Stunning Arizona Audit Update: Subpoenaed Routers Are a No-Show

The Biden Department of Justice is jumping into the Maricopa County, Arizona vote audit to try and stop it. In a shocking development, the DOJ has even invented a new way to play the race card in its attempts to prevent a simple forensic audit. Biden’s DOJ says that if the election is audited in a single county in Arizona, future generations of black voters in Arizona will be too paranoid and scared to ever vote again.

And if that’s not enough to satisfy your questions about the most fair-and-square election in US history, the DOJ also says that if the audit is conducted, cops and federal agents will die.

I guess we should be thrilled that DOJ hasn’t burned the building down yet?

So far, all we’ve seen is lawsuit after lawsuit after the DNC sent in hordes of lawyers from Perkins-Coie and other firms to try to jam up this audit. None of the lawyer stunts have prevailed so far. Federal election ballots belong to “we the people” and are to be preserved for 22 months after an election, so that the results can be audited if we want to take a look at them. This is long settled law, and the Democrats’ lawyers haven’t been able to convince the two judges on the case otherwise.


The latest development is going to be a huge news story, no matter what happens as a result: Maricopa County officials are refusing to turn over the routers that were used on the night of the election. The routers were just a small portion of the election equipment that was subpoenaed by the Arizona Senate for this audit. But they’re a crucial portion.

We’ve been told repeatedly by Maricopa County election officials that the routers were not connected to the internet at any point on Election Night. Is this true? The answer matters.

Swing state after swing state has told us that their machines were “never” connected to the internet at any point – and no, you can’t look at the routers to check our answer, Trumpers. Cyber Ninjas, the firm conducting the audit, will be able to give us a quick answer to that crucial question – but only if the routers are turned over. The subpoenaed routers.

Election equipment is not supposed to be connected to the internet, which makes it hackable from outside sources. Internal networks are fine for the purposes of tabulation and counting, but connecting machines to the world wide web is a big no-no. If a router is connected to the world wide web, then boy howdy – Mike Lindell’s “crazy conspiracy theory” looks a lot more viable.

And if those routers were not connected to the internet, then it tells us something else: The fraud will be found in the paper trail, and therefore auditors can just focus on examining the ballots themselves. For seven months, we’ve been told that the evidence must not be examined, otherwise it will undermine… something!

The Civil Rights Division in the Department of Justice says that while federal election laws require ballots to remain intact for 22 months, the auditors are breaking the law because they are not federal election officials. This is basically arguing that unless the fox guards the henhouse, someone might suspect the fox of doing something wrong. In a more literal sense, the federal government is arguing that only the federal government should be auditing the ballots, if anyone.

The reasoning behind this, according to Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General (how many freaking titles do these people need?) Pamela S. Karlan, is that superstitious black voters will be spooked into never voting again if their ballots are audited. The official position of the Biden Justice Department is that auditing an election to ensure its integrity… is voter intimidation.

Must be really tough being a black voter in the Democrats’ version of America. Can’t get on the internet, can’t get an ID, can’t vote in future elections because those spooky audits will get you!

And if that’s not enough, Karlan adds that auditing the routers requested in the subpoena will reveal dangerous secret information that could get cops and federal officers killed. Just like when all those FBI agents were going to be murdered if the American people found out who paid for the Russian collusion dossier!

The bad news: Only 10% of the ballots in Maricopa County have been tallied in the hand recount. It looks like this is going to take a while.


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108 thoughts on “Stunning Arizona Audit Update: Subpoenaed Routers Are a No-Show”

  1. Keep digging in Arizona and you’ll come up with the truth!!
    Then come to Georgia and do the same you’ll come up with more Truth!! Mabe then and only then will the truth be known.
    Blacks beain Spooked and never VOTE again is a lot of hot air.
    The Democrats are trying to get everyone to forget about our last Elections wrong doing!
    Blacks and other people of color are smarter than Biden’s bunch of idiots think they are. The people of this country aren’t all stupid!!
    Iam tired of Biden and his crew dragged me threw the red hot coles. I beleave nothing that comes from the Democrats mouths.
    Why do Democrats not wount the people to do any investigation?
    What are they scared of?
    Who are they scared of?
    If they did nothing wrong let the chips fall where they may!!

    1. Can this be any more obvious that the corruption has taken over the DOJ, CIA, State Dept, Pentagon, etc, etc. They know if the audit is fully completed they will be revealed, even if you have NEVER prayed before, pray to GOD to intervene, the successful completion of this audit will begin bringing the Corrupt to their knees.

      1. Wow!! Our country is going down the rabbit hole! Hard to believe there are so many corrupt people in our government. Biden’s brain shows he should NOT be president! The Az audit should continue, routers and all!

          1. the left will never leave, they will escalate violence to stay in the capitol and white house. You can bet the farm on that one.

