Arizona Supreme Court to Hear Election Challenge After Sample Finds Fraudulent Votes for Biden

Following a dismissal at the lower court level, the Arizona Supreme Court has agreed to hear the election challenge by Republican Party Chair Kelli Ward regarding mail-in ballots in Maricopa County. 1.9 million Arizona absentee ballots came in across the state, with many concerns regarding voter irregularities.

The case follows a GOP lawsuit to audit a sample of 100 ballots to determine voter fraud. The sampling showed three percent of the ballots were fraudulent in favor of Joe Biden. And don’t forget, Fox News decided to call Arizona for Biden when the state’s voters were still standing in line.

This early media sway in Arizona helped to shield a potentially massive backfill of votes for Biden. Arizona’s Republicans have now also called for a decertification of the state’s election results.

President Trump tweeted the news, stating: “In Arizona, it turns out that 3% of the votes cast in the 100 count vote sampling were tainted or worse. This would be, if carried forward, approximately 90,000 votes more than we would need to win the State. Now we were granted a much larger sample to work with. Wow!”


According to Arizona radio station KTAR, a court-ordered sampling of another 1,626 ballots found Trump lost seven votes. These errors are alleged to problems with “ballot processing.”

The Arizona GOP is now asking to review 28,000 duplicated ballots in Maricopa County, with claims of over 100,000 affected ballots statewide. With Biden’s current lead at just over 10,000 votes, any significant changes from these legal proceeding have the potential to flip the state’s eleven electoral votes in favor of Donald Trump.


Keep in mind, Maricopa County is not the only county under consideration. Arizona’s Republican legislators have also noted voter irregularities in Pima County (Tucson) and Coconino Country (northern Arizona) that were won by Biden.

A December 4 Arizona State Legislature press release notes, “A significant number of votes believe that fraud occurred and with the number of irregularities it is easy to understand why.” House Majority Leader Warren Peterson added, “It is imperative that the County immediately do a forensic audit on the Dominion software and equipment to make sure the results were accurate.”

Despite at least six failed lawsuits in Arizona to date, Republicans continue to pursue legal pathways to challenge the state’s electoral votes. Despite the state’s Safe Harbor date of November 30, legal proceedings have instead argued the state has plenty of time to challenge the state’s election results.

In addition to the pending hearing, attorney Sidney Powell has a separate lawsuit alleging Dominion software flipped approximately 412,000 votes in Arizona. Her case is expected to receive a hearing this week.

Similar legal proceeding has been filed or continue in other battleground states. In Michigan, Powell claims Dominion software changed over 280,000 votes statewide. An audit of 22 voting machines in Antrim County is currently under forensic analysis.

Despite ongoing media claims of Joe Biden as president-elect, the nation’s Electoral College has yet to certify results. With the many allegations surrounding battleground states and software manipulation in the 2020 election, legal proceedings may continue to prolong certification as Trump’s legal team pursues all options in their effort to #stopthesteal and find a legal pathway for a second Trump term.

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70 thoughts on “Arizona Supreme Court to Hear Election Challenge After Sample Finds Fraudulent Votes for Biden”

        1. Fine them, shut them down and lengthy jail time is in order. Go after the money men with a vengeance. Billionaires do not fear fines. They do however fear long prison terms. Where possible deport as in the case of Soros.

