Pelosi Is Already Working to Install Kamala Harris as President, Joe Should be Very Worried

You may have heard some hype about the 25th amendment recently. The rumor on the street is that Nancy Pelosi wants to use it to get rid of President Trump. That’s a misdirection. Removing Donald Trump is not the goal with this plan; Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are.

By all means, Nancy Pelosi would remove President Trump with the 25th amendment if she could. She already impeached him with no criminal accusations and a bastardized impeachment process. But, using the 25th against President Trump simply isn’t viable. The reasons lie in how the 25th Amendment works.

There are a few ways the 25th can be invoked to remove a sitting president. The first involves death, in which case the Amendment merely declares that the vice president takes over. The second method is by the president’s own volition. A sitting president can formally declare himself unable to serve the office. At that point, the vice president assumes the role. Obviously, not neither of those scenarios work for Nancy Pelosi.

The third way (and the one that matters in this case) is if the president is declared unfit to serve. In order to do this, the vice president has to agree that the president is unfit. In addition to this, there needs to be a majority agreement in either the president’s cabinet or both houses of Congress. Since the Democrats don’t control the Senate, President Trump’s cabinet or the vice presidency, there is absolutely no way Pelosi can weaponize the 25th against President Trump.

Even if the Democrats took the House and the Senate this November, they would still need Pence’s help, and he clearly won’t sign on to such a plot. Neither would members of his cabinet.


So while Speaker Pelosi wants you to think her newly formed committee to study the 25th amendment is about ousting President Trump, that is a misdirect. It can’t happen. The real target is Joe Biden, and Trump even pointed that out on Twitter on Sunday. Assuming Biden and Harris win in November, the plan is to get rid of Biden and install Harris as president.

Why would Pelosi want to do this? Trump pointed out that Biden isn’t extreme enough for the radical, left-wing portion of the Democrat’s base. They’re just trying to use voters to get him in office so they can install someone they really want.

There are two ways this could play out. The first is that the Democrats plant a bunch of traitors in Joe’s cabinet and Harris is able to ouster him with only their support. She becomes president, and the American people have no say in the matter.

The second is if they retain the House and win the Senate. Then, the Democrats can ouster Biden regardless of who is in his cabinet. All they need is the support of Kamala Harris, and we all know the lengths she’ll go to in order to gain power.

Remember Senator Harris slept with a married man to get her first job in politics and has flipped flopped on issues she said were important to her like the Green New Deal and fracking so Biden would put her on his ticket.  She personifies the Democratic willingness to do and say absolutely anything for power.

Why do the Democrats want Harris instead of Biden? There are two reasons. First, even they realize that he is a senile old man who can’t do the job. Second, Harris is willing to do anything for the office. She will bend and give people like Pelosi anything she wants in order to get that power. She’ll suspend freedoms and abuse the presidency in ways we’ve never seen before. Harris being a radical leftist is a bonus.

The Democrats always work like this. They don’t want you to select your leadership. They don’t want to hear your voice on how this country is run. As Harris put it herself, the American people can’t be trusted with their own decisions. That’s what the left has in store for our country.

59 thoughts on “Pelosi Is Already Working to Install Kamala Harris as President, Joe Should be Very Worried”

  1. I believe President Trump has hit the nail on the head . . . . AGAIN!! If Trump doesnt win, America is in a World of Hurt! Please go out and Vote for Trump on Nov 3rd!!!

    1. Of course, I figured this as soon as I heard about it. Pelosi always thinks she’s in a WIN-WIN situation…..
      right before she loses.

    2. YES!! There are a million reasons to do so… is to keep more corruption from coming back into the WH. We are busy trying to get rid of it…Lord knows, we do not need more!

