Black Voters Increasingly Promise to Vote Trump in November

Image c/o USA Today on YouTube

Joe “The Hermit” Biden has emerged from hiding finally. His handlers had hoped he could ride out the election from the comfort of his basement, only occasionally doing Zoom interviews during which he’d let slip his contempt for black and brown people.

They figured wrong. As big cities burned and Democrat leaders backed up the looters and rioters, polls showed that Americans trusted President Donald Trump to keep them safe. When the mainstream media told Joe about this, he immediately changed his tune, making a speech mildly rebuking his Antifa and Black Lives Matters constituents over all that bad violence they were perpetrating.

We’ll see next week when new polls come out if Biden’s speech worked. For now, Trump and Biden are within one point of each other in several national polls. Biden managed to lose a 12-point lead he had over Trump with his silent endorsement of the violence.

While this is exciting news for Trump supporters, it’s not the only bit of good news to come out from the polls this week. In a turn of events that shocked only the mainstream media, Black voters are beginning to leave the Democrat plantation. July Rasmussen polling shows Black voters approve the President’s performance at an all-time high of 36 percent—with 25 percent strongly approving of his performance.

That same poll showed that President Trump is presently winning 19 percent of the black vote. If that lead holds, coupled with the rest of his numbers, it would be a landslide victory for President Trump in November.

Black civil rights attorney Leo Terrell, a lifelong Democrat who recently switched loyalties to President Trump, told Sean Hannity on Fox News, that President Trump will likely get the highest number of black votes of any modern-day Republican. In fact, that 19 percent Black vote could turn out to be as high as 24 percent.

You wouldn’t think that numbers below 40 percent would be good news, but in 2016, President Trump got only 8 percent of the Black vote and still won. So, the higher numbers relate to how President Trump has been able to interrupt the longtime honeymoon relationship between the Democrats and African American voters.

The fact is, past Republicans have basically written off Black voters. Not anymore. President Trump is changing the conversation to connect with black voters. He has worked harder than Democrats to reach black voters, and that is causing concern and panic among Democrat operatives, who figured Black voters would never abandon their party, despite doing nothing for them.

The Trump team has made significant and intelligent investments to chip away black support from Democrats. The President’s reelection campaign spent over $11 million on an ad celebrating the release from prison of Alice Johnson, a black woman who also spoke at the RNC last week. The ad also highlighted the President’s criminal justice reform legislation. The lady’s grateful response at its end tells the story: “I want to thank President Donald John Trump.”

The President’s campaign has also opened field offices in 15 U.S. cities with large African American populations. Conservative donors have also financed a new Black News Channel, which presents a counterfoil to traditional liberal fake news coverage.

Expect the Democrats to pay attention to this alarming news. Black voters are the cornerstone of their coalition and they would be mistaken if they dismissed President Trump’s attempts to peel off some of them. Democrats know they can not win any election without the majority of Black voters.

But the strategy is not to get a majority of those African American support. It is to whittle down the amount of black support for Democrats in crime-ridden and rundown Democrat-run cities to carry the vote in swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The polls show the Trump campaigns strategy is working. He’s on course to get more of the Black vote than any modern day Republican.


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150 thoughts on “Black Voters Increasingly Promise to Vote Trump in November”

  1. I strongly support Donald Trump and will vote for him.

    Ivanka Trump at RNC

    1. I totally support the president! President Trump is greatest president of modern times! I have lost many friends because of my beliefs. But, it’s okay!

      1. If you lost “FRIENDS” because of your support for OUR President, and OUR country, and law and order, then they weren’t “FRIENDS” to begin with. Don’t let it bother you, it’s their lose, not yours.

          1. Biden’s meeting with Jacob Blake sr. In Kenosha the other day shows how desperate the Biden camp is to keep Black voters on the plantation.Blake sr. Is a racist,anti semite of the worst kind.His vile rhetoric should have made him off bounds for creepy Joe.

          1. When we over look the story or a thoughtful acknowledgement through a show of support from one human being to another, by reducing the importance of the whole comment, we lose.

          2. Biden and the democrats are making the same false promises that they have been making for the past 65 years…47 of those years Biden has been part of this narrative…as a result you have failing inner cities with failing schools….more crime..drugs and black on black killings…when Trump was elected he actually did something for the blacks with record low employment..more job opportunities..more job training centers…more money for historical black colleges and more effective policies against crime…more black owned small businesses and better policies for low income housing and records for getting blacks off welfare and back to work.


