BLM/Antifa Activist Charged in Capitol “Riot”

We really ought to know better than to trust anything about the nature of reality in 2021 whenever the pile of hot sidewalk garbage posing as our “free press” tells us something. We now know that numerous protesters who instigated the “storming” of the Capitol on January 6 were not actually Trump supporters. It was a group of the same professional BLM/Antifa agitators that have been wrecking American cities ever since George Floyd’s overdose death back on Memorial Day Weekend.

And we also know that Ashli Babbit’s execution at the hands of a Capitol Police officer was not what we thought it was.

If you were watching the livestream on that day as many of us were, the sequence of events was very surprising. President Trump’s speech ended, the peaceful march began, and videos of people breaching the fencing around the Capitol immediately started popping up on social media. “Wow,” many of us thought at the time, “That went sideways really fast!”

What we didn’t realize at the time was that we were watching a distortion of the truth. It wasn’t happening in real time, because the internet was conveniently shut down on the Capitol grounds and around the Capitol building that morning. People were not breaching the Capitol fencing and the building just moments after Trump spoke.

The Capitol had already been breached before Trump’s speech was over.

The people who recorded those initial videos of people knocking over the fencing were recorded earlier and then they had to get out of the “dead zone” around the Capitol to upload them to the cloud. That accounts for the distortion of the timeline that has had all of us scratching our heads about that day.

The professional agitators had already breached the Capitol when many of the peaceful pro-Trump marchers arrived, so they peacefully marched into the building as well.


How do we know these were professional agitators from BLM and Antifa?

Because of one of the individuals who has now been criminally charged for “rioting” at the Capitol. His name is John Sullivan. He was arrested earlier this year for goading protesters into committing more violence in Provo, Utah. In other words, the same guy who was at a riot at which a person was shot earlier this year, was inside the Capitol building and seen urging Ashli Babbit to jump through a window right before she was murdered.

Sullivan is a “filmmaker” who just so happens to belong to Black Lives Matter. And like all good protesters, he has a dual membership in an Antifa group in DC, according to the federal charging documents that were just filed against him.

The charging documents state that Sullivan was there with a group of counter-protesters (BLM and Antifa) who were disguised as Trump supporters. Before he personally led the charge into the Capitol, federal prosecutors say Sullivan revved up the crowd of BLM and Antifa counter-protesters. He shouted to the crowd:

“We about to burn this s— down… we got to rip Trump out of office… f—ing pull him out of that s—… we ain’t waiting for the next election!”

As Sullivan led the charge on the Capitol, they chanted, “We about to go get that mother f—er, it is time for a revolution!” Didn’t the FBI used to have more creative fake protesters? I always liked it when their chants used to rhyme.

Sullivan made the work for federal prosecutors really easy by documenting all of his antics on video. Just moments before Ashli Babbit – a 14-year Air Force veteran who served her country with honor and distinction – was shot in the neck and killed, Sullivan is seen on the video urging her to jump through a window in the Capitol. We already knew that there were a half-dozen cops behind her that did not consider her a threat in any way, shape, or form. She was clearly unarmed and used both empty hands to boost herself up when she was killed.

I’m not sure which is worse: The fact that Ashli Babbit was killed or the fact that the entire “riot” was a false flag designed to let the Democrats crack down on Trump supporters. Either way, the lesson remains the same. You cannot trust anything that the mainstream media tells you about events, because nine times out of ten they are shaping a false narrative. Even when we have something as crystal clear as the murder of Ashli Babbit on video, we still don’t have the full story.

Final thought: Why haven’t they released the name of the Capitol police officer who shot Ashli Babbit yet? What are the odds that he’s not even a Capitol police officer?

186 thoughts on “BLM/Antifa Activist Charged in Capitol “Riot””

  1. I already said I recognized a man from the Oregon riots in Portland. The democrats were STUPID to pull this BOGUS BLAME TRUMP for the DC riot. no way was he responsible!
    Hopefully the Senate will have more brain power and do nothing regarding another impeachment. STOP jumping to conclusions people… especially the Speaker of the House. GET RID OF HER!!!

      1. Sometimes I think 9 out of 10 Democrats are in some kind of witchcraft . unable to connect actions from the corrupted politicians they elected . they cannot understand Pelosi’s movements to distort reality and elect her AGAIN . That normally will happen in a sh. . . . . . . country anytime , but in America ?????? …..hard to believe !
        and very discuraging . Think about the young people that will run this ( until now) glorious country . SAD !!

        1. Nancy please lets not forget the likes of dear OLD MAXINE! I believe she has made some pretty dangerous statements during days leading up to the “election”. As you can see the stupid people of california will still elect this horrible woman. Talk about turning the man to stone with one look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. You’re so very nice in your wording! “A nuisance.” Wow! I can’t say anything that nice about her.

      2. The riots in the summer all over the country, was worse, than the capital protests. News media and politicans downplayed the summers riots. The stupid DEM mayors and governors refused help from trump(SICK). DEMS DIDN’T care about all destruction at the hand of blm/antifa. They did arest a BLM at the Capitol john Sullivan. Many BLM, antifa thugs at the Capitol posing as trump supporters .

        1. You still can’t deny the fact that Trump wanted that crowd of terrorists to stop the electoral process in a last ditch effort to hold on to power. He was not whisked away when the grounds were breached as would be normal, he was gleefully watching events unfold on TV as people were being maimed and killed.

