The Elites Still Don’t Get That It’s Not About Donald Trump

In a disappointing 7-2 decision that supposedly involved a rare shouting match between John Roberts and Clarence Thomas, the US Supreme Court has ruled itself to be null and void. The court dismissed the Texas lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania late on Friday night. The irony is that by not standing up for the Constitution and securing the integrity of our elections, the court may have voted itself out of existence.

“Court packing” will not be a thing that can happen if Donald Trump secures a second term in the White House. If Joe Biden takes office in January – and I’m still not convinced that he will – the Supreme Court will become just another super-legislative branch, packed to the gills with lifelong Democrat appointments.

The court dismissed the case by using that old judicial bugaboo that allows judges to kick the proverbial can down the road: They claimed that Texas had no standing to sue the other states over how their elections were run. This was the only way that the Supreme Court could effectively weasel out of the case, because it wasn’t going well for the fraud-laden swing states.

On Monday I talked about how childishly and poorly written Pennsylvania’s response to the Texas case was. It amounted to hand-waving and squealing. Michigan’s response was even worse.

Michigan literally admitted in its rebuttal to Texas that it was “at a loss to explain the allegations” that Wayne County had 174,384 ballots cast on election night that cannot be tied back to a registered voter. Not only did they not have a legal argument for why they should have been allowed to cheat in a federal election – they couldn’t even come up with an excuse!

“Sorry, we’re at a loss to explain why we had 174,384 more votes than voters! But ewww! Trump!”


A person who is allegedly a clerk for one of the Justices emailed the Hal Turner radio show over the weekend. That person – and we have no way of verifying whether their story is true or not – alleges that the clerks could hear the Justices screaming at each other all the way down the hall from where they met to discuss Texas v. Pennsylvania.

It was mainly Chief Disappointment John Roberts screaming, who allegedly uttered something to this effect:

“Are you going to be responsible for the rioting if we hear this case? Don’t tell me about Bush v. Gore, we weren’t dealing with riots then! You are forgetting what your role here is Neil, and I don’t want to hear from the two junior justices anymore. I will tell you how you will vote.”

Clarence Thomas, who was one of the two dissenters with Alito, allegedly replied, “This is the end of democracy, John.”

The alleged Supreme Court clerk describes the Justices like this as they left the room after the shouting match:

“When they left the room, Roberts, the Libs and Kavanagh had big smiles. Alito and Thomas were visibly upset. ACB and Gorsuch didn’t seem fazed at all.”

If this story is true (again – no way to verify it), then John Roberts is somehow controlling the votes of all three of President Trump’s new Justices on the court. This is especially disturbing after Americans like us stood up and defended Brett Kavanaugh against the worst sorts of accusations that Kamala Harris and Cory Booker threw at him.

I really believed that Texas had a slam-dunk case here. Their arguments were legally sound. The responses from the Democrat Attorneys General were laughably inept. I don’t know which is worse: The thought that Kavanaugh, Barrett and Gorsuch are being bossed around and told how to vote by John Roberts, or the thought that all three of them were Never-Trumpers all along. Either way, their betrayal and dereliction of duty reveal something that we’ve suspected for some time.

It really is Donald Trump, by himself, defending the Constitution against the entire DC apparatus. The state-level secretaries of state have abdicated their duty. The governors of the states where the fraud took place have abdicated their duty. The state legislatures have abdicated their duty. Congress has abdicated its duty. The Supreme Court has now abdicated its duty.

There is only one person left who can stop the 2020 election from being stolen out from under the American people. I have never bet against that person in the five years since he first walked down the escalator with Melania at his side. And I’m not about to bet against him now, even though it feels as though the hour is late. Have not a spirit of fear, friends. This fight isn’t over yet.

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158 thoughts on “The Elites Still Don’t Get That It’s Not About Donald Trump”

  1. I agree 100% the media platform is working for the Deep State they are censoring Free speech! Blatantly and dictating who can say what America’s foundation is crumbling like it was built on sand The Deep State is infiltrating its solid ground and turning it into Quicksand if it’s not stopped America the land of the free will be no more!! God have Mercy on us all!!

      1. absolutely Trump the elected President. Wish all the lawsuits would prove the he is he legitimate
        resident. This hs gone on way to long.