          4. Alright, guys! Lay off. Janet might be a school English teacher who is legitimately attempting to single-handedly improve the world’s use of the language. Now, having said that, it is equally likely that she is indeed attempting to denigrate the previous individual and since she can’t fault that person’s logic or sentiment chose this means to do that. If the second one is in fact the case, then she is a pathetic person who should be pitied for her dark personality and life outlook.

          5. Janet S Kammerer
            I hate grammar Nazis I suppose you would have rejected Albert Einstein’s paper of 1905 on “special relativity theory” because he misspelled a word or two. Grammar on a comment board isn’t too important if it’s easy to read and you can understand what he’s trying to say. People can have good points to make even if they have bad grammar and poor spelling.

        1. Remember that you are not losing “friends” who don’t care about the destruction of our country! You are GAINING FRIENDS who care and respect the country. Just find out all the great decisions our President has done in less than four years. Us conservatives would welcome you as our friend!!!

        2. Raymond Miller; Very well said. I have lost several friends, too. It amazes me that these intelligent people have been so duped by the Left-wing media and the Democratic party. I keep asking myself “WHAT are they thinking?” How can you not see the shenanigans and agenda of people like Pelossi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, the entire DNC, the Democratic governors that let these “peaceful” protests continue., the Swamp, and……..? How can they NOT support our country, our law enforcement, our Constitution and Bill of Rights, our values and tradidtions. The fact that they have been brainwashed to see Americaa nd its citizens as fundamentally racist and evil, founded on slavery, and facist is beyond belief. No, these are no longer my friends and I no longer pity or feel sorry for them – they are far too dangerous for that.

          1. I totally agree with you. The political platform of the Democratic Party is pure Communism/Socialism inspired philosophy. It is totally anti-American, anti-religion and anti-human! Anyone that could agree with and support them can’t be a friend or countrymen of mine! I will fight all that are like you until my last breath to preserve America and it’s guaranteed preservation of god given rights to “ALL” it’s people!

          1. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all of his/our US TRUMPlican Lawmakers Successfully 2020USReelected Landslide
            Amen & Amen❤

        3. If you loose a (so called friend) just because of what you know and believe, then they were just acquaintances, they were not friends. True friends stick closer than brothers and sisters. It’s your gain, and our country’s gain.
          The blind can only lead the blind, but you that can see can lead an army

      2. Once your friends open their eyes and see all that President Trump has done and is continuing to do, they’ll come around! Those who grew up in a democratic environment will take a little work to show them that this democratic party is more dangerous then the past!

        1. I’ve found that Democrats and Liberals can’t handle the truth. When you give them facts, they throw disparaging remarks about Trump at you and then get angry when you ask them for proof of their insults. Trump’s record speaks for itself just as Biden’s does. Facts prove that DT is making this nation better and that JB is only lining his pockets along with his cronies in Congress and has been doing so at the expense of the taxpayers for almost fifty years. He has done nothing to make this country better and the radical Democrats will turn this great nation into a third world socialist country if he is elected. Lets get the anti-American Congresswomen out of Congress this election, re-elect the Donald, and build the wall.

      3. If you loose a (so called friend) just because of what you know and believe, then they were just acquaintances, they were not friends. True friends stick closer than brothers and sisters. It’s your gain, and our country’s gain.
        The blind can only lead the blind, but you that can see can lead an army to victory………

      4. Hi Rose,

        I too cannot speak to anyone about my support of President Trump. They hate him. I believe it is because they believe the main stream media. They don’t want to look at his accomplishments. The news media will NEVER report anything positive that Trump does. When he closed the International borders when covid hit the United States, the main stream media shouted across the nation that Trump is a racist. My husband and I have such fights over this. He is going to vote for Biden. My husband is an intelligent man with two Masters and a Bachelors and a former Civil Engineer but is so ignorant when it comes to Biden. He is a Democrap and can’t see things clearly. I show him articles about the rioting, looting, murders and the Demorats agenda, but he turns a blind eye.
        I can’t talk to friends about Trump because they get angry. People are violent when it comes to their hatred of Trump. I just don’t understand it.

    2. I used to vote Democrat many years ago. I am a proud vet and a legal immigrant to the greatest country on earth. The democrats are working hard to turn this country into a socialist society where China would be in total control. Ignorance and laziness is the downfall of true freedom! Vote in November conservatives to guide the country to greatness!

