Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Fake Dying Last Wish

In the first 24 hours after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death last week, which of the following did the Democrat Party and the media do: A) Rake in $100 million in a ghoulish fundraising effort, B) Install 24/7 protesters outside Mitch McConnell’s house, C) Attempt to assassinate President Donald J. Trump at the White House, D) Make plans to murder Sen. Lindsey Graham at his South Carolina home and post them online, or E) Pretend that Ruth Bader Ginsburg had a dying wish that America is now obligated to fulfill. It’s 2020, so the obvious answer is F) All of the above.

Everything on that list happened before Ginsburg’s family had even started making funeral plans. Granted, the assassination attempt on President Trump may have been unrelated, since the package of ricin that was mailed to him at the White House was postmarked in Canada. Then again, when the US Postal Service sets its mind to something, they can make it happen in a hurry!

The most surprising thing that Democrats did during the first day after Ginsburg’s passing, however, was the fake dying wish. Did the Ginsburg family agree to that, or is it just another one of those things that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi made up and which the media will never check on?

Is this a thing that we’re supposed to be doing now as a nation: Granting the dying wishes of Supreme Court Justices? Really?

Moments before her death, Ruth Bader Ginsburg allegedly mouthed her dying wish to her family members. Her wish? That her replacement on the US Supreme Court should not be done until after the 2020 election when a “new” president – presumably Joe Biden – is inaugurated.


I’m calling complete and total BS on this for several reasons.

First of all, it smacks of yet another anti-Trump, anti-American hoax that the Democrats have been pulling for… quite a while now. It sounds very similar to failed actor Jussie Smollett’s fake attempted lynching in MAGA Country Chicago, or NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s fake garage-pull noose.

In addition to children and teenagers it looks like there’s another category we can add to the list of Americans that Democrats and the media have never spent any time around: Dying relatives.

For anyone who has ever been there when an elder loved one passes away, their “last wishes” tend to be surprisingly consistent. Those wishes are either mundane, or deeply personal to the immediate family, or both. Last wishes never seem to perfectly coincide with the insane power fantasies of the Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton.

Here’s a personal example. My grandfather was a cowboy for 70 years of his life. At the age of 85, he started to have a heart attack one night. The family got him dressed and was getting ready to drive him to the hospital, but he knew he wasn’t going to make it. For his dying wish, he asked us to take his boots off.

“I ain’t gonna die with my boots on,” he said in his final moments. (True story.)

He considered himself a Democrat, even though Harry Truman was the last Democrat he had voted for in a presidential election. Oddly enough, his dying wish in 1999 was not that the nation should ban the AR-15, abolish the Electoral College or throw our southern border open to Mexico. That’s the type of “dying wish” that only happens in Hollywood movies or in the fevered imaginations of the media and elected Democrats. For the rest of us, our dying wishes tend to range from “Tell the grandkids about Jesus” to “Don’t forget to turn the porch light off.”

If Ruth Bader Ginsburg had really wanted to avoid having her seat filled by a Republican president and the US Senate, there was a really easy way for her to accomplish that! She could have simply retired back in 2013, at the age of 80, when she was overcoming her fifth bout with cancer. Obama asked her if she wanted to retire so that he could replace her with a much younger and much-more-woke-progressive lunatic who was half her age.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg decided, “Nah, I think I’ll play Russian Roulette with this whole thing because all of the polls are saying that Hillary will win three years from now!” She absolutely wasn’t thinking at all on her deathbed about her Supreme Court seat and how someone who is more of a righty than a leftie might take her place.

Besides that, how crazy would it be to run a country by granting the alleged dying wishes of prominent public figures?

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190 thoughts on “Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Fake Dying Last Wish”

  1. Just like she continuously ruled based on her own viewpoints and socialist Europe’s philosophy, she is now trying to control the President and Senate from the grave. The President is still in office and able to fulfill his responsibilities.

      1. yes do it now and let hillary and the democrats stew they are anti american anyhow WHY are we even mentioning HILLARY shes old news to bad shes not in jail where she belongs!!


        1. May she Rest In Peace-Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg. The Democrat would not grant her even peace!
          Surely if she had a dying wish – it will be
          As about your about your family you love dearly & not about the Democrats!

        2. Remember back to 2016, Obama put forth a nominee for an open position on the Supreme Court and it was basically shut down by the Senate. So, there is absolutely nothing irregular, or improper for Trump putting forth a nominee at this time and let the Senate shut it down. The Democrats have nothing to complain about, but that will not stop them from crying forever about it. And, has everyone forgotten that Anthony
          Scalia made the same dying wish that Obama should NOT nominate a flaming liberal to replace him on the SC? We can play the same fake news game that the Dems so like to do in their DESPARATION.

          1. The reason Obama’s nominee was shut down was because Republicans had a majority in the Senate in 2016. Trump needs to do it now while there is still a Republican majority in the Senate. The election everyone needs to pay attention to is the senate races. Trump will be shut down on every Attempt if Dems get control of Senate. Worst, they will vote to impeach him after the House gets their way. Republican Senate control Is almost more important that the president

          2. You’ve got to realize that Scalia was assassinated. That had Hillary Clinton written all over it. No autopsy… all evidence destroyed.