        2. Agreed! This voter manipulation is a travesty for our nation! In my opinion many Dems knew and this was secretly planned a long time before the election. This amounts to treason. The only way to get to the ‘bottom’ of this is to immediately begin polling locations where suspicious activities where noted. Those who come forward point toward where the orders came from should be given light sentences or probation. In turn work up the ladders as these individuals are identified. This scheme must be exposed and as more and more information is gleaned, and the truth unfolds, then justice will be shown and delivered, both for those affected, the true winning candidates, the true American citizen majority who voted in faith of having their voices truly heard and on the other hand exposed those complicit in the fraud that was committed to this nation. With the corruption exposed, We the People, can get our nation back to the very founding principles it was established on. Pray for the appropriate true justice under the laws that our Republic, our NATION was established under, for this great nation to survive. It is now my humble opinion, as a veteran who took and oath to defend this nation and its Constitution, prior elections may have been tampered with, such as the last Presidential Election where President Trump, won. The reactions by the opposing party, indicated they knew who the winners were to be, except they lost because they didn’t ‘cheat enough’ and the voice of the people was heard. Yes the ‘swamp’ is deep and our president has in many way exposed the tip of the iceberg. That is why they engaged in more embolden activities in this past election, in their quest for power over the American people. Their plans have been devious, unlawful, and their inroads into our government, the educational system and most of all the media has taken its toll and indeed on the path of destroying our way of life. Some would call this a conspiracy theory. Just look at the evidence! It is beyond reason for our nation. It has be slow and methodical to the point where we the citizens, the hard working tax payers may indeed be placed under tyranny. We have seen what corruption has done. Corrupt judges, corrupt representatives are working hard to mold a new nation, not under God, but themselves. WE THE PEOPLE must return to our Founding Principles! WE can do it!

          1. In agreement with you! This is fraud and I just cant see us all turn a blind eye on this. Biden with his corrupt clan of uneducated people cannot run this country especially by performing corruption right off the bat! We need to Hold them accountable. If our system fails we are all un big trouble!

          2. What has happened is nothing short of Treason! The people involved are criminals to this Nation and need to be identified, prosecuted and face a public firing squad! That kind of action will stop anything like this happening again and is the correct punishment for the ones involved!

          3. You are absolutely correct in your statement and if the American public has any common sense and will honestly admit to their true and “gut” feelings about the actual massive fraud that took place on the November 3rd election, then President Donald J. Trump IS still our President for at least 4 more years. No if, ands or buts.

      1. President Donald J Trump is still the President of United States until 2024 or longer if the true people would like. We need to stand up for our rights, for our children and grandchildren. Keep America great. Make China pay pay and pay for what they did.
        God Bless America.

    1. I have been praying every night that they would find the true person to win he election and that would be Donald J. Trump. I’ll keep on praying ’til it’s over and President Trump is the real winner.

      1. So have my family & friends…..our beloved President isn’t a perfect man, but he’s the best we’ve had since Eisenhower & J. Kennedy

      1. We know just enough to claim Ohbama,Klinton,Zoros,DeChinks,Fokerberg,Jack DeTwitt,ABCNNMSNFaux,plus all Dem workers rig the election for Basement Byden.Biden is too dumb to rig an election,but surely he knew about it long before election day.

    2. God is still on His throne. He is in control no matter what the fake news has to say. In any scenario, we must yeild to His will and purpose. He does have a plan and purpose. Have faith in Him!

    3. Everyone needs to pray to almighty God for his blessing and powerful sword of righteousness to cleanse our great land of the corruption that has infected our nation

    4. I just want to know why the CNN, MSNBC,NBC Etc! Keep reporting there was no evidence of fraud when fraud is being shown! If Biden legally won the election so be it. So why can’t the votes in question be checked by both parties and satisfy the questions that the American people want to know, was it fair or not. Everyone is so divided
      because the Main street media just blocks out and hides anything asked about the election, Joe Biden and Hunter.
      Its very strange that that 4 or 5 battleground states could not get their votes counted in time, stop voting in the middle of the night and did not complete anything for days after the election! But 45 other states had no issues.
      It’s just sad and frustrating that are election is comparing to the way elections are run in 3rd world Countries!!!

      1. Both parties?..the Democrats will never agree to involvement because that would give added credibility when the fraudulent votes were found. Who seriously does not believe that senior Democrat campaign managers did not know about this stuff?

  1. THese Republican legislatures better start doing their jobs, they have no idea of the feelings of patriots. These people are quiet but are on the verge of exploding. Should the president not have his legal votes given to him this will be finished in the streets and I don’t mean by burning buildings. I hear more than rumblings, people want revenge on the people responsible for whats happening. Republicans that we voted for, if you get my drift.

