Deep State is Already Tossing Joe Biden Under the Bus

If you think that Fox News threw its viewers under the bus swiftly, check out the speed with which the Deep State is throwing Joe Biden to the wolves. Now that’s fast! For the one-millionth time, I believe down to my bones that there’s a less than one-percent chance that Joe Biden will ever set foot in the White House. But the Deep State is assuming that Biden will be president on January 20 – and they plan to boot him out of the White House by approximately February, so they can get to work with Kamala Harris “in charge.”

Joe Biden was only ever useful as a figurehead in 2020. He was the soft, dimwitted, doddering old fool that the Democrats could sell to the voters as a “moderate.” When people looked at Joe Biden, they wouldn’t see him as dangerous to the country.

The Democrats could pretend to kinda-sorta distance themselves from their shock troops in Antifa and Black Lives Matter that were destroying major cities over the summer. The media, of course, played along. They didn’t cover the major rioting, looting, murder, rape and statue-wrecking of BLM-Antifa. They didn’t let Kamala Harris talk on camera at all. They minimized Joe’s public appearances as well, but they talked about how competent he was.

It was all a sham, of course.

When the Hunter Biden laptop revelations and footsie videos appeared on the internet, the media circled the wagons and called it “Russian misinformation.” Twitter, Facebook and Google-owned YouTube banned anyone from talking about. No one was allowed to know that the Biden family had been selling Joe’s name in a global influence-peddling operation, or that the Bidens are owned by the Communist Party of China.

But now that Election Day has come and passed, so has the usefulness of Joe Biden. The same people who propped up a one-foot-in-the-grave candidate all year long are now ready to send that same candidate to the glue factory.

Once the votes had been cast, we suddenly learned that, oh, by the way, there’s been an ongoing two-year Department of Justice investigation into Hunter Biden’s finances. (Thanks for mentioning that, Bill Barr.) The IRS is investigating him as well. The allegations include money laundering, wire fraud, tax fraud and other possible crimes. “The Big Guy”  will likely be implicated in at least one of Hunter’s crimes.

The writing is on the wall. Joe Biden will cite exhaustion or COVID or whatever as the excuse in a few weeks, and he will resign. Kamala Harris will take his place, with somebody like Pete Buttigieg or Nancy Pelosi named as the new vice president. And then the “investigation” into the Biden family will quietly go away – maybe even with a pardon from “President” Harris.


I can also tell you that even if a full, thorough and honest investigation of the Bidens were to take place, absolutely nothing could be legally pinned on Joe Biden. They were too smart for that.

Hunter Biden’s LLC’s and shell companies took in all of the money from peddled influence – sums totaling in the tens of millions of dollars from foreign governments. And Joe Biden never directly took a dime from any of those deals.

Instead, Joe and his wife, DOCTOR Jill Biden, had credit cards. Hunter paid off the balances of those cards every month through the LLCs. This keeps those expenses tax free under corporate law. Joe and Jill Biden have probably never even made a mortgage payment out of their own pockets under the arrangement. Hunter took care of all of that as well.

This is not speculation or an “allegation.” According to journalist Jack Posobiec and others who have had access to Hunter Biden’s laptop, there are text messages from Jill Biden. She would send texts to Hunter, bossing him around and telling him which bills to pay on time every month.

It’s a sweet way to live if you can pull it off. All of the money from Ukraine and Kazakhstan and Communist China and Montenegro and other places flows into a corporate account that Hunter Biden controls. Hunter pays all of the “Big Guy’s” bills and monthly living expenses, which allows the Big Guy to live comfortably on his VP salary. And it’s all tax-free and legal, so long as they structured the paperwork properly.

So, Joe Biden is not in any danger of ever being prosecuted for anything related to Hunter’s activities. On the other hand, his usefulness to the Deep State is now over. To implement their radical socialist agenda for America, they need Joe out of the way. And that’s why we suddenly know about the investigation.

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  1. to the big powerful corporate and political leaders. there has been many like you throughout history. they played their silly game of riches and power for a short time. now they are dead.
    so be advised. enjoy your silly little game while you can. your life will soon end and your soul will be required of you. your reward will be eternal hell !

      1. A Manchurian Candidate. China is the melting pot for the BEAST, Fake News, and Big Tech. Hundreds of companies are heavily invested in China. They own the News Media and most of our Judges and other politicians. It is all about money and power!

      2. AMEN! They think ALL of us are stupid! Some of US can see what is going on, the rest don’t have a clue and probably never will! Get ready for the Tribulation!