      1. Thank you, Yes, laziness and ignorance is threatening this Great Country. The children have been indoctrinated. Now all they do is cry they are victims of this, or that. Crazy. Trump/Pence 2020

      2. President Trump is the only one to financial fix our tax structure. He is a job maker and knows more then any other how this country can be what it once was. But what I love the most is he his pro life. God bless America.

    3. Yes I will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the “trash” out of the cities please. They are ruining America.

          1. Thank youI have lived here all my life. Also on the fb fan club for

            trump. Come and join us we are many deplorables.

      1. Well Barbara you have a real wheeler and dealer in the Oval office now, and He will win in a landslide come Nov. And like you all the cotton picking lawyers in D. C. is our biggest problem. MAGA , And Keep Her Great.

      1. Not only blacks but every
        American citizen who wants to work and be free. Right now we have more jobs than peopleand what we need to do is get after our schools and force them to install an apprentice project back into our schools.When I was in school we had a co-op program. You went to school half a day and held a job for the other half. For four years of high and Jr High I word at Handy and HEB. Good ethic work background never went to college and have never been out of work. Worked at Kodak in Rochester NY for 25 years and left there on retirement in 1991. In all those years I was never with out a job and I am now 85 and enjoying my retirement. I hold the claim to coating all 4500 mirrors that keep the Hubble telescope traveling out further than any other satalite.

    4. Trump has offended aristocrats everywhere & many citizens, but he is changing Wash. & keeping his word. He will go down in history as one of the great presidents without a Nobel prize for peace deals in the middle east.

      1. What have democrats done for black communities, not much from what I hear! You may not personally know any black people that will vote Trump but there are more than you know. I’ve heard them talk about their Democrat ran cities/states that have done nothing to help these communities that are down trotted. Try something different, you may be surprised. I’m not black and I find it insulting that the Democrats pander to blacks just for the vote! Why don’t they go to these broke down cities and help lift some of the people out of their crappy inviroment like clean up the schools so children have a chance to actually learn. Chicago is a great example of the crap they have to deal with everyday. Get rid of the bad seeds that keep killing each other, babies, why! Go to the white house website and learn what has been done for blacks!

      2. maybe they think they are going to get everything free like biden said time to wake up nothing is free someone has to pay for it i hope they work they aren’t going to get much in there pay when biden is done taking all of it away and they will live under china’s rules how bland can one be

      3. Constance Sanders,
        You would find out just how many black people are voting for President Trump if you would watch a real news station, believe it or not, the black people have finally discovered that Trump has done more for them than their former black president (Obama) did, he did NOTHING!! You will find out how much the president has done for you and your people if you will broaden your horizon and watch a true news station, FOX NEWS, you don’t have to believe everything you hear but you will find out how good Trump is for the Blacks and America!!


      4. I am white, 76 years old and a 100% disabled veteran. I worked and served with many black men during my 40 years of government service. I do not know any black men who are voting Democratic tickets now. Times have changed and Trump is the reason. Trump/Republican 20/20 and beyond.

      5. Well, get out of the swamp of misfits and socialists that hate this country and get a job. Go to work, improve your life and
        That of your family. Trump is making that possible for you, not your do nothing ignorant friends who blindly hate everything about this country. If you think you can find a better place to live, then go.

      6. Constance, please open your eyes and vote for Trump in November. Save the country and .please don’t vote democrat. What has a democrat ever done for the black population or anyone else in the last 30 years? They are for one world government and that government would be communism – God help us.

      7. I don’t understand blacks they complain about slavery yet they will vote against a republican when it was a republican president Abraham Lincoln who freed them. It was the Southern Democrats that made them slaves, not republicans. After Abraham Lincoln freed them it was the Southern Democrats that formed the KKK because the former slave owners were afraid their former slaves would seek revenge. it was the Southern Democrats that passed the Jim crow laws so the former slaves couldn’t defend then self against the KKK. You would think the blacks would vote in their best interest, and that’s not for Democrats. Under Donald Trump’s presidency, black employment has been the highest it ever been what do they want the government to give them everything for free.

      8. Constance, from your post you don,t want to be informed about what the Demc. are doing to you and you deserve to be put back on a cotton farm until you learn something about your Country.

    5. Bravo Mr.Lamb! Mr.Trump is the only one with rest of his followers,American patriots who support him will save America and American people-and bring greatness back again.

