Precedent: The Last Time a Bunch of Electoral College Votes Were Tossed Out

truth these days. If a Democrat says something that you disagree with – you know they’re lying. Like all of the media/Democrat noise these days that it would be “unprecedented” for Electoral College votes to be tossed out for voter fraud. In their minds, if something hasn’t happened within their lifetimes, then it must have “never” happened in US history. These people are liars. There is absolutely precedent for tossing out Electoral College votes because of fraud.

The idea that “the clock is ticking” for President Trump’s reelection is also not exactly true. It could take quite a while to sort this election out, and guess what? The country will be just fine if it does take a long while to get an accurate election result. Check out what happened in 1876.

Ohio Governor Rutherford B. Hayes was the Republican nominee that year. New York Governor Samuel Tilden was the Democrat nominee. With fewer states in those days, a candidate needed 185 Electoral College votes to win the election.

You might want to sit down for this bit of news, but the Democrats cheated in Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina. I know. Weird, right?

Even though the Civil War was over and federal troops were stationed in southern states, the Democrats still turned out in droves to attack black Americans and prevent them from voting for Hayes. Ballot box stuffing and other shenanigans took place. At the end of the election, both the Republicans and Democrats declared victory in the presidential race, even though the “official result” with all the fraud and violence gave Tilden the victory.


But with those three Southern states in dispute, Tilden had 184 Electoral College votes – just one shy of victory. The Republican Hayes had 165 votes. He’d need to run the table on the remaining 20 outstanding votes in Florida, Louisiana and South Carolina to win.

Each party sent dueling electors to the Electoral College vote, so naturally, it was a mess that was impossible to decide. Congress ended up appointing an Electoral College Commission, comprised of eight Republicans, eight Democrats and one Supreme Court Justice. The Commission immediately voted to award the outstanding 20 electoral votes to Rutherford B. Hayes.

Democrats pitched a fit (of course) and refused to concede to Hayes as the victor. The members of the Electoral College Commission then negotiated a deal. The Democrats agreed to concede their fraudulent victory if Republicans would pull the federal troops out of Southern states under Reconstruction. Hayes was sworn in as president in March of 1876. (The 20th Amendment later moved Inauguration Day to January.)

The Electoral College votes of three states were basically tossed out and/or overturned due to Democrat Party fraud. As a result of that messy election, Congress passed the Electoral Count Act a few years later, which is federal law that stands to this day. In the event of a big mess in the Electoral College due to disputed outcomes or fraud (which is what we have right now), the presidential election is decided by the House of Representatives.

Under the rules of the Electoral Count Act, each state gets one vote. That, of course, would result in a 26-23 Trump victory over Kamala Harris. Oh, sorry, I meant to say, over “Joe Biden.”

It is in no way “unprecedented” for Electoral College votes to be thrown out due to fraud. This would be a messy path to victory for President Trump, but I’d take it over sitting here for four years trying to pretend that Kamala Harris was legitimately elected or had any authority over me.

Another big lesson from the past is that Republicans in Congress cleaned the mess up! They passed the Electoral Count Act in order to stop the Democrats from throwing the system into chaos in the future.

That should be the main focus of Republicans after this election is sorted out and Trump is inaugurated for his second term. Those of us on the right only have three choices going forward: Stop the Democrats from cheating like this again by banning unsecure electronic and mail-in voting; cheat just as much and just as viciously as the Democrats; or lose forever.

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161 thoughts on “Precedent: The Last Time a Bunch of Electoral College Votes Were Tossed Out”

  1. We the people need to stand up to these cheaters! I am so disgusted with the corruption in our government! I pray that they toss the votes and the truth will prevail. Then we need to start arresting the treasonous people that are behind this. We of course know who it is.

        1. Todd, they will if we make them do it. By first appealing to their better nature, then at gunpoint if necessary.

      1. We cannot sit back and ignore what is wrong. We, the People, must defend our That is suffering at the hands of the aggressors.

        1. Let them cry! Over turn this EC vote. The cheated. Bring on Federal voter ID. My State even said in their State plan that they would help anyone asking for help to get the ID. Someone claimed that’s race discrimination. Really? Explain that one to me. I don’t get it. Therefore it was not passed.

          1. Don’t you have to give id to hospital or Doctor? Or to get drivers license? Is that race discrimination to give Id????

        2. The VOTERS need to get their heads straight. WE GET WHAT WE VOTE FOR and it ALL begins at the LOCAL level. We MUST seek honest elections, INFORM PEOPLE and somehow get people to voluntarily pay REAL attention to candidates – research EVERYONE before you vote for them. KNOW their background, what they have supported in the past, WHO they want to emulate, what morals do they believe in, do they pay their taxes, where did they get their education (this can tell a LOT about their leanings on many subject) and how serious are they about voting…What has been their role in community, state and national politics or the business community, the legal, medical, family etc communities…then voters need to decide if this person will represent them the way directed by voters. It takes TIME and EFFORT but is well worth it!!!

          1. I am sick and tired of the political democratic corruption from the treasonous democratic party. How in Gods name did Biden have more votes than our President Trump. At the rallys Biden only produced several dozen democrats when Trump had thousands at his rallys. The democrats better watch out for a Republican mass hysteria to loom over the sick Bidens

          2. To Cath: It’s not the voters who determine an election; it’s the people who COUNT the votes ! As long as the Lie-beral DEMONocrats have their Dominion (dominate) voting system…WHAT’S THE USE IN VOTING ?!?! If this fraud is not corrected, OUR COUNTRY IS FINISHED. They win.

            STOP THE STEAL !!!

        3. Why does the media not see the total plot by the dictator countries, totally represented by many leftist groups in San Francisco, partnered financially with the DNC , using the “virus” not only as a legal “ excuse” to violate constitutional law but election law! A democrat candidate that has obvious ties to both CCP AND RUSSIANS ! Why are they refusing to acknowledge the KING KONG in this election?

