Anti-Gun DA Counselor Shoots Black Trans Prostitute during BLM Riot in the Most 2020 Story Ever

It’s hard to even know where to start with this story. Philadelphia is in the news a lot this week, thanks to Black Lives Matter kicking Donald Trump’s reelection campaign into high gear. This story also ties directly into one of Joe Biden’s signature campaign issues: The “skyrocketing” murders of black transgender “women,” i.e. black men who like to wear prom dresses and who have poor job prospects. But oddly enough, the media doesn’t want to touch this story with a ten-foot pole. Also… this is not a family-friendly story, just to warn you up front.

The latest ruckus in Philadelphia started after police failed to follow Joe Biden’s police reform advice. When a dangerous criminal with a mile-long rap sheet attacked police with a knife, they didn’t shoot the guy in the leg as Joe Biden will order police to do if he wins the election next week. They killed him. The latest BLM martyr pled guilty to a home invasion robbery in 2017 in which he kicked down a woman’s door and held a gun to her head. He was already out of jail in 2020. In fact, he was awaiting his next trial for threatening to shoot a woman when he had his fatal encounter with the Philly PD.

Why wasn’t this guy in prison? Because of the Philadelphia District Attorney. Larry Krasner is the DA in Philadelphia because George Soros poured tons of cash into his campaign coffers to help him get elected. And like many Soros-backed DAs across the country, Larry Krasner springs criminals out of jail as often as he can, and only fights for minimal sentences for serious violent crimes.

Thanks to the BLM summer of love that Joe Biden’s voters have put the country through, Philadelphia just had its 400th black-on-black murder for the year. Homicides are up 42% in Philly this year under DA Larry Krasner’s catch-and-release policies.


You might think that while Philadelphia is in a state of siege with BLM rioters injuring more than 30 cops and looting scores of stores that it would be “all hands on deck” at the District Attorney’s office. But you’d be wrong.

One of Krasner’s employees is a man named Devonte’ Douglass. Mr. Douglass is the city of Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Counselor. He provides counseling services to family members who lose their loved ones due to DA Larry Krasner’s policies. 2020 has been a busy year for Douglass.

However, Mr. Douglass was not at his desk doing his job on Tuesday at 10 a.m. Instead, while on the clock for the Philadelphia taxpayers, Devonte’ Douglass picked up a black transgender prostitute, drove to a local cemetery and paid the man $500 for a weird sex act in the back of a Dodge Durango with the windows rolled down. (We warned you this wasn’t a family friendly story. Plus, it doesn’t sound like they were wearing masks or social distancing properly.)

After their cash-for-services transaction, the black trans “woman” pulled out a .357 and demanded more money from the city’s Gun Violence Counselor. The male prostitute then put the gun away and started to walk around the front of the vehicle. That’s when the city’s very liberal, very anti-Second Amendment Gun Violence Counselor allegedly pulled out his Glock and plugged his date twice in the chest.

Even though he allegedly killed his date while the black trans “woman” was not pointing a gun at him, Devonte’ Douglass has not been charged with a crime. Philadelphia police note that this is not the first time that Devonte’ Douglass has picked up transgender prostitutes for weird sex acts in the back of a Dodge Durango in a local cemetery while he’s on the taxpayers’ dime. Even more strange is the fact that the local media in Philadelphia has imposed a total blackout on this story.

Hey, wait a minute, media dorks! We’ve been told all year long that we’re not supposed to “erase” trans women of color and that the murder of black trans people is the most serious civil rights issue of our time! Just this past weekend, Joe Biden noted the horror that 17 black trans “women” have been murdered in 2020. Shouldn’t Joe be updating that number to 18, now that Devonte’ Douglass allegedly killed his date during a BLM riot?

One reporter in Philadelphia noted that the press is not covering this story because it would be cruel to “out” Devonte’ Douglass as a gay man, especially since the nature of his relationship with the black trans “woman” is unclear. Huh? Setting that aside, what about cruelty toward the person who is dead as a result of the Gun Violence Counselor’s alleged gunplay?

Black Lives Matter is destroying the city of Philadelphia right now because a career criminal was shot dead while attacking the police with a knife. But when a Soros-backed prosecutor’s employee shoots a black transgender male prostitute to death (allegedly), that black life suddenly doesn’t matter? And the 400 previous black-on-black murder victims in Philadelphia this year don’t matter either?

These rules are about as convoluted as Twitter’s “Terms of Service.” Could we get some clarification on which black lives matter, and under what circumstances those black lives matter? Because it’s sure starting to look like the only time when black lives actually matter is when it’s politically convenient for the Democrats.

