Another Collusion Swamp Creature Gets Away Scot-Free

President Donald Trump said recently that he’s been “very unhappy” with the performance of Attorney General Bill Barr. Who could blame him? After years of foot-dragging by everyone at the Department of Justice and the FBI, a group of co-conspirators who committed sedition and possibly treason – right on live, televised hearings in front of all of us – is still walking around breathing free air. Bruce Ohr, a Justice Department lawyer who was a key player in the conspiracy against a sitting president, was just allowed to resign from his job the day before he was about to be fired.

The collusion hoaxers encountered a big problem back during the 2016 election. Hillary Clinton had hired a former foreign spy – Christopher Steele – through Fusion GPS to fabricate the collusion hoax. Steele was leaking allegations from his fake Russian collusion “dossier” to the media and collecting a paycheck from the FBI at the same time. Steele’s misinformation was being published by the media and then James Comey’s crew at the FBI – “the right people,” as Barack Obama would call them in a meeting a few months later – used the media reports as “evidence” to spy on members of the Trump campaign.

Steele got sloppy and he got caught leaking. Again, the FBI didn’t mind Steele leaking his fake reports to the press. They needed that to happen. But when Steele got caught, the FBI was forced to fire him and kick him off the payroll. This presented a problem for Hillary Clinton, the FBI and Fusion GPS. They still wanted Steele’s fake Russian potty dossier contents, but Steele could no longer walk them through the front door at the FBI.


That’s when Bruce Ohr came into the picture, according to Ohr’s own closed-door testimony before the House. His wife, Nellie Ohr, was already working at Fusion GPS, furiously trying to dig up dirt on Donald Trump’s children. It sounds like a joke, but Nellie Ohr really was investigating young Barron Trump to see whether he was shaking other kids down for lunch money at school or passing along information to shady Russians.

Steele worked at for the same employer as Nellie Ohr and they were working together on the “Trump project,” plus Steele had been an acquaintance of Bruce Ohr’s for years. (All of this is public record after the transcripts of their House interviews were declassified last year.)

So, Christopher Steele got together with the Ohrs for dinner one night in July of 2016 and hatched another part of the plot against the president. Christopher Steele couldn’t give his fake Trump “intelligence” to the FBI any longer, but Bruce Ohr could take Steele’s info and hand-deliver it to the FBI. Which Bruce Ohr proceeded to do, over and over again, during the runup to the 2016 election.

Keep in mind that Bruce Ohr’s work really had nothing to do with intelligence gathering. But he was allowed by the Department of Justice and the FBI to take Steele’s Russian potty dossier files into the FBI and say, “Oh, hey guys, I just happened to stumble upon some Russian intelligence and here it is.”

Even though Christopher Steele had been fired by the FBI and it was known that his information was phony, it still made its way into the FBI offices thanks to Bruce Ohr. That fake “intel” was ultimately included in the FISA warrants against Trump campaign staffers.

Bruce Ohr made it happen for his team. He probably had fun doing it. The geeky lawyer probably felt like he was in a James Bond movie, sneaking files into the FBI under everyone’s noses.

Ohr admitted to his role in the coup attempt against President Trump. His behavior was so outlandish that he was about to be fired this week – at long last – due to the findings in the Inspector General report last year. But the DOJ gave him plenty of notice that he was going to be fired, so Ohr resigned. Ohr won’t be charged with a crime, he’ll get to keep his taxpayer-funded pension and he won’t even have to put the fact that he was fired on his resumé.

The House Oversight Committee sent a criminal referral to the DOJ more than a year ago, related to Nellie Ohr. They believe she lied to Congress under oath. More than a year ago – and still, nothing has happened.

We should brace ourselves for more of these non-events related to the criminal conspiracy against our president. At this point, it seems futile to hold out hope that US Attorney John Durham or Attorney General Bill Barr plan to charge any of the co-conspirators. No wonder the president is “very unhappy” with Barr.

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169 thoughts on “Another Collusion Swamp Creature Gets Away Scot-Free”

  1. Bill Barr and John Durham are up to their necks in the swamp!They may even be part of the criminal conspiracy attempting to overthrow the sitting president of the united states of america’this has gone too far! They are trying to sweep this under the table until after Nov.3rd .They are hoping that President Trump will loose the election ,and none of this will even come to light!The swamp is even deeper than we could have ever guessed!The whole Government is corrupt.They do`nt represent We the People at all, they want raw power!Why is it that our so called representatives are multi millionaires?Influence pedaling , thats why!Term limits are the only way to turn this around,but guess who gets vote for it.the same people who vote themselves raises!If the American People don`t do something now then our Republic is done for .Flood your representatives with Emails and Tweets now , not later ,we have untill Nov 3rd!!!!

