It’s Now Illegal to Talk about the 2020 Ele…Uhhhhh You Know the Thing

A lot of people look back at historical atrocities and wonder, “How could that have happened there, of all places?” Germany, for example, was considered one of the nicest and most cosmopolitan countries in Europe before you-know-who got elected Supreme Ruler and went on a killing spree. How do things go sideways so quickly?

I guess we know now that we’re going through it here. A small group of rich, awful people we’ve never really trusted were working against our best interests until the day when they decided to throw the switch, in coordinated unison, and tried to turn us into a different country.

The weirdo tech gazillionaires in Silicon Valley have established themselves as a new de facto government in the United States. You may disagree with that assessment, but if you do, think carefully about what’s happening in America right now.

More than 70,000 Twitter users have had their accounts shut down since last Friday, for the crime of sharing QAnon memes and theories. The President of the United States has been permanently kicked off of Twitter. Thousands of additional users, all Trump supporters, have had their accounts shut off or locked. Many more are added to Twitter’s blacklist every single day, if they talk about or question the results of the 2020 election.

It’s happening to us too. Our emails to you are being throttled and sent straight to your SPAM folder in hopes you never read them. Make sure you are still getting our emails by adding “American Liberty Report” to your contacts list. You should also reply “Renew my Subscription” to the American Liberty Report email that brought you here to keep our interaction fresh, something the big 3 email providers, Gmail, Yahoo and AOL, demand.


Facebook has kicked the president off its platform – permanently. Many thousands of additional users are locked out of their accounts for “violating community standards” – which is a term that apparently means they were talking about the illegitimacy of the 2020 election.

Amazon, Apple and Google colluded last week to shut down a relatively new social media channel called Parler, over its refusal to enact draconian speech control measures – measures that would have prevented people from discussing the 2020 election’s results. The Trump campaign has been blocked by Salesforce, so it can no longer send emails to its millions of supporters.

Marriott hotels, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Commerce Bank, CitiBank and JP Morgan Chase have all announced that they will no longer donate funds to the 138 House Republicans and eight Senate Republicans who challenged the results of the 2020 election. Many more companies are planning to follow suit.

Airlines are preventing Trump supporters from boarding flights – especially Trump supporters who traveled to Washington, DC last week in order to ask for an audit of the 2020 election. The IRS has announced that it will begin a massive uptick in the number of audits of small businesses and independent contractors in 2021.

(Note the irony of that. No audit of the 2020 election and the actions of government will be allowed. But the government will be auditing Trump supporters to make sure that the government’s interests are being properly cared for and shepherded.)

Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey can now come into your house and restrict what you’re allowed to say on the internet. This is a violation of your most basic rights as an American. If that is not a new form of government that we find ourselves living under, which no one voted for, then what exactly would a new form of government look like?

Our new government under tech oligarchs has made it illegal to talk about the 2020 election. This is the biggest piece of proof we’ve had yet that the 2020 election was a complete and total fraud.

If something is legitimate, you don’t make it ILLEGAL to talk about it.

Lots of people believe that the moon landings were fake. NASA didn’t respond to that by running to Congress and demanding a new law that makes it illegal to talk about the moon landings.

By criminalizing the act of talking about the 2020 election, our new government of, by, and for Google, Twitter, Facebook and Amazon has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that it was a fake election. Joe Biden lost by a lot – and they have proven it through their draconian actions.

Remember the Russian collusion hoax? President Trump allowed that hoax to play out from start to finish, because he understood that if he interfered with it by firing Robert Mueller or appointing a real Attorney General, he would look guilty of something. If the 2020 election was legitimate, our new government would let the process play out by allowing us to audit the results and talk about it.

But the new government instead punishes Americans for even trying to talk about it or question it. That tells you everything.

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179 thoughts on “It’s Now Illegal to Talk about the 2020 Ele…Uhhhhh You Know the Thing”


    1. For a few more minutes while that is still allowed? Or will the people rise up finally if they are told that they can no longer have a voice in this society if they believe in the one true Triune God? That is next you know. The elites don’t like to be reminded of the possibility of God, it is the one thing that can make them feel guilty for a moment, and that may keep them awake at night if they think for a moment that eternal life in heaven or hell may actually exist…

      1. God doesn’t make dems feel guilty. They resist God arrogantly bc they believe that they are gods, masters of the Earth and universe. They will allow NO competition in our beliefs.

        1. The greatest president in history has been impeached by the worst, nastiest, biggest idiots in history, not once but twice. I won’t be happy until they are all in front of a firing squad.

          1. It will not happen, but unless they turn to God they will eventually find themselves in hell and then they will answer to Satan, who is not their friend.

          2. I agree it’s coming hopefully they deserve everything they are about to get. They are so arrogant they think they are untouchable, well God is much bigger!

    2. I believe that with all my heart, but please Lord do something now! I can’t watch my grandchildren go through this.

      1. I agree with you I have 6 and it isn’t looking good for there future. Dear God Please do something this country needs u know. Amen

      2. The evil liberal left democrats headed by CHINA PEDOFILE PUPPET BIDEN has started the end times. The democrats are truly evil and owe their allegiance to Satan not America.

