Texans Consider Secession as Radical Liberals Run Country

As Texas inches closer to seceding from the Union, the rest of the country should be acutely aware this is not idle talk.

State Rep. Kyle Biedermann (R) of Fredricksburg, TX has gone on the record stating he will file a bill with the state’s legislature to put secession to a referendum. His sentiments have garnered widespread support from working families who are disgusted by radical liberals imposing their values on everyday people.

“The federal government is out of control and does not represent the values of Texans,” Rep. Biedermann stated. “That is why I am committing to file legislation this session that will allow a referendum to give Texans a vote for the State of Texas to reassert its status as an independent nation.”

Left-wing media outlets and liberal elites mock the idea of Texas independence as a fantasy.  These are the same types of sources that predicted Hillary would win in a landslide, a Blue Wave would sweep out the GOP in 2018 and 2020, and America would lose in a trade war with China.

Politico — a well-known liberal propaganda outlet — recently published a piece ridiculing conservative Texans on the issue. The hit-piece called What All the Secession Talk Really Means, slanders Biedermann as a cross-dressing Nazi. It goes on to quote liberal sources who deny the secession movement has any validity.

“When pushed on their rationale for secession, proponents waffle between unspecified ‘values,’ hazy nods to ‘cultural differences’ and a vast Democratic conspiracy,” Politico writer Casey Michel states.

“There won’t be a secession push right now — it’s not the second secession winter,” Richard Kreitner, author of Break It Up, reportedly said. “Simply making the threat that you might pull the plug on the Union has often been enough to get you what you want. Even if you don’t go through with it, it gets you what you want. It convinces those in power that pushing too hard risks a fatal rupture — or even a civil war.”

But the boots on the ground attitude in conservative counties is to arm yourself to the teeth because it’s political secession or outright civil war coming. In South and East Texas, seemingly ordinary people are quietly preparing for upheaval.


Some point out that a majority of enlisted military personnel come from below the Mason-Dixon line and will not try to force the country’s second-largest state to remain in the Union.

Outlets such as NBC News are attributing the secession movement to disgruntled Trump supporters who are angry about Democrats committing widespread voter fraud to steal the White House and both houses of Congress. The anti-conservative smear piece, Trump-loving Texas Republicans One Up One Another with Election and Secession Insanity, paints secession much like the “resist and obstruct” insanity from Democrats after fairly getting beaten in 2016. The only difference is that election laws were broken in 2020 and liberal zealots are bent on transforming the world’s most powerful Democracy into third-world socialism. In terms of labeling Texas values as murky, being democratic capitalists and not socialist dictatorship is a good place to hang your hat.

Whether political leaders such as Biedermann and others put secession to a referendum vote or not, those supporting Texas independence agree that the people should decide for themselves, not corrupt Washington politicians and Blue State voters.

“Regardless of whether you support independence, or do not, at a minimum, the people of Texas deserve to have an open, free, fair, public debate on the issue that culminates in a binding referendum on the issue,” Texas Nationalist Movement pres. David Miller reportedly said.

Many conservatives believe that if Texas goes, other Red States will follow. Considering how passionate Trump supporters showed they were yesterday at the Capitol building that seems like a real possibility.

396 thoughts on “Texans Consider Secession as Radical Liberals Run Country”

      1. Maureen: Pennsylvania is owned by the crooked Democrats which we just saw by the fixed election. I wouldn’t do any good to succeed, they own you now. Best bet, move to Texas or Florida.

        1. Please use the correct word when talking about withdrawing from the Union. The correct word is “secede,” not succeed.

          1. Thank you Pam, that makes me grind my teeth. But what can we expect with Communists taking over education?

        2. I live in Oregon and I will soon be moving out of this Democrat run State and heading for the deep south were patriotism is appreciated. I think Texas should secede from the union and hopefully many other states follow.

          1. I also li e in oregon. I cant take it anymore but I have a dad who is 86 and need help every so often so I can’t move for the time being. Hell they are still protesting and rioting up here in portland. Non stop for over 4 months. Still defacing buildings

          2. Good for them! Prayers for our nation…and those of us stuck in blue states. Sadly my husband and I have decided we can’t afford to move again and we moved here recently to be closer to our son and family!

          3. Amen. I also have been sentenced to live in Oregon. Certainly one of the most ignorantly and incompetently governed states in the country. A dingbat for a governor and an antifa stooge for the mayor of Portland. Oregon is a borderline failed state, not too different from Venezuela.

          4. James, if you head to TX, stay far away from Dallas, Austin, Houston, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, and any college town like Waco. They are liberal beyond belief – look at where the larger colleges, including supposed “religious” ones are located. Daughter lived in TX and she’s a left-wing lib prof, as is her husband. Enough said?

        3. Make them stay in the syate theys so love. They coted for this BS so not stick your nose onit and deal with it.

          1. I pray that the LORD ALMIGHTY intervene for America and our families: a sovereign nation a republic for which it stands one nation under GOD indivisible with liberty and justice for all: let’s be in prayer for the impossible thus being possible if we believe in GOD OF HEAVEN.

        1. This was the only way to remove President Trump from office.Mail in ballot and sabotage. He would have emptied the SWAMPS

      2. The south shall rise again. I think all southern states would agee. Along with many other conservative states. Socialism will not be accepted.

        1. if Texas is successful in it’s efforts to secede ,I WILL move to Texas. ! Although I am presently a resident of Florida ,and have been for 35 years ,without secession those commies WILL eventually destroy my beautiful state. I do not believe “we” (Florida) would be successful in a move to secede due the the current influx of wacko liberals from the north. Too bad all the southern states don’t join together and leave the crazed liberals behind !

          1. I’m with you in Florida. I hope Texas is successful in it’s efforts to secede. The Universities in Florida have turned our children against us here. That’s the way socialism and communism works.
            Yes, secede!

          2. I’m a life long Texan whose a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement since 2012. I have heard a lot of Texan nay sayers tell me that Texas seceding would never happen. Now most of the nay sayers are now yea sayers.

            So don’t sell Florida short. It took TNM 15 years to get it introduced as a bill to vote on secession.

          3. We had to move north from Florida ( medical reasons) to a blue state, I would certainly consider Texas !!!

          4. I also live in Florida. One thing thing that has to be considered when you try to secede is economy. Texas can pretty much stand on its own. Unless there are multiple states to draw from, secession is difficult for most. But it sounds good overall.

        2. Let the will of the people prevail, rigging the election for one party control will break the camels back … seceding states could be just a beginning.

        3. I can give you hundreds of reasons to secede from the abuse of socialism. Can you give me one reason to stay? NEWS FLASH: you ain’t free in Amerika

        1. Yes; and I wish that people would stop calling Leftists, as “Liberals”; They are oppsites!!!! Prager U. Has a short video on the differences, and explains them better than I can. These [named] “Liberals” are true COMMUNISTS!!!!!! They are MUCH farther left than Marksists; The ONLY groups of people (and I use the term loosely) who can use the phrase, “right wing Fascist”, is a Communist or Nazi!!!
          “Liberals” were the patriotic people of WW2 era who wrote, directed, and acted the Patriotic films during WW2!! Todays “Liberal” is a [left wing] full-blown Communist! It would be a good thing to have Texas succeed to secede; and, we must start a “Union of Constitutionist States”! Our original “Declaration of Independence” is as real and truthful (with only slight wording changes) today as then. The communists of today are ‘eating our substance’ as did king George (notice the completely UN-capitalized “king” George was a man-king. There is only ONE “King” known to most of us as Jesus (Yahshua) and only one KING Yah, The All-mighty Father! ..hope this helps…

          1. AMEN!!! You are so right! Yes, I would support secession, not only or Texas, but ALL red states!

        1. Not true, Pennsylvania has a Republican majority in BOTH of their State houses of congress!! Virginia and Massachusetts are far more liberal than Pennsylvania. INDEED, even California is way ahead of Pennsylvania!!