    6. Black voters got the message and looked at their Overlords, the likes of Sharpton et all, saw their abuse and use, while they were getting poorer and more crime while these monsters were leading the live of Riley! In addition they saw the numerous actions and benefits from the Presidents positive changes and are reacting accordingly!

    1. Totally agree. I am a senior citizen and have voted by mail for several years. Not this year. I will be going to the polls.

      1. Good for you! The democrats have been cheating for decades to maintain their power. That needs to change and voting in person makes your vote less likely to be fraudulently modified.

        1. I say vote in person. Like the Afghan people who vote they dip their index finger in purple ink to show they voted. Ink lasts several days so fraud can’t happen. Also open voting in person for a month so people have plenty of time to get to poles. Absentee ballots still okay.

          1. Pretty sad when the USA has to start looking to methods used in a country like Afghanistan to make/keep elections honest. You may recall that the USA, along with others, have participated in helping set up
            democratic fair voting in countries like Afghanistan where it was totally corrupted. The fact the Democrats are promoting a method ‘for cheating’ is causing ‘incentive ‘ in those Countries to return to their corrupt methodologies. America long and ever considered the free world model of excellence is now at the stage of other Countries thinking they need to volunteer to monitor USA elections. Think about how ‘sad’ that sounds……..America is no longer the Country of the Free. Don’t let them destroy what America stands for!

      2. You mailed in your absentee ballot. Absentee ballots are not the same as mail in ballots. Most people don’t understand this. And the press is at fault for not making this clear.

        1. Absentee you have to request the ballot, say who you are, show ID to prove it. It isn’t easy. Mail-in however they send you even if you don’t ask for it.

        2. I have been screaming this for months now! Even FOX News doesn’t make clear the difference when they are discussing this. Mail in just sends blanket ballots to any and everyone on a voting list and no one knows how vastly outdated those lists are. People die, move to other addresses, and their names are still on the list.
          Absentee means you can’t get to your legal polling place on election day so you request a ballot, giving them your correct and current address so it is sent to the right person at the right place.
          Why, oh why, don’t people know this?????

      3. Our countries future Trumps ( pun intended) their ignorance! Our entire life & future lives of Americans is hanging in the balance with this MOST important election. I’m planning & hoping to always speak ENGLISH & NOT Chinese The Liberal Democrats are very frightening & their plans for MY country… devastating!!

    2. Our terrific President has done more for black culture than any president since Lincoln. God bless Donald J Trump and God bless America

  2. The President is in DC, for One Reason!!! To Finally Help ALL, the American People!! It’s about Time We, have a President in the White House,Who Cares about the People, Not just Himself, Like other Presidents, and Politicians!! Nuff Said!!!!!!!

  3. If Black most people would think for themselves they’d realize Their values align with the President, not the Socialist democrats. Its just a fact.

  4. I think we all know that Donald Trump will win in a landslide, in a fair election that is. We also know that this election will not be fair. Even though the Democrats will do more cheating this year than ever before, I’m pretty confident that Donald Trump will still win! He is the best president in my lifetime, and I certainly want him to have four more years!

  5. I object to the article referring to Trump’s actions as just “an election strategy”. In context with all the other things Trump has done, he’s out to make things better for ALL Americans. Not even just Americans…look how he saved Iraq from the disastrous killing field that Obama turned it into. The black community in America isn’t just better because Trump wants to win re-election…he’s doing his very best to honestly make our country great again!

  6. I do not believe the author of this story intended to imply that Trump is only concerned about the Black community for their vote, however he should always be aware of the implied messages his words carry.
    Although I enjoyed this story, there seems an underlying tone that infers Trump targets Black Voters simply for their vote, which disturbs me because I believe President Trump genuinely cares about poor, disenfranchised, underestimated people.
    Trump doesn’t care if people are black, orange, yellow, or polka dotted. If there is a need or inequity in our communities he wants to address it.
    I do not believe the author of this story intended to imply that Trump is only concerned about the Black community for their vote, but he should be aware of the implied messages his words carry in future stories.
    With the left seeking any sliver, no matter how tiny, to crucify Trump, every word must be scrutinized for potential subliminal messages, no matter how
    faint, lest it be used as a tool of hatred by the left!