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123 thoughts on “Anti-Gun DA Counselor Shoots Black Trans Prostitute during BLM Riot in the Most 2020 Story Ever”

    1. I have too ask our Governor Wolf, where are you, where is the National Guard, who do you represent? How is a Soros Funded, DA, allowed too break all reasonable Laws , and let our “city of brotherly love” be destroyed by BLM and Antifa ? Who is going too pay for all of this, the “TAXPAYERS” , because you are in “NEGLET of YOUR DUTIES AND OATH” ! I am a DEMOCRAT, but am saddened by your pushing this as a “Peaceful Protest”, and allowing this too go on !!

      1. Gosh Mike, why are you still Democrat? What will it take to prove what their agenda reallyis? I suppose some taxpayers just love supporting non-working rioters, illegals, etc.

        1. Every Democrat with even half a brain already ran away from the Democratic party, so we can start there with Mike’s ‘problem’. Enjoy the campaign party, er, riot. You won’t find any Trump supporters there so it should be a ‘safe’ haven….

        2. Why is Mike still voting (I assume) Democratic. Many years ago my Dad told me there where “two kinds of people in the world and only two: Democrats and son-sa-bitches!!”

          Even at 8 years old I could reasonably think to say, some such: “Dad!! There are people in China who’ve never even HEARD of Democrats!!” His reply was breathtaking and there was no reply possible to such a closed mind:

          “Yeah, I know… But if they DID know of Democrats and ‘Republiscums’, they’d pick one…”

          My Dad was contemptuous of the rest of the world but his hatred of the GOP was vast and I’m sure, were he alive today, a vote against the immigration, legal or illegal, of “w—–ks” from the south; “n—-rs” from Africa; “s—–ts” from the Middle East and “k–es, c–ns, s—es” ad infinitum would be impossible if it required a GOP vote.

      2. How can you be a demonrat if they continue to do all of this damage to our wonderful country. I would rethink you position on being a demonrat

          1. Why that was just a peaceful protest by some southern democrats! What’s coming after Nov 3, no matter who wins, will make 1861 look like a minor disagreement!

          2. Bruce Welty, please clarify your question “who started the 1861 disturbance” . I am really interested in which “disturbance” you are referring to ?

      3. Mike, it sounds like you might be waking up a little but not there just yet. I am sure you being a Democrat that you voted for these Democrats to be in office. You are part of the problem by voting for these stupid people in office. You should wake up and vote in the Republican side to get this country back on track.


      4. Sorry Mike, but your “first” clue was in St.Louis when the “gun totin” couple was defending their home and were arrested for the illegal use of a firearm. If that didn’t ring a tone of illegal than you sir are a democrat. I think you folks on the left better wake up. As you know the mayor of Seattle actually had to move out of his apartment when their summer of love came around to his place.(KARMA?)

        1. That was the Portland mayor who moved when they came to his home, I believe. I don’t know about the one in Seattle. These corrupt mayors have the opportunity and the means to move that many do not!!

        1. your right the democrats are only going to take this great country down time for people to open their eyes and see what is going on stop listen to fake news

      5. Wolf looks like a typical Soros-funded Democrat who considers himslf and other Dem officials as “Privileged” Characters” who have a Monopoly on gun ownership and use. They cover for criminals because they have decided to use them as “enforcers” for the Communist agenda.

        Fortunately, I don’t live in PA (I have not forgotten about voters terrorized by BLM types into fleeing home from the polls without voting in 2008) and I voted early and for ***Republicans only***.

      6. I am not a democrat no more . I registered Republican on October 5 2020 Voting for Mr Trump . I am sick and tired of the blatant corruption in the Democratic Party their lack of accountability and the negligence of the democratic leaders when it comes to protect their citizens and true cities . It’s a shame to even said that one belong in the Democratic Party . Voting Red from now on . God bless our President Trump and God bless American

        1. Ellie, I also stopped being a Democrat only several years ago. I saw at that time how they were swing more to the left, and the damage they have done to Minnesota. Obama and his Soros supported communist party have gone down the road of total communist supported ideology. Soros has a big plan to distort our country and supports every Democrat out there. It started more so by the Muslim idiot Obama getting him into starting his dirty work. How the hell did they allow Soros citizenship to the US anyway because a few other countries denied him access to their countries via citizenship. Are Americans so ignorant as to allow these despicable people into our country? I don’t think so, I believe the left has bowed to this ideology because of the money and because they are arrogant and want total control of our country and our lives. Vote them out and revoked Soros citizenship as he is a total threat to our democracy and freedoms. Time to take our country back from the demons who want to control us.

