Robert Mueller and Team Deleted All Data Proving Trump Innocent, but They Assure Us It Was an “Accident”

How skeptical should we all be that Robert Mueller’s Russian collusion witch-hunting team destroyed all of its records from the investigation right after Attorney General Bill Barr started investigating the origins of the Democrat Party’s little conspiracy theory? Color me skeptical!

Right after AG Barr announced that the Inspector General was going to probe the origins of Obama’s Crossfire Hurricane operation, Mueller’s team wiped 31 of their phones that had been used in the two-year probe. And no… that doesn’t mean that they wiped them, like, with a cloth.

Mueller’s team of witch hunters spent two years and had unlimited resources to try to run down some Russian collusion. They failed. They didn’t find a single American anywhere who had colluded with Russia, let alone someone involved with the Trump campaign who had colluded with Russia. Mueller found no collusion and no Russians, which are the two main ingredients when you’re looking for Russian collusion.

We found out after the Mueller Dossier exonerated President Trump that Mueller’s team actually knew there was no Russian collusion approximately 30 seconds after the investigation began. So, what were they doing for the next two years? I guess we’ll never know, since Mueller’s team literally destroyed all of their records when the Inspector General tried to look over their notes.


Why do we still put up with this excuse from former Obama administration officials? The dog ate my homework!

When the Republican-controlled House of Representatives learned that Lois Lerner’s office at the IRS had been denying non-profit status to Tea Party and Christian groups for years, specifically to help with Obama’s 2012 reelection, the excuse was:

“Well, gosh, we lost all of the email records! Funny thing, that. The email server that those records were on was accidentally dropped in a field and then a farmer ran over the server with his tractor. 70 times. Then, the remains of the server were loaded on a cargo plan and accidentally dumped somewhere over the Marianas Trench in the Pacific Ocean. I know, weird, right?!”

And the media’s response was: “I know, right?! Could have happened to anyone, really.”

The Operation Fast & Furious records? Accidentally shredded.

Hillary’s missing 30,000 emails? Accidentally wiped with Bleach Bit.

The moment after Inspector General Michael Horowitz started looking into the FISA abuses of Obama’s FBI lackeys, Mueller’s team “accidentally wiped” 31 phones.

Oops! Butterfingers!

If you’re curious, do a Google search on how to wipe all of the data off of your own smartphone sometime. Whether you’re using an Android, iPhone or some other type of phone, it’s a multi-step process to “wipe” the data off of it. It’s not something that you can do accidentally, by pushing the wrong button. It’s intentionally difficult to wipe the data off of a phone, because it’s an extreme action that you would never want to do by accident.

But Robert Mueller’s team accidentally did it totally by accident and not on purpose… 31 times? And I’m guessing that the Department of Justice’s protocol for wiping a phone is a bit more complicated than the process for all of us civilians.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) isn’t buying Mueller’s “The dog ate all of my records” excuse, either. He’s demanded that the Department of Justice now turn over all text messages from those 31 phones before September 25th. Grassley stated:

“Many officials apparently deleted the records after the DOJ Inspector General began his inquiry into how the Department mishandled Crossfire Hurricane. Moreover, based on this new information, the number of times and the stated reasons for the deletions calls into question whether or not it was a widespread intentional effort.”

Grassley knows that the records are out there somewhere in the federal bureaucracy (they should be, at least, based on how much the bureaucracy spies on everything we do). We’re supposed to be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people” in this country. That means we’re supposed to have a government that is open and transparent, and also accountable to us.

But the Obama administration never wanted to be accountable to us. Lois Lerner didn’t want to be accountable. Hillary Clinton didn’t want to be accountable. Robert Mueller didn’t want anyone checking over his work. It’s a tragedy from a historical perspective; we won’t have a full record or accounting of what went on during these years.

The truth was just too embarrassing for the Democrats, so the dog ate their homework.

174 thoughts on “Robert Mueller and Team Deleted All Data Proving Trump Innocent, but They Assure Us It Was an “Accident””

  1. It’s bad, employed by Federal Government elected or unelected, must have least once a year mental and physical check up by a group of healthy independent doctors. Plus short term elections and not getting away with treason.

    1. Seems like in a smaller country ( a despot run country ) you only need a few people to conspire to overthrow the government. With our mammoth bureaucracy you would need scores of persons willing to commit treason. Amazingly, we accomplished this here in America. The last administration did the unthinkable. They plotted to wrestle power from the American people. And they almost got away with it. The 2020 election cycle will be like no other. The decades of corrupting our leaders, brainwashing our youth, and sowing chaos have finally arrived. I know that every election is the most important. This may be the last.

          1. You are absolutely right and most people are politically ignorant. The democrates are evil and want to destroy this country.

          1. Why? You can’t be that ignorant! So let me see , just because you have always been a Democrat and you know that they are corrupt and power hungry and rich and could not care about Americans at all, you still don’t care! One day you will when they take 70% of your income and 90% if you earn a lot of money! What will you get back from that, waiting in food lines, waiting for a Dr’s appointment, mean while you my die while Nancy and her cronies have the best Doctors and go to the head of the line! No home ownership, no guns to protect your self, your family or your home! No law enforcement, while the chosen few (the elite) have their own private guards, fly around the world and we will be left to struggle all alone, afraid that any minute a desperate person comes in your home (your use to be home) come in and hurt or kill or even steal your food (what little food you will be allotted)! Are you so lazy and uncaring that you won’t even vote for freedom for your families freedoms for the last place on earth that is still free! Just check out immigrants that left countries of socialism that leads quickly to communism they are in a panic because there is no other place to go to be free! Please my friends you will forever be living with regrets so huge you will not have a day or nite of rest or peace! Grow a back bone, trust in God, he loves us but will not make us do anything! God help us if you and others don’t open your eyes and fight for what is right! God is trying to get our attention so please listen for HIM AND HELP SAVE Humanity, Peace and Freedom! God bless you and God Bless America!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

      1. “This may be the last.”

