California Blackouts Are a Bleak Glimpse at our Future under Democrats Energy Policies

California Democrats rushed headlong into a Green New Deal and residents are now suffering blackouts during the hottest month on record.

Former Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law in 2018 that requires the state to achieve 100 percent renewable energy production by 2045. The modest efforts to pivot away from fossil fuel power plants in just two years has been a disastrous failure. Solar and wind farms intended to power the most populated state in the union have fallen flat, forcing rolling blackouts because even the semi-green grid simply cannot deliver. The so-called “Golden State” has been stung by a heatwave that has residents desperate for relief from HVAC and air conditioning units.

When enough air conditioners are running in a huge city like Los Angeles, power demand spikes. It turns out that the California energy grid can’t keep up. That’s why the mayor of L.A. is asking people to unplug appliances and use a fan instead of the AC, even in 100+ degree heat waves. The shortage is so severe that he asked “every Californian to help conserve energy.”

That description isn’t entirely fair to the government of California. You see, the state has hemorrhaged three quarters of a million residents this year, and every summer has 100+ degree heat. So, why is the power draw worse now with substantially fewer people in the state and L.A. area?


Perhaps the reason has something to do with leadership. Democrats have been in charge of the state almost continually since Ronald Reagan was Governor in the 70’s. During that time Democrat leaders have rejected power sources that every other state has embraced, even as the state’s population exploded and taxed the power grid more and more.

In recent years, they’ve closed nuclear, coal and natural gas power plants and replaced them with ‘renewables.’ Those renewables don’t work as well as traditional power sources, so there’s a shortage of power. During the fall of 2019, grid operators warned officials that closing clean energy from natural gas power plants would leave residents vulnerable. California has only achieved 33 percent renewable energy resources and blackouts are expected to persist anytime it gets hot for more than a few days. That basically means every summer going forward.

Most of us don’t live in California so we may not care much about this. But you should. They are a preview of what Democrat policies like the Green New Deal will bring to your state. Policies built on wishes and fantasy have no practical application and completely fail in the real world. Californians are suffering because the Democrats opted into an energy plan that can’t meet decreasing energy demands. It should be easier for them to supply right now. Despite that, they’re failing worse than ever before.

As much as we pick on California for being a commie haven, it’s still very far away from full-fledged socialism. The state is funded by extremely successful capitalist ventures. Even with all of that money, the tiny taste of socialism embraced by California leftists is already providing deadly consequences. Imagine how much worse it can get when the entire economy is run by the socialists. Imagine how quickly things can fall apart completely.

California should be the oozing example of exactly why we need to shut down the progressive left. Socialist Democrat New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) proposed Green New Deal legislation to be enacted on the entire country. It too called for ending the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas, oil, and coal, by 2030. When the bill was brought to a vote in the U.S. Senate, not a single Democrat voted in favor of enacting the law.

Democrat nominee for president, Joe Biden, has worked with AOC to create a version of the Green New Deal that he has committed to enacting with a 2035 deadline. The California debacle demonstrates that Americans would suffer widespread power outages and vulnerable people would die.

As the November elections grow closer, voters may want to consider that California’s knee-jerk Green New Deal policy failed miserably. With more than 60 percent of its power produced by natural gas, massive blackouts will continue. If West Coast liberals got their way and were at 100 percent renewables, taxpayers could be without power for weeks or months when the weather gets extreme.

55 thoughts on “California Blackouts Are a Bleak Glimpse at our Future under Democrats Energy Policies”

  1. Yeah, listen to Occasional Cortex rather than an electrical engineer who can explain what vars do for your electrical grid. You need some turbine generation to give electricity the punch it needs to travel down the line otherwise you may as well try to push a wet noodle.

    1. Very true. Also, when the ‘green energy’ fails, there are thousands of gas powered Generators started up. Forget Solar-powered generators…all they can power is a refrigerator, a light and charge cell phones…..for a few hours. And they need the sun to regenerate, which we don’t have much of right now with all the smoke from the fires.

    1. My prayers are sent for California. These fires are awful but lessons must be learned from them. The Green New Deal seems to be part of the cause. I can imagine how the people must feel with the threatened fires and no or less power and the extreme heat. How do you feel about your elected leaders now?

      1. Laura, good points, as WE in California are/have BEEN “Held Hostage by the Corrupt Democrat Party for Years, and though we have tried to ‘vote them out, we KNOW they use their corruption in ALL Elections and it becomes
        very frustrating.’ Gov. Newsom(Pelosi’s nephew) are two of the MANY Corrupt Dems who have sold us out, and continue as they are “ALL ON THE TAKE $$$, FROM Any Nations(Ukraine, Russia, China) who PAYS THEM TO KEEP AMERICA ACTUALLY HELD HOSTAGE-as the “FEAR from the China Virus has us ALL IN LOCK DOWN” and they use it for their “Mail In Ballot Scheme as they have harvested/made voting OK for Illegals, Prisoners, and even Emptied out the jails to do so.”