  2. The outrageous criminal actions of Attorney General Barr should also be investigated and criminal prosecution
    should be applied against Barr. Not only has President Trump had to deal with fraud in the Democratic Party but
    also in the Republican Party. Between Mitch McConnell and Charles Schumer something smells real rotten in
    the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. These investigations that have been blocked by Attorney General Barr is illegal.
    Barr took this job with the full intentions of misleading President Trump and then ultimately fraudulently commit
    serious election fraud by not revealing as required criminal activity that he had overwhelming evidence about.
    Barr is a very corrupt man and has defrauded every citizen of the USA. God Bless America Frank P. Barrasso

        1. Soros needs to get out of Americans business and take his other buddies with him. We all know what he is and he was in New York city for many years .Send him back to Hungary where he belongs , or maybe they don’t want him either. Gitmo might be a better place.

    1. He accepted over two million dollars in bribes from the dominion company and that’s not a crime? He needs to be charged and put in jail.

  3. Glad to see AZ waking up to smell the roses… in as much as Bill Barr, what a waste of time at a crucial moment in our lives, guess the Deep State had him in their grasp too. Good ridden worthless man!

    On another note….. the Dictator Newsom has given away the seat of the current VP “elect”. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice to see our president rightfully reinstated and this no nothin Ho put out to pasture?!

    1. That is correct! Barr is no the only turncoat! If Trump has his way, he will expose all of them very soon! And of course the ” no nothin Ho put out to pasture ” would be a blessing!

  4. I am wanting to see what Mike Pence does with the 7 states that submitted DOUBLE Electoral college votes. In fairness to those states AND to the entire country, ALL of those votes should be thrown out. The result would be that neither candidate would record 270 votes and the states would decide, (with 1 vote each), the President.

    1. Only crooks defend crooked elections. It’s most Shocking that anyone would oppose striking fraudulent votes. The fight to protect fraudulent ballots is every bit as destructive to voter trust in election integrity as the original voter fraud.

    2. That would be the way to resolve this quagmire – throw out all contested votes and let’s do what the constitution calls for. Maybe thereafter we take steps to straighten out presidential election system. Right now, it looks like child’s play. There is God and He going to side with the RIGHT things. Stay tuned.

  5. What happened to Vice President pence objecting to the certifications from the seven states? If he had this power and let it go that is incredibly disappointing. Vice President pence can you give us some answers?

    1. Don’t forget…Pence can answer or in fact may already have done so…the MEDIA may NOT “want” to inform the public of these things since it is not in the liberal advantage…we hear what the media WANTS us to hear…clearly we must be a citizenship that does NOT blindly trust the media. we MUST do OUR “due diligence” and find the truth through other means! What “means”? Well, go to the individual’s own site, look at his/her public history, who THEY campaigned for, who they commented about, where they went to college (THAT will tell you if they have liberal or central or conservative outlook), pay attention to what they SAID – and not what the media claims they say…get details from the candidate’s own web site! The ONLY way to upgrade our politics!

    2. According to the Constitution, VP Pence doesn’t have the power to do anything until they meet on Jan 6. Pray that he does the right thing. Our country needs President Trump now more than ever. God Bless Trump and the USA.

    3. Pence has done what’s necessary. Trump is ready for January 6 at all levels, including prospects for decertifying and/or recertifying Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia & Arizona

  6. Agreed !!! If nothing happens January 6 then president trump needs to declare marshal law and set up military tribunals…

  7. Since there are complaints, issues, and people coming forward saying the election was rigged, fixed, etc. We need to step back check everything out before swearing in a new President. We need to find out for sure who is the true President. We need to think of America first. Stop giving money to other countries who don’t like us. stop giving money to countries for gender reconstruction. stop spending for wasteful or selfish wants. stop China from moving into America. We need to stop now, because a month or two maybe too late. If you love America and want the only country that is free for religion, speech, and give Americans the chance to invent ,improve , help then we need to do it today. The Supreme court should have taken control of this they are the gate keepers for the Constitution, why did not they?