        That foreboding caveat is definitely a wakeup call to all Americans to do all that is possible to keep this coming election unblemished and out of the hands of self-serving ideologues who actively deny our Constitutional Republic in favor of a pure Democracy — aka mob rule — or Socialistic dogma, the results of which we all have been made painfully aware.

        1. It’s time to dismantle the FBI. It is corrupt,
          Inept and riddled with traitors and personnel with political agendas which prevent them from performing their duties and violate their oath of office. No whitewash this time. Investigate. Indict and Jail these criminals with no pensions or country club prisons They have violated the trust and respect of the American people. Time to pay the piper

          1. I agree 100 percent. They all need to go to jail. If we break the law, we go to jail and they have broken the law by creating treason against the American people.

          2. You spoke the truth and if people cannot see it, they have on blinders on! God help all to see the truth! God bless America! All Americans please seek the truth before it is to late! ❤️

      2. You are correct, most are sheep led by the DEMS and even if they don’t like all the hate spewed by the likes of Pelosi and Waters they are afraid to lose family and friends.

      3. The party of demos finds only hope to save their neck from getting into prison is let Trump go. But it seems their only recourse is cheat not believing that the eyes of righteousness always prevail no matter what the devil does.

      4. The much glorified Obama Administration was totally corrupt, and Mueller should already be in prison over this treasonous act. So pathetic!

      5. May these rogues be exposed and dealt with in the same manner and trouble they caused to happen to those who refused to go along with their schemes! May the evidence they are trying to hide and erase be suddenly and unexpectedly handed over by the source holder! In the Name of Jesus.

          1. The Dems thought they were getting a better deal, when they signed up for a tour of duty, with the American Communist Party. I recently read of a man, that signed up with the American Communist Party In the 1930’s. He was an active member of the party, spreading Communist Doctrine for some 25 years in the US. He decided he would leave the US, and travel to the Soviet Union. Once there he became an active member of the Soviet Communist Party. Thinking that he had the freedom he had in the US, he said some things that angered the KGB. He found himself in jail, and was later put in front of a firing squad. A Missionary from the Ucraine shared this with me, several years ago. Some of the accounts he shared, would curl your toes.

      1. That’s what I was thinking and why isn’t it happening we can impeach our president with no crime but crimes committed by other have no accountability???

        1. “I guess we’ll never know, since Mueller’s team literally destroyed all of their records …”
          It is the strongest cover-up in American history . No unelected officials are going to be convicted. The probe by AG office is just a front, operating under stealth mode giving an illusion of justice in progress. The results of no real conviction speak for itself. The American people are conned, manipulated and controlled.

          1. Obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence should be the absolutely minimum to apply here. These anti-America democRATS have gotten away with so much dirty dealings ever since day one of the first clinton administration. That party has almost took America to her knees while in power and is doing everything possible now to try and finish the job. Thanks to President Trump, our great country rose from being torn down by previous administrations and was standing tall before china unleashed the Covid-19 virus on us and the rest of the world. Now we are on the rise once more and the democRATS can’t stand it. They had rather see our country destroyed from within than admit the good that has been accomplished by President Trump and the true Republicans. All pelosi had to say when asked what she thought about the peace deals President Trump’s administration accomplished between Israel, the UAE, and Bahrain was to call it a “distraction”. Hopefully her and the rest of her cohorts will all be replaced come election day.

        1. They will burn in hell all those who have gone against fellow human beings. God will separate the sheep from the goats and my belief if it were possible on Judgement Day to see who was a demonrat or conservative it will be revealed. js

    2. They must think peaple are stupid to believe that really happened to phones they would put some one in jail if they were told that to them look what they did to Flynn or Stone or anyone else they tried to frame

    3. Every sibgle member of Mueller team needs to be immediately locked up and have all assets frozen. If they can’t prove they didn’t do it they need to be found guilty of treason.

      If this were a democrat president mules team would be dead already.

      1. I thought there was something called “the cloud” where nothing was ever gone?? No computer whiz, but I’m just saying.

      2. Well the socialist commie loving leftist demonRATS keep getting away with high crimes from Obama all the way to lying shifty
        but don’t you mean if this was a Clinton President wouldn’t they all be dead, you betcha just like the mysterious death of Epstein? Take lefty corrupt Soros another loser, who finances antifa when

        are they all going to prison for treason ? Muellers team just happened to lose the files they collected and lost phones my ass. Now this with these criminals if a conservative did this the saying goes do not pass go to collect your $200 buck go directly to jail but in this case $32 million or more was collected for this scum sucking liars!

      3. I knew that Mueller and his team of 18 corrupt Democratic lawyers were crooked from the beginning. Everybody involved in this conspiracy should have everything they own taken away from them and then sent to prison for life so as to teach future Traitors what will happen to their asses . PS all of these BLM enemies of America should be shot on sight during their burning , looting and destroying of our cities. We all know that Death makes assholes think harder about braking our laws.

    4. With 31 agents that had to go through the process of deleting their own records, how about each one interviewed under oath to tell their story.


      1. When are they going to put Killary Clinton and company on trial? Why isn’t something done about Sorry Soros? He is an agitator in the first degree, and just because he has lots and lots of money why doesn’t he stand trial? How about Shifty? He used to be a comedian and he still is, but, his jokes aren’t funny and he needs to stand trial on the miserable alliance he has with Nasty Nancy. Why don’t the people in California vote her out of politics? They can see what she is doing. She makes fun of them, robs from America and is a big time trouble maker. js

    6. Just like a Democrat cover up their trail I dont think it was an accident they ought to all go to prison for life or the death sentence just like they put the people up to destroying their states they should be accountable for it they should pay out of their pocket not ares to repair their city’s plus pay for their stupid investigations not the people

    7. About the time Comrade Comey was protecting Hillary, I read an email that the NSA has a copy of every email transmitted in the United States. In addition, the NSA was alleged to offer the 30,000 missing Hillary emails to Comey, who said “We don’t need them”. He obviously didn’t need them if his objective was to keep Hillary out of jail. If NSA does have the emails, why are they not being examined now?