        1. All of this is no doubt very true. Will I or anyone else age 60 or older see the light of the day that this coup d’tat is exposed and our republic is safe from these evil, swamp dwelling creatures? Nope, I fear that our country has to survive this insult to our intelligence (for ignoring the signs of corruption) and the will of the people to understand and appreciate true Americanism and our Constitution with our Bill of Rights. These kids have never lived through the “cold War” and actually seen what socialism and communism is actually like. By the time that America is truly under the heel of socialist, I expect (hopefully) to be dead and buried.

          1. Johnny G. I think you make a lot of sense, to me anyway. Unfortunately a very large segment of the citizens of America have had the wool pulled over their eyes so long they will not believe the truth even when it bites them on the rear end. I don’t like to describe people as “brain washed” but that is what they are. They’ve been forced to swallow the BS out out by the globalists, the one world government crowd, the ultra rich s.o.b.s who really think they are destined to rule the rest of us because money makes them more equal than you or me and propaganda slipped in through our schools and universities for so long and so consistently those poor hoodwinked people don’t know how to think for themselves anymore. They take what is shown on main stream media news outlets as gospel. They don’t even consider that there might be a different view of events, because to doubt what they are told to believe and trust is “unAmerican” and divisive. Yeah, it is much easier to just trust in the system and not waste your energy getting up off the couch and investigating. Besides, we can trust our elected politicians, can’t we?
            Please understand this is how I think we are ending our time as a free nation. Soon, very soon, we will reach a point when each of us will have to think for ourselves and decide if we want to climb out of this barrel of crude and strife or take the easy way and slide downhill in a wagon whose wheels are greased with lies and bribes all the way into the valley of failed dreams. Oh what we could have made of America with a little truth and hard work. Despite what the socialists claim and promise, nothing in this world is free, especially freedom. If you think I am wrong, we’ll that is your prerogative but before you make up your mind take a stroll through any of our national military cemeteries and ask yourself why those crosses and stars of David are there.
            I apologize for the length of my rant, it’s just an indication of my frustration with people who could easily see the light of truth if they would simply shut their mouth, open their eyes and look! The democrats, socialists and their minions are only telling Americans what they want Americans to know and are not telling Americans the other very important things that Americans need to know so they can make up their own minds on complete information. That’s just wrong, wrong, wrong!

          2. I’m 77 Johnny. And you are right on target.
            So with the minds gathered here can’t we come up with anything to begin the process of removing the vulnerabilities? How about we all lobby our state reps to ensure a fraud-proof method of voting is adopted. Also, argue for redistricting rules that prevent gerrymandering (or make it harder). For example there is a measure of compactness that people in land management use. If a proposed district were to vary from the most compact (that level being unachievable) by more than some threshold that redistricting would be banned.
            We have minds & brains let’s start using them.

        2. Glad you brought up the Tribulation, Robert. I’ve been thinking about the same, thing. Taking this conversation a bit further might I provide a theory for you to consider and if you wish to comment on I am all ears. Here is my theory. First we know that the Bible never mentions America or the U.S.A. during its writings on the End Times. I will not go in to detail on this because I feel certain you already know this. So next my theory is that China actually does manage to take control of the U.S.A. from either or both the Presidency and the Congress. Thus the U.S. a. becomes subsidiary of China, much like Taiwan and now Hong Kong. do you have any thoughts on this possibility?

          1. Robert, Do you really think that America is NOT mentioned during the “End Times”??? One of the Greatest Empires of all time??? I thought the same thing. SO, I did some digging (A LOT). It has taken me years and much prayer to get my answer(s). You must use Scripture & History together. To make a long story short, The U.S., UK, France, Canada (among a few more nations), Fall under the title of who CHRIST called “The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel”!!! Before JACOB (the son of ISSAC and grandson of ABRAHAM) passed away, GOD changed Jacob’s name to ISRAEL. ISRAEL had 12 sons. Which is known as the 12 Tribes of Israel. OR the “House of Jacob” throughout Scriptures & Prophecy. The Tribe of JUDAH is that little nation in the middle east that we call “JEWS”… Along with the tribe of Benjamin.. The other “10” are scattered all over. One last thing. Jacob (Israel) blessed his 2 grandsons Ephraim & Mannassah, saying: “Let my NAME be named on THEM”!!! The elder will become a GREAT NATION but the younger (Ephraim) will carry the sceptre (Royalty) and will become a COMPANY OF NATIONS… THAT is where the story begins. Which “2” Nations fit this description today?? AND why do these 2 continue to PROTECT that little nation in the mid-east called ISRAEL??? GOD is at work my friend and the US is NOT forgotten!!! Things will get worse though before it gets better (according to prophecy)…

          2. Read Revelations chapters 17 and 18. Seventeen mentions the ‘great whore that sits on many waters’. ‘On her head was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS and ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH’. Verse 18 mentions the woman being that great city that reigns over the kings of the earth. Many believe that woman is the statue of Liberty and Babylon is the United States.

