Dear Kamala: If You Truly Believe You Won, Resign Your Senate Seat Today

This has been true for thousands of years: If you want to know what someone really believes, watch what they do. “Actions speak louder than words.” What are the actions of Kamala Harris, the mainstream media, the Big Tech censorships czars and others on fake “President-Elect” Biden’s team telling us? These people aren’t acting like the 2020 election has been settled. They look like a bunch of people who are frantically hoping to run out the clock by getting the results certified as quickly as possible. Especially the woman who is supposedly the “Vice President-Elect.”

Kamala Harris made her triumphant return to the US Senate this week. She received a classified intelligence briefing. She voted against President Trump’s nominee for the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (Judy Shelton). And then she talked to reporters by taking a jab at President Trump: “The American people want leaders that respect our democracy and our democratic process.”

What’s she doing there?

More specifically: If Kamala Harris truly believes that the election was fair-and-square, and that she and Joe Biden were the rightful winners, why hasn’t she resigned from her US Senate seat yet?

If she believes she’s going to be sworn in on January 20th with Beijing Biden, why is she holding onto her current job and the power that it conveys to her? Shouldn’t she be devoting all her time to a smooth transition? For the good of her state, shouldn’t she resign immediately so that California can get to work on selecting her replacement?

We all know the answer. She doesn’t think the election is over. She’s hanging onto her Senate seat for now, in case the Trump campaign’s numerous swing state lawsuits prevail and the results don’t go her way.


While we’re on the subject, California’s governor hasn’t had any discussions on who he would appoint to replace Senator Harris. He doesn’t seem to think the election is over, either.

A few weeks ago I mentioned one of the most refreshingly noble acts that we’ve seen an American politician take in modern history, and it’s worth repeating again here. When Senator Bob Dole won the Republican nomination for president in June of 1996, he immediately resigned from the Senate. He didn’t cling to his Senate seat for 6 more months, “just in case.” He resigned and allowed the State of Kansas to fill his seat in a timely manner, as he pursued the office of the presidency.

Bob Dole didn’t hedge his bets. While I disagreed with him on a lot of policy issues, that was a truly admirable abdication of personal power. He wasn’t in it for himself like… *ahem*… some people we could mention.

Let’s throw down the gauntlet:

Dear Kamala Harris,

If you truly believe with all of your heart that the 2020 election was a fair contest, and that Joe Biden is the President-Elect and you are the Vice President-Elect, resign from the US Senate immediately. Your political future is secure, right? For the good of the country, the US Senate, and the voters in your home state of California, do the honorable thing by resigning your seat.



The censorship czars in social media don’t believe that Biden-Harris won the election, either. Any post on Facebook that mentions “vote fraud” gets taken down immediately. Any tweet on Twitter that mentions “vote fraud” gets – at a bare minimum – a vague warning claiming that the information has been disputed. In a worst-case scenario, the offending bad-thinker gets locked out of their Twitter account if they mention vote fraud.

Those are not the actions of people who think they just won a fair-and-square election. Those are the actions of people who are frightened of these tweets and posts because they are true.

The media also knows that the Biden-Harris ticket benefited from one of the most fraudulent election scams in world history. I’m operating under a premise that no one could possibly be that stupid. No adult with modest intelligence could look at Joe Biden receiving more popular votes than Barack Obama in 2009 and think, “Oh, yeah, that’s totally legit.”

No one can look at the election hinging on four blue cities with blue mayors in states with blue governors and believe that those four locations provided the exact, record-high amounts of votes to carry Biden-Harris to victory. The media is not stupid. They’re just liars, and we all know it.

Joe Biden doesn’t know what’s going on right now. He’s yelling, “Jiiiillll!” as he tries to wrestle the plastic lid off his cup of tapioca. But Kamala Harris, the tech oligarchs and the media all know the same thing that we know: This election was a fraud.

Prove us wrong, Kamala Harris! Resign from your Senate seat today. Be the “leader who respects our democracy.”

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179 thoughts on “Dear Kamala: If You Truly Believe You Won, Resign Your Senate Seat Today”

  1. America knows that Trump won the election by a ‘Landslide’ Do the Honorable thing and do resign your Senate seat, if you really believe you and Joe won the American people over Trump with NO voter fraud involved.
    Off hand, I’d say you can’t… Prove the American people and yourself WRONG !!!

    1. Gary, I don’t think she’s holding on to her Senate seat because she doesn’t believe they won. She’s holding on to it because she is ugly and mean enough that she doesn’t want to leave it open for a possible GOP replacement. The woman is not that smart, but she is vicious and merciless.

      1. The California governor appoints a vacant senate seat. He is a democratic so he will appoint a democratic. The appointed serves out the remaining time of the replacement or until the next major general election.

      2. No, viciousness is when you file bankruptcy and not pay the hard workers for all their work,,,,,,& six times yet. That’s viciousness.

    2. I can’t think of anything wiser for Kamala Harris to do than to resign from the Senate and start to work on her vice-presidency! Of course, it’s entirely possible that she, like many others, are fully aware of the posibility of failure on the part of Joe Biden, which I definitely wouldn’t cry about!

      1. When are all you people going to understand THE MEDIA DOES NOT DECLARE A PRESIDENT or vice -president THEY HAVE TO OFFICIALLY BE DECLARED and THEY ARE NOT UNTIL THE ELECTORIAL COLLEGE VOTES ARE CAST and each state declares a winner ,DIDNT YOU PEOPLE
        GO TO SCHOOL ?????

        1. Seastar you are right about the process, but none of that is taught by any school “Teacher” anymore, especially in California! What passes for “History or Civics” anymore is soooo…. far from the truth it is scary! Keep trying to make them see the truth….we can’t give up! Blessings on you and your family!

        2. LOL – the point is that Kamala Harris DOES understand it! Thus, not resigning the senate. Which, of course, is good news to us all – not that she isn’t resigning, but that she is aware that she is going to lose.

          However, she will not be in the senate much longer, anyway. She will be imprisoned, AT THE VERY LEAST, for defrauding the United States government by conspiring to illegally receive funds (GSA). Byee, Kammo!

          P.S. to sign the petition to recall gavin gruesome noose ’em.

