Impeachment of Traitor Joe Biden is Not Political Payback

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (pictured here) announced she will file articles of impeachment against Joe Biden for the traitorous actions he and his son, Hunter, engaged in on Biden’s first full day as president.

“We have to make sure that our leaders are held accountable, we cannot have a president of the United States that is willing to abuse the power of the office of the presidency and be easily bought off by foreign governments … Chinese energy companies, Ukrainian energy companies,” Rep. Greene reportedly said.

The Congresswomen followed those bold statements up with a tweet letting Biden know the storm is coming.

“On January 21st, I’m filing Articles of Impeachment on President-elect @JoeBiden. 75 million Americans are fed up with inaction. It’s time to take a stand. I’m proud to be the voice of Republican voters who have been ignored,” she reportedly tweeted.

The pro-Biden media outlets and left-wing big tech CEOs are already working on counter this by muzzling facts and threatening publishers like us from reporting on this story. Yesterday’s political talk shows trolled out numerous liberal zealots to discredit the impeachment movement against Biden.


Early reporting on the influence-peddling confirmed that Hunter Biden gained millions in payoffs from foreign entities in China and Ukraine while using his vice-president father’s backing. In Ukraine, the Burisma energy corporation paid Hunter at least $400,000 to sit on a non-working board. When a corruption probe was launched, his vice president father strong-armed the former Ukraine president to fire the Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, heading the investigation.

Biden ran a quid pro quo in which he would withhold $1 billion in foreign aid until Shokin was terminated. A desperate Ukraine with Russian tanks at the border bowed to the coercion. This abuse of power meets the standard traditionally used to impeach a public official and far exceeds the ones used to falsely attack President Donald Trump.

If this were simply a run-of-the-mill politician taking a bribe, voters might frown and shrug it off as typical Washington, D.C. corruption. But the backroom dealings of the Biden family are far more disturbing. After the Hunter Biden laptop surfaced in a Delaware repair shop, it grew increasingly apparent that Joe Biden may have committed treason.

In Hunter Biden’s laptop, emails and documents revealed that he was positioning himself to take upwards of $10 million directly from Chinese Communists to open political and corporate doors in the U.S.

“The chairman (Ye Jianming) changed that deal after we met in MIAMI TO A MUCH MORE LASTING AND LUCRATIVE ARRANGEMENT to create a holding company 50% percent [sic] owned by ME and 50% owned by him,” Hunter Biden reportedly wrote. “Consulting fees is one piece of our income stream but the reason this proposal by the chairman was so much more interesting to me and my family is that we would also be partners in the equity and profits of the JV’s (joint venture’s) investments.”

Included in the back and forth emails and messages is a note that 10 percent would go to the “big guy,” implicating Joe Biden. The initial New York Post reports about this illicit influence-peddling were widely suppressed by big tech, and false “Russian Disinformation” narratives were created to discredit the fact-based news. But what lawmakers have yet to link to Biden family corruption that Joe Biden set policy with China during the Obama years. He put forward the notorious Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal that would have handed China permanent economic dominance. That is precisely where garden-variety political corruption rises to the level of treason. The election of President Trump saved millions of American jobs.

“I’m a big believer of having people in office who are actually willing to do the job, and I can’t imagine people in this country being so fearful of a future of a Biden presidency that they may be willing to commit violence like they did in the Capitol here in Washington, D.C. We cannot have that,” Congresswoman Greene reportedly said.

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350 thoughts on “Impeachment of Traitor Joe Biden is Not Political Payback”

        1. Yes, I agree that Hiding Biden and son should be punished. Pelosi said no one is above law. What about hil-LIAR-ry erasing all the messages and selling the URANIUM to our enemy (Russia)? Can’t trust Congress and Judicary system.

          1. joe biden sold this country out to enrich himself and his family. its hard to tell what he will do as president- he already giving in to china, there impeaching trump when they should be impeaching biden for his treasoness actions but they will not because dermocrats get away with everthing no matter how corrupt it is.

          1. Thank you for putting forth this much needed Article of Impeachment against this sham of a “president.”

        1. Leland, you’re using sexual pronouns. Queen Nancy will be sorely vexed! She told you not to use them and here you are, disobeying the Queen! You go to bed with no supper, and we will discuss further punishment in the morning.

          1. I think she forgot about her rule because she referred to herself as a mother. Do as I say and not as I do Pelosi.

          2. Pelosie is a he biden is a she that’s the only 2 people there ate. ZHE AND SHE right.

          3. Only if Pelosi goes to bed with no ice cream for 1 year. Then we can discuss further punishment the very next morning.

        2. Time to take over the Democrat Party, become a ZEBRA ( Republican registered as a Democrat) Control their primaries and place moderates and conservatives into the House of Representatives

      1. Yo Norm — nowhere did I see “their impeachment” just “his impeachment” !!!! I don’t know about anyone else but I really would hate to see the lying, hypocrite, hate mongering,corrupt, did I say lying(she is every bit as bad as schiffless and the witch clinton) as our president. To top it all off — if we get rid of those two — guess who is next in line — the biggest hag,lying,scheming, hypocrite,corrupt dirtbag of them all –piglosi !!!!! We need to rid this country of ALL the libtard/socialist/nwo/democrat trash !!!!

          1. I would like to see Donald Trump form a new party. I’m sure 75 million other people feel the same way. Four years can’t come fast enough

        1. You Have To Get Past The “Elite Media” First, Before You Can Do Anything. They Are The Ones That Keep The Truth Hidden From All Of The People, And They Report The Lies Of Their Elite Owners, The Banksters. Until You Can Get Past The Media, You Are Stuck, Invisible.

          1. Is that not what Demrts have been doing for the last 100 years-treason is a hanging crime!!!


        2. As soon as Peelousy gets in (if she does) she gets instant impeachment. We should do this to each and every Dem elected in the future. Every single one, every single time. If the Dems do it, we should overdo it. And the benefit will be making those lazy bastards in Congress earn their pay. Like Biden, 47 years and nothing done.

          1. Hay now every democrat in congress and the house is subject to impeachment after what they done to trump.They all have skeletons in there closet and they can be found.

          2. Just the thought of Pelosi still in the senate makes really want to vomit. I detest her. Republicans need to learn to fight as dirty as the dems. However, if Trump starts the Patriot Party, I’m in!!!!

          3. Congress i do believe needs to be disbanded it is a bunch of useless, lazy good for nothings there to collect a pay check and that is it. What if any thing have they done that was good for the people? Just a bunch of leaches.

        3. The 2020 election needs to be proven corrupt, as we all know it is. That will bring Trump back where he rightfully belongs. Then going down the line many Democrats and RINOs need to be arrested for trying to overthrow the government. Only after this cleansing of crooked politicians can the country be great again. People like the Clintons, Obamas, Pelosi, and Schumer, to name a few, are destroying the country!

          1. Lynda, you are 100% correct! Now Pelosi and her socialists under Beijing-Biden are trying to get FIB/DOJ to go after “all” conservatives, calling them “Domestic Terrorists”. Well, where will they send them? Maybe deport them to the re-education camps in Chyna? Keep the invaders from the south that have a huge amount of Chynese Covid-19 virus in Americans places? 75 million people is pretty huge. Maybe the Chynese navy and Mitch McConnel’s Chynese “daddy in law” can use some of his ships? Try the entire Biden Crime Family along with Shitf, Eric Swallo-well and all that have gone against our intelligence, including Hillary for selling uranium to our enemies. Any of them using government positions to make cash that are compromised! And we have judges that are “user friendly”. Any judge not going by the letter of the law should be jailed a minimum of 5 years! We have corruption all the way up!

        4. Good for you, exactly right, Pelosi the queen of mafia. Her daughter stated in a interview, Pelosi could cut off your head and you would not bleed. This is what we have in congress. The biggest coo. Wake up, these people, Sniff Shiff, Piglosi, Clinton, Bidens McConnell, Schumer even Bush have taken this Country into toilet. All Demtrash and half Republican. Get them in a net and haul them to leproisland and watch them rot

        5. AGREED, We need to remove ALL of the top DEMOCRATS in the HOUSE. They have become so CORRUPT by GREED AND POWER that they no longer care about the AMERICAN PEOPLE. We need to clean house of these scumbags and bring in people who will work for “WE THE PEOPLE” who they are supposed to represent.

          1. Obama worth 1.3 million before becoming Our Nations worst traitor to the constitution(although the murderous Clintons run aclose second) is now in control of over 40 million dollars of stolen american dollars and just purchased a 25 million dollar estate in DC. It’s time for all Americans to pay their share, just not him and his crooked commie bretheren in control of the Dem(communist party).After all this country has been through since the1600s Obamas communist bigot wife is only now proud of her her country.Why? Because the communist party finnally let a corrupt black politician take the white house for a spin and line his pockets full with Americas money. Did any of you know that Maryland and especially the Distict of Columbia fund themselves by 80% on tax seizures the excess which is not but should legally be returned to the tax payer. But they don’t even tell you you have money coming back after they sell your property and seize your assets. You have to hire a bloodsucker attorney who knows how to find the paper work. And that piece of shit will take 40%.Everything Eisenhower warned us about the industrial military complex has come true. Organized crime hasn’t been abolished in this country. It just got a job in the white house.

        1. I am so glad someone is stepping forward . Binden and his son ( and associates) should he investigated . He is a treat to our country !! I hope this Impeachment is supported by the Republicans and they give Green the full support that is needed to look into the dealings of this corrupt politician

        2. Ditto. I want Trump back in where he belongs only with a better and loyal VP. Pence is still holding the bloody knife he stuck in Trumps back!!! McConnell needs to fall into an endless black hole.