    2. Good for you! There is no better, more Dem. proof than voting in person! For ages, both Dems and Reps are arranging to pick up and and deliver senior voters to vote and it can still be done with the appropriate changes! The Dems always try tscrew with the system to get advantage! All of a sudden Kamala the whiner, the most socialist of the group is concerned and accuses Trump with everything under the sun! Remember her disgusting performance in the Dem effort to crucify Kavanaugh with ZERO evidence! We are already being showered with an avalanche of every accusation they can fabricate They are desperate! Pelosi and Schumer are holding back approval of funds to help citizens without jobs and these 2 gems want $3 trillion to take care of illegals and fund the mismanagement of Dem mayors and governors! Not a penny should be paid for the destruction of property for those that allow lawlessness! AND above all be careful because Biden has warned that he is losing his temper! Actually when he does will he remember the cause!

  7. People of the Black, Hispanic, Native American, and other minorities should have noticed what drove and guided the terror of rioting, looting and worse in the pat three months: The pseudo “Anti-fa”, a clearly “Democrat” creation from immediately after losing their election of Hillary Clinton of which they had been so sure.
    But there are things that people would not so easily forget, even if they have only a bit of sense of looking through the fake news and explanations of unjust wars started by “their government” abroad, millions of refugees fleeing to Europe, or drowning in the sea – and none of them white! (as some may need to be reminded)
    The willingness of starting horrors there, and now, the obvious willingness to do the same at home in the USA which they all have seen lately will drive them away from a party that they cannot anymore seeing as the one that supported them. All it supports are wild gone not even communists but social, sexual and drug anarchists out to destroy states, communities, families – everything that has given, at least, an idea of safety and harmony.
    That is not the idea of any functioning community, and they all have long worked on building a working one in their minorities, knowing that they still had to fight old built-in inequalities, but also that these were inherited and not newly created by racist plotting. And that they could be removed -not by paroles of “Kill the Whites!” but through sitting together AND getting the seats in decision places according to ratio!
    Rioting, looting, violence and murder are NOT the way, and the party that erred so much will pay for it!

  8. Pres. Trump at this time in History is like King David. Has many enemies but he is Gofs choice for Americs to survive. God will destroy his enemies, if not now in Hell with Stalin & Hitler etc.

  9. Do not discount the criminal democrat and their newly found scam of mass mailing ballots to the dead, criminals and illegals. Biden could win after weeks of conniving by the democrat from multiple voting in person and fraudulent ballots in car trunks, swimming pools, trash cans etc. you know the routine, this must be stopped PERIOD. TRUMP WILL LOSE IF THESE INVALID MEASURES ARE NOT STOPPED.

    1. Many lawsuits have already been filed to stop mass mail-in balloting. If you get one in the mail that you did not ask for, shred it and go in person to vote. There will be social distancing, requirement to wear a mask, and I can guess plenty of hand sanitizer. In person voting or absentee voting (not the same as mail in voting) is the only way to thwart fraud from mail in ballots.

  10. Thank God President Trump cares for ALL Lives. I have many Black friends and I love them all. Criminals no matter what the nationality need to be held accountable. We have a President that is for true Americans who believe in JESUS THE CHRIST!!!

    1. So you can not be a true American if you do not believe in Jesus? My religion dates back long before Christianity, But My religion also holds many of the same Values because Christians borrowed a lot from other religions. I am a true American, I have fought for my country and the the people who love it. I am Disabled Iraq War Veteran. You do not have to be a Christian to love this country and support President Trump. That is part of being all inclusive.

  11. I’m native American. And I have seen Trump back up his mouth! He doesn’t care about SKIN COLOR! HE CARE ABOUT AMERICAN PEOPLE! Something these Democrat has stopped doing! And that started way back during Bill Clinton term! Even Obama didn’t do ANYTHING FOR BLACK PEOPLE! But cause divide ! Trump has been reaching out to black people long before he ran as a candidate for president in 2016! These black are angry due to their lifestyle of living. Just as we natives are! We believe the DEMOCRAT PARTY for WAY TO LONG! STILL NOTHING! ONLY MORE GOVERNMENT PROGRAM TO KEEP US FROM REACHING OUR DREAMS!

    1. Wyatt
      President believe in ALL people.
      Previous president and Biden do NOT.
      A vote for Trump is a vote for a democratic republic for ALL people.


        1. Wyatt Earp,
          You are so right and I want to thank you for educating the public and this country is a Republic!!