          3. I think Scalia was murdered in his bed. He had no autopsy and a quick cremation. Democrats do what Democrats do!

          4. I do not believe that Justice Scalia had a chance to have a dying wish as I believe there was more to his death than we will ever know! Prayers for our Nation! Confirm Judge Amy Barrett now!

        3. Now you know why the Democrat party is called the party of Evil! No subject, person is off limits for their depraved minds. They are ALL Pathological!

      1. Did she not also have another wish, that the Dem. animals not act like animals after her death! The Animals ignore all this and are ready for a Kavanaugh repeat!

      1. Although there was not an opportunity to reply in some of the comments above. I must add my $.02. Scalia was absolutely assassinated so the Dems could replace him with a liberal justice. They weren’t smart enough to look at the Senate. The circumstances are just too similar. The one difference from the Clinton Crime Family is he did not commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head twice or as two teenage boys who decided to take a nap on the railroad tracks.

    1. OMG, you coudn’t be any closer to the truth!! Having gone through the deaths of both parents, both grandparents, in-laws, aunts, uncles, two nephews, and two close friends, I can attest on my mothers grave that not one of them had a “last wish”!
      The only wish that came from a handful of them was that they wished they had more time- the rest slipped into a comatose state and passed on days later! Maybe the dems should at least respect the families of those who have passed by not putting words in their mouths!

    2. My mom’s last request was having me there with her. ( I live in a different state and had just had a knee replacement. ) I did make it there and she wasn’t able to talk then and died 4 hours later. She was just waiting for all her family to be there.
      It is a strange thing to be the “dying wish” but I would believe the family who were there, not the politicians because for sure it’s their wish that it would be her dying wish ! Whether or not does not matter. I don’t think it matters in the long run because from what I see and read Trump will win and will be deciding it anyway. He’s at a difficult point now. If he would wait he would be seen as weak and if he does recommend a replacement he “looks” unjust to the left. I think he should wait having the confidence of the win!

      1. Doesn’t matter what President Trump does he will be hated by the immoral communist left.

        Life and business don’t stop just because a person dies. Replace the immoral witch as soon as possible.

        1. Thanks Herb. Well stated. The communist left hates the idea of there being a God in general and Christianity and Donald J Trump in particular because he embraces both. While we have no Constitutionally ordered “religious” system in the USA the nation has for the most part followed Judeo-Christian teachings. No one is required to adhere to that belief system—It’s voluntary whether we do or do not. Followers of the ideology of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky choose to reject the belief in the existence of a Supreme Creator because faith matters present roadblocks to communism. **** In no place in our Constitution is it stated that the government must shut down upon the death of someone. A true American will want the nation to continue functioning regardless of the death of an elected/appointed official. Ruth Bader Ginsburg never came across as one who
          wished the US Government should shut down because of something happening in her personal life.

      2. The risk in waiting is that the Senate could lose a few Republicans this election to their Democrat opponent. Then the vote on the nominee could swing the other way to a no vote on anything Trump tries to do. Also, the Dems are promising another impeachment trial so that is going to drag thugs out enough as it is. It’s his obligation to do his job now. He is still President until Inauguration Day.

      3. If the shoe were on the other foot, what would the Socialist Democrats do under the SAME circumstances ?????????? The ONLY answer, the stellar answer is: THEY WOULD GO FORWARD AT LIGHT SPEED, end of story. (And of course, their actions would be blessed with the slobbering love affair the news media of today has with the LEFT and their fellow cesspool dwellers) God bless America, and ALL her Peoples.


      1. R J Montoya: I’m pretty sure we aren’t supposed to be honest, since the effect of one’s death is personal, and very few care what anyone else thinks. But thanks for the obvious.

      2. I fully agree with you, Montoya. RBG used to brag about her Jewish faith. I haven’t read one single passage in the Old Testament of the Bible, or also called the Torrah, that say’s it’s OK to have sex with little children or aborting them. She’s about as much of being Jewish as Biden is being Catholic. She’s also a Marxist and has supported the dummycrat’s anti Israel stand since she was put into the supreme court by the cowardly pervert. And if anyone is to blame for her SCOTUS seat being filled by a conservative, it’s her own fault. She could’ve retired back in 2013 when Oboob was president and the senate was controlled by the dummycrats. But RBG was selfish and lusted after the power and prestige of the job. She’s guilty of repeatedly breaking at least 3 of the commandments that can be proven. I don’t like to say burn in hell since I’m not God, but things don’t look good for her.

    4. Only God knows if she even had a dying wish…our country is not run on “dying wishes” . My alive wish is for our country to remain an American not socialistic county.

    5. “If” she did say that, that is something that as a country we are not obligated to do. Though she was a wonderful supreme court justice. She nor family members can make that decision for the country. They can voice their opinion but the law says Senate Party and President party if the same should pick the justice candidate and get he /she appointed. There are other ways, but in this case Executive and Senate same party and they should appoint.

    6. This set off my BS filter the moment I heard it. Dying folks just do not turn their thought to political statements, but rather to their families, their medical condition, age or how they would lived their lives differently. Total, unadulterated BS!! Fill the seat, NOW!!