          1. Although you are right about PA having a GOP-controlled legislature, they need more backbone. I could suggest that legislatures need to pass election reform laws not only banning dead people (as was done very recently in one state), but others ways that would ensure that integrity is very much respected.

      3. I wish all Red states would don this and keep our values,and daily practices without the corrupt left. Whoever named them the MOB wa 100% correct. The left has been boought by Soros to ruin this country and that is what they are going to do. I am sending Ron Desantis a suggestion for florida to follow.

      4. I agree with you, I am thinking about moving to Texas because Governor Wolfe will never do it, I am estimating that 89% of the country had voted for Trump. This fraud that took place was so huge that it simple could not be done without getting caught, There is nothing worse than cramming some old has been, who isn’t fit to tie my shoes, down our throats. Pelosi, who lost her marbles more than a decade ago. are saying that it is more or less unconstitutional to contest the election. WE THE PEOPLE did not elect this POS, who can not even remember his wife’s name without a teleprompter, did not elect him and should not have to accept him. Those involved in this unconstitutional election need to be arrested, I do not care if it is all of them, I am shocked at the way Trump has been treated, and Pelosi needs a turtle suit ASAP

        1. Please don’t condemn all Pa. residents by saying such a thing! I am NOT in the group you are referring to and know that the vast majority of Pa. people were/are Trump supporters!!! The people (?) who manipulated the election here put down all attempts to have the fraud that undermined our true votes are who to aim your anger at (as we do!!) — not ALL Pennsylvanians!!!!

          1. I have a question, Sharon, because I really want to know. Maybe you have an answer, maybe not, but… What did the “…vast majority of Pa. people…” do to tell their state representatives and/or their U.S. representatives that they believe their votes in the 2020 election were disenfranchised by unconstitutional changes to the state’s election laws and probable outright fraud?

            Did they phone non-stop? Did they email daily? Did they send signed letters? Did they protest at the statehouse? I’m not being a smartass here, I really want to know how much effort was made by the patriots of Pennsylvania to let their “leaders” know exactly how they felt about the election results in their state. If the ones making the decisions don’t have a clear understanding of how their voters feel, they don’t have all the information they need to make those decisions fairly and correctly.

            I live in a neighboring state that did certify electoral votes for Trump and had no claims of fraud, but I wrote to every one of my U.S. representatives to express my concerns over all of the states in which claims of fraud and irregularities were reported, and to remind them their actions are being watched very closely by their constituents. I also wrote to the U.S. Supreme Court (a lot of good that did, right?).

            In all honesty, I will never understand why every single American citizen, regardless of political affiliation, is not demanding a fair, honest, unbiased and thorough investigation of every single claim of election fraud. Do these people not realize that a fair and honest election is the very cornerstone of our Nation? This is what maintains our rights and the freedoms that our forefathers have fought for and died to preserve for us.

            As soon as the first sworn affidavit was signed, the 2020 election became far more important than who gets to be POTUS, because the fact that voters feel they cannot have trust in our election process means that the voters lost. Without ever getting to the “real” truth in the matter, to restore that faith, America lost.

            I can understand the Trump haters wanting him to not win re-election but I hate that they would destroy the country in their efforts. Now that they know they can get away with it, don’t think for a minute that it won’t happen again, and again, and again, until the results of every election held in this country – at every level of government – will be decided long before the first ballot is cast. It would appear they will not stop until they have complete control over every single one of us.

            With control over the state government in 38 states, they can do whatever they want with our constitution.

      5. I am all for this, I am tired of the radical left telling the people we have to do as we are told by they and not what is right and constitutional. I am fighting for MS to join TX on this. Let’s go. Yes all that voted for Trump our elected President.?

      6. I would like Oregon to succeed, but it won’t happy with a Democratic majority. We are trying to move the border in some parts of the State to Idaho. I may lose patience.

      1. Obama, has never really left office, only his term expired.
        This is why America (the country) and not the United States (the corporation), is having governance problems at present.

      2. I do not understand that at all. re-electing a president that did nothing at all the first 4 years, except cause a racial divide, gets to be president for 4 more years, and ends up destroying the healthcare system, raking in thousands of dollars from the poor that could not afford the “so called” affordable care act. I know the he and Hillary are involved in this, She can not keep her mouth shut, and Biden mentioned giving Obama a Judge position. He has mentioned many times of wanting Obama in his cabinet, if Hillary and Obama do enter the cabinet, it will prove their guilt. They are greedy crooks

    1. While Texas can survive on its own, i’d rather see the current USA split into 2-3 federations. For instance:

      1. Federation of Free American States. This federation will have the current constitution ( and strictly abide by it.) Its capital would be somewhere in Texas, or even better, its government functions would be spread among the member states.
      2. Federation of Socialist American States with the capital in Washington DC (which they can rename Barack Obama); they can choose any constitution they wish ( Venezuela’s, Cuba’s,Russia’s etc.) and adopt China’s economic and political system.
      3.Federation of Confused States of America ( those states that cannot figure out whether they should adhere to one of the above federations — an example of such state would be Georgia)

      1. That is one of the best responses I’ve ever read. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve passed it on along with the article.

      2. If Texas is able to secede, then maybe all the red states can and form your suggested Federation of Free American States.

        The socialist states can do the same.

        1. Totally agree, I live in Washington State where we have a idiot for a governor and several congress women that are radical socialist. I want to move to a state that believes in god, freedom and true American believes. I’m done with all the corrupt politicians that are destroying our country

        2. I agree with you as a proud Born and raised Texan. The problem with the liberal states is they would fold overnight and be a wonderland of zombies within two years. They depend on productive Red States for their sustenance…..food, fuel, clothing, and every other life supporting goods and services to maintain. God Bless Texas we can save a union of good hard working Americans and for a better union of States….The Union of Conservative and God Fearing States!!!!!

        1. I would think that Texans have the right to decide for themselves. If I lived there I would vote for secession. I live in NC and think there was some shenanigans going on here because even though President Trump won NC, Thom Tillis and Virginia Foxx were re-elected, so was Dem governor Roy Cooper! That makes NO SENSE!

      3. Yes, and I think ALL states in agreement should join together and follow TOGETHER! It may be the only way of pushing out and weakening the corrupt Dem’s and deep state! We need to take back OUR U.S.A. any way possible, even by force if we must for future generations, and the world!

        1. Iam with you on this. If texas does go on its own. I would move there in a flash. Next to our beloved president Trump Ted Cruz is the best .

      4. Vaientin: I don’t know where you’re at seeing it’s 9:48 a.m. on the U.S. East coast and your posts time says January 7, 2021 at 1:07 p.m. Other than that, I love your three federations, it’s a piece of genius. I’m definitely going with #1, you hit the nail on the head with 2 & 3.

      5. I find it rather ironic, that here we are again, after 150yrs back to 1865, driven here by the same people from back then! The socialist society, driven by the Democrat party, has forced Constitutionality to take a stand again!!! If succession is the answer, then so be it! The left can have theirs and true Americans can have theirs! But, their ideology of socialism won’t last very long, as people will soon see the South thriving, while the north dies under Democrat rule! Just look at cities and states that have been under Democrat leadership over the last 50yrs! People are already leaving California, New York, and the northern Midwest in droves because of the way Democrat leaders have run them into bankruptcy! Biden won’t last a year, and Harris will take over and run the rest of the remaining people out too!!!
        The Southern Republic of America!!!

      6. Roger McKay says:
        January 7, 2021 at 2:56 pm
        Vaientin: I don’t know where you’re at seeing it’s 9:48 a.m. on the U.S. East coast and your posts time says January 7, 2021 at 1:07 p.m. Other than that, I love your three federations, it’s a piece of genius. I’m definitely going with #1, you hit the nail on the head with 2 & 3.

      7. Mr. Valentin,
        Love your ideas, and vote for#1 also. Unfortunately as it maybe, I live in the lovely state of Illi-noise were almost all elected officials, from dog catcher to governor, congressmen and senators end their careers in Prison!!!
        So I will be willing to move to Texas also. But, Mr. Valentin, if we all decide to move to Texas, we’re going to need a BIGGER TEXAS!!!!

