Philly Mob Boss Brags He Helped Steal the 2020 Election for Joe Biden

Everyone has been wondering where those boxes of ballots that provided the dead-of-night Biden come back miracle came from. Donald Trump was ahead of Joe Biden by millions of votes on election night when we all went to bed. Then, President Trump’s lead evaporated when dozens of boxes of ballots with no chain of custody on them just showed up in Detroit and other swing-state cities. We may know where the boxes in Philadelphia came from, however. The Boss of the Philadelphia-South Jersey crime family says he delivered those boxes for Biden.

This shouldn’t surprise us. The Mafia helped steal the 1972 election in Delaware that made Joe Biden a US Senator. Why wouldn’t the Mob help Joe Biden try to steal the presidency in 2020? It was no accident that immediately after he announced that he was running for president last year, Joe Biden’s first campaign stop was at a Teamsters rally.

It was back in 1972 that a psychopathic Mafia killer named Frank Sheeran helped Joe Biden steal his Delaware Senate seat. If the name Frank Sheeran sounds familiar, Robert DeNiro played him in the Martin Scorsese film ‘The Irishman’ last year. Sheeran was Jimmy Hoffa’s personal Teamster hitman. Sheeran was also the president of the Teamsters Local 326 in Wilmington, Delaware in 1972.

That’s when Sheeran said in his biography that an attorney with Joe Biden’s very first Senate campaign came to him for help. Incumbent Republican Senator J. Caleb Boggs had purchased an attack ad against the 30-year-old Joe Biden. The ad was going to be running in the Wilmington News Journal every day in the final week before the election. The Biden campaign asked Sheeran if there was anything the Teamsters (Mafia) could do to help. Sheeran told the Biden campaign not to worry – he’d send some muscle to take care of it.

The Teamsters set up strike lines that prevented the Wilmington News Journal from being delivered for the week before the election. No one ever saw the newspaper ads attacking Joe Biden, and Biden squeaked out a narrow 4,000-vote win over Senator Boggs.


Sheeran, a mobster psycho who admitted on his deathbed that he killed Jimmy Hoffa and Joe Gallo, said after the election that, “You could reach out for him [Joe Biden], and he would listen.” The Mafia has had its hooks in Joe Biden since 1972. All of this is on Wikipedia, by the way.

Which now brings us to the 2020 election.

Joseph Salvatore Merlino, aka “Skinny Joey,” has been the Boss of the Philly-South Jersey crime family since his side won the Philadelphia mob wars in the 1990s. Skinny Joey got his start in organized crime in 1980, when he stabbed a couple of guys in a Philadelphia restaurant. Since then, he’s been in and out of prison several times on everything from racketeering to illegal gambling to insurance fraud. He’s been charged with crimes like murder and armored car heists too many times to count, but never convicted. Skinny Joey is banned from setting foot inside any casino in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

The Boss just got out of prison a year ago, after serving his latest sentence for illegal gambling and medical insurance fraud. When the Democrat Party reached out to Skinny Joey on the night of the 2020 election, Skinny Joey says he was all too willing to help – for a fee.

For an agreed-upon price of $10 per ballot, Skinny Joey set up workers in a pair of Mafia-owned houses in Philadelphia. Democrat Party officials provided the boxes of unmarked ballots, according to a report in The Buffalo Chronicle. And then Skinny Joey and his crew went to work, furiously filling out mail-in ballots that had to be delivered before Pennsylvania’s three-day extension expired.

According to Skinny Joey, his crew worked for 60 hours straight filling out Biden-only ballots and raked in $3 million from the Democrat Party for their efforts. The ballots were loaded into “nondescript cardboard boxes” and then Skinny Joey personally drove the van that delivered 300,000 Biden-only marked ballots and unloaded them outside the Philadelphia Convention Center, just hours before the end of the three-day extension for ballots.

According to an informant inside the Philly-South Jersey mob, it looks like Skinny Joey is angling for a win-win situation for himself. If Joe Biden steals this election, it will be thanks to the Mafia once again. His crime family will once again be in the good graces of a presidential administration, for the first time since Bill Clinton was in office.

On the other hand – and this must have the Biden campaign sweating – Skinny Joey Merlino is offering to testify in front of Congress about his election-night crimes in exchange for immunity and expungement of his criminal record. Mob associates of Skinny Joey say he wants to semi-retire in order to go hunting and fishing on federal land – hobbies that his criminal past prevents him from doing.

Now that would be a hilarious twist to the 2020 election. Skinny Joey Merlino has always been one of those charming, charismatic sociopath Mafia guys. While most mobsters are pretty tight-lipped, Skinny Joey has never met a news camera he didn’t like. When a reporter tries to get a quote from him, he’ll usually stop and talk to them.

Skinny Joey gives out Thanksgiving turkeys every year in poor neighborhoods in Philadelphia (during years when he’s not in prison, that is). He also holds Christmas for the homeless in Philly, delivering blankets, food and other generous gifts. He always invites the media to cover his antics. Heck, he was trying to get a reality TV show about himself produced the last time he was arrested.

He’s not camera shy by any means. And Skinny Joey is now offering to testify in front of Congress about his role in stealing the 2020 election. Are you listening, Mitch McConnell?!

Trump should totally take Skinny Joey up on this offer. It would immediately nullify Pennsylvania’s vote certification, which is the right thing to do considering all of the fraud that took place. And it would move us one step closer to having the state legislatures determine the rightful winner of the 2020 election, which was Donald J. Trump.

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172 thoughts on “Philly Mob Boss Brags He Helped Steal the 2020 Election for Joe Biden”

  1. doesn’t surprise me that china biden is also indebted to the mafia , next we’ll find out he rolles girl scouts for their cookies!!!!!!!