    1. FIRE BARR IMMEDIATELY, along with DURHAM ; They knew time constrictions going in and there are no guarantees that POTUS will get re-elected and if he doesn’t they’ll brush this under the CARPET and they’ll both still have a job with O’BIDEN CABAL, so what’s their IN$CENTIVE to $OLVE these CRIMES against “We the People”?
      TRUTHFULLY I feel like DURHAM and BARR are SWAMP CREATURES also!

        1. Trump. I use to be a Democrat. Never again. That pathetic group has lost its way. If poor Biden is elected, Jimmy Carter will go to 2 of the list of poor performing Presidents. The difference
          is Jimmy Carter was/is a good honest and righteous man. Biden has not been or is any of those.

          1. Terry Myers, Dems who WalkAway, even you, are learning what it really means to be an American. There is no place these miscreants can hide from us, we will find them and expose them, and send them out of town on a rail, covered in tar and feathers. I love it. We have a duty as Americans, to thwart the designs of evil men/women bent on enslaving us, this is not a country of Slavery, but we are All Freeborn here.

          2. God bless you Terry! And the REST of us are SO GLAD to have you join us! America needs ALL her patriots right now!

        2. Trump! He has the best intention towards this country! The Dems want to destroy this country and put socialism in, which is a form of communism! I can’t imagine any one wanting socialism above FREEDOM! I will take freedom above Socialism!! Barr needs to think what he is doing! These people need to be brought up on charges now! He should do the right thing for the people of America and his country, not criminals!!

          1. At some point a few months ago, there was a statement from Barr saying he and his family were being threatened. Never heard anything else, but…all of a sudden Barr backed off of discussing any of his discoveries with the Fake News Media! Or any other media! He just caved on all information he had that would put some of the thugs involved in prison!! HE IS SCARED!!! Not good for an Attorney General!!! Trump has needed both Barr and Durham to step up and do something! They both are chicken! Makes me sick! So crooked and pathetic!!

        3. Trump! He has the best intention towards this country! The Dems want to destroy this country and put socialism in, which is a form of communism! I can’t imagine any one wanting socialism above FREEDOM! I will take freedom above Socialism!! Barr needs to think what he is doing! These people need to be brought up on charges now! He should do the right thing for the people of America and his country, not criminals!!

          1. There are a lot of us in agreement but our voices will not be heard because we have lost the communication battle. we not only have to fight the corruption of the Swamp but also the Media. Now we have to fight Twitter, Facebook, Msnbc CBS ABC NBC New York Times washington Post etc. He who controls communications wins the war. Example (Iran war 2)

        4. We need to get organized like the anarchists in this country. Obviously, they’re the only ones the ones in power listen to. I am not saying to behave like them. We need to peacefully protest with the correct signage to send our message that they make us want to puke every time we read something like this and that something has to change. ie. TERM LIMITS NOW. ARREST THE CRIMINALS. DRAIN THE SWAMP. LITTLE PEOPLE MATTER.

          1. of course the should what about clinton,barr you have done nothing wray been witholding information both corrupt

        5. I will vote for Donald Trump regardless of what the Dems put out.If we the people don’t see some prosecutions take place it is going to be hell to pay.I am sure I am not the only one fed up with this crap.

        6. Trump! Biden is a lying crook who is not even deserving to be leader of a toilet bowl crew! He will destroy this country & its people because of his greed! If you want to live in a socialist country so bad then go visit Venezuela. I want my freedom & the way I live to be my own choice not the radicals lefts! No one is going to control the way I live & raise my taxes so high & tell me what I’m allowed to do & dictate how I’m allowed to live!! A vote for Biden is a vote for evil!

        7. You are so right!!! This is so scary! I think if they’re not part of the deep state- they are afraid of being killed by the Clinton Mafia!

        8. The President, Donald Trump, who is trying so hard to drain the swamp of these crooked creatures. What he has accomplished under these adverse conditions is truly remarkable.

        9. Already early voted for out OUTSIDER President Trump because I want to see law, order & justice returned to this nation with laws applied equally to all. Also because I want to see that law, order & justice meted out to all the insiders, including insider congressional members meted out to those who have been betraying us, masquerading as congressional members while they were working with the new world order to destroy our nation from within. They are all guilty of sedition, treason & crimes against humanity.
          That false flag event of 9/11/2001 which is one of the crimes 2 former FBI agents accused James Comey & then FBI Diector Robert Mueller of blocking investigation of and covering up was a mass murder event that everyone connected to it should not be allowed to walk away from. The victim’ survivors deserve to see some JUSTICE meted out on that one, but there are also many more . There has been a leak that GWB has already pleaded guilty to treason, human trafficking, helping his father cover u;p his crimes & his part in 9/11/2001 & also said to be singing like a canary on the deep state establishment,.

        10. I am voting for President THe whole congress and senate should be completely cleaned of OLD political liars and thieves!! I am disappointed in the President that he did nor have TERMLIMITS on the ballets!! Thes ols snakes keep coming back like Oslima! No government jobs after their term is served and no meddining in government after like Oslima! he is going to run instead of OLD JOE!!!