      3. And you needed this article to tell you that? It’s a shame that anyone in America would vote for an obviously
        mentally deficient person for such an important office in such an important time.

      1. Read the ending chapters of Revelation. Actually Hell’s captives, the unredeemed and fallen angels, will be discarded into the “Lake of Fire,” They will be eternally punished for their sin. There will no more Hell. It was a place created for sinners and some of the fallen angels, called demons, who are in Hell under indictment awaiting the Final Judgment.

        Jesus told John that He had the keys of Hell and of Death. He created Hell and has ALWAYS been in charge of it and has always had the keys. Satan, Lucifer, never has been in charge of Hell. Those who teach otherwise are in error.

        Merry Christmas!

    1. The Establishment stuck the People up with no Gun. Stick up with no Gun. That’s a hard pill to swallow. I cannot accept bring pinked, and act like it’s ok. I will never give up on President Trump. This is so wrong, it can never be made right. America is worth fighting for.

      1. Natalie, You speak the truth. Don’t ever give up on America or our American Dream. George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and the other one world order socialists and communists will never give up or give in. We FREEDOM loving Americans and other freedom loving people in the world had better not give up or give in, either. The democratic party has become their minions, willing or not I do not know, but the minions none the less of the communist and socialist organizations of the world and they are trying to spread their poison to all parts of the world especially here in America where our freedoms, ironically, make their treachery easier. So don’t ever give up the fight. Fight just as hard or harder then they do. If you get knocked down get back up and show you can’t be beaten. Their way is broken worse then ours and our ways can be mended, their way can never succeed. It never has and never will. Especially when Patriots like you stand toe to toe with evil and show no fear. Fear is their main weapon. But fear can be conquered.

    2. I have been following this hole saga from the UK. The very day Harris was announced as Biden’s number two it became very clear to me that the Democrats had no intention what so ever of letting Biden into the White House for any more than a Month before Harris took over however the Dems now have a serious problem! Their own supporters are now realising that they have been played for fools as the tsunami of hard evidence of their FRAUD is being exposed and the harder they try and cover it up the more they expose their criminality! Biden trying to pretend there is no problem IS NOT GOING TO MAKE THIS FRAUD GO AWAY! THIS WILL NOT END WELL FOR BIDEN!

      1. You are correct, my friend in UK. It is no doubt that it was planned from long ago for Harris or someone like her to be there to step in when they throw Biden out. I would not be surprised if Biden had a sudden medical problem. Lead poisoning is a favorite way to end a president’s term suddenly. You can only consume so many lead bullets before you have a problem. I truly hope that is not what is planned for Biden, but looking back over the years the problems that crop up for democrats often come to mysterious ends. Some have even committed suicide by shooting themselves in the head, several times. And witnesses sometimes have sudden memory lapses or heart attacks. I’m not accusing anyone of anything. I’m just making an observation. I would not want to give people in the UK any concerns about watching their backs because the see prongs here in the US are one world order socialists and communists disguised as Democrats who only have what is best for America in their big hearts. No, they are not even thinking about including every free nation on earth in their evil plans so you guys have nothing to worry about. Right.

      2. If it only affects JB we won’t be any better off. The entire election result has to be corrected by eliminating all the fraud.
        The wicked witch from the East (and the one from the west coast) are as great a threat as anyone in the past US history (Burr, Booth, etc).

    3. Veteran: Too many of out there to be dumb enough to vote for a “Biden” type Anti American ((that’s right ANTIFA & BLM – the entire Biden “Cast is & have always been Anti American”). What, did you ever expect to fool the “real Americans?” We put our lives on the line – in every move we made and in every word we said. You 100% anti Americans come along, only want to rape, kill, loot, and burn anything/everything American and you aren’t supposed to be seen as such? I commanded units in five nations on three continents multiple times. Later I joined the LAPD and became a Detective Supervisor in Narcotics. I know lies & liars well. BLM & ANTIFA are scum, purely out to destroy the USA & grab as much loot as they can doing it. Some “Official” should announce this – before it’s too late.