    1. Seems weird…..wouldn’t Biden have already promised him this? I don’t get it.
      Biden is a bigger crook than this guy…..‍♀️

      1. You are right Karen, Biden is a bigger crook. PA. should null and void all those so called Biden votes and give the state to Trump who deserves it. The crooked democrats buy everyone and will do everything
        in their power to CONTROL the United States and turn it in to a third world country with one rule socialism/communism.

          1. It says , some of it can be found on Wikipedia ( sp) I haven’t looked yet.
            I did forward it to a few , hopefully it doesn’t come back as un-deliverable .
            Send this to everyone you know. If you have e-mail addresses for Senators ( not-rhinos ) or anyone …like Mitch , Graham etc. forward it….Now ! Rudy would be a Good one also . I just don’t have his e-mail address .

            PRESIDENT TRUMP …. 4 MORE YEARS !!

        1. With the extra benefits of a mandatory mask, covid vaccination and a microchip device for all American citizens, wanted or not-
          That’s the reason behind all of this corruption
          “NEW WORLD ORDER”

          1. Yes, That is what its all about. Heard about the One Order Back In The 1960’s. You know who is part of that Order?????????????He is in the news often.

          2. That is correct! This was all orchestrated by Soros, Obama, Pelosi and Harris and the rest of the swamp and squad! They are the worst corrupt people in this entire planet.

        2. I agree with your reader. Put this information in President Trump’s hand
          We need Trump now!! We do not need socialist and communist in America our servicemen died for this country

          1. Amen . It’s a slap in the face of ever Service Man and Women, who Fought and Died for Freedom. We were told if We stopped Communism In these other Country’s, We would be stopping It from coming to our own Country, well here We our the Democratic Communist are trying to Take over our Freedom’s, We as Warriors and American Patriots Will not let this happen, If that Means back to picking up our Weapons then so be It. I really Pray that doesn’t have to happen, but I for one am not See My Children Or Grandchildren, be Controlled by the Democratic Communist, I have to much respect for WW2 Veteran and all Veterans that Gave not only their Lives and came home In A Box, but the ones that came home With no legs Arms, and PTSD. And have Committed Suicide, and Allow a bunch of Drafted Dodgers , or the ones that went to College and demonstrations, that were taught nothing but to hate our Country, and Grow up teaching their overly spoiled kids to Hate their Country, And Sent them to College not to Learn how to get ready for a Job, but To learn how to Destroy Our Great Country .But The ones of us that went to Fight For these Spoiled Brats, We Are Not Going To Stand Back And Just Which Them Destroy Are Freedoms. Amen

        3. Add Islamism to the one -rule socialism/communism.
          During his presidency Obama turned a ‘humanitarian rescue’ of persecuted Syrian Christians as an opportunity to admit many unvetted young Muslims into the U.S. In 2016, a group of 10,801 ‘refugees’ included only 56 Christians, 17 Yazidis, and 10,722 Muslims! Such an overwhelming number of ‘immigrants’ from a country with a radical ideology certainly increased the danger to very foundation of the American government. They joined an established small group of vociferous radicals in the government who advocate the overthrow of democracy and the U.S. Constitution – leading to the eventual establishment of a brutal Islamicist caliphate and sharia.

          1. Congress needs to get rid of Omar, Talib and the rest of those radical idiots! They came to this country and we let them in and now look at what we have…this is absolutely ridiculous and these little twirps should never be allowed to run for any political position..this is ridiculous..and Biden had better watch his step here they will run over him like a steam roller and Kamala will lead the herd! Stop this once and for all!

          2. Obama was the worst offender for hating the USA. His thesis and Moochelles thesis were all about the hatred they felt for this country! And the mental midgets elected him twice! and he is laughing all the way to the bank!
            Democrats are the biggest threat to this country, and Soros, Obama, Pelosi, Harris, Schumer and the rest of the swamp are all Democrats’ and they cannot be trusted. Not even Dr. Fauci the Fake!

      2. I agree….seems odd that China Joe wouldn’t have promised Mafia Joey, but maybe Mafia Joey didn’t ask. I know nothing about Mafia Joey, but this article makes it sound like he wants credit for his abilities. Gotta be cautious when dealing with crooks.

        1. Or..he see’s investigations closing in on him. Might be trying to come out in a better position, or back to jail or retirement. A no brainer even for him.

          1. You need to take your meds. Actually most of you need to make those telemedicine doctors appointments and get your prescriptions filled as soon as possible.

      3. Looks like Biden has ties to many in the underworld. One more reason we do not want him in the WH. I pray these thugs get what is due them. I suppose we should not be surprised by this, as we see in the Dem. Party just what they all do to us…deceive! The entire Dem Party needs to have their votes revoked because of this fraud election. In the next election we should see all Republicans going up against one another…no Dems allowed as a just punishment for this crime.

      4. can anyone send this Trump? And what about the 3 Senators who got a few Million from the Burisma deal, Mackey,Ma., Bluementhal Ct., and SHaheen, NH They are all in this for the good old dough/

      1. any nothing happens from the FBI look at hilary hunter ohmar they are all corrupt but wray and barr dont do nothing

        1. Bill Barr was appointed to the CIA by Bush I. It was the CIA that transferred the Dominion software out of the U.S. over to Germany and Spain. Small wonder Barr doesn’t see anything wrong.
          Why doesn’t someone VET these people BEFORE they get appointed to these jobs?! If I can find the information that easily, so should they.

          1. Most of these were appointed by not so patriotic presidents.
            This is not the first time that these elections were rigged…….Gore vs Bush in 2000 ….remember the hanging chads! These were Democratic elections, so my guess is these were rigged to make Bush the winner.
            Trump was not a politician, so he had no idea that this was going on or that it could happen to our elections!
            I am sure if he thought this could happen, he would have been aware and taken precautions against it!
            My opinion is that the Primaries in 2018 were a trial run! I kept asking myself why they got the majority that election! Trump was the best candidate, so why so many votes for the DemonRATS?