      1. Exactly! One of my friends is a nurse. She and I were discussing RBG’s “dying wish” the other day. My friend works with cancer patients. She told me that someone who had pancreatic cancer, like RBG did, they would be in a comatose state at their death. They aren’t able to interact with other people in any way. Ruth wouldn’t have been able to make that wish.

    1. I agree, Democrats try to put a spin on everything. They are using the dead to create controversy. Let the lady Rest In Peace. SHAMEFUL!

        1. I don’t believe the dems have a conscience; they have no use for one, it would just get in the way of their agenda. They have no integrity or morals so lying, deceit and hypocrisy come very easy to them. In my personal humble opinion, they have no purpose within a sound government of the people, by the people and for the people. Their ideologies and their policies are in direct conflict with what our founding fathers had envisioned for this great land.

      1. No surprise here, as the Dems use the dead for votes to win elections. Trump has some outstanding SCOTUS candidates. Time to fill the seat.

        1. I have to wonder if there are any states that the democrats don’t cheat on the elections. I hope that RBG rests in peace, that the lying democrats follow her quickly and take their corruption with them.

    2. No, it doesn’t – BUT the oath of office which judges take and the Code of Judicial Ethics oblige a judge to resign when personal reasons (be they health related or any other) make them unable to fully perform their job. “Fully perform” – that’s more than “impossible”, it also means “compromised”, as in not being available for argument or delaying decisions because one is indisposed and can even relate to the level of mental acuity one is able to muster. RBG was essentially absent from the Court the last 2 years of her term and even when she was there, she was hardly at 100%. In her last “official portrait” of the Court “en banc”, she appears to be asleep or comatose, not even able to hold herseIf up. Mind you, I feel for people suffering from cancer or who are going through the treatment, which is tough. I’m of an age when that is becoming a personal concern for me. But I cannot believe that RBG was somehow immune to the debilitating effects of her disease or the treatment therefore – and if, despite that, she was (as we are told) “holding on” to her seat for political reasons (however profoundly committed she was to them), then she violated her oath and the Code of Ethics under which she labored. Is that the “legacy” the Dems and her granddaughter want her to leave?

      1. I think you got it, I don’t personal know what kind of a person was, however she apperantely served the court well, remember you are not required to believe or agree with her decision but like the president of the united states was chosen by the people of the united states, she was chosen by a president and approved by the senate of the united states who was chosen by the people of the united states. A supreme court justice is given an appointment for a life term, after life has left the appointment is over and history. so just do what the constitution says, and don’t give the dems. leftest side the satfication of your concern mr. president fill the seat as you see correct and keep smiling . another old fart

    1. I suppose, if we’re to believe that,–does the name George Soros ‘ring a bell’? Or some of the ‘industrial giants’ that for ‘unimaginable reasons’ seem to want the Dems ‘in control’! I’m not saying any ‘one’ of these sources would contribute this amount but, together, who knows. I suspect the figure was greatly inflated, myself. Wondering about the source of that information.,

      1. Th “unimaginable reasons” are because the industrial a-holes know that President Trump wants to bring production back to America… put Americans back to work for a decent wage. They prefer the slave labor in countries like China.

        1. So very true. This is America the best country in the world and Trump will keep us safe and bring our jobs back here. Biden is to weak for to run our country. He’s done nothing for what? 47 years. We want our freedom and rights protected. We need a strong military and we definitely need law and order. God Bless America

      2. George Soros name keeps popping up in many nefarious circumstances. His organizations have been funding the BLM/Antifa rioters, he owns controlling interest in the fake news networks and newspapers, Progressive Insurance and who knows what else. His home country of Bulgaria specifically forbids any of his organizations from operating there… maybe we should do the same. He’s also a one world government proponent and knows that it won’t happen while a strong United States still exists. Also, his son is married to Adam Schiff’s sister so Shifty Schiff is in his pocket.

      1. The really funny part is that the Demonrats are constantly accusing Trump of having the billionaire cronies that he is taking care of!

  2. Anyone who believes that line of crap will probably vote for Bite me anyway. I am sure that was the last thing that RBG was thinking on time in her passing moment. Sounds like something that would come out of Chuckie Shumers mouth or a group of dems to stop the Presidents constitutional requirements. Lets face it people they all knew that Ruth was passing, It was to no ones surprise.

  3. My family member who died of cancer wasn’t even able to talk like to 2 days before they passed. This is all a bunch of crap about her dying wish

  4. WOW!! The Dems just never run out of new ‘schemes’ to control the ‘sheeple’, do they?? Ruth had her ‘flaws’ but I sincerely doubt she cared one ‘whit’ about her ‘seat’ while lying there dying. I’d imagine she’d reach out to her niece and family in a much more personal way. Every time we think the ‘press’ and the liberals have reached their ‘ultimate’ low–they do another one, even ‘lower’!! This beats all!!!

    1. when the dems made the statement of the statement the president concerning our dead vitrines i really thought they had gone as low as possible, but it seems they ( they being old woman pelosi and the young twit whom i don’t remember her name and don’t want to) just keep finding a lower rung on the decency ladder.