  12. Biden utters glorious phrases he has memorized but cannot back them with real facts. Mr. Trump’s policies are common sense. He speaks his heart, loves the people of America, works hard, has improved every aspect of everyone in the country, and puts up with a lot. There is no systemic racism in this country, (I know because I am a minority) except in the Democratic party. Only listen to Ms. Ocasio on Fr. Damian just as one example. Dems are not only hurting a presidency, they are destroying our democracy. They see race all over; we see people, men and women. Of course I will vote for Trump. And so will do our family.

  13. I went to and it took me right to a Joe Biden page. I didn’t believe it until I saw it with my own eyes. WOW! Now you know who he believes in and who is working on his behalf. DON’T believe me go yourself to and you will see what I am talking about.

    1. Oh my gosh! I just did the same exact thing and INDEED, Google took me straight to Joe Biden’s campaign site to make a donation. Sickening!

  14. Great News but it should be higher. I have no idea how any Black American Citizen could vote for the democrats who started the KKK and Biden who has constantly put them down and called them names?.

    1. don’t forget the REASON Planned Parenthood was started…”to cleanse society of the black person”…and they have more “facilities” in their communities, tout its “services” to school kids too…

  15. There are some bizarre people that might say that those are not black voters but rather white voters with radical surgery secretly put by Trump’s supporters.

  16. Don’t forget, no republican has ever owned a slave, dems fought to keep them, Lincoln freed them, if you are black your backing the wrong party.

  17. To all of my black white brown yellow and red friends who want law and order we are with you and DT will do the job. Just vote these democrats out of office and get people who will protect the people and businesses.

  18. 19 to 25% of the black vote! Honestly people, that does not speak well of the intelligence of the black race! For 50 years I’ve watched as every election cycle the socialist dems hold up a shiny object for the black community to see, in the form of the promise of ‘FREE STUFF’ and every election cycle they, like children or racoons who can’t refuse it, they once again fail their own race! The very definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result! So does winning even 25% of the black vote imply that the black community has regained their sanity? It sure doesn’t sound that way to me!

  19. I can’t believe that any Black American would vote for Joe Biden. he has never done anything for them, except write laws that incarcerated millions of them. also, his running mate. has persecuted and prosecuted Blacks in record numbers in California, with little to no evidence. she jailed them for miniscule amounts of marijuana, and then laughed on a talk show about herself using and inhaling. she is a piece of work. the Black population should wake up and see the oppression that mr. biden has for them. he insults them at every speech. vote Trump, he has done more than any democrat in history to help you.


  20. Trump is for the American people that want to,prosper and improve their way of life. Color and gender makes not difference. I am surprised that Donal trump can live under the pressure from the fake News and the liberal Dems that are in favor of destroying new born lives and removing your freedom with socialist government. We are living in a time that Donald Trump was able to expose the major differences between liberals and their destructive ways and the conservatives with a voices of freedom and liberty.

  21. The Democrats prove over and over, how much they hate the citizens of the U.S.A. and how much they hate the U.S.A. Daily in their efforts to build their fantasy Utopian New World Order on the ashes of the U.S.A., they so readily set ablaze!

  22. WIth all the revelations about the origin and purpose of Planned parenthood created by Margaret Sanger a devout racist regarding abortions as a means to a eugenics end particularly against African Americans, with Joe Biden being an obvious segregationist and bigot having participated or pushed stiffer prison sentences for blacks, Busing, not to mention his recent gaffes (which really reveal his true thoughts) and with the knowledge that the Democrats were the Party of Slavery, opposition to freeing the slaves, giving them citizenship and giving them the right to vote, the party of the KKK, the poll tax, and anti civil rights I can’t see how any African American would ever want to vote for Biden now that there has been such an educational effort made to show the truth about what he and his party REALLY stand for. His VP running mate’s entire wealth was indirectly the result of slave labor by her ancestors and she should be paying reparations if she is in favor of the current BLM movement It is therefore a welcome surprise that the African American community has finally come to the realization that the Democratic party has been betraying them ever since it’s creation by Andrew Jackson who was a big time slave owner

  23. Trump has been great for this country and will continue to be great for this country. Biden wants to give more of the same from the Obama era. That in it self should make you sick. So tell all of your friends and family to be sure to VOTE on Nov. 3 and continue to make this country GREATER THAN IT HAS BEEN. TRUMP 2020

  24. Interesting to read right wing propaganda and how it turns reality on its head. While Biden is really not much different than Trump in his political stands he is much quieter. I don’t see the reality spelled out in this article. 25% approval rating for Trump is pretty dismal but this article writes as if it were an achievement. There have always been Blacks who were deluded to think the GOP had their interests but most do not. If they support the conservative stance it is only out of lack of heart for a fight with the Dems. As they often say, it is easier to work with the devil as you know exactly where he stands.