      3. My husband and I stated what is happening won’t affect us as much as it would the younger generation, I pray every night to ask GOD to do something now but I still have to realize that he knows what is going on and in his time he will stop it that doesn’t mean I don’t want to it to stop now. The country is going in the direction of socialism- we can’t speak about it, talk about it and next is we won’t be allowed to think about it.

        1. Now is the time to stop supporting the companies that don’t support the constitution. The bottom line is what hurts big tech, and big corporations is loss of money. Look how much Facebook and Twitter have lost since their silencing of the American people.

          1. I couldn’t agree more. The only thing that impresses the companies who support this draconian crack down on free speech is $$$$$$$$$$$. STOP buying from them. And when you want to locate something that you think you may want to buy, SHOP LOCALLY. Using Amazon is a habit…not a necessity.

            And for those that say they are NOT be donating to Conservative Legislator and Candidates, I say do not
            buy their products. — And, another good idea, is to NOT purchase good from China. It is really and truly possible to buy American made products…of which, NIKE is NOT.

      4. David — ever hear the phrase “God helps those who help themselves” — THAT MEANS US !!!!!!!! We allowed this to happen, we allowed these dirtbags to take control of our country –IT IS UP TO US TO FIX IT — NOT OUR LORD !!!!!If you allow yourself to be silenced then they win — there is another saying — if you want to be free men, you have to fight for that freedom !!!! The time just might be at hand that we have to fight again for our country. I fought a war to save a foreign country I sure as hell will fight to save our own !!!!!

    3. AMEN!!! This horrendous situation across our great nation is truly a SPIRITUAL BATTLE!! We who believe and put God first in our lives have the strength to trample the evil that is dividing and destroying America from within. Please pray for the victory that we can command with the power of the Almighty within us. With God’s grace in our hearts, we will follow Him into this fight and live to sing His praises as we once again begin to live in peace….ONE NATION, UNDER GOD….with liberty & justice for all! ❤️

      1. It’s a crying shame that in the United States of America the Big Tech companies and the Democrats are telling us what we can and can not say. Those idiots in Washington needs to realize they work for us and they do what we say do.
        The big Tech companies needs to realized without us they have no company!!

        1. You are correct. Except we have allowed them to do as they please for far to long. The younger generation the “woke” culture have absolutely no idea what it takes to remain a free country or what it took to become our great nation. We have to stand united forcing them out of office. Our founding fathers even told us this would happen that is why they gave us The constitution and Bill of rights. We must get back on track and not allow these documents to be shredded.

          1. It’s also the Permanent Politicians who consider themselves “Elite” that are allowing this behavior to exist and continue. People like Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, and others who’ve made a fortune from being on the take with Lobbyists & Big Business. It’s past the point of allowing their actions to rule the rest of us. Isn’t it obvious that they think they’re better than the rest of us and should be allowed to tell us how to act, think, and express our views? Voters can’t continue to consider all elections local and keep re-electing the same people over & over and expect them to represent us when they get back to Washington where they’re bought off by lobbyists & senior political leaders.

          2. Thank you for speaking the truth. Im concerned for my kids in their 20s, they won’t hear or believe the truth about all this because the main stream media has lied so much, and Im looking forward to all the truth being revealed. Praise the Lord, This country needs a healing and revivals, let’s sing to the Lord to save us.

        2. To Chad :

          Do you really think the people in government
          “ work for us “? ??
          When was the last time any of them ( left or right) listened to our voices ??
          They make promises, but that’s about it !
          After they make sure they still secured their
          position and fancy life style, everything goes back to “ business as usual “
          The only one that listened to our voice was President Trump and just a handful of real Republicans ( Jim Jordan, Scalise, Josh Hawley,
          Ted Cruz, Gaetz and few more)
          What happened?
          The deep state won as usual!!!
          So, let’s keep on dreaming that they really work for us !!!!
          Shamefully sad but true !!!

          1. Yes all this is true, and the answer is to enact term limits on congressmen and senators thru a convention of states, because the congress will never do it on themselves. Then Congress will remember that the people rule not the representatives.

        3. Chad, you are correct. Our best approach at this point is for us to look at all the companies advertising on these platforms. Call/write them and tell them you will no longer be using their products if the continue to advertise on those platforms. This will quickly cause companies to remove revenue from the platform, effectively hitting them where it hurts the most, their wallets.

      2. Have no fear I am trying anyone can win when they cheat & are corrupt they forget one thing GOD see’s all even the one’s doing the riots in DC GOD help the USA.

        1. oh no Gods’ eyes roam to and fro though out the earth. The stench of sin and arrogance come up before Him.
          He does not wink at sin but is longsuffering waiting for people to come to Him and change. He does and will judge the earth. With that being said, Our God is longsuffering. His timing is not our timing.

    4. Beautifully said. God will see us through this, our darkest hour, just as He triumphed over two thousand years ago. Those of us who believe will not lose hope or allow our faith to shatter. We all want The Lord to cure this blight now; however, “in His own time” it will come to pass. Be strong and vigilant as He who watches over us shall neither slumber nor sleep and so neither shall we.

      1. So well said. I add to that there will be light at the beginning of the end. God is God and not to be questioned. Just remember the words “oh you of little faith”…. we all are being tested. We all should not loose hope. For the true Christian, Thanksgiving is not a holiday but a way of living. In everything give thanks.