      2. Agerr these two idiots are worthless. Harris has been in the Senate for 4 years and I challenge anyone to list any positive accomplishments. Biden is worse. 47 years in public office in DC where his only notable accomplishment ts were voting to tax Social Security then voting to raise that tax again. He also voted for secure borders but even though this is a positive concept, the actuality is a lie. Now, that being said, just remember who’s next in line for the presidency if they both are removed. Nutsy Nancy Pelosi.

        1. Perhaps it’s the Pig Pelosi we should impeach first…….. Slow, Brain dead Joe is nothing…… the bitch needs to be put out to pasture FIRST…… then the pedophile, then the whore.
          Basically in that succession. The Nancy is mentally ill and completely unfit for her duties as Speaker…. maybe the 25th, does that work on Speakers of the house too?!! If so, we need to start her demise as the biggest power hungry whore who’s ever graced the halls of Congress.
          Nancy needs to be relieved of her “duties”……. that job description has been one thing and one thing only for four years. Now that they’ve ousted the best president ever, just what will she have to gripe about?!! She’s going to miss the smearing, and lying, about our great President. It’ll put her into a tailspin not knowing what to do next to f ck this country up

          1. I totally agree that Pelosi is the root of all evils going on in our great country, and should be the one to be impeached first.

          2. Mac n Cheese, you too are guilty of using pronouns denoting the sex of the subject. Queen Nancy says you’d better cut it out, or you’ll be sorry. No more burgers for you, it’s mud for dinner until you learn your lesson! And if you complain, it means a spanking from Queen Nancy! [A note from the poster. You really don’t want a spanking from Peelousy do you? It makes lethal injection sound like fun] An innocent post can have a bad reaction!

          3. You Have To Get Past The “Elite Media” First, Before You Can Do Anything. They Are The Ones That Keep The Truth Hidden From All Of The People, And They Report The Lies Of Their Elite Owners, The Banksters. Until You Can Get Past The Media, You Are Stuck, Invisible.


      3. Be careful what you wish for, if they’re both removed, you do realize who that leaves as POTUS. NUTCASE NANCY

        1. her husband is in the thick of things Chinese. he is referred to as the “GO TO GUY”. research it. his company gets almost 100% Chinese business.

      4. Great time to start, day one! Get them out of office asap. Both of them and Piglosi need to be impeached for treasonous acts. Go GOP….

      5. I agree but not impeachment removal of both. Then work on removing fancy Nancy.
        She would really screw over the American people

      6. May be a while. The charges will go nowhere in a fascist controlled house. In two years, May be but, I doubt it (and not gaining the house may be a good thing). There’s a fifth column in the house, ie, deep state republicans, and to purge them means primary Republican opponents who, if they win, May lose to democratic fascist candidates. Really, better a short term loss then having deep starter republicans as congressmen.

      7. Harris is not a Natural Born Citizen They both and others know this. Treason to the Constitution.

      8. They’re the least capable people for the Job..Trump did some crazy tweeting.. but did a great job otherwise…

        1. are you nuts? biden isn’t as bad as Harris? what planet did you just arrive from? biden made all his money from the ccp. that is why they just called him an angel? he and his no good son have sold all our intellectual property to china. that is how they caught and surpassed us. crackpipe hunter also had a hand in selling the Michigan company to china that helped them perfect their new bomber. the metals the company produced and sex crazed hunter bought a mine in Africa or somewhere over there produce the mineral that is needed for their jets. treason anyone? and you think the California ho is worse than #46ILLEGITIMATE????? do some research. watch the u tube film riding the Chinese dragon to get some info on your hero dementia Joe, if it is still up there. shows you the money trail, every company hunter and daddy warbucks have their dirty fingers in, beside joes Washington aide.

          1. Biden is a piece of shit should be in jail. Harris is a racist ,bigot lying piece of crying oh How I have suffered racist piece of shit .they are both crooks, con artists and not Americans they will do whatever it takes to ruin this country . Biden did not win he is not the president. Trump is president impeach, jail these two pieces of shit.

          2. And now, Barbara Boxer (D) is getting her paperwork squared away to become an agent for Chyna and work for a company that smell’s Surveillance equipment! These people belong in Leavenworth! But they want to investigate conservatives as Domestic Terrorists and go after a former President “illegally” .

      9. I believe Biden should get the same treatment that Trump got in his 4 years of his presidency starting with impeachment. Make their lives a living hell like they did to Trump and supporters. I’m just amazed the shit the DemoCRAPS have gotten away with all these years starting with CROOKED HILLARY. We’re all disgusted with the double standard – ENOUGH!

    1. Yes finally someone standing up for what’s right.he and his family are. Criminals, Clintons,Obamas too I I just bet old witch is one to Nancy is evil.all the Democrats fail to be real American ,Republicans too.i think there is going to be a new party for the true Americans that love ,protect this country over everything.both parties have failed us and it’s time we take back our country in an honest way no criminals one that Neal’s for our flag or sits for the Anthem or politicians aloud that has hurt ,turned a blind eye to the truth of what’s happen in the last 4 years of you tearing down this country with your evil vindictive ways we have had enough time for change for the good of our country,founding fathers,lady liberty thank God you evils have not torn down.

          1. It speaks to our credibility, as witness the critiques of suits filed hastily and derided for simple typos. An inherent problem in our electronic life. We need to be heard with no grammar and spelling distractions. Autocorrect is a dangerous friend.
            Now we need to fill in the blanks on Kam and Nan, because they are standing in the wings in this domino line up.

          2. Spelling is a big deal. Poor spelling and grammar make conservatives look uneducated and embarrass me. Why would anyone who wants reasonable people to accept what he says want to appear uneducated? My Dad taught we anything worth doing is worth doing correctly. He was a smart man.

          3. My Dad taught we. W and m are pretty far from each other in your scolding of others. Hypocrite much

          1. I wish to comment also about the most fraudulent system Joe Biden claims was put into effect at election time. This is the worse of the worst. A Joe Bama election.

          2. Thank you Joyce for making a valid point! We all have our weak points. Not one is perfect! Oh! And Richard, you might want to check your spelling!

          3. Richard Hennessy calls out spelling and grammar, he should proof read his own text for errors in spelling before posting.

          4. Joyce, you get a Queen Nancy sticker to put anywhere you desire. You earned it for not using a single sex denoting pronoun. Good girl!

          1. Nah! We just impeach them too. If the Dumbocrats can do it, so can we. As a matter of fact, we should impeach each and every Dem lucky enough to cheat their way through an election. And, any fairly elected, because fair for them is unfair for us. So, I hereby proclaim that any Dumbocrat elected to the office of President will be impeached on it’s (no sex pronouns allowed, Nancy said so) first day in office. Election, oath of office, impeachment, in that order. Wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Next! Who’s with me?

          2. I agree pelosi needs to go. She needs to give back all the money we taxpayers paid her. She in my book is not an American

      1. I believe that there are demonic people in the white house now and are awaiting to join their other demon friends entering the white house under their leader the head demon Obama. The good people of this nation have been beaten down by these evil people, and the racists of this country. we need to form a strategy on restraining those officials possessed rather than start a war with anyone else. we need to find the root of the evil, not by a part of it’s plan to destroy the country we all love, and destroy the evil within, unless it is terminal. Pray for better days ahead, you can do this anywhere, and I do believe we will prevail.

      2. This person knew how she wanted to spell her comments. Yay Vickie and Rep Greene. You takeit to the limits one more time.

        1. I agree plus dumb ass not my president Biden is now letting illegals in.
          Everyone needs to go to jail plus Twitter CEO jack dorsey fb mark zuckerburg CEO of apple Amazon

    2. The bad thing about that is when crazy Joe is gone, then we get stuck with kamelcrap, if she also has to go, then it’s piglousy, so it’s beginning to look like a lose lose situation. I guess America is in a heap of trouble all because demo voters don’t take the time to check out the ones they put in office. If they really paid attention to the people who have been
      true to our country, we wouldn’t have all this mess going on today. Wake up voters!! It’s your only hope!

      1. I’m afraid we’re screwed thanks to the duping of America by the Left, MSM, and Communism. Someone Somewhere save us.

        1. Look at what President Trump accomplished in 4 years while fighting against the left at every turn. If he had the left and others work with him and we all worked together think of what America could accomplished! He truly made America great so now I pray that the good Lord silent those who come against our great Country and expose the evil agenda’s behind destroying it.

          1. I agree 200%, probably more, but 200 is a good start. President Trump was a roadblock to their agenda of total power and control giving it back to the people.

          2. Truth — exactly the reason they fought so hard to get rid of Trump !!! A non-politician showed America and the world what a real leader is like and how he accomplishes his agenda. They cannot allow that to happen because they would lose their ring of complete and total corruption and would lose their ability to go from middle class to the 1% while in office through their selling out of Amrica. Think about it — 2 people who could barely get 100 people to their rallies gets the most votes in our history– can’t happen legally.

        2. Only God can save us PRAY…repent and follow teh straight and narrow path. May God have Mercy on us and protect all HIs Saints.

          1. Read the book of Revelation chapter 17 and 18 because we are mystery Babylon. If Biden goes back to the Iran deal we will have a nuclear Warhead against the USA and we’ll see what happens next.

        3. I agree with you. I don’t know how easy it is going to be since the Dems have so much money and power on their side. The crumbling of the Republican party is very evident. Pence is supposed to be a Christian but he stabbed Trump and supporters in the back. Was it do to threats or was he bought off? It was easy for him to fall back on the Constitution when no Dem follows it. Republican politicians are going to have to grow a backbone. I think it is going to be American citizens that have to take on the fight.