          P.S. if you know how to use a bookmaker or whatever they’re called, and know how to engage a REPUTABLE one (if that isn’t an oxymoron, lol), and bet on President Trump remaining in office (don’t bet that he’ll win by electoral votes, etc. Details are important!). And when you WIN, donate that money, or a portion of it, to the Trump Legal Fund and/or Sidney Powell’s legal fund. We don’t need to worry about Biddie and Kammo making money by betting against themselves, because . . . they will be in gitmo.

          Peace to All



        I don’t thank she is that smart! Thank about it, she is from the same area as N.P. & D.F. & the Gov.!

    3. Harris is constitutionally ineligible to be VPOTUS (12th Amendment) or POTUS (Article 2). She is not — nor can she ever be — a ‘natural born citizen’, the highest standard of citizenship mandated by the Constitution for the president and commander-in-chief. The Founding Fathers wanted a higher standard of citizenship for the POTUS because they did not want any competing allegiances with foreign governments. That Harris was born on U.S. soil is a truism (October 20, 1964) however she was born to an Indian citizen mother and a Jamaican citizen father, both of whom were temporary visitors to this country on student visas. Thus, Harris a citizen pursuant to ‘the anchor baby’ provision of the 14th Amendment; and, most probably inherits the citizenship of her father’s country at the time of birth. But, in no manner, shape, or form is Harris now – or could she ever be – classified as a ‘natural born citizen’.
      As the definition of “natural born citizen” states, the person must be born to parents who are citizens. Harris’s parents weren’t U.S. citizens at the time of her birth. Thus, she is ineligible to the offices of President and Vice-President – for both offices, the U.S. Constitution says one must be a “natural born citizen” of the United States, a deliberately higher standard than simple citizenship. Anything less is simply a ‘full’ disqualification and not a mere inconvenience to be side-stepped.
      Harris an illegitimate candidate for both VP & POTUS, much less a VP-elect; in addition, she is most probably an illegitimate Senator as well – given that, she most probably does not meet the Constitutionally required mandates for that job. Everyone should be direly concerned about this major problem!

      1. Yes, but this is an issue for another day. We first need to sort out the illegitimate votes that would place Biden/Harris in the White House. Pray for the Trump volunteer team to prevail in the legal realm.

      2. The Deep State can put anyone in power if that person is willing to be a dummy for them, just like they put Obama in office for 8 years even though Obama was not born in the United States. Obama and Biden ruined this country for selling it out. Now Biden and Harris are the next dummies for the Deep State. Very sad! People are hungry for power and money and sell the soul out to the Devil.

      3. She just seems so phony and unsure of everything she says .Like she don’t beleive what she says. Maybe just not a good liar.

        Constitutional lawyers have made this clear!!!
        Your parents citizenship has no bearing on yours if you were born on US soil!!!
        Learn how to read and comprehend!!!

      5. I’m new to this site, but your post needs to be brought to the attention of Alan Dershowitz, perhaps on his podcast, “The Dersh.”. God knows, that would be GREAT if she was discovered and disqualified!. Seriously.

    4. (Please pass this along if you agree. I don’t have any means of posting this in a place that would be noticed. Kamala Harris is wrong when she says, ““The American people want leaders that respect our democracy and our democratic process.” She may be right in her world. And her clever words will influence a lot of ignorant people, for an evil end. But she is not right about America. She needs to read the U.S. Constitution. The United States of America is not a democracy. It is a republic. That means that we are not “ruled,” i.e. forced, controlled, bullied, manipulated, intimidated, and destroyed by the majority when it is the MOB. That is what they are doing and have been doing. Their goal is to be part of the elite of a one world government. The United States of America is a republic, and the Law, i.e, the inspired document, The U.S. Constitution is followed by all citizens, including the government officials. And it will be the U.S. Constitution that will bring about the justice of this election. And Donald Trump will be elected, legally and fairly. The Constitution is not partial to one particular party. It is the whole truth, and is what is right for either party. AND HERE IS THE THING. PEOPLE DO NOT ELECT TOTALITARIAN DICTATORS.! No human being would ever want that and it is proven by the tragic histories of every society that has been ruled by one.

    5. All that will happen is that Gov. Newsom will appoint someone else in her place, and that seat isn’t up for reelection for two more years.

    1. She wants to have it both ways. She knows that fraud & illegals votes were tally & the glitches in the machines? Oh they stop counting & by 3 in AM thousands of ballots for Biden but not one for the President? Were the ballots came from & tally? A person with enough power to change the votes & tally had to be involve. The question is from where happen? Germany, Spain of the same place in Pensilvania. So much Fraud

      1. A crook like harris will never play by the rules, its not in thier nature, she will play a victim the rest of her life, imagine useing your race to get your way, if you disagree with her your a racist massaganist or some other nasty thing. DONALD TRUMP 2020

        1. I agree with your assessment of the situation, however, PLEASE do a spell-check on your words before posting something that is meant to raise the ire of the other side. The word is spelled as “misogynist”, not “massaganist” . A very simple thing to do, looking up the correct spelling of words – don’t give them ammunition against your thoughts. Thank you for supporting and defending our democracy.

          1. Listen you Demo rat . Did you ever think maybe it was a type o I make them all the time when in a hurry. your probably one of those not natural born Citizen’s Right !!!!

    2. Nina You are so right, with all of the thievery having gone in this election and its so obvious if you were sitting up at 3 or so election eve/morning and seeing them Stop counting and wait. You knew something was up . all of a sudden we get all these Biden dumps, No name but Biden??? Anyway Trump will always be MY Pres. until maybe they allow this injustice to go to courts as they should. Too much fishy stuff went on,

    1. You people are a bunch of sick mofos, you have a dumbass in the Whitehouse that won’t concede,which is more important than any senator giving up their seat and it was a fair election, the people spoke, I wouldn’t give up my seat either, until the US government acknowledge that they are the winners!! What happened to an EYE FOR AN EYE? No one is making it easy for them! Our country is at stake, and this orange orangutan just go golfing and forgets his job of protecting the US. Who does that? The wort damn president we ever had. He didn’t scream fraud when he won 306 electroal votes. Sicko!!