      1. Her name is “Nancy Pe;losi’s Handler and Face of Youngster Indoctrination” and DON’T you for-get she’s another rich-kid-college-graduate-turned-bartender.

  5. I know what my dying wish would be and it pertains to Crazy Nancy, Schiff, AOC, Omar and Soros…..all I need is someone to carry it out……

  6. Perhaps Bloomberg! Why doesn’t the man spend it where it does some good instead of TV stations and radio ads. What a rich fool he is.

  7. I doubt very much that she was even coherent prior to dying. Many cancer patients are in a semi coma and are not capable of speaking.

  8. With the flames of Hell licking at her, I doubt the replacement of her in this earthly court was on her mind. She was facing the Real Supreme Court, Hope she sought forgiveness before too late.

    1. You don’t know if the flames of Hell were licking at her. She was still a decent person, no matter her political views.

      1. No, she wasn’t.
        She was a self-serving witch that lied when she took the oath of office knowing full well she was going to do everything in her power to undermine the Constitution and the people of the USA.

      2. Only decent in the context that all mankind know the difference between good and evil. The vast majority chooses good the vast majority of the time, but there are still millions of people who deliberately choose evil for unknown reasons.

    2. Even though I am not liberal, I still think that RBG was a decent person. I don’t think the flames of Hell were licking at her feet.

      1. Are you that stubborn? If you are then you believe it is perfectly fine to kill unborn babies. If you do not want the flames of Hell licking at you you should confess your sins and accept the gift of salvation from Jesus Christ.

  9. I don’t believe one word of this dying wish lie. The sacred cow of baby murder is threatened, that’s the only reason they care. Lies, fear, intimidation and violence are their tools now. So sad. Roe V Wade was an unconstitutional ruling and should be over-turned. It should never come to the Supreme court. I for one will not accept any of those things.

  10. How low can the Dems get? So disrespectful to Ruth and her family! I knew it was BS when I heard it and I am waiting for the granddaughter to admit that it was fake! Rest in peace RGB! We WILL FILL YOUR SEAT, HONORABLE!

  11. During the 2016 vacancy for SCOTUS, RBG said the president had the right to fill the seat. If her deathwish is accurate, I guess it was agreeing with Republicans that was her cause of death. LOL.

  12. The nobody is above the law people are wanting the President to basically break the law. It’s his constitutional duty to appoint a new justice to the Supreme Court.

    1. I love a comment from yesterday but can’t remember where I read it. It reminded us that people are confusing Politics with Government. Replacing the Supreme Court Justice is a Governmental responsibility, not a Political one.

      1. But Blanche that government responsibility is influenced by political leanings. I want a conservative confirmed to the vacant Associate Justice position. Liberalism is anti-American.

  13. Seems like the Democrats abuses of the elderly (Joe Biden) continue even to the death bed ( Ruth Ginsburg) , making up dying last wishes for her! These scummy people have no shame!

  14. How low can the Dems get? So disrespectful to Ruth and her family! I knew it was BS when I heard it and I am waiting for the granddaughter to admit that it was fake! Rest in peace RBG! We WILL FILL YOUR SEAT, HONORABLE!

  15. It just shows how despicable the Demrats are, it’s disrespectful to her and her family. They are evil, power hungry and ignorant liberals. They are like a drowning rat. I never cared for her political views, judges are to follow the constitution. RIP

    1. Today’s leftist are the Bolsheviks of the 21st. Century. Recall what Vladimir Lenin and his cronies did to Russia 103 years ago in October 1917! It took the good Russian people 73 years to wake up and get rid of that menace called Communism. It guarantees EQUAL DISTRIBUTION OF MISERY. We have things too good here in USA to switch it to a Cuban/Venezuelan arrangement. But Pelosi, Biden, AOC, and some others want to sit at the top of a Central Planning totem pole and dictate the lives of thousands with whom they’ll never relate.

  16. Why would Joe Biden’s family allow to use Joe as a puppet in their agenda! Do they not realize that “We the people” know a scheme when we see one! You think Jill and Joe’s children would not allow their love one to be a laughing stock!! Shame on you all!! Demincia is not a laughing matter!! Give it up, for God sake!!

    1. Poor Joe probably has to have an injection of speed to get him through the rigged press conferences. Everyone can see that he obviously has dementia or one of its relatives. I’ve seen it up close. My mother died from it. It’s not pretty. How can anyone in good conscious place someone of reduced mental capacity into the highest office in our nation?

      1. Kamala Harris is the one they really want. Biden is just a prop to appease voters who do not want extreme left liberals. They figure that once Biden is elected they will suddenly declare that something happened to him and he is not “fit” to hold office. Then they will swear-in Kamala and get their agenda going. They are devious.

    2. It’s all a part of their master plan. You know they have a deceitful plan in place to take power for the foreseeable future; why else would they nominate arguably the worst possible candidate they could find? The left firmly believes that their loyal subjects are ignorant. They rely on people hanging-on to their every word with full faith that what they hear is “gospel”. Sadly, when it comes to those who vote for them, the lefty political cronies are right on this one point.