          1. Wonder why no one has hunted old Georgie Boy down and killed him? How can a traitor like this even show his face in a public setting?

      7. I hope you didn’t VOTE for BIDEN because if you did you can Expect a lot more of this violence from the Democrat party. They will not stop until they have created complete chaos and civil war. Liberals never believe the truth and never learn.

      8. Mike…
        I left the democratic party as it no longer represented my views on civil discourse and staying focused on issues/policy. Maybe it’s time for you also.

        Much respect to you.

        1. I also left the Democratic Party ever since Obama let all his brothers come in and take up residence in our Country. I know the last 3 or 4 Presidents have not been for the American citizens and they are out to destroy America and it’s people. Time to get them all out of office to save our Country before it’s to late. Trump 2020 he has always been for the people and the Democrats who are so blind with hate for Trump are just sheep being led to slaughter.

      9. I really don’t understand how anyone can still claim to be a Democrat??? What this party is doing to this country is disgraceful!!! They stay silent and refuse to speak up and say anything about the millions of dollars in damage, the lives lost, the injuries to our Law Enforcement hero’s …… The Demonrats clearly love POWER more than this country, PERIOD……. Everyone is seeing right through the Demonrats. they are no longer hiding what their true agenda is. THE AGENDA: POWER BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!! No matter how many citizens are killed, children are killed or shot, or how many officers are killed, how many minority businesses are destroyed, or how many ENTIRE minority communities are destroyed and burned to the ground. Remember, the Democrats are for the little guy , the minority communities etc…. BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!

      10. Why do you feel the taxpayer owes a dime to the idiots who did NOTHING to stopt he animals? Let the stat3e and the city use their budget to do repairs to thier building and roads! Arrest every blm or antifa,and let the work off their life sentence fixing the stuff thet destroyed while the demonrat mayors and governors stood and watched!

    2. where is the united states attorney general on everything that is going on in our states, these are public servants on our dime doing crime with no jail time. its about time to get these animals in prison [email protected]!



      1. NOPE!!! Looters need to be executed on the spot. Smack dab in the middle of a felony. You won’t even read about it the next day. Just get good security who can accurately throw lead downrange. If it happens enough they will stop thinking that Christmas is on every corner.

    4. Harris stated, publicly on camera, that this type of rioting will not stop. She said it is a movement that will continue on long past the election. The ONLY thing that a riot will understand is OVERWHELMING FORCE!!!!! Y-E-S, if these criminals refuse to comply with lawful orders to cease and desist — THEN SHOOT. B-U-T, we are still a nation founded and guided by law and order. Apparently, our American socialists, like those in Russia in 1917 and Hitler’s brown shirts in the 1930’s, intend on toppling our DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and replacing it with state control……. now get out there and vote for a FREE AMERICA

    5. It’s not just Philadelphia, but many city areas that have transformed. COVID has unleashed a desperation that many Americans are feeling. Unfortunately, most of those Riot torn cities are feeling it the most!

      Do you believe in “Evil”? Because what we have been seeing throughout our country is an upsurge of “Evil” acts, by evil people. Scary, but many Democrats seem to be “infected” with that Evil and commit atrocious actions and not accepting responsibility for their actions. Look at Hunter Biden who was caught numerous times parading half naked on his computer in front of young teenage girls while smoking crack. Sorry,but that whole scene is something that the horned one would do, but Hunter did it many times. Is he Evil
      Yes, I believe so and he is not done yet.
      Evil is in our World today big time in abortion, in that City official paying a transgender to do lewd acts then shooting him, in the Riots that destroyed lives/properties. It is everywhere. COVID may be killing some people, but isolation, losing businesses, marriages dissolving and homosexuality has taken many lives too. It is up to each of us to STOP this madness by fighting back at Evil and destroying its hold on our Nation. Can you do that!? I sure as heck can try!

  1. For all the people in Philly, you elected this clown. A vote in the hands of an idiot is a dangerous thing. For anyone that votes Democrat, this is coming to where you live very soon. You’re bringing it on yourselves, don’t worry, be happy.

    1. You are so right. And, when it arrives on their doorstep, they will be repeat calling the defunded police that they disrespect and attack.

      1. I live in a very small town, we have never had police here, only county sheriffs if we have to call . It takes about 25 minutes on average to get to our town from where they are located. If those idiots try to take away our guns, maybe we should throw a hockey puck at the intruder for protection?
        What really kills me is the hypocrisy from these democrats…they have armed guards and all the protection in the world.
        What are poor shelps like us supposed to do to protect ourselves??