          1. You can’t deny this was a staged plan by both dummycraps and fake news outlets to influence the voting taking place at the same time as the rally for trump and FAIR elections. You can’t deny based on your comment that you are moron/dummycrap/socialist/communist.

          2. Trump want the government to see listen the people but the government don’t want to listen to the people.
            I through that this country was for the people. Not to smart Russ

          3. When you demand the Constitution be upheld and legal votes be counted in face of the list of fraudulent votes being exposed you might come to the conclusion that Trump would happily concede for a valid election. Biden stated in October this was going to be the most fraudulent election in history. History is showing this to be true. If the Democratic machine now running our government keeps even one [part of the Constitution let me know!

          4. You are a demorat nut case liar. Never watch msm they can’t tell the truth if it slapped them. Newsmax and oan are real news. What our real potus has dealt with for 4+years is the real crime from both inside his administration and the loons outside.

          5. Russ would you please explain just how you knew Trump was watching the unfolding events in the White House on television?? I call B. S. unless you were involved!!!!

          6. You are so full of shit, you are like a stuffed Christmas goose! Nothing you said is true! Why must people like you lie and lie and lie??

          7. I guess you were with him and witness proof of glee at seeing this travesty??? Get real! I am sorry you people can’t face the fact you have been duped by the leaders of the Democrats. So sad.

          8. Were you there with Trump? Watching TV as people were being maimed and killed??
            Didn’t think so, you’re just a Dumocrat , doing what y’all do best!! Lying, cheating and stealing and blaming everybody but the guilty.

          9. The dem mayors and governors watched the destruction of cities all over the country this past summer. They failed to protect the non rioters
            They refused the national guard to come in. The BLM and antifa and the low life people that got involved ( to get free stuff) most of them are on government assistance. It just makes me sick. Vp harris ENCOURAGED the violence

        2. How much would you like to bet that this Sullivan character only gets a slap on the wrist and walks free? Federal authorities are not to be trusted.


      3. She should be charged for treason for her
        Trying to undo an election of trump for the last 4 years !! Someone has to have the guts to ask her “how is what you claim did, different to what her and her Lame democrats have done for the past 4 years”

        1. And how much is it costing the American taxpayer to pay for 25,000 National Guardsmen to protect Pelosi and Schumer and their fake Biden administration and lock-down the DC area. Another political false flag. They are certainly in no physical danger from Republicans. They should be putting those Guardsmen down at the border wall to really protect Americans. The true insurrection was the undermining of the electoral process as well as The House’s attempt to accuse the President of colluding with the Russians (which Hillary and Biden did) and using financial aid to leverage the Ukrainian government (which Biden did.) The MSM plays about as fairly as our politicians do. Russian collusion: the DEMs get an investigation. Election improprieties: no investigation. Kavanaugh molestation charges: investigation. Justin Fairfax rape charges and Biden rape charges: no investigation. If the Democrats accuse a Republican of a crime, it’s because, in actuality, it’s a Democrat that has committed a crime.

          1. I wholeheartedly agree with you they transfer the guilt to cause you to back pedal and try to defend yourself so that no one notices them committing the actual crime they’re accusing some one else of

          2. How come the Capitol police could not control the crowd, did the pep boys train them? Why did the Capitol police open the gates to let everyone in? I am glad the news media is showing the picture of the BLM thug posing as a trump supporter. Finally . Lots of antifa thugs were at the Capitol too.

          3. Excellent David,
            Now what are we going to do about this? How about everyone start writing and calling the Elected Republicans and demand they impeach Pelosi and our wonderful (ya right!!) Vice President Elect and everyone that encouraged violence to all Republicans. Let’s get in their face NOW!! I am writing to every single Republican in office – how about you. Make sure you include in that letter to demand an independent investigation in the Biden’s too. (that should preoccupy that idiot from making changes) It could be pretty easy to get rid of this bunch of scum, if the Elected Republicans will stand together.

        2. How come the Capitol police could not control the crowd, did the pep boys train them? Why did the Capitol police open the gates to let everyone in? I am glad the news media is showing the picture of the BLM thug posing as a trump supporter. Finally . Lots of antifa thugs were at the Capitol too.

    1. Yes, get rid of that old woman. When she goes to her church she shd repent for all her hatred for the best President ever! She is receiving millions of taxpayers’ money for doing nothing but impeach Pres. Trump. When Biden takes office she shd. Impeach him for his connivance with Hunter & Jim Biden for receiving millions from China.

      1. Biden is loosing it, if he can’t fulfill the 4 years, harris would become president and nut case Nancy would be vice president.

        1. If Biden were to leave office, either die or be judged mentally unfit, Harris can choose a VP but the choice has to be approved by the House and the Senate. Pelosi is number three in line. This has happened before when Spiro Agnew, VP to Nixon, resigned bcs of wrongdoing and Nixon appointed Gerald Ford.

      2. Belen,
        Fancy Nancy won’t do anything to precious joe and his family. She likes them. She likes the riots that happened over the summer. She’ll do whatever it takes to get trump out and make it so he can’t run in 2024.

      3. Not only taxpayer money but kick back money and money scammed and skimmed from the campaign process. Up front money from soros and many others.