        1. Nah, we have lots of room!! Have you never driven out towards El Paso? Between Midland & Odessa, there’s lots or wide open spaces!! There’s even a bit of land for sale near where I live 35 miles north east of Waco! Plenty of room! Y’all come on down!

      8. Georgia can be taken back from the spineless communist. I’ll go fight to free it and no charge. IT would be a pleasure…..

      1. Louisiana will leave too. All of the defrauded states should leave. Death to Amerika, restore the republic that was destroyed by Abe Lincoln

      1. In addition to my previous reply, I want to add that I wish that instead of protesting at the Capital Building, We should be doing it at the Supreme (?) Court building, for their refusing to hear about all the VERY OBVIOUS fraud the DUMBO-CRATS pulled on election day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my flag will be flown at half-mast for the next four years!!

        1. Amen. The Supreme Court(?????) betrayed our President and every freedom loving person in this country. They are worse than cowards, they are our enemies. But when the country goes full-blown Communist, they might be the FIRST ones marched to the wall for a bullet sandwich. GOD BLESS TEXAS!!!!


          2. In my short lifetime, the SCOTUS has become pro-racist, murder, theft, stupid (don’t know what illegal is), ignorant (thinks there is 87 genders) and lawless (in violation to the document they swore an oath to) also known as fraud. This country was not founded by playing “patty cake” with tyrants, nor will it be restored in such fashion

        2. That is a really good Idea. I have a small flag, maybe I can put it out upside down. I just feel like there is something we should be doing. we are in very large numbers. This is not right and I know I will never vote again

          1. congrads Aileen, they got you, tuck tail and run, let the sissies & perverts scare you, continue to abuse you while you pay them to do so. Great plan, for a coward. You are not alone. Amerika is FULL of cowards. Amerika needs a William Wallace, maybe two, how about 74 million?

          2. I fully understand your sentiment, Aileen, but if we don’t vote, then the left has won more than any election. If those who disagree with the left’s ideologies refuse to vote, then the left has taken our will to speak out for and stand behind our own beliefs. If only left-thinkers show up at the polls, then the left no longer has to cheat to win; they can then claim victory and “the will of the people” fair & square.

      1. It should be noted that the Democratic party led the South to secede from the union in 1861, and it took the civil war and Lincoln, a Republican, to put the union back together.

        1. Too bad they do not teach true American history anymore and continue to still erase the past. Do you know that they want Trump’s name removed from everything?

          1. Bill Clinton’s name should be removed from everything and he should have been impeached and removed from America.
            On the day Clinton left office, Bill Clinton commuted the sentence of Linda Evans, one of the bombers who was convicted in the March1, 1971, bombing at the US Capital. They exploded the bomb as a demonstration against US involvement in Laos.

    2. This is the best news I’ve heard since the election was stolen from President Trump! I live in Kentucky and would like for our state to join you, or my family would gladly move to Texas!!! My next-door neighbor is an engineer from China. She said that she and all of her Chinese friends voted for President Trump because they don’t want the USA to become like China; that’s why they left their country! They are also conservatives like us; they believe in God, guns, and family, not the crazy radical views of the left.
      God Bless your state for even proposing the idea!!!

    3. I agree 100%, but, we need to kick the liberal Democrat trash out first. I was born and raised in East Texas and I’ll assure you, we’re ready.

    4. TEXAS was it’s own country once before/does have the right to leave.. We pay more to the FEDs than we get back; So if we instate a state tax/not pay in to the Federal/become our own country again?? We’ll be ok. We already have the infrastructure in place and our own constitution.. The one thing I’d get rid of is the socialist liberals!!! DEMOCRATS LEAVE!! TAKE YOUR SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST VIEWS WITH YOU.. REINSTATE GODS LAWS/MORALS AND VALUES.. NO ABORTION[killing the innocent] we have adoption for that., reaffirm the family values [man/woman], teach right from wrong in schools and patriotism. If you want to keep civil unions? OK but that is NOT GODs law.. but a social disease/needs treated like drug abuse.

    5. Agree with TEXAS,ALSO would like SC,AND TENNESSEE INCLUDED.Let me say here,we are in the time of Moses return from the top of the mountain to the people,and they had made them some Golden GODS to Worship,God said to Moses have the people that are for me to come over to your side,then God kills the ones that did not come over to Moses side,AMEN!

    6. I agree with Texas and I hope they do it and I hope many more states follow Texas’s lead. Let the liberal states pay for all the “free” benefits they want to give away and see how long they will exist.

      1. The “free benefits” may be the biggest road block to secession. What will happen to the income of those on social security, or government pensions, or having government jobs? Secessionists need to have an answer for this.

        1. how about transferring it from the waste of welfare? IT is a win-win! “government jobs”? Are they doing their job? Really? where? The document is stated “WE the People”, not we in the gov’t. Like Abe Lincoln said “an empire of the gov’t., for the lawyers and ON the people, shall never perish from the face of the earth”. Hitler’s Third Reich was to last 1000 years. Lincoln’s was to live forever? Who had the bigger GOD complex?

    7. I am with Texas!!! Other Republican states need to do the same!!! I am in N.C. and we need to do the SAME!!! Keep these Satanist, NEW World Order scum out of our lives and states!!!

      1. the government is suppose to represent “We the People” not the other way around. This is why we are in the mess that we are……socialism. IT needs to die!

    8. I moved from Oregon to Texas 4 years ago. My ancestors risked their lives to be in some of the earliest wagon trains to Oregon. I was a very Proud Oregonian. Until the blue voters moved to the state and took over.
      Texas was so red I felt it was the place to move. I love Texas!
      After moving here I realized that all the large cities here are as blue as Portland.
      I fear Texas is turning blue.
      We should secede while we are still red. Send any blue liberals packing.
      Open our state to conservatives to take the place of libs!
      Finally pray that other Red States will follow our lead.
      God Bless America

    9. Yes, can I come over there too. I’m in PA now. Was from MD was better. I am afraid we’re all in for a hell on Earth.

      1. Amerika has been hell since 1861. That is when the republic, with the ten laws stating what the gov’t. could NOT do to the citizen, died. wise up ! IF you can’t secede….YOU ain’t free

    10. Guess I know Where I am moving to when Texas withdraws from the Union aka America, because I do not want to live in Biden’s America aka China.

  1. Nothing about it seems outlandish. I and a massive multitude of Americans have become seriously disenfranchised with the politics in this country and would like to live where reason prevails!

    1. I concur 100%! I listened to the talking heads yesterday from both sides of the aisle and they just don’t get it. Every day Americans are sick and tired of the double standards that exist in this country and entities such as BLM and Antifa running rampant all across the country, attacking innocent people, burning and destroying our cities and when caught, are either immediately released or by the next day at the latest. Yet, when conservatives finally break for even a few hours (if, it was, in fact, Conservatives and not embedded members of Antifa pretending to be Conservatives), they are labeled as Thugs and law breakers who need to immediately be caught and incarnated!!!! Double standards!! Look at the Clintons; they should be in prison, but we all know they will never see the inside of a prison. All the Deep State players that have been caught in the act, such as Comey and his cronies at the FBI will never see prison. Sickening. I voted for President Trump in 2016 and 2020 and firmly believe that we saw a Coup attempt in 2016 and throughout his first term and a flat out steal of the people’s choice in 2020. If Texas were to secede from the US of A, I would support them 100% and ask if I could relocate tothe Great Country of Texas!!!! I would hope and pray it does not come to this…but, I am afraid we are a day late and a dollar short from preventing our great country from breaking up. We need term limits on the Idiots in both houses, we need the law to apply equally toall Americans and finally, if you don’t like it here in the US of A, then leave. Period, end of discussion! My apologies for the rant. I am a retired Vet who served for 22 years. I love my country and I want it back!