      1. Missouri, with a name like that you would think you would be a republican. However it is obvious that you have been misled down a bad path. If you think for a moment that your dem whit party is not going to raise your taxes, take away all of your rights, guns, free speech, (already your right to vote) and put you in line behind thousands of illegal immigrants to get that life saving surgery you might need someday, then you are living in a fantasy world. Wake up before you lose all you have idiot. Because your liberal party is ready to take all of it from you.

        1. Actually Missouri is a predominantly Blue State that’s why I was surprised that Trump won that State now my State(Kansas) is predominantly Red and has been for years!

      2. The sick MOFO is you Collins. You obviously are living in a make believe world. It would be best for you to stay quite and not prove your ignorance!!!

      3. You wouldn’t give up your seat because that is where your head is inserted. This is the ‘wort’ comment I’ve read today. Learn to spell, idiot.

      4. You want to talk an eye for an eye you fucking moron, just wait. IF your corrupt, China loving racist of a rapist gets into the Whitehouse how about he gets treated as nicely as President Trump’s been treated for four years.
        Assholes like you are why this country is in the shape it is. Have you noticed Missouri…. just how smoothly things were running in this country before Joe and Obama released the bought and paid for plandemic. Missouri, you are an idiot. A bona fide idiot. The country was it a better spot economically than any time in your life until March of this year. Are you on the same planet with the rest of us Missouri?, The man did more for this country in 3 1/2 years, than any of his predecessors before him, despite the shit the Democrats put him thru. Your problem is you watch too much CNN, and MSNBC etc. you’re brainwashed Missouri, face it. Then you have the audacity to put yourself on this site. WAKE UP MISSOURI!! it’s not too late you dummy, maybe we could get you into some classes like the Dems want to put us in….. you know, reprogram you because you’re so stupid… and vile and inconsiderate to the Real People. You know what moron, if your candidate gets in the office, your life Missouri, as you know it, it’s over. Because your candidate, number one, can’t think for himself. And two , his handlers, that’s what they call the people feeding and changing him, will tell him Exactly what to do and he’ll abide.
        You better do a lot of praying Missouri, you better pray for the Republicans to get in the White House my friend, it’s the only way you’ll have liberty and freedom for the next four years anyway. If Joe doesn’t get in, we are all done

        1. Jonni, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed reading your comments. You really hit the nail on the head. Thanks for your wonderful choice of words, excellent!!! I can’t understand how stupid some people are, who in the hell with any sense at all, can’t see what these democrats are up to. Again thanks, that made my day

          1. I believe the people that did not vote for Trump are looking to get something for nothing, the government wants to tell you can do, so they are in control of you . Democrats want total control over us.
            I don’t want the government to take care of me, I want to earn my own way that way I can make my own decisions. Those who want the government to take care of them will one day understand that you won’t have any say in anything in anything.
            If that is what you want then leave America, What is keeping you here? Look all around you there are countries that you can go tot live tht will give just what you are asking for.

      5. Thanks for the laughs….truly. Hard to understand how you believe Bejiing Biden won “fair & square” – from his basement no less. The truth will prevail – not sure if soon enough to save all of us but no doubt it will all come out at some point. Patience…

      6. Yout just too ignorant to figure out the true facts of the election,, Oh and dont bitch when gas hits 7.00 bucks a gallon again

        1. Trump will be President voted by majority of Americans , We all learned this past 4 years just how Evil Democrats are , We the people will not be silenced nor bullied by your agenda, We the people are United and we stand together when it comes to Our freedom. We dont want to fight in Our Country BUT WE FOR SURE WITH NO DOUBT WILL FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY , YOU “DEMOCRATS OUR FORGETTING THAT YOU AND ANTFA ARE OUT NUMBERED. STOP THE STEAL

          1. They are outnumbered, outgunned, and we have been silent and nice too long. When it comes to OUR constitution, ALL hands on deck! I will lose everything to protect my country, and that is exactly why we LOVE OUR President! He has sacrificed so much, put his family through madness, fought off the evilness in Washington, and is continuing to do so! Trump is the Best President in my lifetime!!!!

        2. Dennis. I think you are spot on. Gas prices will explode along with inflation and then who will the people blame? Probably Trump again. That poor man caught more crap than he should have.

      7. Hey Missouri, what about Obama going golfing all the time ? Huh? Your gutter language comes from a 5th grader. I’m sure you’ve got a better education than that sir. Slow down, collect your thoughts and then please try to write something intelligent.

      8. Talk like a true DUMBASS! What has any DEMOCRAT DONE FOR AMERICA IN THE LAST FIFTY YEARS? If you can’t tell then go back to the WELFARE lines you are on! Because you have no idea or clue what really at stake! Yes it our economy and country but it NOTHING TRUMP DID! He was the first president that STOOD UP TO THESE TRAITOR! If you don’t remember anything about NAFTA then you can shut up! This was the DEMONCRAT HOUSE IDEA OF SENDING JOBS TO CHINA AND INDIA! By RAISING TAXES ON THESE COMPANIES SO THEY WOULD LAYOFF EMPLOYEE AND MOVE TO CHINA OR INDIA!

        1. Hey Missouri (if that is your real name. Probably Nancy or Whoopie), if you want to give up all of the freedoms that many of our forefathers and veterans have fought so fiercely for, by all means, support your radical, leftist, and downright evil party.
          This is my America, my President (who happens to love and care about the fate of our nation), and we will fight to uphold our constitution and our God given inalienable rights. If you are so dissatisfied, why don’t you just leave this country and set up shop somewhere else?

      9. After seeing what’s happened in the past four years, only a moron would think that Obiden won ! You might not like Trump, but he kept his promises , i don’t remember any past Presidents who kept their promises .

      10. Obviously you’re the only one in Missouri who doesn’t like Trump considering Trump won Missouri, in case you don’t realize it but Trump has done more for this Country than the three previous ones!