          1. The media is in on this treason. They are afraid that Trump will reveal their dark secrets which I believe is human trafficking and paedophilia. I believe that politicans, judges, royalty and other super rich people around the world are involved.

          2. If there can be found , 9 really ‘HONEST’ investigators left in the Country President Donald J. Trump should create an investigative panel to TRULY investigate the China and Ukraine dealings of the Bidens. Make it a commission that cannot be disbanded until it has presented a complete and thorough investigation. My opinion

          3. Democrats bought them off !!!look at all the money they spent. We the people have been cheated for the last time.

          4. Gregio — the media is a major player in this attempted coup and stealing of an election. They are a big part of the deep state and the corruption within our government.

          5. The mass media is paid off by foreign interests, mainly China.

            The mass media personnel are mainly metro sexual who lean towards feminism. They hate the traditional family, hate God and hate things that are based on morals, principals and tradition. This is why they refuse to tell the truth in reporting.

        4. You are exactly right Lyn — if we sit back and ignore this election — we will lose America as we know it — forever.

    1. If we lost HONESTLY then so be it. BUT IF THEY CHEATED …. then fight ţo the finish and disqualify any stolen cheated, fraudulent votes.

      1. That’s why it’s time for the attorneys contesting the election results to “show their cards”. We’ve all heard about the fraud allegations, so it’s now time that we can have the info in our hands so we can defend it. Instead of saying “three people said…” we can say “John, Jim and Joe (or whatever their names are) said….” Put another way, as a saying goes among country folk, “pee or get off the pot”.

        1. It’s time we stood up! Or we won’t have a democracy anymore. I don’t think most people understand the direction our country is headed in. My mother told me a long time ago, after World War Two ended. The communist said they would take America without firing a shot. It’s happening right under our noses. We need to be very careful who we let into our country, take a good look at some of the young congress members we have today.

      2. I Agree!! We all need to be more active and aware of what is really going on in our state at all levels of government. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention and just vote along party lines. We all need to look at the person that’s running and what they stand for, how they have voted in the past. My husband is registered as a Democratic but votes mostly republican. He has said the Democratic Party left him. It’s not the old Democratic Party of our fathers.

      3. There is no “if” to it. They cheated. It is something the demonrats have been doing since 1986. They need to be ended NOW!

    2. I agree 100%. I hope they can get to the root of all this evil and prosecute those at the very top level. That is the only way to get true justice.

        1. No one is in jail because we have a corrupt DOJ and Barr just admitted his mission was to topple Trump. Isn’t that wonderful.??

    3. We the People SHOULD REVOLT! Only a Revolution on the Same Order as the French Revolution will SAVE Our Country! We the People NEED to CLEAN House in Our Government! The Government is CORRUPT and ROTTEN to the CORE! Really BAD Times Ahead EITHER Way!

      1. I have several questions regarding revolution, which I agree should happen. 1. How do we get organized? 2. Who are going to be the leaders? 3. Are we going to replace the entire Fed system which again I agree with? 4. How do we communicate without the ever present “govt ears” listening in? 5. Does anyone truly believe the Posse Comitatus Act will stop the Dems from using the US military against us. 6. What about LEO’s will they value their jobs over patriotism? 7. Will a revolution ensure fair elections going forward, if so how? These are just a few of the questions. I am an American Patriot and will never ever give in to tyranny or socialism or communism in any form. I will fight however I am able at the age of 75, I took an oath that had no expiration date. We must all deeply, prayerfully and thoughtfully consider all we do or plan to do on an undertaking of this magnitutde.


    5. These crooked Dems should be locked up for resisting this President for 4 yrs and I think Obama is behind most of it

    6. Stop! Think! If the republician party had been involved in voters fraud, they’d be in jail by now and all fraud votes would be thrown out and they would have lost by default reason CHEATING! This should be done with the democrat party also , even thou they think they should live by their rules. GOD’S LAW is cheaters, liars, treasonous lose, and Honesty WINS! Time to clean the swamp, shadow government, all government departments which are way to many, time to remove government from our personal lives of having insurance, what church we can attend- faith, what schooling our children get-which should not include teaching them this of lesbians’, gay, transsexuals’ and having to act out this kind of life style, nor should the schools be forced to include muslium faith or have those children be allowed to hurt our children, nor should government be involved or duplicate departments to do same kind of work. This is AMERICA a Land of the HOME, FREE, BRAVE, law and order, where criminals are suppose to be jailed, and honest people free, not honest people put in jail and criminals run loose. Criminals lost their rights to receive benefits, stimulus checks, SS, SSDI, workmen’s comp etc., lose rights to drive, vote. Once released it takes 7 years to clean slate before one is allow to vote, one can drive if they have a job. Our prison’s, jails would be over crowded if we arrested every democrat that has committed crimes against our Nation and her people, pay to play, include their agenda in bills democrats want passed or they won’t vote on it, for those that set rules for teh American people to follow but they break, such as NO MASK, eating in public places with large groups no distancing, also traveling using excuses of vacation home needs either insulation, or help because water lines broke etc., flooding etc Family lived in area let them tend to it. Treason is a death penalty at least that is what it has on the books. Hum….Clintons, Obama, Biden, Sanders, Soros and many others. Democrats threaten attorneys not to take the case to help our President or family or they will be hurt, that is black mail and should have those involved arrested. We need to take a STAND for what is right, and Do NOT all the criminals to intimidate us. Illegeals means just that they are not here legally therefore they go home. Soros and others paid for them to come here, let them pay for them to go home. Bribing people to vote a certain way, or giving them gifts to do so and forging ballots are crimes, arrest them. Biden even stated he has the largest fraud team ever this in itself should be a reason to arrest him, no matter he is old and “A” he said it we have proven fraud now take actions
      People elected are suppose to work for the people WE PAY their SALARY, don’t do the JOB then fire them, vote them out of office without benefits of any kind. No elected official should receive an income for the rest of their life for having worked only 4 to 8 yrs for American People, 1 yr maybe, they should not depend on American workers to pay them for the rest of their life, most haven’t earned it and caused lost of bad deals with other countries making promises which cost Americans’ money….Obama and all his free phones, health, etc, who paid for that TAX PAYERS NOTIHNG IS FREE, all programs cost money and our tax money pays for each one. The Anti groups should not be allowed or they should be forced to fund themselves, we the Tax payers should not fund them as we don’t believe in them, as they are not in accordance with God’s Word they are all against it