        Not ALL of us here in Ca. are “Fruits and Nuts, and we PRAY for Another Term for POTUS Trump, who HAS MADE A DIFFERENCE IN AMERICA W/HIS ECONOMIC RECOVERY AND ALL THE JOBS/UNEMPLOYMENT AT “HISTORIC FIGURES” HE HAD PROMISED AND DELIVERED. The corrupt Dems have “Sabotaged his presidency-even before he was sworn in-but they are Vicious AND Desperate-with Obama/Soros/trying to oust Pres. Trump, as they KNOW they will BE exposed in his second term for ALL the 8 Yrs. and more of the Criminality Obama/Soros/Hillary/Comey, etal brought to the American Citizens and our Republic.

        1. You got that right. In the 2016 election my husband, his sister and I were mailed Demonrats ballets 3x even though we are registered Republican. We took the ballets to the polling office and returned them to the clerk. Her comment was,” this has happened a lot here”. I can image what will happen if the Demonrats get their way with mail in ballots. God hear our plea and keep Trump as our Christian leader a Pro–Life advacate. He is a Pro-American.

      2. The d**m Democrap Newsome needs to go, everything he allowed to happen in our state is disgusting and unAmerican. Trump in 2020!

  2. This article should be a reminder to vote republican, I wouldn’t live in the state of California if you payed me because of policies like these.

    1. You are correct Jim but as “Seniors here in Ca. who are Held Hostage by Corrupt Democrats, we just Cannot pick up and start over elsewhere-we are not ALL Crazy in Ca. but we KNOW the Corrupt Dems are doing ALL THEY CAN TO STEAL THIS ELECTION W/THE ‘FEAR THEY USE TO KEEP US IN LOCKDOWN, SO THEIR “LATEST ‘MAIL IN BALLOTS SCHEME OF CHEATING, AS THEY MAKE THE USPS THEIR “PARTNERS IN CRIME”-Which is also, why they have released prisoners from jails/prisons(using the Virus excuse) along with the Illegal Aliens they allowed to Pour into Ca. that is being paid for by Soros, Steyer, etal. and the riots as well that Dems are “Partners With”

  3. Liberals live in a fairy tale world of how they wish things to be . Conservatives strive to make the world livable using real factors in the most effective way possible.

  4. All Democrats need to be fired. If you continue to vote all Democrats in that are already in, your insane. If you think Cortez is going without – think again. Democrats don’t care. Socialism they will make you a puppet.

    1. Who do you think is going to push that barge and tote that bail middle class and poor if anybody thinks any of those spoiled rich are going to pay their way think again or help carry any load your fools. They have power all those fancy homes have back up generators socialism is a way for the rich to get richer and the middle class and poor to end up dead.

  5. When “The Tractor” replaced “The Horse” it didn’t happen over night. In fact, some still to this day, plow fields using horses! Point is; Solar and wind produced energy is possible and convenient, it is NOT perfected and certainly,at this time in technology, capable of handling the demands in high populated areas. Slow transition is the key to initiating something that changes the way, for the better, we live and survive!

    1. If you follow what’s going on in California this is a huge problem that they either can’t figure it out or can’t be bothered trying. Maybe you need to live on the middle of the problem, my daughter does and has given this a chance but is now moving because nothing improves.

    2. Solar and Wind will never meet Americas needs…It is Impossible…The Sun doesn’t always shine and the Wind doesn’t always blow…not only that but the entire United States would have to be covered in Wind Farms and Solar Panels…Where are You planting Food for us to eat if every inch of ground is covered?…Green Energy is nothing but a Pipe Dream

      1. The “green deal” is exposing the Lie-beral DEMONocrats’ ignorance, their lack of common sense, and their Look-At-Me-See-How-Nice-I-Am Syndrome. Their skills are: 1. Slinging bullsh_t, 2. Raising taxes, and 3.. Slinging more bullsh_t !


    3. Being an electrician and have done alot of power quality work you need much more stable of power. The wind speed changes then so does your power. The clouds will cover the sun so you loss power. The use of any battery backup is a joke. Any power that you thought you saved the battery usage just blew that out of the water. Building batteries is the biggest energy consumption of anything built. Plus have you ever walked through a solar panel field? Very warm, hot. So much for removing global warming

    4. Nate, the ” slow transitioning ” from carbon based energy to green energy ” as you propose should not be mandated by goverment through socialism ” but, if it is necessary, should be done by the ” free market system ” which is always more logical & efficient than the choices bureacrats/goverment people. Socialism/ Communism always ultimately fails ie the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, & ultimately in China also. When the internal combustion engine starting replacing the horse & buggy it was many decades before the sucessful transition ( if you call it that) was complete because it was done through the free market. Just imagine if in 1905 when the first autos were appearng if government had said everybody has got to get rid of their horses & mules & buggies & plows what the chaos & disruption would have been to farmers, suppliers, blacksmiths, food production & supplies of all kinds.