    3. Tamara K Màtteson. Of course Joe’s family would, will, and do let him be made a laughing stock because they too hate President Trump. And, everyone watch out. If the dems win the presidency I do think Joe will be around very long. I’m pretty sure the dems have something up their sleeve. If not using the 25th ammendment (if he’s lucky) they will stoop to more radical moves to get Harris to be president. If they win in November, I personally don’t think Joe is long for this earth.

  17. And Why would Joe Biden’s family allow the Democrats to use Joe as a puppet in their agenda! Do they not realize that “We the people” know a scheme when we see one! You think Jill and Hunter would not allow their love one to be a laughing stock!! Shame on you all!! Demincia is not a laughing matter!! Give it up, for God sake!!

  18. Surely, RBG had some long time to craft another more meaningful way to get any last wish out there that might be more believable/effective. How about a final video to be delivered to Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, President Trump, and the Washington Post – immediately upon her passing?

  19. I don’t believe RBG said anything about filling her spot before or after the election. At that point in her life I doubt she cared or could think about such things. There are so many liars and fake news generators in the democrat party it would be hard to pin down which one made up such a piece of BS.

  20. a extremely selfish and controlling freak. why we have to follow her death wish? who she thought she was? she has not authority to say that. we hav no obligation to acknowledge whoever’s death wish. She is anti-constitution. She has no credit to request that. completely BS, either fake or real. Demorats think that people will be so stupid to acknowledge this non-sense? no legal ground, no moral ground, not relevant at all. Justice position dose not belong to her personal property. She died, the contract is over. She is just a common people like everybody else. she has no authority over our constitution. She maybe a good lawyer, but not a qualified federal justice. She was heavily controlled by political view and her personal view. She was not in the position to make the law. This is a fatal problem for her. shame on her.

  21. 100% agree! Fill the seat! Even if by some ridiculous chance this was her dying wish, too bad. It wasn’t a good one.

  22. My father died at 82, after fighting cancer for 10 yrs. On his death bed with family around him he kept asking ” what can I do?” I told him to think about seeing mom again. Walk towards the bright light. It was one step from darkness into her arms forever. He asked again and I said he did all he could for us and we would be ok. Just take that step. He fell silent. At peace.

    1. My father a WWII vet was on his deathbed reliving a battles during the war. He was voicing and thrashing in his bed in a coma like state saying look out, get in the hole, get down, move move move so don’t give me this horse crap that RBG was worrying about who Trump would pick for her replacement.
      My mother on the other hand waited for me to come from another state with my family while for several days my brother was yelling at me to get home I had just had surgery on my foot. I told my brother she will wait for us to get there and she did because all she cared about was her family’s well being. When I got there with my family she was in a semi coma ( in & Out). My kids and my wife wished her well and the next morning I went over alone to the hospital and I whispered to her “that it was okay to leave and that she and dad had done a great job raising us and that her grandkids were all doing fine and she didn’t have to worry. I also said to her it was time to go see dad and that her job was done, I felt her hand squeeze mine and I knew she had heard me and it wouldn’t be long now she seemed to be relaxed. Later that morning when my family and I were on the road my brother called me and told me she had passed. I turned around and went back to bury her.
      So I doubt if RBG was worrying about Trump’s pick to replace her. More Drama and fake news by the Left and their ILK.

  23. Agree with the view of this alleged RBG dying wish is a pathetic lie! Nevertheless, can’t help feeling sorry for the majority of moderate Democrats, who for some inexplicable reason remain in a party totally corrupted by their radical left leaning leaders. The following great phrase comes to mind: We the willing (ie moderate Democrats), led by the unknowing (ie the radical Left), are doing the impossible for the ungrateful (ie the SJW’ / Woke / LGBTQ+ crowd). We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing, for no one. Konstantin Josef Jirecek

    1. This reminds me of a lady married three times and still claimed to be a virgin. When no one believed her she provided proof. Husband number one: Her new husband loved to drive fast and on the way to their honeymoon hideaway he had a car wreck. The wreck killed him and she survived. Husband number two: They were married on his weekend furlough on Sunday afternoon and he had to return to base before midnight and before they could be alone. He was soon sent to a war zone and killed in action. OK! Her friend commended to her she had been married to George for six months and you still claim to be a virgin. Yes, You need to understand, he is a Democrat. All he does is stand at the foot of the bed and threaten me!

  24. Agreed, this was so stupid. Even if it WAS her last wish, who gives a rip? There are some things even a Court Justice has no power over. Honestly, they will do ANYTHING to manipulate the masses. They assume people are stupid and know nothing about how this govt is supposed to work. Scary.

  25. What would be real irony is the possibility of Trump to replace a women in favor of abortion with a women who values the life of the unborn.

  26. If she wanted to say anything like that , she would have said it way before her death bed
    She most certainly would have told the fake news herself , come on , do the Dems really think we’re that stupid to believe that

  27. DimocRATS have always had a flare for the dramatic and not reality. Typical wishful thinking on the part of dimocRATS.

  28. All she did for the last couple years is sleep during hearings why should she have any say now ,and for the record I believe she never said that on her deathbed as the article states

  29. She hated Trump and called him all kinds of names when he was running for President. Even with her cancer and other problems, she hung on so Trump wouldn’t be able to fill the seat. She was vindictive and fighting until a new president came in. Her daughter said that she asked that Trump not fill her seat…..not that she wanted a democrat to do it. She hated TEUMP. It was Trump that she didn’t want to give him the opportunity. Hateful last wishes should not be granted. Trump is within the law anyway. He can do it. It is his JOB.