    5. Amen! Bro James Neumann
      You said a lot that GOD is with us , HE never leave us nor forsake us. 1thessalonian 5:17
      HE knows everything what’s going on and I praise our GOD because HE deserves all the the GLORY
      Only our GOD can solve our problems right now, no one else and I do believe that the righteous will prevail as HE promise

    6. It gets closer and closer every day.
      People are fed up with a one sided
      ON THE 6TH OF JANUARY 2021,

    7. I will continue to tell the truth, they stole the voter right and even the Supreme Court did not do nothing. I will die but and can not accept what they did. I spend 23 years in the US Army to keep my mouth shot. Not doing it for nobody and yes Did Jesus turn over the tables in the Temple. Justice yeah right.

    8. Amen. Let us hope that this not forgotten. Let us heal and go forward Some things that happen have
      consequences and we should all learn from this.

    9. OMG your statement is excellent. This is absolutely disgusting what these big techs are doing to the law abiding God fearing American LEGAL citizens. you are right God is still our leader. PRESIDENT TRUMP was bring God back to our Country. God help us.

    10. I’m sorry I understand James where you are coming from as a fellow Christian, but the Church as been in bed with the enemy for a few decades. Leading us to where we are now. In 2016 God sent Trump into office to help expose what we were up against because the enemy of our souls was working behind the scenes for 8 years. We were in a period of Grace and God allow Trump to received the brunt of the pressure and attacks from the enemy for us. Not God has not seen the Church mobilize these past 4 years even through Trump has kept almost every promise to his supporters and to the Church. He surrounded himself with strong believers to guide him in the process. He has blessed Israel over and over again more than any other president and God promises in Genesis 12:1-3 . Now a large part of the church has a spirit of offense and God cannot move in the condition he sees his bride in.

    11. Amen, just a way for God to show the American people, All the American people that after 4yrs of Bejing Biden Trump will rise again!

    12. Amen James Neuman! And Trump is God’s man of the hour. This isn’t over yet. I believe Trump and team have diligently prepared for what is about to take place. #MAGA

    13. I say my prayers daily that anti-Constitution types in Congress and their censoring corrupt big tech buddies all suffer famine and ruin the remainder of their days, and they shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD…


    1. Everyone knows now that Biden was not the winner of the November 3rd election.. Trump beat him hands down and at 1am Trump’s lead started going down..they have proved that the machines that does the vote counting can’t handle the volume of ballots that are in the count. They had video of one woman in Atlanta taking and running ballets over and over again for Biden.. also for every vote Trump got Biden got 1.25 votes that’s how Biden pulled out the corrupt vote which the Democrats have paid people to do …
      So boycott Amazon. Twitter Google and apple.. boycott all apple products.. phones ear plugs and other products which are made in China..

      1. Yes Lawrence, you are right !!!!
        This is what all the people that supported Trump should do : boycot Amazon, Facebook, Tweeter, Walmart, all the Apple products and every company that are is silencing us !!!!
        The question is : would the people do that ???
        Maybe not all close to 80 million people but at least half of them should !!!!
        Honestly, I doubt it

      2. I totally agree with what you are saying and some advice on how to correct a bad situation so it doesn’t get any worse than it already is…stop buying as many things as possible that are coming from China. Let’s try to leverage some control of the $$$ that flows to the real insurrectionists…BIG Business!

    2. Actually it is the corrupt government you should be mad at. They started this, if they are gone, so is the problem

    3. Since Biden is both mentally & physically challenged, what is=f they were to run the @25th againat him?

      Sound good?

      1. No, because that officially puts Kamala in power. Even the members of her party refused to vote for her in the primary

        1. J Webb… you mean KUM-ala? I saw a sweatshirt the other day that had KUM-ala across the top, a big smiling santa claus in the middle, and “Ho Ho Ho” across the bottom….. LMFAO

      2. No! Do you really want president Harris of Kamalica? Or even worse, (I hate typing this…) president pelosi?! That’s your choices WHEN they invoke the 25th on him. He already stated during his campaign that he was just going to be an interim president. That’s the plan already!


      1. The security guy or blm guy that fired the shot that killed her can be plainly seen on photos. The wh is full of cameras.

    2. Why hasn’t her murderer been arrested? They know who was in that part of the building at that time. Must be one of the Democrat paid assassins.

      1. Because, they are rumors that she is alive and CIA agent! Shutting was staged There is a video that showing that shooter shot down the hall. Many things were planed to retaliate against Democracy and Trump supporters!

    1. It’s amazing to me that people will not take the time to investigate the claim but will spend billions of dollars to silence the questions. Who is behind this-China?

  3. Let me just say this. It’s time every user put Twitter and Facebook out of a job – PERMANENTLY! Every Twitter and Facebook user should simply voluntarily close their own accounts – PERMANENTLY and never look back! Without users, these companies would not even be in business. They are a distinct threat to freedom!

    1. Boycott Facebook now .. if we close our accounts they lose business.. can you think what would happen if 75 million people stop using Facebook and Twitter.. they would crap their pants and Zuckerberg and Bezos would really think about shooting them selves for being bullies to the American people.