      2. I agree and I think the leaders of All those organizations need to be removed and Locked Up and sent to GETMO to await Military Tribunals for Treason. This should includes the Biden Administration and all those involved in this cover up.

      1. Truth is a MUST in the US. Without it, there’s no Rule of Law & if that’s gone so is ALL Justice. We the People suspect ‘someone’ cheated. It’s absolutely necessary to find out who & to punish them for high treason & sedition. If not, there’s no accountability or justice. It’s way past time!!!

        1. So correct Dr. Jon Z. In the USA we have voters that are – red, yellow, brown, white, and black. A United States CITIZEN may suggest Strongly that all voters be legal voters. Legal Voters within the USA. Is this too much to ask of our state governors and secretaries of state? So many states ILLEGALLY changed their laws for the Nov 2020 election and WE FREE CITIZENS can not ask the WHY of why was the law broken by specific elected officials? I’m an accountant and I rely on Data and Information to form an opinion and/or a final decision. I DO NOT have the data and/or the information to make an “educated final decision” as it relates to the Nov 2020 general election. I reside in GA but I’m from PA. As a very young man I am aware of WHAT unusual election results come out of PA.

    2. biden and cohorts are like a child where the mommy says,whats in your hand that you have behind your back??? and the child says…nothing mom, then mom says…we werent bornyesterday jr., now come clean. if youre not hiding anything, why so worried of what will come out of az audits???? i think we all know the answere to that.

    3. This comment shows that our Commie government thinks that ALL of us are STUPID idiots who need to be ruled. The past election in various states were corrupt and fraudulent. Various lawsuits were dismissed using the excuse of no jurisdictional or procedural basis so real evidence could be buried in the Democrats graveyard of truth. ALL Americans have to stand up to these demigods and dictators so we the people can take back OUR government. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Commie Cortez, Stalin, Lenin ,Marx , Mao Tse -Tung, Ho Chi Min, and the rest of world communists have the same objective of enslaving all people and they all hate the common everyday people who care about their country. Here in the US they are using the same tactics that are being used in Communist China and Russia to silence the voices of liberty. Censorship, wokeism and cancel culture are running rampant and must be stopped. The TRUTH will prevail only if we demand it.

      1. You are so right. Fraud happened, and we want to know. Trump won that election fair and square. Those Dominion routers managed to change the ballots for Biden. Biden is a strange man. He can barely speak. He can’t even read a Teleprompter. This Election was won by George Soros and we all know it. He paid to have this election skewed. It was a total mess. We Americans want honesty in our politicians. Before Trump won, his candidacy was based on all of the things he was going to change in America. All of his policies that he said he would do, HE DID! He is the best president we have ever had. Now we are back to criminals running our country. The Democrats are not what they used to be. They are miscreants.

    4. When the clown show currently on-going in AZ comes up with some sort of statement sometime late this Summer or early Fall or if ever, it will be meaningless except to Fat Donny who will, unquestionably, be able to further rationalize and imagine that he won the 2020 election. There is no question that the Qanon followers and the “volunteers” involved in the “fraudit” fresh back from their insurrection in DC will have some nonsense to report but without any rational or proof that what they are alleging has any relationship to truth or fact. After all, those without knowledge, experience, vetting or standing must certainly have “proprietary methodology” since they have nothing else. If the frauditors had any idea of what to do or what to look for they would not need to take what must be hours looking at a single ballot. They have “looked” at about 10% of the total ballot count over the time period that they projected to be done with the whole sham.
      To date, the frauditors have not filed the documents requested by the repuglickin senate that would spell out what they are looking for, what makes them think that something is wrong and what are their proposed procedures. The reason is that they have no answers to any of these requests for information.
      Heres the long and short. Joe Biden is president and Fat Donny the Loser is not.

      1. You are a product of the stupid and ill informed! The routers will be delivered! Contempt of a court order to produce will either bring them to be used to complete the audit or go to jail until they are produced!!! All routers are numbered for ease of recovery from storage… The Biden big steal will be exposed.