  2. Take away his telepromter,his aides,his ear pieces the notes that he hardly understands,and all you have left is a bumbling old demented ,rambling shell of his old self.Of course the democrats arn`t going to hand him the Black Box that could turn the world into a cinder.Then we will be stuck with the WHORE OF BABYLON who will turn our great country into a gray gloomy communist hellhole.We will be in long lines at food stores tring to buy what few goods that are on the shelves.we will be in long lines to purchase 6.00 a gallon gas for our old rattling clunkers , because new gasoline fueled automobiles will be outlawed.Rolling blackouts will become common.The intrastructer will be a crumbling potholed mess.While this is happening to you the ruling class will be living in their multi million homes looking down on you the downtrodden masses . Gangs of thugs will control the streets, burning and looting at will. dangerous criminals will be releasted back on the streets ,to pray on you and your kids ,killing and raping at will,because the prisons will all be closed down!You will have no guns with which to protect yourself.there will be no police to help you either.If you do try to defend your kids or yourself from the criminals you will be the one charged.If this is the world you want to live in then by all means VOTE DEMONCRAT.

    1. I would think that each successive candidate is better than the one before, but for every mccain-romney-Trump line there is a corresponding gore-obamao-hitlery-bidden to show it isn’t well thought out.

    2. Sounds like COMMIcalifornia. You know the state Commipelosi’s nephew runs. The only thing COMMIcal hasn’t done is CLOSE the prisons. There working on that. They’ve let out alot of dangerous inmates.

      1. “She [Pelosi] says people need to do a service to the issue and have a level of respect for the people who worked hard to write the bills.”

        She has doubtlessly worked persistently hard, but not at what she said but at endlessly disrupting a duly elected president, Donald Trump by using any improbable scheme imaginable — most notably a failed impeachment — to disgrace him out of office. Pelosi, on the other hand, offers a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ touch of comedic relief to the political scene — so, yes, you have chosen a descriptive moniker, “COMMIcalifornia.”

    3. You paint a very gloomy picture of what life would be with Dems in charge. Unfortunately, you are 100% correct. We Republicans MUST get out the vote. VOTE VOTE VOTE. Do you really want the idiot Biden running your life?

  3. Nancy Pelosi is the biggest threat to our country. This one ALREADY considers herself the leader of this country, that is, I seriously think that this completely demented and totally insane woman is so far gone with mental illness that her condition is beyond reproach. The 25th amendment should apply directly to her, and immediately. I know I’m not the only person who believes this. This old, wretched scumbag of a human being has wasted tens of millions of dollars trying to oust the best president I’ve seen in my lifetime…. I’ll be 65 yrs old in two weeks. And of course this whole new agenda directed course of action is just another futile attempt to help fulfill her desired “legacy”! What a joke….. you’re legacy is going to be your history old lady, only thing is, you’re NOT going to go down in history as a person who cared or even loved her country. Nancy.. you’re a reprobate that shows this entire republic that term limits are a crucial need for our government to run smoothly. Feinstein, Lyin Chuck, you, old washed up Nancy need to go home and retire. Let those of SOUND mind lead our country please, I implore you!! Look again you stupid old bat at just what you tantrum throwing idiots are trying to pull at the eleventh hour. Really Crazy Nancy?!!!!, guess what? America is sick and tired of your dollar wasting motives you sick, old dog of a woman. Go away. Take Sniffy Joe with you. Your party is about racism, sexual perversion, and corruption ( the Obama’s, Clinton’s, the Bidens…..) lest we not forget you too Nancy. Go back to the salon, eat some ice cream, hey Nancy, try and clean up your city would you please… smells like a toilet there where you reside. You and your worthless nephew have done absolutely nothing to clean up the state of California. Maybe it’s time to think about doing something at home Nancy, like cleaning up your mess. Donald Trump in 2020.

