starting with Biden, Pelosi, and Schiff. Take that illegally obtained money.
    5) Put out an arrest warrant on SOROS and seize every single penny that he tries to transfer into the USA to buy Gov Positions that are done to undermine the USA
    6) Don’t forget that persons can be beneficiaries of Irrevocable Trusts that have a unique TaxPayer ID. Find those accounts and seize them.

    You want to stop this stuff, you have to put people in jail and take the money under RICO or other illegally obtained cash recovery methods.

    I’d love to see Biden and Pelosi working on a rock pile using a 3 pound sledge hammer

    Trash the Anti USA Constitutin Demoroids after Trump Wins.

    If those Demoroids don’t like it here, give them a free ride in a military transport along with a very used poorly packed parachute and dump them off next to China.

  27. The reason dumbcrats tried to cheat is because they knew Biden would lose heck half the. The time he can’t remember were he is if he isn’t told just before he takes the stag plus trump can not be bought he ran the USA like a business and what happen the best 4 years the encomy has ever seen then during the pandemic we even had one quarter of success the he fast track the vacatien but Biden is trying to take credit this is just a few things

  28. There is so much hate for the dirty dems.
    Thats putting it nicely.
    Trump is fighting for the American people and they don’t even know it or care.
    I believe in President Trump. We can win this fight, our future is on the line.
    Thank you President Trump

  29. Trump has faced and endured more hatred than any other person on the planet. I do not agree with his lifestyle, however God can and will use undesirable lifestyles to his good. I believe God is working in the heart of Trump, giving him courage, boldness and the strength to wage the war we need for our precious freedom. Without freedom, we will become slaves, every single American, not just a few.. This is a battle between good and evil, we must ALL pray together that God will have Mercy on us all and give us more time before the end comes, because pay attention to the signs, Christ is coming soon! I fervently pray God will give us the miracle we need, that he will rise up and defend our freedom through Trump as our President again.

  30. The only way a demoncrat can win is by fraud. They have a cheating class led by paloooozi that every new member has to attend. And to prove that you are qualified to be a demoncrat you have to be a crook.

  31. Thank you for the article on electoral votes and states status. I believe in President Trump but with all the fake news, I believed our country to be lost to the far left. I am a veteran and love my country. President Trump has been the greatest president since Abram Lincoln. He has been in constant battle for the last three and half years trying to make our country better. I can only thank God for his service. Thank you President Trump!!

  32. Trump is fighting for us all and the Dems are fighting to destroy our country.
    I believe in President Trump. and we can still win this fight, our future is on the line here people!
    Thank you President Trump for all you have done, and I love you very much! Sir, I stand with you all the way!

  33. Very obvious that fraud in the election was committed. Just the right honest people of authority have to LOOK at ALL the evidence which includes analysis by the PHD professors who have charts showing the blatent fraud and where it started in the timeline of the election. They compare the figures to normal/ other election results in relation to voting trends over history to show the evident fraud in this election
    Trump won by an overwhelming majority of votes. I pray God protect us from this attempt of evil deception being perpetrated on our nation.

  34. We also need to get Soros, all the Philanthropist, deep state players, X military officials, all Hollywood, all of the House Democrats and turncoat Republicans, CCP, all the China, Russia, Ukraine and the Jahad back companies that spoke out against Trump. Especially the people that had a hand in each state that push fraud, in this election. Also who paid the heads of BLM, and Antifa for destroying American city’s. If this comes from overseas also the Pope etc. We American need to clean house. Take all their money and rebuild America back, instead of taking care of all the countries of the world. I believe Trump is the one that was put in place to help the people of America. We also need to look at all the University and public & Private school. To stop the re-education of our kids. Make America great again.

  35. This is the swamp that President Trump was elected to drain out in the open for all to see working overtime. Four more years!! Pull that plug.

  36. Our forefathers fought too hard and too long for freedom, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for us to declare the Democrats and Joe Biden victors without a fight. I believe in going thru the process of recounts and whatever else is necessary to insure freedom and democracy for my children and grandchildren. Yes, giving in would be easy to do right now, but we will not be in a good spot by 2021 as America becomes a Communist nation. Yes, President Trump is doing the right thing by fighting voter fraud. Harvard teaches a class on how to turn a country into a Communist county and Obama took the class. I do not believe such a class should be offered as there are those like Obama who are underhanded and hate America because we are successful and believe in freedom.