      1. Trump is the only shot at saving America and our way of life, If the left gets in we can kiss America as we know it goodbye!

      2. If POTUS is NOT reelected the USA will turn into a 3rd world “shithole”…..This guaranteed….WAKE UP……VOTE Trump 2020….and Republican ALL across the ballot…..Make Congress great again

        1. We all have to take our Constitution copies to our Sheriffs and demand he arrest all those Swampsters. It is not about voting at all, we are being misled even by our own most esteemed lawyers, who of them all has said this? Who of Fox News or anyone, has said this, But our own Ignorance of the Constitution and God’s Will for all People, is the FIRST Problem all along. As a matter of fact the Constitution’s most important clause therein, is where it says “no law shall be used to DISPARAGE” our Constitutional Rights. Therefore this election is a fake election on Biden’s and the DNCs parts because it is UNLAWFUL for any Communist to run for office, and the premise that anyone can vote for unlawful edicts, even ultimately for the purpose of DISPARAGING our Constitutional Rights to Life & Liberty, is not legal to even vote on or for, in America! Even to have a Commie Gov, our voting right cannot be used to DISPARAGE ANY our Constitutional Rights to Life Liberty and Freedom and all that. Total fraud, why do the lawyers allow the Dems to PRETEND they have authority to do this?, to get away with pretending they have Authority to vote away our Constitutional Rights? Why? Nobody can!!! It is written in Stone, absolutely! Nobody needs all the lawyers or Judges to figure it out, they aren’t saying it, so they have to be in on the fraud! WE HAVE TO DEMAND IT OR ELSE. Goferit. Call your Sheriffs!!!

          1. Is it time for the American Patriots to rise up it is time for we the people to punish these traditions. That Includes Barr and all of his so called co-conspirators.
            They have destroyed lives and businesses with their phony witch hunt against our President, even a lot of Republicans are just as Corrupt as the Democrats. They all need to go. To bad we can’t do it all at once.

      3. I figured that Barr and Durham were part of the swamp or have been compromised. They have taken way too long, when the evidence is still out there. This is insane on how swamp creatures are not held accountable for crimes committed. Our government is a disgrace. The swamp and the like have to be distroy, because they do miserables and devilish things in our country. When officials don’t follow protocols in regards of following our laws, then they too are our enemy.

      4. And President Trump should fire _every single_ DOJ and FBI employee that isn’t 100% loyal to the President, no matter who he is. This will invite lawsuits, but the attitude should be, “bring it on.”

        1. President Trump has ordered AG Barr to investigate the Joe and Hunter corruption scandel. If he does nothing, then we will know he is a member of the swamp!!!

      5. What happened with Jay Sekulow and his laywers. They did a good job defending the president. They may put these people behind bars.

      6. I feel same way. They both should have already charged, and idicted several we ALREADY know are guilty, strok page,comey brennan ohr hillary,biden etc

      1. Not only are term limits needed but so also fair labor hiring practices in selecting. government employees! Currently nearly 90% of all government employees are card carrying, contributing members of the Democratic Party! Hardly fair…there should be 50/50 representation!!! Just another reason the swamp is controlling us. Another point to be made for a Constitutional Convention!!!

      1. Remember Soros has voting machines. He rigged them for Obama and would have for HRC but she was sure she would win without them. You can bet they are set for Biden this time. If you vote on a machine be sure to check who you voted for, before pulling that lever.


          1. Have you ever seen a poor politician?….Trump doesn’t need bribe money…..he’s already a rich billionaire…..VOTE Trump and ALL Republicans across the ballot…..Bring American back again…

          2. Are there ANY GOOD HONEST people out there, that includes all politicians and government workers. What is this teaching our children–that if you work for the government, federal or state, you can get by with criminal acts? I am so ashamed of how this is happening and we the hard working people are paying for all of this! May God help us all!

          3. Call your Sheriff to arrest the Liars & Thieves & Killers, for violation of our Right to Life & Liberty, even disparaging our Rights by means of illegal/unlawful VOTING, or Public Tantrums and Unlawful Activities; Nobody has Authority in America to Deny our Rights though the process of Voting, or any purely Bureaucratic Decree or so called Regulation, even whatever means by which they are compelled in their criminal mentality to contrive. Period. Then get out the TAR & FEATHERS and RUN THEM OUT OF TOWN ON A RAIL. If we do not do that, and let them disparage our own Children’s Constitutional and God Given Rights, and usurp their/our own Inheritance in America, Well, we deserve what insults we get, every inch of it. Cowardice, Complacency and Ignorance do not perpetuate Stability and Prosperity and Godliness. Only Saving Truth will save us now, only Saving Truth, which I have told you and now you know!