    2. I Shut down my facebook account permanently and life is so much more peaceful. They can all go to he’ll because I am NOT signing back up to promote their evil and corruption. Joe Biden did NOT win the election. so is he a winner? NO and the Americans will pay for that too.

    3. I agree. I sent a final message to my contacts to say why I was deleting my account the day they took President Trump off. Conservatives need to stand up by boycotting these companies and writing to our State and Federal leaders to stop the infringement on our rights by Big Tech. Make our voices heard instead of sitting back thinking “this could never happen in my country.” It is happening. We cannot be silent. The liberals have achieved progress in their agenda because they make themselves heard. We need to do the same.

      1. Well theres no point now, seeing as how the legislative AND executive branches are completely blue now? Our complaints will just go right thru the shredder, and eventually the reply you’ll get will be in person. When police show up to arrest you for bad mouthing their real bosses.

    4. A 83 MILLION group of “elegible age voters” is shown in the upcoming 2020 Census since all residents including Permanent Legal Residents and illegals who are not elegible to vote and who are used for districting and federal funding can register and vote and little Joe wants to give them the same rights as those of us with Real-ID’s have. The Census knows the name and location of each of these as we had to pay $13 billion to send 500,000 “enumerators” to each of their doorsteps to fill and return their data via iPhone 8 down and uploads. 33 million when confronted refused to answer the “mandatory” survey while 50 million answered but didn’t want to and they are all known by address and “last known name” and therefore can be tracked down to voting records. The cell phone system used should replace government owned computers and used to submit votes as well as receipting each vote with the voter and the registered party,

    5. I never had a Twitter account, but I closed my Facebook pages back in November. I definitely agree with this. If all Conservatives would follow this it would hit their pocket books.
      I also am not renewing my Amazon Prime nor am I ordering anything from there wherever possible to find what I need elsewhere. If I can’t find what I need elsewhere I decide if I REALLY need it.
      I’ve also deleted Google and Gmail from my computer and phone.

      1. Amen. A simple search using the free duckduckgo browser (does not record or track your searches) will find alternatives to each of the major social media sites. Unfortunately, Trump reinforces the impression that the bad guys have monopolies in their respective areas when he should be identifying the alternatives and encouraging people to use them.

      2. Why are people on face book any way, it is for the ignorant that dont have a life, my friend claims she has hundreds of friends on face book , make believe fantasy, get out in the real world and make some real friends ,what a joke , that is why America is in the shape it is too many ignorant people on their tablets and I phone way too much, if you have too much time on your hands volunteer ,or get a second job ,do something productive , enough said time to get to my second job !

    6. I opted out the min. they took our Pres. off. I’m done with Amazon ect. also. It’s all so clear and has been from the start. For the nay sayers….PLEASE do your homework. God always wins. Whose side you gonna choose? It’s never too late.

    7. Richard: It’ll never happen. Most Americans are just not that disciplined to give up their “toys” for the sake of our democracy. The America we once knew is now in the hands of those who will tell us what we can do or what we can say. We can no longer even be sure if our votes count any more. Biden president??? Not in the real world! Only through fraud and deception aided and abetted by a left wing media. Welcome to the New World Order!
      God help America!

  4. I have been saying this since the fake election results declaring Biden the winner were announced. If the Left and their lapdogs, the media and the oligarchs REALLY believed the election was fair, they wouldn’t be going through such Gestapo-like lengths to prevent common sense questions from being asked. This assault on our free speech rights is also supported by quite a few republicans who, because of their envy and hatred of Trump and his popularity, gladly conspired against the people.

    1. Spot on!!! The election was a total scam…. 100% ILLEGAL and FRAUDULENT!!! The fact remains that GOODNESS & RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL PREVAIL. We GOOD CITIZENS must continue to demand the truth!!! It’s only a matter of time until the entire ugly truth is exposed and divulged to the world. Keep the prayers alive and flowing. Our God is so awesome…and will not forsake us.

        1. GOD may get around to correcting the situation, but may not feel in any hurry. His solution, when he gets around to it, may be in the form of an asteroid collision or solar nova.

  5. Is this legal? God help us. Hell will be so crowded since we all going to die one day and that is one God giving thruth. There will be no one place for all oh us you have your place in hell if Lucifer even accepte you. You California 4 make your own bed and ain’t going to be pretty. Money can buy Soul.

    1. I’ve been in Cali 95% of my life. I have to say…..there are more of us Christian conservatives here than you can imagine. I think the state is red if it wasn’t for the big time cheating.

  6. Is this legal? God help us. Hell will be so crowded since we all going to die one day and that is one God giving thruth. There will be no one place for all of us you have your place in hell if Lucifer even accepte you. You California 4 make your own bed and ain’t going to be pretty. Money can buy Soul.

    1. This may be the reason why we have a song about a “stairway to heaven”, and another about a “highway to hell”. Perhaps they are anticipating future traffic.