      1. Thank you for your service, sir. You are right on the money about BLM and Antifa and they think they have the upper hand right now. The patriots will not allow it without a fight.

    4. I’m literally sick! Almost Every politician is our enemy, except President TRUMP! He’s a STABLE GENIUS & they just got caught! We didn’t come all this way to STOP now! Quite the contrary.

  2. We all knew this was the plan of the demon party all along. IF Biden/Harris gets a foothold in the White House. Harris will be their(not mine ) supreme leader. But veteran’s comment is very true.They have gained NOTHING except constant torment in hell, after they have died and been judged by GOD…


    2. Linda,
      Let’s just hope and pray Nasty Nancy P. is not still speaker of the house. She would be 3rd in line after Biden and Harris. She is quite capable of “removing ” Harris, too, if Biden was taken out, oops, I mean if something happened to our great fearless and honest leader Bison. God, then Nasty Nancy would be eating gourmet ice cream in the oval office. Makes me want to up chuck or worse.

  3. How can the People that voted for biden Harris sleep at night. Also the people that gamed the voting machine. They all have freedoms that are at risk, wish whole bunch would.move to China, since they love China. Time to take back republic, Over 74 million voters believe in the republic, fight the enemy now.

    1. They did all that (voting dems., fixing the vote counts, and the rest) because they were played. They were suckered into believing President Trump is evil and must be stopped at all cost. Just like the corrupt F.B.I. people and all the rest of the corrupted deep state bureaucrats and politicians. They all were and are still being fed crap like they are saving America from evil bad orange man. They truly think they are the good guys and that the rest of the nation has been deceived by evil Republicans. I hope I am still alive when they find out just how bad they were lied to and that they have nearly ruined our nation with their self righteous stupidity and stubbornness. I hope that day comes before it is too late, before starts shooting because they are fed up and can’t take anymore.

  4. They will destroy America piece by piece. If they gain control. The Puppet Pedophile will be tucked in the closet. When they and there cohorts should be in prison.

      1. WOW! You are 100% correct. How can anyone take millions in plain view and think that it looks legitimate. I call it abusing a privilege when someone is so corrupt to take so much and not even try to hide it. We have some previously corrupt politicians that were caught and convicted but they often accomplished more than the now corrupt and incompetent ones we have in office.

  5. I probably shouldn’t be, but every tune a story like this comes out, I am terribly disappointed – in our government, in our politicians, in the terrible way our country has been taken over by liars and cheats. Nothing is real anymore. No one can be trusted. Power and money is all they are interested in. What a terrible country we have become – there’s nothing to be proud of anymore. It makes me very sad. I’m thankful that I’d old and will not have to witness the entire devastation of what used to be a model for the world, a wonderful place. Sad.

    1. I believe the same way, Connie. I am glad I am old and may not have to see this actually happen. I hope I am in heaven by then, AMEN?

  6. I believe. Obama knew about Joe’s money laundering
    and other crimes while in the WH. Obama told Joe several times “Don’t do it Joe.” I also believe Joe, not Hunter, set this whole scheme of influence peddling up.
    Hunter told his daughter that he had been supporting his family for 30 years. There is some law that the president, Vice President, and members of Congress cannot accept gifts of money or largesse BUT the rest of their families can. By Hunter passing the money, etc. to Joe or Jill or Jim or his aunt are corruptible, too, and subject to a date with a judge.

    1. The problem is we have to find a judge that is interested in looking into the situation. Most of the judges are on the take, too.

  7. So many blindly voted Biden/Harris. Those of leftist leaning knew and would do all the could to get Trump out. Some voted Democrat because their families always did. Others who should know better didn’t want to vote against a fellow Catholic. Younger voters were indoctrinated in school to be robots and not think on their own. The Devil used these people to his ends.

    1. He isn’t even a truly Christian man. The Clergy of his Church would not give him communion, because of his belief in Birth Control and Abortion. Shame on him for even using the Lord’s name in his speeches. It is called blaspheme.

  8. 0din sees all. If you do not believe then there is no hope for you. When you lie, steal, and cheat your own people. I would just ask The All-God to see what’s going on and punish those people as they failed to educate Truth and hand down the gift to future generations. Instead decided to steal from Odin The Great!

    1. I respect your input here. May I ask for a clarification? Who are you referring to when you use the term Odin The Great? I have not heard of him is why I ask?