      2. AMEN SISTER SUZIE!!!!!!!!!! These people should be made to leave this country and go back where they came from.

      1. What is the up side of firing Barr & Durham now; of course after calling in a legal team to analyze all the evidence, and as to when this evidence was first available so that Barr & Durnham can be charged for providing obstruction to justice. File the charges. If the Constitution affirms the putting in of a Supreme Court justice, then charges can be put now. It shouldn’t matter when the charges are put up, Treason is a crimnal offense and should warrant a court hearing. So. President Trump in order to complete a worth while effort of providing justice to the American people as well as supporting Ur family’s integrity and to Ur millions of voters-do the final step-charge the swamp and go on record of finishing Ur job. U deserve it, Ur family deserves it, and and the good guys deserve it.

        1. Why does it take a AG to file charges.Why can’t the President take the evidence and file charges with the help of other legal help besides the AT???????

          1. Our local elected Sheriffs can file the criminal charges and make arrests. We don’t need to bother the Prez about all that. Do that in our own communities, even wheresoever those criminals are taking root to destroy our Right to Life & Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness. The Sheriffs can do that, being elected. Voting for any decree or appointment that DISPARAGES OUR RIGHTS under our Constitution, is MOOT., does not authorize Criminality and Criminal Decrees or Appointments to any Elected or Otherwise Office, or any activities by any groups or mobs. Stick to your guns, don’t t let the Thieves, Liars and Killers rob you of your Right to Be. Americans are not born to be Feudal slaves. We know Life has no purpose without Freedom, and it is OUR job to protect what we OWN, and we OWN this Country and Lands.

        1. Patty, not only can they run, but have been voted in !! I.E, Clinton and Obama!!
          I am SO disappointed in Barr and Durham. I was expecting great things from them. But I guess they fooled all of us, didn’t they?Fire both of them now and let’s hope this country and President Trump will get justice with the help of a true and honest AG soon.

        2. Patty Hames; Criminals can try to run for office but must be exposed and run out of town on a RAIL. Or they will return to reap havoc on our Children. Voting does not authorize criminals in their mischiefs. Stand your ground. That is what being an American is all about.

    2. As an American citizen I have come to the conclusion that no one in DC has to pay for their crimes or lies unless it furthers the left’s agenda. It is sad that our country has come to this, but justice is no longer equal in this country and it is becoming even more lopsided as time goes on. The ordinary conservative person in America doesn’t have a chance at justice any more.

      1. tTopper Baker, Greetings and thank you for your observations, but I beg to disagree. We are Americans, We all Know Life has no Substance nor Purpose without our God Divinely Appointed Right to Life, Truth, and Freedom. When we stop fighting for that, we are just allowing these Lesser Authorities who are lowlife and a den of thieves, to Cancel US. But as Americans we have a duty to God and our Children to fight back and expose these Miscreants. And a responsibility to Expose them to our dying breath even. And when fighting the Wicked it is always good to remember, their End is soon, and with Satan, they will all burn. Who remains strong and faithful, will Overcome the Devil and his Wiles, and nullify his evil Minions.

    3. Exactly right!! Thank you. I hope your note goes viral as the information is true. Also add Betty de Vos has done nothing but make the educational system the handyman of the Swamp. There should be NO federal educational system. It is a failure and has been instrumental in creating several generations of illiterate people…people who cannot do elementary math, read and analyze or exercise their god given right to understand and use logic.

    4. If Durham and Barr don’t bring comey and a bunch of others up on charges to convict = Jail time .
      For sure head of FBI Christopher Ray should have been
      Fired a long ago he is a Obama swamp creature .and needs to go.
      If nothing big happens soon by Jan before the president
      Starts his 2nd term both Barr and Durham need
      To be fired ,That is for sure!!

    5. I completely agree with you. I’m very disappointed in these two characters as they turn out to be major swamp players. I think that the corruption in our government is so extensive that nothing short of a true revolution can possibly fix it.

    6. Trump has to play it right and cant tell the enemy his plan to take them out, ya’ll!!!! They are throwing off the DS by saying this about Barr and Durham!! ..Barr n Durham wont be doing the arrests anyway!! There will be Military trails for the “big” swamp dwellers , instead!!!!!! Think about it!! Trump is getting the military “in place” for the arrests, under the guise of distributing vaccines, we dont really have… Since when does the military give vaccines??? LOL Trump is a genus!! dont forget that!!! NEVER, EVER underestimate him!!

      1. Terri L Davis, Like our Leader said before all of his own, “All Assets Are Deployed”. He always surprises me! I laughed when I heard him say this.!

    7. Yeayeah where is the justice Mr.Barr? You should have enough evidence to prosecute them all. Or are you being bought off by the deep state. The DOJ have dragged your feet for 2.5 years on this.

    8. Trump has to play it right and cant tell the enemy his plan to take them out, ya’ll!!!! They are throwing off the DS by saying this about Barr and Durham!! ..Barr n Durham wont be doing the arrests anyway!! There will be Military trails for the “big” swamp dwellers , instead!!!!!! Think about it!! Trump is getting the military “in place” for the arrests, under the guise of distributing vaccines, we dont really have… Since when does the military give vaccines??? LOL Trump is a genus!! dont forget that!!! NEVER, EVER underestimate him!!