    2. yes, unfortunately the Democrats have embraced this evil 100% …… The women running to be our Vice President welcomes these riots and looters and the destroyers of our communities….. She was representing a association that is bailing out these destructive individuals……. She praised the de-funding of the Los Angeles police dept.
      No Democrat has spoken out about the violence because they THINK IT IS HURTING THE PRESIDENT.
      They are wrong again. They have tried to get this President by any means necessary and this is one more action that is back firing…….. It is evil to be a Democrat in 2020, look around you it is the Left and the Democrats who are all in and are pushing for MORE VIOLENCE……. WAKE UP AMERICA AND SEE THE DEMOCRATS FOR WHO THEY REALLY ARE!!!!!!!

    3. I couldn’t have said it better! You hit it right on the head. It’s like what KARMA does: “What you send out to others, comes back to you tenfold”. It’s payback time in Philly!

      I feel for the innocents that live there. Time to leave that city of “Brotherly Love” because the incest has begun! Exodus 2.0 soon to happen!

    1. I am curious why we still allow him to own property in the US and don’t ban him from the country like his homeland, Hungary, and about 30 other countries?

        1. Well just look at what the US Government did after WW2. Just how many Nazis did they bring/allow into the USA because it was to the benefit of this country. Where were the Morals in Government then? Much like today very hard to find.

    2. From what I have read, Soros holds dual citizenship. Now, we really understand why Britian got rid of him. If he is a citizen of the USA he should be charged with treason. He is smart enough to funnel money into numerous organizations who in turn donate it to many people that he wants to control so when something like this happens, he is not to blame, as he only donated funds to their campaign. Then those people are put in a position of “damned if you do & damned if you don’t”…they either push his liberal agenda to disrupt the structure of the USA or he will make one of his “non profit agencies” “donates enough money to get someone else hired (elected) to do the job”…that is how he operates. The SOB needs to be exiled from the USA!!!

  2. Soros is actually a war criminal from Hungary who helped his uncle turn over other Jews to the Nazis for bounty.
    Where do you think he got his money to start on Wall Street?

    1. He has a son you is following his agenda also. This country has got to cut out the cancer soon or we will have no country.

  3. This is sick. Soros should either be in jail or deported permanently. There have been untold murders nationwide under his direction, sponsorship or whatever the hell you want to call it. The stupid media doesn’t tell about it and the murders go on. Where is HELL does it stop? Does anybody know.

    1. It doesn’t ever stop! Buy a gun, learn to us it and start defending yourself, your family, your community and your country!!! Lock n load!

      1. When are the sheep going to fight back? This Corona Virus thing, driven by government and the fake news media, has created a nation of wimps. I went to Walmart a few days ago, and was told I could not go in without a mask (I was returning a TV). I told them I didn’t have one and didn’t want one and if they wanted to kick me out, to have at it. I was the ONLY one in the store not wearing a mask. We spent a few days in the clean air of the North Georgia Mountains and were amazed at the sheep wearing their little masks and marching lock-step to the propaganda that the government and the fake news media put out. Wearing a mask outdoors in clean mountain air is for brainwashed idiots! There are some risks to wearing masks when nowhere near anybody else, from inhaling moisture, bacteria, and too much exhaled carbon dioxide.
        Here is the truth! Survival Rate for Covid19 by Age Group as per the CDC
        Age 8 t0 19 – 99.997%
        Age 20 to 49 – 99.98%
        Age 50 to 69 – 99.5%
        70+ – 94.6 %

      1. His son is ready to fill his shoes when he’s not around. We will have a a whole new generation of his followers trying to destroy the US.

  4. The people of Philadelphia are just as guilty as their DA. Now that the cat is out swill the people say or do anything. Like the reporter said, does it matter what what the real truth is?

  5. Yeah it’s time soro’s gets the hell out of our we the people’s country and yes I agree exactly!! Answer the question which black lives matter ??? All said and done !! Who’s going to fund antifa and the BLM after the elections are over !!! Cause the democratic’s will drop them like a rock !!! Maybe they need to go after the rich people who funded them !!! And our POS governor !!!!!!!!!! Raising gas taxes for what ????? I would love to know what for I haven’t see any road improvement anywhere I guess we r supporting the democratic’s with our gas increased tax money !!!!!

    1. Not true… The Democrats will continue using BLM and ANTIFA until they disarm America then the leaders of those Organizations will be in charge! Wake up and defend your country befor it’s too late. Stop being NAIVE !!!