      2. Was that supposed to be some attempt at being technically inclined. The Sheriff made a fool of himself. Ya know the Sheriff that was financially funded by George Soros , who for some reason, (like propaganda CNN , beating it into your heads, that everything is a conspiracy theory) , well he’s not and funded your Sheriff $2 Million so he would get elected. ( love to do an audit on that election.) Not to mention so many in the Democrat party . Like your newly corrupt sitting VP.
        First of all how many times did we have to hear we are the 2nd largest city and we have other things to do. I would say at least 3-4 times. So with that being said how is that the 2nd largest city in the country and growing , has the a router that is being shared with Sheriffs office? Oh wait they actually indicated it is more then just the Sheriff that shares that router! Why? I have never ever heard of anything so absolutely careless fir s Dheriffs office to share a router with anyone. Apparently he isn’t as worried and concerned about keeping information having to do with the sheriffs office private and secure as he dramatically acted out in his very ill prepared speech, or the Sheriffs Office wouldn’t be on a router with anyone. Not to mention there is not one dam good reason why they are not. Not one reason AT ALL!
        As a matter a fact if I was anyone working for the sheriffs office or was a person thst had been booked at the sheriffs office or a person who had to o identify someone or come in for a videoed part of man investigation , I would be highly pushed off that it’s possible with so many on one router , my info could be hacked,
        But the end game is, he’s s liar, the very thing he saying poses a threat of security, he’s imposing that threat himself.
        And by the way , you can’t just look at a router and get access to people’s personal information or any information really shows all.
        You MAY be able to see say someone logged on to EBay. But that’s it. Unless your a skilled person and can get through the addresses that are protected by the htpp deal , which most are encrypted. So he’s full of crap!
        Gates is lying through i hi s teeth.
        They have not always complied as they ignored Subpoenas in December. So with his cry baby . crap of here we are 6 months later. Well denying in December to do what was right , here we are so the cry babies need to go get their blankies and pacifier and sit back in the corner for being lying cry babies.
        I could be here all night just pointing out all the lies and contradictions . But the biggest twisted the worlds , projection at the highest level and narcissisim at its best was Mr. Sheriff man , who said Political theater 5 times.
        As he did what?
        Was in a well planned, horrendously played out, contradictory, skit of Political Theater.
        That is straight from the playbooks of the biggest tyrannical dictators of the world.
        I won’t be part of or condone such Political Theater
        But don’t look I am doing it right now as I speak those very words!
        What a shxt show!!! …

    5. Seems the latest, Data that should have been released to audit has been erased prior to getting to the Auditors…so what does SOS Katie Hobbs has to say about that as it is and was her Office responsibility to secure any and All Data. As to the Feds, when the Election 2020 before it even got to 1/1/2021, completely ignored the Fact that the Election of 2020 had been compromised. The State is in charge now and Biden’s interference would and is Suspect…same as Katie Hobbs as she is a Democrat. Governor Ducey needs to speak up to tell the Feds they are wrong to interfere as this Audit is on the Up and Up,period.

    6. What happened to unification and transparency? Joe can’t get any more flip flop, two faced, babble Biden than he is now. No matter who you voted for, Joe is an embarrassment to all of us, Joe is incompetent and should be removed ASAP. Any US citizen, who proudly voted for their belief and made the effort to secure their vote, should want to know the truth about what happened to that vote. They should not settle for a hide and seek game and the DOJ protecting their feelings.

  2. That fantasy thing of “Black voter will be frightened away from voting” shows indeed the roots of this kind of “Democrats” deep in the Confederate Ways of Thinking where “Blacks were too dumb to read and write”. Now, they’ll see the Juju-ghost coming out of routers, if unhinged – OOH No!
    If there are any unholy Jujus around anywhere, they are called “BLM” and “Antifa” and have put all their effort behind the author of the Police Laws of 1994 and 1998, the Chokehold and Rodney King brutality, and the “justification” of Black Lives Lost, a in Ferguson – Strange Ghosts, WEIRD GHOSTS fighting for their enemy!
    “Democrats” – “Amok-Rats” – “Ammo-Crates” – O my…..

    1. jboo, I am not black, but if I were, I’d be damn tired of being told that I don’t have the ability to get an ID card or that, if the truth is known, I would be afraid to vote in the future. When will blacks wake up to this racist BS. How did the democrats get to be the party of blacks? If you remember correctly it was mostly democrats that fought so hard to derail the civil rights laws, (George Wallace, Lester Maddox, etc, etc, and that it was a republican (Abraham Lincoln) that freed the slaves.


        1. WOW, blacks will be afraid to vote in upcoming elections if there is an audit! That’s the best they can come up with. What is this, Romper Room. A child can come up with a better line than that. These excuses the democrats come up with are outrageous and at times don’t even make any sense. What a three ring circus this administration is. If your not guilty, you would welcome this audit to prove you are right and that there was no corruption involved, but Democrats, you are admitting to your guilt by vehemently opposing this audit like your doing. If you were innocent, then what are you so worried about.

      2. I Agree, many of my family members died to defeat the confederacy, they where proud union soldiers, fighting against democrat confederacy! Democrats were responsible for Jim Crow. KKK, and ending the draft due to the draft was teaching a lot of intercity blacks a specialty and to better them selves, democrats didn’t like that scenario so they ended the draft. The democrat party is all about keeping people on the plantation or the gov. dole no matter what the color!