    7. I believe that the Democratic party should be disbanded. They are the ones that are racists and have widened the divide with the Obama administration.
      What was Obama doing in Wuhan, China spending taxpayer`s money on a man made virus. I do believe the cost was 3.5 million dollars. How did he get that money? How and why did Obama release the Taliban terrorists from Gitmo. They were convicted of killing American citizens. He gave each and every one of those terrorists $33,000.00 U.S. currency and a jet ride to Yemen. The CIA was cutting off the ankle bracelets before they ever left the U.S. airspace We got Bergdahl back a U.S. Army deserter that got 5 American soldiers killed looking for the slime ball. How did Obama get that money. They have been doing this since the civil war that they lost freeing the black man. You know why they want to destroy our countries history and tear down our statues. They don`t care about you the American people. It`s all about the power.

    8. There is a law on the books never repealed. The Communist Control act of 1954. It is against Federal Law to be a communist in the USA. 5 years and $10000.00 Fine. In 2020 $10000 would be $100000.00. Arrest all these communist democrats and put those fines in the Corona Stimulus. And take all the foreign money out of the Bill. And the PORK. Nothing but Corona Stimulus Funds in the bill. ENFORCE THIS anti-Communist Law Now!!!

    9. The first one that needs to go is Pilossi. President Trump has refused the stimulus package because it only gives eligible Americans $600.00. Pilossi is giving Pakistan 10 million for gender studies and other foreign governments. Now listen to her blame President Trump. She is a demon!

    10. Absolutely, This Country is being run by a Mafia, only to support their power and money. Most Democrats are Communist’s and need to be dealt with as such!

      1. I have a thought! From now on ONLY TAXPAYERS WITH PROOF, should be those who vote. I think it would be very smart as our “Government” IS the TAXPAYER. Without them there is no government! There was a statement that 50% of people do not pay taxes. Perhaps this idea would help. Also make our “leaders” live with what they place on us i.e. health insurance!

    11. This is an email I sent to Team Trump campaign but I do not know if Donnie ever got it as promised me he would;
      President Donald Trump,
      Buy a spot on national TV while you are still President and then bring all of your evidence of the discrepancies, fraud and lies, perjuries, violations to due process, your constitutional rights to a fair hearing, trial, corruption etc… live paperwork whatever you have that was denied into evidence in court so that the whole nation can see it. That way everyone will see the evidence live and cannot be ignored or denied anymore and will have to be entered into evidence on a reconsideration what brought in! I would also bring into evidence the fat of hundreds of thousands of your votes being destroyed by the enemies so they cannot be counted. remember bring all evidence you have on live TV, leaving nothing unturned! Rightfully taken your place in the Presidency for the next four years! Eliminating that criminal Biden! Before your term ends Give yourself a pardon on any and all trumped up allegations, false charges the Government officials may try to throw at you once your out of office. Please think about doing it now! That way you are covered from any and all false allegations and charges. We believe in you and know you will rise above this! In my personal opinion Biden is a criminal, a Tarator and a Presidential Election Thief. President Trump you are by far the best President we have ever had and will always be our President in so may peoples hearts and eyes! God Bless you for all you have done for us and our country!!! If I were you President Trump I would do motions for reconsideration in each state siting misrepresentation by my Attorneys, new information, lacks of consideration, due process violations, constitutional rights violations and anything else that applied, attaching copies of all evidence to my motions, as well as bringing additional supporting copies listed as my exhibits to enter into evidence once in court to go with the attached evidence handed over at the time of filing my motions! Just saying! Gods Blessings my friend!


    12. Cheating …. for sure! However, on Jan 6th(?) when Mike Pence (Pres. of the Senate), presides over Congress for the actual counting of Electoral votes, what will he do? Seven states have “supposedly” submitted DOUBLE Electoral college votes. To be fair to the voting public of those states, and to be fair to the rest of the country’s voters, ALL of those Electoral votes should be thrown out … as noted in the article we’re referring to. Bottom Line: Again as noted in the article … the states would then get one vote each and Trump gets a second term!


    14. I agree 100%. The only problem I see is that the Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives. They want DJT out so bad, they will be willing to decide the Presidency in favor of Biden just to keep power and throw us the USA into a war-ravaged 3rd or even 4th world country even worse than Venezuela

    15. I agree. Trump deserves to be President because of the fraud programmed into the election. And without that fraud he would have won by a landslide.

    16. President Trump needs to declare ” Martial law ” , temporarily suspend our constitution , and have our military supervise a new presidential election in Michigan , Wisconsin , Pennsylvania , Nevada , Arizona , and Georgia .
      Relying on cowardly , timid and meek judges is a losing venture .
      Do it yourself Prez. Trump , and it will get done !

    17. You are so right!!! I am so sick of the Democratic fraud. And what I find sad is that so many people, the Democrats can’t see what is going on. But they watch mainstream news and the liberal cable channels so all they hear is lies and more lies about Trump.

    18. God has His hand on all of this. Our country was built on God.The prayers of God’s children seek God’s will. God’s will is as sure as the sun shines. Satan’s followers will be exposed and sent to the pits of Hell. Praise Jesus!!!!