  8. The objections by one member of each house will only result in the inability to reverse the Democrat certified electors since a majority is needed in BOTH houses to overturn a contested state’s electors. The untested
    avenue to pursue is for VP Pence to reject both slates of electors due to massive voting irregularities. Congress will then take up the matter whereupon each state has one vote and ultimately President Trump will be declared the winner.
    Jake from Florida

    1. Jake, you are correct to a point. The House would have to approve the Democratic slate of electors and the Senate would have to approve the Republican slate. ( ie, a contested slate of electors) Then VP Pence would have to decide which slate of electors to include in the vote count. But if the Senate refuses to vote to confirm the Republican slate of electors, then its ballgame over and Biden officially becomes president – elect.


    1. I dont care about party its the person which was voted into office to do a certain job to stand up for the people and by the people of your state if you cant do that you should not be paid quit or resign from office

  10. I believe equally important to verifying the true vote would be the prosecution of violator’s that participated in the election fraud, especially those who worked the pay for vote system!


    1. Listen: Here’s what Covid and the election have done, so far, this year..Families are in turmoil, businesses are being lost, depression is widespread – and family members, (sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, siblings and cousins), are at odds over political viewpoints, if not in open hostility..My own son thinks I have a problem, because I believe this election was fraudulent..If I do, I have the company of over 70 million, other, American voters..Common people don’t seem to understand how political and judicial appointments stack the deck with individual, political operatives with obvious conflicts of interest, politically, ideologically and financially..It does not behoove political “gainers” to become moralists, truth-tellers or morally-motivated servants of the public, or the common citizen..To become elected or appointed is the goal..This is especially true of Supreme Court Justices, employed for life; but also true of professional Politicians, who, once elected, don’t have to worry about losing a business, a paycheck, or their pension..It is a BUSINESS, people, and that is why they have gained..They are good at it..They are not driven by morality, or any affection for truth or justice, or serving the “chattel”..That realization is what got Donald Trump elected in the first place – that he was NOT a Politician, that his Presidency would NOT be “Politics as usual”, that people are sick of THAT – and that he, with our support, would “Drain the swamp” of these leeches..Well, now we are close to a breaking point..Faith in our government is essentially gone for somewhere around half of the legitimate voters in this country..Not good!!..Much more than being a crazy conspiracy theorist, I cannot imagine how anyone in this country can deny that this was an illegitimate election..Frankly, I think one would have to be at least very stupid, or mislead, if not “crazy” to believe otherwise..Yet we cannot find and we don’t demand of our leaders that they be upstanding, honorable, fair and honest – and they don’t disappoint..Lower court judge appointees don’t have any interest in possible election fraud, SCOTUS judicial appointees don’t seem to have any interest in upholding justice in the electoral process – and even many Republican feeders at the public trough don’t have the integrity, or fortitude, or the incentive to fight for justice for there own party..Bill Barr is a “creep” – a true swamp creature..We are in deep water in this country and I fear a storm ahead..We should have drained the swamp; but the swamp creatures are too many, and too strong..May fate be in favor of the “right”; because bad governments historically come to bad ends – and when Americans get fed up with this Political Swamp, they will react – and it will not be pretty anymore..Now it seems the last resort is the expectation that Mike Pence will save the day, by refusing to recognize the Electoral College vote..That would take guts & courage & moral honor – heroic stuff, for a Politician..I wouldn’t bet my life on it; but my last hope is that somehow, justice gets served – and if it can’t (because it’s all too corrupt), then tell me, “What is left to preserve about this Government and this state of political affairs?”..

  12. It’s time for VP pence to get serious and refuse to count contested electoral votes. The evidence of widespread fraud is substantiated and overwhelming. If he does not, he will have proven himself to be an enemy of the people and the constitution of the USA.