      2. Nonetheless , If he has Solid Evidence, otherwise if he was so inclined to protect Italian heritage he would of stopped the Mayor of Philly along time ago.

      3. The mafia hate the communist, they helped Kennedy against Cuba. It would be totally in their character to double-cross Biden.

    2. I am a actually stunned by the past 6 weeks, do the Judges, prosecutors, politician leaders not see what is happening? Has happened? And continues to happen .. rigging voting machines illegally, voting poll irregularities, boxes of ballots arriving surreptitiously in the middle of the night from self proclaiming Mob Bosses, why isn’t someone taking charge and correcting these issues alone? Is it that MOST of America IS corrupt? Oh and if I voted as a Republican I am now being threatened???? My God are we truly becoming Venezuela or another 3rd World Nation?? Guess what World she or if the USA GETS totally messed up … there is nowhere else to go. How can these elitist groups overcome good ?? Laws evidently were made to be broken and many of those sworn to uphold them seem complicit, paid off Wittgenstein idea they will be taken care of … that isn’t how it works ! ALL WILL SUFFER .. unless you join the DARK SIDE. It is quite soul challenging to keep Faith in God and our endeavors to live as Christians when we see this destruction and elimination of civilized society! God we pray your hands are on these UNGODLY TIMES, PEOPLE, AND ACTIONS! Life in the United States is under the greatest threat it has ever encountered.

      1. Go to Mark Taylor’s page: and you’ll find your answer.
        The Spirit of God says: “The election! The election! Did I not say that my anointed Donald J. Trump would be my President?”

      2. Amen!!!!!!!!!! If my people who are called my name will humble themselves and pray then will I hear from heaven and heal their Land. 2 Chronciles 7:14
        Repent, and be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and receive to Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38

        1. You are correct; God is not nearly as interested in who is our president than He is in our spiritual state. All parties on both sides should be on our knees repenting of sin. God lets His people be overtaken by their enemies until they turn back to Him, and I think that this is the same deal–we will have to suffer with biden and the dems until the church gets back on its feet (aka alignment with Jesus Christ)

      3. Read your Bible. God tells of the final days. We are there. God controls everything including the final days. Stay strong and stay with God. You may die as a human but will be in glory with the Lord, unlike the ones who are destroying what he built. They will spend eternity in hell with their lord Satan.

      4. Haven’t you studied the Bible Angry Patriot? We are apparently in the end time when Antichrist will rein on earth for a very short time. Then and only then, the real Christ will return to this earth and TAKE CHARGE. These ungodly people will pay the price at that time and Godly will inherit the earth. Don’t be deceived by the Antichrist.

      5. President Trump cannot allow himself to have any involvement with Skinny Joey. Things must continue to be investigated and documented as has been done otherwise they will say President Trump paid the guy to say what he says & Skinny Joey will expect payola and feel they are indebted to him. The truth will shed light on this fraudulent Biden/Kamala votes. Keep Joey admission in mind, consider it but don’t bank on it. Until monetary and circumstantial evidence proven without a doubt should this be considered otherwise Dems will say Trump hired Joey.
        Our faith is not based on circumstances but on the omniscient, omnipotent, ever present, all knowing, hears everything and in control GOD. As you know things are scheduled to happen but we must be still and know that JESUS is LORD. All things are sifted through his fingers before allowed. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and a merry Christmas the Lord’s birthday. Many blessings to all from a fellow citizen and sister in Christ.

      6. I say amen to all of the above. I pray for our Constitution, our Bill 0f Rights, our President Donald Trump our Great America who is no longer the “Land of the Free”, thanks to the Communist Party who has infiltrated the Government. President Donald Trump and his honest cabinet need to really ” drain the swamp” and fast!!!!

      7. And these idiots are so happy that they have a woman as VP who may be moved up to President if Biden gets declared unfit to lead ( the Alzheimer’s will be in full swing when they need it )
        They never research what she was all about! No one researched Biden because they felt he was A VP therefore he was smart and knowledgeable, not EVEN knowing that he was known for BAD DECISIONS ALL OF HIS 47 YEARS AS A CAREER POLITICIAN.

    3. J have no doubt from the beginning that Joe Biden and his associates are trying to steal the 2020 election. The guy was so embarrassed about the small size of the crowds whenever he went to campaign that he generally preferred to stay at home while President Trump’s rallies, particularly in Pennsylvania, usually drew thousands of cheerful supporters. How in the world then, Hiden Biden, which everyday looks like more, excuse the expression, a doddering old and senile fool, who have never in his entire political career accomplished any significant achievement for the American people suddenly winds up being declared the winner of this election and in Pennsylvania at that which he should have lost in a landslide. Democrats and Joe Biden and their allies should be stopped from stealing this election, otherwise this trend will continue and will repeat itself in future elections.

      1. Not only is Joe Biden cognitively impaired and unfit for the office of POTUS, he and his entire family are as corrupt as the day is long. He did not win this election; he stole it. All his backers cheated and lied and called him a winner, but he lost it, is unfit. President Trump’s rallies had thousands of supporters. Biden attracted only a handful. On election night President Trump was leading by hundreds of thousands of votes. By the next morning those votes dwindled and were surpassed. That does not happen without voter fraud and crooked machines connected to Soros, Pelosi, Feinstein and the rest of the crooks. President Trump should never concede because he won this election by a landslide. An election do-over is a must without the taint of mail-in voting. Vote in person or do not vote.

        1. EVERYONE including the lying, cheating Democrats know that this election is a farce. We, the American people, are SICK of it. Maybe seceding from the nation is the only way to get away away from these blood sucking brainless idiots. We all bitch about it but no one does anything about it!!!!