  6. If all the people had learned good from bad; right from wrong…and love of people and respect for their beliefs…
    So why are these goodness thoughts not prominent??
    They’re illiterate to the The Holy Bible. Our country came to be the land of the free- freedom to practice their faith. Now, Dems steer us away for their “dark winter”.
    I choose to be in the light ! Full of transparency without fear. He is the reason!

    1. You better wake the fuck up pal. They have just about taken your religious freedom from you! You better get a gun and start defending yourself, your family, your community and your country. They are taking it from you by force! Trump 2020

      1. My family and I are all “locked and loaded”. I will not hesitate to take out any antifa or blm asshole that tries to intimidate our community or enter my neighborhood. I hope they bring their own body bags. I’ve lived most of my life and am prepared to give mine to stop these terrorist thugs. Bring it on!!!!

        1. Way to call it the way it is LoriDee!!!! I will be there right alongside you together with my friend Smith and Wesson.
          I grew up in a country severely affected by Socialism/Communism and people in this country need to revisit history which will show them that “Revolutions” will always try to control populations by fear. See Nazis, Romans, Persians, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao etc etc.
          And another thing that naive people in this country do not see is the fact that EVERY REVOLUTION ultimately will eat its own children. Look it up “deplorable chumps” – quoting Hillary and Joe.

        2. Right on brother, time for us to fight back. My parents always taught me to stand up to bullies and that is exactly what the BLM and Antifa movements are about. Bully you until you give in, like HELL I will.

    2. The PILGRIMS leaned their firearms in one corner, while they attended religious services .Praise the LORD and pass the ammunition!

  7. The riots and looting have got to stop. You loot, we shoot should be the mantra. The BLM has become sham for getting free stuff. No long support that crowd.

  8. You are so right William. Soros got his money that way. Disgusting man. Should be banned from the US. He has tried to ruin our country for all of his life.

    1. Why not fine George Sores and take his money away . As soon as all his money is gone he will be completely harmless . There was nothing wrong with a 90 % tax rate might even be good for the economy .

  9. The first thing is to shoot and kill George Soros; priority #1. He’s a cancer on society and an enemy if the people. Just kill this mfer. Then, that eliminates the money person who funds campaigns like Krasner.. the DEM politicos have f*cked up the city of Philadelphia for decades. I stopped my limo service from going into Philly when Obama was elected because it was open season for criminals…and one of the neatest cities in the US has become a breeding ground for thugs like this because of politicos like Krasner, Wolf and all the other scumbag politicos.

    1. You can possibly kill him, but what about his son? His son thinks like he does. If you go after his son also, what about any kids he may have? Where does it stop? Freezing his assets in the USA doesn’t keep him from using his assets outside the USA and there will a lot of that too since he funds the overthrowing of the governments of many countries. He is pure evil, no doubt about it, but how do you stop it within reason? If you just kill him and his son, you might encourage other Hitler want to be rich folk to do the same thing – you make a martyr of him. Now, locking him up for life without the ability to direct indirectly would help a lot. Then, if his son started doing the same things, lock him up too. Doesn’t have to be one of the “fed med”s where they have it comfy

      1. The demorats are succeeding with their take over of this country. Look at the Corona Virus scare. I see people acting like good little Nazi’s and march lock step to whatever tune the government plays. The politicians create a crisis, the fake news media promote it, and then the government comes up with a solution which is always more government control. How easy it will now be for a demorat tyrant to become a dictator! At least half of Americans are fools, and the Federal Department of Un-Education guidelines are dumbing the youth down even more. Get your kids out of the cesspool called public education! The youth, and many older people, are giving up their Constitutional rights without a fight.

        First: Get rid of the Federal Department of Un-Education. I have talked to several managers of stores that offer entry level jobs such as Subway, Ingles, and Burger King. They tell me the same thing. These young high school GRADUATES (?) can’t read, write, do simple math, or think. Our schools under the feds guidelines are a total failure. They have no idea how or why this country was set up the way it was under our founding fathers. We are NOT a Democracy, but rather a Constitutional Republic. When I graduated from high school I had a year of Latin, two years of Spanish, algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, physics, American History, and world history, as well as civics. What do we have now? These kids can’t even read or write cursive because it is not being taught. Our public government school system is a TOTAL failure.

        Second: Institute term limits on politicians. Some have been in office 30 years or more. This is NOT what our founders intended.