      1. You are absolutly correct and well said. We here in RI are sick of the Bullshit with BLM and Antifa going unpunished yet they are drooling overthe chance to arrest and charge the great patriots that marched yesterday. I dont condone violence on either side but as Thomas payne said

        These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value.”

        ― Thomas Paine, Works of Thomas Paine

      2. Rick, I agree with you totally, I am a 78 yr old who has been watching the shenanigans going on in not only the Democrat PIT but a lot of Rino’s who are also in this for the money and power the hell with what they were sent there to do, represent the people who sent them there. I don’t know if there are enough people who are willing to stand up and be counted but I for one am. I have 18 Grandchildren and 18 + 2 on the way Great Grandchildren who I am worried about what this country has become. The silver tongued politicians don’t care SQUAT about yhe actual values that we the people want for this country. These last 12/18 yrs have done more to run this country into the ground than all the previous ones since it became a nation.

      3. Rick: Don’t count on getting our country back. The Democrats stole this election and now that they’re in power, they will surely fix all the up coming elections. So voting them out will be impossible.

    2. I got a deal for you, you don’t threaten me or my family, I won’t put a hole in you. Seems fair and tolerant to me……

  2. From what I am observing, I believe that the United States is no longer unified. With the blatant, anti-conservative bias that the Lamestream Media reveals on a committed, daily basis, I only see a growing divide coming, which, as history repeatedly reveals, ends in civil unrest (war). This feeling I have has been growing over the last number of years, and it seems to be coming to a head at this time.
    Texas, it seems, would be a good place to move and start a new republic. Just my humble opinions.


      1. have been a democracy (mob rule) since 1861. became an oligarchy in 1963 (JFK killed) those with the gold, make the rules. you ain’t free in Amerika

    1. Every freed I’m loving patriot come on down to Texas. My only request would be that those blue state values “NOT” be allowed to enter. THEY’VE DESTROYED THE COUNTRY I’VE LOVED ALL MY ALMOST 60 YEARS OF LIFE.

      1. Yes. They are destroying America and I am sick over it. If Texas secedes, and Utah does not join them, I will move to Texas as well.


  3. As long as our governor stands up to the demoscum agenda I’ll stay in Florida. If he starts caving to them I’ll move to Texas.

    1. Desantis is great guy, great governor. Abbott has his strong points too, but he can be a tad wishy washy at times. I do believe that if the people here in Texas decide the time has come to break with the communists, Abbott would lead the charge to do it.

  4. With the overwhelming evidence of massive voter fraud and the interference of the CCP in the 2020 election, and more importantly, the lack of the courts, the congress and the state governments to address these issues I would support this. Our country has been stolen from us and we are now a CCP colony. I see war on the horizon within our borders. Biden is a CCP puppet and Harris is worse. She will soon replace Biden and the worst oppression in the history will begin. God help us all


      1. The blacks and whites have been played by b.o just like the smoke screens from 2016 to 2020 keeping problems going so No one will have the time to uncover the truth. Black and whites that are Americans need to unite not fight. While b.o and the democrats are selling out to financial terrorist . Pray for our country and our president.

      2. The war won’t be between black and white, but between freedom and the constitution and all those who oppose the constitution. The war will be between Americans and anti-Americans,(Antifa, BLM, Democrat/communists).

    2. You are 100% correct!! If the liberal media and the dumb politicians thought yesterday was bad…I think they and many others in this country, are in for a rude awakening.

    3. I agree , it is almost embarrassing anymore to call myself a member of the United States. I never got involved in politics because I always believed it was corrupt. But now and affects me and my freedom, and that is a golden rule. Anything that messes with your money your wife or your children needs to go. May God bless all of us , and have mercy on those that have greedy souls. !!!!!!!!

  5. Have said for a few years now, as soon as Texas moves from the union I will be there. Will also be locked and loaded.

  6. Without a doubt.ong admirer iof America and Texas. Media, demonrats, billionaires Antufa, BLM have destroyed all values. Deminrats Free everything, and they will vote for us LBJ Give them “N….. S the vote a we will control them forever. In four years millions will be starving, unemployment will be all time high and 50million illegal immigrants, 80%of all crimes., no penalty. Civil war is the only answer

  7. I’m for it. Our politicians knew way back in the 80’s or earlier there was a problem.
    They didn’t or haven’t done anything to correct it.
    So people went to the White House in thousands to protest the fraud, so who are to blame, not the protestors. Our politicians who have done nothing to correct the voting systems in these United States. Well we are not United anymore, and whose to blame. The politicians

  8. In the past decades we have observed the decline of the so called elected congressional government. Their selfish motives to substain their own personal power and immunity from the law. I feel that so many now serving in elected positions have not had a history with this country and are trying to bring it down to a 3rd world, dirt floor manure hole such as they came from. 7 generations a Texan, time has come to consider our future again.

  9. I know that the best thing to do , and now is the best time to start ! Many red states will follow !
    IF we wait we lose , It has to start now !

    1. And I hope my neighbors in Georgia and the entire sunbelt join in. We got away from the British for some of the same reasons. HELL YES, LET’S GO,

  10. Like almost everything else in the past year, yesterday’s fracas was a false flag black op designed to bring down the United States, install a Chinese-dominated world government under the United Nations and bring into effect the Global Reset renovation of communism by Gates and Schwab. It is clear that the huge gathering of Trump supporters was peaceful and the incidents of violence at the U.S. Capitol were perpetrated by Antifa agitators, recruited for this purpose in Portland, Seattle and other anarcho-communist strongholds, paid and transported by Soros as in the summer’s “peaceful protests” that killed hundreds and given written instructions on how to look like “Trump supporters” (such as wearing MAGA hats “backwards” – with the bill forward as regular Americans do). The purposes of this “riot” (immediately and enthusiastically proclaimed as such by the Obammunists) were to distract attention from the revelations of lurid election fraud during the contest of the electoral votes, intimidate Republicans and patriots from opposing the marxist revolution that will now be steamrollered through a democrat coongress and provide a pretext for gun confiscation and the imposition of dictatorship by the incoming illegitimate Chinese puppet regime. The choices before patriotic Americans now are to flee from the collapsing First American Republic or to seize power and restore it with a national anticommunist revolution.

    1. I absolutely agree miles: The far left could not afford to let the congress debate the electoral college votes while bringing out all the proof of fraud that we had in this election. To stop that they had to start this riot and shut down this proof to be broadcast on TV all day. We may be stupid, but not that stupid.

    2. There are many awesome replies to your post Miles and rather than rehash what all have responded with, let me just say, as a retired Veteran, I concur with what you and allwho have responded 100%!!!! We either stand tall and take our country back, or secede from the Union and work hard at building a country where everyone is treated equally…as the Navy Seals would say “The only easy day was yesterday…”

  11. I believe it is a great idea. Since 2016, we have seen how our country has deteriorated since Hilary Clinton and the liberals lost the Presidential election. Liberals have cried and cried over their lose of power and we have seen how the fake media has lied and lied and not covered the truth, but have given the American people nothing but propaganda. The Democrats have attempted to impeach and remove our President from office spending over $50 million of our tax dollars. We have trash in office like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer, and Adam Shifty Schiff. During the televised impeachment proceeding, the American people saw how the Democrats and Adam Schiff were lying and making a mockery of our Constitution by following lies about President Trump. Because of the liberals, our country will never be the same. I am a totally disabled Army veteran and as it stands, I am ashamed of the country I once fought and served for. And it is because of these lying liberals. I only hope that maybe other states will think about secession if Texas does it because I don’t want Joe Biden as my president.

  12. Our freedom guarantee in our Constitution of one citizen, one vote has been eliminated by today’s Democrat Party by removing truth of our American history from all levels of our educational system over many generations. These resulting anti-American indoctrinated generational creations have become anti-America useful fools for destroying this great country. These indoctrinated adults have been raised to be Domestic Enemies of the United States of America. Functionally, they have erased “United” from our Constitution. Objectively look at their placement in today’s questionable culture.
    – They have become “indoctrination purveyors” instead of teachers.
    They have become “indoctrination purveyors” instead of the free press.