  2. This is the best news that I’ve heard since this new theft of the Presidential election occurred!!!! If this is so, why is it not being considered? The Republicans should be bringing down the ceiling on this whole phony election with this knowledge!!!!!! When will this knowledge be applied to this most recent phony election????? What a great opportunity to set things straight and legal before someone declares it “too late”!!!!!! There has to be a way to repair our recent fraud election with this procedure!!!!!

    1. AMEN I AGREE!!! But they found loop holes to avoid it by bad judges kicking out and refusing to let the truth get out! Therefore we aren’t being allowed the due process of a hearing!! How do we fix all that?? If all else fails, the American patriots of the now FREE AMERICA WILL FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOMS ONCE AGAIN!!! WE WILL NOT LET THE DEMOS TAKE OVER!!!!! IN JESUS PRECIOUS NAME!!!!

    2. Those that think nothing is being done are looking ONLY at what the liberal media is allowing you to hear/read. You – – YOU must dig deeper, search for other media outlets, take in ALL views and somewhere therein is the truth. YOU, the VOTER must be informed and TOTALLY INFORMED!!!

    3. Democrats {Satan,Wealthy} have been making amendments and Bills for years that always has “tacked on” parts to change the laws to benefit their mission. Our government is bogged down with “bullshit” laws that hinder them making the decisions that they know the people want. Our Constitution says “by the people , for the people”. Our government servants now have their hands tied by past legislation. We have all been slowly and subtly sold to Satan by the Democrats. I see Democrats as Satan. I see Republicans as God’s people. God sent Trump to make great changes; and he did. Satan is pissed off and want’s to crush him. Trump won’t give up. God’s people won’t give up. Prayers are flowing by countless numbers. Satan can’t stop the prayers. Satan can only seed your need for greed. Where do you want to spend eternity? I praise Jesus as my savior. He opens the door so I can pray to God directly. My prayers are always answered. I pray for an SUV; I get a truck. God sends what I need; not what I ask for. Follow God’s will. He will never fail you. Only you can do that. Read His word and seek His wisdom. Have blessings every day. Amen

  3. January 6th can’t come soon enough. I’m so fed up with the election FRAUD I can’t stand it. Not only that, our Lamestream Media who helped the Democrats with such FAKE news reporting, if you could even call it reporting. I’m truly concerned for our nation. Don’t forget, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”!

    1. ALSO remember…the journalism will only be as good as academia allows…I was a Journalism student in a BIG University and decided to change my major because the professors taught us HOW to convince people of OUR opinions…not the FACTS but OUR opinion…that was when I was in my 20s – – I’m now in my 70s so this has been going on for decades!!! THAT is why we have a media convinced that they are gods…we MUST hold academia accountable for what they have created…as well as doctors who only see the $$$ and contractors who will take short cuts when they can, teachers who use their opinion as part of their “fact” based lessons and they all (in general classroom conversations) drop opinions as FACTS. Store clerks who charge for two pieces of candy when you are actually buying only ONE…kids that lie about who hit who on the playground…or who cheated on a school exam, a parent who lies to their kids when the kids know better…EVERYONE has to take responsibility for honesty, fairness, concern for others and kindnesses shown to ALL others! BE A BETTER SELF!

    1. Absolutely true Jean and here are the reasons why:
      1. Biden did not even campaign
      2. Biden never took any questions from reporters except the flavor of ice cream he was eating
      3. He was in up to his eyeballs in his son’s corrupt dealings with the Chinese of all people.
      However, if you wonder how Biden won you just have to look at number 1 and think about if this has ever happened before when running for an elected office.

  4. I agree 100% with the above sentiment HOWEVER can you imagine the violence and chaos that overturning the current conclusion would cause. Those vivious, dishonest, supercillious Democrats would create a (literally) bloody revolt and make this country ungovernable. Nope, let them come in and then make their lives a misery – just like they did to Trump.

    1. No way. If we let the Dems get away with this fraud election, then they will cheat on every election. This needs to be cleaned up now. We owe Trump our gratitude for making us aware of the Washington swamp people but he can’t fight them by himself. We have to help AND SO DO THOSE LAZY ASS REPUBLICANS SITTING IN CONGRESS. THEY NEED TO SUPPORT TRUMP OR RESIGN AND GO HOME. WE DON’T NEED TRASH LIKE THAT IN CONGRESS.

      1. To Cheryl: Many Republicans are paid-off. 85% of them in my opinion, but I believe 100% of the DEMONocrats are. They are Corruptocrats- that’s why they went to D.C. in the first place. If President Trump does not win, we are all history. There will never be another Republican president. The love of money is too strong.

        1. Amen to that! Also, why is everyone in the senate so afraid to get this right????? Who has such control over this…and Trump should VETO this almost a billion dollars peeeeelosi gave to planned parent hood

          1. Know kidding! They need to tighten/ go through all the spending and cut the waste. I’m sure if they looked hard enough we can balance our budget And I’m not talking about cutting SSN benifits either we as citizens paid into that program for years while our dipped their grubby hands into it.

          2. His name is Obama mr mafia man who denounced his own best friend i,.e. minister when it all came out in the media prior to him becoming actual president!

        2. You are so correct Martin. Biden would be a treasonous puppet in the White House. The Insurection ACT should be enforced. The P:resident has that ability. Why should are legal votes be ignored due to illegal voting??????

    2. Steven you end that chaos with martial law that is dealt out severly and with prison time. I don’t like to say this BUT if enacted would stop it in its tracks .

    3. HELL NO! This bunch is nothing short of communism and once that takes over, it’s OVER. You won’t stand a chance of recovering our country to it’s “Republic”. History has shown that to us time and time again. Even with all the misery laid upon President Trump that did not stop all the great accomplishments he made. This ‘regime’ intends on completing what Obama started – the destruction of the USA.

      1. To Bobbi: His name is osama bin obomma and he STILL inspires me…everytime I see his face, I get an irresistible urge to go scrub the toilet !

        STOP THE STEAL !!!


