9-11 Why I’ll Never Forget

It is on this day that we remember one of the greatest American tragedies of all time.  The lives of nearly 3,000 people were lost that day.

If I think back, I can still feel the anger, fear, and sadness I felt that day.  It especially hit me hard, because in college I had worked as a janitor in the World Trade Center.

There were still many former co-workers of mine working in the buildings that day.  As I sat around the TV eagerly watching it all unfold I prayed for them.

Luckily, everyone I knew escaped unharmed.  The same, unfortunately, was not true for the families of the fallen.

So today we remember those we lost and pray for the families whose loved ones paid the ultimate sacrifice.

On TV you’ll certainly see many stories of the events that unfolded that day.  Though one of the most inspiring memories I have from the days that followed was this speech by President George W. Bush.

It’s a video that still gives me chills today.  Plus, it takes me back to a brief moment in time where we weren’t conservatives or liberals.  For those few days that followed we were all just Americans.

WE Will Never Forget.