          1. The trouble is some of them are in the same pig pen like Mitch Mcconnel. Romney to name a few. Their children and spouses are doing the same thing joes son and brother. Its all about the money. Also these movie stars like Tom Hanks and others like Hunter are exploiting children and should be arrested. Since Hanks and wife came back from Greece where they ran to when the pressure was on I see they are welcoming him back. I wouldn’t watch a movie he is in for nothing. sick people

      2. Yes we do have a mess on our hands for the next 4 years, but remember on a local lever you can and should pay attention to your party, it will be a sad 4 years, Trump was a remarkable president that loves America and cared for her citizens, praying for Gods Blessings on America, on President Trump and his family, God is good, Pray, Pray, Pray

        1. OMG obviously you are a DUmocrate !! This election is SUCH a FARSE !! Finally someone is helping the people to have a voice and she’s the only Republican with the GUTS to do it ! Thank You Rep. Greene for doing what no one else will !! God Bless You !!

    3. Intelligence should be held from mr 10% because we know he and his son are compromised by numerous countries. Our two tiered justice system is hard at work.

    4. They must back this Representative if we want to keep this country from being destroyed cause that’s just what Biden is planning as he wants to continue Obama’s destructive policies. You can tell by his plans to undo everything that President Trump has done and opening the gates to any and all immigrants when thanks to China we have a crisis here with our own people barely getting by. Wall street was better then ever under Trump. China was paying their fair share for a change. Manufacturing brought back to this country ,more jobs, less on foodstamps, peace in the Middle East, Even being in deep debt the democrats want to send billions overseas and give out everyone whether they are citizens OR NOT. If he keeps his plan through the first 100 days he will have this country destroyed within 4 yrs. even if his “mind” lasts that long God Help Us .

      1. If we continue to let Obama do what he is doing…this is his goal. He needs to be arrested now along with his puppets for what he did with the dominion voting machines. He hired a man in
        Italy and Italy has his signed affidavit along with the software and he used our tax dollars to pay for it. Pres. Trump had 90 million votes and biden had 50 million. I suppose we would have to have another four year investigation to accomplice anything…seems that is what the
        Rep do. The Dem have walked all over the Rep because they know they will also be found out
        They are so used to taking advantage of us they think they can do whatever they want to half of rep need to go and all of the democrats

    5. Yes we must take a stand. Only God can help this country now. So we must continue to pray for our country. And our elected officials that are not afraid to take a stand. We must pray for those. God bless you and please share

      1. What elected officials? I heard that the fraud was in 17 states, and it affected more than just the president. The Democrat party needs to be held accountable for all the laws they have broken. Traitors arrested and executed weather they are in office or not. Obama’s name needs to be dragged through the mud not Trump’s God is good, and he is great and he will deliver us from evil.

    6. I hope draining the swamp will set us free. The American people need to know the truth. I hope draining their swamp will set us free. Power to the people!

    7. We the people want Biden and Harris impeached. Pelosi should not be allowed to serve anywhere except for prison. Let back our President Trump ❤️

      1. Pelosi should be impeached also. She has lied repeatedly about
        President Trump’s plans and accomplishments. Her perception of what is wrong with Republicans is so off base it is terrifying. We need honest elections in this country which we did not have on 11/3/2020. We had a failure across all spectrums in November and that has to change. And anyone involved in that fraud should be arrested for treason and prosecuted.

        1. Marggy, Trump is a citizen now too…. but Nancy and Chucky are gonna impeach him anyway. See hoe Frightened the Dems are today. Play with fire!!………

    8. Yep; and take out Heels-in-the-air-Harris AND TRAITOR nasty piglosi, too!!! Let’s not forget Gorilla-face TRAITOR, Mad Maxine Waters and its’ REAL display of Inciting to riot!!!; and of course, Upchuck Schumer (piglosi’s enabler!) All those who turned against President Trump, Benedict Arnold-style gotta go too (ALL RINO’s) I want to save some of the Traitors for “feeding The Sharks” — A re-occurring vision I’ve been having! Lindsey Graham, If you don’t straighten your ass up, I’m the only one keeping you from going to the shark-feeding!! GOD KNOWS YOUR HEART!!! DO YOUR JOB IN A CORRECT AND TIMELY MANNER FROM NOW ON!!!! ALL DEEP STATE ACTORS WILL BE MADE AVAILABLE TO THE SHARK FEEDING!!!! HAVE A GLORIOUSLY NICE DAY!!!

    9. My concern about this, is that the entire Democratic Party is corrupt. From the President-elect, to the vice president (Kamala Harris), to Bernie Sanders (Senator), speaker of the house (Nancy Pelosi), right on down the line. This is why they are going after President Trump, to cover all of this up. They are excellent at this. Look Barak O’bama, Hilary Clinton and the Clinton Carel (which got away with murder), who still roams free. They all be charged with treason, or at the least be behind bars.

      1. The only way to fight them back is to go for what they treasure the most, their money and power. get to the money first, then the power will go next.

    10. Amen!! We have been hearing about all of Joe Biden and his son committing all of these crimes and he has not been made to account for any of it!! Do it! ! Impeach a man who really deserves it!!

    11. Gross insurrection was committed by the Democrats and many so-called Republicans and if the military were serious about their oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the people these communist would be brought before a tribunal and justice meted out to traitors.

    12. But if Biden and Harris both end up Impeached . Who do we get for President then… ?? Isn’t Pelosi the next up, Maybe this is all planned out and we end up with the Wicked Witch of the West in office. Just a thought. We needed a National recount.. And put Trump back in office.

    13. please follow through with this cause this country is sick of inaction, biden is an illegitemate president and a criminal , put him in jail, let us know what we can do to support your actions !!!we want JUSTICE NOW !!!!

    14. I agree, it´s about time that honest truthful people do something against these thugs who cheated the whole country. As a child survivor of the holocaust living in Germany I’m horrified at the fact that these dreadful people are taking over the power and destroying the hope and the wonderful deeds fulfilled by your President Trump.
      And many of my friends think just the same way, we were watching what was happening and always hoping that the truth would be unveiled which unfortunately did not occur. But the fight is not over hopefully.
      Suzanne Schlitt

    15. 80%-90% of the American born citizenry know that the attack on the Capital was calculated and planned to keep the Electoral College Voter Fraud arguments from reaching America and the world that was watching. At least 50%-60% of legally born Americans also are aware of the treasonous acts of the man/family that is about to occupy our God-given Republic. Everyone reading this should respectfully contact their state representatives and let them know the corruption has gone far enough. Our Congress is impeaching the wrong man. They should turn their attention to the guilty person who is about to be falsely inaugurated. We definitely support impeaching Joe Biden. AND yes, Ruthann, it is about time.

    16. Please Rep.Greene, I hope you are going to follow thru with your impeachment filing. This is a must for all of Americans. The Biden crime family must be brought to answer.

    17. Until I see the actual impeachment documents moving forward I can not accepts her words. We really need action not just words. We also need to see Biden get impeach but it must be done prompt and persistent. The Republican seems to be spineless they don’t move to take rightfully legal action against unlawful democrats at all. We need leaders in Washington not leisure, loony nor liars. Americans did not vote for men with CORRUPTION intention, they voted for a competent man with good character, commitment, and consciousness which Biden has neither of these.

    18. Looking for comments from Democrats .Ih wait, there are none as hard to lie about something that is 100% true (refer to the big guy boasting on tape how he got prosecutor fired). Can’t wait to learn about all other facts on laptop.

    19. I am so glad you have the guts to follow through on your words. May God bless you and your work. I will pray for your safety and health.


    21. Attention everyone… discussion forums like this one tend to be CIA generated or manipulated to establish false hope and appease Americans who want their country back causing the people hope that the “White Knight” will come to the rescue. There is no “Lone Ranger.” The will keep hoping straight to the re-education camps. YOU are are America’s hope, YOU. Ladies and gentlemen, time for talk is over. Either take your country back or get use to saying: “Sieg Heil der Fuhrer.” For me and my house we are saying: “Kiss my rosy backside der Fuhrer.” Good day

    22. Thank you so much for your patriotic endeavor! To think that this country is so crooked now is sickening! They need to be stopped!

    23. won’t that put Harris in the driver seat? That’s worse for our country. Obama is the one that needs to be taken down. Hillary is at his command as well as Joe and the rest of the gang. it has been proven that Obama had the Dominion voting machines in Italy rigged. The man that rigged them has signed an affidavit admitting to that and they also have the software that was used. Obama paid him with our tax dollars. actually, President Trump won the election by 90
      million votes Biden had 50 million. We need to turn this turn around. Yes hunter and joe should be prosecuted and joe needs to be impeached but they will just use the rest of their puppets to try and destroy us. Many lives are in danger because of the left, and while we’re at it why are we allowing Geo Soros any say in America he should be removed and never be able to contact anyone in America…thanks

      1. Why don’t nobody try to impeach nasty Pelosi for her bad mouthing the president I thought we weren’t allowed to do that or any threats or accusations that she has put on President Trump. ?

      2. I totally agree with that thinking. Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Kamala, Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, and a few others all need to be held accountable for all there involvement regarding election, treason, corruption on every level, and so much more. President Trump won by a landslide and the only way Dems know how to do anything is lying, cheating, stealing, and bribing. Eventually they’ll lose. We just need to stay persistent, honest, and loyal to our beliefs and rights.