    5. No, right is right, and wrong is wrong. If the Democrats get by with this, we will never have an honest election again.

  5. I agree with all the above comments. This Smart news that comes on my phone constantly are nasty liars.
    President Trump has kept every promise he made to the people. I don’t believe there is another man that could get that much done under all the pressure he has had to endure. .
    Pelosi and all her followers need to be charged with treason and punished.
    I pray for President Trump and his family everyday. I feel certain they are in danger. The demon rats are capable of murder. All Republicans are in danger if Sleepy and Dopey get sworn in.

  6. Open corruption in our government on federal and state levels , open fraud in the election , open disregard of our constitutional rights , open lies and half truths and taken out of context reporting by our corrupt news sources , openly run shadow government run by a black muslim who has run this since his last term as President of the U.S.A. who has spread social unrest and rioting and destruction of our cities and defunding our police and funded by CHINESE MONEY , open knowledge of CHINESE SPIES infiltrating our government ………..

    1. Well said Robert, the LAST thing this nation needs is four more years of Obama fuckery. DJT undid all of the frivolous atrocities that Baracky initiated and got this country off of its knees and standing tall for the first time I can remember.

      A president who loves his country, but moreover…. loves his people. A refreshing moment in American history and we’ll be damned to let this election be overturned by these scumbag reprobates with no moral conscience.

      Democrats are like a disease. A festering wound is how I liken folks like the Pelosi Abomination, the Adam Schiff pack of untruths. These people are a terminal cancer to our republic. As long as these time wasting, greedy, power drunk morons are allowed to bring down our congress and senate , we all suffer greatly.

      It’s time we Americans take it back and elect those who will work on our behalf…..not those who would use their positions for their own personal gain….seems that’s all Dems are good at. That and getting nothing done for the last four years

      Pelosi last evening was kicking our President in the nut sack by putting hundreds of thousands of these covid deaths in his court. REALLY NANCY?!! Who’s blocked the relief package for months on end, how much DEATH resulted from your pure, evil hatred of one man….you’re the most evil wretch this nation has EVER had to endure. Mentally challenged that one!

      We’re standing with you Mr President!

      Godspeed Sir!

      1. Very truthful words spoken here. The Democrats have become the new mafia. Just ask Seth Rich, who was fed up with all crime coming from his party and was killed because of his love for his country over the crimes of his party.

  7. Surely the fact that in so many states the Demands are claiming, there were many thousands of votes counted more than there are registered electors is prima facie proof of fraud or at least election misconduct. That should in itself be enough to toss out all electoral votes from these states.

  8. This is what happens when our schools stop teaching American History and Civics, it’s no wonder our younger generation has no clue on what this country was based and founded on , I remember praying and then reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before classes started, I know my age is showing now, it saddens my heart to see this great country going in the direction that it’s has gone, but my hope is not in man my hope is in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, God is in control May the Lord bless the republic of these United States. P.S. I’m thankful for the writer for writing this true piece of History

  9. I am also sick and tired of Politian’s that just sit there and do nothing knowing that these type of people are doing so wrong. What I see is the last days where the LORD told us that people will have a spirit of delusion, they don’t know right from wrong. I do pray that the LORD will let everything come out in the light of day! We deserve to know and they should be punished!

    1. Thank you, lets all continue to pray to the Lord for his blessings upon this nation, the United States of America.

  10. It’s not over until it is. Whatever President Trump needs to do to stop this cheating. Democrats see the election as we win and any cost.

  11. I would like to see the Poll workers, Supervisors and the people behind them, “Soros”, thrown in Prison for Treason. When has a Democrat ever been arrested. Bengazi, IRS targeting of Conservatives, Russia Hoax Until someone goes to Prison it’ll never stop. I’ll believe Jeffery Epstein hung himself before I believe Biden got 80,000,000 votes!

  12. I cannot figure it out. How was biden allow to run in all fifty states with a Ineligible by the U.S. Constitution vice president. Was there no vetting done by anyone! harris is not eligible to be v.p. or president. Her parents were not citizens of this country at the time of he birth. I guess the democraps can just sweep this under the carpet like obummer.

  13. Does the United States have the political will or fortitude to do what is right and needs to be done? I sincerely have my doubts after observing the pervasive corruption in place throughout the government.

  14. Millions of us who voted for the rightful winner of President/Figurehead who is Donald Trump are so fed up. There is a group of people that the damned lying, cheating Demoncrats have as their very best friends & very best supporters-they are NONE OTHER THAN THE WHINNY, CONSTANTLY, COMPLAINING, CODDLED,SPOILED BRAT, USELESS, FINGER POINTING, FAULT FINDING NONVOTERS that let & allow political corruption, voter fraud to happen. I voted for Donald Trump. I vote, I’m a Navy Veteran that had to protect those DAMNED NONVOTERS. The NONVOTERS give the country a bad name & are destroying their cities, towns, neighborhoods, states & country by not voting.

  15. The honest fact that suspicion exists due to plausible evidence and theory, puts the election by voters result in question. Therein an alternative is necessary. Either the vote is redone with secure safeguards in place, or the method, put in place by congress, suffice to settle the issue. No amount of recounting, or judicial adjudication will remedy the issue. Congress knew that when they instituted the remedy, let’s employ it.

  16. Whitmer said that Biden won fair and square, well !!! Biden never won anything in his life, especially if it was fair and square. If he couldn’t cheat, he couldn’t win. Why do you think that he lost twice before. So if anybody thinks that he won this election, they can’t be very smart, probably no education. If you think he is smart, he is a fine upstanding man look at what he stacking his cabinet with, all criminals. This is what Whitmer wants to be a part of this, which speaks to the kind of person she is. Maybe Mi. could get rid of her by letting her join the Biden administration. Then Mi. people could go back to work. Don’t know why they don’t do a recall. It would be in their best interest.