  7. I didn’t REALIZE there were that many Left Wing Communist Treasonistic Traitors in our MIDST . . . I’ve NEVER seen these many LIARS and REPROBATE Abominations assembled in one PLACE and ONE cause. It is time for SUCESSION. Since We The People DON’T have a VOICE in THIS country, Let’s form OUR Republic FOUNDED in GOD and LIBERTY, EXACTLY mirroring the U.S. Constitution AND The Declaration of Independence (SAY . . .2021?), and we’ll watch the OLD CORRUPT Republic FALL. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  8. Everyday when I wake up, it seems less and less like the country that I once knew. This ending to this story is not what good people sign up for. I feel like the end is coming and coming very soon

  9. Wear black on inauguration day. The day America ceases to be.
    It will be a day of mourning.
    Bye-bye America.

    1. Also fly your flag at half-mast for the death of our Republic when the Great Pretender is crowned on Jan.20th

  10. The Rapture can’t come soon enough! All the Demorats and Trump haters will be left with nothing but hell on earth. They deserve it!

  11. Look like the Bible is coming truth! Satan has taken over AMERICA! The only free country in the world! Thank to atheist and fool who mine is sick ! Believing they will be treated differently than those who SUPPORT keeping the country Free! China has finally come aboard our land! Using these POLITICAN who are so stupid you people believe anything that a LIE! Chinese women are trained to be spy as well sex lover to weak knee men! Maybe if you fool had learn history than BELIEVE a POLITICAN!

  12. I Actually Began Wearing Black the Morning After The “Fraud”. I Am In Mourning…because IF You Have Family, They’ve Just STOLEN the REST of THEIR Life In Peace, Prosperity, Safety With Freedoms & Rights We’ve ALL Had…HAD…Obviously NO MORE…They’re Not EVEN “INSTILLED” Yet, & Look At How Many T’s & T’s Have JUMPED on Board to ALREADY DENY US OUR Rights & Soon, Freedoms Too. T’s & T’s Are The Terro-ist- & Tra–ors..We Truly Are Going to Have to Fight Not Just those T’s & T’s Domestics, But There Are Also T’s & T’s Who Are Foreign. All “Worked” Together For Their Common Goal..To SELL OUR Country, OUR Assets OUR Resources & Yes, Our FREEDOMS & RIGHTS To Attempt to Weaken Us SO We Don’t Fight Them..Their Intimidation Will Ramp US, But So Will the Damage They’re Going to INFLICT ON Our Country & We the Lawful, Legal, Rightful Citizens Of The ONCE…GREATEST Country in The World…WE Were the ONLY Great Nation LEFT…But, The LEFT Took Care of Conquering & Soon The REST of The Transformations…TO END The America WE Know & LOVE. FIGHT NOW Or Just Bow Down & Accept The COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM & MARXISM..& Globalism..ALL “ROLLED” Into ONE…–ITHOLE Where “AMERICANS Will NOT be First” & America Will NEVER BE…GREAT Again, The Damage Done by the Last INTILLED FAKE & FRAUD & PHONY & Anti-American Had 8 Long years to END US..TRANSFORM US…& Now, For past 4 years, The Rest of Them Have Resisted & Obstructed & Destroyed OUR GREAT NATION In Spite Of the BEST President We’ve EVER HAD Or Ever WILL Have..SO..MORE..DAMAGE, IS COMING…COUNT..On That. THEY LITERALLY STOLE OUR COUNTRY FROM US..& WE Have NO MORE…”GOVERNMENT”…ONE “PARTY” Is NOT…a SYSTEM Of Government WE CAN Live In Peace Or Prosperity Or SAFETY..More Like a Naz-‘s DREAM..OUR Nightmare.

  13. You will never be able to control voter fraud unless mail in voting gets eliminated and every voting station will be
    monitored by the army and every poll counter observed by reps from both parties . The corruption in USA
    is unprecedented

  14. Remember Democrats: ‘”What goes around, comes around.”‘ Republicans have long memories. Democrat representatives and Democrat senators seeking re-election are going to be targeted during their primaries.

    1. Also, remember the neocon RINOs who backstabbed President Trump and those of us who voted for and supported him. They are just as low as the Democrats who are trying to destroy this country.

  15. Interesting. Many reference GOD in comments on many sites and about many events and stories. One lady even states “Money can buy Soul.” If she typed what she meant to she is not correct. Money is not the currency used to purchase a soul. Submission to Satan is. By willing to compromise right to gain power, safety or money a person chooses allegiance to Satan. All people have made that compromise in one fashion or another. At least those that are mentally able to know and understand the difference between right and wrong have made that compromise. Even those that have accepted salvation in Christ will fail from time to time. We are not to be arrogant in the gift of salvation. We are not to use it as an excuse to sin willfully (example: to say or believe that one can say or do as they wish because they have met the requirements.) That belies the fact that they never gave themselves to Christ or that they are choosing to forsake the Christ and the sacrifice he made for them.
    A person cannot buy a soul. A person can only choose to serve God or to serve the rebellious fallen angel that is Satan. The Christ of God has paid the price required to purchase your soul’s rescue from eternity in hell. All souls, in the end , still belong to God. Our God allows each of us individually choose the eternal home of the soul.
    Yes. there are many that choose to satisfy their greed and their differing lusts (perversions, power, possessions, fame, wealth and on and on and on). Were they willing to “trade their soul” (really to give allegiance to the wicked one) to gain or to continue to grasp the temporary?

  16. I’ve been saying it for years now. I’am not on any social media sites and I guess people are now seeing why. If ya’ll quit instead of bragging about yourselves and family you can quit also.