    24. Yes it’s about time he should never be there in the first place.i pray he is inpeached,Harris they are evil and nothing more than an empty voice to the rest of America

    25. AMEN!!! This senior might consider CROOKED JOE BLOW AS DOG CATCHER, but PRESIDENT???!!! so HILARIOUSLY COMICAL!!!!!!

    26. Too little too late!!! Should have come out before his falsified election results. Now we will get Harris. Another crook

    27. I’m a veteran of the Marine Corps,Korea. I” m 84 and a patriot! I’m white and not biased in the least! I have friends of all colors and religions who I respect. I’m not happy with the the way our election was stolen from us. Like any thieves they should be arrested or impeached or whatever punishment that fits the crime. God bless Trump and the U.S.A.

    28. It about time that the Republican stood up and defend our country, and put Biden and Hunter Biden, for treason, that they done with China and other countries. I can’t believe that Democrats in the media would hide such a thing.
      I’m glad we have strong Republicans like you.
      Thank you

    29. Why are the Reps acting like sheep, accepting all of the aggressive unsubstantiated actions of the Dems! It’s time they got a spine and forced an investigation on the Biden Enterprise and the inaction of the FBI who have known about the situation and have done nothing! They jumped on knowledge of zero Trump collusion before his inauguration!

    30. Thank you ! my fear is if we impeached biden than we still have the other so call vice president to deal with – they all knew, democrats/liberals about biden’s illegalities – we need them both prosecuted/ impeached

    31. The Founding Fathers of this country made it too easy to impeach and remove a President. If Biden did commit treason then the courts should do this.

      If every time there is a change in the party of the President somebody impeaches him this country will unravel.

      We need to require a 4/5 supermajority of the House to impeach and a 4/5 supermajority of the Senate to remove a President. The Vice president is not allowed to vote on removing a president.

    32. This is just the pinnacle of what he has done in the past. You think he became a multi-millionaire simply on political paychecks? This guy was the lobbyists “go to” guy.

    33. Biden should have never been on the ballot given the evidence that was known about his and Hunter’s crimes. Another failure from our DOJ and court system. With that said, Pelosi will squash the articles by hook or crook and attack rep. Greene with some wild left wing propaganda and the lapdog media won’t cover the articles as presented. I hate to sound so negative but what have we seen the past 12 years? Lois learner and the IRS, fast and furious, Iran nuke deal, pallets of cash sent to Iran, massive corruption in the FBI, DOJ and intel communities and our left wing courts, uranium one, Benghazi, Hillary’s email scandal, BLM, Antifa both arms of the DNC, bailed out by now VP Harris, boarder control, the Russian hoax and impeachment phone call to name just a few and now the second impeachment of our duly elected pres. Call and write your senators and representatives don’t let them continue playing games with a demented Pelosi. In my district we have a rep that claimed to be against Nasty Nancy but she voted 98% of the time with her so I guess she lied, surprise, surprise.

    34. Thank you for the article; sure hope it’s possible to finally hold Joe and his family accountable. So much corruption, I would love to have all the congress people vetted as I believe there are too many others in on the take. We need to reclaim America ~ people with differing views should come to the table, debate, compromise, and find solutions to help the American People. We didn’t vote them in to line their pockets and sell us out. I’d like to see the pipeline restored ~ what’s wrong with energy independence? I’d like to be totally independent of China.

    35. Cannot wait for impeachment for these two
      looney tunes!America must stay great and there
      are those like myself to welcome us all back to
      what Trump did for us and will still do for all

    36. I wish the law worked like it should…. The Demonrat;s have misused the Impeachment clause as a way to destroy President Trump twice which makes Impeachment just a ‘WORD TO THROW AROUND” when you dislike someone or disagree with them politically… This Impeachment trial is the Senate is a farce and I know MOST AMERICANS are disappointed once again, that congress does not represent them or their needs, but run around the Capital getting even with one another……. What about “We The People” ?????? Ok, Mr. Biden signed Executive Order’s targeting Covid-19 (the ONLY thing he ran on, PERIOD) I get it, But what about the Keystone Pipeline?? This is better for the planet with less air pollution, carbon etc.. So now we go back to using cargo trains, ships etc. adding pollution/carbon, erasing thousands of Jobs , angering our neighbor Canada???? This E.O. was only signed for personal reasons NOT to better anyone but to hurt President Trump; who is OUT OF OFFICE BY THE way!!, A direct Target that hurts ” We the People” Thin skinned Biden; (actually the people who are REALLY ruining, I mean running, this country) is weak and made a deal with the devil ( the “woke” 30 year old’s who have been brainwashed in the universities taught to hate America!) I am fearful for the first time. Can anybody save us?

    37. Yes I agree it’s about time. He shouldn’t get away with anything just because he is Democrat so is Pelosi and several others, they are the one who are going to try to protect him. Get Biden!!

    38. Thank you, he is such a crook, he doesn’t care about the people or the country and does not deserve to be president.

    39. Why have’nt we heard more about the movement of this impeachment. Let’s talk about it! Yhe news wants to act like it didnt even happen! We are still worried about trumps impeachment when we are trying to impeach the new one! Let’s go!!!

    40. Biden is nothing but a liar. He is and always was unfit to be President of this country. He has an anti-American agenda like Obama. He and his Son have been caught with their hands in the in Russian and Chinese pockets. They need to be charged, tried, and jailed for what they have done.

    41. Everyone in this administration has committed TREASON. They have all broken their Oath of Office. Their job is to protect the people of the United States, NOT bring invaders into our country and disrupt our way of life, steal our jobs and bring disease and pestilence into our country! They are traitors to the American People and the American way of life. Time to do something about it.

  1. I am in agreement with ur comments – it’s about time someone like you in the US Congress takes a stand against the SWAMP!!

    1. I only wish you wouldn’t announce ahead of time what you are planning on doing. This just gives way too much time for the « demon » crats to counteract to what you want to do.

      1. If you don’t stay ahead of those crooks they will have this country destroyed in a few weeks putting all Obama’s stupid ideas back on the books. Not to mention bringing back all the Obama’s Swamp Creatures. It’s not America First anymore or the people

        1. Amen! Having Obama back is disgusting!! He did so bad as a president. Why does he keep hanging around?

          1. Do you understand that Obama is the first president (?) in our history to stay in the Capital? He is a communist bastard and desires the destruction of our Republic, which he has accomplished. Fake Republicans aided and abetted him.


      2. Susanne I totally agree with you. It should not be announced what they plan to do so that they cannot go ahead and plan something before we do.


          1. Obama is again in The White House. You don’t think “braindead Beijing Biden” is coming up with this stuff? And Obama was also involved in Burismo-Gate and Chyna-Gate. Remember Joe’s “Quid-Pro Quo” getting that prosecutor fired? Joe threatened to keep our tax-dollars, “$1Billion” from going to them unless they fired this guy, (going after Hunter). They replied to Joe, “You aren’t the President”! Joe’s reply, “Call him”. And within the 6 hours they fired him and Biden bragged. Yes, Obama knew. Charge all of them! He admitted this on television!

  2. I Agree with you senator, we will not let the democrats nor the media brush these acts under the rug,we need to hold the accountable, we the people need the Republicans to get together and start to clean the our house .

    1. Right Juan . We need the Republicans to get some backbone and start fighting back for the sake of this country A big problem is there are to many RINO’S in Congress. Hard for President to accomplish anything when your own party sells you out. You got to say even though they are wrong the democrats even when they are wrong they stick together. The Republicans will never accomplish things that need to be done to stop these crooks if they don’t stick together and will lose alot of supporters as well,

  3. The “ELECTED RULERS” have become wealthy, beyond reason,
    while betraying the public trust and their OATH OF OFFICE. It appears “THE SWAMP” has been revealed to be deeper, wider and more populated than we imagined. WAKE UP AMERICA! The “DEEP STATE TRAITORS ” must be brought before the Bar of Justice to pay for the acts committed by all of them.


    1. Remember what Sullivan said standing in front of his crowd about going to the White House and pulling that ******** out of there!! Not waiting until Election Day, etc etc….. and he said we need a Revolution! The left might be woke but they have woke the right and we will fight for our rights…… Peacefully but firmly

  5. You’re Correct ! The Repubs need to grow some balls. Old morons like McConnell, Pig-lousey, Shitty Schumer and asswipe Schiff All need to be charger with TREASON and hung on the w/ h lawn so ALL Americans can see

  6. Please start with Evil Pelosi if she’s out I think things would change from night ,day that witch is so vindictive and hell bent on getting her way ,demands that she will stab her own party,family, friends it dont matter because when it comes down to it she dont give a shit who she hurts or takes down to get her evil plan done .I have never known a person so evil as her.

  7. Biden is not Americas President but is illegitimate more than Trump was called. He is a lying, corrupt, pervert who belongs in prison with Hillary. I hope the newly elected House and Senate appointees stick together and tear Biden/Harris a new a– h— and they are both facing impeachment. This has to be nipped in the bud before they destroy this country all together. God bless America and help us through this mess.

    1. Unfortunately The Almighty Omnipotent Creator will not bless a nation which has committed such gross sins. This country has surpassed Hitler in their legalized murder of the unborn. Invoke God all you want but it’s breath wasted. God does not reward rebels.

  8. The demoncrats have no integrity,morals or dignity,They all have commited treason on AMERICA and the constitution. It’s time for true american patroits to take our country back, We can do this with our wallets and our votes. Read the preamble to the constitution, Read the amendments, read the bill of rights,and read the ten commandments, Educate yourself and your children then vote with common sense. A WELL ARMED NATOIN IS A FREE NATION< THINK ABUOT IT !!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well stated! Wake up America and keep watch, take action against socialism. Speak out… loudly. It our 1st ammendment right!!