    1. Tamarque, You should be totally ashamed for the article you have written here, if you care for Black people, why in the hell are you lying to them, History and facts proves The Democrats are the creators of Slavery, and the domination of the Black Race, If you are black, you are a traitor to your race, if not, You are a Liar without a conscience, or a paid Servant of the Devil, (Soros)

    2. TAMARQUE,

  25. FREE yourselves from the democrap/fascist welfare plantation and vote for the man who is actually helping you; Trump 2020.

  26. I truly believe that president Trump is here by divine intervention. Our prayers were and are being answered. Praise father God almighty, all glory to him.

  27. Think about this: Democrats were the slave owners in the South. When the Northern abolitionists wanted laws to end slavery like the British did 30 yrs. earlier, the Democrats objected, seceded from the Union and started a Civil War in 1861. When they lost, they started the KKK in the South to maintain their hegemony over blacks and try to keep them “down on the plantation”. When the North sent the U.S. Army in to quell the KKK, the Democrats opposed it. Democrats voted 100% against the 1964-65 Civil Rights Acts. Republicans voted 100% for it. Democrats have kept blacks in 3rd world sh*thold ghettos and slums in Democrat-controlled cities. This was done with promises of welfare, Section 8 low cost housing or free housing, food stamps, a constant illegal drug supply from the Communist Chinese and Mexican cartels, etc.

    So long as blacks kept voting for Democrats, Democrats promised blacks they would continue to get “free stuff”. Well the “free stuff” is a pittance to keep the blacks “down on the inner city plantations”. Blacks have had enough of being low and lower middle economic class victims of this communist “welfare” state.

    Now, the Democrats are panicking because they’re losing the black vote since they’ve done nothing for blacks since the 1965 Civil Rights acts (55 years of doing nothing; Joe Biden has been in Congress & the U.S. Senate for almost as long and has done everything he could against the black community, including sponsoring, pushing and passing draconian law enforcement laws against blacks).

    Time for blacks to see the forest and the trees. They have been getting nothing but lip service from Democrats since before the Civil War, and they’re losing many of their sons & daughters to the corrupt, extortionate, criminal Democrat policies.

  28. I’m just a little confused here! I mean really, lets say Trump gets an incredibly high percentage of the black vote which would be anything above 20%! Just how does that equate to ‘Blacks flocking to Trump’? Even if it is 25% that’s still only 1/4 of the black population! Seriously, it’s great that Trump is getting good numbers with the blacks but if only 1/4 of the black population votes for him, that does not speak well of the black community! You would think that with as much as he has done for them the number would be 50 or 60%! Regardless of what polls say I know Trump is getting at least 50% of the white vote, but only 25% of the black vote tells me one of two things! Either the black community is really ignorant or they are so brainwashed with the economic slavery plantation mentality that there is no hope for them! Someone will likely think I’m being racist but it’s the truth!

  29. How many African American businesses have been destroyed in these “peaceful protest” – RIOTS? How many African Americans have been killed since this s**t started? None of this would have ever happened and how many of those people would still be alive today if the Democrats had acted responsibly – instead of letting their TDS get the best of them and trying to turn this mess into political theatre. Well that political theatre is backfiring on them and they WILL be held accountable.

    1. this entire mess is the fault of the MN Democrat incompetent governor and Democrat even more incompetent Minneapolis mayor. No decision making abilities between them. They actually thought that by burning down and destroying Minneapolis they could help Biden and hurt Trump. Their sheer stupidity caused all of the mayhem in America. No Fem in America had the intelligence and courage to step up and help them including the Biden mob.

  30. Hello folks I am a 76 year old White woman my age tells you all that I was there when finally Civil Right came in . I am also a Republican and extremely pleased to see that a lot of my black friends are waking up the Democratic Party has been your down fall all the years they have been in existence I am so very happy that some of you are waking up to the truth. Did you know that Hillary Clinton’s mentor was Bird and a member o the KKK. I am so pleased to see in my life time that all of this is coming to the light. ❤️

  31. It has been said that there is nothing in the darkness that will not ultimately be brought into the light. Thank you, Marjorie for sharing your perspective.