  17. Never on Twitter, Boycotting Facebook, off Pandora, no more Serius, no more Amazon

    let them all go to hell.

    1. Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Bezos and company will all be there soon enough. Satan has a reservation for them and the rest of the communist scum who are destroying this country.

  18. DC should be on the EPA hot spot list for life threatening environmental contamination. Both parties have now demonstrated they have outlived their utility. It is time for new legitimate groups to arise – eliminate PACs, remove corrupt politicians and judiciary fakes. Law no longer has universal application because of them. As for antisocial media? Call it for what it is. They have precipitated a civil war in our country by driving wedges between us. It is they who should be charged with sedition.

  19. I know all this is BS but I have a question about twitter Google and Facebook don’t you have to pay for these services thru some kind of service like Verizon and cable on your telephone or internet service you pay to get it how can they block you from something you pay for and if they can block you why are you charged for it .I believe they should give back credit for device included in that price you are paying for that service now get your money back if you have been blocked

    1. You pay for internet access in some way, but that money does not go to any of the social media sites. They are paid by businesses that advertise on the sites. I don’t complain to any of these sites about their content, but I have been known to write to companies that advertise on them and voice my opinions, backing them up with comments about where my money will be spent. The media sites can block anything they please as long as their actions are within the limits of their contracts with their users. Most of these contracts allow them to block anything they decide is offensive on a whim, rather than having clearly laid out reasons for denying a post.

  20. that means – k.harris prest. // n.pelois vp // chucky boy speaker of house ?????????????????
    HELL COULDN’T BE WORSE ***************

  21. This is all “silent violence” on the violence continuum written about by Elizabeth Manvell. If you draw a continuous line with war and murder at one end and start on the other end with rolling your eyes, things like cancelling your first amendment voice, vote theft and abortion can be placed along that violence continuum.

  22. It is very important to leave the Social Media programs out. They are the object of tha Devils program, and leave it up to God and Jesus Christ to do as they are overly Capable to do so PRAY continually for America and don’t lose Faith and Hope.

  23. Just to back up a bit…I believe whole heartily that the demon-rats were behind the destruction of the Capitol Building. They planted their gophers to make it look like Trump Supporters did all the damage..I believe NOT!! These devil’s children tried to destroy Trump from day one and want to make sure they crucify him to the last minute. What goes around comes around and keep watching, the demon-rats will get theirs!! Hopefully soon.!!!
    God Bless America! Land of the free because of the brave.!

    1. Even if it wasn’t. It was still only a handful of frustrated troublemakers who were out of bounds and should be punished, but they didn’t burn and massively destroy. It was not an entire movement that should be condemned as liberal media want us to believe. That protest was comprised of people from all walks, ages, classes, races, creeds, religions, sizes, serial orientations and so on. The overwhelmingly of which were peaceful.

  24. Seriously thinking of closing out the bank account I have with Commerce Bank and consolidating the money in that account with another bank I have accounts with, The only reason I opened one with Commerce was due to the hours they are open and the numbers of locations they have. I guess I will just have to plan ahead for my financial needs!

  25. If I allow someone or something to dictate what I say online, I have lost my voice anyway. I will continue to be sensible but say whatever I believe to be true.


    1. The supreme court judges committed treason by allowing this to happen. They appear to have been bought off…even the Trump appointees.

  27. jack dorsey and mark zuckerberg what are you two shitheads trying to do stop our first amendment rights don’t you know stealing our freedom of speech is against the law or are you two too damn scared to stand up to the democraps and say fuck you and the horse you road on you two must have lost your balls because everytime the goverment pulls you in to question of how you both run your business you two are so scared to tell the goverment to back off the goverment has you both so scared you two say ok we’ll delete peoples accounts who we think that is going to be a threat and you delete there accounts without even letting us know and told why

  28. For all those asking for God’s mercy on America, I have just one question for you. How many have turned away from God and continue practicing their wicked ways of adultery, fornication, idolatry, false gods, pornography, sexual exploitation, homosexuality, abortion, theft, murder, addiction, etc??? God’s Word clearly states that we must turn from our wicked ways and He will answer our prayers. Now is the time to change your life, turn to God and repent for your sins. Then be shocked at the good God will bring into your life.

  29. Just an FYI update: Amazon actually did right to shut Parler down! Those leftists tried it on too, but got shut down by the MEMBERS, even before the moderators could stop the violent rhetoric & plans! Free speech, as protected by our 1st A, does NOT include direct threats of violence toward named individuals or groups of people, or acts of insurrection, treason, espionage, etc, all of which are NOT acceptable on Gab, but about which Amazon had repeatedly confronted Parler for some time, before pulling their plug. Good rule of thumb is to get both sides of the story & facts, before making a decision! Yes, Silicon Valley tech IS censoring & shutting down accounts, etc, but not always without cause!

  30. right on lorraine
    to the rich and powerful political and corporate snakes. there have been many like you throughout history. they enjoyed 15 to 30 years of power and riches, now they are dead and suffering intense torment in hell while awaiting final judgment. their 2nd death in the lake of fire will be far worse and for all eternity.
    my question to them is, are you willing to risk this fate ?