  30. I thought the Democrats and the leftist socialist liberals couldn’t sink into the sleaze & slime any lower. Guess I was wrong. They will use anything and anybody, even if it is an outright lie to gain their agenda. They still don’t realize this can turn back on them in a major way.

  31. I was under the impression that the supreme court judges were suppose to be nonpartisan , not from the get go of Trump, than this (Classy) person makes a request like this, lost what little respect was there for her.

  32. I don’t believe for a moment that was her dying wish. The left is just making this crap up to push their agenda. She even said in 2016 that the President does not stop being the President in an election year. There is no constitutional restriction on appointing justices when an election is coming up.

    1. Malchus, I have been reading all these comments waiting to see the spot-on comment that yours is. Not only is the Democrat ‘report’ of RBG’s dying wish most likely fake, it would have been totally disingenuous and contradictory to her documented statement that, “Nothing in the Constitution says that a president should stop being the president in the final year of his term.”

  33. I can see now the democrats want all dead people to have their say. But a wish list for after you die doesn’t matter any more , so I’m sorry for her death, but if the ole girl would have just stepped down while obuummeerr, the worthless president was in office she wouldn’t have to take it to her grave.
    She should have been home with her family, and enjoying what life she had left . I guess power is what counts.

  34. I didn’t know RBG at all well and rarely heard about her. So whatever she would have wanted has no meaning for me!
    I’m hoping though that Pres. Trump is
    re-elected for his last term in office as he’s been an excellent Pres and deserves to go out in style!!

  35. I agree with all the reply’s. If it’s true, which I doubt, let the granddaughter come forth and acknowledge. I’m so fed up with all of the Democratic parties BS. Exactly why would anyone in their right mind vote for any of them. They’ll the cause of today’s problems. Stop the two tiered justice system!!

    1. Bloomberg is busy buying votes in Florida. He doesn’t realize (being from New York and accustomed to buying votes) that it falls under a RICO act felony in Florida and he could end up spending the rest of his days in prison for the mass buying of votes there. I’m not sure how millionaires stand up against the government of an entire state. Plus he exposes the recipients to Federal Election law violations for accepting the money to sway their votes plus the recipients will have to claim the money as a gift on their income taxes. It’s a lose-lose situation for them.

    1. She was a gutter c*unt, evil to the core. A pedophile who wanted to lower the age of consent to twelve. Probably because she’s so ugly no one would touch her with 30 foot pole. Ugly specimen. Inside and out.


  37. I feel confident that Trump will be elected, and that possibly the GOP can keep the Senate and regain the House IF THE DEMS DO NOT SUCCEED IN BALLOT HARVESTING AFTER NOV 3RD.. !!!

  38. On Friday evening when they announced RBGs death, I guess her granddaughter must have run to the media within minutes .The media started the last wish bullshit right away. The first thing I thought was who in the hell would have a last wish like that. After watching many family members pass, their last wishes are almost always for family. It would appear that RBG cared more about the supreme court than her grandchildren, that she always talked so lovingly about. I call this total BULLSHIT. The media and the Democrats are f—king liars .

  39. I was wondering when this fake lie would come up. I saw. it as a lie the moment I read it. Democrats socialists will do anything under the sky to try and destroy Trump.

  40. Every soul is precious in the eyes of jesus christ this lady gave the ok to abort babys in the wound according to the bible that is murder in the first degree rbg can ask for forgivness but her sins are still with her until she followes the plan of salvation according to saint peter in acts 2 38 to have her sins washed away apostle peter had the keys to the kingdom of heaven he used them rbg has to follow the plan like every one else read the bible j h

  41. I don’t believe she made a death bed wish. My sister is a doctor who said she was probably in and out of consciousness for at least 5 to 7 days before her death, so that comment is suspect. Ruth had numerous times to retire, Obama asked her to retire so that he could appoint another Justice to the Court, and she declined. I believe she thought that Hillary would win the election and give Hillary, as the first female President the option of choosing her replacement. It didn’t pan out the way she had hoped. President Trump is under no obligation to fulfill her dying wish. If it was a conservative judge who had passed away, and they made the same wish under a liberal President, would they have fulfilled their dying wish? Of course not, so then why should Trump? Ruth was the one who pushed the democrats into the corner as she was playing her own political games and their worst fears have become a sad reality. A conservative Republican President gets to choose her replacement. As for Nancy and her wish to impeach this President again for appointing a “new” Justice is ridiculous, no crime was committed or law was broken, it’s just Nancy’s hysteria, melodrama and histrionics and nothing more. Another political tantrum by this perennial witch and her “I’m going to hold my breath until I get my way” mini dictator. Whatever Nancy wants, Nancy should get rhetoric. I have to think, God must have a great sense of humor.

  42. Knowing the Dems they’ll come up with her resignation letter dated 2015 and they’ll argue obamass should be making the selection. That’s just how stupid they appear every time they open their mouths!