        Third: Get rid of Aid to Families with Dependent Children. I firmly believe the Feds all but destroyed the black family. When you tell them that we will give you money (other people’s money) for each child you have, it is essentially a payment to have kids. When the Feds put a stipulation on receiving the payment, that a man cannot live in the house if you want the money, it became an inducement for them to have children out of wedlock. With no father in the house, there was a faulty family structure, with young black males looking to the gang leader as a father figure. These liberal socialist schemes always backfire, although I am not sure it was not done on purpose. They create the illusion of helping, but in the end it has the opposite effect. When you are given everything without having to work for it, you lose your self-esteem.

        Fourth: Get rid of the NATIONAL DEBT! Are there no more fiscal conservatives? This country cannot survive a spend, spend, spend mentality. One day our debt WILL come crashing down upon us! Now government wants to give (who’s money?) $1,000 to $2,000 to everyone in the USA. Can’t these idiots understand that we are bankrupt?
        Fifth: This country need to get back to God.
        I hate to be a pessimist, but even if we do all of these things it may be too late to save our country.
        I doubt that any of todays “student” are aware of how the NAZI party came to power, they are unaware of the similarities of BLM and those idiots in Antifa acting like Hitler’s brownshirts and the gutless Dimwit government that allows it to happen. The have never heard of the Wiemar Republic who kow towed to Hitler, in fact student these days have only one skill, total self absorption of themselves and the idiotic social media.

        1. Loved it. Just wanted to add a tidbit from a sign in my town. DQ- now hiring anyone that has an actual work ethic. This is actually put up on their data board outside. They got tired of kids coming and going not wanting to work but expect to be paid.

  10. As long as there is Democrat control, there will be corruption and mayhem, so sad to see our nation brought to it knees by this handful of self serving idiots.
    Donald Trump on Tuesday please……… seriously, can anyone imagine the whore from CA as our CIC?!!!!! She’s probably been in Soros’ bed already looking for campaign contributions

  11. In my humble opinion illegal aliens are not the only thing we should be deporting . The problem would be to find any country willing to take them. Prison costs the taxpayers a lot more money than stripping them of their citizenship and giving them a one way ticket or a boat ride outa here . BLM in Africa too so I read . They just seem so unhappy in Philadelphia and it would be a win win. They are out of there and the people left can live in peace .

    1. Well said Tania…….. once a democrat gets your vote…….. that’s it for you. That’s ALL a democrat wants…. your vote, then it’s off to wonderland where they can start reaping the Democratic privilege of getting rich quick…… to hell with anyone else

  12. Well Philadelphia, you have the power to remove the mayor, the governor or any other elected official in you state. So don’t complain if justice is not being taken care of. Don’t whine because you have to pay for the damage these thugs are doing. Stand up for your Constitutional Rights and remove them. I don’t live in your state and as a taxpayer, I don’t believe my tax dollars should go towards repairing the damage caused by these enemies of the state.

    Forgive the caps but I have since then asked every President to FREEZE SOROS’S MONEY and THAT OF OTHER LEFT WING BILLIONAIRES. Deporting him now is far too late. He has interfered in elections ALL OVER EUROPE, ISRAEL AND BRAZIL as well. The answer is NOT so much getting him but FREEZING HIS FUNDS and THOSE he has in other countries. He has spawned sons who are as evil as he AND WILL CONTINUE HIS BELIEFS. Freeze ALL THAT FAMILY’S funds FIRST. Then Gitmo for the entire family with no phones or internet. Gitmo is refurbished and ready for THE SOROS CLAN. EVERY FAMILY WHO HAS LOST LOVED ONES DUE TO THIS MAN’S EVILNESS SHOULD FILE AN ENORMOUS LAWSUIT THAT WILL TAKE ALL HIS MONEY FROM ALL COUNTRIES .

    1. A little known fact– Adam Shitf has a sister that is married to one of the Soros’ clan.
      I am not sure of the actual relations but they are connected by marriage.

    2. Annabel , I am with you, this country needs to hit Soros where it hurts freeze his funds as well as the whole family’s funds. This bastard has done so much to fund these liberals, BLM, Antifa, let’s not forget the caravan of illegals come to the USA in buses and trucks. Soros is a vile disgusting pig and needs to be gone.

  14. If you haven’t voted..DO SO Immediately..Its critical to remove all socialists from our society. Demand congress to slap twitter, facebook and other media outlets. Demand transparency for all these terrible crimes being committed on our streets.