    4. Absolutely the best thing that could happen to Joe Biden would be for Skinny Joey to testify before congress how he tried to steal election for crooked Joe Biden

    5. If any of this is true (and I sure hope it is) the DOJ and FBI need to take Skinny Joey up on his invitation! A plea deal would allow him to keep the $3 million Joe already paid to him and put Joe Biden in prison where he belongs. If Skinny Joey is the real thing, Trump wins the 2020 election – PERIOD!!

      1. Remember…’Skinny Joey’ can be ‘suicided’ too..just like Epstein. These Lie-beral DEMONocrat demons are desperate to hold onto their power.

    6. Nothing surprises me when it comes to the criminals in charge of the Democratic Party!! With Biden, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi & now others to include Harris……why should anyone be surprised that they are willing to sell out our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA DEMOCRACY to anyone who will help them get to the top so they can continue their corruption! It is no wonder that 52% of Millinials do not see a future in the USA……it is because it is being STOLEN AWAY FROM THEM BY THE DEMOCRATICS and THEY DON’T CAN’T SEE OR UNDERSTAND WHY THEIR FUTURE IS SO BLEAK…….THEY WILL BECOME NOTHING MORE THAN SUBJECTS TO BE DICTATED & USED BY A FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WITH NO REPRESENTATION! Why don’t they understand what President Trump has been preaching about – trying to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN so OUR LEGITIMATE CITIZENS CAN HAVE A BRIGHTER FUTURE!!!!!!! Let us all hope & pray that the honest & legal election results will place President Trump back in office!

      1. Amen!
        And nothing surprises me about these corrupt Democrats! They don’t call her KILLARY for nothing! Bengasi is not the first time that someone has died under rare circumstances! Soros, Obama, and the Bidens are all corrupt!

    7. Merlino should be taken up on his offer to testify and be taken into protective custody. A sworn testimony should be taken from him and certified by witnesses.

    8. How did Bejing Biden not get charged for violation of the Logan Act with his deadbeat son? He even admitted using his power on TV against Ukraine for having a prosecutor fired. He even admitted on RV that he had won the election with fraud. Why isn’t the entire family in Leavenworth? How could President Trump get more votes than any other sitting President and lose the election? We have too many corrupt judges in this country. Just like the case of Vringo being thrown out after they wn an article nfringement case against GOOG, AOL, Target and Gannett on every single count with a 12-man jury, 12-0 on every charge and 2 of 3 federal judges on the Appeals Court toss the case: CORRUPTION! And the Supreme Court wouldn’t even see the case when it was presented!


      2. Yes, Tim, where are the FBI, CIA, Depts of Homeland Security, etc. Why are these crooks allowed to usurp authority in the U.S. What about Amy White, Director of Analytics for MoveOn.Com who collectively positioned 7 million “foot soldiers” in the battleground states to fraudulently manipulate votes. Sent out over 5 million e-mails to people who have no affiliation with her harassing them for $12.00 to commit treason against the United States. Where is the “Government”? I cannot believe we have come to this. Finally, where are the 74 million of us who voted for President Trump?

    9. This is to anyone reading this.
      Send this to everyone you know. If you have e-mail addresses of any Not-rino’s , forward it to them !
      I sent it to everyone I know , and some republican’s . But the more they get it , the better . Fill up their e-mail boxes.
      This crap Has to Stop !!


    10. I understand Fredo will be at the inauguration. All family business plus free pillows will be settled. Please for all of you families sack and your pet mushrooms take your meds ASAP.

    1. Why do you think Blowhard Biden is a staunch backer of Unions as they are the Workers of America Socialist group. Pay them so you can work on thier terms and try to control the Company you work at. High dues and low raises in pay as they grow fat on your labor.

    2. I will NEVER re-fer to him as President or her as VP.
      He’s China Joe to me and I won’t repeat what I call her !


  2. Like many if not most politicians in the democrat heartland of the Northeast, Biteme has been in the pocket of organized crime since the beginning of his career. His chief achievement has been to add China and Iran to his list of patrons and partners, which explains why good old working-class Catholic Joe from Scranton now reports an annual income of $17 million a year and has multiple homes in Delaware in which to hide. If he does become the illegitimate puppet president of Soros and Xi Jinping he will not be able to hide in the Mulatto House, Americans must take to the streets every weekend, as they heroically did despite the attacks of genocidal black supremacists and violent anarchists and communists, to show the country and the world that for at least half of the country, he is Not Our President and that we will now show the cucks, kooks and commies how to really resist.

    1. I do not know what the guy looks like but there is a video of a man unloading his vehicle and putting boxes on a cart and entering the building in the middle of the night. You can see his face clearly from outside of the glass for a good amount of time as he pulls the cart to another door inside the building where he enters with the cart.

  3. Hey watsa matter you its a nica day whata you got to say we cheated for biden today, itsa nica place, itsa nica place, now get outa my face!!! Everyone in the world that is not tainted knows that Joey didn’t win this election, NOT POSSIBLE, PERIOD

  4. Good Morning nothing surprises me anymore going on for years just goes to show how the swamp work’s and it’s all about the Money that’s your real reason ladies and gentlemen

  5. But just like usual, report after report favor Pres. Trump winning, but nothing will be done about it. Who has the worse blame for this, The cheating leftist Democrats or the spineless Republicans?

      1. I’m a devout Christian. However, I don’t think that God intervenes in the affairs of His people. He endowed us with free will. Had He involved Himself in the affairs of Man, there would never have been a Holocaust, or World Wars, or pandemics. God isn’t going to somehow make Mr, Trump the President again. BTW, I voted for him.