  2. Just take the bull by the horns. Have that whole bunch should be Force to testify under oath and be prosecuted for their crimes

      1. Prosecution with hollow points sounds good to me, but have you tried to buy ammo lately? I’m thinking maybe democrat punks bought it all so patriotic Republicans wouldn’t be able to hunt their slimy butts down and “prosecute” them like mad dogs or rabbis skunks they are. As for another question about how much they got for selling their souls, the answer is $0.00. As a matter of fact they paid the DNC to take their souls after years of crafty brain washing and preparation by socialist and Communist in the schools, universitys and Hollywood, not to mention constant reenforcement by msm. They have been working for years while most of America had their heads stuck in the sand or some other dark smelly orifice. And it is all going to come to a boil November 3. It will not matter how many votes Trump gets. Trump can get 95% of the popular votes and 99% of the electoral collage votes and he is still going to lose. The dasterly crooked democrooks are going to steal the White House one way or another. They already have the wheels in motion and hundreds oof lawsuits have been filled out reàdy to file. It has begun and by January 20,2021, a demathief will be named as rightfully elected President Puppet. The scarey thing is not Biden but the Speaker of the House may well be named POTUS, right now that is Paloussy. That’s right, crash Nancy P. in the White House. Now you can be worried.

        1. Agree. Regarding the election I have not heard or read anything about what we will do or how to do our rebuttal when Trump wins and they try to take away his win. They see Trump’s win coming and they’re scurrying around like rats.

          1. We have to keep fighting! Go directly to the polling station and vote in person and get every American you know to vote in person also, they can’t erase that

    1. Mario…..You are RIGHT…….
      Such NONSENCE, cannot be sweeped ‘under the rug’….. Billary, Pelosi & the whole gang, (as you said) MUST BE MADE TO TESTIFY, UNDER OATH, & we shall see….HOW MUCH THEY LIE….. BUT TO DO THAT, We have to Re-Elect Pres. Trump, We have to throw that bitch, Pelosi, out…Retain the Senate & get the OCCASI’s to start cleaning TOILETS……. Trump will do the rest…….

    2. It wouldn’t matter if they testify under oath. They would still lie about everything because there’s not an honest person among them.

      1. Of course, why do you think there is so much activity and money flowing into the Biden Campaign. A lot of self- important people may go to jail unless Biden gets in as the trojan horse and Kamala cleans up.

  3. The Obama, Mueller, Clinton farce has been a really bad attempt at a coup. The American people should rise up and take care of them like Frankenstein!!!!!

    1. Yeah! This is insane! No one believes they “wiped 31 phones!” by accident! It’s time to pay the piper (we the people!) & these clowns need to pay back every penny of our tax dollars used in their witch hunt investigation! Jail time is a must for their collusion & all done because of their hatred for our duly elected president, Donald Trump! He’s unafraid & could care less what the libs think of him because he stands for freedom and justice & what’s best for our country! stop the madness & keep America great & free by voting for another 4! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!

      1. I have to think up a new password for every group I post on, as well as all my personal emails. For this, I do a simple little thing. I WRITE THEM ALL DOWN! This way, hopefully, I won’t enter the wrong password three or more times. After the second try, I look at my cheat sheet to see what I did wrong, and I am not a highly intelligent government lawyer and such. Wonder where all of them went to college?

        1. University of Corruption. They were all honor students and they are still working to overthrow the President.
          we can’t let be successful!!!

      2. All of the idiots in the FBI that are involved in Treason should just be arrested, and convicted. The mere fact that all of them erased their phones is grounds for arrest and punishment. If traitors they should actually be given death sentences. Why are the laws for all of these crooks different for We, the People. We need tougher enforcers on the the side of Justice.
        Ugly Hilary and pedophile Billy, gay Obama and his lover Michael, Pelosi, Schumer, gay Schiff and all the other swamp members need to be arrested and charged for treason. Who in their right mind would ever trust the crooks in the FBI. Why isn’t something being done to deal with these traitors who were puppets under the gay Village Idiot Obama/uglyHilary regime? Time for true Justice and the Obama Clinton swamp immediately.
        If it was an ordinary citizen, that citizen would have been hung. Justice under the law should be equal and not mocked by crooked politicians and a never born in the USA gay Village Idiot Obama ( maybe he is related to Osama, or is Osama). They need to be exterminated and maybe Orkin could take care of. Mueller is a crooked joke . Did he and his cronies pocket the 43+ millions of the phony investigation?

  4. How incredible it is to hear and realize that CRIMINALS paid by the taxpayers are investigating the innocent non criminals.Obama will be remembered as Americas Treasonous Muslim Fraud.Evil to the core.

    1. Ever wonder what federal agency was charged with debunking that “birther” debate? FBI, CIA, NSA?
      Knowing what we do today regarding those agencies, why do we still accept their findings?
      Did Barry O. pull off the greatest hoax on the American people? Too late now to do anything about it. Maybe on his deathbed we’ll find out.
      Just sayin’

      1. He surely did and was let get away with it and millions of dollars. Now he is still getting paid handsomely for his fraud. It is disgusting.

  5. How do these liars continue to get away with this?
    Hillary destroyed her laptop accidentally!!!
    Maybe if they received prison sentencing they may
    Tired of their being a two way legal system!
    Those held accountable and the ones who are not!!!

  6. After numerous “get to the bottom of this” shouldn’t we have enough facts, evidence, and money spent to “get to the bottom” of this coup? The Durham phase is mirroring what we saw happening with the Mueller investigation ~ lots of attorneys, lots of money, and nothing! We, the people, after several years, should put all this to rest with accountability of those involved in the coup. Accountability = prosecutions.

