Outrage Disparity: How Much Will the Media let the Left Get Away With?

Every election comes with heavy doses of mudslinging, backbiting, and dirty laundry pilferage. This election is no different. We’ve seen it the heaviest with Trump and all the trumped up charges about his supposed bigotry and cherry picked stories about his less than spectacular business ventures. But there’s something about the disparity between the ways the other candidates are being treated by the press that stinks.

Recently, some dirt came out on both Senators Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. Mind you, it’s dirt that has very little existential relevance- it’s just some superficial indiscretions of the candidate’s younger days coming to the surface.

Although, if you want to get up in arms about either of them, one of the two is far more disturbing than the other… Take a moment to guess who, if you care to.

As it goes, a video of Mr. Cruz has come to light wherein a young college aged Ted Cruz is being videotaped by a friend and asked a few silly questions.

Some of his responses were along the lines of, “I’d like to achieve world domination,” “I think it would be fun to be in a titty movie.”

When asked about his future aspirations, he quipped- quite wittily- “Aspirations. What is that, sweat on my butt?” A somewhat obscene but harmless answer, and- I would say, rather funny.

That’s about as deep as it goes for the Cruz side of this dirty laundry airing. But you wouldn’t think so if you’d heard some of the liberal media’s complaints about how frightening it is that Cruz once said he had his sights set on world domination.

For one thing, he was clearly joking. For another, what healthy 18-year-old male doesn’t want to rule the world?

Personally, I think the Cruz Teen Aspirations video makes him seem more human, more likable- and you’ve got to hand it to him- he was a pretty handsome kid. If he’d lose some of the weight he’s packed on since he might come off a bit more presidential.

The Bernie Sanders’ revelation is somewhat more on the darker side of the spectrum. Recently, a national publication published an essay by Senator Sanders in which the candidate for the Democratic nomination describes, in vivid detail, women who have fantasies about being subjected to gang-rape.

In the same essay, Sanders also wrote about men who achieve sexual thrills imagining scenarios where they force women into violent and degrading sex acts the likes of which should have feminists up in arms. But they aren’t.

President Obama has been at the spearhead of many feminist initiatives which many have called anti-male, that ignore the disproportionate rates of male suicide, homelessness, workplace deaths, and unfair treatment in Family Courts.

He hasn’t had a single public thing to say about the frightening essay written by Senator Sanders. Even the Clinton campaign has been silent about it.

So why the silence?

Why would the media and democrats take the time to sucker punch Ted Cruz about a silly youthful indiscretion, and say nothing about Sander’s rape fantasy?

It’s a question that their supposed liberal ethics cannot answer, and one where pure political self-interest seems to explain their behavior better than just about anything.

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