        1. Have you ever asked God for help MassLass64? I disagree with you. You probably should stop listening to some mortal man and start reading your Bible and listening to God.

          1. ABSOLUTELY Nick…. GOD gave us free will and He knows the end from the befinning!!! His will is perfect and He uses ANYONE for His purposes and glory, even a donkey…. This is a fallen world and junk happens but GOD’s plan will always happen…. He is GOD ALMIGHTY!!!
            Even when it everything is falling apart, they may just be falling into place! Never think the Enemy has won!!!!

      2. Please all of you God and CVS have your meds ready. Take your meds as soon as possible. Before bedtime and when you get up. In a few years everything will look better. No more rabbits coming up hole with MAGA hats. You will all be cured in 5 to 10 years if you take the meds regularly. Lastly don’t let the pillow guy in when he knocks on your window. Sweet dreams my pretty.

    1. Republicans are not immune to the love of money. I believe that 85% of Republicans have been corrupted and 100% of the Lie-beral DEMONocrat demons are.

  6. Time to stop certification Michigan PA Georgia, etc and let Supreme Course decide. Crook Sleep Joe and group should all go home, we need stability in US now and direction to take on crooked dems and China. Mafia JB and progressives should go home.

  7. Its unfortunate that the FBI works for the deep state. This is right up their alley. We don’t have a federal law enforcement org that is honest any more.

  8. As much as I want to believe this, it just doesn’t ring of truth to me. I mean, I don’t doubt the DNC is crooked to the core, and I’ve known for years that they have full support of the teamster unions, teachers unions, and others. They have also reportedly had close ties with the drug cartels.

    This is just one of those things that seems to good to be true, and I doubt it will come to fruition. Even if every word is true, some leftist group in this world would surely have either paid this guy a visit and promised him Biden’s presidential pardon to keep his mouth shut. So if Skinny Joey did make this known, he’ll either recant … or be silenced. The lamestream media won’t cover a word of it, so it never happened.

    One thing I’ve learned in my years on this planet: The DNC is never held accountable for its dirty deeds.

  9. Not a Big surprise to me, Time to let teh man confess in court, and forfeit the presidency and let President Trump stay in office, also Remember Biden did say he had the biggest ballot harvesting group working for him and he would win. Let Biden forfeit his estates pay back the American people for all the time wasted to PROVE PRESIDENT TRUMP WON, Biden spends rest of days behind bars, along with his other democrats that helped him win, with their voting machines that stole votes, the mayors, and governors of the states that didn’t allow pollsters do to their job the right way, and all those that changed votes, each should serve time doing hard time, pay fines etc. Nancy for all her criminal acts for the last 4 yrs and obama for his part, soros, clintons, sanders, etc, they have done treason against America time to get your punishment, on books it says anyone who commits’ treason against our nation are shot……..line them up The slander needs to stop NOW, news medias need new people whos are true journalist and reports to tell us the truth. so much evil and crimes committed by the shadown government and democrats Let the man testify give him his own island Ebsteins foro example to live, w/o leaving it and without contact from others. if his family goes with him, no visitors for them either, and no leaving it.

    1. If it is so then no need for an address to send the information to and don’t need a name , just send it to 1600 Penn. Avenue , Washington , DC It would be put in the right person’s hand.

  10. Why do we have a Supreme Court if they can’t step in and order a new vote from the people of these contested states…..voter ID and in person voting……also over ride the state courts who are not listening to credible proof of fraud from voters…..Then if the results are for Corrupt JOE case closed…..

    1. How do you know John Roberts, Associate Justice on the Supreme Court isn’t on a Mafia payroll? His questionable shifts on rulings might indicate something is amiss. Just an observation.

      1. Chuck — good post because Roberts has personal issues that will makes sure his vote will go against President Trump. If this election does go to the SCOTUS( I prefer new in-person only election) Roberts needs to recuse himself.

  11. If everyone has the proof that our President Trump was screwed out of this election then why can’t someone come forward and admit what they did to help the scumbags win this rigged election? I voted for the president because I believe he is for keeping our freedom. We can rally and support him but apparently that isn’t working to keep him in office. I guess I just don’t get it that with so much proof against the evil DemonCrats he still can’t get the people in the government to help him. There has to be SOMEONE who can help. He has Rudy G. And Kayliegh Mc.on his side with page after page of allegations but it seems like no one really wants to hear about it. Is there anybody else who feels like I do?

    1. WE agree with you, however, there is help on the way.. Have faith. God is not dead. Prayer changes things. Truth will prevail. God put Trump in the office, and only god can take him out.
      many Prophets back many years ago had vision that Trump would be president and serve 2 terms.

      1. You are so right, Shirley. Trump is God’s man, and God alone can and will uncover the evil that is trying to take over our nation. He’s not done with us yet, God’s plans always prevail and he has said so through the prophets.

      2. “If my people who are called by my name will pray and humble themselves, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven, I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14

  12. Corruption runs deep at all levels. DEMs are the most crooked by their acts;.REPs are just as bad by acquiescing and standing by with a collective omission to act!

  13. I’m sure our corrupt media will put this first in line on their news reports.
    What will it take to get the scumbag Biden and his clan investigated? Absolutely disgusting

    1. Investigated and prosecuted are two different things. “Investigations” can go on forever…if you don’t believe me, ask Barr and Durham. Remember- IT’S ALL ABOUT MONEY !

  14. This is what our country has gone to. When you start letting people from all over the world come here illegally then values change. When you let them live their own culture instead of assimilate into ours, then you have a country divided. When you only have liberal idiots teaching our kids especially in the universities across America, then you really are self destruction from within. When you have a large portion of any race ie in this case blacks, that’s hates anything white, you have a problem especially when you don’t neet threat head on. The old saying goes, you reap what you sew, and that is so very true here

  15. I would like to see the voting clock reset for one year. Let Trump continue for another year because of all the crap he had to endure. Next year when the China Virus is gone, have an in-person vote only. Then we will trust elections again. Take that Nancy,,,,by the way Nancy, have you seen the latest homeless photos of your district? I bet you car service avoids those streets.