  32. When we over look the story or a thoughtful acknowledgement in a show of support from one human being to another, we dismiss the importance of the whole comment by pointing out a person’s spelling, it is we who lose !!

  33. This mail in voting is a joke. I have no issue with an absentee ballot due to the fact that it requires identification to get. With that said given the COVID 19 circumstances if you have gone to the grocery store, go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions, go out to eat even if outside, have taken a bus, have flown anywhere, gone to the doctor or dentist, visited relatives near or far, or any other activity that require you to get out of your home you can got to the damn town or city hall aNd get an absentee ballot no excuses. Most of the time the clerks office is empty and even if not you social distance everywhere else you can do it there too.

  34. President Trump treats Black people like people…. humans… people with intellect and needs and contributors to society of America.
    Democrats treat Black people like a voting block, nothing more. PERIOD.
    listen and learn,

  35. It was very racist of the high percentage of blacks to vote for Obama just based on his skin color. I don’t think they researched him very well.
    He passed the Medicaid Recovery Act which makes it much harder for middle class families to ever get an inheritance if their parents go on Medicaid while in a nursing home. He didn’t thoroughly explain it to the average person. There will even be interest charged! Before, only the premiums were recovered from the estates. Imagine the shock – the family gets an inheritance, spends it and then gets a bill months later for $300,000 or more.
    Take out a long-term care policy, if you can and if you have children you want to get an inheritance.
    Granted, the government should control spending, and there is billions in fraud in Medicaid and Medicare.
    But, at least INFORM the public (including blacks) when you are passing a controversial bill.
    Bachelor of Science, Sociology
    Former Medicaid Employee

  36. The democratic party is not the party of JFK. If JFK had run against some of the republican candidates of the past few years, other than Trump, I might have voted for him. We have been like frogs getting cooked since the 60’s with few exemptions. The country has become more and more liberal with government getting bigger and bigger. Democrats and Republicans keep accepting more and more interference in our lives to get more “security” in our lives. The reason for so called “emergencies” “global ecological crisis” “wars”, etc are reasons to have government overreach. What I sense from Trump is a love for this country and a anger for those who are trying to take away the beauty of freedoms in the name of”our betterment” because “they” know better. Trump has had failure and success in his life but would not have achieved what he has if this country were socialistic or any other than the republic it is. He wants to pay it forward. If we can help our fellow man have a better life it makes life better for all of us. I believe he understands that principle. He has donated his salary for president to many good causes. Billionaire’s, media, corporation’s and those trying to control agendas hate him because he doesn’t need their money and hasn’t taken the presidency for wealth and security but because of the love for this country.

  37. I am so happy to see the Republican Party and President Trump helping my fellow Black citizens in the USA. Before Covid-19 the rate of employment for them was at an ALL TIME LOW. It is time the DEMOCRAPS lose and LOSE big. Tony from PA.

    1. They need to be totally defeated, they want to change the country totally with their nonsense, look at what they are doing! Our kids from kindergarten to university are being brainwashed with socialist ideas and ideals! Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that your offspring sent for higher education can’t handle the smallest challenge in his life and needs a safe place to hide! Hundreds of thousands of your hard earned money for this disgrace! All of our ancestors must be screaming out in horror, in addition to the destruction of our history ! Thank god for the President, who stopped the destruction while the Dem leadership is promoting it!

  38. President Trump has done more for minorities then any other President in history, with exception to Abraham Lincoln! The American People only need to ask themselves one question? Would you rather live in this country under the greatness President Trump has provided, with exception to CHINA’S VIRUS infecting The World, or Obama’s policies of apologizing to The World, allow terrorist organizations to thrive and allow Iran to obtain ‘Nuclear Weapons’?

  39. Even if I don’t vote, I feel strongly the president will win in November, but I WILL DEFINITELY VOTE just because it is my duty as a citizen, if not show my patriotism towards the country and the for one of the greatest president we’ve ever had in modern history.

  40. The latest attack now against the president is his supposedly statements against the dead of the First World War! I remember the incident when it was taking place and there were a few attempts to criticize the President but nothing like now! Why is this, well IT’S election time and the Dems must find anything to bash the President! We will be seeing a lot of accusations between now and Nov. 3rd!

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