    9. The American people deserve better. Since when do these corrupt dems and so-called leaders at the fbi and doj who committed treason get off Scott free. This is an outrage and they must be brought to justice immediately!

    10. Why do we think Trump surrounds himself with his family members in the White House? So obvious isn’t it? Who else is able to be trusted in all of this! Go Trump! Term limits! Clean this swamp!

    11. I think it stinks. Bill Barr & Durham aren’t going to do a damm thing. I’m very troubled with both of them. I believe they are part of the whole thing. They both deserve to be fired. It can’t be fast enough for them to be a snake in the grass. I hope they are both taken down. SOON IT CAN’T BE FAST ENOUGH. I’m so disgusted. We have been dooped by the establishment. Once again!!!!!!

    12. The Big Issue is Christopher Wray! He , Comey, and Muller tripled up against George Bush during his administration. They have been thick as theives for a long time. He represents a powerful branch of the SWAMP who are presently using their muscle even against the department of Justice. Their power of influence in our government is very evident, as the reluctance of the department of justice to produce anything before the election. If Bill Barr comes forward with anything incriminating of the swamp creatures before the election, and Biden wins….It is almost certain that William Barr will go away with the similar demise as General Petraeus and Paul Manafort.

    13. Depends on how deep you have been thinking, Think most of us have been aware of corruption in many departments of the federal government for a long time: CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ, EPA, BLM which works out of the Dept, of the Interior, Dept. of Education with its new world order common core corruption crap, FDA, CDC, puppet INSIDER presidents & a majority of INSIDER congressional members & many top level individuals in other departments.

    14. I need for the House and the Senate to vote infavor of term limits.
      I also need the Senate and House to vote against allowing lobiest to pay Senators and Representatives for favors given to their companies or their interest on a bill to be passed or not.

    15. FIRE THEM. They don’t deserve to be in office. if they cant support president then get rid of the they are part of the swamp .I’m sick of them dragging their feet

    16. It really pisses me off that the LEADERS (Obama, etc.) get away with everything (because they have so much $$$)
      Don’t people realize where the Obama’s live? They didn’t get all that $$$ being in the white house.


    17. I thought that we could trust Barr and Durham. Obviously, I was wrong. We need to demand that this issue be resolved now. We need to have all of the documentation regarding this 4 year investigation. Both Durham and Barr should be fired. It makes me sad that there are no more honest people in government. If there is every a place where there should be Honor, Character and Integrity, the government is it. I did hear today that Nancy Pelosi is coming up for re-election in November, so I’m hoping that people will vote her Out. That would solve a lot of our problems, along with shifty Schiff. We can only hope.

    18. Nancy Pelosi voted herself a 40,000 pay raise in the last coronavirus relief bill.
      President Trump cut 60 million of taxpayers money from Title x, that was being funneled to planned parenthood, so Pelosi is trying to use our coronavirus relief money to refund projects Trump has defunded as they are illegal. He has tried to clean up government waste and it’s got the recipients pissed off because now they actually have to work for a living.
      The only way Trump is going to be able to clean up the swamp is to fire all the Alphabet agencies and bring in outside sources, outside of the CD bubble. People who dont have ties or personal interest, peopl who honor our president, our Constitution and our form of government.
      I have never witnessed the disrespect for a president like I have towards Trump and his family. They are true Patriots. If he loses this election then we all lose our FREEDOMS and way of life.

    19. I cannot count the times heard….
      “No one is above the law” from many in the swamp. Apparently they are though huh? Why even have an FBI or CIA if no one is held accountable for the crimes they investigate? I’m so saddened & sickened by the extent of the corruption in our government, & the average American wouldn’t even know, if Donald J. Trump hadn’t won in 2016. I pray their reign of terror will soon come to end, even if Trump doesn’t win, but please God, help him to win this election & preserve all the freedoms we all hold so dear. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen

    20. “Everyone” kept saying what an upright man Durham is, but after a year or so, I was beginning to wonder; how could it take this long to get everything in order to be able to get a few indictments in order. Barr is starting to slow down on the job, too. Why was Orr allowed to retire before getting fired? We didn’t let Comey. With either one of them do anything if Trump is not re-elected, or will everyone get off just like Killery did?

  2. AG Barr is supposed to be legitimately for enforcing laws and bringing justice to the American people.

    If, in fact he has been corrupted by the Swamp, then he should be fired immediately.
    He, also should defend himself by coming forth to the American People and explain his motives for not moving forward with indictments before election day.
    He may have a master plan, that is going preventing his moving forward early.
    We all want to believe that AG Barr is in the up and up and protecting us.

    America can not blindly go through this election feeling they may be voting based in lies & deceit.

    Please Mr Barr, do something to bring our government to accountability for the peoples sake.

