Hallelujah: President Trump Bans Insidious Anti-White Training

President Donald Trump, in his never-ending quest to make America great again, has banned federal agencies and departments from forcing white employees to sit through “critical race theory” lectures about how awful white people are. Hallelujah! The president is also threatening to cut federal funds from school districts that utilize the New York Times’ revisionist-history “1619 Project” for curriculum. This a great step in the right direction.

In banning federal agencies from using this racist, anti-white training, the president referred to critical race theory as “a sickness.” He’s absolutely correct to use that analogy. I’d go so far as to argue that critical race theory is much worse than the coronavirus.

COVID-19 doesn’t seem to affect the vast majority of people who catch it. They go about their lives and never even develop a case of the sniffles from it, unless they have some really bad underlying conditions, or they are very elderly and frail like Joe Biden. Critical race theory, on the other hand, has infected nearly every institution in America. And if someone catches it – they will be sure to let you know!

Yale Medical School, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the world, has got a BAD case of the anti-white hatred right now. A group of doctor/professors from the school has published a new article in the Journal of General Internal Medicine titled, “Blackface in White Space: Using Admissions to Address Racism in Medical Education.”


Medical education is racist. Who knew? (I could have been a doctor!)

The group of doctor/professors has a fantastic (and illegal) idea for addressing racism in medical education. Ready for it?

Prevent racists from being admitted to medical school in the first place. Now, you might think that this idea entails poring over the yearbook photos of guys like Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) to weed out white Democrats and comedians who always seem to want to walk around in a Klan robe or in blackface. But that’s not their idea.

Their plan is to use “computer algorithms” to analyze medical school applications to identify racists. Huh?

My guess is that the algorithm will look at the box with the word “White” next to it to see if it has a checkmark in it, and then weed that candidate out. Just a hunch.

The American Psychological Association is also deeply infected with a case of critical race theory. In the latest APA bulletin, the association declares, “Every institution in America is born from the blood of white supremacist ideology and capitalism.”

Quick! Let’s toss out a big word salad so that no one realizes how incredibly dumb our declarations are!

White supremacist ideology (and capitalism) somehow dripped blood all over the place. And then, every institution in America was born from that puddle of blood? Where did these APA geniuses get their medical degrees? (Editor’s Note: Probably Yale.)

The CEO of the American Psychological Association is pledging to make systemic changes to the way that they address the mental health needs of patients. Great. So… if a suicidal and depressed person shows up for counseling and needs help, they’ll tell him to kill himself if he’s wearing a MAGA hat? Sounds like marriage counseling would also be super-fun for couples who have to listen to a brow-beating psychologist lecture them about their white privilege.

Not to be outdone in anti-white hatred, Jeff Bezos’ personal blog known as The Washington Post published an article this summer titled, “Autopsies can uphold white supremacy.” It’s a little-known fact, apparently, that when medical examiners go to medical school, they are trained to make excuses whenever a white person such as a police officer uses deadly force against a non-white person. Who knew? Is Yale Medical School teaching them this? (Editor’s Note: Probably.)

This is, of course, totally ridiculous. The article was published just days after the Minneapolis medical examiner concluded that George Floyd had three times the fatal level of fentanyl in his bloodstream. It’s “white supremacy” for a medical examiner to notice something like that when doing his job!

It’s great that President Trump is moving to eliminate this bogus, anti-white, racist “critical race theory” from institutions that he can ban it from. But the sickness is much more widespread than just the federal agencies and schools that he can impact. We need something more akin to chemotherapy to get rid of this insidious virus.

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73 thoughts on “Hallelujah: President Trump Bans Insidious Anti-White Training”

    1. I’m sorry Ms. Webel but you are very confused. WE conservatives are not the racist. YOUR party is!! And obviously you truly a racist yourself. Being a racist does not only apply as how someone feels towards someone of color Nor are we ashamed being born white.A s if any of us got to pick to begin with.
      If you truly want to be taken off this site, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit the unsubscribe button YOURSELF. Thank you