    1. Nasty PigLowSi does not care about the ‘deplorables’ of Sodom FranSICKo. She has her bubble and her wall. (and her money) !

    1. To all you Biden supporters.
      You all must be blind and stupid to vote for that so called man. He is sitting in his basement laughing at you all for lining his pockets with all your money.

  16. It’s unfortunate that the Mafia controls the unions. These unions are not for the working man, they are for themselves only!!!!

  17. Democrats would elect Al Capone 2 the presidency if he were still alive. The party is as corrupt as anything ever seen.

    1. My UNcle Al was a good man, yes he killed, ran brothels, robbed, and sold booze, but he gave to the poor in Chicago, and to the church., Doesn’t that redeem him? Just more proof that to qualify to be a demoncrat you have to be a crook.

    2. To D.K. Jordan…Al Capone would be jealous and proud of everything that the Lie-beral DEMONocrat demons have managed to get away with. ‘Ma Barker’ HiLIARy showed them how to do it: just act innocent and Gorge Sorrows (George Soros) with the mainstream media will have your back. The perfect scenario for criminals !

  18. Will President Trump be informed about this? That dirty weasel isn’t fit to run for anything! He needs to be kicked to the curb! Pa shoukd be given to Trump!

  19. Well with Biden as much issues with his health and if the courts allow this to come true for him.
    Look at what will be taken his place .
    Hang on for the worst ride the United States of America ever had including war

  20. When a mob boss help someone win. It all due to MONEY BEING PROMISE BY THE OTHER PERSON. Biden is a walking deadman to someone who knows what his plans is. Wisconsin state secretary asking Trump to pay them 7.9 million to recount! How much did the DEMOCRAT pay them to RIGGED the ELECT?

  21. Joe DOES deserve the title he’ll get in FEDERAL PRISON for SEDITION and TREASON (can you say . . . TRAITOR?!?), when he stays there – PERMANENTLY. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  22. Sidney Powell Giuliani Jay Selalow do Genova and Toensing Harmeet Dhillion should investigate and use the evidence at Supreme Court

    1. To JoAnn Fonzone: When this gets to court, we have to hope that there won’t be corrupt judges (ala’ the 9th Circuit) !

  23. If there’s any light to Skinny Joeys story, it needs to be investigated, but shouldn’t surprise anyone that the mafia played a hand in it. Wow, all the illegalities of this election process just keep popping up Day by day. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what happened, it was stolen and rigged. How can Biden even look himself in the mirror and think this was a fair election. He doesn’t want to support a fair and free election, as he can’t even say it. How’s he even able to run for the Presidency, with all his families corruption. Only in the good old USA can this happen. Trump needs to fire Haskell and Wray, now!!

    1. To marcos: Joek Obiden quit looking into mirrors years ago because vampires cannot see their reflection…remember ? He is a full-fledged member of the Lie-beral DEMONocrat Syndicate. Their anthem is: We Want Corruption, We Want Corruption, We Want Corruption, etc., etc.

      AND, he is a “lying, dog-face, pony soldier” !

    1. (Culprit’s ) Democrats, CIA, DOJ, FBI, the Brookings Institutions, Council of Foreign affairs, Biden, Clintons, Brennan, Oboma, China, Free Masons, Aluminati, Google, Facebook, George Sorrows, Antifa, LGBTQ, BLM,Where does the list stop ? It stops with Satin and these people all work for him. Time is short and their time is almost up. Not all of Gov. is corrupt but a large portion of it is. Thank You Press Trump for exposing the true swamp, and for your strengths in showing us who our real enemies are. God Bless Trump, God Bless America

  24. Sounds very familiar — wait — Detroit comes to mind, Nevada comes to mind, Arizona and Georgia comes to mind. I’m sure good ol’ Joey didn’t infiltrate all those states but I’m sure the dnc had MILLIONS of ballots all mark gropin joe biden ready to go where needed. What a total disgrace — This election needs to be declared Null & Void and a new in-person with photo ID and proof of residency only election date set up.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Gerry
      I’m certain this is just one of many ways the demoRats fixed the election, I would look no further than Soros, Obama, Clinton.

  25. I sent a post to Big D to check out who wrote this article and how does he know all these under world things and might he be connected some how. I wonder how he could see something hilarious about it, I think it is treasonous. However I got a good laugh on the cornrow on Joe Biteme’s leg but I didn’t understand about corn pop head.

  26. We know that goofy Joe didn’t win the election. Time for the GOP to show some balls and end this facade. More proof that you have to be a liar, cheat, thief, and have no values to be za demoncrat. And look at the candidates they put up FOR OFFICE as their STANDARD BEARERS – Obamawamadama, the CROOKS AND THIEVES – THE KLINTONS – remember she stole the dinnerware from the white house and some furniture – Then the real crooks dirtbag Joe and all of his crooked kin including the topper Cunter Biden. And for VP cumallya harris who has two political positions, on her knees and on her back. THIS IS THE BEST THE DEMONCRATS HAVE TO OFFER

  27. Sam Giancana fixed the Black vote enough in Chicago to get JFK elected along with some corrupt lobbyists, same crap is still in play with the Deep State scum bags lying in darkness of the sewer in Washington D.C. which is surrounded by dark matter. The trash of America…The mayor would be a prime example…

  28. Hey, Skinny Joe, you know the MAFIA isn’t the only ones with assassins. Ever heard of the Clinton Crime Family?

  29. These “ballots” were filled out in advance, ever since they allowed mass mail-in ballots to be mailed out. This and the rigged ballot counting IT system of Dominion/Systematic (or whatever their name is).
    The Democrats are famous for screwing the electoral process into their favor, no matter the consequences, and the Republican Party never fights hard enough or stays the course long enough to win. That’s why everyone that voted for President Donald J. Trump needs to show your support and fight for him and yourself to see he is installed as OUR President, then let the investigations begin, Grand Juries impaneled, convictions obtained and sentences carried out.

