Great Job Debunking That QAnon Conspiracy with the Help of Netflix, MSM!

The verdict is in: If you are the least bit disturbed by the latest child exploitation stunt of Netflix, you must be a crazy QAnon supporter who should be shunned by the rest of civilization. That’s according to media outlet Vox. Meanwhile, Members of Congress are demanding that the Department of Justice investigate Netflix. Normal people don’t need those complexities, though. An investigation? Nah. Knowing what Netflix did, we’re ready to skip ahead to the retribution part.

If you’ve somehow missed the crime that Netflix committed, here it is. Netflix published a French film that was directed by a childless feminist. The movie is called “Cuties.”

The movie features 10- and 11-year-old girls who dress up like strippers and perform sexualized dances. According to people who have seen it, the camera longingly zooms in on the girls’ crotches as they touch themselves. In one scene, a child pulls down her pants, takes a picture of her privates with a smartphone and uploads it to the internet.

It’s straight-up child pornography. The only intended audience that would want to watch the sexualization of these children is creepy pedophiles. That’s it. That’s the whole purpose of the film.


The outrage against the film from normal people has been near-universal. This isn’t a partisan issue. But the mainstream media jumped all over it and tried to act as if this is just those blue-nosed puritanical Republicans spouting off again because they want to take away a woman’s “right to choose.”

This is a bald-faced lie from the media, which honestly doesn’t surprise us. But it is fascinating that the media and the leaders of the Democrat Party have decided that child rape and exploitation is a hill they are willing to die defending.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) was one of the first Members of Congress to condemn the Netflix film as “child porn.” So did Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, to her credit; she says she used to prosecute the sorts of people that “Cuties” appeals to.

Senators Ted Cruz (R-TX), Tom Cotton (R-AR) and others are calling on the Department of Justice to conduct a full-scale investigation to determine whether Netflix has violated federal laws related to distribution of child pornography. Much like CNN and Joe Biden, the Department of Justice hasn’t said anything about it so far.

Just as a reminder, when Bubba Wallace claimed that a “noose” was hanging in his garage, the Department of Justice scrambled 15 FBI agents that same day to Talladega to investigate an obviously fake, Jussie Smollett-style hate hoax. But when millions of Americans are calling for Netflix to be dragged out into the desert by a biker gang armed with hammers and a chainsaw, we’re hearing crickets from the DOJ.

Huh. It’s almost like that whole QAnon conspiracy about a global cabal of pedophiles running Hollywood and the Deep State has a grain of truth to it!

Since the Netflix crime occurred (I refuse to call it a “scandal” or a “controversy;” it was a crime), CNN has interviewed the CEO of Netflix twice and never mentioned the film “Cuties.” Ask yourself why Brian Stelter, better known as “Tater” to conservatives who peruse Twitter, would not mention the biggest outrage in the country right now when he has the head of Netflix on his show.

Why are so many mainstream media outlets trying to defuse the Netflix situation by comparing it to the QAnon conspiracy theory, or not mentioning the story at all? Why hasn’t Joe Biden criticized Netflix for this horrific crime against children? Well, we know the answer to that one. His buddies Barack and Michelle are being paid millions of dollars to “develop programming” on Netflix. Hey, I wonder if Barack and Michelle gave any input on “Cuties” during board meetings with Netflix execs? Someone should ask them.

This isn’t a partisan issue to normal people, but the media immediately jumped in and attacked the conservatives who were criticizing Netflix. “Those Christian cranks just don’t understand ART!”

The media and the Democrat Party could have criticized Netflix for airing child porn, but they didn’t. That wouldn’t have damaged their reputation in any way, shape or form. In fact, condemning child exploitation would have improved the Democrats’ tarnished brand considerably, considering the summer they’ve just had. But instead, they’re taking the side of pedophilia. Someone should really ask them why.

72 thoughts on “Great Job Debunking That QAnon Conspiracy with the Help of Netflix, MSM!”

  1. This is so disturbing beyond anything that you could even think of. There are many of us out here who have endured sexual abuse as children. Why should someone come along with the tutorial to show us how to become victims?

    1. I absolutely agree… and not only that those of us who have experienced such abuse – this makes a mockery of our pain and suffering. Disgusting sick paedophiles. I will never again watch anything from Netflix. Boycott them

      1. Why would you expect anything different from them, have you seen the new laws they want to enact reducing penalties for having sex with underage teenagers?

      2. Soon liberals and democrats and their comunist partisans will start promoting sex with animals after all is all about”diversity “. Is a question of time and not much time.