    2. Another fact not brought up is, just exactly how many Black people voted, Their population is aproxamently 17 to 18 percent and as a rule only 30 to 35 percent of the population votes, so how many black people truly and honestly voted? It’s the usual Democrat’s rube of BS!!!!!!

  3. Keep digging no matter what the DEMONCRATS try to stop the audit. It is a right for every AMERICAN that voted legally to know what happened. Election integrity is most important for OUR COUNTRY to survive. And to bring EVERYONE involved to face justice.

  4. Honestly, if they did nothing wrong then they have absolutely nothing to fear! And why on God’s green earth would any black person fear voting??? Unless they were being threatened Non of the black people I know are afraid to vote

      1. They probably aren’t, but, when all else fails the Left PRETENDS that to protect the helpless, ignorant blacks from us (AND THEMSELVES) they must intervene. If black people don’t start stepping up to let these “Users of People” know that not only do they have the intellect but also the wherewithal to do so — to just stay out the way and allow these people and all other people to vote and make decisions.

    1. they are afraid of being called uncle toms and disenfranchised,cancelled. till everyone grows a pr. and tells all these clowns where to stuff it, this will never end.

  5. If the last presidential election was not a soft coup, then why are the democrats unwilling to handover the routers? Answer: because it was a soft coup and they know it. When the democrats have nothing, they play the race card. Mike Lindell is NOT crazy and he has the goods on these communists. 79 million votes for Trump, 64 million for Biden. President Trump was watching the election being stolen in real time when voting stopped at 3:30 in the morning, then resumed and all votes were for Biden. Statically impossible. Once the smoke clears, I want to see everyone who had a part in this soft coup executed for their part in overthrowing our government. If there are no serious consequences for this communist feat, it will happen again.


    2. We know what happened, we have seen it in the videos and read the reports from those who had first-hand knowledge and witnessed the manipulation at the time t was taking place!! Jack-Hammer you are right-on 100%, my friend !!!

  6. It would seem to me that if a private citizen defied court orders, subpoenas, etc., they would be arrested. Doesn’t the state have the authority to arrest these lawbreakers?

    1. The people in possession of the routers, and voting machines, should be arrested until they are turned over. Then held until the results are tallied. They know the finding will show they were all connected to the internet and they should be able to find who contacted the routers.

      1. They should be arrested and held without bond until the subpoenaed Routers are turned over. Those that refused to turn over the routers should then be fined and removed from there jobs and banned permanently. Or will they let this play out like they did with Hilda beast? She used the forensic purging known as bleach pit to erase info on her cell phone. Her interview with the corrupt FBI was given NOT under oath. DOJ has become the department of injustice.

  7. I’m white and I’m sick and tired of the Demonrats saying that the black people are to stupid to do this or do that. The demonrats act like they can’t take care of themselves and need their mommies and daddies (the demonrats) to hover over them and make every decision for them. I would be tired of being a pawn in their (demonrats) game. Everyone knows they aren’t going to be spooked by the election audit. They are smarter than that and no one is going to get killed doing the audit unless the demonrats have something to do with it. No one is trying to suppress votes except demonrats, they don’t want any Republicans in office. We just want a fair election. It’s obvious that they’re doing whatever they see fit to keep the Republicans out of office like falsely accusing, taking their committee duties away etc. If you made it on their list to try to destroy you, your doing good because you got their attention, they are afraid of you and all the good you’ll do for our country. MAGA!!! TRUMP 2020!!! Keep up the good work!


  8. Proof positive of Democrat corruption. If you did nothing wrong, and were convinced of voting integrity, you would welcome the chance to say : “See, we told you it was a clean election win”. But of course, anyone who looked at the democrat’s shenanigans prior to the election can see the rotten stamp of corruption, EVERYWHERE.

  9. Well it just goes to show you that the Dems are lying again remember what Schumer said we will do what ever it takes to win and they did just that they make me sick they are horrible people and there is a special place in Hell for these people

  10. ONLY one kind of accused person tries to HIDE evidence.


    Anyone who is INNOCENT is eager to get the truth out there and prove it.

    The Democrat/Communist Party of the United States is completely guilty of election fraud and they and their well-paid minions are desperately working to HIDE the proof.

    How long will it be before Comrade Chairman Biden orders federal troops into Arizona to “insure a fair recount”. Their way, with their evidence, at bayonet point of course.


  11. There is no way Biden legally received more votes than Trump. Quit trying to deceive the public.

    1. Biden couldn’t get 200 to a rally when Trump was having 4 or 5 rallies a day with 25-35 thousand people. Somehow that just doesn’t make sense to me.

