Is the Mainstream Media Biased Against Donald Trump?

From broadcast network NBC to news channel CNN (occasionally referred to as the “Clinton News Network”) to newspapers such as The New York Times, much of the media has been accused of favoring Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over GOP candidate Donald Trump.

In the case of NBC, in particular, coverage of the contest appears so one-sided, it’s difficult to find instances where the former Secretary of State was cast in even a slightly negative light. Some commentators have started to say that NBC stands for “No Bad Clinton [News].”

Some of the Clinton scandals that NBC has given either scant or no coverage to include: Hillary’s lies to dead Benghazi contractors’ parents, dead DNC staffers related to Wikileaks’ DNC dumps, pay-for-play Clinton Foundation emails, gold star veteran father Khizr Khan’s Muslim organization connections, Muslim mass-murderer Omar Mateen’s father’s appearance at a Hillary Clinton rally, President Obama’s $400 million hostage ransom payment to Iran and Hillary Clinton’s poor health.

Instead, NBC, CNN and others seem to be fixated on bashing Donald Trump every chance they can get.

Oddly enough, the networks’ coverage of Trump appeared to be a lot more positive when he was still in the running against more than a dozen rival GOP candidates. It’s almost enough to make one think the media wanted Trump to win the GOP primaries, so he would be the one facing Hillary, rather than any of the other Republican contenders.

Newspapers also have been accused of pro-Hillary/anti-Trump bias. The Washington Post, a traditionally left-leaning paper now owned by founder Jeff Bezos, has blasted Trump with withering criticisms.

They’ve run ridiculous online headlines online like: “The 30-Second Video That Is Absolutely Devastating for Trump,” attempting to convince them that “Trump’s Shallowness Runs Deep” and that “The Republican Party Has Lost Its Soul.” Recent headlines bragged that “Donald Trump Is Suffering from Mushroom Breath” and that the “Unbearable Stench of Trump’s B.S.” threatens American voters.

An op-ed for the paper in May essentially confessed this bias, pointing to a recent story by its reporter Matt Zapotosky, which claimed that authorities had found “scant evidence that Clinton had malicious intent” in her handling of her private email server.

The writer of the op-ed admitted that the story basically planted “the suggestion that intent has to be ‘malicious’ before there’s a crime,” and that “it seems the media are willing to accept that being a selfish, paranoid, sinister miscreant who thinks the rules don’t apply to her is insufficient to bring criminal charges — as long as that person’s name is Hillary Clinton.”

Even the normally liberal U.K. Guardian newspaper declared that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump appear to be “a special case where the rules don’t apply.”

Veteran political consultant Pat Caddell says that “this is the story of the election. It is the story of the year.” Caddell believes that in July, “there was a pall hanging over the Democratic convention — that pall was corruption.”

Caddell believes this corruption was “not mentioned, never discussed, just like the Clinton Foundation was never mentioned… The mainstream media, which is in the tank, in the most violent way, against Donald Trump and for Hillary Clinton, that I have ever seen in the 45 years that I have been at the top of presidential politics. And it is terrifying. It’s not what they’re telling us; it’s what they’re omitting to tell us. Not that they’re just for Hillary, and telling us that Trump is evil, and my God, no human being could possibly vote for him. It is what they are omitting, the facts that they will not tell the American people.”

Caddell believes that Trump should hammer away at the media, “case by case, [against] corruption and its influence on the screwing of the middle class, and all classes in this country. The Clinton Foundation is literally a RICO case waiting, and nobody will say anything. She can get away with anything because this whole system is corrupt.”

Of especial concern, according to Caddell, is polling that’s being reported in the media. He cited a particularly egregious example in the outright rigging of a poll conducted by news agency Reuters. The poll was an overnight “tracking poll,” a type which is “inherently statistically problematic” from the outset due to its small sample size of voters.

In the poll in question, Caddell said that Trump’s numbers had been “steadily rising — and [Reuters] became, obviously, alarmed. They went back, and they changed the way they were asking their questions. Not only did they say, ‘we don’t think we’re doing this right,’ and make a forward-going change, which they call ‘tweaking.’ They made a change that went back and change[d] the numbers that they had already reported last week, and then ‘disappeared’ all of their previous results.”

“This was an act to put her ahead,” he asserted. “They went with this five-point shift, and they went back and made almost a nine-point shift in the results, from [July] 26th, which was Tuesday, and a five-point shift in the results that were Monday, and changed those numbers. Never in my life have I ever seen this. They were cooking the numbers. Cooking them,” Caddell claims.

“All of the media believes the American people are yokels, and that they are fools, and they’re there to be manipulated, so that they – the press, the better people – can set the tone… When you go, and you decide, ‘My God, we can’t report those results, it’s helping Trump,’ so that in order to do it, you have to cook your numbers, and your polling – and you can do it in so many ways, you can do it in the way you ask the questions, the sequencing, whatever. But to just go back and say, ‘we’ll take these people out, and give them to her,’ is unbelievable. And that’s what it appears they’ve done.”

~American Liberty Report

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