    2. My thoughts completely. We should get a list of businesses that are Republican or conservative supporters and do business only with them. The «demon »crats have been doing this for some time now. In my area Penzeys spices is one of the most hateful demoncrat owned businesses so I refuse to buy anything from that business. Yes I call the dems the demoncrats!

  9. COME ON folks, it’s time to stop being afraid. STAND UPAGAINST THESE TRAITORS. I’m 90+ and will do all I can to help. PLEASE MAKE OUR COUNTRY FREE AGAIN. GOD BLESS AMERICA. CAP’N JACK

  10. Best of luck to you! You will definitely need it with both House and Senate under Democrat control. The recent “impeachment”, used to punish for political reasons alone, was shameful. But Biden, unlike Trump, actually does have enough verified evidence against him to justify impeachment. The Left likes impeachment so much…give it back to them!

    1. Truth be told the riot on the capital was probably being lead by the Democrats, Trump said peaceful demonstration, Pelosi is mad, someone got to set in her Million Dollar Chair, someone took her name off her door, poor Nancy, get over it, she is so full of hate and evil, she needs to get on those boney knees and ask forgiveness, praying for our country, only with the grace of God will we make it thru this turmoil

  11. Although there is ample evidence of underhanded wrongdoing by Biden, I fear that the timing of this movement may not be advisable. I think that a thorough investigation into all of Biden’s illicit activities needs to be conducted first, and then released to the public. THEN Pelosi might be forced to allow this impeachment to be presented, or she would be viewed as complicit. Until then, she is simply going to deny the opportunity to present this.

  12. YES,GET IT MOVING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! The first problem I see is who will do a non-political investigation? We know that the FBI IS CORRUPT,so my question is who? If Pelosi try’s to stop it from reaching the House Floor,then she should be removed as speaker of the house/

  13. This fight has become obvious to even the most casual observer
    It’s not Republican vs Democrat is it clearly GOOD vs EVIL

    1. I agree with Jim. God is always for the good. Is America still worthy of God’s blessings??? Pray for our country Patriots.

  14. Hope they all get a time out before Jan 20th and evidence revealed on those involved in criminal activities. Knowing there is credible proof of election interference, FBI coverups, and criminal activity of the Biden’s it would be the definition of insanity to swear in a President with this baggage and expect great things to happen to this country and the American people.

  15. So we all know about the stolen election and the corruption of the Demonicrats. What can we actually do about it? I am asking with all seriousness. We have always been taught changes are made by our votes. That is no longer true…. what can each private citizen?

    1. One becomes to two becomes for etc. Just like the tea party started years ago this is a tsunami waiting to happen.

    2. Dear friend, pray fervently and repent personally and prepare your heart and mind by returning to God and His word. He deals with individuals now that the church is sleeping spiritually. Seek Him with your whole heart.

  16. look you do the crime you do the time. bidens doings need some clearing up. they at the least are very suspect. it would do him well to let the light come to the dealings of him his family and particularly his cocaine addict sons operations abroad. we dont need to have the slant eyes creeping down our backs with reprisals for favors and money given in the past. especially diamond rings. also dont forget kamalas donation to release felons the terrorized the nation with so called peaceful protests burning and destroying everything in their path. reeber elosi and schumer sat with their hands foded not saying a word whie the world burned, nero at its best.

  17. It is very unlikely that this impeachment, appropriate though it is, can succeed, particularly since the air is being sucked out of the room by the Trump shampeachment and last week’s Capitol Hill Reichstag Fire and subsequent democrat push for one-party dictatorship. It will be necessary to bring these facts up again and again, in the hope that people will pay more attention as the country crashes and burns around them, which it is going to start to do on Wednesday. Patriots who are not satanists, socialists or sodomites must now not let up for a minute in our witness against the conquest, corruption and communism that are at the core of the incoming illegitimate Chinese puppet regime. Biden delendum est! #NotMyPresident. #StolenElection. #FuckBiden. #Resist. China must pay! Say her name – Ashli Babbitt!

  18. Democrats have been shitting on this country for years. Nothing ever gets done about all their bull shit. They have thrown a election for god’s sake. But yet still nothing happens. Shit Hillary sold nuclear uranium to another foreign country and deleted files from her server. Democrats are all corrupt and have been for decades. But no matter what they do or how much wrong they commit get by with it. Nothing has been done and nothing will be done. I gave up when the election was stolen. We should just let the dam democrats have the country they have shown time and time again that they can commit criminal acts and get by with it.

  19. Tod bevor ungeehre !!!!!….German for: death before dishonor. .Biden has betrayed his oath of office…his dye is cast.

  20. Too bad, he’ s not arrested before he even gets to walk up to the White House. Add voter fraud to the list… he did confess to the world that he did that

    1. I must have heard it at least 50 times coming from Pelosi’s mouth “no one is above the law, not even the president”. She said it again last week. Well let’s see if that’s true for Democrats.

      1. Then hypocritically breaks several laws in not one but two attempts to impeach Trump based on nothing but hearsay and personal opinion.

  21. Marjorie where have you been…a woman after my own heart!! I love & support everything your doing!
    This swamp is absolutely disgusting. They shd be ashamed of themselves. This president is the “best” president we will ever see or have!! We must help support him in every way. May God watch over you & bless you and president Donald J Trump!! May he give you the means & wisdom to get the job done!

  22. Go get em Girl! I hope Suburban women across America will finally ‘Wake Up’ to the Reality of the Democratic party. 2020 Ushered in a great group of Conservative Republican Women into Congress. Turn of ‘The View’ and start fighting the Radical Left for the sake of your children!…Well, hopefully Biden will never be Sworn In and we will have 4 more years to ‘Drain the Swamp’. E

  23. This will be the 1st admin that was extremely corrupt going into a presidency. So Biden voters actually support the swamp monsters. God help us all.

  24. The whole Biden family is a criminal enterprise involved with pay for play schemes. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo made a rare concession on Wednesday night when he said former Vice President Joe Biden “absolutely” engaged in a quid pro quo with Ukraine but not for his “personal advantage.” Hmmmm not for personal advantage? I suppose that means he was negotiating for political reasons favorable to the US? Of course, either way, Obama had to approve the quid pro quo. Such preposterous BS! The left knows they are in control. How about the evidence they have of two laptops belonging to Hunter Biden the FBI has been sitting on, trying to provide cover for the Bidens? The only reason we heard of that is the owner of a computer repair shop turned it into them. Not too long ago that same owners life was threatened. His family too. FBI? Most likely.

  25. What is needed for prosecution
    Is Trey Gowdy and by the way,
    It’s a shame that our Government doesn’t have a half dozen more
    Attorney’s such as Trey Gowdy.

  26. I agree, the Bidens should be held accountable. But, if it goes like everything else, nothing will be done! And, unless the voting system is fixed, only Dems will be elected.
    Both parties have set themselves as the “ruling class” and the only thing that will make a difference is “TERM LIMITS”!

  27. sadly , nothing will come of this ! we all know that for a fact ! democrats could be cannibalizing children , and it would be okay , because 90% of republicans in the house and senate are cowards ! they are going to put up a token resistance to the democrat crimes , and then cave !

  28. This whole mess should be blamed on the democrats. If they had not cheated on the Nov. 3rd election, none of this would have happened. They definately STOLE the election and there is thousands of affadavits to prove it and also pictures of them doing it. The Supreme Court is also to blame for not even looking at all the evidence and giving the President a chance to make his case. What good is it having a Supreme Court then. All the liberal judges are also to blame as they knew in their minds they were going to go against the President even before they got the case to look at. This is really, really sad and I feel very bad for out President as he did not do anything wrong. They simply want to make his life as rotten as they can. Stinks to high heaven! They all need to be locked up and put in orange jumpsuits once and for all!!!!!!!!!! Starting with Obama and the rest of his clan. Amen.

  29. If this country didn’t turn it’s back on GOD we would not be in this mess. You reap what you sow. Funny how people want everybody to pray when we are in a mess but the rest of the time they don’t think they need Him. Until this county repents it will continue on it’s downward spiral. Read II Chronicles 7:14

  30. Well done Marjorie, lets hope that many more newly elected republicans join you in exposing the corruption that is rampant in the leadership of the democratic party, it is rotten from the top down, supported by the FBI, CIA, DOJ, the national media and the tech cos. Biden is a senile crime boss and Harris is just a former call girl, descended from slave traders, who a few months ago was arranging bail for the thugs and criminals from BLM/Antifa who were arrested for looting and wrecking state and local property in the democratic run cities.

  31. I can only say and am thankful for, is that GOD is still on His throne! He still moves the mountains and He will raise up whom He will and bring down whom He chooses. What we must do is pray and trust Him. The liberals have brought this nation to the mouth of hell by trying to take God out of our nation and sacrificing 365 thousand human babies in development this year. Babies with a soul and a purpose for their lives. It will only become worse if we do not stand against the evil being thrust upon us. It will take courageous politicians who still believe in what is right and it will take courageous Americans to stand with them! Pray pray pray

  32. Shoot, demorats are swamp creaters, they don’t go to jail, they can kill conservatives and not blink an eye, certainly the demo senate and hous will shut it down so fast it will not make nothing but headlines. Good luck with that idea!

  33. Anthony Manzo
    Is there any way you can come up with Three separate charges. So if the FASCIST controlled congress, defeats the first one you can keep them busy with a second and than a third. Also do not over look Kamila !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Impeach none of them. Instead, charge them with sedition, insurrection, and traitorous intentions. Indict them, and try them before the highest court in the land, then send them to, prison to serve out their prison term of twenty plus years!

  35. It doesn’t matter if the charges are true or real, with the socialist in control of both the House and the Senate an impeachment will go nowhere and they all know it! So all this crowing is nothing but show! That’s the only time these useless politicians crow is when they know nothing will be done about it!