      4. Thats so no one notices that a elderly man with dementia and a power pig racist c nt who couldn’t get enough votes to even run in 2016 takes the highest office in the land from one of the greatest Presidents we ever had. The whole world. Knows and are laughing

      5. Are you kidding?? Biden has lost his mind a long time ago. They hid him before the election for a reason. This was a complete set up for the Socialist to get the power they need. Biden is mysteriously going to be deemed incompetent and we will have Kamala Harris (with of course Obama telling her what to do) for President and of course the help of Nancy Pelosi.
        It is going to be a tough 4 years – buckle down!!! Keep writing to ALL the Elected Republicans and demand impeachments. The Democrats love impeachments – let’s give them a piece of their own medicine.

    2. I absolutely agree. I said this to my husband when this happened it couldnt be the trump supporters they wouldn’t do thst.. I knew it they wete planted in the crowd BLM and Antifa to make the right look bad.. They all are liers.

    3. Oh, wow the national guard stationed at the capital ate told to use lethal force with protestors. The riots all over the country in the summer should of got the same action. The stupid dem mayors and governors told the police to stand down, and refused the national guard to come in the cities. This is SICKENING.

    4. Nope, the never Trumpers and the backstabbing rinos like McConnell, Collins,, Romney, etc.. are gonna go for the kill. I am becoming less enchanted with the GOP. Too many old fogies that are good old establishment guys. I certainly will make no donations with Trump gone since the party did not defend him really. Now they are just letting the animals tear at him with only vengeance. Too many rinos and too many never Trumpers make the GOP pretty much worthless.

      1. Mr Guin: With the to remove the members of congress by Them leaving in ways other than old age and in a casket how can they be peacefully removed. I don’t believe anyone of those people will ever vote another member out and even for truly horrible crimes. I submit sir that Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer and many others in congress and our most powerful law enforcement angencies have turned over their duties to punish criminals of their sort for remaining in their jobs. We have, I believe, have lost the trust of almost all of our top crime forces in the government ie FBI, CIA all of them to the all powerful “deep state” which we as a country we were warned existed as early as the 1950`s are true. The only recourse for the people is to pressure, whatever authority available, to force congress to put term limits in place NOW!!! Of course that is likely to happen as snowballs in hell!!! Think that Nancy or other whackos like AOC would give up all that money!! So until the American People get a brain and a BIG SPINE things are gonna get pretty rough!! Just remember you asked for this because you trusted the entrenched Government. Enjoy the ride!!!!!



          1. well thats a great idea about people voting for term limits , but after seeing what happened this last election , what makes you think that it would ever pass, using Dominion voting machines . This shit has gone wayyyy past what really needs to take place , and we all know it

    5. So true. President Trump is a non violent person. The Democrats will do anything on their power to discredit him so shameful. Pelosi must go.

    6. I agree! Do people realize that shes the one that started all the riots and anger! Every day she spewed hate and accusations at Trump, Every democrat followed her attitude!

      1. That was part of the problem, trump wanted to try to change things with these do nothing politicians on both parties. They want to keep their. GREAT PERKS CLUB. I am glad what went down at the Capitol, they deserved it.

    7. The DemocRats have done everything they could to destroy President Trump from the moment he was inaugurated. They were involved with COVID thinking they could blame that on Trump but it backfired and spread all over the earth. Their lies about the greatest President of all time is destroying this country.
      They failed at the Russian collusion and the phony impeachment.
      You know the old hags Hillary and Pelosi are behind this along with Schumer and many others.
      They took 4 years of Trumps presidency and kept him from doing everything he wanted to do.
      Biden has been in 47 years and has done NOTHING! What do you think he will do now? He is a puppet for the evil DemocRats, the ones that started the KKK.
      Between Pelosi, Biden and Schumer they have been in politics for more than 100 years, add them up.
      As soon as Biden becomes president, Harris will use the 25th on him and she will be president with Pelosi as VP. Two of the most hateful, evil women ever. All they want is power and a NWO.
      I hate them all and hope they burn in hell.
      There is no way Biden won, it is mathematically impossible.
      DemocRats cheat and lie, also steal. They are nothing but subhuman garbage.
      This country is screwed.
      Goodbye to the America I grew up in.
      And to the DemocRats.
      The end of the world is near.
      It’s time.

    8. Well said. Unfortunately the left media will continue to cover up the truth or make excuses. True Trump supporters knew there was something not right about the violence. That’s not what trumpsters do.

      1. I agree 100% I knew it when I started to see the breach and the idiot with a flag covering his entire head using that metal guard rail as a battering ram….. So we’re supposed to believe that he was a Trump supporter? I knew he was probably an Antifa, or BLM rioter because I saw them using that kind of tactic ALL SUMMER LONG IN BLUE CITIES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!!! STOP LYING DEMONRATS AND MAINSTREAM MEDIA NO ONE BELIEVES YOU ANYMORE!!!!!

    9. The minute they began airing the riot I knew that something was wrong, Trump supporter’s DO NOT ATTACK THE POLICE, PERIOD… You see those morons w/ helmets messing with the police like we have seen for months throughout the summer and the Stupid idiotic Demonrats want the world to believe that some how MAGA Trump Supporter’s all of a sudden hate the police??? The Capitol police requested the National Guard up to 6 times and were turned down each time, with hundreds of thousands of protester’s expected ( 1.5 million is the latest estimate that actually showed up!) to be in D.C. why were they not ready ???? Did you see the small gates around the capital????? They looked like bicycle racks!!!!! This was planned, and once again EVERYBODY KNOWS IT!!!


    11. It is really ridiculous because Pelosi is the one who instigated all of these riots in 2018. Then blame an innocent man of it. And yes the election was rigged/stolen by the leftist group.