  17. The way this was done it will be impossible to determine who won. To many illegal ballots have already been mixed in with legal ones and no way to determine which is which. The only way to do this is with a new election.
    Rules for National Elections
    Following constraints apply to all states and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.
    No mail in voting.
    Absentee ballots for military and medical reasons only, medical must be validated by doctor.
    Absentee ballots must be requested thirty days prior to election day.
    Absentee ballots must be received two full days prior to election day, no excuses.
    Election ends 8:00 pm on election day, no ballots arriving after that time will be counted, no excuses.
    Full ID and signature verification required.
    Any and all non-citizens attempting to vote, will be subject to immediate deportation, no exception.
    Poll watchers from all parties must be allowed access to verify all ballots, poll watchers may not be denied access, regardless of party affiliation. if for any reason access is denied all counting is halted immediately until the problem is resolved.
    These rules apply to all states, and these rules may not be changed or altered in any way by any state and or territories eligible to participate in national elections.

    KISS………..Keep It Simple Stupid

    We don’t have to wait for a trial they are guilty until proven innocent, that is the socialist way

  18. Are you all nuts supporting this maniac Trump…?
    It is better than a nut that can’t remember who his old bag is even if she is a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would put a chain around your neck even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that will give your job to an illegal even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would sell your kids to human traffickers even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would put you in jail for protecting your family even if you are demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that take your car an let you walk 20 miles to work even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would put you in the army and send you off to war even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would give vaccine to the world before your family even if you are a demonicrat.
    It is better than a nut that would smell your little girls hair even if she is a demonicrat.
    At least this nut knows where he is, where he is going, how to get there, and how to get back.
    This is to much information for a demonicrat to handle. They go to school to be brainwashed, not really learn anything. So when they have to do something that requires any thinking they don’t know how.

    To those at the Communist Network News, Dominion software’s tricks really are a conspiracy Theory. One that is drummed up by you. The simple truth is that Dominion conspired with the DNC and the Biden campaign to undermine the 2020 election, and that CNN, ABC, NBC, THE LAME DUCK MEDIA, and others that conspired to hide or suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story, and undermine the election are not only guilty of suppressing evidence they are guilty of treason, by trying to put a compromised ( and demented ) person in the office of the presidency thus undermining the security of the country. So as you can see there was a conspiracy to undermine not only the election but the country, by all of the above, that should be removed from the country.
    Got along without you before I met you gona get along without you now. I call them the Lame Duck Media, because the are ducking their responsibility to the people, and as such should be removed from the country.

  19. A part of the courts job is oversite, and if someone or some state is violating the constitution, then the court should step in, whether there is a complaint or brief filed in a lower court or the high court directly. If the court is not doing this then the court is not doing the do diligence it is suppose to do, to protect the constitution. And if the court is not going to do its job then it is up to we the people to do the job, and if we have to do the job then we just as well fire the court, we are the only ones that can. It makes no difference if a judge is conservative or liberal if the judge does not follow the constitution. The constitution was not put there to protect the legislature, the administration, or the court, it was put there to protect we the people, by putting in guide lines for the government to follow. When the government does not want to follow, then the government has to go. I think that the court gets so tongue tied with the literal meaning of the law that it forgets what its job is.

    Since officials in a number of states have taken it upon themselves to make laws with out the legislative bodies in those states, that the constitution gives the legislative bodies the power to do. They are ignoring the constitution, and need to be reigned in. It is past time for the SCROTUS to do its do diligence, and step in, if the SCROTUS does not wish to do so, then we the people will have to do the job of the court, and we will not need the court.
    Liberals think that they can change the laws just by wishing it, and that is wrong. That is the way kings and queens and tyrants rule, and that is why our forefathers wrote the constitution, to keep the corrupt from getting in power in government. That is why we have come to the point of needing to set term limits and to remove immunity that protects those that would try to abuse their position by creating greater transparency in the government.

    U.S. Code Section 242 of Title 18, Deprivation of rights under color of law, makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties.

  20. The GOP need to make sure that the dums don’t rig the vote c0unting, by putting all dums on the c0unting t@bles. Do not permit the p0ll w@tchers be h@r@ssed, or removed from the c0unting room. Strictly maintain the ch@in of cust0dy.

    I think that it was Kelly that said AOC likes to play the victim. Well ! AOC is right she is a victim. She is a victim of her own immaturity, and life experiences. Lets face it you don’t learn much getting drunk in a bar.
    As far as her higher learning is concerned she needs to go back to the school she went to and get her money back. She did not learn a thing.

    AOC should watch Bernie very carefully as Biden greases Bernie’s butt, just as Hillary did in the DNC primary. Good old Joe thinks of himself as the Godfather of the Chinese Mafia ( The DNC ). Dang Nabit Crooks.

    Swalwell isn’t the only Chinese spy in the government. There are hundreds in congress, they are called demonicrats.






  22. Twitter flag the president’s tweets. Just post this every time Twitter does it.
    This post is disputed.
    I dispute the dispute.
    Just consider the source!!!!! “Suckerberg”

  23. The republicans need to bring a copy of this column to the electoral college and to the supreme court. We all know they are aware of what it says but maybe they need to be “reminded” that this election was crooked just like that one years ago. Isn’t it ironic that the demonrats were the TRAITORS in that election,too? Our Republican representatives need to STAND UP AND DEMAND TO HAVE THESE ELECTORAL VOTES DECERTIFIED. We have done all we know how to support President Trump. We pay for these people to take care of us and voice our concerns. We DO NOT want the SEWER DWELLERS sleazy Joe and camel toe ho in office. We voted for Donald Trump–our REAL President. Millions of us voted for him because he wants our country to remain FREE. If you don’t support when you HAVE A CHANCE TO STAND UP FOR AMERICA THEN YOU ARE JUST AS MUCH OF A DEMONRAT AS THE ONES YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE DISAGREEING WITH. I guess our freedom depends on a few people gathered in a building in January. I guess we will find out then who has the balls to call out the communists or “sitting down and shutting up” and caving in and throwing away our freedom FOREVER.