      1. I agree with you, Hey to you whom wants someone to do your work to unsubscribe you; if you weren’t so blind and deaf you’d see just who the racists really are. Hint: it is NOT all white people! Definitely scroll down to the bottom and hit unsubscribe because YOU have the choice of unsubscribing, but seems you may lack the compacity to do so. Please do it swiftly so we won’t have to be textually attacked by your chosen stupidity, because yes it is a choice! By the way I’m not white. I’m not European I’m Asian, Native American (Crowe, Lakota- Souix) , and Scandinavian (yes I’m Viking just in case anyone thinks it’s interesting). I just thought I’d point out clearly for you that “People of Color” is not just exclusive to African Americans and Latino, it applies to anyone not of European descent. Since you assume we’re all white privileged racists here, well you get what you get when you assume. You assume much and know nothing. Remember, NEVER assume anything about any one. Every one matters. Btw THANK YOU Pres Trump for helping us make US (United States) great again, we truly love YOU and you are greatly appreciated!

    2. It would take a very serious confused person to catalog as “bunch of racist” the group on this chat when the facts are overwhelming. We will pray for you.

    3. The truth hurts you, so sorry. I will send you a perticipation award that you can place on the shelf with your other personal failures you refuse to accept responsibility for. Always someone else to blame.

    4. Funny how what liberals decry for people of color is suddenly just fine to do to whites….
      It’s not “critical race theory”….rather they see it as PAYBACK. Call it what it is.

      1. The simple litmus test for racism is if we substitute the word white for black or black for white in the sentence and it is suddenly “racist” (elevating or promoting one race as being more important than all others) then it is in fact racist regardless of which word we leave in the sentence.

        So far they have used this nonsense about race to restore segregation (safe spaces) at colleges, place racist whites need not apply signs in their windows and attack successful Blacks or minorities in many cases actually declaring them to be white just because they worked hard and became successful proving there is no government imposed (systemic) racism keeping blacks from working hard and succeeding. That minorities can succeed without violating the law just like any other person can do.

        They also seem to think those who refuse to be a democrat (accept their false propaganda and revised history as fact without question) after seeing how involved they are with trying “Transform America” into the kind of fascist regime that actually does impose racism can not possibly be black. Not to mention the number of Democrats in office who are still members of the KKK.

        Frankly these “training” sessions are nothing more than the same racist propaganda used in other nations prior to the mass murder of millions the politicians used as a scapegoat for the issues they caused.

        Democrats have pushed for laws to control or abolish speech, religion, due process of law, and virtually all parts of the US constitution that limits their authority and outlines what rights they are not allowed to infringe or revoke all while falsely accusing conservatives of being the ones doing what they are doing.

        Remember how they have openly stated they plan to use force to remove Trump from the white house after the election regardless of who wins now the media is trying to imply it was conservative “terrorists” threatening congress instead.

        1. Spot on and well said! Do not ever become too successful if you are black. You risk being referred to as an “uncle tom”! Thank god we have a POTUS with the good sense to respect our constitutional liberties.

          1. Leftist apparatchiks use system applied successfully in communist run countries: Accusation= conviction. Then people are afraid to open their mouth. But out there communists had power. In the US they still do not have it but Americans are already afraid. Wake up and sue anyone who uses this system against you. After few convictions they will get scared and this oppressive system will shrink!

      1. It’s interesting that these same liberals that decry white privilege will so ardently defend Planned Parenthood, an organization founded by a real racist, Margaret Sanger. At it’s inception it’s sole purpose was to eradicate black babies to make the US an “all white” nation.

        1. EXACTLY, Guy Crockett!!! And the people are being led there like SHEEP!! It is SICKENING what these POSs have gotten away with, over the years in the name of “CARING FOR BLACKS”!! Blacks are WAKING UP finally, and the LIBS are LOSING their voting base so they have to STIR them up AGAIN!! I don’t think it will work this time!!!

    5. Only a true RACISTS CALL OTHER PEOPLE RACIST! Why don’t you explain why the black race are NOT living like GOD WORDS EXPLAIN FOR ALL? Calling other people racist is no different than calling GOD A RACIST FOR CREATED OTHER RACE! Now cool your thinking! You and I know what the problem is in the black race. It DEMOCRAT POLITICAN! People can get along without hearing RACE CARD playing by these POLITICAN. You and I are NOT benefit from it! But they are! Because it to get ELECT AND KEEP A LIFETIMES OF 174K SALARY! IT take people to come together and TALK WITH A BIBLE IN THEIR HANDS! Go back and look at what the DEMOCRAT has done for the black race and poor white people! NOTHING! But pass social program to keep them DOWN AND FROM BEING SUCCESSFUL IN LIFE! Now they want to PUT ILLEGAL ON OUR SOCIAL SECURITY SYSTEM. MONEY THAT SUPPOSED TO BE FOR ELDERLY PEOPLE ONLY!