        1. More than the last 3, you can go back farther than that. Doesn’t matter what party, he is the only president that I can remember (and I’m old) that actually kept promises he made, even with the house obstructing just about everything he tried to do. Imagine what he could have done with a little support. He’s also the only president since Eisenhower that didn’t put us in some sort of war. We have reached record lows in unemployment. He has stood up to those countries that were taking advantage of us. He has made 3 peace treaties in the middle east and kept North Korea from threatening us anymore. He is the strong leader that we need. He has exposed so much corruption in congress – and both sides have it, can’t help it if the dems have most of it. Remember when Kennedy was president and we had a space program? Well, Trump has it started again. And, it’s about time we stopped talking about ending illegal entry and actually did something about it, as Trump is trying to do. We really don’t need any more people on welfare programs; we have enough of our own citizens that are poor and homeless. I don’t care if the illegals are the nicest people on earth – if they cheat to get here, they are criminals by all definitions and do not deserve to benefit from their crime. Maybe if we stopped giving any benefits to anyone not legally here, they would stop coming. Allow no more amnesty, no more anchor babies, etc and we get in better shape. First and foremost, we need to take care of our citizens and if immigrants can’t support themselves or find a sponsor who will, then we shouldn’t allow them entry. Even if they come and can support themselves, they shouldn’t be eligible for any sort of benefits for the first 5 years or so. We give support to everyone but our citizens and that’s just wrong. We shouldn’t be borrowing money to give to other countries. We need to dig ourselves out of debt. When people see the government spending money they don’t have, then they figure they can too and that’s why we have so much debt in the USA. Citizens and government spend money they don’t have. Give back the liability to the states instead of the feds. Let each state decide how they want to help their people. This way, if any state wants to go against federal laws or want to give more benefits for free, then they can figure out how to pay for it. If the ones left holding the bag for those programs, don’t agree with that approach, they can move to a better or more reasonable state. States should be run by the individual states, but not with federal money. New York shouldn’t be paying for CA, etc. The federal budget should stay with the original intent of our founders should be the only things the feds pay for and our taxes should reflect that.

          1. Spoken like a tried and true American Ginger. Unfortunately, the people who call themselves democrats don’t want America to be the country it was when You and I were up and coming
            What pains me is that this country came along as an idea. And as it was, white people, were the one writing the rules. These “white people” drew up our constitution, the bill of rights , allowing each individual FREEDOM and LIBERTY to do what they wanted to do, to work the way each person wanted to.
            Well, these “white people” also encouraged ANYONE…… regardless of race, creed, culture, or color to join this society with open arms. The doors to being American have never been closed.
            So why then, that I, a white man, now has to be made into a racist by these people’s of color. That the possibility of some BLM thug coming to my table in a restaurant and grabbing my food and telling me to chant “black lives matter” is real.
            Black lives…… to you people I say this……. and believe or not, it’s not a racist comment, but in my world and 99.9 percent of people reading this post , EVERY LIFE MATTERS!!
            My point is this, everyone is welcome in my country if you do your due diligence, and I’m sick and tired of people calling me racist when I’m not!!
            If you don’t like America , it’s simple,
            Kamala Harris in my eyes is a BONA FIDE RACIST. She hates white people, and by her work history in Kookoofornia, she doesn’t like blacks much either. Joe is done folks, we all know he can’t put a full sentence together any longer.
            This woman will be the undoing of this great country if she sets foot into the White House. She’s EVILITY in its purest form.
            I’m thinking there’s a shadow of hope in GA and MI concerning this election fraud,, but PA is another story. Not sure why that state is doing to Trump what they are
            Pray America. Pray like there is no tomorrow, because if this woman achieves the title of CIC,
            there will be no tomorrow. Our lives here in free America will non-existent. I’m terrified of what this reprobate will do to our country

      11. Don’t worry all the evidence is coming out. Of course people like you will say it is the biased judges and claim Trump’s stolen the election from Biden. That’s because you have a propaganda media that is obviously supporting Biden. But the truth is the truth and no manner of lies will stop the truth being the truth. Trump won the election and numerous ballots were inserted to make it appear different. How else do you explain up to 300% voting, that is three times the people registered to vote casting their votes in some areas? Only Democrat areas of course?

      12. The election cannot be called by the AP. Neither Biden or Trump are the 2021 President yet!! We have to wait for all the legal ballots to be counted before we know the results of this rigged election. Voter fraud has been proven to be rampant but you don’t see Republicans saying we won, we won!! Nobody has won yet and I wish people would just wait until the electoral college meets or the case goes to the Supreme Court. Patience…….

      13. Missouri Collins
        Why should President Donald J Trump concede when there is Irrefutable evidence of election fraud!

      14. So, which of the demokrauts do you work for? Over the last four years I have watched all of the idiot dims fight the legitimate results of the 2016 election through spying on Trump’s campaign, through accusing him of the crimes that Biden and family are guilty of and finally through a fake ‘whistleblower’ and the phony impeachment hearings. Even with all of that s**t, Trump managed to keep his campaign promises, unlike ALL of the demokrauts past and present, including the corrupt B. H. Obama. Face it. Biden and Harris cheated to win this election. All one had to do is look at how much Biden ‘campaigned’, calling a lid on activities every other day at best and sometimes for days at a time. There will not be a United States of America left, if this crooked election is not overturned.

      15. He didn’t have to scream fraud Missouri ….he devastated HilLIARy in 2016. If not for the communistic California he’d of won the popular vote too… but he didn’t need to did he?!!!
        Hey Missouri , who’s been crying fraud for four years now. That’s right stoopit! HilLIARy, that’s who. Imagine…. she and your party did everything in the book EXCEPT cheat on the election, to make sure that loathsome wretch would get into 1600 Pennsylvania Av but all of her cheating, spying, lying about fictitious criminal activity by DJT, the Steel dossier …. I could go on for a while here Missouri but what’s the point?
        What pisses her off the most Missouri … she’ll never have the chance to do it again and every republican in the land smiles ear to ear on that note.
        You do realize you voted for socialism and communism and complete control by our government don’t you?! Maybe you didn’t, from your post you don’t strike me as even remotely intelligent. Here’s an idea, listen to Mark Levin on the radio. I consider him one if the smartest people in earth ….. you could really really use some of his knowledge their Big MO. You mainstream media types are basically brain dead Missouri… it’s OK … it’s not your fault , ok?! It’s the propaganda you’re fed on a day by day basis Missouri. And not only is their rhetoric and agenda propaganda, it’s “opinionated propaganda” at that Missouri… the worst kind. Are you wising up yet big boy ?! Here’s the deal, if I, or one of the other educated people who post here on American Liberty watched MSLSD or CNN or the normal mainstream BS, We would hate Trump too. If you would’ve been paying attention, you would realize Donald Trump fulfilled every promise he made and then some….. not to mention what his administration did for the economy. I’m going to stop educating you now Missouri…. time for you to go forth and educate yourself now Big MO.