  13. The only way to find out who won the election is to have a fare election with only VOTERS WITH I’D CARDS .NO MAIL IN VOTING OR ABSENTEE. It’s bad we can’t trust our own government. BUT THERE IS NO LAW TO ENFORCE WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS DO. JUST LOOK AT THE PAST.

  14. God is on our side and just keep prayers coming he wants trump to stay in office and yea he is good the evil will come out to show what POS these people are and need to be kicked out of office and go to jail were they truly be long.

  15. what is wrong with all of you people responding here the Democrats are like cancer it can’t be cured by puttin a cell it has to be removed by surgery such as a firing squad so it can never show its nasty lying head again remember its power and money if a billionaire in a high security cell can be hung to keep him quiet because he has so much on the politicians. They will always be in the background trying to run their crimes for JAIL. Execute all of them for the treason they have been committing against our great country and the American people they were supposed to be working for not acting as SLAVE owners.

  16. The moment Trump said he was going to drain the swamp, the scum in the swamp started to drum up lies to rid themselves of the threat that would expose the thieves that they are. Trump needs support or we will see our county be run by Communist.

  17. I think we all need to push for a bill to be put forth to cut the senators and the representatives pay be cut to an hourly wage just like ordinary hard working Americans and then maybe they want be so free with giving our hard earned money to other counties and illegal immigrants. It is a shame that most of them have gone into office with a standard pay but in just a few months most of them become millionaires! How do you think that happens?
    China, Russia, other countries paying them off to buy up our country!

  18. It’s time for America to get it right! Its time to stop this democratic fraud! This election is causing America to lose completely, any faith in these elections! DONALD TRUMP IS AND WAS RE-ELECTED OUR PRESIDENT! GET IT RIGHT AMERICA, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!!!!! GOD IS DISGUSTED WITH AMERICA! WE ARE DISGUSTED WITH RINO’s that don’t stand up and do their job!

  19. As an Arizona Republican, I stand behind Kelli Ward one thousand percent! I am very disappointed in Governor Ducey for certifying the votes when he KNEW fraud had occurred! And Katie Hobbs should be out of office! She had the audacity to call President Trump, and all his supporters “ nazis”! If there is a Nazi, it is her! As the Arizona a.g. She is supposed to be impartial, but clearly she is not! Arizona voters, get off your butts and demand she be ousted, and demand recounts done by precincts, and back Kelli Ward , she is the only one fighting for us. Gosar and Biggs, join Mo Brooks and contest the electoral college! This MUST be done, to keep our state RED!!

  20. If AT&T in Nashville was bombed because it had received contract to audit Dominion machines oI hope they made backups. We have terrorists within.

  21. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen❤

  22. When the total votes counted in the election exceed 100% of the legally registered voters in the US by millions that is irrefutable proof that fraud happened. The media still insists “there was no proof of fraud” or just thinks if they repeat it enough that will make it true.

    The facts are

    1) Any vote total that exceeds 100% of the legally registered voters proves fraud especially the vote total that was 300% of the legally registered voters.

    2) Under the US election laws THERE IS NO PRESIDENT ELECT until the electoral college votes are counted and accepted by congress or the opposing candidate concedes the election. Therefore face book and the media that keep calling Biden president elect or in some cases actually calling him president are the ones who are wrong not those who point this election fact out to the people.

    Further when there is a president elect he has NO AUTHORITY to do anything that requires the constitutional authority of the president until sworn into office at the end of the current presidential term that means that Biden’s orders that some agencies (like the ATF’s current actions retroactively enforcing a new definition of firearm) are already trying to enforce are illegal.

    IT also means he has violated numerous laws by NEGOTIATING with other nations since the media anointed him president elect and he created the fictitious political office of “president elect” and began acting as if he had already been sworn in as president.

  23. No matter what happens in this election, Biden will walk away smelling like a rose. We know better, but his cronies will go Judge shopping ASAP to find a Judge that was appointed by Obama and is a wee bit dishonest. Remember, Slimy Joe or Sniffy Joe, is not very honest and doesn’t care who he hurts, other than his family of crooks and questionables.

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