      2. Trump won the election. I want to comment on what justice Robert’s said. Don’t make a judgement on the riots. Don’t bully any of the justices for wanting to do what is right and just. That is the exact reason we have the Supreme Court. It’s to assure the American people of their rights of the constitution to be upheld. Each justice has the right and sworn duty to overrule you. The governor’s of the states that allowed the unruly riots failed to uphold their sworn duty to protect the citizens of their state and should be held accountable. The president offered assistance but was refused because of political differences but they still failed to protect the people. We have other departments in our government who can deal with the riots. The duty of the Supreme Court is to uphold the Constitution of the people. Clearly laws have been broken and corruption committed. If we don’t take steps to correct the fraud and corruption it will continue and get worse. Now is the time to step in and step up and show America that the SCOTUS had the courage and dignity to enforce the integrity of the constitution and free and honest elections. We have to stand up against corruption by enforcing the law to its fullest. No one is above the law. Enough is enough. This is truly a monumental moment in our history and the history of the SCOTUS.



        2. I surmise from the actions of the “court” that “they” don’t believe “we the people” are REALLY armed and ready to fight and (if so) die for the constitution. Our beautiful nation that so many of our brothers and sisters in arms have given their all so that we could remain FREE is now thrown into the abyss of communism,(if we don’t fight). roberts,the “turncoat,” anti american “judge” (he most certainly is NOT a justice) has finally sold out completely to the communists. President Trump seems to be the ONLY true American who is willing to fight for what is right and just. Well, Mr. President,should you declare martial law, PLEASE call up the citizen militias. I KNOW ,’we’ will stand with you to protect,defend and preserve our constitution and our nation !

          1. Tell Roberts we will be at his house first, have to find out where he lives. Why do you think there will be riots, do you know more than we do. Maybe one of the Chinese let it out of the bag, maybe Obama

        3. obviously the SCOTUS is above the law as they threw all the great citizens of America under a big bus ,so that Biden could win,Obama could run the country for a 3rd term ,Harris could live in her drunken fanisty land and the swamp would contiune to bilk the Good Americans.

      3. He is indeed the elected President. But the only Person who can turn this around is the One who hasn’t been heard from as yet. God established this nation, and He will have His say in the matter. Unless I see Sleepy Joe actually taking the oath of office on January 20, I will still pray and believe that God will indeed intervene. There has been much prayer in this regard, and people from around the world are praying along with Americans. And shame on the justices!!

        1. Your statements are so right on! God is the only One who can turn this around. We ALL need to pray for our country and ask forgiveness for killing our babies and for allowing sexual corruption to run rampart.

        2. Amen, Joanna!
          I know there are MANY prayer movements around the world at this time. And one thing we are aware of is this: “we do not wrestle against flesh & blood, but against principalities, powers, unseen evil forces in high places”. So while we blast those in “power”, don’t forget or be unaware of the relentless forces behind it all. This is NOT meant to make any kind of excuses for them of course! But to direct our prayers strongly to combating those forces influencing them. And that all those voices will be silenced. This truly is a MAJOR, EXTREMELY SERIOUS BATTLE WE ARE IN FOR THE VERY LIFE OF THIS NATION THAT WAS ESTABLISHED BY THE LORD HIMSELF THOSE MANY CENTURIES AGO. Let us not let HIM and our courageous forefathers down at this crucial time. AMEN, Lord hear our cries & help us, AMEN!

    1. Agree with commentary. What is very frustrating is that i, an everyday working, tax paying American citizen don’t know what else to do to show support for President Donald Trump and go against these “gutless” politicians that are not doing their jobs. Taxpayers pay their salaries. These politicians forget their Employers! Praise God for President Trump and VP Pence. I support them! Gladly

      1. When the supreme court decided not to review the vote irregularity of Texas and other states on fraud issue.
        They did not up hold their vow to up hold the Constitution.
        Each and every member who voted not to should be impeached and replaced.
        We as a country and people depend on this elected and sworn group to represent the people and country.
        By doing what they did in the Texas and other states on the fraud issue has now made them to be view as
        taking sides. ( Which in my mine was something they were sworn not do.

        1. Exactly. Also obsolete. There will be no need for court packing now. Since they want to rule unjustly instead of as they were sworn to rule, they might just as well be disbanded if President Trump loses. After all what need do communists have of courts? Too bad this betrayal of Americans will be there legacy.

        2. Yes, you are RIGHT! Yes, these Supreme Court Judges are NOT doing their job and what they were elected to do! They are COWARDS, SPINELESS little KITTENS, and a DISGRACE! They should be IMPEACHED!!! We the PEOPLE have to STAND UP, but what do we do?????? Where do we go and COMPLAIN to????? They’re ALL IN THE SWAMP! They will DESTROY AMERICA, GOD FORBID, and GOD HELP, HELP AMERICA!!!