      16. Just because the media called the election for Biden does not make it so. Until every recount is finished, and all the lawsuits are settled, the election is not finished. If you actually possessed a working brain, you’d know this.

      17. So fair that 100,000 dead people voted, states where people no longer lived but voted. We know this was rigged especially when Arizonia was called for Biden when votes were not totally counted. 2am in Michigan a truck pulls up bring wagons full of votes. Are you blind? We will never survive being a socialized country. Nothing is free in life. We will never let government control our lives. Go to a country that is communist and live it for 6 months then thank God for a free nation. Down with Biden and way to go Donald J Trump who is my President.

      18. Your fucking stupid if you think they won fair and square. The American people spoke alright but the democrats didn’t like it and rigged the election. They are like little kids who can’t stand when Noone likes them or their ideas….go get a life missory joe

      19. Friend,

        President Trump just tweeted out a BOMBSHELL new report… confirming that the voting machine software used in most swing states, Dominion Voting Systems, rigged the 2020 election.
        The President’s report reads:
        • “Dominion deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide.
        • Data analysis finds 221,000 Pennsylvania votes switched from President Trump to Biden.
        • 941,000 Trump votes deleted.
        • States using Dominion Voting Systems switched 435,000 votes from Trump to Biden.”
        Dominion Voting stole the Election from President Trump… and, in the days to come, we will begin to see real momentum for the President’s victory in the Courts.
        But you and I both know: President Trump fairly won.




  2. Tell that NIT WIT Jake Tapper that I AM retired . . . I don’t CARE about JOB PROSPECTS, and I HOPE WE see FEDERAL Prison terms for ALL this BLATANT corruption. POTUS TRUMP WON in a LANDSLIDE and ILLEGAL FRAUDULENT ballots submitted does NOT constitute an election by ANY stretch of the IMAGINATION! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.


  3. Harris should definitely resign her Senate seat, but as we all know, the Dems do NOT honor Democracy but Socialism/Dictatorship/Communism is their objective. If that extremist were to give up her Senate seat and then the truth that Trump actually won the election, at least there would be one less piece of garbage in the Senate! I was surprised and couldn’t believe that she was actually able to question/grill Justice Barrett during the hearings because she was campaigning for VP at the time. She is really a piece of shit and America better hold on if her and that other demented “partner in crime” get into office, because my prediction is, there has been an agreement made “behind closed doors or aboard Air Force 2 (that seems to be one of Biden’s favorite offices for conducting illegal business)”, that about a month after he lies and takes the oath of office, that he will resign as long as that garbage Harris agrees to PARDON the whole Biden family, the Clinton’s, Obama, and any/all others that may be involved in the corruption that makes-up the Dem party!

    1. You got that right, but she can’t pardon future crimes for them and they can’t go straight; don’t know how.

  4. Obviosly Missouri Collins has his head up is ass! Like the whole bunch of Dems, just because they don’t like Trump’s personality, they choose to ignore all he has accomplished while in office, all the while being persecuted by the baseless and totally conjured-up lies and false charges brought against him by the Dems, all at a cost and total waste of over 40 MILLION DOLLARS! Take your head out of the sand and your own ass and face the truth!

  5. I believe a person should have removed themselves from their current position when running for another job, that way they don’t go into a race half hearted and complacent about achieving. She is just a looser who dated a San Francisco Mayor, 30 years older than her, to gain political favors and employment. Some call that a slut.

    1. Ms Stone, when they put China Joe, Hillary, Obama and all those in the swamp in jail or give them a 1 way ticket to Venezuela, then justice will be served. Add G. Soros to that flight crew too.

  6. just like those asshole Dems are wanting to make lists of Trump supporters, I actually think it’s about time Republicans started giving back a “taste” of the assaults/violence/shooting/killing that has gone on with the Dem supported Antifa & BLM thugs! Since the Dems refuse to acknowledge that there is any kind of violence, destruction, looting and burning going on, Republicans should start making “lists” of Dem supporters businesses and bring some “rath” upon their asses. I know it’s not “right”, but enough is enough! Those MF’s have gotten away with all the lying, corruption, and total disregard for the Constitution FAR to long! Lets show them what “tit for tat” means! I’m positive the ” fake, lying media” are sure to broadcast all the mayhem Republican supporters cause even though any of the lawlessness and total disregard for civil rights has been censored for the last 4 years!

  7. Kamala Harris wouldn’t be where she is if it hadn’t been for her affair with Willie Brown and even attended a few swinger parties with him and as for our so-called President-elect he’s a pedophile!

  8. Kamela it is not right to keep holding on to your seat and voting while you are now the V.P. Stop being greedy Let someone else step up and represent your seat.

    1. I am no fan of Harris or her party at all, however, she is not VP yet and her term as senator isn’t up yet either. Even if this fraud ridden election gives it to Biden, he still has no power until he’s inaugurated and until then Trump is still president and either way, should make haste to get as much done as possible. Trump and the senate should make every effort to fill every vacant judgeship before the next inauguration – even if he is found to be the winner of this election. While we still have the senate, get things done. The dems will probably cheat in the GA runoff too. Don’t count on honesty anywhere.

    2. While headboard is still a senator she is immune from prosecution, if she were to resign she would no longer have that protection. She knows that if Trump prevails both she and Biden could face criminal charges, as they both were involved in this voter fraud scheme. So as long as she is a senator she is covered, however Biden is not, and she could possibly end up being a witness ( unwillingly of course ) against him. Which puts her in a bad situation as Biden would not want any witnesses around.