  9. Sniffy Joe hid in his basement. No one came to his “rallies”. He was never asked any questions other than what ice cream he bought. He disavowed knowing anything about his 200 page communist, globalist, Marxist campaign platform. His insights were limited to “Come on, man”. So who really voted for Sniffy Joe? Oh. The Dominion voting machine with a 63% “inaccuracy rate”; i.e. 68% of the time it switched votes. The hacked Diebold voting machine with an even greater siwctihng rate. The voters for doddering trojan horse were machines, not citizens. What citizens were involved were the ones running the preprinted ballots twice, three times, four times through the ballot counter. It is impossible for a candidate to amass more votes than any time in history if there is NO evidence that anyone was excited about his candidacy. Sexual predator Joey’s “win” was manufactured by the DNC and its minions and co-conspirators. He was not elected. The death of America occurred when the Supreme Court became blind and would not even hear the blatant evidence against the greatest theft in American history – the theft of America itself.

  10. Well I think Kamala Harris should have listen to Willy Brown. DON’T RUN FOR THIS OFFICE . The truth will come out and you’ll wish you never ran for President .

    1. Well, she wanted to be President really bad to go this route. Let’s hope and pray to God that the 2 Republican’s that are in the Run-off’s in Georgia win on Jan. 6, 2021. The senate needs to be in control of the Senate in order to keep the ACTING, and I mean acting, President of the U.S. under control. And the Gov. and Sec. of State of GA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing the controversial/rigged election to take place.

  11. As an Immigrant who came to this country 50+ years with $150.00 in my pocket, & first time flying internationally, with no idea what will happen.

    I studied hard, worked hard became an American citizen & eventually lived the “American Dream” This voter fraud is a very difficult pill to swallow.

    If Biden won fair & square I would have to accept it, but in the sight of God, this is a blatant election steal!!! What’s even worse is that the powers to be don’t seem to have the guts to “do the right thing”

    This is not not the America I signed up for
    The other issue is there is no where to “run”
    I know God does nor like “ugly” & I put the issue into the hands of the Lord. I don’t believe He will “allow” America to become a Socialist country.God Bless America

    1. I feel for you friend, I am Canadian and have watched and listened and did my best to get information out for the last 3and 1/2 years but was blocked by Facebook and recently tweeter which I didn’t use until lately and got tweeter jail, it is sad what we are seeing but don’t give up on your dream, faith prevails if one holds to it. It’s gonna be rough for awhile, we are having the same crap up here we are going stealth , things are about to erupt.

  12. You commented that he would last until February. I’ve contended all along that I give it a month before Joe is tossed out.

  13. Biden was chosen as a placeholder because Harris couldn’t get in on her own and thy knew his days were numbered . She is nothing more than an evil puppet for the Deep State who will carry out all of their directives. The DEM House and possibly Senate will assure that! Americans just let them steal an election that will put an end to Democracy!

  14. The Demons will give Biden two years, and then on to Harris. That way she can fill out Biden’s remaining term plus two of her own. If she assumes the presidency before then it’s finish Biden’s term plus one more of her own term.

  15. Kamala called Joe a racist during the debates. Yet he “ selected” her to be his VP. Does not add up. Someone is directing Joe. I believe Obama who knows about China and Ukraine and blackmailing him.

    1. I believe Obama is pulling the strings behind Joe to help him get elected, choosing Kamala and possibly writing his speeches/ prepping Joe for the debates- I still wonder who was telling joe what to say with his earpiece!

  16. I predicted what’s going to happen as far as that halfwit Biden resigning should he become President. I said that an agreement with Harris would be made for the “President”, his whole family, Obama, The Clintons, and anyone else that could possibly be associated with the vast illegal actions of the Dem party. If you think Biden’s agenda is bad, just wait, if that slut bitch Harris gets in as President, you ain’t seen/heard nothin’ yet! It is imperative that the Republicans keep control of the Senate or “the shit will really hit the fan” and life as we’ve known it in the U.S. will be changed for the worse FOREVER!

  17. The alarming part of all of this with Joe is that so many people bought into it. It speaks volumes about the lack of civic involvement and total dependence our society has become on deceitful news sources. Kept to busy to investigate for truth, the masses tune in the six o’clock news and take what is spoon fed them as gospel.
    2 Corinthians 4:4 “The god of this age has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”
    In other words Satan uses the media to blind the masses to truth, shielding them from God and the truth.