  31. God helps those who help[ themselves. We must be courageous in the face of adversity. Unfortunately, many of us are not. How many of you cancelled your twitter account, your Amazon Prime account, your Facebook account? I had a discussion with someone who is angry and upset about what is happening, but when asked about cancelling Amazon, stated that he would lose his Kindle app where he gets to read all the books he wants for $10/month. I had to ask- is it worth $10/month to lose your freedoms? If we won’t be mildly inconvenienced, how are we going to fight this battle for our freedoms?

    1. You are correct. GOD does help those who help themselves. He is listening to our prayers, but there are things that we can do to help him help us. I don’t use a lot of social media, so canceling facebook is no big deal to me, my family can call me or write to me. I have never used twitter and of course now never would. I had Parlor, but now no more. I will cancel anything that I have and definitely don’t need that is involved with the censure of any conservative.

  32. Censorship first, disarmed citizens second, absolute tyranny going forward. The 3rd Reich has risen again and a majority of voters – it appears – voted for it and support it.

  33. Maybe in their children’s playrooms they might that they call blogs or whatever but they can’t stop it everywhere.

  34. Stupid me, I figured it would be Child Porn, or Iran talking about killing U.S. CITIZENS. Like I said, stupid me! Those are both allowed still. I guess talking about how 30,000 votes in Arizona from out of state, same addresses, double voting, that is Vile Despicable horrific talk there.

  35. Dear Comrads you can’t talk about the year after 2019. You know the year that person who never got out of his basement won the vote by stacking the vote in his and the ho’s favor. I have turned my flag of use to be home of the FREE because people went off to fight for AMERICA AND ENDED UP DEAD while the people in power set on the asses in Washington D.c. and you will never see them on a battle field fighting for AMERICA. Makes you wonder why other people and you signed up for this? Its time to change diapers in congress any body over 60 should be PURGED.

  36. Continue to be strong in the Lord, be of good cheer, put joy and prayer in to your daily life, The Almighty knows who are his people and he’s coming sooner than one thinks for the ‘snatching away’ also known as the Rapture the plucking of the soul to be with him forever. Its on the horizon and getting closer day by day. Therefore, keep your trust in Christ, no matter how bad it gets, Early Christians, were slaughtered for their belief, they did not give up nor did Jesus give up nor should we. They can kill the physical, but not the spiritual therefore, keep the faith as your reward is waiting for you. Propagate the good news to all, man, child and dog, test every spirit to see if it be of God or not, if not shun away unless they be teachable some are, some not.

  37. WOW! People need to start calling their internet providers and complain that they can’t use their internet for all their needs. If enough people do that they will step in because the internet all goes through the phone co. such as AT&T/VERIZON and so on!…Tell them if you can’t send your stuff on the internet then you don’t need their service! Just look what happened in Idaho they blocked Facebook & Twitter for censorship!!!

  38. When I think of all the money I’d be saving, I’m frankly all for it!

    I made it for years without all this crap, and I definately can do it again!

    Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube, you can’t believe a thing you read anyway, because it’s all nothing but Lies, and they think the American people are to stupid, to know the difference!


  40. This has been in play since long before OBamass. DO THE RESEARCH. 102,000 boxcars, agenda 21, Georgia Guidestones, it will scare the hell out of you. CHRISTANS are the hunted.
    Bilderbergs, Rothchikds, Soros’s,
    They control everything . Many will die on this epic battle. God will eventually prevail.

  41. Evils of Satan have no bounds but
    the wrath of God is ALMIGHTY!!
    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and
    Lean NOT unto your own understanding
    In Jesus’ name..Amen

    Good cannot unite with evil
    Right cannot unite with wrong
    If ever a time for a Divine Intervention,
    The clock has run out!!
    You are the light that ignites the darkness
    Stay in His will and never be without faith and hope!!
    We will prevail but never has there been change in the absence of strife.

  42. The evil liberal left democrats headed by CHINA PEDOFILE PUPPET BIDEN has started the end times. The democrats are truly evil and owe their allegiance to Satan not America.

  43. Voting by mail was a HUGE Mistake. I still can’t believe a Pervert is President. Why would anyone want a Socialistic Country or live in a Country that has a Dictator. The young people have no idea what they are in for. My Grandmothers came over here for another Country, One came from Poland & the other came from Slovakia. When Germany started to take over other Countries it was horrible. My both Grandmothers were beaten & raped from the time they were 12 years old in front of their parents, by the Soldiers, when they were 18 they fled their Country & came to the U.S. & said they both would live in a ditch here & be FREE then to go through what they had been through. I know it can happen here. I Pray to God that He steps in when things start to go bad. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY & I LOVE GOD. Go to the Library & read up on how Hitler killed the Jews & Christians He burnt them alive in a huge furnace. & this Covid thing is blown out of proportion. I haven’t heard of anyone having the Flu, Cold or Allergies it’s all Covid. I think everyone has gone crazy. God Bless America!