    1. You are so correct. I was shocked when Barr recently
      announced that there would be no complaints filed.
      Could it be true that the Biden, Obama and Clinton
      political machines got to him and Durham, The public
      taxes paid millions of dollars for the Mueller investigation, the Schiff Show, and Pelosi’s accusations.
      Now our taxes paid for Durham whose work is in the
      wastebasket. None of them will go to jail.

      1. In most countries, failed coups have consequences. If there is difficulty charging treason, take them out on sedition. Examples need to be made so this does not happen again. I even think Pelosi and Schumer she be charged for their collusion in telling and fabricating lies, much less for doing nothing for the American people. At last, maybe they can finally be held accountable. Progressives should not ever believe the can blatantly change the constitution to suit their own ends. I believe Trump will drain the swamp.

  3. Yes it’s becoming apparently clear that Bar and Durham are both traitors to the people and to President Trump. Bar has had plenty of time to bring charges against these traitors and has decided not to so he needs to be replaced immediately.

  4. Can’t argue with what you say, hopefully your not correct with this. If Trump is reelected, and you’re correct, then what happens to Trump?

  5. If the attorneys that work for the president are this corrupt, imagine the depth of the corruption of his enemies.
    The conspiracy, which is both seditious and treasonous, will go unpunished if Trump is defeated in this upcoming election.
    Any Republic represented by a man like Biden, who with his son, and his incompetent revealing of his fathers implication in this filthy conspiracy and the crimes that he has committed, represents the bricks and mortar of a civil war that will be necessary necessary and the only solution available to the American public to set things straight once again.
    Joe Biden is a fully documented criminal, who may very well be sacrificed by this corrupt swamp of Democrats so that Harris can step in as president, which may have been their plan all along to turn this country into a socialist catastrophe and allow China, with its atheist and slave labor slave labor philosophy take over the world as the new superpower, of course being well-paid for their traitorous Judas role.

  6. Donald has done more for this country then any democrat has ever done. Trump is as good as JFK and no one can dispute that fact period. Trump is entitled to the respect of the office of the president. Pelosi and her gang need to stop all this nonsense and support the wishes of the people of the united states that voted for this president. Right now we are the majority. Time to suck it up and accept the fact that he is in charge. Pelosi you are no longer in charge period. As for you Chucky diphead, stop your crying, suck it up like a real man-not like a spoiled brat that you are.
    Tired of the charades in Washing DC

  7. Sadly, for all his bloviation and all his obviously impotent threats Barr has proven to be only marginally, very marginally, better than was Sessions before him! America has suffered 12 years of incompetent, feckless AG’s, rendering our Justice System a glorious mess! Should President Trump survive this debacle and enjoy re-election, I strenuously recommend he appoint a competent AG. Trey Gowdy or Ted Cruz for example!

  8. Bill Barr has a lot of good traits, but results are situational. He has done well on human trafficking, but absolutely abysmal on Government Corruption. He has not been able to indict anyone, even with all of the Project Veritas investigative evidence, piles of evidence dredged up by other sources and even video confessions. Why? Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib should be in jail. Now it looks like Sheila Jackson Lee in Houston has been in a Ballot Harvesting scheme for years as well. What are these people good for if they do not clean up Justice. Clear attacks on our Constitutional System are being ignored to prop up their friends and peers. Barr and Mueller were friends. Mueller should have been disbarred long ago with Weissmann over the illegal prosecutions during the Obama era.

  9. I am beyond disagusted with Barr and Durham. Rick Grenell would shine the light. Make him Attorney General.

  10. I thought Barr would do a better job than what he has and also the head of the FBI. I can’t wait to see what happens after NOV. 3rd and Trump is reelected. If you really want to see the house cleaning get out and work for TRUMP, AND PEOPLE THAT WILL HELP HIM.

  11. Hopefully President Trump will be re-elected. The very first thing he should do is fire a lot of people starting with FBI director and the these two clowns. The swamp is so deep that probably hundreds of people need to be fired immediately.

  12. he time for all Americans to wake up is now. For too long we have played along with the tenents of democracy and standard operating procedure within the swamp. Barr is also now revealed as a traitor and a part of the swamp. It is sad that this is true and that the conspiracy is even more broad than anyone could have suspected. I am convinced that William Barr is guilty of TREASON and not just a traitor. These acts of sedition and attempts to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States must not prevail and the guilty parties cannot go unpunished. Rise up all American Patriots and prepare for WAR. To do otherwise is to accept the downfall of our great republic and all the values America stands for.

  13. It is shameful that Barr and Durham haven’t done their job. DOJ and FBI looks to be still corrupt and nobody has proven to our Citizens it will be cleaned up. America cannot move forward as a world leader with such a disappointed organizations. Trump is going to win the election and then the clean up bomb is going to explode. You will see.

    1. Hitlery probably threatend them and their families with being Epsteined,could’ve happened. Why the sudden “do nothing Democrat” attitude?