  43. Hope RGB did not suffer too badly—after all, she was a human being and ALL lives are precious. President Trump has the Constitutional right to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. The Dems are absolutely outrageous in their statements. I still think Shifty Schiff was the whistleblower himself.

  44. There are NO democrats. Harry S. Truman was the last Democrat . These mammals are just scum of the earth with a wish to be communist jackasses.

  45. It’s simple to find out if she did say what the Democrats are claimi9ng she said, just ask, those who were with her those las few days, and if they are even close to being like she was, they’ll tell the truth, as they wouldn’t want her record and memory to be stained with a lie, as the Democrats could care less about.

  46. Dems want revenge for 2016 by having Biden appoint Clinton, who should be serving life for treason, to a lifetime on SCOTUS.

  47. What? You don’t believe Democrats?!? How about this one?

    I was THERE…there when she breathed her last breath. What she said was, “My most fervent wish is that I will not be interred until a new justice is confirmed and installed.”

    How could such a plain and simple message be misunderstood by perfectly committed Marxists and reputable Anti-American Democrats?

  48. Does the the damn-bocratic party know, that when a prominent person dies, the country isn’t put on hold till they are 6 ft under? When JFK died, did the government stop to wish him off? Hell no! LBJ was immediately sworn in as president. Ginsburg was a justice. That’s it! You don’t have a funeral for 44 days then have Trump replace her when he’s re-elected! He has sworn an oath to up-hold his office. That’s part of his job, drmoturds. Get the hell over it. Fill her seat asap as not to halr the function of the SCOTUS of America. Do it! Do it now!

  49. This is just another delusional comment from the Senior Congressional Nursing Home Residents; Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler. They sit around thinking about what new game they can play today. Pelosi claims she has a lot of “arrows”. Guess the game is Archery with the face of President Trump being the Bullseye. The democrats have a video of comments for every issue they bring up. Where is the video of Justice Ginsburg’s dying wish from her deathbed?
    I saw a video today of her from 2016, where she said, “I do think cooler heads will prevail. I hope sooner rather than later. The President was elected for four years, not three years, so whatever powers he has had in three, will continue into year four, and maybe some members of the Senate will wake up and appreciate that that is how it should be.” Does this statement not apply to President Trump?

  50. Or already swung on her 2016 feared gallows post debate meltdown rant.
    Actually that “we’ll be swinging from the gallows if that f…ing b…..d wins” was undoubtedly a confession that she & all included in her “we’ll all” were aware they were committing TREASON & CONNECTED TO CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY & ALSO KNEW THE PENALTY FOR TREASON WHEN EXPOSED.
    Bill Clinton in video “Clinton Agrees With Bush” also confessed to treason when he said “every president from HST forward, whether democrat or republican, has been pushing for the new world order”! There are 2 more videos of both GHWB & GWB, while president, espousing the new world order.
    Allegedly GWB went to President Trump saying “I can’t go on like this” * confessing to treason, helping his father cover up his crimes, human trafficking & his part in 9/11/2001. He allelgedly agreed to be executed for 9/ll/2001 after spilling all he knew on the deep state establishment INSIDERS. No way of checking this out but this was followed by allegations of GHWB plea bargaining of pleading guilty of human trafficking, assassination of JFK while GHWB was in CIA (which has been identified as central hub of new world order’s shadow government in a documentary by a former CIA agent) & other crimes but asking to slide by on treason. Don’t believe GHWB would have been in plea bargaining position if GWB’s visit to Trump had not been prior to GHWB’s death. If you did not watch GHWB’s funeral at WH, please do so & pay close attention to the faces of Laura, Jeb & GWB when Laura shows Jeb what was in her mysterious white envelope in her folder handed out to many at the funeral. Obviously Laura & Jeb have just learned something that GWB knew before the funeral & imo, it should clue everybody in as to what those mysterious white envelopes in the folders contained.
    Former presidential candidate Kasich went on CNN & told Tapper that “John McCain was put to death”, but no mention of plea bargaining was made, so apparently he had his fair trial before being “put to death”.

  51. ruth ginsburg was turned back from the gates of heaven by the 30 million unborn babies that she wanted killed before and upto the moment of birth

    1. if i were in front of an oncoming train, my last wish would be not to get run over by that train. But its not in the constitution!!NEXT fill the seat

  52. Face up to the FACTS. The Democrats are DEMONIC. Hence DEMONcrats. Piece of crap, lieing pathetic people. They don’t care about you and they don’t care about me. All they care about is power at the expense of anyone that can find. They are truly works of the devil there is no question about it at all. God knows what’s going on and he will have the final answer. I’ll be surprised if one Democrat is in heaven. As much as I hate to say it, they deserve to be in hell.

  53. As a believer in Jesus Christ , the Lord My last words will not be political but something such as “I will miss you Sweetheart ” to my wife , family and friends . Possibly thank you Lord and be praised forever Amen .

  54. even when one of your own die’s you have to use her i hope she haunt’s all the democrats for now she can see they are all a bunch of communist.