    12. Agree! Biden called Trump supporters THUGS before getting info first! Hillary #2! Disgusting party and anti American!

    13. You are so correct. I always felt the whole thing was a set up to make Trump look bad. This is what hate does to people and Pelosi is so full of hate poison that I’m surprised it’s not oozing out of her pores.

    14. Abc national news station in New York. All the tv network fail to show BLM Sullivan photo. Sullivan revved up the crowd at the Capitol. I call this number abc network, and I left a message as to why they ate not showing Sullivan’s photo. 1-818-460-7477 and 1-646-256-5457


  2. I knew this I have video of the cops letting them in with Trump supporters yelling traitor!!! Trump supporters will wait until the time is right!! They fight for freedom not race, it’s about keeping America great!!! I hate blm and antifa, but boy post anything close to the truth on Facebook and you violate community standards and in Facebook jail!!! Like who’s gonna cry over that. !!! I wish people would wake up to what’s happening and not believe everything in the new or FB etc

    1. Fcebook bocked me 30 days up to the election and has blocked me 30 days as of January 5 because I post what they try to block. I have removed facebook from my phone and encourage others to do the same. Video of officers moving barriers and opening doors. Troops called in for production. America knows it was staged by democrats just like the electon. They have already lost. Jyst a matter of time. God is in control

      1. M,
        Anything that I’ve posted on Fb gets dhut down. I have a few friends who have put bad things on there and it goes thru and their Trump supporters. It’s really sad to see how mark zuckerburg and jack Dorsey can censor what they want you to see and say.
        I wish trump was our president Biden will never be my president


      2. Zuckerman Facebook owner hates Trump and give Pennsylvania 320million for voting personnel. Imagine spending that much money to screw up voting and it worked.

    2. Red, I agree, Look at what has happened to our president, Democrats have destroyed his life , business,and name.
      He has done more for country and people than any other for years.
      Congress is a evil hateful . Nothing have they ever done for our country.
      Media is is enemy to our country. All must take a stand for freedom Flag Country. ,,

      1. I totally agree with your comments it makes me sick to my stomach to see what is happening to our country! Some how we have to stand up to all this hypocrisy!

        1. Judy. I feel the same way sick. What went on with those riots over the summer sickened me so much. The down playing of the rioting br the news media and the stupid dem mayors and governors, they should be impeached.

      2. The news media and politicans DOWN PLAYED the riots in the summer at the hands of BLM/ANTIFA. THAT WAS FAR WORSE THEN WHAT HAPPENED AT THE CAPITOL. BLM made statements ” IF WE DON’T GET WHAT WE WANT THERE WILL BE NO PEACE” . The stupid dem mayors and governors didn’t care about the citizens of the United states , we.were in harm’s way with these degenerate blm/antifa destroying our cities, burning police cars looting ATTACKING POLICE. They were taking over police stations. President trump tried to drain the swamp, all dems and some Republicans didn’t like that, they want to keep the PERKS club.

    3. Mr/Ms RED. Just a note about your post about facebook. Just after this company went public I put money into the stock. However after asking the company to remove my short post and sign up they refused to do so. I was told it would have to go through some process or the other to see if it was really my post. that process I was told also would keep for their use any material ie photos etc for their uses. So from that day forward I have never used fb for anything. Now to my pooint= Stop complaining about large companies like this and google etc. Stand up like an American and do something!!!! This is what I would suggest. You cannot remove anything from the companies computers however you can stop participating in supporting them by not using them anymore!! Try it for just one month and see how this impacts their attitude! Especially google. Remember you have to permit them to control you by using their services so stop and see how fast their income drops. I think there will be real changes then. Your dollars and usage are what keep you enslaved to these tyrants. Just stop for at least a month and see the results. My thought is you and the others will be amazed and so will your bank accounts. Got the guts???

      1. Angry: how right you are. Everyone who agrees should look to see who is advertising on those platforms and call/write those companies and tell them you refuse to buy/use their products while they continue to pay for advertising on the platforms. This loss of revenue will have a much bigger impact than just cancelling your service. Let’s hit them where it hurts the most… Their wallet!

  3. Ladies: This John Sullivan, an Antifa/BLM activist is a real beauty and would be a prize for your parents to meet! Just kidding to most of you! To some, not so much!

      1. SO why bother ??? unless you just watch to see how twisted they can get , I can only stand to watch about 2 min, of their crap before I change or shut it off completely if it was not for the local weather I would never go to any of these channels


    2. Don’t forget FOX new, Wallace should have not argue with the President. They praised BLM so take them off your list I have.

    3. Finally someone with enough sense to suggest a real solution to the fake news!!!! Might be a good idea for people to watch You Tube and the Larry Elder episodes!! He has at least one on Chuck Sumer when he was a young lawyer in New York. It concerns his activities in new york low income housing where he was involved in trying to remove black people from their homes. Mr. Elder makes quite a case for the duplicity of the Demos. Of course he has many other comments in such fashion about other government figures. It is quite interesting material, if your thin skinned or rock headed and can`t think it would bother you!!!! One more: He has a good one about the Coumos!!

  4. Most intelligent people knew it was not Trump supporters who created chaos at the capital. Another plan by the Democrats to destroy President Trump. What hateful hateful people. Can’t even call them humans ,they are Disgusting Vermin.

    1. The dems are at it again, sadly some stupid Republicans. They are causing more unrest in the country with this redicous impeachment. They made president trump’s 4 years a living hell. But president trump is a fighter.