      1. Blacks are Christian as well as whites. There are racists on both sides. We all need to Love One Another as God loves us.

    6. May I interject some sanity into this insanity? – President Trump is correct. My reasoning is as follows: Hands up if you have a brain, two ears, two eyes, one nose, one mouth, one voice, two arms, eight fingers and two thumbs, two legs, two feet, ten toes and walk upright? WOW! We are all homo sapien. I have friends from America, Scotland, England, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, Tanzania, Jamaica, Uganda, France. We all have our own thoughts, emotions, likes and dislikes, accept each other as human beings. Will I tell you what color they, or I, am? No, because it is irrelevant! – The ‘deep state’ want to divide and conquer you and you are allowing them to do just that with your blaming and name calling. Change your mind set. If you don’t, it will come back at you big time. Think about it!

      1. The best way to stop this nonsense is to stop segregating people by nationality. We are Americans – period. I’ll bet a very low percentage of those who are calling themselves African Americans were born in Africa or for that matter, even visited. It’s a joke. They are Americans. Same goes for all the other hyphenated Americans. You are or you are not an American. You want to be treated equally, stop calling yourselves differently.

    7. Here is a thought for ya if you don’t like America get the fuck out leave I will buy you the plane ticket to some 3 world shit hole and you can live there see how you like it in commie land

    8. This is getting really out of hand! Want to talk about Racism, look at the history of treatment of Native American People!
      All life matters, minorities need to step up and use proper channels to effect change,
      Register /Vote & Join a Church that teaches brotherly love & respect!


      STUPIDITY IS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT SEEING WHAT IS HAPPENING. AND, do NOT go all “Emotionally Freaked” like most democrats who have the mental acuity of a six year old.

      Time to GROW UP and become an adult that can help our Nation, not act like a small child and have a temper tantrum! Now that is really disgusting!

    10. Judy Weber, GROW UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE A SMALL CHILD. Our Nation is suffering and all you can do is have a temper tantrum? Such disgusting actions!. You get a huge “Time Out” until you can stop being egocentric and start using that intelligence God gave you! THESE RIOTS ARE NO LONGER ABOUT BLACK LIVES! You have been suckered in by Dems to destroy “Your” life and your loved one’s lives.

      Do the Research…dems want our Nation “fragmented” so they can take the election and dump our President. They think Americans like you are dumb enough and won’t see what they are doing. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BLACK LIVES, BUT EVERYTHING TO DO WITH DESTROYING AMERICA!


      Do the research. It’s 100% true. BE SMARTER than demoncrats…they truly think you are NOT smart enough to see what they are doing…prove them wrong!

    11. Feel free to leave the site and not return, you are obviously from the “Enlightened Liberals group” and Your obviously better then us dumb hicks. GO TRUMP 2020 KAGA

  1. Another Exceptional move of many for our wonderful President Trump. Again thank God we have him to save everyone regardless of Race!!!!

    1. Reply to EK

      Thank you !!!!! We Americans (no matter their race, creed or national origin) are proud as hell!! Just like other races and countries are proud of theirs. We make no excuses for our Americanism or our exceptionalism. We believe in ourselves and our country. Most of those who disparage us are just jealous!!!! We have the best citizens and best all-around societies. Yes, we’re proud – are you proud of YOUR country? If not, try helping to change it — instead of disparaging mine.

      1. Does this banning of Critical Race Theory expand to the military because they are forcing this on our soldiers also?

  2. I agree w/ the assertion that “critical race theory” is more lethal than Covid 19. It appears that to be declared genuinely “woke” by the raging “anti-everything you can find to blame for the circumstances you are living in mob,” you MUST agree (if you are white), that YOU are personally responsible for their less than perfect station in life. And, further, if you don’t buy into their notion of victim hood, then YOU are a racist! YOU are responsible for THEIR life choices — the bad choices, that is. Personal responsibility, commitment to something greater than yourself, and genuine love of America as being the greatest force for good the world has ever known are far too often “forgotten” if not totally rejected by the current “raging mob” who has made it their full time job to find a scapegoat for their every complaint — justified or not. The collective “brain trust” of the raging mob has decided that the amount of melanin in someone’s body (skin color) is their reason for cursing the darkness, as opposed to lighting a candle and peacefully being a part of finding solutions to people’s differences.
    How “telling” it is that the only “Reply” I saw this morning about your comments was from someone who could be the poster child for the comments I’ve just made! Their predictable, left-leaning, myopic view of you expressing an opinion other than THEIR opinion made you a RACIST and, therefore, not worthy of their continued participation on your site!