    2. This just brings back memories as when I was a child, I am sitting here crying, What has our world gone too? This is so very disturbing. It needs to be addressed. Mr. President, if you are seeing this. Please have them destroy this film and charge all involved to the fullest!!!

      1. I’m a survivor of sex abuse and seeing just small clips of the movie was enough to bring back the hurt I endured as a small child is very emotionally upsetting to me! It happened when I was little and back then it wasn’t something that was kept quite. Today it is still a very big and widely talked about but it’s still is actively going! We must find a way to stop it! Harsher penalty needs to apply!

  2. This is so disturbing beyond anything that you could even think of. There are many of us out here who have endured sexual abuse as children. Why should someone come along with the tutorial to show us how to become victims?

  3. I like the biker solution…. It certainly seems like the pedophiles have become more emboldened since gay marriage was deemed acceptable. Now they refer to themselves as youth attracted, and want to be added to the alphabet soup of sexual degenerates. Society has set itself on this slippery slope of disgusting acceptance,so, ye reap as ye sow. WAKE UP FOOLS.

    1. People warned this would happen back in the early 2000’s and all the libs cried “no way!” This country is so far gone from a moralist standpoint it’s not funny. No wonder Barnum and Bailey had to shut down the circus……it’s free to see freakshows in America any day or time of the week.

      1. You are so right; I have been saying the same thing! Also that acceptance of gay marriage and equal rights would NEVER lead to perverse side effects such as marrying oneself, or one’s pet, etc. – and it has! Our children are being indoctrinated through “educational” curriculum to accept all this as normal. God help us.

      2. Save the animals–kill and exploit the children. We can stop this if we write the media, NetFlix, FCC, politicians, cancel your subscription!

      3. Well with legalisation of homosexuality transgenderism and other aberrations no wonder that their following step be legalisation of pedophily that they are enforcing with gender theories starting at kindergaten level. Is a complete insanity what’s going on.

      1. Sodom & Gomorrah were judged by how they treated VISITORS. Not about homosexuality. However, there are other judgements for murdering your children and exploiting them.

        1. Sodom and Gomorrah were judged by the homosexual activities of the people in the city, they wanted to get to the visitors to have their way with them and they were Angels. God destroyed that city for their sins.

        2. The male visitors in Lots house were being preyed upon by the homosexuals in those towns. So it was about that. Go back and read it again.

        3. Sodom and Gomorrah judged for sexual immorality (homosexuality). Genesis 19:4-9.– God’s plan of destruction for Sodom & Gomorrah.– Genesis19:10-17 God’s judgment– Genesis19:23-28

    2. do NOT equate pedophilia with Gay marriage. They have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other. And for the record, the vast majority of pedophiles are HETEROSEXUAL.

  4. I think if you dig deeper you will find that the Clintons and Obamas are to some extent involved with the trafficking of minors. They have no real morals at all. Just take a good hard look at their records.

    1. It is a shame as to what Democrats have done to our country. First gay marriages, now child porn. However you have to keep in mind that “can’t keep it in your pants” leading pedophile Bill Clinton probably loves the idea of letting pedophiles loose on our country and ugly (have you seen an uglier woman?) agrees to whatever her chained dog husband does. Pedophile Billy and his jet traveling cohort, Epstein had an island full of underage girls that they were abusing for years, thinking that they would never be exposed. Pedophile Billy made 29 trips to that island for the sole purpose of child molestation.
      What do you expect from gay village idiot traitor Obama and his transvestite lover, Michael? All of these jackasses belong in jail. They are now in cahoots with Netflix making millions.
      We, the people need to take an active part in destroying rabid animals like the Clintons and Village idiot Obama and his transvestite lover Michael. We cannot allow our country continue to deteriorate with enemies of our system. Time to defund, dismantle and destroy the Democrat party and drain the swamp.

  5. This is totally preposterous!!!! They need to go in and annihilate the idiot that came up with this. Stupid a** demonrats are setting this country up for even more destructive behavior.
    Dang, I had to watch my daughter close enough as a child, and now parents are going to have to watch them even closer from all these perverts fixing to come out of the closet. Off with their heads!!!!!!

  6. That’s because the Democratic Party approves of this sort of thing. Michelle Obama has already has even proved that as well by staying quite too. America needs to start seeing the real agenda that these folks have.

  7. Pedophiles should be jailed or killed because they do not rehab. They never change. Netflix should be prosecuted for showing that movie.

    1. Message to you people out there that think this ok.
      Sit your children in from of the tv and watch this with them, then go to counseling and get help because you will need it.
      I am not serious please do not do this but think about the message and stand up, use your voice and let everyone know how wrong this is.
      Are these children being trafficked? What is wrong with these parents if not, please get help.
      Right is still right and wrong is still wrong and this is definitely not right.