    1. AND jail time. Not Martha Stewart ankle bracelets.
      Real jail time. I thought the penalty for treason was death. Not one of these low life’s will see that I can assure you. But they are certainly deserving of it.

  7. The news media is as guilty as the Obama administration. I have not scene this story on any of the mass media.
    They are part of the problem and is why the Democrats get away with there treasons acts.

  8. Do the American citizens need to take things into their own hands? They keep paying for lies, deceit, crimes etc. with no one held accountable. It is rime for Americans to force the issues. They need to fight for justice and liberty and return to our normal Constitutional way of life!!

  9. Don’t worry people a day of retribution is coming and the socialist left wing will be crying and begging for mercy but none will given. The punishment for treason is the death penalty and it shall be swift and certain. Any and all that played a role in this must answer. I believe it should be a public hanging and all their family members must have front row seats and made to watch. Additionally any and all assets they own are confiscated and used to rebuild the shattered lives and businesses of all the American victims the Democrat Socialists have ruined.

    1. Line them all up by order of importance, (self imposed,) starting with Obummer, then Clinton (both.) and so on. Could be an all day affair, where we could bring a picnic lunch to watch the fun and excitement.

  10. Democrats knew all along that they had NOTHING and with Mueller and his team of misfits just allowed more time for them to erase more of the evidence that could shine light on the guilty!

    First it was “Fast & Furious.” Then along came Hillary (Remember Benghazi?) Clinton and her private email server. Most recently there has been the Mueller “investigation” farce. The one thing they all have in common is the deletion of important email and text evidence from the communication devices of all persons involved! Such deletion is prima facie evidence of the commission of at least two felonies: destruction of evidence and obstruction of justice! ALL Deep State personnel involved can be presumed guilty WITHOUT TRIAL in this regard and should be disposed of accordingly!

    1. I agree. My thought if Trump gets reelected the investigations will continue, but if they (Democrats) rig the system (which we know they are) all investigations will be dropped. Those investigating could suffer retribution if Trump is not recognized as the duly elected president. With all the information they’ve gotten yet no prosecution except for the lawyer who made written changes to some document. My prayer when all settled post election and come inauguration ball for POTUS Trump that there will be swift action taken, as they have taken enough time, money for the betrayal of our country and the citizens. They’ve BS’d enough, lock them up & throw the key away. I want to know what happened to Seth Rich and why he was killed. I know it was not an attempted robbery or whatever lame excuse they gave.

  12. This is treason and punishable. If they keep letting them get away with corruption of justice they will think this behavior is okay. I can only hope we start seeing some arrests and prosecutions with all of this!

  13. They have been in their jobs too long to do anything accidentally ! Take their salary away from them and see just how fast they find the records and then fine the hell out of them! Or do they have more power then the law?

  14. This MUST be dealt with. This cannot be lost in the shuffle. Everything possible needs to be done to make sure that we never allow this treasonous act to happen again. Retribution!

  15. It just hit me, while I have been until now a quite Trump supporter, this is the straw, I now feel that I have a legitimate reason to shout that I am voting for Trump, he must be reelected. If Biden were to win, the guilty would certainly kill this investigation and they probably would not even tell him, This is now possibly a tipping point, the democracy, the United States stands in the balance.

  16. Try to imagine the absolute fury that the Democrat/Communist Party and their Media lap dogs would descend into if any Republican administration had done anything like this. We’d never hear the end of it. The backlash would echo off the walls of glaciers in Greenland!

    But here? In this case? A completely treasonous criminal act? Silence. This kind of thing would end if the Trump administration and the opposition GOP(LOL) would do what we elected them to do. But they won’t and we all know it.

    The fall into dictatorial Communism under the Big red Boots of China just continues. The only thing Trump has done is slow it down.

  17. I don’t believe a militia is the way to go. Physical violence would just be squashed by very strong force. That’s what should happen to antifa-blm but too many foxes in charge of the hen house.
    Look how much freedom is already gone or at risk. Nearly lost already. America is going down. If President Trump looses it will be gone. Here in name only for awhile.

  18. I don’t believe a militia is the way to go. Physical violence would just be squashed by very strong force. That’s what should happen to antifa-blm but too many foxes in charge of the hen house.
    Look how much freedom is already gone or at risk. Nearly lost already. America is going down. If President Trump looses it will be gone. Here in name only for awhile.

  19. I don’t believe a militia is the way to go. Physical violence would just be squashed by very strong force. That’s what should happen to antifa-blm but too many foxes in charge of the hen house.
    Look how much freedom is already gone or at risk. Nearly lost already. America is going down. If President Trump looses it will be gone. Here in name only for awhile.

  20. Really where are you Adam why haven’t you and Nadless jumped all over this one???? This is where the real fraud and collusion really is. Oh that’s right you are a member of that party. America on Nove 3rd you will have a chance to make sure all of these idiots get charged and prosecuted for their crimes, If Biden gets elected all of this real corruption goes away like nothing happened. Think about it!!!!!

  21. I agree with most of these comments. Durham HAS to release his findings now before it is too late to salvage. DOJ act now, before November 3rd. America needs to hear from you. Don’t let us down!

  22. When the American people are repeatedly denied justice, swift and sure, there are only two true conclusions possible: the legal system itself is deeply complicit in criminal conspiracy; and the underlying crime is but a preview of repeat performances.


    1. YOU SAID IT !!!!! I AGREE 100 PERCENT AND IT’s TIME ALL AMERICANS STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK FIR OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FREEDOM AND OUR RIGHTS VOTE ALL RED AT THE POLLS. Don’t believe this stupid mail in voting Even ole sleepy Joe went to the polls in Delaware the other day and voted early in the primary. If he can do So can You. VOTE TRUMP/ PENCE

  24. We know a lot of bad stuff the Democrats did but know one is being held accountable for there actions!! So it will just continue! It is pass time for justice. If any of us did what they did we would be in jail for a long time! Terrible for our country!