          1. Amen Maria “WE THE PEOPLE” are the same as these judges spineless, gutless cowards not living up to OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS.
            The CONSTITUTION spells out the rights we have in the event of a tyrannical government, which will be the case if biden and the democrats are allowed to rule.

          2. MARIA
            Yes, you are right. They leave the President NO CHOICE. The future of our country depends on President Thump and the only choice that he will have left is TEMPORY MARTIAL LAW and I will do what ever he needs to be done. I served this great nation and was willing to die to protect it.
            I am not willing to stand by and watch the socialist Marxist destroy this great nation, unfortunately the younger people , looks like 30 and younger, don’t understand what this great nation stands for. They don’t under stand why so many people want to come here. They know that this is the GREATEST NATION on earth, just follow the history of this nation and I am sure they do. If we allow this nation to be taken over by the socialist progressive party take over this nation , then this country will never be the same and we will not be able to get it back, WE JUST CAN’T LET THIS HAPPEN AND I DON’T THINK PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL LET IT HAPPEN.

        3. Daniel you said it RIGhT. Every member of the Supreme Court should be impeached along with all these governors that don’t know or don’t want to do their jobs responsibly. Get rid of all these Sons of B-,t:(;es.

        4. Daniel they claim they are worried about riots . They have just created a civil war, unless God intervenes there will be more bodies killed than what they have promoted through abortion.

        1. yes they did biden right before the election a week before took out of his china account a million dollars what do you think it was for ,it was to buy votes and the presidency I also said that if biden got in he was going to use a health issue just to get the other crook in and guess his health is getting worse yeah right if we can predict what was going to happen then you know they had it set up ,he ran so he could get elected only to drop out to put harris in now if she didn’t have the guts to run that shows shes a sneek and a liar does everybody want that in another what the peoples needs are don’t mean nothing to her only to get in she will tell you want to hear and that’s it I hope this election can be overturned .trump did a lot things were looking up.

      2. Go into work tomorrow and redo your W-4. Check the box marked EXEMPT. If 100 million Americans do that the sham Government of Joe Biden will not have any money to do anything!! Then we can ask the President to give us a budget that we can agree on and then we fund it out of what we would have given the IRS. That way, WE the People take back our country without firing a shot.

    2. American Liberty a suggestion: Please date your articles along with your header as do other sites. With so much news coming out daily it is annoying to be reading an article that is weeks or even months old.

    3. If sleep joe and his girlfriend get into office, The American people might as well give theirs souls to GOD. Because the butts belong to the democrat’s.
      From their very existence democrat party has wanted to control the people and country.
      If one were to go back into the beginning of the party they clouded the minds of the Black population into believing that the democrat party was their way of lifting them to be equal to the white population.
      When in fact they created the KKK, suppressed the ability to live equal to the white population.
      They were instrumental is causing the ghetto’s. Still today there are many who follow their bull.
      All I can say at this point is SEMPER FIDELIS

      1. Yes Mike, it was the Pres. of Russia that said ” America will be defeated from within”. That was many years ago he said this & saw it. I think of it often when I see Fauci not telling the truth about Hydroxy, preventing Virus.
        How many Americans have died.

    4. John Roberts is such a pussy. He’s afraid of riots, well, what’s been going on in Portland for the past six months? Does he think we’re all stupid?? I’ve met women with more balls than this robed sissy.

    5. ❤CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
      Amen & Amen❤

    6. On January 6 President Trump will win His Second term and all of the deep staters will face their day of reckoning including CJ John Roberts

      1. Contact your senators tell them to stand up or we the people will vote
        Them out. Then we will impeach Robert’s

    7. President Trump will take the White House for 4 more years. The supreme court’s ruling is for the people that voted them in office. The 2020 election was Fraud. The people of the USA deserve a honest election. If not we will never vote again. I never dreamed that our government is so corrupt. It is a swamp! Joann Webb

    8. 2020 has turned the election process, largely, into a joke. Unfortunately? Much of the wrongdoing will never see the light of day. I hate to say this but my interest in the election process; or even bothering to vote; is fast fading.

    1. No you can call your Senators representatives and governors and demand they work for we the people not me and my bank account

      1. I have been saying this for many years. I am in contact with my States Senator’s and Representative’s elected to Represent our interest’s in Washington, if you Citizen’s vote them you better start putting the pressure on them to do what we Elected them for. As of year’s past they have sold out our Vote to enhance their self interest’s namely Power and Greed. Pure example of Pay to Play.