    1. what a great description of a disgraceful old lady who wants complete control of everything—she holds the purse strings and people be damned-I dont have to give you money for food and rent. And nobody seems to be able to get you to do the right thing-even wolf blitzer-you even insulted him. You truly think that you are the ruler of the country and dont have to do anything you dont want to do. Citizens dont count- whether they eat or have a roof over their heads doesnt seem to matter. After all, you have your mansion and twenty-four thousand dollar freeezer and your gourmet ice-cream so why should anybody else matter. \i sincerely hope you are voted out and never serve again as the house speaker or anywhere else. You havent even looked after your district. You live in an area that has countless homeless people, you do nothing to help the situation, but you do live in your mansion. Shame on you you old bitch for ignoring the people you are representing

      1. HERE HERE Miss Bev!! Amazing isn’t it that this POS can even get up and look in the mirror!! Helps a bit when you can go to the salon ( never mind it’s illegal for her constituents ) so you know you DO look good…… well in her pathetic eyes anyway!!

  4. Biden is either stupid as a turd, or shrewd as a fox. I think (probably stupid, but took advice of “his people”}. Since he is already “on the ticket”, I believe he made a deal with that bitch Harris that IF he ever got elected, that shortly thereafter he would resign with the conditions that he, his family, Obama, the Clintons and anyone else associated with all their criminal activities will immediately be pardoned with any & all investigations/charges dropped! Brings to mind that crooked lying fuck Nixon/Ford fiasco.

    1. Biden, Hillary, Obama, Brennan will all end up in priuson because of what is coming out! They are knee deep with solid evidence of murder they caused in Benghzi! I believe old Biden will be disqualified! And Nutty Nancy will be losing her seat as well!

      1. Unfortunately I dont think it will happen, although all of them deserve to be prosecuted for what they have done–wasted millions of dollars trying to get a duly president removed. And Donald Trump got up every morning and did his job in spite of all of you demorats doing everything you could, legal or illegal-it never matters. And we have more people to add to this list-Adam Sciff, Loretta Lynch, Peter Stryck, McClain, Chuckie Schumer, and so many more-all democrats who care nothing about the citizens of the country—only their own power. I wish Bill Barr and John Durham would do the right thing and present the evidence before the election, because they should if they are patriots–but there seems to be some hesitancy and I am not sure why. These people have committed crimes to their country and to the president and should be punished. I am afraid they wont be and this is not right. We deserve to have honest, upright people in our government and not this bunch of reprobates who only have a quest for their own power and how much money they can get for their bank accounts. A pox on all their houses-to quote shakespeare

        1. YES, I agree that we need to set a precedent that we will not tolerate the use of our tax dollars for a corrupt and evil government. WE are the bosses…..and WE pay their pay checks. If they do not do what they are supposed to, we fire them! Just what they would do to us if WE cheated on the job. And if we commit a crime….we go to prison/jail. Simple. They are not above the law because they are in government. They should be held especially higher in expectations as they serve the people of America.

        2. Makes me for one, wonder if Barr and Durham have received death threats to themselves and or their respective families, and for this reason they’ve waivered. I’d put absolutely NOTHING past these insidious, nasty reptiles call the Democrats. Their corruption knows no boundaries. They rape….Biden, W Clinton…. they pillage and they steal. But….. but….. they’re democrats and we all know that they can rape staff members and the hashtag “me too” movement all of a sudden magically disappears. Use a cigar, wipe the ashes under the Oval Office desk… “ hey!’ It’s ok, I’m a Democrat”. Carry on then Wild Bill…. evidently…. it IS ok!! Reprehensible. Hey Joe, tell us again how you missed what Hunter was doing with BURISMA. Please, the country’s listening. 3.5 million from the Moscow mayors wife in a payoff….. and he (Hunter) can’t make his child support payments. Hell, that’s a shitload of cocaine!! Vote blue for tyranny…. Vote RED for freedom and liberty

      2. No, Bill Barr and John Durham are deep in the swamp.They are hiding any information pertaining to obamagate until after the election , hoping that Trump will loose.Then any reports will never come to light. No one will ever be indicted!

    1. The people of this great nation need to see a public hanging of the traitors that are trying to take over our country. This would serve as a warning to everyone who wants to overthrow our government.

  5. Drastically…If the Dems get into office, ALL these investigations will immediately cease! Since the Dems would be in the White House, of course they would appoint a new corrupt Attorney General…”””””CUOMO””””!!!!