  36. Yes it’s true this Nation and it’s people have been deceived. And we are infected with a sickness, and I am not talking about the Coronavirus. This is a result of turning our backs on God!

    “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves , and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2nd. Chronicles 7:14

    God is in control. “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can bed against us?” Romans 8:31

      1. Dale I can see by your comment that you are full of contempt for others and therefore you mock what you do not know and understand. That’s ok for it doesn’t bother me. I will be praying for you Dale, and others with the same contempt. You sure need all the help you can get

  37. Thank you Congresswoman Greene. I donated to this cause and you are absolutely right!! We are in dire straights. All of the evil Obama clan is coming back after 8 miserable years under that crooked dictatorship. O’biden is crooked. I wish more GOP had the guts to stand with you. We need a new “Freedom” party led by the REAL President, President Trump!!!

  38. This Georgia rep could save America!! But I hope she extends the impeachment proceedings to the VP who would probably be a minion for B.O. as he tries to illegally act as our President from his basement in his sweats and from his mic into her earpiece because there is a video with him saying he would be happy doing just that! I am not or did I ever say he was stupid- he was smart enough to brain wash tons of Americans into voting him in twice despite so many let’s say “unknown” things like his place of birth- I am still not convinced he is an American but …..moving on, we need to make an amendment that no one can lead our country with an earpiece and be a minion- wording of course needs to be more professional and precise to reflect the times!

  39. Hopefully biden, harris and pelosi all go down all together. As far as I’m concerned their all traitors.

  40. I hope all this will happen and Pelosi along with her boy Swalwell go too. It’s a shame what they doing to the Country, most of all what they put president Trump through. Poor Hunter and Joe all the way to prison. Not so sure Obama shouldn’t share a cell with the Biden’s. Take tweeter and Facebook CEO too. Let’s take our country back…

  41. You all Are NUTS!!!!! I am a lifelong conservative but the antics of the current president and his white supremacy followers leave me and most others ashamed and embarrassed to be called Americans.

  42. How can the ‘American’ people stand by and knowingly allow this continued in perpetuity (Obama Admin et al) to continue to rape the very people they are sworn in to protect and serve, honestly, justly, without malice and conscientiously uphold their very own Constitution, then turn around and illegally elect an alleged a leader who, it has been shown to be more (if that’s possible) corrupt than any or most of his predecessors, and allow this travesty to take place and demand a surrounded armed force to protect his inauguration, if he was legally elected without all of the froo fraw and was innocent of any and all allegations he would then be eligible to represent the citizens of the United States of North America honestly, until then I am a Canadian citizen of North America and proudly stand with the most honest and accomplished President of the United States of America President Donald J. Trump

    1. Everybody listen up! Marjorie Taylor Greene has set the bar for us. Biden is getting impeached as soon as he is sworn in. He’s had 47 years of practice as a scumbag, and he’s the best scumbag we’ve got. Just remember, anything Marjorie says is Gospel, anything the scumbag says is a filthy lie. If you’re uncomfortable lying, let me know, I learned enough about lying from my ex-wife to put Joe Blowhard to shame. First lesson, our new President has a new name. Joe Blowhard. Any time you refer to him, that’s his name. Joe Blowhard. And once we hound him out of office, it doesn’t matter who’s next, we impeach it too. Remember this too! Nancy banned any pronouns that in any way denote the sex of the person referred to, so in future, all democrats will be referred to as “IT”. Example- Joe Blowhard has been illegally declared the winner, and it will be sworn in and impeached on 1/20/21. Lets all keep in touch. We will all be banned from social media, but I will post on every online forum I can find. I will contact President Trump and let him know what I’m doing. If we all post any and every where, they will have to take down the entire net to silence us. We can do it if we mean it.

  43. good luck!! sounds like a good idea but with dems in charge it will take over 2 years to get anything like this done. but yes lets keep chipping away at the dems any way we can

  44. The hell with the democrats, Biden WILL never be my president. To the people that are saying that if they had known of Bidens corruption, they would not voted have for him,you should have done your research and found out what this man and his party stands for. The people who want socialism,i suggest you go do what you are doing in america, in china, north korea, russia venezula,then if you can please let me know how you feel about socialism then.You, who voted for the biden ticket, have dis honored all PATRIOTS that fought for your freedoms and all the PATRIOTS that lost their lives to give you these freedoms.I beleive in these freedoms ,but all these so called AMERICANS that believe in money and power first ,can kiss my ass. ex marine wounded vietnam veteran.SEMPER FI AND GOD BLESS AMERICA>

    1. May I suggest that we should refrain from saying, “He’s not my President.” Rather, “He’s not President.”

      Good day

    1. May I suggest that JB will not destroy the USA, but perhaps we are about to pay some price for our sins. With that said, let’s take advantage of this opportunity that the communists have given us. They have struck our “Colors” and raised the hammer and cycle flag, thus all Americans are beautifully aware of their treasonous actions. Let’s take the house in two years and in the meantime kick the SOB out of the White House along with Pelosi. And you folks in New York City need to get your sh_t together and throw your evil leadership to the dogs and that goes for all of us in every state or we shall end up sorely losing or meanly saving the last great hope on earth…America. There is no peace now just duty. Good day.


  46. Hopefully Greene can get this done, but Piglosi has to bring the articles of impeachment to the floor for a vote, there is NO way she will do that, unless she assumes she has a clear path to the White House herself. But— the califonia ho stands in her way, so—- a double impeachment would have to be done, then take Piglosi out as well, ( but look out for dingbat Susan Rice), she could take over as well. Obama has this all set up so well, he has been planning this for many years, with the help of Kissinger, brzynski, Soros and others. He wants back in the White House, by hook or by crook! We have a huge job ahead of us to save our country. Can we do it? With God’s help , yes, on our own? Doubtful! Pray unceasingly for God’s grace in this, without him we have no one to turn to.

    1. Hi Patty,
      Please don’t rely on Ms Green alone. We are the solution! My wife and I attended the Trump rally in D.C. and the experience was awesome, but its going to require more than rallies. We are faced with the same necessary sacrifices our founders made that created the greatest nation on earth. Keep the faith and fight the good fight. The real devil behind the curtain is the “Deep State.” Can you say Rothschild and his myriad of demonic lieutenants?
      Good day.

  47. Beautiful. I have a personal thing, maybe right maybe wrong. What if the Wuhan thing was deliberate, to throw the DJT obvious win off the track (which it did). Just a thought, to support your contentions (also correct).

    Thanks for your strength.l

  48. Beautiful. I have a personal thing, maybe right maybe wrong. What if the Wuhan thing was deliberate, to throw the DJT obvious win off the track (which it did). Just a thought, to support your contentions (also correct).

    Thanks for your strength.

  49. Whether the proposed impeachment is baseless or not doesn’t matter. It will go nowhere with democrats in charge of everything.

  50. I would love to see this happen, but if they are gone, guess who takes over now! The same political whore who made sure the house only had 1 agenda the last 4 years! Get rid of Trump! Isn’t that the case?

  51. What has this great Nation come to…God help us…an He will bring justice back to the White House…Thankyou for your stand against Socialism…are we having a repeat of 1933 when Hitler silenced every other voice to proceed with his demonic deceptive dream……

  52. Thank you! If it takes new blood in the Republican party to finally get a back bone and do their job for we the people then we have a lot of work to do to get rid of the old who do nothing.

  53. Can both be impeached? For lying to the nation on suppressing media, FBI, and Democrat party not coming out with the truth about his background when Harris, Pelosi knew it and were lying to us by suppressing the truth??

    1. how about inciting riots over the summer.. The Dem’s paid them to riot, then bailed their a–es out of jail so they could go right back to rioting,

  54. Are all of you asleep? The writing is dripping off the wall. In just one day in office that pos has deleted over 60 thousand jobs, as much as doubled the unemployment rolls, opened our country to alcaida, sorry I have always been a terrible speller, Iran, and who knows whom else. The bottom line is that he is obviously a plant for China. Paid to bring down the USA from within. Just think what damage he and the other rats can do with unlimited time in control of our country. AND just as a scary thought OMG he has the football!!! K.Y.A’s. Goodbye

  55. What you’re doing it’s a great idea, But I think we need to go in reverse. Get rid of Nancy Pelosi first then Kamala Harris Then Joe Biden. If we get rid of Biden first Nancy and Kamala will tear this country apart

  56. It is time that the career politicians realize that they are supposed to be there for the people of the UNITED STATE of AMERICA not to get rich off of the people that are hard working to make this country great! The rules that they make are to make them feel superior to the common people that they are stealing from. Charity begins at home not other countries first… USA first!

  57. Everything wrong with our Country is due to our first African President! I left “American”out because Obama hates America! Imagine our Forefathers looking down on us, and shaking their heads in disbelief! Who had the bright idea to allow descendants of slavery to run America? It’s the cold hard fact, you don’t allow someone that hates America run America! Obama is a racist, Holder is a racist, Jarrett is a racist, Rice is a racist, Bill Ayers is a domestic terrorist! What did you think would happen when you allow Chicago Anarchists run things! Let’s get some advice on how to handle America, I know, let’s ask Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorn, and Eric Holder! And they want to deprogram Trump voters? You have to be programmed to be deprogrammed! Let’s put a scatterbrained, bartender in charge? Maybe a Somalian Muslim? We allowed this, now we are suffering the consequences! Do you actually believe Biden will be running America? It’s Obama’s 3rd term! Let’s not forget the dual-citizen, Hungarian, Unelected leader of the DNC, George Soros! Susan Rice? There is nothing common about common sense in America! Who cares if someone is offended? You can be offended and continue on your way!