  15. If you get rid of George, his son needs to go next. They’re the reason Kamala got the VP nod. This family is worst than the mafia!! On second thought, they’re probably connected in some way. Look what they’re doing to our country, especially in these Democratic cities. How does he get away with this BS? Wake up America and vote these idiots out of office, or shut up and live with it. This isn’t leadership, it’s anarchy!!

  16. So many area’s that need to be covered. George Soros, definitely should have been tried and hung as a war criminal. Now we have to deal with his second in command , his son, Andrew who has ties with all the democraps.
    They tried a hundred years ago or more of setting up an African Country for the American slaves , that did not go well.
    Since we are in collusion with Russia, let’s pay them to house our harden criminals in the gulags, it would be cheaper than our prisons here.

  17. soros georgie boy beaten by the ugly stick student of hitler what do you expect of something he puts his money to and makes visible. it is a shame the dead man gets no or should i say dead girl recognition of the press. again press suppression. tell them only what georgie and his group wants us to hear. let that crazy keep up his fantasy in a cemetery that is just fine gorgie likes that little devious procedure. it weakens society. we want vorld order remember what is his agenda. he wants the usa like the third order of germany. cruelty at its max on someone elses dime……put that deviate in jail right now.

  18. 90-year-old Gyorgy Schwartz (aka George Soros) has lived some 90 years TOO LONG! His immediate family has outlived their usefulness as well.

  19. the city of brotherly piece besieged by the pervert soros and his henchman to my understanding, how could anyone vote democrat

  20. The best place for, and l hate to insult the human race by calling them people, belong, is a deserted island far off the shipping lanes and with an active or a “sleeping” volcano whuch can be activated at will. No communication and the only food is themselves!

  21. The best place for, and l hate to insult the human race by calling them people, belong, is a deserted island far off the shipping lanes and with an active or a “sleeping” volcano which can be activated at will. No communication and the only food is themselves!

  22. Let’s not forget one very important “rule of thumb”. When God goes to war against evil ones, God takes NO prisoners.
    You do NOT throw these unholy, evil demons in prison; you EXECUTE THEM !!
    Then there would be all that money whose owners have been executed thus, the money would belong to the state: apply it to our national debt.

    1. The penalty for treason is death and their assets are absorbed by the country. Those who provide funds for treasonous purposes are also guilty of such. This would include those in Hollywood who contributed to the cause as well as the politicians. Some people just don’t think before they act.
      Another thing, Soros’s son would not be able to inherit anything after his father’s death.

  23. Re: George Soros —- can the U.S.A. “confiscate” him and his bank accts as well as all monies to all of the 172 corps. Soros has founded. How about all of the 110 billionaires who are in cahoots with Soros.
    Hmm. The United States could get out of debt. NOW, that would be nice.

  24. Marsha, I agree. And that’s part of the problem. There is absolutely no deterrent to killing someone these days. That is, since the snowflake liberal idiots put a halt on executions. Bring back ‘actual’ death to death sentences and allow the public in to watch. Maybe then you’ll start getting a handle on the problem. Right now you reward them with 3 hots and a cot, no bills, free TV and gym privileges for 40-50 years. And we can get started on that next…make prisons more like prison!

  25. One thing to keep in mind is the fact the asshole John F. Kennedy granted Soros US Citizen Ship. Just another dumb ass Democrat screwing the American People.

  26. WE ALL know the truth here. Devonte is black, gay and a Democrat – they are never held liable. I wonder how the people who need or have needed Devonte’s “guidance” feel about him now? Black Lives NEVER Matter when they are taken by another black person. That’s a myth.

  27. I’ll say it again ,,,,, black trash matters ” does not give a shit about black lives . ” Last 4th of July just in Chicago , 38 blacks were killed , including 3 black children,, all this was black on black killing . About 3 weeks ago in Chicago , there were 14 killed , again black on black killing , and this is just Chicago . All the blacks getting killed ,, where was black trash matters ?? Where was Jesse Jackson ?? Where was idiot Al sharpton ?? I’ll tell you again ,, They don’t give a shit about black lives like these because it does NOT fit thier political narrative . Black trash matters only comes out when some nigerian idiot fights with or pulls a knife on police and gets shot . Then black trash matters comes out of hiding with Sharpton and Jackson along with lawyers to go after a LAWSUIT . BTM is nothing but a RADICAL group of thugs that are only interested in burning , rioting and looting !!