    1. Yes. This will wake up Americans I have no problem leaving Ny our country is run by crooks and spine less people your vote doesn’t matter anymore they have it so they choose the winner not us why even vote anymore they didn’t like President Trump fixed the election and gave us Biden. Texas yes

  13. Excellent idea, I am all for it!!! Would love to see if other states follow….. such as AL, FL and other Republican states!!! It is getting impossible to live with the brand of politics we have in Washington D C …. honesty, integrity and a good conscience is not found in any politician today.
    The harm that was caused on 01/06/2021 will take years to mend. Our country is totally divided and I don’t believe my generation will see any repairs to the damage in our lifetime. In retrospect, the President should have carried on the court battles and shown the world the Election Fraud, should have just waited and seen if anything was being done…. he announced he was running again in 2024 then started to get ready for that. There was no one giving him the advice he needed, he has more enemies than friends in his own party which is a shame. I didn’t think the GOP would go so low as not to back and support their own leader. At this point I would suggest that perhaps Don Jr. should run in 2024…. I do believe we, who voted for Trump should think of another party. I know one thing, I will NEVER support the GOP nor will I vote again in any election as I am already disenfranchised!!!! My vote doesn’t count anymore!!!

    1. Mea, very many great points there lady. First of all, yes, the GOP has more anti-Trump faction than I would really like to realize! You’re so correct that many in his party DON’T stand behind him in any respect. Quite a shame Mea.
      This man brought our nation a revived economy (best I can remember in my time), energy independence, that’s priceless in my thinking, (if we don’t need their oil, wars will be non- existent). He brought into his office a true love for his constituents, putting America first, doing away with Obama’s relentless regulations that forced Sooo much business and therefore the jobs that go with those companies out the door. In retrospect, putting America first is probably what really set the left off. How dare he try and make this beautiful nation a shadow of its doctrine…. it’s former self!!!

      As of yesterday, a very sad day for our country ONLY because the incidents that happened at the Capitol, now Petulant Chuck and Nancy are calling for his removal by either the 25th amendment or another pointless impeachment with 13 days left in his tenure. REALLY?!! Have we forgotten the Kavanaugh hearings and those insidious demonstrations that went with that? Have we forgotten the 4 months of seemingly endless rioting that went on in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Seattle, Portland ( to this day still) and the rest?

      We Trump supporters have had to live each and every day feeling the wrath of the Dems and their MSM life force. I (We) have had to live our lives vicariously thru Trump as these reprobates have not given him, not one, …. day of peace.

      Donald Trump did more for this country as CIC than any president in my lifetime. The more he accomplished, the more the left despised him. Remember the days when your man didn’t win the election, what did we do? We got past it and supported the man who DID win. That was the American way. If times were different, and the other side could’ve reasonably embraced his policies, no telling where we’d be as a nation.

      What DJT did was upset their undermining of America.
      Remember Obama bin Ladens speech about “ fundamentally changing America”?!! My skin was crawling as that piece of shit was spewing that dialect!! Well, here we are, 4 years later, and now they’re going to implement this sordid, communistic, FILTH anyway.

      I was a democrat my whole life until Trump ran for office. I changed party’s and went Republican these last 4 years only to be left scratching my head once again! As mentioned previously, many in his party do not stand with him. Too bad, if the democrats of yesteryear were around we might be looking at the most prolific time in our history.

      But no, the ones in power are are getting dark monies from the Chinese, Russia, etc and DJT surely upset that applecart. Now they’ll pass it off to us
      Free this, free that, guaranteed this, guaranteed that!!
      Hold on people, the spiral is just in its infancy…. can’t wait for the two bit Babylon Whore to take the reigns!!

      I so embarrassed to be an American right now

      As for yesterday in DC. 99% of the demonstrators were peaceful causing no grief. The small percentage that did attack the halls of Congress were idiots for perpetrating that whole scenario.
      These aren’t the people I want to demonstrate with. They made the entire Trump fan base look stupid. We’re not in this for this reaction. Our President has been put thru the proverbial “ ringer”! This theft of the general election is unconscionable!! Unfortunately we don’t have a Supreme Court that will uphold the constitution any longer. Can’t really blame them for going into the halls of Congress. 4 years of degradation, 4 years of stepping on our leaders toes, people are fed up. They were just fighting for freedom.

      Now it’s gone!

  14. Yes, hopefully Florida will join them or I will need to move. I will not relinquish my 2nd amendment rights. Yesterday’s protest was called a riot by lamestream media but Burn Loot and Murder (BLM) were called a peaceful protests.

  15. As a native Texan and a resident there for 31 years, I can testify that Texas is a very special place and is the only state with the legal right to secede from the Union.

    If they succeed, I will seriously consider moving back home.

    1. It’s not often that I run across another native Texan . I think we are an endangered species . My name is M.Ike & my E/M contact is [email protected] , should you ever care to converse further with a fellow native son .

  16. Yes, absolutely. In fact, several months ago I predicted it on one of these posting sites. Maybe this one. I even stated that TX would lead the way.
    Look, either we have a Constitutional Republic or we don’t. The election theft was the last straw. Actually, if these crazy radicals want to make DC a State, I say let them. In fact, let them be a separate country. All those politicos can kill each other for all I care. Just leave the rest of us alone!

  17. YES! We simply have no other option. The left is coming after Texas, anyway. The other red States know that if we knuckle under, they are next. Don’t believe me? Look how the left has subverted Georgia and Arizona–two red States in which the left overturned our 2020 election.

  18. Something has to be done. Washington doesn’t represent us anymore. Supreme Court is running scared. Law only means for other side. The people no longer have a voice. I’m for the constitution as written. We are not a democracy we are a republic. I’m for President Trump but better yet I’m for freedom and America. If it takes succeeding. Go for it. The next to go is the electoral college then the east and west coast takes over. We no longer have a voice. Please God help us.


  20. They destroyed “of the people, by the people, for the people”. This was a coup, the greatest theft in human history. If we don’t stand up now, we are doomed. LETS DO THIS THING! They chose this path, not us. Freedom is not free.

  21. Our elected Republican officials in Washington are afraid to stand up for their constituents against democrats. Why should illegal votes in a few states be worth more than my vote. My state follows the rules so we are punished by having our legal vote overruled by another states illegal vote. If our Republican leadership won’t stand up to fraudulent elections they are useless and need to be replaced. After this show of cowardice it seems we all need to become democrats and take over that party from the inside. Republicans do not care about us.

  22. So glad to see all this positive , even enthusiastic support for the TEXIT Movement . The US left us , and has lost its way , its moral compass if you will , and it is time to face reality . Am looking forward to the upcoming referendum vote . All of us patriots need to promote and support this movement in every way possible . The US is on the verge of financial collapse / bankruptcy . We don’t need to be a part of that calamity .

  23. Texas was admitted as ” the republic of TEXAS” it can return to that status and leave the US. THE SOUTH SHALL RISE AGAIN!

  24. well it looks like 99 percent vote to me a lot of patriots went and fought for texas to be free and died at the alamo so i say fight for it to be free again go for it texans

  25. As a native born Texan I am absolutely for the Republic of Texas and always have been. Now that the Democrats have gone completely traitorous and joined with China to destroy the USA why in the hell should Texas and real
    Texans remain as part of a country that will be overrun by Chinese in the coming years. Red or dead is not a motto for me – I would rather die fighting for my freedom than live in a dictatorship which is what the globalists/elitists have been planning for decades. Eisenhower tried to warn the American public – don’t trust the
    military – industrial complex and JFK was killed, because he wanted to stop them.

    I find the following quote from Thomas Jefferson very appropriate:
    “What a stupendous, what an incomprehensible machine is man! Who can endure toil, famine, stripes, imprisonment & death itself in vindication of his own liberty, and the next moment . . . inflict on his fellow men a bondage, one hour of which is fraught with more misery than ages of that which he rose in rebellion to oppose.”
    Thomas Jefferson to Jean Nicholas Demeunier, January 24, 1786

    Give me Liberty or give me Death!