  12. Democrats have done nothing for WE THE PEOPLE! They throw distractions out when news hits them and possibly is able to expose them. They start the rumors of a new crisis when investigations get close to their fraud. They use the race card to divide us and use our own laws against us to protect them. The elections were fraudulent against the Republican party and Democrats know this so they keep us censored and locked down so the powers that could be can’t spread the truth against their lies. Democrats are using the highest power in this nation as a weapon against us and it is time to stand up and fight with the truth behind us to rid this great nation of the plague called the democrat party that has betrayed us, fought against our freedoms and expose the liberal, communist snake and cut it’s head off. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

  13. Do you think someone is scared? They called in the Feds to a state run election. There wasn’t a problem with the “audits” that were conducted before, in many states and now there is. The Subpoena orders those routers turned over. Do we need to go back to the judge and once again force the Board of Stupidvisors to do what they were ordered to do. The Feds have no arguments. None of the ones they have put forward make any sense. Routers don’t carry people info. Just IP addresses and traffic over them. We also need the admin password to the devices. They claim they “lost” it but Dominion employees have it. Why do they have it? Because they broke the law and took had disks off site every night during the election. We’ll find that this happened in other states as well. Anyone who still denies vote manipulation is delusional at this point.

  14. Keep digging Arizona! If these democrats didn’t break any laws they would not be sending lawyer down to stop you from finding the truth. Biden was the fool in September who said I DON’T NEED YOUR VOTE, I ALREADY WON! That comment should told everybody that the ELECT WAS STOLEN! We didn’t vote till NOVEMBER !

  15. Democrats have always had a rotten reputation. That any of these scumbags are allowed to occupy a seat in the United States Congress ought to be offensive to any person with a sense of the justice of morality and ethics. The notion that these people are referred to or addressed as “gentlepersons” is a denial of the meaning of the term and the qualification for its applicability. That the American people, actually, elected the current administration or tolerate its purported legitimacy, if a truthful fact, is indicative of the depth of ignorance and level of depraved indifference for the propriety of the functions of government to which we have fallen. Some of this is, doubtless, due to the fact that many no longer have the common sense to know when they no longer have the cognitive abilities to make rational decisions. Democrats are delinquent fools. This is not “name calling,” this is just a simple, forthright statement of fact.

  16. It seem like the Clinton ambulance chasing, shyster lawyers sent down to Arizona by the Dems are trying to keep gumming up the audit with their shameful tactics. They all should be threatened with disbarment if they continue to interfere. These “attorneys” should have their names, clients, and past legal history be published for the world to see what kind of knuckle dragging thugs they really are.

  17. To quote Biden, they had the best voter fraud machine in the country. And he, for a change, was not lying.

  18. The Crooked Democratic Party will do anything to stop this needed & very legal audit because many Dems will be going to prison for a long time. It is the same with the dossier. This is not about Trump or Trump supporters anymore, it is about everything that has happened over the last 6 years!
    The bullies can’t win this one. Even if it means stopping them in the streets. There is no FBI any longer. And the Dems use of the so over played race card is sick & done. Good blacks & good white & good any color skin all want this out & the truth known so we can bring justice back to America along with fair & truthful accurate elections!

    1. Keep at it Cyber Ninjas, You will find there are more ways to skin a Possum than with just a sharp sword!

  19. Arizona is just the very tip of the iceberg and the demoscum and the whole pedophile administration knows it. It sounds like we need to completely clean out the doj and ALL the alphabet agencies and start anew with true American patriots instead of corrupt political scum. IF, and that’s a big if, the audit is legitimately accomplished in Arizona it will spread to almost all 50 states. There was blatant voter fraud and corruption all in the name of covid-19 which the whole world knows is nothing but total BS !!!!!! I only hope Arizona won’t allow the scum illegitimate biden administration stop them or alter their investigation in any way. They are well aware of how illegal the 2020 election was.

    1. I don’t get where the Democrats can say folks don’t have an ID in this day and time. I don’t care who you are, what color your skin is, or where your ancestors came from, if you get a paycheck, Soc. Sec., Retirement check any funds deposited in a bank, operate a vehicle, ride a bus you have to have money…To get money, or a credit card, debit card you HAVE TOHAVE AN ID CARD!!! Even the folks flooding this country know they need an ID of some kind. So for the Democrats to say making voters produce an ID card to prove who they are is straight up B/S. They are hiding the fact they stole this election. Thats why they wont turn over the routers, thats why they trying to push H.R. 1 through congress. So THEY can control the states, the elections, how much you make, when you can work, where you can go…THEY are the guilty ones…

      1. The only ones without an ID are the illegals and those are the ones the democrats need to vote as they know your regular US citizens voting will not elect the democratic president in the future. This is why they are letting in as many illegals as possible – they are their future voters. They will no doubt be grateful for the future welfare and free medical care they get as a reward for illegally entering the US. The democrats are also working on getting the illegals ID cards. I call this selling out the country to keep the power.