  14. I pray that President Trump gets re-elected and when that happens that heads roll ALL THE HEADS OF ALL THE PERPS THAT HAVE PARTICIPATED IN THE PLOT TO GET RID OF OUR PRESIDENT. I am very disappointed in Barr and Durham. Who on this Earth in the judicial system can we trust?

    1. You will find that all “the heads ” lead Back to China. China controls the Democratic party and has since Bill Clinton, . They control Pelosi, shift, Hilary, Obama,. They are the ones funding all the big money backing Biden. They have been controlling our presidents since Clinton, that’s why all our alphabet agencies are so corrupt. Everyone was getting paid off and everything was running according to plan until Trump won. Then he started cleaning up government spending waste, cutting off taxpayer money to planned parenthood, cut off the money Obama had been sending Iran, but he didn’t know that was blackmail money to keep them quiet about the fake Osama bin laden kill. It was his body double that seal team 6 killed. One of the wives said dont kill him, he’s not Osama. Hilary planned this so Obama would get re elected, but she had a problem, Seal Team 6 knew too much. They knew their time was limited once they killed the wrong Osama.
      Hillary took over the RIGORS program of the CIA that was running small arms through Benghazi and she started running stnger missiles, like the one that killed Seal Team 6. AMBASSADOR Christopher Stevens knew this and that’s why Benghazi happened. It’s the same old Clinton motis operandi, DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES. Dont leave any witnesses. Problems is she had to have the help from Obama, Biden and John Brennan CIA and all the Alphabet agencies, since she couldn’t kill everyone involved they are all on the take and have dirt on each other so they just kept hiding their dirt , and everything would go one fine for them and the American people would never know. But God had other plans and so along comes Trump. Gods using him to shine a light on the corruption in America and make America great again. But we will be fighting China all the way, and all the corrupt politicians.

  15. Trumpall the way. I’m voting straight red. Barr, Durham Pelosi, The Biden’s, Nadler, Shumer, Schiff, Talib, towel head Omar, Pressley, AOC, and all the other twatheads need to leave the USA. Go to China or some other socialists country. Don’t forget to take all the other dimwits who have “threatened” to leave if Trump wins. Pack your shit including your right to be here as a citizen of America. Plus don’t forget Georgie porgy. America will continue to thrive quite well without dimwits demonrats. Please don’t settle in Canada. That’s too close to the USA and it may temp you to come back. You will be no longer wanted nor needed here. I was born in the USA home of the brave and land of the free and I thank God every day for allowing me to be part of the greatest country ever. So all you Debbie downers and negative Nellie’s bye bye. Go Trump. 2020 Four more years. Get out and vote. It is never too late to help America.

    1. Can we clone Amy and set up the Clone as AG. All kidding aside, I think the bomb will be dropped when our MR. TRUMP is reelected FOUR MORE YEARS. This is a very touchy thing that could tip the favor to Bidden, Lord help us. Conservatives fighting each other is what would make Liberals jump for joy.

  16. This was my post that I wrote with a very hopeful belief that they were who they promised to be.

    Attorney General Barr and Attorney Durham are two men who have impeccable reputations, integrity and qualifications. They are solely driven by love of Country and commitment to law and justice. In no way, has President Trump influenced their findings. He has only given full authority to carry out their investigations and determine the truth. Amazing to see how all of the Libtard traitors and their disgraceful main street media whores are lock step with the teachings of Saul Olinsky… blame others for everything of which you are guilty and repeat lies over and over again until some think that they are believable!! Grab your popcorn and get ready for a long awaited unmasking of treason and lawlessness!! The show will be going live and will take several weeks and months to unfold!!

    With the latest new reports, I am very discouraged and have to question whether or not my statement was more “wishful thinking” than a factual evaluation of the situation!! If these reports are accurate, American citizens might never again be able to have faith in our judicial system and/or our government officials!!

    I am still convinced that has given us President Trump and that he is our last chance to regain our Country and get her back onto God’s pathway. Unfortunately, at this point in time, we can only pray for God to help us all!!

  17. Enough is enough , are there any honest people in Washington , save president Trump. Makes me wonder what the situation would be if the last and next election were to go Democrap !!!

  18. Who watched Mark Levin (Esq.) last night. He is a DAMN GOOD Philadelphia style lawyer…
    Supposedly one of the Bidens took a computer to a Wilmington area repair shop…probably along the Concord Pike (US 202) somewhere. They never picked up or paid for the repair so the shop owner considered it “abandoned property”…appears the shop owner got legal advice and then found a trove of incriminating data on the hard drive….Now, Mr. Levin has the information and passing it to US voters…

  19. I am so disappointed with AG Barr’s decisions in this investigation. Hard working Americans deserve more from their government Corruption is rampant in Washington. Our representatives should have our backs. They don’t—they only make sure their billfolds are wide open ready to receive illegitimate cash from whomever is willing to make a deposit. I wish someone who is much smarter than me in tech and legal issues would bring lawsuits against government for wasted tax dollars and somehow allow all Americans willing to join the suit do so. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to lower America’s deficit with these monies. I am absolutely sick of the whole mess. God Bless Trump for his perseverance, patience and hard work (7 days a week while Obama was busy playing golf, hosting bands at White House or on vacation the majority of the time).