  24. All this group needs is a strong leader to organize and stand TALL at the side of President Trump. The existing republicans in office are apparently mostly all RINOS. Too bad Elon Musk is so busy. He isn’t after power he is after success

  25. I think most conservatives would agree , that if this election was fair and honest and Biden won , we would not like it but we would accept it. Plain and simple. This is NOT the situation at present. The Democrat party has long been known to be a bunch of liars and underhanded SOBs. I still don’t understand how Jews and blacks justify voting Democrat when the “Dixiecrats” , were the crux of the KKK and all other organizations that were anti Jewish and racist against black folks and all people of “Color”, it still stumps me. The GOP was formed to fight against slavery. This fact and many other facts about the GOP aren’t taught in school is because the real face of the Democrat party would be seen.

  26. How times have changed. The media a few weeks ago were so invested in covering up Hunter’s misdeeds to help his daddy win the election. Now it seems that they have changed their collective minds. Now they are throwing Hunter under the proverbial bus to distract from the covering up all of the election fraud, the same way they did Hunter’s business deals with foreign interests, for mega bucks, and to protect his daddy. The media thinks that because they did it once the can do it again, but the people are wising up. Just not reporting on it wont work any more. The people want to know what the media is concealing, and maybe they should hold the fake media accountable. We could begin by cancelling the New York Times. Anyone that has a subscription should cancel it. Anyone on Twitter should switch to Parler and Rumble.

  27. It would be Nice if there were a Facebook Share button, but
    FaKebook would probably Censor this Story due to being considered “Abusive” to some unknown people, as happens quite often.

    1. Delete your Facebook account. Remove Facebook, Twitter, Google from your computer. Send a message; “we the people don’t want no cheaters”.


  29. We the people need to stand with our President! We can not have all this illegal
    voting ever again! This is destroying our blessed country! The left have gotten away with lies and fraud for years and its time to STOP IT! President Trump can do it but we all have to stand with him! GET RID OF THE SWAMP FOREVER!!!! We have to save our country! WHATEVER IT TAKES WE NEED TO FIGHT ALL THE WAY! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  30. Absolutely by gun point , that’s what the democrats ate doing to these republican electors , telling either do as we say or will take you and your family out , period, that’s why they place a dummy at their doorstep to prove they weren’t bull shitting

  31. What really pisses me off is that our own US Supreme Court in this country won’t even let the president have his day in court. They won’t even listen to the evidence at hand. They should listen. Then if all these people that have signed sworn affidavits lied make examples of them and put them all in jail. If our country will not even hear out the argument and evidence, I for one has lost all faith in our constitution and political and legal process. I will not participate in the voting process ever again because it will become obvious that the whole process will be corrupt and not worth the time to vote. Things will not and could not ever be the same again. The revolution is coming and believe me, people will not be giving up there weapons to the new Biden administration like the media keeps stating is going to happen. God Bless America!

    1. Richard you do seem to confuse evidence with allegations which in no way are the same, if allegations are made it is up to law enforcement to sort it out not the courts, the courts only come into play after law enforcement has proven or disproven a crime was committed.
      Now you revolution you speak of, I do think History says the Conservative party though the same thing back in 1860, and that did not turn out so good did it. Those liberal boys in the North had guns alsoa nd it seems like they knew how to use them also.

  32. I believe that the Electoral College votes from Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada should be tossed out and awarded to President Trump. There is a great deal of evidence that the election was stolen by the democrats. Perhaps congress should setup an Electoral College Commission to make the decision. The Supreme Court had no reason not to hear the election fraud with all the outstanding proof, such stuffing the ballot boxes in GA, the crap that when on before and after the election in PA, MI, WI and AZ, dead people voting, illegal aliens voting, out-of-state voters, etc. The only reason not to overturn these fraudulent results is that the Justices are afraid of the the democrats or they are pay off by the likes of soros, zuckerman, etc.

    Today, there is no decent democrat in either the federal, state or local governments. They all are corrupt, bar none, especially, biden, harris, pelosi, schmer, h. clinton, obama to memtion a few. The USA would be a better place without these people. The people who vote for characters are either dumb, stupid or just want a nazi, marxist, socialist type of government.

  33. I love USA this is the nation after the almighty God gave me all that I need, because is nation under God.
    I agree with you guys.
    God bless USA and God bless our presidents Trump/Pence

  34. Remember when Obama said he had visited 57 states Here is a math error 26-23 = 49 states !

  35. The term “widespread fraud” is a red herring. The fraud and corruption that occurred in this 2020 presidential election was actually narrowly focused in metropolitan areas (most with a long history of voting irregularities) to be maximally effective. Like shots from a sniper rifle, vs. blasts from many shotguns or covering fire. Don’t buy into the terminology but look at how effective the fraud was.

  36. The labels change, but the cheaters don’t. The South, today a Republican bastion, was then the heartland of the Democratic party. The great and great great grandchildren same guys who cheated then are cheating now, only then they were Democrats, and today they are Republicans. The label may have changed, the genes haven’t.

  37. There is NO WAY IN HELL that Biden won “hnonestly,” or that Pres., Trump LOST! There is evidence APLENTY of BLATANT cheating by the conniving Demmunists in their FRENZIED attempts to ILLEGALLY STEAL political power and control over the rest of us.