  55. AMEN to that. We have to respect tradition ! After all there is a lovely video on You tube of all the major Democrats insisting that the Scalia vacancy must be filled immediately in 2016 I saw it and posted it on Facebook because it’s the exact OPPOSITE of what they are saying now. You all should see it. Historically, there have been 29 times when a SCOTUS vacancy has come up in an election year. 19 times the president and the senate majority have been of the same party+ 17of the 19 vacancies were filled. In the 10 tries made when the president and the Senate majority were NOT from the same party only, 1 out of the 10 appointees got confirmed before the election. Obama was up against a republican controlled Senate in 2016. Trump has a same party Senate. Tradition and the constitution will be honored. MORAL OF THIS STORY: This is the one time where Politicians legitimately are allowed to be stinkers. IN THIS CASE, I’M GLAD. Payback is a Bitch….Oh Yeah, I Almost forgot. So is NANCY PELOSI . She really deserves this dish of ICE CREAM !!!!!!

  56. Get our Dear departed RBG in the ground, where she deserves to be now and get Disgusting, Disenfranchised Hillary behind bars, where she deserves to be; as well as her filandering Bil on account of Epstein-GATE….

  57. Nothing but BS ,just like the Crazy Democratic Party. Trump is filling the seat and there isn’t a damn thing they can do about it,no matter how hard they try.

  58. The voters have a really big opportunity to remove Nancy Pelosi from her position as Speaker of the House this November – everybody get out and vote Republican for all the GOP candidates for the House this Nov. With a Rep majority in the House, the new Speaker will become a senior Republican.
    With a Republican Speaker in the House, the House can then get back to the work they were elected for – taking care of the country’s business, instead of pursuing Nancy’s personal vendetta – the overthrow of Donald Trump, a legitimately elected sitting President. An anti-globalist, anti Marxist president. An America First President.
    By letting moderate Dems get back to work, Congress can become more productive and less hateful. The Soros-funded Marxist cabal will be made less potent, and Congressional officials can become more effective with their duties. That will be a benefit to us all – red and blue!
    Get out to vote – in person – to upset the Left’s voter fraud scheme this Fall and vote for a Republican congress person, and we all become winners! Vote for a GOP House and vote Trump 2020!

  59. Surprising that despite all her positive work during her career, the only thing the progressives could make note of was that hiring people of color had not been her most important priority. That must have made her a racist in their wonderful “cancel” culture!

  60. Anybody that believes that Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s last thought was replace me by another president Needs their liberal brain flushed and cleaned.
    When politics becomes what we think of on our dying bed, we know we’ve wasted our entire life…

  61. I knew the comment was a preplanned ,calculated out right lie as soon as I heard it!! Trump and the republicans have the votes to replace her! The Democrats know that and there isn’t a dam thing they can do about it!! We are going to need it because the out come of this election will be decided in the Supreme Court . John Long Island NY

  62. Here’s what the Democrat faithful must be thinking regarding their leaders, at all levels of government:
    ‘ We the willing, led by the unknowing, are doing the impossible for the ungrateful. We have done so much, with so little, for so long, we are now qualified to do anything, with nothing, for no one. Konstantin Josef Jirecek’
    Pray for our brothers and sisters still in the Democrat party!

  63. ‘I’m 95 I have voted both Democratic And Republican my first vote was Harry Truman to Donald Trump. And of all the presidents that I voted for I consider Donald Trump is the Best President of all the president i have voted for. The Democratic Party have lost my respect because they think we the people are stupid and will believe there Lying to stay in control. God punishes people like this. But I believe we the people would like to see the swamp drained once and for all. Go Donald Finnish the job. I pray for you. Four more years.—— Bill Simoni. From A controlled State of Demos. California. To old to move.

  64. I have seen a video of her saying that Presidents rule for four years, not three years, and are perfectly entitled to appoint Judges up to the end of their term.

  65. Except for the handful of true of,by and for the people moderate democrats in the U.S. House,the democrats party is full of psychopaths that need to be institutionalized,forever.

  66. Concerning the “last dying wish” I’m going to use the words from the idiot brother of the governor of New York, Chris Cuomo, “I’m calling BULLSH-T on this one!” Screw them!

  67. Hmmm…..IF it is true that Ginsberg wished this, it would be a huge stain on her as a jurist. The role of a Supreme Court Judge is to follow the Constitution. The Constitution does not say that the purpose of the final year of the presidency is wait until the election. Life continues on, and if Ginsberg had really wanted what people are saying her final wish was, then she would have just waited to die. Or, she could have stepped down when obama was still in office so that the could replace her with a lefty, just as Kennedy did so that President Trump could appoint a jurist in his place.

  68. If RGB had the presents of mind to utter her last wishes in a coherent manner, would not that infamous death bed wish been worth putting in writing as any good lawyer would do if he or SHE was truly in their right mind and fervently wished their wishes to be carried out? Otherwise, it means nothing as does a Federal Statute without an implementing regulation.
    It is a fact that the party of slavery, lynching, and the KKK will lie just to keep from telling the truth.

  69. Malthus, Before Harry Reid left D.C., I saw him on TV say that: “It’s OK to lie if it furthers your party’s goals.” It’s a big part of the Lie-beral DEMONocrat modus operandi. Now, they have crossed over to the dark side and have went off the deep end. A DEMONocrat cannot talk without lying.

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