  5. And did you hear the accusing comments about the guy in the Auschwitz shirt, implying that Trump supporters were anti-semitic, Perhaps they had forgotten the peace deals he had brokered with Israel, and his moving of the US embassy to Jerusalem. (Or were the MSM unaware of them?)

    1. Should be term limits for congress and the senate. They are over paid and and filling there pockets with all there deals they make with there big corporations and overseas deals on the working middle class ,they all corrupt the have there hands in the cookie jar , they get there pay check if they work or if they don’t. They working man does not get paid if he doesn’t go to work. Remember they work for us we pay them with our taxes, So who are they to tell us and make the deals that better themselves not the American people ,You will see gas prices go up with everything else . So next election we the people push for term limits and they pay for there own medical insurance

      1. Why wait for the next election? A Convention of States has the power to pass Constitutional Amendments. Term limits, Retirement pay, Original Definitions of parts of the constitution that have been “redefined” by the courts, etc. Get your state signed up for the Convention!

      2. Absolutely agree % . There definitely needs to be term limits. Get the old regime out . They are nothing but paid puppets, bent on destroying this country and evil, hateful Nancy Pelosi should be among the first.

      3. So true. All Congressmen and women should have their financial status reviewed. See how many got rich since elected. They must laugh at “public servants” and that they should do what the people who elected them want. If they fail, out they go. Check voting records…they often tell a different story than what elected officials say. Disgusting ..people better wake up and demand we follow the law and Constitution.

      4. Robert u r so right. President trump wanted to change the GREAT PERKS CLUB. Most of these politicians are due nothing money grabbers. They just love to be on camera. I hate most of them. I really never like this before, but I have had it with the bs. BLM and antifa are degenerates thugs.

  6. But this just can’t be! We have been told that Antifa and Burn Loot Murder had nothing to do with the “domestic terrorism” and that racists, white supremacists and fascists were personally recruited and trained by Donald Trump. Facebook fact checkers in China have determined this, and anyone who states otherwise has a “censored” label stamped on their post. Anyone who says this on Twitter is gone, and Parler is just gone, period. Next you’ll claim that you have the right to say that 2 plus 2 is 4, even when Comrade AOC tells you it is 5.

  7. That’s the the same look on his face that nappy haired groid looking motherfucker is gonna have when his new cell mate Bubba comes at him with a ”fat one” in hand wanting ”sexy time”!! LOL!!!!

  8. Bill Riley was on Sean Hannity Radio Show and mentioned this was a ‘set up ‘ by Dems to get POTUS to never run again…. it was then disclosed to the Media to put their spin on it…. The Trump family should take Congress to court for this….. the House of Reps need to answer for this mess they created …. Pelosi admitted Sunday on a Talk Show …. that she was gonna impeach POTUS to expunge him out of US History…. who needs censure and dismissal from Congress …. doesn’t she???? I have never witnessed such hatred in my life…. I also heard Pelosi’s Father was part of the MAFIA during the JFK era….. incredible….. these are people we voted into office…. is this what we expected them to do on our behalf…:. Shame, shame Congress!!!!!

    1. Pelosi hates Trump so mush she is willing to destroy this country rather than do her job. For 4 years all she concentrated on was destroying a man that gave up his billionaire lifestyle to try to save this country from what Obozo/Sleepy did and what does he get, harassed until his last day.
      They will pay, I hope we have a civil war and every one of those sleazy fuckers is killed.

    2. I can’t believe the statement Nancy nut case peluso said on tv . PRESIDENT TRUMP IS A DANGER TO THE COUNTRY. Give me a break, she should of been saying that about BLM a d antifa. Schumer the people at the Capitol thugs, he should of said that about BLM and antifa.

  9. After listening to Lin Woods fireside chat #8 he carefully worded one thing as presumably happened that we seen on video. It suggests it may have been staged as a distraction to retrieve evidence. This latest piece of evidence maybe the reason the rush to impeach before Jan. 20th. So what has been reported by MSM may have been planned by the good guys that will eventually come to light when the bad guys go down.

  10. Yes. Everyone already knows what happened and the election of 2020 was rigged from the beginning. It was part of the plan to incite violence so they could play blame Trump game. The only thing they did is teach our kids who you can trust and who you can not trust. When they try and steal your History, there is no future.

    1. Don’t forget China they release the kraken that has killed over 400.000 and Joe something to bitch and blame the President for it.

    2. Mr. James: I like your sentiment about the election and its results. However I think about the teaching going on and has gone on at least since 1972-3. I attended community college in that time and the only class I attended by required to graduate criteria was a political science class. The professor? was an admitted communist. His only requirement for the class was to sign in role book and be physically present. I was so pissed by his material I almost cancelled the class. Another veteran just cautioned just take it and don’t make waves. He admonished nothing would be done because this commie had TENURE. So he could not be removed even for preaching to a bunch of 18yo air heads. Now forward that to today. Imagine all the TENURED profs that sit in yale, usc, berkely etc. that preach far worse agendas today and cannot be removed!!!! They want their $150,000 or so paychecks as they preach the fall of capitalism. They must think countries like Cuba pay pretty well but to only commie profs. Good luck with that one guys- The bullets will fly as your reward!!!!

    3. I was shown a vidio, at the Capitol. It showed BLM crazy john Sullivan praising BLM, he was in a frenzy. People were interviewed, stating they witnessed a very large present of antifa people . Why was this vidio not shown on the news?