    5. They aren’t making a “slow” transition that aligns with the progression of technology. Democrats are forcing us to use renewable energy before we have the technology to support ourselves on it. The supplement then is to just add more solar panels and more windmills. They are absolutely tearing up HUGE amounts of sensitive habitat in order to install the MORE quantity, and we haven’t yet figured out MORE efficiency or quality.

  6. I’m pretty much Homeless…Sure I’ve got a Roof over My Head thanks to a Friend…But I have no Air Conditioning…I live in the South…Temps here range from 95 to 120 or more with the Heat Index figured in…,I have 5 Fans running most all the Time…The Temp in My Abode is 100 to 104 with 5 Fans running…I have no idea what the Temp is if You add the Heat Index…It has to be in the 130 Degree range…Even with a Couple of Fans blowing directly on Me it’s almost unbearable

    1. I’m truly sorry for what you’re dealing with, I live in Florida and have done without air conditioning at times and it’s miserable. Hang in there hopefully we’re on the down side of the heat .

  7. Liberal policies kill people kill an economy kill reality always based on
    Lies & fairy tales they live in dreamland wishworld a child’s fantasy mind like that of AOC a child herself

  8. People usually get what they deserve, for they voted for what they are getting in California.

    But fear not, suffering always causes change, and when Californians have suffered enough, at least those who do not have the means to leave the state, they will start changing their voting patterns and put people in charge that are realists and capable of providing the services the Californians need.

    That means putting Republicans back in charge of the state, who will provide the carbon based energy sources that the Californians need. To my understanding, most of the power they do use today is provided by out-of-state sources, many using carbon based generated electricity, that is being provided for Californians to keep a complete blackout from occurring.

    So until then these rolling blackouts will continue, until a complete blackout occurs, then that suffering will be enough to finally cause that change that is needed for all Californians to live in a status belying a modern society.

    1. Randy 131. Believe us — we keep trying every election to get out these useless Dems but somehow when mail-ins are counted or recounted (who knows) they always seem to win…unions are strong
      In this state

  9. I filed sorry for the people in California, but you vote Democrat now you pay. Don’t trust them they always lie. I bend Republican for long time. I will never vote for Democrat.

    1. There are more conservative Rebulicans/Libertarians in California than in 8 combined midwestern states. People who say things like “well, it’s your fault for voting for those people” are not only misinformed, but incredibly insulting. There are Millions of good conservative people in CA who vote, who protest, who write letters, who call their representatives, are who are just outvoted and trampled over. I’d make a wager that the average CA conservative is more active in politics than those living in the Midwest. In spite of huge demonstrations, Newsom flat out said that he going to do what he wants and he doesn’t care how many people oppose him. Think about it: There’s a population of people in CA that outnumbers most midwestern states whose voices are not being heard simply because they are constantly outvoted. This is why people are leaving by the hundreds of millions, but even then, Democrats are not willing to lessen any part of their agenda, even as CA suffers the financial strain of losing millions in taxpayer money. Don’t make the mistake of thinking “Oh, that’s 1,000 miles away in crazy CA,” because they are passing similar laws, fine-sounding but devastating laws, in many (dare I say “most”?) other states also.

  10. One of the basic laws of nature is “The law of conservation of energy is a physical law that states energy cannot be created or destroyed but may be changed from one form to another.”
    Electricity is a form of energy so it cannot be created, it has to be changed from another form of energy. It can be stored in batteries but battery backup for a city using solar and wind energy would require a battery bank the area of the city and then in the 500 year case it would not be enough. On-line electric generation is required to obtain a nearly fully reliable system. There is no 100% reliable system.
    It is the California residents that are paying for the sins of the dictatorial democrat rulers, you can safely bet the farm that the democrat rulers are not going without electricity.