  44. I was sent this article right before we were struck with Covid:
    Long before the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, we felt God was calling us to Pray and Fast with You. Long before, we put it on our calendar for May 7th, 2020. Long before we began asking for God for his Blessing & Guidance.
    And Then: a strange “plague” hit our Lands
    And Then: People’s lives were endangered
    And Then: Our Hope was threatened

  45. “Through this inscription I wish to enter my dying protest against what is called the Democratic party I have watched it closely since the days of Jackson and know that all the misfortunes of our nation has come to it through this so called party therefore beware of this party of treason. Inscribed on the tombstone of Lt. Nathaniel Grisby Born 11 October 1811 in Nelson Co., KY. Died 16 April 1890!

  46. The United State of America: 1776-2021. Already I feel like I’m living in another country. What will their flag look like ? Probably the rainbow colors with the communist star in the middle ! Remember, the Lie-beral DEMONocrats are not qualified to run a country, but they DO KNOW HOW TO RUN IT INTO THE GROUND. Goodbye to America. Things are going to get worse now; MUCH WORSE !

  47. Isaiah 41:10 10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God . I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

  48. The Creator of the universe and all life is still in charge. Always has been and always will be. Too bad soooo many human beings thing they are in charge. Let me assure you Nothing Happens outside the will of the Lord. People of America better get with it and turn to God just as He says in 2 Chronicles 7:14. He can still heal this nation If we turn to Him, not government. And in case you haven’t heard, millions of people outside of America are turning to Jesus yet in America millions are turning away from Him. That’s so sad since this country used to be the Beacon for the outside world. This is what bad leadership does to a country, make no mistake about that. And if this election stands as is we all are about to see how the Wrath of God works. Pray!

  49. Heads up, if you only think Twitter etc are only monitoring your social media accounts beware. Your phone conversations are scanned Independently of your device manufacture and service provider (not to say they too might be gathering data) without your consent. For those of you that have devices like Alexa… And voice enabled security cameras…do you think they were built for your benefit? Yes, you benefit…at a cost (loss of privacy). Just read the fine print of the manufacture, the ISP, an the Applications you use..beware of alleged 3 parties.

    Have you not seen the limited exposure by the media about people that complained that they were being monitored and/or someone strange spoke to them via the device. The manufactory / app owner immediately said that it was the users fault because they didn’t have security settings set properly. Why would defaults be set to allow outsider access..that’s what the company wants..Otherwise when their caught they have to use plausible denial ability. Well they use too…recent events show they just do what they want now.

    Do you think the police, FBI etc need anyone to tell them who was in the Capital Jan 6. Only if the person was dumb enough to have a device like phone, blue tooth enabled device or digital camera that captures meta data like GPS or Bluetooth data from other devices. Get the hint…..we Americans have turned over and given up our privacy for what we thought were devices to make our lives more convenient.

  50. I’ve been read many of the comments and am in full agreement that our Lord is in charge. My plea to all of you is that you urgently and fervently go before the Lord in prayer and ask him to rescue this nation from this present darkness. We need to repent for our own personal sins and the sins of the nation and then implore almighty God to act. That is the only thing that will deliver this nation from this encroaching evil. There is great power in prayer. Gods Holy Word says that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availith much.

  51. If a justice of the supreme court was photographed at Epstein island, then I have a major problem. Needs to be investigated and verified. Then removed. Why has no one has talked about Ukrainian prez talking to china joe about ripping off the Ukrainian people with bogus tariffs . Prez elect is another illegitimate president like obummer. Definitely stole the election.

  52. I agree, don’t talk about the “2020 Elections”, let’s just talk about the “2022 Elections”, and have the “Votes”, too express our points too be made!

  53. We must look to 2022 with some sense of hope because there is nothing else except revolution or secession, but patriots must be prepared to consider those too. The American affiliate of the Chinese Communist Party is going for the brass ring: one-party marxist dictatorship and a police state with virtual unanimity of opinion. The first priority of the incoming puppet regime will be to legalize 20 to 50 million illegals and get them voting, and this will be followed by the entrance of up to 100 million shirt-tail relatives, drug cartel soldiers, gang members from the rain forests and sand dunes. They will bring us to the demographic tipping point, after which expropriation, pogroms, ethnic cleansing and European-American genocide on the scale of Rwanda may be in the cards. We are told so often of “militias” but never see them; now is the time to join them, organize them or grow them, and to simply defy the election-stealers when they come for our guns, for our savings and for our families.

  54. This is a totally bogus headline and article. No laws were passed prohibiting discussions of any election, so those discussions are not “illegal”. According to this article; “Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey can now come into your house and restrict what you’re allowed to say on the internet.” No, they cannot. I don’t have to use their platforms to comment on anything on the internet. If all the American sites follow their lead and start banning free speech, I can still use VPN connections to reach servers in Europe or Asia, and post whatever I want to say there. Both the Democrat and Republican Parties have gone overly dramatic on these issues, neither has come up with a solution to the problem, and neither has focused on what is good for the working class Americans for the last fifty years. We could solve a lot of these media problems with two new laws. One, make slander and libel criminal offences rather than civil, and Two, tell all media sites they cannot ban anything that does not violate FCC broadcast laws, such as those regarding pornography and obscenities. Hate speech would be permitted, as the government should go after the person creating it, not the site posting it. As it is, posts are blocked based on someone’s whim, not clearly defined violations. “Offensive speech” is not well defined in the rules of any of these media sites, so it’s always based on an opinion, so posters never know in advance what will be banned.

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