  18. Biden will be president only long enough to allow China to infiltrate our borders and allow millions and millions of filthy, sick, and some criminal immigrants in from the southern border. There are hundreds of thousands already lined up to come across the border with many more caravans forming. Nothing will be safe anymore Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are traitors. All the people at the top that are helping China to invade America, like the Biden’s, Harris, Pelosi’s, Clintons, the Obama’s. George Soros, Cuomo’s, Media, Elite and more will suddenly be shocked when China rejects them because they are too powerful. They are all dead and don’t know it yet. China will kill them because China wants people they can in place that will be trained to do China’s bidding. The last laugh will be on them. THEN, China starts in on us. It would be better to cross the southern border OUT of America while the filth can come IN America. If I could, I would kill the Biden’s and Kamala. But I can’t. I can dream.

  19. I think the entire election should be scraped and a new one be held . Let the military be in charge of the voting. Only hand ballots no machines.


  20. I’ve been saying this ever sense the vote result was declared . . . Biden will leave from some ailment/illness (…via the 25th Amendment probably…) and Harris will be sworn in as the first Socialist/Communist President of the United States (…she’s no woman, she’s an animal…)!

  21. The way this was done it will be impossible to determine who won. To many illegal ballots have already been mixed in with legal ones and no way to determine which is which. The only way to do this is with a new election.
    Rules for National Elections
    Following constraints apply to all states and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.
    No mail in voting.
    Absentee ballots for military and medical reasons only, medical must be validated by doctor.
    Absentee ballots must be requested thirty days prior to election day.
    Absentee ballots must be received two full days prior to election day, no excuses.
    Election ends 8:00 pm on election day, no ballots arriving after that time will be counted, no excuses.
    Full ID and signature verification required.
    Any and all non-citizens attempting to vote, will be subject to immediate deportation, no exception.
    Poll watchers from all parties must be allowed access to verify all ballots, poll watchers may not be denied access, regardless of party affiliation. if for any reason access is denied all counting is halted immediately until the problem is resolved.
    These rules apply to all states, and these rules may not be changed or altered in any way by any state and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.

    KISS………..Keep It Simple Stupid

    We don’t have to wait for a trial they are guilty until proven innocent, that is the socialist way

  22. A part of the courts job is oversite, and if someone or some state is violating the constitution, then the court should step in, whether there is a complaint or brief filed in a lower court or the high court directly. If the court is not doing this then the court is not doing the do diligence it is suppose to do, to protect the constitution. And if the court is not going to do its job then it is up to we the people to do the job, and if we have to do the job then we just as well fire the court, we are the only ones that can. It makes no difference if a judge is conservative or liberal if the judge does not follow the constitution. The constitution was not put there to protect the legislature, the administration, or the court, it was put there to protect we the people, by putting in guide lines for the government to follow. When the government does not want to follow, then the government has to go. I think that the court gets so tongue tied with the literal meaning of the law that it forgets what its job is.

    Since officials in a number of states have taken it upon themselves to make laws with out the legislative bodies in those states, that the constitution gives the legislative bodies the power to do. They are ignoring the constitution, and need to be reigned in. It is past time for the SCROTUS to do its do diligence, and step in, if the SCROTUS does not wish to do so, then we the people will have to do the job of the court, and we will not need the court.
    Liberals think that they can change the laws just by wishing it, and that is wrong. That is the way kings and queens and tyrants rule, and that is why our forefathers wrote the constitution, to keep the corrupt from getting in power in government. That is why we have come to the point of needing to set term limits and to remove immunity that protects those that would try to abuse their position by creating greater transparency in the government.


    U.S. Code Section 242 of Title 18, Deprivation of rights under color of law, makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

  23. I think that it was Kelly that said AOC likes to play the victim. Well ! AOC is right she is a victim. She is a victim of her own immaturity, and life experiences. Lets face it you don’t learn much getting drunk in a bar.
    As far as her higher learning is concerned she needs to go back to the school she went to and get her money back. She did not learn a thing.

    AOC should watch Bernie very carefully as Biden greases Bernie’s butt, just as Hillary did in the DNC primary. Good old Joe thinks of himself as the Godfather of the Chinese Mafia ( The DNC ). Dang Nabit Crooks.

    Swalwell isn’t the only Chinese spy in the government. There are hundreds in congress, they are called demonicrats.

  24. The GOP need to make sure that the dems don’t rig the vote counting, by putting all dems on the counting tables. Do not permit the poll watchers to be harassed, or removed from the counting room. Strictly maintain the chain of custody, from the time the ballots enter the parking lot, to completion of the counting process.

