10 Reasons Why the Survival of the U.S. Depends on Electing Donald Trump as the Next U.S. President

Our nation’s demise is teetering on the edge of total extinction. Since Barack Obama has taken office, the U.S has suffered the highest poverty and unemployment rates since the Depression.

We’ve also suffered a significant decline in our long-held reputation as the world’s most powerful nation due to Obama’s weak international policies. Unless a strong, smart and aggressive commander in chief wins the election in November, our problems will only continue to deepen and divide what was once the greatest country on Earth.

10 Reasons Why We Need President Donald Trump INSTEAD of President Hillary Clinton:

  1. Trump Will Put An End to Obama’s PoliciesIf Clinton is elected as POTUS, we won’t see the end of Obamacare, the disastrous Dodd-Frank financial reforms or a failed immigration policy that continues to allow potential terrorists to infiltrate our country. Trump has promised to build a wall and prohibit potential terrorists from entering the U.S. It is obvious the safety and well-being of U.S. citizens means more to him than it does to the Democrats.
  1. Trump Plans to Make Deals with Other CountriesTrump understands that we are tired of losing jobs to other countries that pay lower wages and produce inferior products. As a smart businessman, Trump knows the art of making deals that can achieve his goals and expectations. He won’t compromise or appear weak. He’ll bring our jobs back and get the economy moving again.
  1. Trump Won’t Ignore the Resurgence of Putin’s DictatorshipWe’ve entered another Cold War era with Russia because of Obama’s weak response to Putin flexing his muscles. Imposing one or two sanctions and making speeches isn’t going to deter Putin from trying to make Russia stronger and bigger. Trump has said his response to countries that attempt to “mess” with the U.S. will be clear and direct. He has promised to make America great again and he means it.
  1. Trump Won’t Close GuantanamoHe knows terrorists don’t change their ways just because they’ve been in a prison for several years. And he knows we don’t want these terrorists roaming the U.S., trying to inflict revenge on our country. He’ll keep them imprisoned where they belong.
  1. Trump Deeply Believes in U.S. ExceptionalismWe don’t want to be like a socialist European or South American country. Americans believe in working hard, earning their way and being as independent as possible from the government. We want to remain a democracy.
  1. No More Political Correctness!Trump’s refreshingly blunt attitude towards the “political correctness” disease that has spread throughout the country is part of what makes him the perfect choice for the next POTUS. He is not afraid to speak the truth. He firmly believes what he says and invites honest, straightforward debates about the things that matter most to U.S. citizens.
  1. Trump’s Cabinet Will Be Expected to Perform at the Highest Level PossibleTrump didn’t get to be the successful billionaire he is today by allowing ineffectual people to work for him. No doubt Trump won’t hesitate to fire a cabinet member who is not doing his or her job as he thinks it should be done. He’ll get rid of incompetent people and the waste they cause in the government.
  1. Trump Will Be the Hardest Working President We’ve Ever HadAttending social events, taking golf outings and hob-nobbing with celebrities won’t be Trump’s priorities. He has proved over the years that he believes in hard work and getting things accomplished.
  1. Trump supports the ConstitutionWe are all too aware of the fact that Obama does not honor the Constitution. In fact, Obama has governed our country as though the Constitution doesn’t even exist! Trump may have declared himself a Republican but he has proven himself to be a Constitutionalist at heart. With Trump as POTUS, we would never have to worry about our rights being taken away.
  1. Trump’s Business Smarts Will Turn Our Economy Around and Make Us Great AgainObama’s business experience is limited to governing in a state that is currently going bankrupt. Trump is older, 10 times more business savvy and has the guts to lead where Obama has failed to lead.

We can’t survive four more years of Obama’s policies if Hilary is elected POTUS. And that’s what will happen if Trump takes over the Oval Office in November.