Donald Trump Playing Democrats, and the Media, like a Fiddle

Donald Trump has cemented himself in the national media since announcing his run for the presidency. He toyed with the idea in 2008, but never seemed to fully jump into the circus better known as running for president. This time around, Trump has bolstered to the top of national polls, and while he remains close to Ted Cruz in Iowa, Trump currently holds nearly a 20 point lead nationally.

What stands out with regards to Donald Trump’s campaign against candidates on both sides of the political spectrum stands firm in the amount of media attention he receives. Most point to the comments Mr. Trump makes, seemingly on a weekly basis to fire up his supporters and draw even more attention to his campaign.

From nicknames of other candidates to possible policy ideas, Donald Trump remains the top target of media outlets not only in the United States but around the world. What most people simply don’t understand is this is all an organized design by Trump and his campaign. The simple fact of the matter is Donald Trump is playing not only the media, but riled up Democrats like a fiddle, with no end in sight.

The Master of Business

Donald Trump is a master of business. Nobody will deny that. He took a company his parents founded and has grown it numerous times over. He branded the Trump name into an international symbol, not only in real estate, but in clothing and entertainment.

Historically, Donald Trump sits right along John D. Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie, each of whom built their empires within different industries. Mr. Trump has even written several New York Times bestselling books on becoming successful in business. Within these books, Donald actually shares a bit of foreshadowing currently going on in his campaign.

As a major business owner, Donald understands the importance of staying at the center of attention. It draws eyes away from other possibilities. In his books, he wrote full chapters on making outlandish statements to stay in the limelight.

With this information, it is necessary to look at Mr. Trump’s campaign. He has made several comments that have riled up individuals, especially Democrats. These comments include most recently banning all Muslim immigrants from coming into the country while also saying Hillary Clinton got “schlonged.” It is not necessarily important what he said, but when he said it.

All of Mr. Trump’s more attention grabbing sayings or policy plans have come out if a negative poll comes out. He called for a stop on all incoming Muslim immigrants into the nation when Ben Carson delivered desirable poll numbers. He said what he did about Hillary Clinton when Ted Cruz showed favorable numbers. Immediately after Trump came out and said these things? His own numbers went up.

Mr. Trump knows exactly what he is doing playing the media. He has written entire chapters about it, and while he formerly used this to exploit the media in the business world, he is now doing it in the political world, and the media is feeding right into his plan. Additionally, the more Democrats complain and draw attention to what Trump says, the more attention he receives and the less attention their own campaigns receive. He truly is playing both media and Democrats like a fiddle.

Buy Low Sell High

Here’s the other bit of information many people are missing in regards to Donald Trump. With an extensive background in business, he understands the art of asking more than what he knows something is worth. If he plans on selling a piece of property worth $3 million, he’ll ask for $5 million. Why? Because business is all about compromise. You never receive your first asking price, but if you start out with more than what you actually know you’ll receive, you’ll always end up on top.

Donald Trump is applying this to the world of politics as well. He went out and called for a ban on all Muslim immigrants. Maybe he realistically wants that, maybe he doesn’t, but here’s the thing. He’s overshooting what he knows he will receive. The chances of Congress putting such a ban into place (at least a long lasting ban) is slim.

However, it gives him negotiation room, so while Congress doesn’t go for that, they agree on building a wall between Mexico. Now, it looks like both sides compromised, yet Trump received exactly what he wanted in the beginning.

Mr. Trump is playing the game perfectly, and while the country must wait to see if it takes him all the way to the White House, it is proving especially helpful for his campaign currently.

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