  20. Keep at it Cyber Ninjas, You will find there are more ways to skin a Possum than with just a sharp sword

  21. I’ve been working in the electronics field for 50 years, and have been an IT professional for the last 20. I know it takes but two minutes to factory reset a router, in order to “get it ready for the next task”, and that reset can wipe out all settings and logs. Looking at a reset router will not tell you that it was connected to the internet months ago. It won’t even tell you what its IP address was months ago. Discrepancies in the paper trail should be the best way to show fraud, unless they find a server somewhere that has records of connecting to the routers in question. A factory reset won’t change the MAC address, so showing a connection from a server is possible, if you can find the server.

  22. I cannot understand why Mike Lindell’s two separate videos which proved exactly what happened haven”t been exploited by the Reps. Two IT experts have the longitudinals and latitudinals of the computer locations in China. These computer messages were sent in the wee hours to about six states, reversing Trump votes. These videos, “ABSOLUTE PROOF” and “ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE” were made by two experts coming to the same conclusion using two different approaches. Go to…both rather lengthy and proofs are near the end of each.

    1. nothing can be hidden between heaven and earth forever.. cant wait for it to fall apart at their feet.

  23. Isn’t it just a little odd that the Biden regime stop the pipe line the very first thing Biden signed.
    Now we have a Ciber attack on the only oil pipe line in the South East, shutting it down for who knows how long! To me that’s just a little odd!! Makes me wonder if maybe Biden’s Clan may have attacked the pipe line their own self. And why not theirs the green new deal and a whole lot of new deals for our Invirement, climate change, and what ever Democrats decide is right for the pickings.
    I live in Georgia gasoline is goings sky high after this, bread, meats eggs. There’s even a shortage of Chickens right now!!
    This is just a way to make it harder for people in general.
    Another way of Controlling their “heard of Humans!!” Why not use the term “Natural immunity”
    Just some food for thought!!

  24. THAT’S what PRISONS are for . . . those who REFUSE to COMPLY with the LAW. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  25. A little more food for thought.
    With all of south America coming over our borders and Americans being paid to stay home.
    Who do you suppose will fill all the jobs?
    We have people from Europe Asia and all over the world.
    These people bring disease of all types including covid.
    Is chi com joe trying to replace the white and black work forces with cheap undocumented labor.
    It should not bother him in the least as he has never had a real job 48 years of being wrong what a waste.

  26. I originally had thought that most of the voting democrats were welcoming the fact that the Arizona audits were being conducted. I believed they probably felt that the left would be completely exonerated of any and all complicity in any kind of voter manipulation, and that these accusations would finally and quickly put an end to the controversy and go away….But I had too much trust in the intelligence and morality of the shameless moron cultists that make up the democratic party. They are pure evil. They know now in their black hearts and simple minds that there is truth to the accusations, and are hoping the longer they prolong this audit, the sooner the left will throw enough s**t at the proverbial screen to come up with the exact crap they are already contriving to stop it . All they are doing is helping Americans that are politically on the fence to open their eyes to seeing who these malcontents are, and the longer the investigations goes on, the less impact any results are actually going to have to support their sick platform in a positive manner. Thankyou to all you leftist terrorists ….thankyou for your blatant stupidity and connivance. Thankyou for waking the silent majority. I can’t wait for the 2022 midterms!!!!!

    1. Pat — that is what they always do — prolong every one of their criminal acts hoping that it eventually just fades away. Perfect example is cuomo of New York — he and his corrupt administration murdered over 15,000 American elderly and they wanted his head. Then many women coming forward with sexual harrassment accusations against him and they want his head for that. Then he opens up parts of NY that should not have been closed to begin with and — POOF — where did all his criminal and moral acts disappear to. Nobody wants his head anymore — seems like it all just vanished in the clouds — haven’t heard a thing about him in months. That is SOP for the democrat criminals.

  27. If there is nothing to hide in an election audit, why are the democrats so worried! Furthermore I believe when the democrats say our black population will be afraid to vote is insulting to the black race and totally racist! Good grief what are the democrats afraid of, maybe some black people are Republicans?

  28. Without election integrity we become a third world nation. Everyone should want election integrity. If they don’t, they are telling you something.

  29. The democrats are trying to make this a rece issue. It has nothing to do with with race. Just Democrat ballot stuffing.

  30. When government bureaucracies become weapons for the government that government is no longer legitimate and that nation is in peril.

  31. If the liberal left had nothing to hide they wouldn’t be fighting so hard to stop the audits, looks like an admission of guilt to me. I live in Arizona and no way did this state turn blue, it will stay red as long as there are free Americans to stand up to the Washington corruption.

  32. I say that Dems are racists by promoting that people of poverty and people of color are too stupid to follow the voting rules. Voting is a right in America for qualified people who take it seriously. Others who don’t do so, don’t deserve to vote. That simple.

