White Women Are no Longer ‘Woman’ Enough for a March

Left is loud, proud, large and in charge. They’ve been telling us that since November. You see, they won territory in half of a branch in the government and lost significant ground otherwise. Overall, they have less power in our country than they did at this time last year, but they’ll tell you it’s a resounding victory.

In the wake of all of that winning, they’re ready to hit the streets in a brand new year of protesting. There’s only one problem. They’re so confused by their own lack of direction that they don’t even know how to march anymore. In fact, they’re not sure who counts as the token minority these days. You can see that by looking at the women’s march in California that was recently cancelled.

History of the March

We won’t go back to the true beginning of marching for women’s rights. Instead, we can stay contemporary and rewind to the long-ago time of 2017. Trump had just taken office, and since women in America are a monolith and not individuals, they all banded together to stick it to the man. Every single American woman showed up and marched in D.C. The protested — something — and boy did they change the world.

Sure, everyone who was in office staid in place after the march. No real policies changed whatsoever, but the women had their voice heard. It was definitely a successful march and not just a bunch of subgroups squabbling with each other while wearing pink hats. They did good work, and they left the field of battle with heads full of pride.

Fast Forward to 2019

That’s why the march has such staying power. In 2018, the women rallied again, and once more, every single woman in America participated. They protested the same — whatever it was — and everyone still stayed in office and policy completely ignored the march. It was proud too.

That’s why it’s so shocking that the California march, scheduled for January 19, has been officially cancelled. The women of the state were looking to continue riding the momentum and change California just like they did the rest of the world. Sadly, the subgroups finally squabbled to the point that they self-destructed.

According to the group’s official Facebook page, the march was scrapped out of “concerns that the participants would be overwhelmingly white.” This makes sense. As progressives have taught us over the past two years, you don’t count as a woman if you’re white. Women are a minority (except statistically), and you can’t be a white minority. That’s obviously impossible. So, they did the right thing and cancelled what had clearly become a gathering of white supremacists. How the neo-Nazis managed to usurp a women’s march is still under investigation.

Outright Lunacy

That felt good. The sarcasm had backed up a bit over the short holiday break. It needed a release. So, let’s return to reality.

This is the left. They don’t even comprehend the concept of inclusiveness, even while they cite it every time they mention a belief, action or simple thought. The left is so determined to be the group of inclusiveness that they will actively exclude anyone they must to make it happen. They can probably read that sentence and nod along. It defies all rational thought.

A sensible person would try to tackle inclusiveness by perhaps including more people. Maybe they would try to recruit some members of the minority groups they felt were underrepresented. They could even try mentioning some local minority issues while marching. That would be truly inclusive! Instead, they shut down the march. Somehow, cancelling the event is the most inclusive action to take. You can’t make this stuff up.

If you’ve ever wondered why leftism bothers you so much, this is the case study. Leftism isn’t about making productive changes. It has no goals to usher us all into a better world. Leftism is about labels, identities and saying things that almost sound nice when you turn your brain off. That’s why it has destroyed every country to ever embrace it, and it’s why it’s such a threat to modern America.

It isn’t the evil of the left that will destroy us; it’s their ineptitude. If they can’t understand the basic concept of inclusiveness, how could they ever hope to tackle a real problem?

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