  9. ive tryed to post something and am told its a lie, and cant be posted, well commrades welcome to communist america…

    1. She is the token “blackie” (notice I didn’t use the “N” word) Sleepy Joe Used to get the black vote. He hid out in his basement to keep from getting the virus while the rest of us were battling to keep from getting sick and at the same time struggling to pay the bills, he continued to receive his Federal income . Wonder what he’ll do if the country is in some serious danger? Probably hide out in the Presidential bunker and let the rest of us do the best we can to survive. Just thinking.

      1. Honey I have just one question for you and all the rest of us out there, I noticed you made a point of not using the “N” word and I think you were correct, it has become a terrable word, however why is it that all black people who are asking for equality in life and they deserve it as they are humans and Americans., but they can use the “N” word all the time even down to calling us a white “N” word but you can be fired or go to jail for using it one time in a private conversation even when its not related to a specific person. I feel everyone in this country should be forbidden using this word (and by the way this is fine with me) or no-one should be allowed to use it.

      2. I wonder if by token you mean that she would be running all over the white house just a token away, leaving roaches in every room. No doubt after she leaves we will have to have the place fumigated, for years to get the stench out, before anyone else can inhabit it.

    2. Surely and as such is not entitled to be VP. And as a communist she is a enemy of the people, she is probably a spy. guilty of espionage, and treason.

  10. The media and the left are so sure of it, but the so called VP isn’t! Well isn’t that interesting, and as for the so called president elect Dribbles Biden he shouldn’t be doing business with any foreign country he is nothing more than a private citizen!

  11. Hi STEVEN: It’s called the “LOGAN ACT” that “supposedly” prohibits private citizens from talking to foreign officials, but you’ve got to remember, We’re talking about the corrupt, dishonest, lawless Dems. This is just a taste of what’s going to happen if those MF’s get into office! People who were watching the violence, destruction, and looting were actually under the 2nd amendment had the right to defend their life and property by actually shooting the perpetrators of such actions! Those rights should have been utilized because if the Dems get into power, the 2nd amendment WILL be nullified and you WILL NOT have the right to defend your life & property! Life as we know it will no longer exist under total control of the Dem party! I’ve been accused of being to radical in my thoughts, but hold on people…it will be a HORRIBLE ride down!!

  12. Harris could care less about our country. she is after all the power she can get and doesn’t care who she destroys in the process. If this election had been fair there wouldn’t be these disputes. Everyone would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump won. And they call conservatives crybabies when they’ve been pouting for the last four years and have tried everything they could think of to overthrow the government just because Hillary lost. O’bama had no right to even run and the right didn’t do any of the things the left is doing.

    1. Yes and Trump didn’t do any of the treasonous acts that were committed by Obama. That does not include what he did during the election. But he still has the nerve to get on a stage, and bad mouth Trump after all that he has done, and his wife isn’t any better. Apologies would be disingenuous, so don’t waste my time.

  13. Anyone with a half of brain knows this election was a total farce. The people who won’t admit it are intentionally blind, stupid or corrupt — I go with all 3. Then we have morons like the POS romney, who is probably the biggest loser I have ever seen, telling President Trump to concede — what’s your hurry loser rino ????? The demoRATS know that Trump has a case and he will NOT stop fighting until the truth- the whole truth- is out there and he is declared the winner. harris knows this, piglosi knows this,schumer knows this and that’s why they are in such a hurry to have the hoax election cerified — NOT GOING TO HAPPEN !!!!!!!

  14. Last week in a news conference , Biden was asked if he was concerned about not receiving security briefing, he answered no that Kamala was still receiving the briefings and sharing.
    Biden looked up and it appeared by the look on his face he was being told to shut up.

    So much for confidential security clearance

    1. Biden is not suppose to get a briefing as he has not been confirmed yet. So for Kamala to be giving him a briefing would be a serious violation of security. For which she could go to jail. That is why Biden would be told to shut. Biden as of this moment does not have a security clearance. So he can not get a briefing. If he is then, some one is breaking the law………………….Kamala.

  15. to show what idiots, and the rest of the fools who voted Dem, are…there is no “office of the president elect” office! He IS NOT the president elect until the electoral college annonces it’s findings & declares the winner, & that happens on Dec 14th & NOT BEFORE! Trump has EVERY RIGHT not to acknowledge that TREASONOUS Biden with anything other than some idiot running for office until that time!!!

  16. Thanks to for a good article and our opportunities to respond to it. Freedom of speech in action.

  17. My question is: what will she do when fraud is proven? Will she continue in the Senate? I suppose it’s not an option for her, even if she hadn’t participated in the conspiracy, an absolutely unlikely scenario

    1. This is why we have to do away with congressional immunity. I am tired of crooks hiding behind this and never being able to make them answerable for the crimes they commit.
      Term limits
      Do away with congressional immunity

  18. The problem with the proving of fraud is…if/when they get into office, EVERYTHING will be “swept under the carpet” because any investigations will be ordered stopped by “the commander in chief”! If/when the Supreme Court packing happens, NO WAY will any judgement come down against ANY Democrats! This will become a dictatorship with no way to stop ANY of the laws under the Constitution that will no longer be recognized. I’m sure a “new” Constitution is already being written “behind closed doors” that will deny all/most of your present Constitutional rights! I’m a Veteran and I am heart broken to see what’s happening and especially when the hundreds of thousands of Veterans that have died will have done so in vain!

  19. Who the fuck are you calling a dumb ass fuck-stick Lemmeyer? If you’ll notice, if you can read that is, I stated IF/WHEN which might indicate to anyone with a semblance of a brain that I know the election is not over you stupid shit!

  20. Not only did Sleepy get more votes than Obama, he did it from the basement, without a rally of more than 100 people, of which many were Trump voters, all while his family is under investigation for money laundering, bribery, etc. All of these facts give everyone complete confidence in our elections.

    1. If it weren’t for Trump’s supports at his rallies, he would not have a rally. They were being nice and helping him out, and what do they get. They get called chumps. I kind of like that ” Trump’s Chumps ” has a nice ring to it.

