Illiberal Liberals: Think You Have a Liberal Friend? Think Again

If you think Liberals are, well- liberal- a recent Pew study has a surprise for you. The data shows that democrats, liberals, progressives, and other Marxist ideological tag-alongs are more likely to de-friend people on social media based on their political views than are people who hold more conservative views.

Psychology has a thing or two to say about the mental health of our illiberal friends as well. It seems conservatives aren’t just interested in saving money- they’re also better suited to keeping friends.

Liberals are well known for their self congratulating virtue signaling, and can be found patting themselves on the back for being “open-minded,” and “tolerant,” (although they are not satisfied with merely being tolerated).

They are also famous for constantly attempting to shame conservative people by calling them nasty names like bigot, narrow-minded, fascist, rigid thinkers and so on.

Well, this new study from the Pew Research center has got some news that begs to differ with the Liberal assessment of both themselves, and their perceived political opponents.

To make the result even more satisfying, the report, entitled: Political Polarization and Media Habits, is based on data found on a stronghold of Liberal ideology- Facebook.

As it turns out, self ascribed “consistent liberals” are markedly more likely than “consistent conservatives” to disassociate with people who hold different views to them.

According to The Daily Signal:

New Pew research concludes that “consistent liberals” are the most likely group in America to unfriend or block a person in social media else because they disagree on a political topic.

Approximately 4 out of 10 consistent liberals on the social media site, Facebook have unfriended or blocked someone because of a disagreement about politics.”

To put it more bluntly, the research has proven that people who regularly praise themselves and their ideological compatriots for being tolerant, open minded, and free of prejudice are more likely to alienate people who disagree with them.

It’s a sentiment that conservative You Tube Vlogger, Bernard Chapin, host of Chapin’s Inferno parodies saying; “I care. You don’t,” while patting himself on the back effusively.

We doubt you find this result terribly surprising. But it is satisfying to see the myth of liberal tolerance so roundly dismantled using the tool they believe to be their own personal weapon- science. What makes this trouncing of their self image important is that the myth of liberal tolerance comes from a gross misconception of what tolerance really means.

Tolerance does not mean that a person blindly embraces many different cultural norms and personal deviance from norms. That is what liberals mean by tolerance, but that is not what it is. According to the Oxford English Dictionary tolerance means something altogether different.

Tolerance: noun – The ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with

The word comes from a Middle English word which translates best to ‘forbearance’- that is to be long-suffering, the very thing which our block crazy ‘unfriends’ are most definitively not.

One does not display tolerance by the number of various differing things one is willing to embrace, adopt, bend over for and allocate food stamps to. One displays tolerance by putting up with things that one does not like.

One good example of this might be having a heated discussion via an Internet based forum whilst not permanently disabling all connections with that person.

It’s also interesting to note that calls for curtailments on free speech and open debate are frequently being lobbied at law makers by Liberals, Democrats and so-called Progressives. These people are definitively not tolerant- and in the classical sense, they are not even Liberal.

That term, in its purest form equates to what we refer to today as Libertarianism- fiscal conservatives who do not believe they have a right to regulate your personal behavior.

Modern, Liberals, cannot bear to even hear opposing views. When they do, they begin by hurling insults at the owner of the opposing view. They call you a racist, a homophobe- or whatever is most likely to get their friends to gang up on you before blocking you on social media.

Finally, it should be said that this study made no distinction between family and Facebook-friends, meaning that even conservative family members of liberals are not immune to the itchy block-button fingers of these Leftist totalitarian Judgment Queens.

In the end, we really aren’t terribly surprised. After all, leftism is about tearing things down, not building things up. But if you’re looking for a take away it might be this: if you have a liberal friend or relative who you do not want to send bleating into the woods never to see again- don’t tell them the truth about your intolerable conservative views.





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If You Think Liberals are More Open-Minded than Conservatives, You Should Check Out These Surprising Facebook Stats

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