  33. With the DOJ saying cops and federal agents will die, to me, that is a threat, isn’t it? When did they start using threats and intimidation? Threatening and intimidation is against the law, isn’t it?

  34. DOJ needs to stay out of the state of Arizona. This a state issue. Arizona needs to provide the subpeonaed routers. I want to know why the FBI came in and removed thousands of votes and shredded them. For your info DOJ get off the racist crap. No matter what color the voter is they will not vote if they think the voting system is not safe. I am sorry if you are not a citizen, you cannot vote and one vote per person. DOJ you are racist if you look at everything from that prism. It seems like every time Dems. get into power they try to split everything into race.

  35. Please get it through your head, it was fixed. They have to try and stop it or lose all. Look at Biden, who would vote for this person Republican or Democrat. He is worthless as a puppet. Wait a minute, he is a puppet. Let’s get the show on the road and get our country back as long as we have one.

  36. This election was as fair as a new born baby running a foot race against a teenager . these people think we are all stupid . we seen all the after hours BANDITS and keep ing the poll watchers away. And ENDANGERING cops and other law officials is bull. DAMOCRAPS only reason. Not to want them to see how illegals votes are there pain and simple.. They lie cheat steal that is a DAMOCRAPS soul purpose in life. Witch they don’t deserve. They be in prison and face a firing squad as soon as communist Biden walked across the state and said he has the best fraud team in the world . we have ;no need for those lying DAMOCRAPS. .and when COMMUNIST CHINA shows up in our country all hell will break lose. And they can still stuck that fed coin in their asses.

  37. I don’t understand all this dragging their feet crap. Am I missing something here?
    They have the legal right to the ballots, to the routers, to drives, to anything tied to election results, this stuff belongs to the people, including The State Senate whom in part is responsible for the state election LAWS. They have a subpoena, get armed security or state police or the state national guard or armed citizens if necessary and go get the stuff to be audited, end of story. No more dragging feet, no more Excuses and tell Biden and his communist henchman where to GO, It’s none of their business how a STATE handles it’s elections.

  38. Like all the WE THE PEOPLE, want the truth, continue the Audit, and get those routers. What are they hiding?

  39. If there was no fraud, the recount would not be a problem. The Dems are admitting their guilt by trying to stop it. Everyone’s votes should matter and it should be a concern of all Americans, you can’t hand out excuses on one race when there are many races in this country. I myself would like to know if my vote was legitimate. The Dems have destroyed this country and will continue to do so until something is done.

  40. When are Black and Brown people going to get tired of being used by these racist democrats? This is unbelievable. Democrats have been the same racists since the party was formed in the 1830s.

  41. Let the chips (ballots) fall where they may.
    One party or the other will have egg on its face!

  42. The routers that I’ve worked with will show the last configuration saved at a minimum. Some will save several ‘older’ versions as well. What that means is that if there was a port configured for internet access, it will be in that configuration table. And since they are date and time stamped, if they were tampered with after the election, it will show that too. And since each port has to be configured to do whatever the network engineer wants to do with it, well, um…………

    In other words, it will definitely show what the demokraps don’t want anyone to see.

  43. Why anyone that would ever vote for a Democratic again is beyond me They are all a like no mind of there own one says lie they all lie.

  44. “Black Voters will be afraid to vote.” Once again the Biden socialist Regime Lumps All Blacks into a single category of frightened poor Black People that are too stupid to do things for themselves therefore they need their Masters to make those decisions for them. I could be wrong, but doesn’t this sound just a bit Racist?
    So the Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialists think that Black People are far too stupid to find the office in their city or state that issues ID cards, are too stupid to be able to fill out the necessary form to get that ID Card and are too stupid to carry that ID Card with them to present at the Polling place in order to vote. Now they are saying that even though these Black People did nothing wrong by voting they must now be afraid that the Police will be knocking at their door and arrest them for doing what every citizen is supposed to do, that being Vote. Just what is it the these Democrats/Leftists/Liberals/Socialist think will happen, or better yet what is it that they are telling the Black community, that they need to be afraid of the Police even though they did nothing wrong, and especially those big bad White Police. And no one understands why this country is divided.

  45. AZ. STATE laws prevail, the Feds are threatening their B/S in violation of States Rights. Under the U.S. Constitution. State Senator Wendy Rogers has made it Clear by stating ” “Do not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison! ” Plain & Simple the Fumbling, Bumbling, Idiots -gestapo, have no jurisdiction in any state election. A violation of the Constitution by the Government or it’s agents is a FELONY.