  6. It’s exactly the same games played in my country labour fuels racism , go to any length to prove the other party is corrupt except their own, throw enough mud & something will stick. Riots in the USA usually sends the public more conservative , as it does here in the UK. Hope Trump wins the election for the USA and peace in the world.
    Why are the likes of Polosi impeached and banned from public office??

  7. Omg…..all these thoughts are very scary! For the life of me I cannot understand how so many people are dems! Do they even know what’s going on…do they want this?
    What a shock wave this will be if Biden wins….oh god please help America! Trump 2020! ✝️

    1. I think the dems are so brain washed that they don’t know how to think straight. Remember-SATAN is alive and well on planet earth. He and his fallen angels are hard at work. Decent Americans need to wake up and pray for our country and for peace in the world. God answers prayer!!

  8. Watch out! The OLD HAG Nancy Pelosi MAY have something cooking in her cauldron. Don’t EAT the APPLE she gives you! May need to IMPOUND her BROOM . . . She IS a flight risk. One Humored Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Pelosi will keel over if you take away her designer ice cream out of her $24K fridge! “Green Deal” as she flies over 3000 miles back & forth across country in her private jet causing more pollution, by someone by nature is a self polluter every time she opens her cesspool of a mouth & shit comes out!

  10. New York State Governor Andrew Big Mouth Cuomo as Attorney General should the damned Demoncrats win the White House with the help of their best friends & supporters who are none other than the whinny, constantly complaining, coddled, spoiled brat NONVOTERS that have never voted & never will vote will be the ones that let this happen. The George Soreass puppets of Billy & Hitlery Clinton, Ozonehead Al Gore who thinks he knows the environment, but has no clue on it, Idiot Biden & Nancy Piglosi who comes from crooked,corrupt Baltimore where she learned it in the1950’s is a disaster. My no good Rotton birth state of New York which has the nations highest taxes is a billion times worse than California-the nations third most hated state, but no one is saying anything about New York State because of that leave New York State alone, don’t you dare pick on New York State, but pick on California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Kansas, Washington State,Oregon, Colorado, Oklahoma & Florida as well as Illinois because they are hated states & New York State is the nations 4th. Most loved state, only Hawaii the most loved state, Nevada the second most loved State & Texas are loved more than New York State. ALL Voters at least vote. RE-ELECT Donald Trump, oust Nancy Piglosi, AOC who is far worse on November 3rd.

  11. I just don’t understand why, why we have these people still in office. Full of hate in everything they do and say. I don’t think they know how to speak the truth. Look at Adam schimp that man surely doesn’t know how!!!!!

  12. Everytime I see sleepy Joe Biden he reminds me of Walter the ” puppet ” that Jeff Dunham created !! Who is truly controlling the masses ? We need 4 more of President Trump and yes ” crazy Nancy ” has to go !!

  13. People keep re-electing these corrupt people because the longer they are in office – the better committees they get ! A better reason to have term limits- so they cannot get so powerful/power hungry! Also NO PENSIONS for only serving so few years. The average worker has to work for many years AND reach a retirement age to get a pension!

  14. Harris may be a naturalized citizen, in which case she cannot replace Biden. Pelosi would then be president as the third in line as House Speaker. Now, this is a real problem for our country,


  15. I agree, but remember Nasty Pelosi also wants and desires power she and Harris may be in bed with Russia, or China!, but I have complete confidence in the American People they are not blind. 4 more years for President Donald John Trump.

  16. Tyranny breeds corruption in the ruling elite! Civil unrest among the the citizens brings change! Is this where we are at? Think about that and prepare yourself for the path we very easily could be on! Election 2020 may well be the turning point!! Trump is our way to defend our Constitution and our FREEDOM!!

  17. Remove all Democrats if we do this altogether we will win another 4 years.
    I voted already and voted straight red – Help Trump win – Keep the senate and win the house back again. If all Republicans vote straight RED we all win.

  18. The MAIN reason Joek Obiden wants to be president is so he can pardon his son, with obomma and HiLIARy. What happens after that; he probably does not care.

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