  25. To those at the Communist Network News, Dominion software’s tricks really are a conspiracy Theory. One that is drummed up by you. The simple truth is that Dominion conspired with the DNC and the Biden campaign to undermine the 2020 election, and that CNN, ABC, NBC, THE LAME DUCK MEDIA, and others that conspired to hide or suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, and undermine the election are not only guilty of suppressing evidence they are guilty of treason, by trying to put a compromised ( and demented ) person in the office of the presidency thus undermining the security of the country. So as you can see there was a conspiracy to undermine not only the election but the country, by all of the above, that should be removed from the country.
    Got along without you before I met you gona get along without you now. I call them the Lame Duck Media, because the are ducking their responsibility to the people, and as such should be removed from the country.

  26. Are you all nuts supporting this maniac Trump…?
    It is better than a nut that can’t remember who his old bag is even if she is a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would put a chain around your neck even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that will give your job to an illegal even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would sell your kids to human traffickers even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would put you in jail for protecting your family even if you are demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that take your car an let you walk 20 miles to work even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would put you in the army and send you off to war even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would give vaccine to the world before your family even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would smell your little girls hair even if she is a demonicrat.
    At least this nut knows where he is, where he is going, how to get there, and how to get back.
    This is to much information for a demonicrat to handle. They go to school to be brainwashed, not really learn anything. So when they have to do something that requires any thinking they don’t know how.

  27. The courts are either ducking their responsibility, or they are complicit in covering up the evidence. It is plain to see that the swing states have been trying to cover up or bury the evidence, the officials in those who refuse to allow the investigation of the evidence makes it plain that that is what they are doing. This nothing more than a conspiracy to defraud the people of their vote, and there by put a criminal in the oval office. This is a crime an needs to be investigated, and these officials need to be put in jail for a ling time.

    1. I understand an empathize with all the above….I am a 30 year vet. In fact, I and, my extgended family served approx 100 years…..devoted our lives to the USA and Democracy…….. love my country more than life itself. But, lets be clear. This has nothing to do with Joe Biden or Kamala Harris…….Period! They are two people being used. Joe is, an an old, seriously sick man. She is just the Ex Queen of Willy Browns, poontourage! No national or, international street creds, whatsoever. All that has happened, from the Virus let loose on America, to the locked downs, riots and looting, more lock downs, mail in votes, Dominion Machine algorythms (sp?) and, etal, was planned. Yes, I know, 300k plus Americans died to accomplish their goals. This intuitively obvious to the most casual observer……Hundreds of thousands of our fellow voters were duped into helping with the fraud. But, in order to kill the snake you have to cut it’s head off……..Where is the head….??? Maybe it starts with somebody???? But, he has to have helpers……who are they? Where are they? Fed level, State level????? I do not care what you political leanings are. American just witnessed, a usurption of you rights and an defacto overthrow of the Election System and the US People’s right to Govern…..period. Did those and company just do the biggest “In your F**cking face to American…..???? Well, America, what are you going to do about it……….?????? One thing comes to mind…….take the country back, by whatever means…….Hold a Constitutional Convention and take this country of the scumb…….Your Choice America. Lest you wonder if I am a fool……..I understand fully, that, since, the 17 intelligence agencies, the FBI, HLS and others are under the control of the bad guys, I may be well signing my own death warrant…..but, I tell you true………if that is to come to pass, so be it…….But, I will, as God is my witness, never ever, forsake the memory of those who gave their lives and limbs for our countries way of Governance, God Bless those who did, to include the 528 Hostages who disappeared as a result of the 73 Paris Peace accords in 1973, whom this government never recognized and, all those who never came home from WWII and Korea……..You do what you want…….believe the MSM if you want…….me…….I’m a American Fight Man, I honor, to this day my oath and, pledge my life to the preservation to the American Ideal……Freedom, Freedom, Freedom…God Bless America and all of you who Believe in Her……..I once, heard a man say, life is full of people who make things happen, those who watch things happen and those who wonder what happened…….Which one are you……..

      1. I’m 80 years old and not very tall, but my husband and I have managed to stir things enough on FB that I was kicked off for three days for posting a news article about Trump. Of course, after they said it couldn’t be posted, I went to messenger and sent it to two people. Then, I posted a picture of a Nazi that’s on Gowdy’s FB page saying something to the effect that the media turns people into a pack of pigs–not a direct quote. That’s when they decided I couldn’t post for three days. I haven’t missed FB. They only thing I like there is Words With Friends.