  46. The election was not stolen says king biden.. so like it or else.. cancelled, lost jobs, kicked of facistbook, the twit too. Nothg hing to see here. No truckload of ballots, nothing under the tables either.. get rid of the gap tooth ballot harvester too.. stick to your stupid romance novels.. what a load of crap

  47. Biden lacks a sound mind to make decisions, he is about as anti American one can be, who is really calling the shots for this brain dead person?
    Let’s take a look at current news reporting events, Kerry “tells all” to Iran about Israel’s “secret raids” against Iran, Biden then starts payments to Palestine, giving them funds to buy rockets for Hamas from Iran using them in attacks against Israel. Biden shuts down keystone pipe line, Colonial pipe line gets shut down, guess Kerry will take solar panels down south instead of gasoline, Biden will issue electric cars for all Illegals so that they won’t be inconvenience by current events. Who is calling the shots at the white House ? Why is Biden off limits to the press questions? Why are the white house visit/ phone logs off limit to the public? Stick to your American ideals folks: Biden family caught in bed with China Spy Rings,” Hunter” is now suppose to under investigation for working those same Chinese spy rings. It’s apparent socialist Biden’s policies are not working, our country is in turmoil, beginning downslides of financial declines, in energy cost, gasoline prices are rising, employment failing , with total economic losses. Tax and spend, spend and tax is not a forward moving policy, it just points puts us in a quick trend towards bankruptcy. Time for positive change, with leadership that can solve problems, not add that false promise of fair, equal over sized government control The Biden’s have sold their American values for profit, power, and are now trying to hold that position of socialist, communist values at all cost. They are violating our Constitution, our principal, and most of all our American values. The Biden dictatorship is done, people are tired of his cluster fxxx ideas, all are now seeing the truth of their lies the worm is turning. America must return to it’s glory, time for real leadership to return. Instead of facing charges for lying on Federal forms, he writes another book!

  48. Starting to look like we will have to have armed conservativesin Arizona to get the routers.

  49. There were 4 AM RAIDS ON INNOCENT PEOPLES HOUSES BY THE federalleys. So, why are there not 4 AM raids on those that are hiding the routers in ARIZONA? This is the Government we give all of our money to, so they can protect and serve us? It absolutely sucks at this point, my opinion. Time to arrest and prosecute all that are involved in the hiding and refusing to come forth with the routers. Get the audit done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It requires swift and honest Justice to be served.

  50. The big lie is that there are NO NAMES on the ballots, therefore there is NO WAY to kinow if a ballot was from a black voter or a white voter.

  51. Finish the audit find the truth…
    You will know the truth and the truth will set you free.
    It wasn’t so much Russia that hacked the election. It was and is China that is hacking and controlling things with and for their stooges, the Demonrats and Dummybrats!

  52. You know … now I want the ENTIRE Election across the Nation Audited ! Find the ALL the CRIMINALS and either Lock them up till they die of old age or hang them all ! Biden bragged about the FRAUD before the Election … here are his exact words :
    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    1. He also said that he didn’t need our vote! Because he already WON! September 2020! That why he didn’t campaign!

  53. The democrats learned from the 2016 election that they didn’t rig the election enough. Trump rallies were numbered in tens of thousands, Hillary could barely make a thousand people show up with big name celebrities as a drawing card. Hillary was an arrogant elitist that no one wanted in the White House. The same with Biden, he couldn’t get a few hundred people to come to a rally, while Trump rallies were packed with thousands. Again we’re supposed to believe a senile old pervert won fairly?

  54. Even When they find out for SURE that this was a scam election, NOTHING is going to happen.
    The corruption is embedded in the whole system, from the local politicians to the federal politicians.
    Even the courts from local jurisdiction to the Supreme Court are corrupt.
    Real Americans are on their own.
    Keep your powder dry, PATRIOTS…

  55. It going to take every 74 million to lock and load! There are so many in this democrats and DC that want to turn this country into SOMALIA AND OTHER SOCIALIST COUNTRY! Time is being wasted with us standing on the sideline! No need to wait until they start trying to take our guns! They already BROKEN EVERY CONSTITUTION LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY! But we learn BARR WAS A COWARD FOR A FAT MAN! WE LEARNED THE SUPREME COURT WAS KEPT FROM FOLLOWING TGE CONSTITUTION LAWS BY JOHN ROBERTS! We also learned these lower court that are pack with LIBERAL JUDGE BLOCK ANY ATTEND BY TRUMP LAWYER from filing a lawsuit against those state ELECTIONS OFFICER. SO IT GOING TO TAKE EVERY 74 MILLION THAT VOTED FOR TRUMP TO TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK! We can look back at all the crime these democrats politicians has done since Bill Clinton was president! And they are trying to STOP TRUMP FROM SAVING THIS COUNTRY! This nothing to do with blacks or whites people! This IS ABOUT TURNING US ALL INTO SLAVE UNDER THESE DEMOCRATS POWER AND CONTROL!

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