  25. Bottom line- Guard the voting process very carefully and take as long as necessary to eliminate the phony ballots. No question the Dems will cheat- their followers are like devil worshipers. If they lose, there will be at least a minor revolution, and swift, violent action must be taken to prevent their takeover and a bounty placed on Soros and his money. America can survive if we do this, regardless what has to be done to preserve our freedom- we must castrate these vile predators and save our country!

  26. All the coincidental accidents surrounding the conspiracy to hide the guilt of the Obama Admin. should be enough to charge EVERY one with at least obstruction. As a child, when my brother and I wouldn’t admit to wrong doing, our dad would punish both of us. That way he got the right one.

  27. I have almost lost all hope in country. I have read so many of these stories that I’m sick. Since fast and furious, I began to realize our so called democracy is a hoax. Trump will win this Nov because that’s what WE (American People) want. But the corruption is far deeper than even he can reach. It saddens me to to live in these times and to have to sit back and watch this BS unfold daily. The only way to right this ship is to publicly hang the Clintons, Obama’s, Biden’s, Mueller, Comey, Lohner, Holder, and the list goes on.
    Imagine the horrendous acts they have managed to cover up. It would shock us to the core! America is broken and I fear it is far too late!

  28. Everyone of these people need to be arrested immediately! Remove them from the Washington D.C. area and take them to Guantanamo. We’ll get to the bottom of this then. This pattern of lawlessness is outrageous! Enough is enough. Unseal Obama’s records and expose that s.o.b. for who he really is, an imposter. Michael should also be arrested for the fraud he is, pretending to be a woman. Such a disgraceful administration with the press and Democratic party also in this failed coup attempt. I’m beyond angry these people aren’t already in jail and the taxpayers money returned with interest! This must be exposed! Arrests MUST be made. Lord help us through these evil times!!

  29. There is no excuse for this is a criminal act and delibrate tampering with the law Mueller and his team should be arrested (no bail) and tried for treason or an official criminal act against the government and people of America. Come America this should taken to the highest court these people need to be put away . The president should make this happen but even the senate and democrats must see this violation is another step to far on corruption and remember when you open pandora,s box ????? Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. Personally for me Hillary Clinton should face the chair and the Democrats that partisipated in the impeachments should all go to jail they have deceived the American public and made (their?) nation leadership lack credibility

  30. Very simply put, this a blatant and very obvious act of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, which of will be ignored and explained away because it involves the elite of the elite who we all know are as pure as the old dirty snow after it is travelled over for a day or two, and no one will be held responsibile. Case history on this Hillary Clinton who destroyed and obstructed anyone from getting her bathroom server and her government cell phones.

  31. Treason
    One word describes it all
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    Another word
    The n word
    It applies here and it’s not about the color of ones skin in never has been it’s a vial description of a persons perceived actions against society!

  32. All scumbags, should be put in jail for tampering with evidence. What’s wrong here, are we too scared to stand up to these pieces of shit? Go some balls and go after these criminals

  33. All it takes is one Judge that sees that justice and laws are more important than the law breakers. It’s convenient to easily say oops. But not in this capacity. I would ask them to present all their electronic data in 5 business days. If they can’t on that day, hold them all in contempt and, charge them all with destruction of govt property and evidence. These elites laugh at the laws for citizens by purposely breaking the law with feigned innocence. It’s a sarcastic response to laws and needs to be stopped and made an example of accountability.

  34. There is no way in hell you can ACCIDENTLY erase 31 phones like that. It was done intentionally and they should be brought up on charges of their destroying evidence! to me that makes them guilty to do such a thing to avoid prosecution. They should be prosecuted for this act.

  35. Everyone of the lawyers on the Russian hoax team including Muller need to be charged with obstruction of justice for destroying their notes and wiping their phones and computer hard drives slick like Hillary did with her computers. They all knew that the notes etc were Government Records and as such were required to be retained.

    Being government employees they first need to be fired, stripped of government benefits, stripped of their licenses to practice law and then be charged with obstruction of justice. We would then find out who directed the unlawful acts. All as lawyers knew what they were doing.

  36. For years now I have said repeatedly that we have a two tiered justice system and was scoffed at by many! Do those people still want to scoff at me? People demand justice, but they aren’t going to get it! How long are the American people going to remain with their heads in the sand? You don’t have a government that represents you! You have a government that represents themselves! The only honest person in DC is Trump! Everyone jumps on this bandwagon of, ‘Oh the election will fix everything!’. They can’t be serious, the election will fix exactly nothing! The ever people you think are on your side are the ones destroying the country! If you think for a minute that it’s just the left, you are blind! Republicans have no intention of winning the House and the Senate! They want the government split so that they can claim that as a reason for nothing getting done and the truth never coming out! Damn people, when are you going to open your fricking eyes? Your country is gone! Your liberty is gone! Your freedom is gone! You are in a POST CONSTITUTIONAL COUNTRY! The CONSTITUTION is gone! WTF does it take to make people wake the hell up!

  37. This exposes the real problem the American people have, that the most corrupt law breakers in the USA are those who work for the federal government, like Mueller (who was once also the FBI Director), the 17 Democrat lawyers who worked for him, most of the top officials in the FBI and apparently the DOD, but also the other intelligence agencies, and many in the US Treasury, and a lot in the Department of State, as we have now seen declassified documents and e-mails that have proven their lawlessness, yet after 4 years, nobody but their innocent victims have been prosecuted and sent to jail. Who really believes that all these people couldn’t use their phones properly, after all these years they used and depended on them, and now have accidently erased what they all knew the law required them to preserve for governmental transparency laws, which they eagerly broke?