  11. If you are still using Facebook or Twitter or Amazon you are part of the problem. Wake up DELETE THAT SHIT! Stop supporting your enemy

  12. Do you not wonder why the Capitol had little security on duty?
    Do you not wonder why FBI had not alerted DC that there were violent posts on internet blogs DAYS before the event.
    Do you not wonder why DC mayor refused National Guard to police the event
    Do you not wonder when it is reported Capitol police told by mayor to…Stand down ?
    Do you not wonder why BLM told Biden…He owes them and they deserve a seat in his administration.

    All I know and have witnessed that Trump rallies are peaceful…until AntiFa and BLM come on the scene and attack.

    It is AntiFa and BLM that have rioted, burned down inner cities, looted all year long ….yet portrayed by Biden, Harris, Pelosi, .Democrats and media as…’Peaceful Protests’..NOT Trump supporters

    Too many unanswered questions that will never be answered in the new
    ‘Cancel Culture’ in America where Freedom of Speech is now verboten.


      1. Mrs./Miss Autieri. Finally someone that seems to have a backbone!!! Well done Lady!! Now we need several million more to write to companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, especially Twitter and tell them of how we think of their tactics over the past 4 years and the stealing of this elections by the democrats. Thank you lady.

  13. Leona Helmsley was named the Queen of Mean years ago. Leona takes a back seat to the real Queen of Mean, Nancy Piglosi!

    1. There’s a special place assigned for Nancy in hell. I’m sure that Satan is stoking the furnace. She alleges that she prays—the question is to who.
      When she dies, America should throw a big celebration. Too bad she won’t have the same send off as Queen Jazabel of the Bible who was pushed from a second floor window into the street and dogs ate her.

  14. Let’s Face Facts—- The Biden Crime Family are ALL Corrupt No Doubt!!!! Worthless as Worthless can Be !! Looks like the real problem is he FBI as well as the DOJ ~ If You or I were to do the BS they have, even after ” THE LAPTOP “deal ~ How LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO ARREST US~??? Year or More ? BS DRAIN THE SWAMP ! RID these Rats~

  15. This is really no surprise….the fake news media, the Demo’s in the house and the senate along with those other USA hating Demo’s, have been doing this since the day President Trump was elected….they have created a divide, disgust and hatred in the USA that will continue into Demented Biden’s term–until they remove him from office for being mentally unfit and deranged! They rigged and stole an election by pushing mail in voting – and rigged machines in the key states….this was not an election it was an overthrow of the President of the United States and US Citizens who did not bow down to their socialist communist’s agenda – they all knew that 4 more years with President Trump would expose all their personal and family members corruption (don’t ever think that Hunter was the only person receiving payments from communist and other countries around the world to line their pockets) . Antifa and Black Lives matter are terrorist organizations doing their bidding for them. Biden and Harris are not the Pres. or the VP of the USA….they are nothing more then pawns for the Demo party……..Let us not forget that the Demo party is the party of the KKK,,,,,
    You want you free hand outs and you think the Demo’s will give it to you – there is nothing free in the world and the only thing you are gntd. in this life time is death and taxes……and that is exactly what you will get and
    end up with! Not to mention the country you will leave your children with when you’re gone, they will be refugees in other countries around the world!

  16. Really!, how about when BLM n Antifa rioted and burned the historic church, torn down historic Statutes, ran through out the lawn of the Capital creating HAVOC, guess that’s what people do as Pelosi stated also during the summer riots, good grief they burned businesses, shattered windows,entered businesses, helped themselves to stolen property, threw rocks at police, murdered officers and yet BLM n Antifa were bailed out by Hollywood moral less people and others. How? can America allow and go forward in accepting a President that was voted in by voter fraud and with proof of it, something is very wrong, this is not the way America deals with rioters and election fraud, even the Supreme court is in fault in their responds.

  17. The news same thing over and over ,get the story right . When they were rioting in or shall I say protesting so peaceful, burning churches,stores smashing windows robbing disrespectful to property and to the police, that’s ok they can do that with out anything happening to them . Where the news on that . It’s bullshit news on tv. In New York

  18. Just who will hold these traitors accountable and render justice? The DoJ is in their camp. The founders could never envision so many disparate entities operating together; the Demonrats in Congress, the media, local and state governments, big tech companies, criminal organizations, and even the election polls workers in many states, all working to undermine and overthrow the country and the Constitution.

  19. I agree a total fix… I was there, he did not say go down to the Capitol and take it over!!! He did not advocate violence in any way… although speeches were fiery in tone he’s not responsible for the crowds actions period. This a set up to boot him from the spineless RINO’S party once and for all… 3 chin CHICOM Mitch will make sure of that. These career pros make sonny’s crew of crooks on a episode of general hospital look like pre schoolers. FBI head compromised by Russia 4 sure… Biden’s by the CCP… he was rite in the long dark winter analysis. 1600 Pennsylvania Av is now the China Powder White House!!! Overdose killed more people than COVID-19 last month Joey Boy.. uh oh that don’t fit the msm narrative!!! The flood gates are open, with the proud son CRACKPIPE in place and compromised the CCP will flood our streets with herion fentanyl and of their pills and drugs. Not my president period! FU*K OFF CREEPY JOEY!

  20. When all this rioting happened at the Capitol, I wrote on this site that you can bet your bottom dollar it was BLM and Antifa doing all the damage, but my comment was taken off the site. I am sure this one will be too. I knew in my heart it was those dirty scum traitors doing their dirty work!! I hope they fry all of them like they did the Rosenbergs after WW2.