  28. Amazing, I wrote a lengthy comment about this very subject last week. After submitting it, I was told it would not be published. So, I’m going to try again giving a brief outline of how I see the next four years playing out if President Trump is not re-elected: Biden is sworn in as president, Harris as vice president; the democrats wait a month or two and 25th Amendment Biden; Harris is sworn in as president for all to see; and Obama who will be running the government as he sees fit, he gets his coveted “third term” he’s dreamed about the last four years; Harris is happy with her two firsts–first female president and first woman of color to hold the highest office. Obama directs everything Harris does, Harris will get credit for all of Obama’s accomplishments. As for Harris’s vice president, I’m not sure. Someone who is as easy as Biden and a vice president who thinks exactly like like Harris–me first, doesn’t have to work too hard, can keep their mouth shut, and gets the attention and whatever else he/she believes they are deserving of; and most importantly, keeps the democrat’s secrets and will take everything they hear, say, learn, etc. to their grave.

  29. I am still flying my Trump flags and if the day comes where we let Biden get sworn into office my Trump flags will come down and an American flag will go up only it will be flying upside down because anybody that knows flag protocol means we are under seige and about to be overrun.

  30. Like one notable film maker has said, hunter biden is simply a bum; the biden family is nothing but a collection of bums.

    1. You may be correct. And to see Joe Biden’s wife act the way she does is truly amazing. She had no class and is caught up in her “doctor” phony image. She appears to be sucking up the dollars along with Joe.

      A few other thoughts I have are that Iran will be a major player and attack and conduct terrorist activities or fund them very quickly. They have declared death to America by their leaders. The people are decent and smart but the leaders corrupt and violent. China will be next in doing what it can to hurt the US if not outright attack or do terrorism. I expect that to happen by the end of 2021 if not sooner.


  32. It is amazing that the Senate was able to achieve such unanimity. Keep in mind that the conspiracy against the current POTUS got support from anyone who was offended in any way by the great Donald. He showed up all the politicians, both parties, by getting things done for the people. The really perceptive politicos realized their cash cow was at stake if he got 4 more years (& then Pence) so they joined the mob, if perhaps secretly, or by their silence to come to the defense of the republic. The lamestream media along with certain internet moguls saw their cosy relationship with politicians at risk (their buddies may lose power they saw).
    The crowd is huge. We have to be alert to those who say, yes but. People who are concerned with style over substance are also a great danger.

  33. Why doesn’t the DYING SENILE Joe Biden have to pass a physical & a Cognitive Function Test BEFORE He is sworn in? You do not swear in a dying senile bumbling FO** with the mind of an 8 year old child.
    The Democrats forced Trump to do GET TESTED & proven Fit for Office. So…….. The Republican Senate & Mitch MUST force JOE BIDEN to do the same. He should never be sworn in if he is UNFIT.
    Kamala and the rest of the dark horses hiding behind the curtain can only take over AFTER Biden is sworn in. If he is incapable and UNFIT, that should be the END OF IT. In a fair election and if the legal votes for Joe Biden remain, then they did not vote for a President Harris they only voted for a President Biden. The voters were LIED TO about his fitness for the office. BIDEN SHOULD BE OVER & It should be over!
    Kamala Heels Up Harris can only take over IF Biden is sworn in FIRST. VP steps in for the President not for a ghost that was never voted for or sworn into office. Kamala, Obama and the rest are all irrelevant. The people NEVER voted for them therefore these puppets jumping up & down BEFORE the dying senile old man is sworn in, DO NOT MATTER!

  34. I think that Pelosi needs to read U.S. Code Section 242. What she has been doing with the stimulus. She has she has been holding it up because she doesn’t want to give President Trump a win. While she has been playing her game, people have been losing their lively hood, and many have been losing their lives, and many have been losing their businesses, because she is afraid President Trump will sign the bill. Just so she can play politics. Whether she likes President Trump or not should not be an issue. She is not elected to like anyone. She is elected to take care of the people and play politics in her spare time. She is a disgrace to congress, to the people, and a embarrassment to herself and to the country.

  35. lots of good comments, but here is the bottom line that many are missing.
    in 2nd chronicles 7:14 God said to king solomon during a time when people rejected God as many today have.
    “if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then i hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. now my eyes will be open and my ears attentive to the prayers offered in this place”
    nothing will change on this earth until people wake up to this reality. God is waiting not willing that anyone should perish. check it out for yourself.

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