    The reason I say innocent of those who were jailed is because they were not guilty of what they were investigated for, but other things that they did wrong were discovered during the investigation that had nothing to do with what the investigators were given to specifically investigate for. That is like you being investigated for someone accusing you of stealing an item from Walmart, and they come to your home to interview you and search your home for that item, and find some illegal narcotics while searching your bathroom, and arrest and prosecute you for the illegal narcotics, while they found you innocent of the accusation that you stole something from Walmart.

    Holding a position in any agency or department of the US government gives you a license to frame anyone of a crime, which that person has to have the means to defend themselves for many years, which the government can keep on prosecuting for many years and not worry about the cost, and if they want you to do something, can threaten you and force you to plead guilty for something you never did, such as was done to General Michael Flynn (a genuine war hero who served his country for over 32 years), but they had to get rid of him for fear he would discover their wrong doings and illegalities they committed under the orders of Obama and his administration, so they coerced him into pleading guilty to something he never did to protect his son from also being prosecuted by these corrupt federal government employees in the FBI and DOJ.

  38. Mueller is more disgusting “leadership” at highest levels destroying evidence. Mueller and Comey have made our FBI the laughing stock of the world. It will take years to recover and hopefully will begin it’s course soonest. Of course Brennan (does not even deserve Mr.) did his criminal share guided by Obama to destroy the CIA. CIA’s latest director is not getting any attention… She sounded like a great choice…but with a Muslim (Brennan) working behind her back she may not be able to do as she thinks is right. He is one bit of hell on wheels, especially when he toys with females.

  39. A I read many a majority the above entries, it is very clear that many of us Americans still do not fully realize the “power” we have !
    It does not matter what party controls the House or the Senate.
    We the people need to change the Constitution and limit the “terms”of all elected officials. Do not say it can never happen- it has happened several times that the Constitution was amended. Term limits can be limited ! I would never vote for anyone who would not support term limits . What about you ??

    1. Term limits are great, and, in many states, they were put on the referendum in their next election cycle and was passed by the voters by a large majority. They went on their Christmas and New Years break, to only have the “new” congress reversed it. I did research on that years ago and found 5 states who did it. Which brings me to this argument, we have always had that power to remove candidates from office, by enforcing our own term limits upon them, even the most corrupt, we just choose not to use it. Maybe we need to demand like my congressman did, he promised to serve 2 terms and then leave office and he has done that, his term ends on January 3. Maybe we need other candidates to do the same, make that promise to serve a certain number of years and then leave. If they don’t fulfill their promise, and do run again, then we vote them out anyway. Look, Congress, especially this Congress will NEVER vote for term limits and will NEVER agree to put a shelf life on their power or corruption. One of the first things my congressman did when he entered the House, was to write a bill for term limits and was laughed off the floor in the House’s chamber. Despite that level of public support, term limits on Congress are still not the law of the land. Congressional leaders who control the vote on any amendment have refused to abide the people’s will. That has forced the term limits movement to use the state-driven amendment convention as our only tool for getting the job done. And I just showed you what they did in 5 states.

  40. Only an impaired person, like Biden can honestly vote Democrat this time around
    I am sorry and upset about the way the GOOD DEMOCRATIC party has been dragged to be a useless, hateful, unpatriotic and socialistic ,sarcastic organization

  41. Each one should be arrested, charged with obstruction, and prosecuted. Disbarred and sent to jail. They know the law and purposely removed all telephone evidence of their farce. No one is above the law.

  42. Barr and Durham are good men. But the bottom line is, the deep state will never allow anyone (important) to be held accountable. Part of the reason these things take so long is all the stonewalling allowing the guilty to cover their tracks. While the deep stater’s can do pretty much as they please, as they know the system has their back, the Barr’s and Duham’s must dot every I and cross every T and be exact in everything they do or the deep state will get them in the end. This is of course assuming that Barr and Durham aren’t involved in the white washing themselves. I for one do not believe that anything meaningful will come of this until I see it, and I don’t expect to see it.

  43. Glen, you are so right! Term limits should apply to all elected and appointed positions. I also believe that this should apply to judges and further believe that a Judgement that is overturned by a higher court requires firing of the judge that made a bad judgement. Nobody should be appointed for life for any position…

  44. I wouldn’t say the dog ate my homework per se, I say it’s more like I forced fed my dog to eat my homework. Okay? Seriously? So, what has the American public learned about these numerous investigations that have been conducted by the democrats and their deep state operatives? I can tell you what I learned from them and the people who were put in charge of those investigations. That more crimes were committed, laws that were broken, evidence was destroyed or how unethical and corrupt the lawyers and investigators were who were conducting these investigations, were far worse than the people they were investigating. Two years, $54 million spent and we got nothing. And it’s time and the money will never get back again. But that’s just me! What did you get from it? There is no way to “accidentally” wipe out the data on your phones hard drive. A lot of steps must be taken in order to do so and it’s asks you questions that you must say yes or no too. Are you really sure you want to do that kind of thingy? They are unbelievable and disgraceful. Look, as soon as I heard who they had put in charge to lead these investigations, I knew it wasn’t going to be above board or honest. As Andrew Wiseman is one of the most corrupt and unethical federal attorneys, with a history of legal malfeasance. He should have faced charges of prosecutorial misconduct for withholding or destroying the exculpatory evidence of the numerous cases he tried in federal court. The fact that he didn’t or couldn’t even withholding the exculpatory evidence in this case says a lot to me. How that asshat still has his law license is perplexing to me.

  45. We need PTrump for four more years or more, he has learned a great deal about the so called corrupt bully democrats these past four years and he will handle them with tough measures, they will not know what hit them.