  58. Marjorie Taylor Greene, line up some additional backbones (hopefully some can be found in the RNC), “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead” and it can’t happen soon enough!

  59. Bill Ayers blew up buildings in the early 70’s in protest of the Vietnam war, The Weather Underground? Domestic Terrorists! Eric Holder ran guns for the SLA, a domestic terrorist group that committed armed bank robberies and kidnapped Patty Hearst! Operation “Fast & Furious” Obama and Holder, arming a drug cartel that supplied them with fresh uncut, pure-cocaine! What did you think would happen when you put those people in charge? Oh, this is so good for America, our first black POTUS! WHAT? Of all the black people in America, you idiots chose a Chicago Anarchist? Then, after seeing the results of the pathetic job Obama and company did, you put his Vice President in the Oval-Office? You just gave Obama his 3rd term! Idiots!

  60. Descendants of slavery have no business running the Country that enslaved them! How stupid are you people? They hate America, and white-people! Where is your common sense? Look at Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Louis, Atlanta, etc… They cheat, Obama and HRC cheated their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election! They stole it from Bernie Sanders!
    Did you think they wouldn’t cheat again? WHAT? Did AOC honestly believe Joe Biden wasn’t just using those Socialists to get elected? You can’t have an $80T Anything! They are printing $$$ with nothing but inflation backing it up! No, Joe Biden will not have any part of a “Green-New-Deal” STUPID! Biden is Obama’s Trojan Horse!

  61. PEOPLE, The United States Of America was attacked the day Obama was first inaugurated! Bill Ayers, a Domestic Terrorist was assigned to rewrite our children’s educational curriculum! This Presidential Election, was their way to give Obama his 3rd term, and just might have made him dictator Obama! You don’t give criminals, very educated criminals the power to rule the world! Our elections mean everything to our allies, they sit back and watch, in disbelief, the naivety of stupid American Citizens! We just let a man who put America first, every time! A non-politician, a businessman, and of course the left hated him! Have you ever seen a College Basketball Coach, that won year, after year, and then accepted a better offer? The city, and state, he left, hated him for leaving them! Well, we had a winning Coach, He didn’t accept his pay, he put America First, he stood up to our enemies, and cared for our allies, he made jobs for minorities, he was doing a great job, he was making the left look like the imbeciles they are! Now he’s gone, and the left is gonna make sure, he never comes back!

  62. The Hypocrisy is breathtaking! I woke up this morning, turned on the TV, and the left, was singing, and pledging allegiance, to the flag?
    How can any human beings be such hypocrites? What type of message are the Democrats sending out to the world? You can trust us, believe us! It’s like every American human being, has a tiny brain, like Joy Behar and the idiotic, women on the view! They are pathetic, like a weed moving with the wind! So, did you liberal hypocrites tell the athletes it’s ok to stand for the anthem now? Did Biden tell everyone it’s ok to take your masks off, or just him? It’s very confusing! It’s like Whoopi got the memo that she can not be such a racist, but Joy didn’t get it, and Whoopi is chasing her down the hall, screaming Joy wait, like Adam Schiff saying Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

  63. I certainly agree that it is past time to hold Joe Biden accountable for the actions of his son Hunter selling political influence to foreign entities. How can he deny knowledge of his son’s action when he flew on the same plane with him to engage in them. He should instead have insisted his son stop such dealings. It is indeed treasonous and he is certainly not fit to be our president.

  64. Mitch MCConnell, I have never in my life, seen a more pathetic turd like you! It blows my mind that you get re-elected every year! Did you get some of Soros’s Dominion voting machines? You are a worthless, sorry, no good, liar, hypocritical, back-stabbing, son of a mother-fucker!

  65. I think Obama is the biggest nigger on planet earth, he is not a black man with integrity, he is a Chicago Hood-Rat, Muslim, Communist, Liar, Hypocritical, Worthless, Piece Of Rat-Shit. Obama is public enemy #1 and if the rest of you can’t see through this piece of shit, this Chicago Anarchist trash, destroying my homeland, you are either really lame, or you are a traitor!

    1. Please…please refrain from the nefarious word ni_ger. Yes obama was evil, but our black brothers and sisters are in this fight with us. Please none of that! Okay?

  66. Noble attempt, however as long as Nancy is in charge it will never get past the house. Remember rumors have it that Nancy’s son is also involved with Hunter. So don’t get excited. It appears that half of our leadership is involved in the China sweepstakes, and as usual we have had 2 chances to get rid of the garbage that mast themselves as politicians, and again as voters we failed ourselves and put them back into office. They are not stupid it is us who allow ourselves to get thumped harder than a New York city prostitute. Coming to us soon the $15 dollar an hour minimium wage, HAS ANYONE STOP TO THINK HAVE THESE COMPANIES ARE GOING TO GET AROUND IT?,REDUCED HOURS,CUTTING STAFF LET ALONE WHAT IT IS GOING TO DO TO SMALL BUSINESS. ALL I CAN SAY IS YOU GOT WHAT YOU VOTED FOR. AS FOR WALTERS’S NEW COVID PLAN IT IS THE SAME THING TRUMP HAD IN PLACE ALREADY ONE MILLION VACCINES A DAY. YOU JUST GOT SNOKERED AGAIN

  67. I have not voted since I voted for Ronald Reagan, I just don’t like politicians! Why put a criminal that does drugs, rapes children, or allows another man all up in his ass, running America? Seriously, why put a cheater, a liar, a back stabber, in the Oval Office? Atheists, Communists, Muslims, One World Order aspirers, thieves, homosexual, UN-Godly, wretched, evil, unAmerican trash, running this Country? How can anything good come of this? Where are your minds? Would you honestly buy a car from Biden? Obama? HRC? Schumer? MCCONNELL? Would you hang out with Pelosi? Have dinner with the Squad? Would you loan money to Hunter Biden? Would you allow Bill Ayers to teach your kids? Because you already did! Are you Citizens scared of black people? What is it that makes you American Citizens feel like it’s ok, to put treasonous people in charge of our Country? You must have been turned over, to reprobate minds! Passivists!

  68. For the average citizen, there is little to nothing we can individually do about the corruption and actions of those who govern, however, for those who are God-loving and trust His Word, we can pray the prayer in 2 Chronicles 7:14, and trust God to answer our prayers. Initially I think of certain Scriptures that are given to us for our consideration and guidance, for example, Galatians 6:7, “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” God’s law of retribution. Then I think of the Scriptures regarding King Ahab and Jezebel. Jezebel thought she knew all the secrets of evil, but neglected to know and understand that God was watching her every action and her evil actions against Naboth and his vineyard. 15 years after her betrayal and ill advising King Ahab, they found her bones at the wall where was eaten by the dogs, as prophesied by the Prophet for her evil act against God’s people. I believe that God is always watching, He is still in charge of the entire universe, let us remember the Scripture that tell us, “Not a sparrow falls to the field absent of the Father’s knowledge.” God watches everything. Pray for those elected to serve our nation and who carelessly disregard God’s commandments; and those with evil thoughts about governing our great nation; For those elected officials who profess to be Christians, I pray for their true penitence for disobeying God’s commandments for His people. God’s Word is certain and final. In Deuteronomy 32:35 God said, “Vengeance is Mine, and recompense.” All in His time, according to His will. As a Christian, I have faith, I trust and belief in God’s Holy Word. Praise the Lord, faithfulness is always our strength and endurance!

  69. This needed impeachment will not go anywhere unless we push our legislators to go ahead with it. without Americans demanding action, the political swamp will swallow and devour any attempt against the Biden/Harris/Obama presidency.
    Contact your Senators and Representatives and DEMAND they take action or they’ll be replaced.

  70. I guess it was the cases of ballots that were dragged out from under the table in Georgia that pushed this senile babbler into office…

  71. Thank you Marjorie Taylor Greene, I hope you get all the support you need to remove this fraud of a president and his cohorts.

  72. Thank you Mrs Greene I hope and pray you can get this done. Everything you stated is so true. Please keep fighting as an American our voices just seem like we don’t don’t have one God Bless and please keep up the fight.

  73. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is a true American, that simply wants justice. Millions of Americans will be watching as she has a huge biased Biden following (Congress) and (Media) to overcome.
    For the good of the country we must eliminate this security risk.