  8. Look at who netflix has on their board, Susan Rice, the liar, the obumas, the corrupt non American, the not too bright prince and his wannabe wife, the Sussex. No wonder we have such filthy crap on the screens.

  9. Don’t forget the not too bright prince has an uncle who was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein and partied with Ghislaine Maxwell. UK is well rid of Harry- would you like a toofer and take Randyandy as well? Nobody here wants him.

  10. All that is necessary for evil people to succeed is for good people to sit aside and do nothing. So what are the “good” GOP(LOL), the Trump administration and legions of other “good” people actually doing to stop this kind of perversion in our society? One word.


    We have NOBODY acting on our behalf. Those we entrusted with authority have absolutely checked out of the fight to right this nation. It isn’t just the Criminal Democrats anymore, it’s ALL of them.


  12. I’d like to know what is wrong with the parents that allowed their young daughter to perform child porn on film? I had a 4-year-old granddaughter that was raped by an pedophile freak who gets off on child porn and little girls, and little boys for that matter. Thanks for feeding the monsters that prey on the innocent in our society. Netflix and all involved should be prosecuted, including the parents who thought this was acceptable and let their young daughters act like whores on film. This is child abuse. I’m thoroughly disgusted.

  13. We are following the path of ancient Greece and Rome. The birthplaces of Democracy began their moral decline exactly this way. Society degraded into immorality, perversion, pedophilia and bestiality. We are following in their footsteps and we will also fall into total ruin and decay if we persist on this path.

    1. Absolutely right. Obama administration sped us faster down this path. And yet over half the country put him in office for 8 years. Go figure.

  14. I sure would like to hear from the parents (and I use that word loosely) of these young girls. If we could understand how they think this is all OK, perhaps we could find a solution to end this insanity. If that does not work, call in the bikers!
    IDEA: Video all those who attend this trash and then take a hard look a them. I suspect we will find a plethora of people who should not be walking around in public.
    As for Netflix – They need to be called on the “Red Carpet” to explain their actions and justify the social destruction it is creating for young girls.

  15. I can’t for the life of me remember where I saw it or who said it but, it bears repeating. “If audiences under 18 are not recommended for the viewing of this film, it stands to reason it shouldn’t have 10 and 11 year old’s acting in it”. The film is completely unsuitable and never should have been made.

  16. Netflix has over stepped their bounds before. But by them allowing this filth to be viewed, it’s is just disgusting and disturbing!! I am also a survivor of child sexual abuse, so I KNOW ” Cuties” is NOT art! But is catering to all the perverted predators out there, so they can watch this kiddie porn over and over again! And if you are waiting for the Democrats to denounce this film, don’t hold your breath . Netflix is catering to them!!!!

  17. I say have every child on the show and their parents backgrounds investigated. If any child is an orphan, has questionable guardians, is a foster child, etc. or has been found to have been abused, mistreated, drugged, intoxicated,, etc., charges should be brought up against all who were involved in the making of the show.

  18. I was a victim from about 4 to 6 years old and it was swept under the carpet. Though I’m 57 years old now, I remember every detail. If pedophiles were held accountable that would be a good start for the healing process. It’s just not fair and anyone who condones these perverts are part of the abuse. The Obamas have two daughters themselves. Money making, thieving hypocrites who have a double standard. People ( the left, Dems & Hollywood have no scruples. I don’t even watch movies anymore of actors or directors (Or sports) that don’t have good values. I cancelled my Netflix and my family members have too.

  19. Netflix have been trying to get me to renew my Netfllix account since it expired, I’m sure glade I did not renew, What perverts the company and the Democratic’s are. Who were the investors in this film ? Follow the money, Perverts with money?

  20. It’s all in the category of sexual deviancy. Like urban violence, antifa, blm, rioting, arson and law enforcement assaults, sexual deviancy/pedophilia/pornography is another tentacle of the Democrat Party. JUST CALL ME ‘JOEY B’ JOE couldn’t contain his orgasm in his interview with Cardi B. JUST A GIGOJO had another interview with a Netflix dude who is under indictment for child porn and pedophilia. SNIFFIN’ YOU UP JOE then comes out this week jammin’ to the song “Despacito”, a lecherous lyrical lusting to sniff, whisper and whatever on a woman’s body. Combine that with LIFEGUARD JOE’s hairy legs expose’ with black kids at the community pool and his #METOO moment with Tara Reade (which SEX ME UP the ho Harris believes) and welcome to Democrats 2020!