  46. All the American people have, the right to know why this was done, of course we know because they are all evil and croocked. The federal government, like Mueller (who was once also the FBI Director), 17 Democrat lawyers who worked for him, are the most corrupt evil people in our government. These were the top officials in the FBI and DOD, ALONG with other intelligence agencies, and our US Treasury, and Department of State, many who declassified documents and e-mails and not ONE of them jail for this corruption. All the ones that have been prosecuted and sent to jail should be released ASAP. They destroyed Government records, people we trusted, and now they claimed to have accidently erased phones, they all need to be charged with treason for destroying records they knew the importance of the law which requires that all government records to be preserved and they deliberately broke the law?

    None of those that were jailed during this long investigation are NOT GUILTY of what they were investigated for, but other things that were discovered during the bogus investigation but had not one thing to do with the investigating.

    Just because Mullier and his thugs and others in the different agencies and departments of our government doesn’t give them the right to frame a person of a crime, which they had not done. These investigators think they are above the law and will do anything to keep these people in prison for years at any cost like they have done to General Michael Flynn (a real war hero who served his country for over 32 years), but they know he can expose them for all their illegalities they committed under the orders of Obama and his administration, so instead hey coerced him into pleading guilty to something he never did to protect his son from also being prosecuted by these corrupt federal government employees in the FBI and DOJ.

    Mueller is evil and wasted millions of tax payers money and she should have to pay that back, along with the lives he destroyed during the investigation, and the money Flynn lost, should all be paid back to each person. This is a low class person and is a disgusting lawyer/investigator and is just as evil for destroying evidence. Mueller was probably given payoffs from democrat party, and soros, and others to bankrupt the tax payers…… All of obama’s administration were evil and probably bought off to brush things under the rug so to speak. Now MAKE THEM PAY $$$$$$$$ with interest back to taxpayers fund; also $$$$$$$ 3 fold or 3x amount of what Flynn lost, along with each other person who is sitting in jail because of the crooked investigations. Then each on given the firing squad for their crimes as we don’t want our tax payers money to pray for their time behind bars. If there if prison they get no privileges, no special cell, rooms, food etc, and they get put in with hard criminals not some fed or government prison. NO special privileges.

  47. did hillary get punished for destroying her server and phones , no , nothing will come from this , the criminals have taken over our government , they let an illegal kenyan be president for 8 years

  48. Professional people in the government, like the FBI, CIA, NSA don’t make mistakes as big as this for a cover-up, this was intentional sabotage of any proof there were Obama officials involved in any crimes against the country or candidates for office. This is what I call a treasonous offense and should be dealt with most harshly, like our founding fathers would have done, hang him if he is guilty!!

  49. A member of Mueller’s team, Andrew Weissman should have been arrested and incarcerated for prosecutorial misconduct. Why is he allowed to roam free when Paul Manafort was held in solitary after being invaded in the middle of the night by those with guns drawn? The double standard here is beyond disgusting.

  50. Mueller is an incompetent person of dementia just as Joe Biden is. They were put in place as puppets controlled by those who pull their strings.

  51. Know why this happened? Simple. It’s happened before. Remember Hillary deleting email, staff taking hammers to hard drives. Consequences? None. If the laws are not enforced, they will be ignored. If Hillary had been put n jail, with all the people involved, do you think this would have happened again? Maybe, but I doubt it.

  52. They need to seize all of their assets every last one of them until they have been questioned under oath what about the penalty for destroying government files for starters, let’s check Pelosi phone bet it has files on it as well

  53. Nothing new here folks. Deep state investigating itself and records are then “lost”.
    Really time to clean house – probably needs to be done about every 10 years.

  54. Deeper into this, we (the American People) have become complacent with the people we chose to watch over the LAWS of the LAND, with the Written Words of our Constitution, With dealing with people around the World and NEVER allowing self interest to rule our thought. Someone Once said that Democracy would only last for 200 years……. If we continue on this path with zero action and no consequences it will occur and shame on US, the American People from allowing it to be destroyed from WITHIN our own Government. IF we follow the Words of our Constitution we will survive. If we twist our Constitution into TAFFY and follow that path we will not survive the American DREAM.

  55. BTW: we still have the RIGHT to VOTE……. I’m not telling anyone who to in-person Vote for, YOU have to decide. BUT we have not reached that level of Corruption YET. WE are very close….. Don’t let the MEDIA make your decision, search out the TRUTH and IN-PERSON VOTE your heart.

  56. Wonder why these swamp critters are so audacious in their criminal behavior? They know that the fix is in, and Kamala and the rest of the communists will see to it that there are zero consequences for their criminal behavior. If you’re not a democrat, they are sure your vote is meaningless. A bloody struggle lies ahead, whatever the outcome of the election. Soros’ troops have just been warming up.

  57. People, we need to start by eliminating the news media! Stop watching MSM News, stop subscribing to newspapers, make it hurt their pocketbook. This is the only way to stop this garbage. Look at what social media is doing to conservatives, and return the favor.

  58. THEY ALL know they are guilty as hell. They are just doing everything in their power to not help prove it.
    “The only people who do not want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide” – Barack Obama

    But still my favorite Obama quote is
    ” Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f**k things up.”

  59. My Father told me in the 70’s it would take a revolution to fix the Corruption in this Country by mostly the Democrats but also a few Republican’s. At the time I thought he was nuts, now, not so much. Our children have been indoctrinated since kindergarten to rise up against our Constitutional Republic. It’s taken 70 years but it is now happening. The Democratic Party, the Party of slaves, has become full fledged Socialists. Chicago, Detroit, D.C., L.A., N.Y., to name a few are noting but very large Plantations. Chicago has maybe the strictest gun laws in the Country yet the highest Murder Rate. Look at all of the Democratic strongholds, what do you see….Poverty, Lawlessness, Corruption just to name a few. The true definition of Stupidity is doing the over and over again expecting different results. The one thing those cities have in common, they are Democratically controlled strongholds.