  20. Why do we seem so powerless in light of these issues?
    We can analyze, and complain…
    but “The paralysis of analysis” is wrong….
    There should be a way to influence our govt.officials
    to act and not have such an unjust double standard?

    Prayers that God intervenes…

  21. The truthful and brave news programs on the air now are on Fox although not all Fox commentators are truthful!! The three people we watch regularly are Tucker Carlson ( incredibly brave soul who tells it like it is – with facts), Sean Hannity (another great program and someone I believe is truthful), and Mark Levin. Others I like are Judge Jeannine and Laura Ingraham and Bret Baier.
    But anyone who refuses to watch Fox is just drinking the koolaid non-stop!

  22. It seems now even Barr is pushing us to a civil war. He is one that I thought would fight these swamp rats to the end. well I guess the end is here. I am not sure what his motivation is but apparently he is abandoning our President. I pray for Trump. He us alone. MAGA

  23. I think the investigation has taken to long with 1 guilty arrest. Crimes were committed and the evidence is out. But to date no one, not Hillary, not Comey, not Obama has been arrested – so what’s up? Bar and Durham are suppose to be the best and yet no arrest! Treason and conspiracy was committed and key players are still free – why? How much more proof is necessary for arrest to start be made? Pat-A-Cake, pat-a-cake, Baker’s Man make arrests as fast as you can. Put them in jail for all America to see!

  24. When we say ” WE the people” we the people of what ? That sentence is >We the people of the United
    States of America” Now they are trying to say ” We the people of the United states ? There is no comma
    after we the people, It is important to remember that we are Americans we always to tell the government
    that so they also cant suck us in to their rules and regulations. I am an Indian , when ever the government
    wants to escape from their own codes of federal regulation they just give us Indians a different name. For
    instance natives or American Indian or Native Indian or now aborigene or Indnous. Just so can put new rules
    on us. by not sayin the full sentence “We the People of the United States of America ” we are nothing.

    4 mores years TRUMP, TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wouldnt it be Great if one of his sons ran after Donald J. Trump is done.

  25. I need for the House and the Senate to vote infavor of term limits.
    I also need the Senate and House to vote against allowing lobiest to pay Senators and Representatives for favors given to their companies or their interest on a bill to be passed or not.

    1. Yes Judith M Seckel, I’m with you 100% on that. The WHOLE COUNTRY needs for that to happen and get rid of these money scrounging bastards and put them all in prison for taking bribe money. Most all of them taking money when they are suppose to be working for us and improving this Country for every one.

  26. Everyone has pretty much said what I would have said except, And I know our Great President wouldn’t ever do this because of who he is but I would kick that bastard Bill BARR and John Durham in his nuts and fire the both of them. The whole damn bunch of them should be sent to Gitmo and hung by the neck until dead. Nothing I can say would make any difference .
    I’m VOTING FOR FOUR MORE YEARS OF DONALD JOHN TRUMP. FOUR MORE YEARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah and if he should not win you know damn well it would be because they stole it and it’s gonna be time for another REVOLUTION. To Hell with bIDEN AND THE REST OF THE DIMO TURDS !!!!!

  27. You’re so right. This has been the biggest government corruption ever in this country. It has been so disgusting and we all sit back and watch it continue.
    What sucks even worse is that the election will be stolen too and then the corruption will pick right back up and go at warp speed to make certain we never find out the truth.

  28. Barr needs to get his head out of his ass and move on with this matter. And one more thing I have been socialist countries and every service member has also take a trip to Florida and talk to a Cuban ask why they all want to come to the united states. I don’t know what is wrong with every one, I will not ever give up the fight for freedom as long as i live come and join me KEEP AMERICA FREE!!!!!!!!

  29. We would vote for Trump. Washington has shown it’s true self by immediately going after Trump before he even moved into the White House. He isn’t Praise the Lord a politician, he is a businessman whom loves this country and wants great things to be accomplished and blessings for the American people. The others want to get rich and live off the rest of us. There are other good honest people serving our country and I respect they’re work. People that love America and aren’t out to destroy her foundation at the sake of loading they’re own pockets.

  30. I believe that when President Trump wins, Barr will drop the bomb on those guilty sewer rats. I think he’s just covering his bases, if the President loses he still has his place in the scheme of things.

  31. Barr and Durham are complicit, they both need to be fired, Trump should put Giuliani as his attorney General, I but we get things done then Giuliani doesn’t play around I hope the president gets this message now this idea to put him in place of Barr, biggest crime of our Century in their sitting on their hands it’s time to get things done

  32. JR
    Barr & Durham have been MIA but how can any sane American vote for Sleepy Joe who has sold out this great country!! If he wins hang on to your wallets.

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