The Tragedy in Paris – Our Next Steps

As you undoubtedly know by now a terrible tragedy took place on the streets of Paris this past Friday.  The death toll has risen to 129 with close to a hundred more who are said to be in critical condition.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those personally affected by this act of terror.

With any major tragedy, like this one, the questions start to arise…

Why did this happen?  Could anything have been done to prevent it?  How do we prevent attacks like this from happening again?

While there are certainly things that we can and should do, many people fail to realize the unfortunate reality of the world.

Bad people WILL ALWAYS find ways to do bad things.

We can change gun laws, we can change immigration policies, and we can attack the groups who commit these terrible acts.

We will not be able to eliminate evil from the world.

Paris has very restrictive gun laws.  Those laws did nothing to protect the citizens of Paris from these savages.

Terrorists and criminals do not follow laws.  They never have and they never will.

Now I don’t say all of this to convey a message of hopelessness.  Most people on this earth are essentially good people.  It is important for each and every one of us to remain vigilant.

If you live in a state where you can conceal carry a weapon you may want to exercise that right.  It is your personal responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones.  You still may not be able to defend against the lunatics of the world, but at least you’ll have a line of defense.

I can hear the pounding of the keyboard from the anti-gun crowd now.  Angrily writing their hate mail… “How can I possibly be advocating more guns in the wake of this tragedy?”

Criminals and terrorists are going to do whatever they want.  If you’re a responsible gun owner you have the right to protect yourself.

I’m not naïve enough to think armed citizens would prevent a Paris like attack from ever happening here.  But maybe it can help a husband to make it home to his wife one night.  Or allow a mother make it home to tuck her boys into bed.

Unfortunately, we’ll never eliminate crazy.  Stay safe out there.

Let’s get into some feedback…

Here were a few reader comments on the Starbucks red coffee cups…

“I don’t think snowflakes and other symbols were removed from Starbucks cups. “Merry Christmas” was removed. A direct attack on Christmas and Christians. Starbucks and your mail are out of line. And you can both shove it.”


My comment: Del, thanks for your email, I hate how everything has become so anti-Christmas but you’re wrong, the Starbucks cups never said Merry Christmas.  They were usually just snowmen and things like that.  I heard that Starbucks sells advent calendars and even has a special “Christmas” blend of coffee.

“I have told everyone who has mentioned that they are offended by Christmas and all its symbols that that is OK by me, but then I expect them work the whole day on 12/24 and to show up to work on Christmas Day and work diligently for the full 8 hours without complaint!  And if they profess to have no religion, then they can work on EVERY religious holiday, again without complaint.

I’ve yet to have anyone agree to these terms.”


My comment: Harding, this is so good.  If you don’t mind I’m stealing this and using it myself.  Thank you.

In that same email I also covered my take on the debacle at the University of Missouri.  We received a ton of comments on this message, most agreed, but some didn’t.

We appreciate all the feedback we receive and read each one that comes in.  If you missed this email and would like a copy you can email our customer service team by replying to this email and they’ll forward it along to you.

Here was some of the feedback from that letter.

“I’m a Christian too! I do not take offense to the Starbucks Red cup! & as a white father of 6 young African American young men, I totally disagree with your opinion on the Missouri protest ! You need to start loving ! & please quit hating!!!! How can you be a Christian & feel like this? I love you !!!! & God loves you too!”


My comment: Doug, thank you for your email and for being a father to six young men.  I’m not sure how my message was one of hate.  I clearly denounced the racist acts and believe all racism is bad.  I just believe that the protests were incredibly misdirected.  It wasn’t let’s find the people who did these things and kick them out of school.  It instead was the white president needs to step down, because he’s white.

I don’t like it how people are labeled as racist because of disagreeing with how things are handled.  I noticed this with the Michael Brown case.  If you’re white and thought the police officer acted in self-defense the radical left labeled you as a racist.

What? How is that racist?  No one is advocating the targeting of innocent black men. 

“You have no clue what you’re talking about!  I live in Columbia!  It’s not fair outrage.  It’s not a few racist events recently by knuckleheads.  This has been going on for over 10 years!  Hundreds of incidents.  It’s a hostile environment for our minority students.  The university has completely ignored the issue.  Shame on them and shame on you as a Christian I am offended that anyone would once again blame the victims.  Time and the again we see it…victim blaming.”


My Comment: Dean, first off I never blamed the victims.  Those who were targeted by racial slurs like the student body president have a right to be upset.  They also have right to seek punishment of those who hurled these racial slurs at them.  What I did not see is how the University president caused this or ignored it.

“Concerned group 1950 are a bunch of crybabies, insecure black racists. There’s racism in every nation big and small across this planet yet America is the ONLY one where an individual can go from rags to riches with hard work discipline and sacrifice or win the mega millions jackpot. No, sir you’re no cranky white dude. You’re just right. God Bless you, and God Bless America.”


My comment: You’re right Marie individuals of all races can make it in this country.  It’s what makes America great.  This includes the father of the Missouri student who went on the hunger strike who made over $8.4 million last year alone.

“The red coffee cups are nothing compared to the resignation of Wolfe at the University.  I am bothered that people’s lives are being ruined by a few people of color with unfortunate demands and cries.

I’m afraid, because this could spread all over campus’ all throughout the US.

That being said….the abnormal again becomes the norm.  Very sad”


My comment: Sandra, the truly sad thing is this already is happening on campuses across the country.

“I agree whole heartedly on both issues.  Both are trivial and/or misplaced emphases that distract us from real issues, as you pointed out.  I, too, was disturbed by this example of a tiny group of disgruntled students who were taken far too seriously by the authorities.  While I understand that Mr. Wolfe bowed out rather than continue a probably fruitless attempt to find a rational solution to the crudeness of some of the students, this may only give consent to more and more of the same nonsense.  Where will this end?   

We really and truly need a President and cabinet that are less openly intent on dividing this country and society, constantly setting up one group against the rest, causing a lot of unnecessary turmoil while solving nothing at all.  This is not what the founding fathers had in mind.”


That’s all for today.  Look forward to speaking with you again later this week.  Take care, stay safe, and love all.

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