WikiLeaks Releases 70,000 Macron Emails

WikiLeaks has released a massive cache of hacked emails belonging to the anti-nationalist president Emmanuel Macron. The election was an upset where his opponent, Marine Le Pen, the pro-French sovereignty, pro-Brexit/Frexit candidate, was seen as having a clear path to victory.

Just as the Brexit vote the year before has been widely likened to the election of Donald Trump as a mandate by the people for less corruption in government, the French presidential election was a stunning turnover. Rumors of voter fraud being passed around by the time Macron gave his victory speech at the foot of a neon lit pyramid.

Just days before the final vote, the Macron campaign released a statement claiming that it had been the target of a “massive coordinated” computer hacking attack in which they lost control of more than 9 gigabytes of data including personal documents.

As a response, the French electoral commission prohibited any French media outlets from publishing information about the contents of the leaked emails. Immediately, speculations began to be aired that the hack may have been the work of Russian agents. But the authorities quickly put an end to this by declaring that the hacks contained “no evidence of Russian hackers.” France’s head of cyber security, Guillaume Poupard, told the AP news wire that the computer attack was “so generic and simple that it could have been done by practically anyone.”

Now, as a response to WikiLeaks releasing the Macron emails, with the confirmation that the hack was not Russian hidden by being full two months down the memory hole, allegations are being tabled that WikiLeaks is a Russian asset. Julian Assange, the head of WikiLeaks, maintains that the emails have been verified using the organization’s DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) system which is reputed to be infallible.

What’s ironic about the recent announcement is that it comes only when Macron’s approval ratings have taken a sudden freefall over the globalist policies that the French president is imposing. These policies include laws and regulations that increase the scope of sanctuary cities, increased admissions of unvetted immigrants to the country, and social programs that hurt the working class. But despite this, the French people- and the world- are expected to believe that the hacking which French cyber security experts said could have been done by anyone- was done by Russia and that it matters.

The parallels in French politics to American politics this year are surprising. In both countries, there are leftist movements pushing for conflict with Russia and accusing their political opponents of conspiring with those same Russians while calling anyone who disbelieves them conspiracy theorists.

According to WikiLeaks, this story is about to become even more interesting as the publisher says there is now a full archive of the emails available online for anyone to view. The archive contains 71,848 emails at present, with over 26,500 attachments connected to nearly 5,000 unique users. WikiLeaks commented that in addition to the DKIM verifications, all of the emails contain portions of related emails and are cross referential. This means any email in the cache that may have questionable verification can be contextually connected to an email that is solidly verified.

WikiLeaks writes, “As the emails are often in chains and include portions of each other, it is usually possible to confirm the integrity [of] other emails in the chain as a result of the DKIM verified emails within it.”

Researchers are saying that the parallels between the Macron election and hacking to the American 2016 Presidential election and subsequent controversies are significant. But the differences are equally interesting. Unlike the American election, the party crying Russian hacking cannot claim that the hack caused them to lose the election- since Macron did not lose.

Today, even the leftist American media is cringing over the ongoing inability of Hillary Clinton to take even the smallest amount of responsibility for her loss in the election. She continues to blame Trump, Russia, and the American people. It’s curious because it begs the question would Macron have done the same thing? Would he have toured France blaming his loss on bigotry and foreign collision?

Likely not. But what is certain is this, during Bush W.’s presidency, the liberal media and Democrats loved WikiLeaks. In those days, the publisher of government leaks detailing corruption was their best friend and Julian Assange could do no wrong. This time around, WikiLeaks is being called a Russian conspirator, and calls for the assassination of Julian Assange are as common as Hillary’s excuses.

~ American Liberty Report