  21. From what the Democrats are saying, if you are against any of their actions, you are automatically a Trump supporter and probably anti-American. Since I’ve registered Independent most of the time since the 26th Amendment was passed, the Democrats probably see me as an enemy. I voted against Ms. Clinton in 2016, but voted against Mr. Trump in the Republican primary that year. I voted for Ms. Jorgensen last year, because I felt that neither of the other candidates were worth having as president. In spite of me not being a registered Republican, I know quite a few Democrats who dislike my political views simply because I am not a Democrat. We need a party that supports and will follow the will of the majority of citizens, not just the will of the wealthy and politically powerful.

    1. It really doesnt matter which party your in , when they can rig it to what they want anyway, they can care less about you or any of us anymore , its over the end

  22. DOX that mother fuc*ker who shot Ashli Babbitt!!!! If he shot a Antifa thug…. msm would have his face, and address in the city and state in which he lives all over the news.

  23. China will own this country,they own a lot right now ,the American people better wake up ,we the people need to have products made in the USA not China junk They have put most of are small company’s out of business and they copy everything we make and make it crapper and cheaper or bootleg every product, Even your medical and meds wake up people your people in the White House will sell there own mother for a dollar and a vote. Give everything to other countries when we need it here,they are so full of shit

    1. I agree, that’s a start for sure. Wish one of them on either side had integrity or honor but I doubt it. They are only looking out for themselves and their jobs. It’s just sickening! I wrote to the RNC and let them know what dooches they are for not supporting President Trump, stating the difference in the parties is that the Democrats, even if they disagree or hate each other, they always stick together. NOT so with the Republicans as we can all see currently and in the past. Sad state of affairs for sure!!

  24. I listened to a blogger who said he had been in DC on numerous occasions and he was surprised by the LACK of police officers! LACK of police-what were they told to do? This didn’t make sense from the beginning.

  25. REVERSE President Trump’s impeachment NOW! For everything that he has done over his 4 years as President of the United States in making America GREAT AGAIN, his record should not be tarnished. Our congressmen and women should vote NOW to repel this impeachment atrocity !!!!!

  26. I read the article. If the riots and killings were started BEFORE our REAL PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP was done speaking, then why isn’t this being brought up in defense for our President.? The charges that he was impeached for are EXACTLY the same as what the demonrats and fake republicans are holding against him. And Biden wants to “heal ” the nation. They have lied through this whole election. They tried, and convicted an INNOCENT man without even giving him a chance to defend himself. ITS TIME FOR THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO MAKE THIS STOP Get the facts and present them—like Maxine waters telling people to get in any republicans face. And camel toe for telling blm to punch people and bailing the thugs who started riots all summer out of jail. THEY ARE DOING THE SAME THING SO HOW CAN IT BE RIGHT FOR THEM AND WRONG FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP??. Our President did NOT TELL ANYONE to start a riot, but the evil ones DID. So, the republicans MUST file charges against the ho and PEDEPHILE Joe Maxine and ANYONE who is trying so hard to ruin our REAL PRESIDENT It can’t go both ways unless the republicans LET it happen. In that case YOU should all be put out of office IMMEDIATELY.

  27. The biden administration will never heal the nation only his admins resignation maybe could start the heal
    All the fraud that was uncovered and not allowed to be presented is just unconstitutional in my book.

    Giving the presidency to who it belongs to might help things and I will never change my mind or let the left
    forget until my dying days.

  28. Nixon didn’t appoint him. The constitution states the Speaker of the House is the VP in the event of the death or removal of the VP or the President.

  29. If anyone is arrested for any crime against a patriot after being bonded out of jail by these Treasonous bitches getting paid by us to overthrow our government then they need to be tried and prosecuted for aiding and abetting and condoning and then impeached at least

  30. Ashli Babbit is the right’s George Floyd. Let us not forget her!!!! Make the leftists like Piglosi, Antifa/BLM etal pay a big price for her life!!!

  31. Looks like I was right again. I became extremely suspicious of the tactics as being uncharacteristic of the Conservative movement. The advance notice of the demonstration gave the AntiFa/BLM filth an opportunity to organize something to counter the peaceful demonstration. Ashley Babbitt’s murder is extremely troubling in that a “courageous federal police officer” was the killer, although federal law enforcement has frequently been quick on the trigger, it should be noted that the feds DID NOT SHOOT ANY OF THE PORTLAND/SEATTLE RIOTERS. The Democrats jumped right onto this setup and I would NOT BE SURPRISED if some of them were aware IN ADVANCE of the riot. These are strange and
    brutal times as the professional AND amateur Left with the support of the Globalist-controlled media are busily fabricating their way into the destruction not just of America, but of western civilization, all to please a bunch of inbred, avaricious and perverted parasites that have no ability to compete and so manifest destruction as their business model.

  32. So why aren’t we impeaching or arresting Pelosi or & the rest of her thugs?????? When are the Republicans going to start defending their country & stop kissing Nancy’s ass. We all know the Dems. are behind this & plan this whole mess. At this point I am so disgusted I want every Democrat & Republicans that want to be Dems. put in jail. Please President Trump & Vice President Pence do something NOW!

    1. Hey Mad as Hell…. thought I did the right thing 4 years ago jumping ship from Dems to Republicans.

      Turns out republicans are scared as hell of democrats. If they weren’t, DJT would be getting inaugurated on the 20th instead of brain dead.