  3. That’s what Obanana has been done in 8 years when he was in office. Bring in racist in to America in every coner, schools and companies. He should he hanga in public

  4. That’s what Obanana has been done in 8 years when he was in office. Bring in racist in to America in every coner, schools and companies. He should he hanga in public

    1. The last comment was so on. Obummer started all of this unrest. He hates this country. He stated he was going to fundamentally change this country. I am sick of statements white privilege. Look at the thug groups destroying our cities.

      1. Yeah, we welcomed BO and gave him the keys to our country. Guess we won’t be doing that again. We “bent” the rules to get him elected and now he spits in our faces. Live and learn Americans!!

    2. That why Obama brought in people like OMAR AND The michigan one! He knew they would stir up HATE! Even if they got away from black people who would kill them! Somalia kill black that doesn’t follow the instructions of their leader! Can only imagine what OMAR HAS BEEN DOING IN AMERICA. SHE WOULD BEEN DEAD IN SOMALIA!


    2. That is their hypocrisy claiming that any designation that any lives other than BLM is somehow racist the reality is the only statement made that does not imply that only the lives of one race matter is the All Lives Matter statement as it treats everyone EQUALLY instead of just saying that ONLY BLM.

      As I stated above the litmus test for racism is if we substitute black for white or white for black and the sentence is suddenly considered racist then it must be considered as racist regardless of which word we leave in the sentence.

      The fact is Racism is elevating , promoting, or giving special consideration to one race above all others it is not disagreeing with someones political beliefs or refusing to accept false propaganda about history etc.

      Today the word racist is used as an excuse to not have a logical conversation with someone instead of using facts or logic to counter what someone stated that they disagree with instead they spout that not agreeing with them is “racist”.

      In fact a lot of the people falsely accused of racism for not agreeing with the democratic plans to transform America from a free nation where by law all are equal into a fascist dictatorship where the government can elevate the “nobles” above all others again have turned out to actually be blacks.

  5. Having been the victim of reverse discrimination several times during my 40 years of work history, I definitely agree with President Trump.

  6. I guess I missed something in the article. It seems that some people are trying to make it sound like a left/right issue. It is actually an American issue. We ALL make up our country. No one should be labeled due to their color. No university should put on their application if your white, Black or purple. People should be accepted into schools due to their ability. While there are people in the work force who seem to think they need to use wrong language and intimidate people, I’ve worked for years and they are not the norm. THEY are the ones that need training, not the whole work force. I don’t think we need to stop seeing people as different, we just need to respect it. I would not work for a place that tells me how to think or view things. That is not their business. Companies need to keep out of the BLM/Antifa issue, they don’t need to get involved. Just run their companies, quit trying to control everyone. Yes, it does seem to be the Democrats/Lefts way of thinking, but I have not polled the country but do know from my 70 years on Earth that there are a lot of conservative men who think women’s place is in the kitchen (so to speak). I tend to ignore then and go on. People that are getting upset over this article must be viewing it as a solely slam on Democrats. Maybe they need to change the way they view/think.

    1. The reality is they need to remove the race box from most forms as it was only put on job applications in the first place to impose laws that discriminated against people based on race.

      The only place that one needs to state their race is medical forms because like it or not there are certain diseases that attack certain races more than others.

      As far as the antifa\blm groups under US LAW they are classified as terrorists as they use violence or threats of violence in an effort to impose their political agenda.

      That one group stopped on private property by that couple who simply displayed they could defend themselves that the democrats are now trying to railroad openly confessed they were there to terrorize the gated community by committing violence to force the politician living there to resign yet they are still not under arrest not even for destroying the gate and trespassing on the property much less their confession of being there for the purpose of committing a terrorist act.

      The media still insists that it was a PEACEFUL act for them to threaten peoples lives and property if they did not get what they wanted.