        1. If the American citizens don’t start standing up for their rights as declared in the Constitution of the United States we are going to loss these rights. America have some gusts. Stand up for what is right. We can’t let these Congressmen, Senators, Representatives, Governors, Supreme Court justices get away with not doing their jobs. Stand up with President Trump and fight for what is right .

          1. Absolutely! Our Government is so corrupt and we can’t stand by and let them by with it. They will find out how many people actually voted for Trump and the numbers can’t be changed because we’ll be right in their face! Let them try to ignore that!

      2. I tried that already but because I live in the People’s Republic of New Jersey, my socialist/communist senator Booker replied and said in so many words he thinks Donald Trump is a liar. You can’t make this shit up!!!

    2. M’s Delangre;
      There are a number of thing that can be done! ( However it will take a national vote to do so because changes are caused and done by the politician.
      ( 1)- Limit Congress from serving no more the two terms.(2)-Stop paying lawmaker high/price insurance,(3) stop paying lawmaker their full salaries after serving one term or at retirement,(4)-Make Congress pay into Social Security,(5)-Have a computer program that cross check Social Security numbers with fingerprint to stop fraud on many fronts/Use it as voter registration. TILL THE LAST LANDINGS MADE AND WE STAND UNAFRAID ON A SHORE NO MORTAL HAS SEEN.. TILL THE LAST BUGLE CALL SOUNDS TAPS FOR US ALL …SEMPER FIDELIS .AMERICA

      1. Very good points…..there is no reason these so-called politicians should be allowed to stay in their positions for far too long. They should have a 2 term limit and have to pay into social security like the rest of us. It is truly disgraceful that they collect salaries (that we pay for) and have no regard for what their jobs are……to protect ‘we the people’

  2. Congress and Senate need to stand up for the American people and contest the fraudulent election and the electoral college votes. The American people did not vote for Joe Biden unanimously like the Fake news wants you to believe. Joe Biden and the Democrats will destroy this country. If you turn your head and look the other way on what occurred during this election, it will only get worse. The Democrats will see that they got away with murder of our Democracy and lies, and section will continue on larger scale. A civil war can occur either way. Riots and destruction occurred in Democratic run cities. They didn’t stop the burning of people businesses, their livelihood. Democrats want to defund the police,. Do you see a pattern evolving? Stop this madness, by putting President Trump back in the White House.

      1. You folks want a Dictator – please go to Russia to
        satisfy your addictions. That is where your lord
        Trump will be after January 21, 2021.

        1. Hang in there you will have a dick-tater, socialism, and communism all three if O’Bidin get in. But I don’t think China wants to give the American People anything. So welcome to Concentration Camps with little to no food and Re-Education for the masses. Keep voting Democrat you will get there.

        2. O’Connor;
          You remind me of a person who walks around with one finger in his mouth and the other finger in his butt and every so often you switch them. You may have not liked Mr. Trump because of his demeanor, Its not one’s demeanor but his action on results of his comment and performance that matter. Mr. Trump has done more for this country and people then any other president.
          We had a president who at last truly worked for the country and its people and not for some other country, big business, lobbyist, billionaire, union .To name a few.
          I will bet that you never served the country other the give lip sink.

          1. Time for the real citizens of America to have their own peaceful protests. But we won’t kill innocent people and children nor will we burn and loot businesses. What we should do is go to every politician’s houses and have our say they can’t stop us they never stopped BLM or Antifa so we have that right. We have to wear gear so we don’t get shot but protect ourselves Incase we are shot at. If we tear their houses down let them see how it feels. Can’t seem to get anywhere with these communists unless they feel the same pain we do. Time to help our true President

          2. I agree. They are exactly what their Father,Satan is. They call good evil, black they call white, and don’t have the good sense that God gave the jack-ass in the Bible. People can look up everything that our President has done but they are lazy and want to be spoon fed their B S by the Lamestream Media. They have forgotten or never been told our true History. What other country comes to the aid of other countries when there is a need. It is the United States of America, no other. Why are other countries holding Trump rallies, because they know that we are the last course of freedom in the world !! We MUST stand up and keep praying. And realize that there is an plan that will unfold on the 6th of January.

        3. If you call making fair trade deals, getting peace talks to happen in the Middle East, tax cuts for hard working Americans, trying to save the most vulnerable human lives by being pro life, supporting military, law enforcement………. well you need to look up the definition and apply it. What has happened to you personally or your family that you feel President Trump is a dictator. He had made this country so much stronger economically before the virus.