    Good Luck, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

  74. BIDEN IS A TRAITOR SCUMBAG AND NEEDS TO BE OUT OF OFFICE AND IN JAIL. He is destroying these United States and he will turn this country into a China run country. He needs to go down period

  75. This is clearly a legit case for impeachment. We all saw the video w/quid pro quo Joe bragging how he got the Ukraine prosecutor Shokin fired, Hunter the pedophile laptop, Biden family criminal empire in cahoots w/China. Traitor Joe…….I like the moniker

  76. If I was the Devil and wanted to control all, I would have started with the a play book of timed events and players that defined the beginning, year 2020!
    1) I needed to instill fear, rage & hate, so I planned the George Floyd arrest & viewable video of his slaying without ever allowing voices of “why”, just accepting that 3 policemen picked this “black man”to wrestle to the ground and not let him breath, for the world to see. Help support & pay for corrupt people to riot & destroy. Pay politicians to aid in this destruction and further undermine law & order to give the corrupt the power & funding to grow & continue. No real cause, just made up lies & use of racial history & inner city decay to fuel the fire. Have corrupt people protect them from justice & bailing out of jails. Turn this into a group that only wants to destroy for pay by other sick people. Use these riots to keep others that have done major destruction to democracy from being brought to justice & saved by sweeping all under the rug by politicians & corrupt law enforcement leaders. So the corrupt can continue & gain more power by controlling new & existing laws. These groups will bgg e needed & used as offen as needed, but disguised as for a blinded cause & supported by the corrupt owned medias.
    Any mayor or governor will be handsomely rewarded & promised later support & funding to rebuild their cities, so to look good in eyes of those they are supposed to be serving. Typical!! They will look like heros by the media to brainwash further the people .
    2) have a virus made, with an antidote for those using & spreading, to provide fear, controls, to keep large groups from being able to assemble in support of anything not desired by those in control. Let this power be in the hands of one power hungry & uncaring group that can only survive by keeping this control power. Defeat organized worship, education, family relationships, elections, etc. Cause mental breakdowns & deaths without being with loved ones. Put power in the hands of the corrupt to maintain control over the masses. Have this corrupt group control the communications, news & propaganda to spread fear, hopelessness, wreck economies & family businesses, etc., etc.
    3) using this virus as the new wedge to wreck all things that are good including governments, democracy, freedom of speech, election processes that were set so they couldn’t be undermined, but are. Instill fear into weak leaders that can be controlled and will not do anything to wake the people up to the loss of their freedoms & allowing the division & hatred arranged to be magnified by media & politicians. Anyone speaking out, destroy them by suppressing their communication options, make by brainwashing the people to hate & not trust this person or their family or peers. Create lies & turn them into truth by numbers believing all the propaganda.
    4) pick the most corrupt politicians to run for office & see that this playbook gets them in to control & wreck havoc! Destroy one nation at a time, starting with the strongest, the USA. Remove her strength further by taking her true strength away, belief & conviction to God and the laws taught to the people. With God slowly removed, I the Devil have no fear & I will have a clear path to exposing hell on earth!!
    So PEOPLE, continue to stay out of my way & support my hand picked Devils Dew!

  77. All of these traitors need their necks stretched. I want it done publicly, too. It would take weeks since there are so many, but think of the entertainment value.

    He has just committed it by sending more troops to Syria. Nota Bene: All US troops in Syria are illegal invaders. That means that aby US soldier caught could, by law of the land, be put on trial and, maybe, hanged! And that would be fully correct, as they are not there in an official declared war and, therefore, mere ‘Terrorists’. Even US law does not permit any warfare outside International Law, without Declaration of War, or Immediate Defense.
    None of these apply. Thus, BIDEN IS (once again, after Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Ukraine) a WAR CRIMINAL!

  79. Margorie thank you so much doing the right thing. I wish I was there to help you. Joe Biden is so corrupt. I watched the Ukraine Press Conference showing evidence of money laundering by Joe Biden and Hunter. I’m speechless!!! He needs to pay dearly for his crimes, he is a disgrace to the United States. To think that the people voted this devil and he’s been sworn in as our President! Please do not let this go, don’t let Nancy Pelosi and the left stop you!!! There are so many in our government that need to be in handcuffs, your draining the swamp my girl. I’ve contacted my representative Hal Rogers and Senator Rand Paul regarding my wanting them to impeach both Joe Biden for Treason and Kamala Harris for aiding BLM members last summer. It’s time we stand for the truth and all that is right! His bless you, stay safe. If I can help you in anyway to save our freedoms please let me know. Thank you.

    1. Listen to all of you that love our country and love our freedoms, contact your representative, your senator, anyone you know that can help Margorie. Tell them you want Biden impeach for treason. They are in Washington to work for us, the people. Demand they to stand up for what is right and the truth!!!! She can’t do this alone.

  80. She is 100% right, but sadly, since the DemonBrats stole the Presidential election, as well as the senate & congressional elections, nothing will come of any impeachment of Pedo Joe! & no thanks to Trump waving the white flag of surrender to Pedo Joe, rather than fight for AMERICANS, by invoking the Insurrection Act, none of this will mean a damn thing! No Biden will be imprisoned as they should, nor executed for treason, & the Durham probe, Pizzagate, Osama-Obama Gate etc. will all be done away w/, & all evidence of everything found about all of these things will be destroyed! & not one guilty person will be punished for any of it! & also, I thought about this the other day, how ironic that the feds decided to NOT have a trial for Ghislane Maxwell for a full yr after they arrested her evil ass! They knew full well, that Pedo Joe would steal the election & everyone was paid to look the other way & let it happen, selling us all out to the commies, the illegal aliens & Muslims! & this woman will all of a sudden be suicided, cause we all know Pedo Joe was at that island umpteen times too! The way that MF’er acts around lil girls, screams pedo! That & the fact that he owns a small personal submarine co. that is based off an island he owns which is a short boat, or sub ride from, you guessed it, Epstein’s pedo island!

    Only Civil war will save this country, people! The time of votes, ballots, words is over! Now we must do as our forefathers did to free themselves from the tyranny of England! They purposely wrote it into our very constitution, that is the government ever became tyrannical, to overthrow it! & under Pedo Joe & Kameltoe Hairyass, it already is!


  81. Thank you Georgia Rep. Greene!!!

    Bye den will never represent me, I will never call him my president. He represents nothing that I believe. He has Americans destruction in his sight!! I’ve never seen so much hate and contempt aimed at hard working Americans, especially those who are willing to stand up against their actions. Those of us who believe there is a right and wrong, those of us who stand firm on Gods words. We are being censored to silence our voices. We are being threatened with deprogramming, with being Done away with!! All while bye den sits behind his desk and says nothing and does nothing and continues to sign away American jobs. Never thought I’d live to see the day when a man who claims to represent Americans sign papers to allow illegals to be put above Americans. Where racism is more rampart than ever before.
    So many republicans have sold their souls to the devil, they have been bought out by the left. Never thought I’d see the day when the burning and vandalism of hard working Americans would be called peaceful protest! Never thought I’d see the day a person running for Vice President would stand in front of a camera and say “ that’s what happens when people aren’t heard and that they should continue their fight!! Never thought I’d see the day a person running for VP would bail out of jail those same people doing the violence and start a fund to represent them and their actions. It’s a disgrace the way things are.
    But I’ve read the book that apparently none of them has read, or didn’t believe!! But a day of reckoning is coming!! And it doesn’t matter to me how it comes!! If it comes with the splitting of the Eastern sky that’s okay with me!! But every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!! But for so many it will be to late. But I also believe God has a plan in this and America isn’t done yet and neither is My President Donald J Trump. I pray for all the people who have the guts to stand up for what’s right. Because it’s worth standing for!! Gif bless you Rep Greene and each person who stands firm!! Little do they know WE WILL WIN IN THE END!!!

    1. Yes take him down he lied to the people of this country he said he was not going to take down the fracking when he was running for president he lied to to us people of this country he should be gotton for treasosn for lieing to us in this country he had no right to do lie just to get into be the president he also wants to get rid of the babies how can he call himself christian when he wants to get a life. And harris should not be in the Vice president at all she has been a communist from day one.She goes way back. It was in the paper from the cities. and it had been sent from New York. They also said she is not a citizen of this country. I do not know if this is true but everyone is getting this. Maybe someone should check this out.

  82. You go Lady – get these corrupt Socialist – maybe not Socialist – just corrupt
    where can I send $$ to help get these B_ _ _ _ _ ds


  84. No political payback, just good, old-fashioned doing her job and might l say an excellent job! Is there no-one in charge in Washington DC who will do their job and remind dems. , etc. that biden and many others have committed crimes against our country and therefore every American citizen and they must be thoroughly investigated, you know like they did with President Trump and did not find diddly. If there is no-one who will remind pelosi and her ilk then we need to change that yesterday as they give the impression that this is their country and we are all squatters. Time for a citizens committee to spend time in DC and be part of every single group as they do not usually do what is best for us and our country!

  85. I totally agree get rid of that bastard (Biden), he is not the President they stole the election. President Trump is the real President and the greatest. We want our President in the white house Trump. SAVE AMERICA FROM COMMUNIST DUMB ASS BIDEN AND DEMOCRATS GET THEM OUT THOSE ANTI-AMERICAN BASTARDS. This is the result we get due to the northern states taxes tariffs and tyranny and corrupt government. If the southern states won we won’t have these problems. In the 19th century they knew the best solution for this race problem in AMERICA is common sense send all blacks back to AFRICA. America did blacks a favor by colonizing Liberia, Africa for them to permanently go back. Every county needs to take care of their own problems putting their own country first. The Bible forbids race mixing and gays and lesbians its all in there if people pick up their Bible and read it. Its sodium and Gomorrah sins and we what happen to that town it was destroyed. It was too sick and evil to survive, the family was told to leave the city and not look back and the disobedient women looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. Women now are disobedient also.

  86. Protect our border and keep them out. ABOLISH property taxes and have true home ownership and God given right and human right to have a home. True home ownership is freedom ,freedom of speech , right to travel on public highway freely. You should have to have a license to travel freely in your own private car/truck. License required only when making money on the highway for commerce taxi, delivery driver company driver. You notice I said driver the line has been blared. You buy your car and house why should you pay rent unconstitutional property taxes on them? We have a evil corrupt government. We live in a form East Germany

  87. The extension of the ccp in congress, you see, there mission is to destroy america from within, they could give a shit less about America, it’s people or the constitution , they’ve proven it time and again right before our eyes for all to see, they are globalist in concert with globalist from all around the world, watch, study, listen, pay attention, learn, seek truth, the times are at hand.

  88. I don’t understand why Kamala Harris hasn’t had impeachment papers filed against her. She stood on National tv and told BLM to keep doing what they are doing. She is telling them to continue to loot, burn and riot with violence. Is that not insurrection ? Why do these people continue getting away with crimes.

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