  30. I think those that voted DemoRatic need to hear the old saying “If You Lay Down With Pigs You Become One”
    Oink Oink Joe Biden

  31. So is it Skinny Joey, Argentina, Venezuela or China….these people have so many convoluted stories. I wouldn’t believe it.

  32. Is this a punishment for the iniquities of the people in America and those that do not want any part of God our Heavenly Father in their lives. As you know the Left wants to take God out of everything, In God We Trust, and what will that read In What Do We Trust and in the pledge of allegiance, Under God. My heavens what is the Greatest Country coming to. A Sodom and Gamora. We need to such our souls and do a lot of repenting.

  33. Well, this seems to be a repeat of the 1960 election where a man became president thanks to the mafia rigging the election. But when the mafia does someone a favor they demand a BIG favor in return. That president and his brother failed to deliver that favor. That president was killed in 1963 in Dallas, Texas, and his brother was killed in 1968 in California. Old Joe may not be worth a bullet but he could end up walking on the bottom of the Potomac river wearing cement boots. Same for Kamala if she doesn’t do as she’s told. Either that or she’ll get the U.S. into a war in some isolated country and she WON’T give the military the resources to win.

  34. The crookedness spreads so wide on this. I’m in prayer that our courts are more just and honest. This has the potential to do so much damage to our nation – people are fed up.

  35. A new election is in order.
    Enough of Hugo Chavez’ Dominion software.
    The movement should demand that Trump stay in office until a fair election occurs.
    The. Demoncrats already attacked a couple of the witnesses of Sidney Powell’s investigation and threatened many others.

    Who knows they may have even threatened our President.
    There is a story a German soldier told about his service in Hitler’s army during WWIi.
    This soldier hated Hitler but like many Germans, was forced to serve even though he saw the evil of Hitler. You see whether you are a soldier in Hitler’s time or a ln honest witness in a stolen election, when you life is threatened you think twice and find excuses not to do the right thing.
    Well anyway this soldier had the unique fortune to be on the patrol in the base where Hitler was visiting one day and knew that Hitler liked to take walks in the woods, often without bodyguards, so he plotted to wait for him the next day and when he spotted Hitler to kill him.
    The next day arrived and he waited until Hitler came but when he went to reach for his weapon, it was as if, as the soldier described it, a force paralyzed him and made him unable to draw his weapon.
    Was it cowardice or the force of evil protecting the socialist Hitler.
    You see just as there is a God there are antichrists through history whose God is Satan.
    Was Obama one of these?
    Are Biden and his running mate Jezebel ones
    You decide……the forces of evil have been around since mankind.
    They hated President Lincoln and succeeded. They tried with President Reagan and St John Paul Is and did not succeed.
    You can bet they have tried numerous times against Trump but have not succeeded.
    Biden and Harris, I suspect have the protection of their father Satan.

  36. There’s NO surprise in that bragging statement. Besides remember Joe Biden went on TV and bragged about his activity in having the prosecutor fired in Ukraine when the prosecutor began investigating son HUNTER BIDEN. I’ve come to the conclusion that ALL, EVERYONE of the democrats are gangster connected.

    1. Don, Biden has not won anything there is a very big difference between stealing, and honestly winning, as
      we know if you steal something it still doe’s not belong to you, but if you honestly win you can justly claim
      the victory. Biden is a thief and will be my president, I as Christian respect the office of the president but not the man.

  37. the people with their hooks in biden are too numerous to count. the 1 percenters are now letting out snippets of information about just how crooked he is. they are not trying to destroy him. it is just to let him know he better do their bidding or they will get rid of him. nobody but the chinese want biden replaced by commie whore-ass.

  38. Remember the Clinton hit squad is still alive and well and has done away with people for doing less….but this is one hit I would not feel sorry for…the republican could get this guy in protective custody because God knows the fbi won’t do anything….this is only tip of iceberg….

  39. The DNC is a criminal organization, they have committed treason, they do more crimes than good! You can’t support a foreign born Obama in America! Bill Ayers manufactured Obama! George Soros is the unelected leader of the DNC! Soros is a drug dealer! He has an off shore account in the Netherlands! We did not ask for any of this, we were attacked the day Obama was inaugurated! Things have progressively gotten worse since then!
    The DNC rigged their own party’s Presidential stealing it from Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton who went on to lose after all that cheating! Obama and HRC along with the Obama corrupted FBI used a known fake dossier to trick a FISA Court Judge into giving them a warrant to spy on Americans! They went out of the Country to deal with a foreign spy! Stop me when treason has occurred!

  40. There is no turning back now, the DNC has gone too far! The war is brewing and millions are going to die! It’s the only choice we have! Nothing can be negotiated, Obama has dirt on the Supreme Court Justices and we found that out when Scalia was murdered! Do these hood-rats actually think they have fooled us? That’s absurd! We know, regardless of how many lies were told! Look in the dictionary for liar and it’s a picture of Obama, make it plural and it’s the DNC! They pushed us into this and we will kill with extreme prejudice! I think it’s important to disclose politicians are fair game during a civil-war! If we must go around the globe to find certain criminal politicians, we will. Obama, Soros, Kerry, Holder, Rice, Biden, Jarrett, Lynch, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, you can run mother fuckers, but you can’t hide! You attacked us!