  7. I have always thought we are not Black White Brown Or Pink with purple polka dots we are all human beings! Ever noticed it is always the left that yells racist! That is because they have no message! The left always accuse every one else for committing the exact sins that they commit themselves! They talk about Trump being the most racist President ever! How quickly they forget that the Demorats forget that they were the most racist party ever! They were the party of the KKK and white supremacy! Then President O’Bummer was truly the most disgustingly divisive President ever! All I can do is pray every day that our great Nation can heal and move forwards!

    1. What gets me is the only thing they can come up with to call Trump racist is the fact that his father complied with laws DEMOCRATS passed imposing discrimination back before they were repealed concerning housing.

      That and proven false accusations and personal opinions of those who appear to have lost their minds and still can not accept that the citizens of the US refused to elect someone who promised to destroy America to create some unachievable fascist utopia (that is what they mean when they say they want to Transform America)

  8. I agree with the presidents action,,, just think he should have been a little faster at doing it!!! But happy to see that he did it!!!

  9. Diane, You are spot on! I agree with everything you have said. We are one country! We are Americans! Thank God for our capitalistic ways! This is what has made our country great and the envy of the world. Yes we have problems. All people do. But by working together instead of against each other, we will be victorious!
    Thank you President Trump for taking a firm stand on what is the right thing to do! I applaud you!

    Universities should be places that speak truths. They should not be one sided. They should extoll both viewpoints equally with the end of being impartial to the issues. If they cannot, they shouldn’t enter into any discussions. In God We Trust! This should be the only basis for our moral beings!

    1. 90% (or more) of our colleges and universities are populated by lefties. Our kids are taught by lefties. They are conditioned to believe the crap they are taught. They come out of college ready and willing to spread the Democrat ideology. REAL LIFE will teach them that is wrong. They’re going to find out pretty quickly that the world is made up of REALISTS who work for a living and PAY THEIR OWN BILLS. No free lunch Kiddos! That’s why the Republicans and other conservatives exist – to make sure someone is keeping the Libs from ruining the country and turning us all into sheep.

      1. Connie u r right. It is up to the parents to set their kids on the right path. The parents could be on the wrong path. Let’s pray trump gets elected, that is our only hope. It is so unreal to me with the destruction of our cities, be abuse of the stupid dem mayors. Bunch of degenerate thugs destroying our cities.


  11. Yea, President Trump has done more for this Country on the time he has been President than obummer did in 8 years. Go President Trump you are our Salvation from God.

  12. You can’t stop what people think,if you don’t like other races it’s your choice you can’t make people like each other,it’s there choice keep pushing it there will be a inner country war,or we will be more communist than russia ever was,!

  13. Let some other country attack this country and see what happens, Americans will come together like always. Nobody will care what color, race or creed you are. We will flock to the recruiting stations like you wouldn’t believe. Soooooooo why is it so hard for us to see that there are people out there trying to divide us? Whats the problem, we have more in common than not. Don’t let these “Agent of Evil ” win!!!!

  14. People let’s get something straight this is about communism blm & antifa they have trained marxist leading them along and most of there groups are to stupid and brainwashed to know it .

  15. If you worthless black assholes don’t like this country or the people that created it, get the fuck out of here while you still can!

  16. Statements like yours only fuel the flames of hate, we don’t need more of your views, we need more people coming together to end the hate.

  17. I blame these dem mayors and governors not calling for law and order. Wh ast is wrong with them
    Look what is being done to business owner
    BLM and antifa, what a bunch of thugs. The mayors won’t ask the president for help with the rioters. What does that day about these stupid mayors? IDIOTS

  18. I’m a conservative, but I’m left handed. That doesn’t mean I’m a lefty. It means I’m left handed. Skin color has nothing to do with liking a person or disliking them. It’s their heart that determines how I feel about them. I’ve had many very close black friends and still do. Also Asians, Latinos, Japanese, Europeans, and more. People are people. No one had the chance to choose the skin color they were born with except, maybe, for Michael Jackson, and he chose white.

  19. One of the Absolute BEST things, Trump has done!

    Making white people take classes to convince them, that we are all racists and trash, because we’re white, is To Deranged for words!

    Sounds like the White People that took those classes, need to start filing Hate Crimes Charges, for being forced to take this class, which is to convince white people, we’re all nothing but White Supremists, and Racists!

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