  28. Can you imagine what it would be like, if everybody who owned a gun, and used it to protect themselves from their own death, would be charged by those Socialist. I would never use a gun on anybody who didn’t deserve it, and I’m talking about those who would harm my family. But, if they came to my neighborhood to confiscate our guns, there would be a mini shotgun war with the Socialist. We all die, but I rather die in the face of defending my human rights, than giving in my guns. I’ve already died a couple times, and there is nothing to fear, unless you are a liberal. We are in Purgatory now, and if you do all the right christian things, you will go straight to Heaven. I highly recommend the trip there, because you would no believe the love that is there. Our Creator is love, and Purgatory allows you to show that you deserve to be in His company. I am a warier saint, who is sent here to fight for God. You will have many lives !

  29. I live in Maryland, but not Baltimore City. I am a registered democrat and I was going to change my party affiliation to Republican. However, I realized that Maryland is a total democrat state. So I stayed registered as a democratic to try and vote for the best of the rotten candidates in the democratic primaries since they usually win in this state. Then I vote for the Republican candidates in the final election. Thus, if the Republican candidate wins great and if not, at least I only have the best of the rotten democrats to put up with. That is still hard to say but at least it can be better then what usually gets elected. The Baltimore City district attorney (Mosley) is the one that told the Baltimore City police department to stand down after Freddie Gray was accidently killed after he was arrested and thus let the looting and destruction of areas in the city go on. Now Baltimore City has a children’s’ playground named after the drug dealer. That is what happens when the liberals control an area.

    1. Jim M. Liberal democrats will never ever do their job and help their cities. You can see in any state that are liberal democrat run have more crime along with killings. People are living in filthy run down places. The money never reaches what it is for because someone is pocketing the money. The governors and mayors are living way above their means. Everyone needs to come together and vote these liberal dirt bags out!! Make 2021 a new beginning with voting Republican. Trump/Pence 2020!!

  30. Democrats….. Ugh !!!! …,..HELL NO !!
    How damn stupid does someone have to be to vote D . The party of America haters, mainly consisting of crooks ,Liars , deviants
    pedophiles , drug addict , race baiters, and
    pandering intolerant know it all assholes.
    This homosexual probably shot his boy/girl
    friend to avoid paying him…. SICKO !!!
    He won’t face charges he’s a D/Fag they
    must protect him from covid !! Maybe he
    can catch Aids or ass rot !!! Reprobate!!!
    If he was a cracker BLM would burn it down

  31. Too much dialogue and not enough action! And you wonder why VIGILANTES rose up in the old west! America will only take so much and then w “Watch Out!” America is about to rise up and quell these obsurdities! They are not taking away our guns or our right to bear arms! WAKE UP, America!

  32. From what we see daily from the ”Black Life Matter” they are showing us that it ONLY MATTERS IS when it is making demands! The rest of the time ~ “BLACK LIFE MATTERS” NOT! That is when it is doing ViOLENCE onto EACH OTHER!
    Our beloved America the Beautiful needs to have A National Sprirtual Retreat! We need to elevet our MORAL STANDARDS AND DO SOME SERIIOUS MENTAL and SPIRITUAL CLEANSING! We are living in a Sprituall and Metntal Corrupt Society! How low could we go and how BAD should we become? This election have brought OUT the worst that is within our NATION! Let each one of us takes up our RESPONSBILITY to our NATION by STANDING UP and vocal out the FOUNDING PRINCIPLES of our Mighty Nation ~~ ONE NATION UNDER GOD, for the PEOPLE, Of the PEOPLE, and BY the People! That is people of our ENTIRE NATION! It is not only for SOME PEOPLE, such as BLACK LIFE MATTER or TRULY, IT DOES NOT MATTERS at all!

  33. Wake up AMERICANS!!!!! I am 90+ I have seen a lot more than most of you. The ANTI AMERICANS ARE KILLING YOU. I say because I have had my time here on earth. I was born and lived through a GREAT depression, WW-2 when millions of people were MURDERED simply because their politics or religion didn’t agree with a VERY FEW MENTAL cases of the time, Korea, Viet Nam, President Kennedys assassination, Union Strikes, thousands of murders, Rapes, Hurricanes, huge Forrest fires, Political corruptions, OH YEAH. PLEASE believe me. The ELECTED leaders of our country are the cause. President Reagan said it like this. ” It isn’t the politics of this country, it the POLITICIANS that are the problem. One party is worst of all. They are card carrying LIARS, CHEATERS, SEX PERVERTS, MURDERERS, TRAITORS, THEIVES, OPERTUNISTS ,and quite a few other skills helpful to their cause in life. I am quoting a GREAT American, “GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH”. GOD BLESS AMERICA It’s been a gift and a pleasure to have lived here so long. Cap’n Jack

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