  41. What angers me the most, is their pompous attitudes! They can’t think that we don’t know what they have done! We are America, We the People, politicians work for us, not the other way around! Never forget that! That has to be your attitude dealing with these criminals! If I was POTUS I would have already done away with the DNC!
    That is how you govern! You don’t broadcast your actions, you just do it! Joe Biden thinks he’s somebody! He is a criminal that cheated to win! We must attack quick, deadly, and non stop!

  42. Is there any structured militia groups out there besides these pockets of rednecks that are old, fat, and stupid? Because if that is all there is, this CW2 is over before it begins! You can’t wage war with idiots, out of shape, old, and stupid! Yes they have guns, yes they have trigger fingers, but they are fat, they are drunks, they talk a big game, but they look like a bunch of fat, old, drunks from VFW’s across America who can’t walk to their trucks without getting winded! Until we have a structured, physically fit, large group of men with at least, common sense, it’s nothing but a pitiful joke! You can’t take a bunch of “Big-Foot-Hunters” stupid, out of shape, rednecks and go to war! I hope I’m wrong, but we need young trained veterans who hate what is happening to our Country, experienced in warfare, weapons training, war strategy, and tons of money, equipment, structured, and in shape! Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the heartfelt enthusiasm of these men called a militia, I really do, but it cannot be those guys!

  43. This Presidential election hijack was so blatantly obvious that it’s laughable! Tell me that those hood-rats, don’t think we are that naive! Come on, this is a nobrainer! The same way black actors over act! Nobody in their right mind would want that antiquated fool, Joe Biden leading this Country! Joe has reached a level of aging that is followed by in home care, and death!
    Kamala Harris sucked Wills Browns cock and rose up into the political world of municipal city government in cities taken over by blacks, that have become eyesores, desolate, and poverty stricken! Is the DNC that desperate? Really? A senile old criminal, and an educated hooker? Of course they cheated! Then when a Judge in Philly, or Detroit, handpicked by that Kenyan hood rat Obama says we will not allow the public to know anything about these 300 voting machines, well, that’s enough said!

  44. Do not forget.. we are talking about DEMOCRATS… NOW MOSTLY CHINESE COMMUNISTS DEMS. Geo Soros started buying up the DA’s., AG’s, Govs of these states years ago. Don’t like the law do not enforce.. or change it as people are dropping ballots. And we are finding these alphabet organizations are not public service.. for the lil people. They are there to wipe them out. The Gates “foundation”.. 400 $$mil to buy election judges..facebook $ALMOST $300 MIL. Soros.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Bloomberg$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ all to buy the election. What is such a real assault is how many of these people are for sell… What one mayor got over $300000.. How much has Stacy Abrams filled her pockets. How about the “gang of 4”.. millions disappeared into their acct. Wake up America… VOTE.. But find out who you are voting for. DO not take what these media outlets put out. Or your local newspaper or local media outlet. The Dallas Morning News is a paper I have taken for 40 years… and over the last 10-15 years is like all the other papers.. cannot read one artilcle of truth. And the crooks they are backing is a disgrace.

  45. Isn’t it convenient that there is all this talk about the brittle Biden’s collusion with China and then all of a sudden covid 19 just happens one year from election and every time the Democrat’s start showing signs of faultering the virus seems to intensify??? And also how Biden just evaporated off the social seem until one month before Election Day . Then all of a sudden comes out of hidding to win election . When in the debates he couldn’t even come up with a single coherent thought of his own . Shuddering through every debate. Then all the covering up and denial of any and every fact even video evidence proving blatant fraud , double counting ballots . Then the supreme court’s are going to ignore everything. I feel everyone who threatens our constitutional rights should be given a free plan ticket to the country of their origin . Since the definitely don’t believe in America. And CHICKEN SHITS like Robert’s should be the the first to be charge with a felony of not upholding the constitution. Let him live on the other side of the law he so disbelieve’s in . He surely doesn’t deserve the wages he is making to uphold the constitution. Which he is clearly not doing. I guess we have to vote him out.

  46. I tried to post on another site and even though everything was done right they denied my post because it supported the truth and President Trump

  47. The democrat party has been corrupt historically. Look up “Tammany Hall” online. Machine politics and organized criminal behavior since the 1700’s. This has been made a national effort and currently is called the democrat national committee. I don’t refer to the party as “democratic” though its actions do seem like those of the rulers of countries whose names start with “people’s democratic republic of…..”

  48. 300,000 ballots in 60 hours. That’s 5000 ballots produced per hour. How many people were used to accomplish that — or how many copy machines would it take to do it?

  49. Does not surprise me in the least. He biden is just a criminal himself along with his son, brother and other family members. STUPID VOTERS who do not do their research or watch a mon fake news show and read true news papers.

  50. Small wonder that BEJING BIDEN has mafia connections. Nancy Pelosi Mafiosi got her start because her father (maiden name D’Alessandro) was in the Philly mafia. Her brother and husband also have those connections. The whole bunch is foul.

  51. $3 million divided by 10 and into sixty f***n hours equals 5000 FIVE THOUSAND ballots a hour. Im telling u. Joey ain’t flipping yall rats talking like that need more cheese and a new playtoy. Wrong one though. He is really hooooooood. So be careful what u type. He also a stand up guy. So stop

    That BS is nasty talk on a guy who now sells food.
    Ps. His family and Fred and Donny go way back. Not the Delaware guy. The Atlantic city and new yorker guy yall are rooting for. Yall must need a history lesson. He been talking to Donny since 85-86 check the fight tapes and then the ronnie previte’ snitch bull he knows he openly talks about it on youtube i just seen nancy pelosi name. She is a san fran girl. Not philly. And philly delassandro is cheesesteaks. No gangster ish. Yall drank the wrong cool aid here but i like debates

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