  21. I realized that some people on this platform used some very vulgar unnecessary language on both sides.
    Language like this does not make us smarter, stronger, nor more powerful. It actually begins to discount what we have to say.
    American’s of America One Nation Under God think before we post.
    God’s language never is this rude or disrespectful to us. Nor should we be this disrespectful to one another even if we disagree we all need to wake up and look at our own actions. Listen, if we do not agree speak truthfully, speak human to human not enemy to enemy. And filter it through being in the others shoes.
    If we do not agree with one Nation Under God. Then we need to ask ourselves are we truly American’s or something different, something new, with an agenda to change American and American’s to become something else they are not.

    1. Perhaps you should talk to the demonicrats about their language. They don’t seem to have a problem with using rude, vulgar, or demeaning language ever chance they get. So if you want to cover for them, join them.

  22. I really do not understand why so many people have to inject profanity into their replies. We are supposed to be civilized.

  23. You want to see Dem heads explode, just watch.
    The US Constitution is clear,
    each state certifies election results,
    they send delegates tot the House Of Rep,
    the House hears each state vote,
    they then either accept or deny those votes,
    then and only then are the electoral points approved and counted,
    if no candidate receives 270 then the House votes,
    each state is allowed one {1} VOTE,
    republicans currently hold 26 states, dems 20,
    this is non-refutable and final…..
    thank you founding fathers and God.

    1. The Founding Fathers also included in the Constitution that the president must be a “natural born citizen”. Kamala Harris is not a natural born citizen. She was born in Oakland, CA, but her parents were foreign nationals, not citizens. The Constitution requires senators and representatives to be “citizens”, even if they are naturalized citizens, but the president must be a “natural born citizen”. That does NOT just mean that the president must be born a citizen. One may be a “citizen” through birth in the U.S. OR birth to a citizen parent, but only someone who is born on U.S. soil AND to parents (plural) who are themselves, citizens, is a natural born citizen, through soil AND blood, jus soli and jus sanguinis.
      Obama was never eligible, either, even if he had been born in the White House, simply because his Kenyan, British subject father was not a citizen. Birth on U.S. soil + citizen father + citizen mother = natural born citizen. Obama and Kamala are both frauds.

      1. and do not forget Omar who lied to get in the country, and has been lying ever since, and now is committing crimes. She should not be holding any government office. The DNC does not vet its candidates, to make sure they are eligible to hold office. I think that since the DNC does not vet its people we the people will have to do it for them. No the media or the press may not do this as they are not to be trusted.

      2. My Senator, Kamala Harris, is (sadly) a natural born citizen of this country. Yes, her parents were immigrants, legal I believe (her father from Jamaica, her mother and her parents from India (just like Bobby Jindal (R) and Nikki Haley (R)). Being born in this country, Harris is a legal citizen. I won’t go into whether Barack Obama was actually born in Hawaii, or in Nigeria (as his grandmother is said to have claimed). His mother was indeed born a citizen. I suggested to my wife that it was possible she was not his mother, and she told me he had to be half white, because of his skin color. The fact that his Uncle worked for the records office in Honolulu has caused conjecture. Then there are the idiots who have circulated a phony birth certificate that is a pathetically bad Photoshop with terribly sloppy edits that scream falsification (and are meant to) . Lying, and getting caught gets you nowhere, or even back several squares.

        Now we get to wait, and watch our country fall apart, as Biden tries to take credit for defeating Covid-19, the stock market goes south, instead of up (under Trump, without the pandemic, we’d see everything recovering to the great numbers, both in the Dow, and in unemployment and business, especially for minorities). From what I’m seeing right now, Biden is almost ready to collapse, and even if he does before January 20, I believe Kamala will take over. God Bless American, and God save us.

  24. Many complaints about election not being rig is a joke. How could anyone vote for someone that can’t even make a complete sentence. All we need is the dribble to be wiped from his chin. I never liked anyone with that old school gangster sideways smile. Yeah mugsie we got the crooked votes to the right places for ya boss. Kamala can keep getting the blm people out of jail with her fund in michigan. How about when she set on evidence in a death sentence trial. Only until the judge ordered her to give it up. Look up kamala family tree. Her family did own slaves. Power to her people. Only when it suits her. If she doesn’t get in she can always use the stupid out of date race card trick. We have to move passed that. More black folks in high offices and places of respect now than ever. Only racist thing holding someone back is their lack of effect and blaming someone else for it. No one gets it handed to them without some effort on your part.

    1. The smirk. They crucified Nicholas Sandman for his “smirk”. I watch a clip where a reporter asked Joe what would he do if the GOP wouldn’t cooperate with his administration. He said “They will” and gave a smirk that put a chill down my spine.
      There was pure evil behind that smirk for sure.

  25. Obama. I’m sick of hearing about him. Past presidents left office and faded away except for a rare occasion commentating ex-presidents. Obama’s ego will not allow him to let go. Or maybe he wants to be around to spin the narrative when the truth is revealed about his corruptive and seditious administration. Barry, PLEASE GO AWAY!

    1. You are quite correct, about Obama. He did many unscrupulous things while he was president. He was actively trying to to destroy this country. It was not for racial inequality, or to help black people, but to line his own pockets, and to secure his so called legacy. His legacy never existed, Trump showed that for what it was, a globalist agenda, not to help anyone, but himself. Obama is owned by the GLOBALIST MAFIA. Make no mistake that is just what they are. That means that Obama is a traitor to the country and the people that gave him everything, and he should be treated as the traitor that he is.

  26. The 2020 presidential election was fraudulent from BEFORE the beginning.We all know that Barack Obama is the leader of the ‘Shadow Government’.He,the democrats,the deep state traitors,criminal globalists like George Soros and foreign countries involved,tried the best they could to be rid of president Trump.The problem is,they have all been caught thanks to the EO president Trump signed in 2018 that had to do with cyber security.The walls are closing in and they have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide.The ‘Kraken’ has been released,computers and other equipment are being confiscated.The traitors to the United States of America both foreign and domestic have been cornered and are being arrested and detained as this is being written.The U.S. is NOT going to fall to socialism/communism.

    1. The DEMONCRATS are the party of the “The Walking Dead” they use the dead as fraudulent voters. They are liars and believe they are above the law.

      1. They are above the law, and that it why when a cop shoots at one of them the only thing he can hit is a demonicrat ass hole.