  26. I agree that our government is really in trouble. The “elected “ officials do not have our well-being in their actions. Joe Biden is a prime example of a do nothing politician for his entire time in Washington. Those that voted for him obviously never reviewed his past actions. And now he is bringing back all the same people we have seen in the past. It’s a very dangerous time we are in. The only real solution we had was to demand term limits and then not allow them to come back. They do not have our well-being in mind. I was in the Korean War, Vietnam conflict and both proved nothing, meanwhile our Leaders were misled by those that said we were winning, when in fact their was no victory in sight. Today we are facing many obstacles and need to rid ourselves of the giant swamp that exists in our government. Our country is deeply in debt and yet our leaders want to spend without any regard for the result. We , as a body, need to wake up and demand better. Our leaders? are living in a different world having made millions while doing nothing productive. The list of folks that need to give it up grows daily. I hope that we as a people can vote them out, get fresh ideas with new faces. We put them there, let’s get them out. There are so many fresh faces out there that share our beliefs. You young people who believe in our country, join up and demand change with your vote and make sure it is counted.

  27. YES ! If the Socialist Left proceeds as they indicate, there is going to be an armed insurrection in many areas of this once great nation. Outright session is a more profitable course. Yesterday was just a warning to the incoming illegitimate administration. The Robert’s Supreme Court had the opportunity and the Constitutional power to prevent this, but except for the two real Constitutional Conservatives, chose to quiver in their boots and hide their heads in the sand.

  28. Electing the President of the United States is a FEDERAL election, not a State election. So each state should not have their own procedures on how to run their election. The Federal Government should require all states to follow the same procedures throughout the country. Until this is done we will continue to have fraud in most states. That is just what Democrats do Lie and Cheat.

    1. Mr Neal, point we’ll taken… my thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, I’m so distraught by these last four years and especially the days since the general election, that I have to seriously reconsider whether or not I’ll vote ever again. My father, my peers all say I’m nuts and must vote regardless. That it’s my duty. Ok. But when your “duty” get compromised the way 75 million voters duties got ripped by the left.. it leaves little room for consolation.

      1. socialism watered down you vote in 1965, eliminated it in 2020. Amerika has spent $22 trillion since 1965 to make savages equal. Not on one was made equal yet.

  29. There are many awesome replies to your post Miles and rather than rehash what all have responded with, let me just say, as a retired Veteran, I concur with what you and allwho have responded 100%!!!! We either stand tall and take our country back, or secede from the Union and work hard at building a country where everyone is treated equally…as the Navy Seals would say “The only easy day was yesterday…”

  30. I believe that Texas reserved to itself, the right to split itself into five states when it became a state back in the 1830’s or 40’s.

  31. Sometimes a great NOTION can become a great NATION (e.g., the late great USA). It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the people of Texas know far and away better than any outsiders where their political, social, economic, and ideological interests lie! While not a resident of Texas, I was stationed there at Fort Bliss in El Paso during the mid-70’s and rather enjoyed it! No adverse reflection on Texas and/or Texans is intended nor should be inferred/implied, but if the Lone Star Republic should decide once again to part company with the USA, they won’t get any argument from me! More power to them!

  32. Might be time to think about it, when the Supreme Court denies to hear a case set forward by the president and republicans, and so many people are moving here from leftist states because of taxes, protective alien cities, and crooked politicians, it might be the only way to preserve our constitution and freedom.

    1. the South and mid-West will leave. Why would you stay? Do you love being abused? Are you ignorant and apathetic? I don’t know, and don’t care….

  33. I signed the Alabama petition for secession back under the POS obama admin when it was clear he was destroying this country. now if Alabama won’t stand and join Texas in the secession move, I will be calling Texas home. I cannot and will not put up with the flagrant two standards that DC has allow to happen. I want the showing of the votes that both the house and senate took for the election, everyone that voted for accepting the votes from those 6 states need to be charged with Treason and Sedition. the numbers of actual voter fraud and outright cheating shown even with video and then for them to just accept it. that should tell anyone they will look at a crime and lie about it, make excuses for it. criminals should be happy now that video and eye witnesses doesn’t matter anymore. there is no Rule of Law under biden. Hell Yes I support Texas!

  34. Unfortunately, YES! This isn’t about slavery this time, it’s about Values and NOT doing “end-runs” around the U.S. Constitution. Those freedom loving citizens who don’t want too be ruled by the Democratic Socialist Party, should rebel and overthrow their state governments (by force if necessary) and put patriots in charge. I fear more states would follow Texas’ lead, and I would like to see Joe Biden do something about it! He surely is no Abraham Lincoln! Either the Commies leave or are pushed out, or WE leave and form “a more perfect Union” without cheating, lying or using threats to intimidate FREDOM LOVING PEOPLES.

    1. IF any state cannot leave, then YOU ain’t free. YOU do NOT need permission to defend yourself. That right came from GOD, not abusive government.

  35. I agree with Texas constituents. I am from Minnesota. And I think Minnesota’s western half of the state, should secede as well, and become East Dakota. The City of Minneapolis and Duluth can then remain as ‘Minnesota”.

  36. Yes, America as we knew it is gone. I’m done,it is time to fight and quit backing down. Justice is not equal, lying cheating politicians do nothing for the people, they do not represent me. Time for a revolution!

  37. Yes, I would move to Texas if they secede from the Union. In fact, I think that any state that wants freedom should be able to seced from the Union.

  38. Kyle Biederman happens to be my rep. and I agree with him TOTALLY. Time to divorce this Communist party group of thieves. If we remain, we’ll NEVER have another FREE legitimate election. SAVE OUR FREEDOM by leaving the UN-United States, quickly..

  39. Where do all of the above people that made comments live???? It indicates their comments were made on January 7, 2021 at 2:26 pm(as an example)… I live in Central Texas and it is at this moment January 7, 2021 9:08AM. I agree with some of their comments but just wondering where they are coming from…??? Thanks!

    1. Myself, North Texas. 3 miles south of the magical covid barrier (Johnson County). Both Dallas and Fort Worth have either turned blue,(Dallas), or backed up onto Dallas’s back side. Interestingly enough, both those counties have reported over 200,000 cases. Here 3 measly miles south of their county lines, still haven’t broke 2,000 yet.
      The way I see this plandemic may be a little harsh, so what

      Covid, being a man made bug, created by demwits released by the same demwits. Unfortunately for them, they seem to have only had demwit DNA to work with. When they engineered this bug, they were hoping it would get fly over states and solve their problem for them. Oops major fail. It seems to be attracted to demwit metropolitan areas. I say wall em off and let em sleep forever in the bed they created.

  40. I agree The South will rise again. All states not willing to embrace this socialist agenda needs to unite. As a nation. The socialist ideas should not be part of our nation.
    We need to be free and not allow the government to control every aspect of our lives.


  41. The Federation of Free America should be accepted by all Constitution loving states and Americans. Trump will be our True President. That is rich that the democrats complain about how Trump and his supporters have divided this country. Maybe if they had not bragged about their resistance for 4 years, done everything they could to undermine our President and then illegally tarnished our voting system,, they could have united the country. A civil war is brewing. I hope all Red states join Texas.

  42. Yes,
    My entire family is already in the process of moving to Texas from Colorado, once a Republican state that has now been ruined by the Dems.

  43. America needs to stand together, as one we are strong decided we are weak and other countries will see our weakness and invade. We need to impeach wrongfull gov. Get rid of the trash(ie socialist dems) and pray other COMMIE countries won’t try anything stupid.

    1. Unfortunately, SWB, impeachment won’t happen now. The demwits have effectively stolen what happens for the next 2 years. As we’ve already seen , they have no qualms about cheating to get their way. How on earth can you believe that they won’t do it again in every subsequent election. They have a now proven way to accomplish it. As well as having proven that Scotus is little more than a neutered worthless bunch of eunics. Certainly the Republican side has proven it . Other than a few loyal Americans, like Ted Cruz and this fellow filing the bill, (don’t want to butcher his name). The party if the right has been playing smoke and mirrors on us all.