  21. … considering Netflix’ endorsement of “CUTIES” as an artistic creative masterpiece — are “HUSTLER” and “PENTHOUSE” MAGAZINES now considered coffee table artistic pictorial manuscripts?

    Hence, child snatching traffickers may be considered commodity traders. Draw the line — morality is honoring God, not sexism. Perversion promoted. Disgusting.

  22. Amazing, the Demon Rats condone the cold blooded murder of unborn babies; MS13 gang members entering this country illegally; MS13 Gangs, gang rape young girls; force them into prostitution; murder the ones that don’t give in; abolish ICE Lawmen who go after and capture these criminals; establish Sanctuary cities to hide, and protect criminals from being brought to justice; want open borders (to allow illegal immigrants in to get their votes) which is illegal; open borders allows tons of illegal drugs to pour in to our country which destroys lives of our citizens and rips apart families; they want to abolish Police; have free speech for democrats only but shut down Republican free speech; abolish Capitalism, so they will control all families; close down worshipers of JESUS CHRIST; disarm law abiding American Citizens so their street gangs will have all the guns to rob, kill and destroy whoever the wish to;
    and I could go on and on. They call everyone who doesn’t bow down to their party , “raciest”!!! You may call me anything but don’t ever call me a democrat. They are lower than snake crap. There is no longer a party of democrats. It is now a party of Marxist. They want to destroy our freedoms, worship of Almighty God, constitution, and way of life.

  23. ALL THINGS THAT ARE BAD USUALLY GET THEIR JUST DUES. Looks like the democrat party is about to get theirs. When you surround yourself around scum bags like Weinstien, Clinton, Epstein, Biden, and others who are so sexually oriented, all of course for the wrong reasons, you are what you get. The democrats have built a reputation that they will lie, steal, or cheat, to achieve their goals. It all has been on display the last 4 years. Your plan worked out so well that the only person you could run out there for President was Biden, REALLY, of course the rest of them are communist wannabes. So thank God there are still enough people in this country who still respect her, and will fight for her and defend her. No they are not crazed patriots, they are my neighbors your neighbors, the same people who started this country, only in a different time era.

  24. Why in the heck did the parents of these children allow them to participate in this movie…The parents must be sick to allow this… They ought to have their butts kicked…AT the request of a friend about 7 years ago, he told me to remove any and all of my grandbabies pictures from the internet…He was with the Police Dept and was an investigator. He told me what was going on and what they had found during their investigations…Since then, I have removed all pictures of my grandbabies…Let me leave you with a note…How would it make you feel if one day you saw pictures of your child on the porn site…PLEASE DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN…

  25. Just hearing the details of this film is enough for me. Not just from this site but, from mother’s that have NETFLIX that screened it. Am I surprised to hear nothing from the LEFT, including, Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama, not at all, two bird’s of a feather. This is just one more reason I can sleep incredibly well knowing Donald J Trump occupies the White House. I am a firm believer that the only way to the KINGDOM of HEAVEN is by the Blood on the CROSS ✝️

  26. I am happy that this movie was made. Before you come looking to lynch me, please read on. It’s wonderful to see this many people in agreement over child exploitation. If anyone out there is angry enough and computer literate enough, start an online petition. Have your friends sign it and ask their friends to sign and ask their friends and—–. When thousands of names (or millions) have been collected, distribute it to your elected officials. This is the only thing that they understand. Maybe this time things will change for the better.

  27. It’s good to see so many Americans up in arms about this movie. It IS illegally child [email protected]! But I see no one discussing the fact that Netflix is funded by George Soros and that Barrack and Michelle O’Bama are on the board of directors for Netflix! This is right on the website page of Netflix! You want Netflix shut down and I agree, but how do we shut down a company funded by a trillionaire who spends BILLIONS of dollars promoting the DNC? When the DNC supports child [email protected] and terrorists like BLM and Antifa, how do you stop them, with millions of dollars being poured into a political party determined to turn America into a communist country? Want to know? VOTE FOR TRUMP in November! Not a politician, but an American business man who’s tried of the corruption and stink of treason in our government! That’s how you stop this DNC disease from spreading. Just saying….

  28. Wonder how the d-rats would feel if it was their daughter in cuties. Every manager at Netflix should be charged wit kiddy porn. Tried convicted and sent to a hard time fed pen. They might change their mind about it by the time they serve ninty percent of their time

  29. Don’t ask me where I read it (can’t remember) but there were 700 “auditions” that the producers filmed. Sounds about right. So think about that….how sick are these people….our past Presidents and First Ladies who are still involved in our government and interfering with our elections?

  30. Is there any truth to the rumor that Joe Biden has secured a copy of “Cuties” for him to use in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for its distribution after he’s elected.

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