  60. We all know the MSM is supporting the DNC. Bias against conservatives, deleting their posts. HRC, O’Bama, Biden and Harris are all in the pay of George Soros, who funded the ‘Migrant Caravan’ and gave millions to the Clinton Foundation, and now supports BLM and Antifa with money, buses and plane rides to get around the country to different ‘hot spots’ (pun intended)! Lots of righteous anger out there. If you want to stop this corruption, do more than just vote for Trump. With reason, logic and FACTS, get out there and talk to the sheeple being lead around by the MSM! They just don’t know or are not really reading the facts about this election and who is really being the DNC! Educate (gently) these ignorant Americans whenever and where ever you can. Don’t be too hard on Americans that trusted their leaders were looking out for them. They have been listening to the MSM for so long they just don’t know any better! I ‘turned’ several people from the DNC by just pointing out some FACTS they didn’t know! Don’t get mad, people, get even, by talking and sharing what you know! And please don’t let them make you mad if they don’t want to see the truth. It’s called ‘cognitive dissonance’ and some people just can not face the fact that their party is intent on destroying America. That’s a hard thing to handle for some who’s belief is so strong they won’t even look at the facts. Walk away from those. God Bless America! Pray for our President’s re-election so he can continue to drain the swamp! it’s coming!

  61. With all of the email’s that have been sent, which i haven’t taken the time to read all of them. But usually to perform a function of wiping out data such as what has happened to 30 lawyers. Someone had to provide correct instruction as to how to go about performing the same procedure, to all concerned, on how to go about deleting complete data from your iphone. That is how I’ve been told and seen by Apple employees. Hm!
    Someone knowing how that is correctly done please respond.

  62. Isn’t it amazing how so many progressive democrat phones and emails get deleted accidently? When are they going to arrest some of these people, especially this worthless clown that lead the investigation. It seems he was personally involved in this “accidental erasure of the phones that had incriminating evidence against Obama and the other democrats that that are involved that would prove as a minimum of sedition and treason.

  63. Every breathing Democrat Politician is a treasonous mother fucker! We need to publicly hang every DNC elected to any office! We need to publicly hang every Obama administration cock sucker! Obama, Ayers, Dorn, Soros, Soros sons, wife Grandchildren! That fat mother fucker has to go to hell. All his spawn as well. Eric Holder hang that nigger! Jarrett hang that Iranian lesbanic mother fucker! Rice, hang that nasty gash! All of them, send them to hell! Then the Communist professors and the Soros Judges! Hang all that fucking trash!
    Then we can MAGA!

  64. There nothing but CORRUPTION IN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND DEMOCRAT HOUSE. Even in the DEMOCRAT side of the Senate . Us THOSE RINOREPUBLICAN WHO ARE TRULY DEMOCRAT! But ran as republican because they wanted to be sure a SOCIALIST DEMOCRAT got into the CONGRESS! We also know Hilliary Clinton delete all her emails that’s belong to the Government. These people are out to destory AMERICA. So let get it over with! By EXECUTED THEM ALL BY FIRING SQUAD.

  65. America was attacked the day that queer nigger Obama was inaugurated and the DNC knowingly supported a Constitutionally ineligible Obama!

  66. Bill Ayers is a sorry no good piece of shit that let his old lady do his time! That cowardly mother fucker must go to hell where his mother and father are! You piece of shit wanna be nigger!

  67. Mueller you worthless mother fucker, you are the most despicable piece of communist shit! You deserve to be fried in hot Geri Curl you nigger dick sucking mother fucker!

  68. Chicago, Illinois is the main hub for anti-America Anarchy a city full of worthless niggers and wannabe niggers, burn that fucking vessel-pool of nigger shit to hell.

  69. We need to get off our comfortable asses and go to war! We have the most to lose, and we sit and we watch these sub human ass heads fuck our Country and we use the cowardly, “Vote!” Bullshit, they cheat their balls off. Speaking of balls grow some, and defend our Country! I have more respect for all those niggers rioting! At least they participate!

  70. Given the fact the “deep state” is in complete control of the entire DOJ, there have been, nor will there ever be a prosecution of any but petty, disposable people. Barr and Wray are totally complicit

  71. Its very logical and clear why they hate Trump so much.
    1) He is not a politician and not being a politician should not be able to be President, he proved them wrong!
    2) He doesn’t care about being a Democrat or Republican, he cares about America!
    3) He got things done that he said he would and now left on the agenda is to finish cleaning the swamp. Isn’t it? Which brings us to next term. Guess what, they who are corrupt in the White House know and are afraid that they will lose their ability to steal, cheat, defy, sell out our country and Trump will stop the course of communism heading to our country. That’s what they are afraid of. President Trump said in one of his speeches that the american people should be running the country not the politicians (not the exact words) but anyway he proved being a politician is not necessary. We need to run congress, not congress run us. We need to get back our authority and they need to realise and answer to us. All this giving these people a wealthy life for the rest of their lives just because they were Privileged to be in the positions they are/were in should not allow them to live off us when they are no longer in those positions, They need to go back to work and live an American life like the rest of us! This will be the only way for them to make the right decisions when they are in office knowing it will effect them the way it affects us once back to the general population of a working class.
    We need to control them, not them control us. We need to be the ones to VOTE for their raises, perks, limited terms, and anything else that sets their positions above us. Congress has become a class above us thus, they cannot be for the people but for themselves. We have allowed this to go on too long and it has become our fault. I have told many of my friends before President Trump was elected, and (yes he was elected and didn’t cheat or steal the position) that he maybe the last President we ever have! I believe that because he wants this Country to be great again and the only way that can be done is to go back to basics with congress and the way our forefathers planned it.

  72. It’s time to lock every damned one of them away for life. Accident, my foot!! They destroyed evidence, which, if a regular citizen had done the same, would have resulted in us already sitting in jail!!! We have had ENOUGH of the lies and demand action!!!

  73. Don’t take your eyes off the prize, the election. Concentrate on putting Trump back in office. After he is re-elected prosecute the traitors. First things first.

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