  44. YES. I lived in the great state of Texas for nearly 35 years. I have always agreed with their right to succeed. I even have told some friend still living there to keep an eye out for a small piece of property for me. I want to return to Texas even more with the political climate we are in now. GOD BLESS TEXAS!

  45. Im with Tennessee joining Texans and go with Secede. Why don’t states that want this form their own Country. Should be called America as Democrats didn’t want America!! We don’t need or want communism as it has been illegitimately put on us. We don’t need Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi or McConnell.

  46. Time for Texas to secede from the Union and get away from the mess that this country has become. Our government leaders have sold out for socialism, selfish gain, and evil intent. There’s no representation for the people.
    Texas Strong – “One Nation Under God”.

  47. I totally agree with Wiliam Craig’s comments and all of the other folks that commented. I am a native Texan and have lived here my entire life except during military service (70+ years). I fought the cold war during the 70’s in West Berlin before the wall was torn down. I have seen Communism up close and personal and it was not easy watching, let alone living under the East German/Russian political system. Everyone in East Berlin were watched, afraid of anything and everyone and internal spies everywhere turning in their friends, neighbors, and relatives for being pro freedom and supporting the USA. They are told what to do every minute of the day and night. I never observed anyone smiling. No one had money to buy anything. The entire economy was planned and really was lacking, especially with diversity of goods and services for example toilet paper. There wasn’t a brand or selection like we have. It was all brown like the old brown grocery sacks with the same texture. Without change, this is where our country is headed and I don’t like it one bit. I’m too old to learn mandarin Chinese and refuse to try to learn. Give me liberty or give me death (before I’m too old to do anything about it).

    As for the Texas seceding, please do and let’s be quick about it. He who hesitates is lost. I think President Abbott and Texas Supreme Court chief justice Ted Cruz would be the best thing that ever happened to a conservative, freedom loving republic. One biggest problem we’re having in Texas is that the blue movement is gaining strength in the majority of our major cities like Houston, Dallas, Ft Worth, San Antonio, El Paso, and especially our capital Austin. Immigrants from California and New York are moving to Texas and are trying to make Texas look like their old failing states. We need all of the true conservatives we can get to move here. Retired military veterans with combat training are especially welcome.

  48. To all who have answered this article, as a Native Texan, I’ll tell ya to come on down. Blue ideology has to be left at the state line. If ya want to import that crap stay where you are. We don’t want it here. If you’re a freedom loving independent thinker, I’ll be the first to shake your hand and welcome you here.

  49. I live here in Texas and would most definitely Vote to Secede from the corrupt Nazi Country formerly known as the United States of America!

  50. Yes I say we get out. America is not America anymore. I want to have pride in my country but those pushing the socialist agenda kill that. I am a born and bred Texan with deep roots. We can stand without the socialist dems trying to take our freedoms. We don’t need them. The Republic of Texas was, is, and always I’ll be the land I stand for.

    1. Let the democats have the blue states and republicans have the red states. Biden and company are not America or Americans. Time has come to spilt America. What a shame that Americas’ have fought and died for freedom and the pathetic democrats have turned to socialism. Their choice, let them reap God’s plan. America was founded with “In God we trust”.

  51. Yes, I would vote to secede. Our government has demonstrated failure to represent the needs of it’s citizens, instead, politicians pursuing their own agenda. Our California Governor, Galvin Newsome is a perfect example of this. In addition, the election process, mainstream news and social media has stripped citizens of their voice. Truth and the Constitution mean nothing to the great majority of our State and Federal Government and Government agencies such as DOJ. Justice!! There has been none. Secede to succeed in having your voice heard, your needs addressed, freedoms respected, constitution adhered to. As big as you are Texas, I’m afraid you will not be big enough to accommodate all the people who are going to move there if you do so!! Good For You TEXAS!!!

  52. Yes. I have been thinking that Patriots need to form a new country. I have lived in Missouri all my life and have been a proud American, but cannot stand the way things have been going over the past few decades. I am tired of political correctness and being called a bigot racist. I believe in one God and that He is in control and has had his hand on America. He very well could remove that hand any day.

  53. YES. I would love for the whole south (everything below the mason dixon line) to secede and become our own nation and the North would become a liberal cesspool while our new southern nation will prosper.

  54. The Conservative United States and the Liberated States of America…. they can burn down their states all they want and we will have law and order and hard work…

  55. I am truly appauled,seems no one knows to look for what they need from GOD where it comes from.BE STILL AND LOOK UNTO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER THAT SITS ON THE THRONE WHERE ALL YOUR HELP IS! FROM!I thank GOD FOR ALL HIS FAMILY AND WHAT THEY HAVE ENDURED IS HAS BEEN A hard road to travel with out our Heavenly Father.

  56. Get out now! And send all the libs back to Cali. Then appoint Trump as OUR leader. Then clean the swamp with a LIBERAL dose of Rid-X.

  57. Yes, I agree with Dennis P.:
    ” Get out now! And send all the libs back to Cali. Then appoint Trump as OUR leader. Then clean the swamp with a LIBERAL dose of Rid-X “

    1. I agree, but I am from an okd Californian famiky…dates back to mid 1800’s. Many of us feel like you…we just want to throw out our disturbed governor and all like him. K Harris was here and NOT like but those who worked around her. We are buried under this craziness, and really want to right the boat. Not all Californians support this insanity.

  58. I agree with all people that secede is the best way to stay away from the wickedness of all democrats . President Trump for 4 years has been attack by democrats and weak republicans 24/7 do he doesn’t have any one to protect himself , only people that are voted for him , we the people .
    The next target by democrats is make Texas a blue state just like Georgia .
    I’m hoping Texas start to secede and all red states should follow . And if that happens my whole family will move Texas or those red states that considering to secede. Hoping politicians that have the guts to do it . I’m tired of democrats to demonize anyone that cross their paths just what happened to President Trump.
    Thanks everyone for all your comments that make sense.

  59. I’ve been seriously considering moving to Texas. I would totally support this. I currently live in Michigan and am so tired of “that woman”. I just need a job and a house or small ranch in Texas. I could be packed and on the road in about 3 days!

  60. I haven’t read the document relating to Texas’ joining the union in a long time, but I believe that if Texas leaves the union it will be the original Texas that goes, and that will include modern day Texas, New Mexico, a lot of Arizona, the pan handle of Oklahoma, a strip of land through the middle of Colorado south to north, and a little piece of Wyoming, so that would be no small event.

  61. 100 % YES I am looking now for a home now i am a 100% GOD FAMILY COUNTRY and i am a Patriot and the way this country is going is disgusting up is down right is wrong law abiding is out zero morals it is the beginning of the end if it continues God have mercy on us

  62. Yes! It certainly seems this great country is falling apart. The American dream will be the American nightmare. There is no way to rationalize what this democratic group is doing as it is totalky against USA vales and the constitution. It is beyond sickening. I hope Texas and many states stand up to this new order…not unlike Germany pre WWII. Have we forgotten or are people getting lazy thinking they will get something for nothing? No way to live. Secession may keep the real America alive. The mikitary oath is to protectvthus cou try from all who would cause harm…well, hello…where is that oath now? Stand up and yell no.

  63. All,
    I support Texas secession and I feel that many more Red States will follow. I hope Florida is among those States that choose to secede with Texas.
    Those States who do secede will have the requisite farms, harbors, industries and population to do so. We don’t need the Democrat loonies from the West Coast, the Upper East Coast, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alaska, Hawaii and a couple of other Blue States to succeed as an independent nation.
    The Democrats created this possibility with their fraudulent National and State elections, now they will have to live with it.