  37. “Biden the USURPER” We should be pro-active in openly opposing any of his pronouncements of that of his Department of Propaganda, all of our nation’s public media outlets. We cannot allow this lawlessness tyranny against our Constitution’s Freedoms and Rights. God willing Biden will be defeated through the rule of law of our nation. God save the State!

  38. It saddens me to see how evil people have become. President Trump has been a God send for this nation and I cannot believe that people hate this country so much that it would stoop to casting false votes in every way possible. Joe Biden is a crook and so are everyone that is helping to get him elected. Obama started this hate for this country and Biden will continue it if we don’t stand by our President in this fight for the freedom of this country that so many men and women died. Please keep praying everyone that we keep this wonderful Presiden Trump or this nation is destroyed.

  39. Yes they did, Joe Biden admitted on National TV that he and his crew created the biggest fraudulent ballet scheme ever. It was on a clip that fox news channel played of one of Bidens rallies or speches, it’s aired the week of October 16th of 2020. That needs to be found and used against Biden and harris.

  40. The dems have been breaking the voting laws forever. Stealing elections with running people on trains from town to town after the civil war. Crooked voting machines owned by Hugo Chavez companies during the Obama elections. No surprise they think we are too stupid to catch on. Only President Trump has the guts to stand up to them. Praying for him and the great people who support him.

  41. Why don’t we have the same voting systems for all U. s A. states to make it fair? Why aren’t the ballots being reprocessed back thru the scanning voter machine being done.? Much fairer and accurate.
    President Rump has been dumped on long enough. Hopefully when all the recounts are done he wins. Then let’s start prosecute the government crooks rather then slapping their hands

  42. Why don’t we have the same voting systems for all U. S.A. states to make it fair? Why aren’t the ballots being reprocessed back thru the scanning voter machine being done.? Much fairer and accurate.
    President Trump has been dumped on long enough. Hopefully when all the recounts are done, he wins. Then let’s start to prosecute the government crooks rather then slapping their hands

  43. As we count the ballots let us not fail to count also the goodness of the LORD and give thanks to GOD on behalf of our beloved President Trump for the revealed electoral fraud. As we do so GOD will continue to fight for us and We shall win at last. See you all on the 2nd inauguration of President Trump.

  44. This is obviously the most colluded election in the history of the USA. Joe Biden stayed in the basement because he knew the election was rigged for him. The whole bunch of Democrats are wanting to take away our freedom for the life we are accustomed to as a free country. Biden is nothing but the scum of the earth. A low life lying, cheat who even threw his son under the bus over the China deal. What will he do to us. He calls Christians terrorists. The whole democrat party is terrorists and call Trump a Nazi , which he is far from, well that is exactly where they want to go to take away our freedom. Biden’s health admin wants to give other countries the vaccine before the US. They want to cripple the USA and destroy everything Mr. Trump has worked for and the American people alike. George Soros has been kicked out of six countries when do we kick him out of ours or better yet put in prison for treason. If anything I believe Mr. Trump loves America and it’s people. I do hope and pray that the electoral college sees what is happening with election and will not let this traversty happen and give the person who really won the election legally the honor of continuing to be OUR PRESIDENT.

  45. biden,harris,clinton,obama ,pelosi & sc humner should all be investigated & tried for treason. in the great state of Montana ,you have to be registered voter & show proof who you are & where you live as it should be.God bless America & Donald Trump!

  46. Many on the left refuse to admit President Trump’s populist policies have provided massive benefits to working-class Americans . . . Yet, during the first three years of the Trump presidency, wage growth was off the charts, especially for low-income workers and African Americans
    The Obama era proved dispiriting for many African American wage earners. The first three years of the Trump administration were a comparative godsend

  47. The Lie-beral DEMONocrat Syndicate is the biggest threat to our country. We’re hanging on by a thread, thanks to these anti-America, hate and lie spewing, counterfeit American demons who are dancing along to their Pied Piper…SATAN ! May you all go to where you belong; in HELL !

  48. President Trump is the best President America has ever had. I think it is funny how it took a tough, wise business man to get America back on its feet. He won this election and the deceitful democrats know it. I want the cheaters and crooks to be prosecuted for this, from the elites down.
    I love how Americans are praying and standing up for our President.
    President Trump, we love you ,be encouraged and God Bless You!

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