      75 million voted for Trump, and now we have to watch this shit-com. Wouldn’t it be cool if WUHAN could come up with a virus that only works on Democrats. Lol.. wishful thought.

      Looks like the Dems “ win again”. Nice steal in the GA runoff too. Seriously, no one with testicular fortitude in DC to stand up to these cheating, corruptive, lying sacks if shit that are going to cripple this country in no time flat.

      Strap yourselves in America ….. Chuck and Nancy haven’t yet begun to defile our nation!!! Just wait til you see what’s coming!

  33. Democrats…. Republicans….. Main Stream Media….. Big Tech

    Between these 4 factions, our country has been destroyed.

    One of my favorite things to hear from a Chuck Schumer, or Nancy P, or even a Hillary is when one of them stands in front of a live microphone and says ….. “He’s not above the law!” when speaking of Trump. Never have I seen bigger hypocrisy than when any one of these dispicibles opens their respective pie holes and spews their rhetorical vile, filth , and hatred. Sad fact is how many dumb, brainwashed sheeple they have licking their feces laden boots.

    I would like to say they should be ashamed, but they are not, and never will be.

  34. I guess “John Sullivan”, looking like a “deer in the headlights”, can’t believe he was “Arrested”, but I am sure that he will be found a “Victim” instead of a “Criminal” in his actions , but the “Trump Protestors” , will be charged and put in Prison. “Big Tech”, “FBI”, “Pelosi”, “Fake News Media”, and “Harris” will post his “Bail”, and pay for his “Attorney’s with our Tax Dollars” !

  35. This new impeachment is ridiculously stupid. Stupid bitty Pelosi is just bring more attention to President Trump. He is not a stupid man. She is so full of hate. One wonders what she is teaching her grandchildren. Obviously, she doesn’t care about their future, living in a free country. What’s idiot. Democrats/ Republicans alike who have turned their backs on President Trump should be ashamed of themselves. I and many Americans have had more money on our pockets and have safe in the last 4 years than we will in the next 4 years. You people who voted Biden in will be crying because all the Democrats have done is lie to you. They get what they want and leave you hanging. Would be nice if the people who voted for Biden would be the only ones to suffer, but that won’t happen. The whole country is screwed. Even you Blm and Antifa people. Maybe especially you because the Democrats and fake news media used you.aybe you should wake up and smell the coffee. If Biden had any guys of any kind, he would tell bitty Pelosi to stand down. We the people of the United States could run the country better than congress. After all we know how to budget our money on what little we have.

  36. Does anyone at there know that the internet was down for over a half hour and the film the media put out was filmed at the time President Trump was giving his speech? He couldn’t have been in two places at once. If anyone out there does not know what real news is and a real reporter is, they should at least look the definition up. True journalists do not write things that have their political view in it. The real news would have been a caption that said this happened while the president was giving his speech. I have lost all respect for any of the main media due to them being as biased as they are and not true journalists.

  37. Nancy Pelosi is the true insurgent here, she stepped up things right after her finger pointing incident when she walked out on Trumps meeting. She thinks she had more power than the President of the U.S.A.

  38. It is time that the left stops coddling domestic terrorists from BLM BAMN ANTIFA and any other domestic terror groups just because they are able to twist and spin the lies and actions of these criminals and traitors for the benefit of gaining more political power. All if them who are caught should b convicted a d executed for terrorism and treason. All if the politicians protecting and even bailing them out should also be charged with co tributing to domestic terror, subversion, treason, and misuse of power. Yes Kamala, Joe, Nancy, AOC, Talib, Ohmar, Brown, the mayor’s , governors, and DA’s that have refused to do their constitutional duty and protect the public via the National Guard and prosecuting these terrorists and criminals that includes you also because the only reason you allowed it was to get rid of a president you did not like and create the anarchy and unrest you want to form a coup and make your illegal run for the whiite house the most fraudulent election in American history. All of those involved in this from the politicians and those who destroyed, or counted votes that were illegal committed treason and the penalty is death. All if you should be taken out and shit just like would happen in the Marxist/Communist country that you want.
    Anyone who disagrees with this UST because of your disdain for Trump, or your racist beliefs that all white people are automatically racist and must die or be reprogrammed is the ultimate proof that you are the racist and not those you accuse. What a disgusting bunch of prejudice psycho’s the left is and always has been. The right is a mess and yes there are some racists but you are so buffaloed that you actually are able to twist the meanings of the words prejudice and racism to find a way to make anyone who disagrees with any stupid idea you have equate to being racist. How evil and demented does one have to be to do that. It’s called being reprobate. You have no conscience it morals. That means you also have lost your eternal soul.

    1. Well said James!!! I believe these low life traitors/treasonist should pay the price like the Rosenbergs did for being traitors during WW2. They know they are wrong but they have so much contempt and hatred for our president that they are willing to give up their freedom to socialism/communism. They are evil and doing the work of the devil! They will get their dues in the end…keep watching!!

  39. Biden and the Democrats pull another page from Hitler’s Playbook. 1.) Isolate the people, turn them against each other. Covid-19 has done that. 2.) Take away their Constitutional rights; Freedom of speech, i.e….. Facebook, Twitter, feed them propaganda, i.e. CNN, etc. Take away their 2nd Amendment rights. 3.) Have the Federal Government have more control over their daily lives. 4.) Does anybody remember the Reichstag fire? Attack the Senate and blame it on the State’s enemy. In this case the Republicans. The only thing Biden is missing is a stupid little mustache. L. Bond

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