  64. It’s funny, my first thought yesterday after another election was stolen by the Communist DemoRat party, is that all the states that are still American, red or blue, should secede from the Communist States Of China. I am a Republican & I live in downstate Illinois & we can’t beat the graveyard vote of the State of Chicago. Several conversations came up over the years to separate our state of Illinois from the state of Chicago, but again we can’t out vote the graveyard vote of the Chicago cemeteries & they always seem to vote Domorat. They claim we would die as a state without their support. We all know they would die without our tax money. All Chicago politicians Republican or Demorat seem to be crooked. Some one once told me, Illinois, the state where the governors make the license plates. Along with a lot of you on here. I want to see America return to the values our fore fathers gave us. This past year it seems like we are slowly losing all of those rights. We are no longer free. Trump is our rightful president. It would really show the government swamp, if there was a secession of patriotic states & President trump was the rightful president of the new United States of America. We will see what happens in the next year or 2.

  65. More states need to do the same and now. I have said for years we need to divide what was the United States of America into two separate nations. Little China on the west coast from the west side of Arizona over to the Pacific Ocean. They can live their insane lifestyle and Arizona over to the Atlantic ocean can live with morals and respect for each other and our freedoms. Of course, we would have to give them New York, we don’t want that state the Governor and Mayor have destroyed that once beautiful state.
    May be we should do California up and over the top of the country, and those of us who respect law and order take the lower half of the country. Either way, law-abiding people, who believe in right and wrong, truth, and justice cannot live or thrive in the socialist country that the new bogus elected officials are going to take our once great country.

  66. If the other red states hesitate, I’m moving to Texas. I will not abide by a lawless government. We need to check the Constitution. I know it says (in the original version) that The People have the right to remove a destructive government. It’s either remove them or secede.

  67. Yes. I 100% wish Texas would leave the US. Most likely when Texas leaves and a few state follow the USA will fall. Texas holds 75% of America’s income, military, crops, oil, and much more.

  68. I’m in complete agreement. When looking at the Red state of our country, we would split it down the middle from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. I live in Pennsylvania and the only blue parts are Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, two little shit piles in a massive sea of Red. We need to do everything necessary to keep our country free from the cheating left trying to take over our country.

  69. Yes , Texas Should Succeed From The Union , Because Texas Was Once It’s Own Nation In The 1840’s , & Should Be Again !!

  70. I am for Texas seceding from the Union and I pray that the governor of Alabama will follow in doing the same.

  71. Yes, but not before I leave California (don’t worry, since I was raised on the farm and lived in a U.S. concentration camp), I won’t be bringing any blue ideas with me.

    1. All of you freedom loving patriots who say you will, or you want to, move to Texas, come on now. We need you here to support secession. All of the population centers are probably too blue for us to be successful with secession. But if you BELONG to the democrat party, please stay out. That’s the problem with all of the blue states you live in, and we all know how the democrats can manufacture votes. The can here as well.

  72. They turned South Africa in a ghetto state, and most large cities in the US have become stinking ghettos – they cannot run a state without bringing it to virtual bankruptcy – and you think they will do a great job running America ? Let us all conservatives pick a state or two or maybe three and take residence there, then you will see what will become to the blue states. THEY WILL NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT US – BECAUSE CONSERVATIVES ARE THE MOST PRODUCTIVE PEOPLE – AND BLUE STATES WILL HAVE TO KEEP AND EAT THEIR TRASH AND LIVE WITH IT !!!

  73. Politics in our country have never been so radically and shamefully skewed so far to the left. Texas should secede immediately. We can surely run a better government that the U.S. I am ashamed to be associated with such corruption. This is just the beginning. Wait for it………….!

  74. Moving out of your state will only empower the Dumiicrats! Ban together and remind them that they work for us, vote for recall, throw them out of office! They were elected to represent our best interest, not their party!
    They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution, no the party line! It’s time for the people to stand up and demand they do the job they were elected to do.
    We the people have this right to tell them what we want, not the other way around!
    The Demoncrates have been telling us what they want and we have allowed it! Exercise your power! Take control of your state. Hold these idiots accountable. VOTE!!!
    We need to do our part. We can’t let them win. If we don’t do it now, then all is lost.
    They spent four years attacking OUR President, not doing what was best for the country, but, what was best for their party and themselves.

  75. History has shown us that Socialism once in power never returns to freedom except through force. Consolodation of the facist Democrat new world order leaves Americans no where to go, Sucession id a must ig we are to survive the coming purge of the opposition. The Federal Government needs to be removed from sall influence. It had been working agsinst us for 12 years or more

  76. I’m ready to move now, if they do it. I live in Washington state and our democratic governor Jay Inslee is worthless. He should stay at home because he is non-essential.

  77. It is coming and it won’t be pretty. The commie democrat mob will destroy America. Texas needs to start the turn and secede. Others will follow.

  78. I was born in TEXAS and will move back as soon as Texas secedes, have been gone for ten years. but Texas is still my home.


  79. I am one transplanted Tennessean to Texas who believes whole heartedly that the United States needs to quit being a snowflake’s dream world. We are and will continue to be a free country warts and all. If that free country shrinks to the size of Texas, as long as it’s free that’s good with me.

    Of course there are those who will say it is a fantasy. The democrat socialists and snowflakes sneer “You guys lost the first time, so what’s different today?” All of us I know have been fed the malarky that the Civil War was over slavery. However, if you look past the ‘politically corrected’ history books to the actual records, you’ll find that states rights was the actual issue. Interestingly the only thing different between the situation in 1855 and today is the dates.

    The John Brown Emancipation move was an ‘also ran’ issue. In fact, the actual author of the Emancipation Proclamation was Secretary Stanton to break the back of the Confederate Army’s supply base… it worked. The Confederacy lost and was punished for over 80 years. That was handled easily by oppressive laws, devaluation of the currency instead of reparations. Federal agents (carpet baggers) and the Jim Crow democrats continued to fan the flames of racial unrest. The plan was simple; jam the freed slaves in the face of the populace of the south to generate hatred. That way they would be too busy hating the freed men to mount another serious threat to the Federation… that also worked.
    Now if you have stayed with me and haven’t fallen asleep from the long post, today’s democratic party is still working the same150 year old successful plan. Only this time the freed men are better educated from 150 year of freedom to lose it back to folks who want the power a socialist state would provide them.

    They also don’t realize that the State of Texas has the majority of Industrial and Military installations—we also haven’t seen our economy decay like the Detroits, New Yorks, Los Angeles and Chicagos. Indeed most of the supplies that feed the United States originate from the southern states.

    Look, I don’t want to be involved in violence and succession…I’m not crazy. But I also know that the incoming administration is not valid because they cheated, lied and continue to do it. If I can see it, you know the rest of the world can and they sense the United States’ collapse soon. Then they will swoop in like a bunch of vultures to pick our bones clean. I will do my part to keep that from happening.

  80. We are so lucky that Donald Trump decided to run for president. President Trump has woken us up. He is not a politician. He has always been as transparent as air (gotten him into trouble sometimes) and always Walked his Talk (has followed thru on his campaign promises). He came to Washington not to support number one but to fulfill the needs of our great country and the needs of all legal American citizens-To Make America Great. He has cared more about the needs of his country than his political career or reputation.
    With these times, when everything Good is portrayed to be Bad and everything Bad is portrayed to be Good, It appears that the easiest and quickest action to take is for all Red Conservative States to secede from the Union. Remember. Have we not become complacent and let this nightmare happen? Do we still believe: One Nation, Under God, Indivisible with Liberty and justice for All? Maybe in the fast lives that we live today, we have left out one requirement that our forefathers determined to be essential for the success of our great nation.

  81. Sounds like a GOOD idea! . . . let MANY MORE states Secede if a CONVENTION of STATES doesn’t REIGN in a ROGUE Federal Government, form our OWN COUNTRY under GOD as per God’s Word, find a GOOD President (POTUS Trump?!?), and MAKE sure THIS time that EVERYONE follows the U.S. Constitution. The ROTTEN Blue states will ASSUREDLY fall apart under their own ROTTEN Socialist weight just like VENEZUELA did. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

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