  11. Using wind and solar to reduce pollution all sounds great, if you live in fantasyland. The fact is I see electric wind mills in my state and I noticed only about half of them are running, regardless of wind speed. Found out from a friend who worked at an REC that the bearings go bad in those wind mills and they’re very expensive to replace. That’s why only half of the electric wind mills are running. And even though the fins are engineered to take high wind speeds, these structures are still very tall and a good old fashioned tornado can still destroy the wind mills. Then senile uncle Joe says that the factories that manufacture these wind mills are good paying jobs. Once again uncle Joe is full of manure. There’s a factory about 40 mile from my house and they are one of the lower paying factory jobs in my area. Then there’s the phony promise of how solar panels are going to save the home owner tons of money every year. The big tax break from the federal government. But the solar panels don’t make a home completely independent of the electric company’s power and in some states there is a solar panel tax because the people who have these panels aren’t paying their fair share of maintenance cost for the electric lines and poles. And a tornado can easily rip the panels off the roof of the home. And the air temp is always hotter where there are multiple panels, sometimes hot enough to cook a low flying bird. Notice the PETA dummycrats remain silent when this fact is brought up. If anything, the portable generator manufactures are the ones who will financially benefit. But generators require gas or diesel fuel to run and use large amounts of fuel. Plus having the fuel delivered to run the generator, usually by truck. So much for reducing air pollution. To make my point, AOC and the dummycrats are full of poop.

  12. The most corupt Democrats live in California.pure evel and the are facing the backlash from the lord .they just think what’s going on is coincidental.

  13. Well not all of us in “Occupied California” are stupid brain-dead Demon-craps, only half. I work on a Gov’t facility as an independent contractor (trying to get my tax money back) and they are the epitome of inefficiency and waste. An example, a meter’s batteries go dead and they buy a new meter instead of changing the batteries. With that mentality we will never survive this non-sense !!!!

  14. The problem in California is the problem going to incur around the country if you vote your dimwit democrats back in.
    I have never seen such stupidity shown by some pretty smart people. My God folks open up your eyes take your heads out of the ground. Socialism has never been good for anyone it is a fairy tail. All the problems will only get worse and vote for Biden you will be living it for at least Four years. Just remember Communism does not just come and go when it is in it is in. Your life is controlled completely by the commies (your government under Biden). Ask God for his blessings and all the best for everyone.

  15. The Green Deal is more about the redistribution of wealth. And moving people to the cities. The socialist communist party thinks no one has the right to own property. They will still fly their private jets, but want the rest of us to walk or ride a bike. AOC admittedly said this in an interview.

  16. Democrats are communist and have been so since before the first world war! If you want to live under a Stalin like regimen vote for the demo rats!

  17. A lot of good comments have been posted here, but not the most important one. And that is that we need the re-election of Donald Trump, so that Biden and his crony democrat/socialist friends, Pelosi, Schumer, and others, don’t lead us into the wilderness of socialism from which there may be no recovery.

  18. Don’t believe solar or wind turbines can produce the vars needed to push electricity thru long stretches of high voltage transmission lines. That is where you will get the sag in power. Green power is fine for localized usage but will never replace a steam fed turbine generator. These turn at 3600 rpm and excitation of the stator will produce the vars needed to push desired electricity down the line. Simple explanation for Cortex and Thunkberg and their pipe dream.

  19. Fires caused by 40 years of land mismanagement (yes, the scientist all agree) and not climate control. The Governor was warned by the President in 2018 (after fires), that this was the issue. Oh ya, the Delta Smelt need to be relocated and the land needs the proper (previous) irrigation. The entire staff of the Sierra Club need to be arrested for collusion. Oh and y’all Californians, when they cut your power (and water), go git in yer car and drive to the celebrities’ neighborhoods. Hahahaha. Ya, power and water still on. Oh, and their lawn sprinklers are running full force. The rich and privileged won’t/don’t suffer. Just you. It’s not the cops fault. It’s Pelosi, Waters, Feinstien, the Mayors & Governor and the rich, leftists, socialists and communists. Now, go out and do something about it.

  20. Iam sorry for Californians that they have to put up with low power. I don’t live in California so I got plenty of Power. You Voted Democrats in office so you got to live with it. When will you Wake Up and see the Democrats promise and never deliver.

  21. Wake up people!Democrats are NOT for the people or the country.They have sold their soul to China,SATAN ,MUSLIMS and COMMUNISTS long time ago.Go back to WWII ,from then on they have destroyed SCHOOL system and America’s future generations.

  22. The Left hates Trump far more than they love America. Its just that simple. If you don’t believe me, then you just have not been watching the rhetoric used by these rioters.

  23. Several hogfuel boilers with self condensing turbines strategically placed throughout the state could alleviate a lot of ills in California. Fuels that are run through boilers travel through precipitators that clean the flue gasses to where it is barely visible. Self condensing turbines produce dependable power to the grid. The big plus is it can reduce fuel loading from plant/tree growth that the west coast is now inhaling. Since this fuel is a renewable resource the greenies should love them. First fuel into the furnace should be all the regulations and egos of dumbass politicians.

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