  38. Our forefathers’ gave us the resolve to this issue in combination with the Electoral Court Act. Our first act’s as a Nation is to enforce term limits. If you look at the length of time many of these people have occupied office and examine your own involvement in government it is no wonder that these people, a term used loosely when it comes to both Republicans and Democrats that have served, themselves more than this country it leaves little to the imagination how we have ended up with this abuse of power.
    It is difficult in this day and age to break loose of our working and family commitments. Our family commitments in particular have faltered, as often children grow up without the historical direction and guidance of their responsible parents. I do, however believe there is a solution to this matter. We need more involvement by our citizens in the governing of our cities, states and on the federal level. How do we do this? Re-initiate the draft for both men and women, but not in the traditional sense. In this draft individuals have the opportunity to volunteer for the military or other positions within government supporting governing agencies at all levels of government, even agencies created by government such as those departments that work toward improving the infrastructure of this country or running programs that perpetuate public experiences like State and National Parks. An investment b everyone in this country An internship if you will that will hopefully entice careers in non-political positions. Internships that will better prepare individuals for careers in the public sector.
    As for those that have created this situation that we are now in, after years of creating private wealth and twisting government to meet their personal needs, such as elite medical and retirement programs, we send them packing without the self-serving benefits they have secured for themselves. Possibly with new labels such as felon instead of senator, not jailing them, which aside from our own self-satisfaction would be useless. Most of them would not survive imprisonment and the loss of control and power would be punishment enough. Surviving on Social Security an embarrassment. Truly the loss to all of us, stolen tax dollars etc., would be a reminder of how our apathy contributed to this corrupt election and the events that led up to it. We are the people! We have the power!

    1. Replying to all conservatives for America ! We all know the owner of the DNC now, his name, George Soros !! Raised by a Nazi uncle and indoctrinated by radicals against America for personal gain. Republicans are, and have been weak. There should have been blood a long time ago ! If this were in the 60’s, all Democrats would be charged for supporting communism, and jailed !! Then, deported or hung for treason ! All applies today ! So their blood needs to be shed now ! All Democrats are in fact traitors of America ! Bill Clinton is a pedophile in connection with Jeffery Epstein, and a crooked member of radicals. So get your weapons ready, and hesitate not , or we will lose America, our freedoms, our privacy, and our property to these goons pouncing on our rights under a facade of lies calling themselves a “democracy” !!

  39. I am approximately 59 years old, and I have been a registered voter since the day I turned 18. In all this time I have come to realize that a little bit of deception goes on, such a sly and clever action has never really raised an eyebrow to the deception, and the people responsible for it have gotten away with it for years. It amazes me that these same people, or group of people, or organization, would be thinking that the citizens of the United States would be turning a blind eye, in what has taken place here. I am a simple person leading a simple life, I have common sense, anyone else out there have any common sense? The fact that trump has close to 90 million followers on his twitter account, and Biden has a little over 20 million should be proof enough on how this country feels about these 2 men. Biden has even gone as far as claiming that he is entitled to receive Trumps followers from his twitter account. That is as bad as saying that he would be entitled to all of Trump’s mail, if he should leave the white house. I think it is time for Biden to see that the country doesn’t stand with him, and in order to prevent a civil war, he should concede the election and let the rightful winner take his place. There is so much evidence that it is overwhelming, not only did these people achieve their goal, they went overboard, and then rubbed it in our faces. Fun and games are over and this isn’t funny. I do believe it is time for Trump to throw down the gauntlet and start arresting the people behind all of this. Once he does that, I think a lot of his problems will magically disappear. ANYONE WITH ANY COMMON SENSE KNOWS THAT TRUMP IS THE REAL WINNER OF THIS ELECTION. Now it is time for Trump to keep his last campaign promise, and finish draining the swamp. I voted for him because he is the only one that has the balls to do it. In the future I wish all people would understand to respect the POTUS. Pelosi sends the wrong message to the country disrespecting him like she does. when she does that she disrespects the citizens of the United States. She needs to be stopped and held accountable for the wrongs she has done, along with all of the others that have said anything bad about our president. I would list them, but the kist is too long. I truley am outraged with all of this behavior, and I will never vote again if this is not fixed.

  40. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen❤

  41. First of all I believe that this election was over before it even began. The left side violators and big money tech companies, communists and fake news media knew it was in the bag for Biden/Harris. This was a premeditated crime against the right sided Republicans who still believed in democracy for all. Most of the democrat voters were hapless and clueless regarding how far the few corrupt democrats would go to win regardless of the true election results. I really believe that the majority of the democrats were so consumed by their hate for Trump known as the Trump Derangement Syndrome that they were incapable of deciding for themselves the great job Trump did for our country the last four years especially aided by the corrupt media’s reporting. I know many democrats who really believed that Trump had done wrong for us Americans. I really wanted to spew hate and vile accusations against them but they were ignorant of the corruption taking place in their party and the extent the corrupt would go to secure Biden’s win. I have lost a few family and friends when they learned I voted for Trump. I have come to believe that Gods promise of the End Times is coming now. And the majority of the hapless public is unaware of these circumstances that are perpetuating His Plan. So I have mixed feelings of pity for the unaware and a sense of righteousness that the corrupt people will rot in hell not Heaven where the true believers of God will be. I choose to spend eternity in heaven for trying to do God’s Will not the devil’s which is surely what many leftist are doing. And then there are the ones who choose not to believe in God if and when their conscience tweaks them for their corrupt actions. Bottom line, God’s Plan has already started some time ago and this fraudulent election has just assured us that indeed it is in motion. I don’t believe in just sitting back and doing nothing. I am trying to educate as many people as possible as to how our conscious choices we make in life can have a huge affect as to where we spend eternity. I will continue to pray for those who choose to worship greed and follow those who are knowingly corrupt. And to do my best to walk the path that I know God wants me to. It is NEVER too LATE to confess our sins and do the right thing!! Yes I can just spew hate onto these posts but I think that would just turn some people away who maybe have a chance to right the wrong they were doing. I want to believe that there is still some good in each person. I don’t mean to offend any true Trump supporters and those who have faith in God’s Will to be done! Hate begets Hate!

  42. The election fraud perpetrated by these socialist Democrats is far more egregious than anything George III ever did to harm Americans!

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