  27. What other Tranny can the Far Left come up with who will kiss their asses and be totally obedient. Kamala Harris fits this bill like socks. One size fits all!!!!! KEEP Dumbing down American children and sooner or later that Generation Might believe all the Democratic Bullshit being whirled in the Crooked Media!!!!!

  28. SNAKE Harris is a RADICAL , SOCIALIST , LIBERAL COMMY !!! Her and the SOCIALIST the ” squad ” and the rest of them idiots , will take this country down if they get the chance . OUR veterans fought and died to keep this country FREE ,,, they did not fight and die for SOCIALISM . It’s a slap in the face to ALL OUR veterans , that these inbred , tree swinging , bannana eating monkeys , want to destroy this country thru SOCIALISM .

  29. Camela knows the election was stolen, so she’s hanging onto her Senate seat to collect her pay as long as possible. It’s quite likely that when Trump wins his lawsuits over the crooked election, not only will she not become the Vice President, she’ll likely lose her Senate job. Poor Camela, she wished on a Chinese satellite instead of a star.

  30. The democrats are the new mafia,everything they do is to create dependence and every accusation they make is exactly what they are are doing. Their desire to turn us into a combination of Venezuela Nicaragua and Cuba should wake up anyone familiar with the methods the socialists used to destroy their once thriving paradises.

  31. Harris should resign from her seat, and when the election is turned over to President Trump she doesn’t return to her seat, she ran and lost and should lose the position in the senate, she took a chance. If we change a job in the real world and it doesn’t work out do you think our boss will let us have our old job back 98% chance NO. That should go for any one who runs for any government position. Harris you are a loser, you even let criminals go free rather then give them jail/prison time. Your a loser, and further more you are not EVEN BLACK, you parents even said so, you lie. Your party had to cheat, stuff ballots in your parties favor, lie to the press, steal and pay for vote for the democrat party. YOU WILL BE PUNISHED AT THE END OF TIME, IF NOT BEFORE HAND. YOU WISLL FACE THE GREATEST OF ALL JUDGES, AND WHEND HE SAYS GUILTY ENJOY YOUR DARK HOT FIRERY FRIENDS IN A TORMENTED HELL. YOU SOLD YOUR SOUL……….FOR MONEY AND POWER AT THE AMERICA TAX PAYERS EXPENSE TO LIVE AND REMAIN A FREE NATION. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON HIS PEOPLE AND SAINTS.

  32. I don’t believe Kamala (my senator) has to resign until she is sworn in as Vice President. If she did resign, Gov. Newsom (D) would be the one to appoint someone else to fill the office. Then again I suppose he could just reinstate Ms. Harris if she were not to become (God forbid) the VP.

  33. Just hold your nose (and hide your guns) and accept the Biden presidency. In four years, we will have a chance to return this country to what our founders believed in.


    2. After four years of Biden and Harris, the demonicrat party wont be able to get a vote. So anyone that runs on a demonicrat ticket, will never get elected.


  35. Sent:November 5, 2020 8:31 AM
    Subject:Democrats Hijack NOV03 Elections by FRAUD!!!! Invalidate!!


    1. Since it was across state lines, that makes it a federal crime, and that means the crooked FBI needs to investigate. Guess you know where that will go.

  36. Klamydia Whoreiss has not resigned her Senate seat yet in part because there is still anxiety within America’s true communist party that the who nefarious scheme will be blown wide open before Biteme and the his round-heeled constitutionally-ineligible comrade can be slid into the Mulatto House. There is also an intense behind-the-scenes power struggle within Californication’s true communist party as to whether to replace her with a regular democrat politician or to pick an Afro’ed dashiki-wearing fist-clencher who will confirm that Burn Loot Murder is now the most powerful political force in the country. The latter reflects the political reality on the ground, but they are not quite ready to govern on that basis. We must be ready to deride, despise and disobey them “from day one”, as the demented crooked pedophile rapist Chinese lackey likes to stay. Regular Americans owe Joe and the Hoe no respect or obedience, and we must defy them from the first and take to the streets against them from the first, even if they again send communist and black supremacist mobs against us, until they flee the Mulatto House (if they get there) like Batista and Ceaucescu. Not my President! Resist!

  37. I don’t know why everyone is making this hard. Keep It Simple Stupid. While headboard is still a senator she is immune from prosecution, if she were to resign she would no longer have that protection. She knows that if Trump prevails both she and Biden could face criminal charges, as they both were involved in this voter fraud scheme. So as long as she is a senator she is covered, however Biden is not, and she could possibly end up being a witness ( unwillingly of course ) against him. Which puts her in a bad situation as Biden would not want any witnesses around.

  38. After four years of Biden and Harris, the demonicrat party wont be able to get a vote. So anyone that runs on a demonicrat ticket, will never get elected. The demonicrat party is just like having the mafia run the country. It is the DEMONICRAT MAFIA.

  39. Many of you made some very interesting true comments and I agree with all of them. Joe Biden belongs in Jail in an orange jumpsuit and his son Hunter needs to go with him. They are the most corrupt people walking the face of the earth. The corruption they pulled with China, the Ukraine, etc. was enough and he Joe should not be allowed to even set foot in the White House as he is illegal and who wants that kind of a President. It is impossible that he could get so many votes when he lived in his bunker all summer long and did not campaign so where are the people that voted for him I wonder? The few rallies that he did do, there were more Trump supporters then Biden supporters so this is all so very crazy. As for shithead Kamala, she also needs to be put in prison for all the corruption she has pulled. Can’t wait to see her in an orange jumpsuit also!!!!! Ha!!, Ha!! I could go on and on but there is much to much to write here so I will sign off for now. GOTRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. My 2 Cents in all this is thus. Biden/Harris did NOT Win a Legitimate Election so if They try to Seize the White House They would be Tyrants and as the Saying Goes “Sic Semper Tyrannis” so I don’t Think They will be Seeing it from the Inside!

  41. May the God of undeserved kindness expose the fraudulent persons who tried to steal the election, in the darkness of fraud, deceit and lies. Shame on you, to be so bold and demonic.
    Trump is the sole leader and president that won by honest votes. Obama the worst president in history still believes his own lies, and supports the party of lies, the democRats. TRUTH will ALWAYS TRIUMPH OVER THE VENERABLE LIE!

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