        4. What you are saying is the CROOKED JOE BIDEN/HARRIS will be SOCIALISM/COMMUNISM! We the people will NOT HAVE A WORD TO SAY!!! You won’t even be able to voice your opinion of what is RIGHT!!! NO FREEDOM of SPEACH, NOTHING!!! WAKE UP AMERICA! For the past year, we had nothing but RIOTS, BURNING of our CITIES, KILLING, we already had a CIVIL WAR, so what were the PUSSY CAT SUPREME COURT JUDGES worried about! We have to FIGHT IF NECESSARY TO KEEP AMERICA FREE! Remember what SCHUMMER said, “WE GET GEORGIA, WE CHANGE AMERICA!” GOD FORBID!!

    1. Trump is our divine intervention. He is the only soldier fighting for we the people. His presidency is of no coincidence. We live in a season right now that is dark and bleak under Biden/Harris more of it to come. TRUMP is the ONLY one who can clean this mess up. Our courts seem to have no standing anymore. Sad so wrong.

    2. Joe Biden is a pos and as far as I’m concerned every one of his people need to be put away for ever including him he is only For Joe piece of shit and no body else he doesnt care about us neither do the rest of the libtard clowns they are for themselves they stole the election from President Trump and no they want to steal from us . and the Electoral college has always fought we the people on final decision of who the president is through out all these years our votes never mattered anybody because the Electoral college had the say they all will find out how carma bites them in the ass in the end all their lying stealing cheating that they have done the demo craps party needs to be shut down forever they dont know their ass from a hole in the ground. Stand down you assholes and let a real man protect our freedom

  3. No we can help god we don’t have to take this crap god will help us but got to stand for something or deep state is going to ruin this country for good we the have to stand up to these people now or lose this country for ever we have to take this country back even if we have to do it by force this is all our fault we should have term limits and we wouldn’t be in a spot that we are in even the high courts should be term limits

  4. Marshall law, bring in the troops now and lock these criminals, it is an obvious attempt to overthrow this government, a Constitutional Republic. Roberts is an asshole for sure. What do riots have to do with anything. They are all in localities controlled by democrats. We have plenty of empty jails around the country, built by Obama, probably as re-indoctronation facilities, read that brain washing. Shoot me if I’m outside not wearing a mask.

      1. Kathy;
        I do not believe Marshall Law should take place/ Supreme Court should do their job as sworn!
        Represent the Country and People as was written by framer who wrote our constitution.
        Not use excuses to turn their back on Country and people.


        1. And when that doesn’t happen? They have ignored every bit of evidence and most people don’t even know about the evidence because it’s hidden from them! Declair Martial Law! We also need to take out mainstream media that doesn’t seem to know how to tell the rest of the story. I think mainstream media is just as guilty as the cheaters of the election! Trump supporters are being treated like criminals while the criminals get by with anything they want. Several Senators and congressmen have made actual threats to all Republicans, Ilhan Omar, Cynthia Johnson, AOC, etc,etc, etc. They should all be brought up on charges of terrostic threats!

          1. You’re right, Trudy Kruse, But this is “America”. Elected officials? Wrongdoing? They are never brought up on charges. Yhey say that, “No one is above the law!” that should be, “No one but…”

    1. I totally agree with Sgt Thomas Scales !!! Bring in Marshall Law or DO NOTHING, Lock up the Traitors in the DEEP STATE, either way there will be rioting and shootings, but DOING NOTHING IS ALLOWING A COUP-DE-TAT TO PROCEED AND DESTROYING OUR REPUBLIC !!! The DEEP STATE must be ENDED one way or another, NOW !!!!!!!! IF SOCIALISM (WHICH WILL LEAD TO COMMUNISM) IS SO NEEDED, THEN WHY ARE SO MANY PEOPLE FROM SOCIALIST NATIONS WANTING TO COME HERE IN DROVES ?!!!!

      1. We need to look in the Bible and lookup Gadianton Robbers to see that the people of today are doing just as the Robbers of old did and were therefore destroyed by the people with Gods help.

  5. Our Supreme Court will be no more,that’s ok, it’s the will of the people to have Pres,Trump in DC,I’m ashamed of our system,Robert’s is pathetic why not just make thing’s right.
    The demonrats will destroy America as we know it.

  6. I Don’t know how in the world this could happen. I’ve said from Day 1, that Donald Trump did not lose that election. It appears Kavanaugh is more concerned about what might happen instead of upholding the Constitution which is his job. Trump doesn’t stand a chance when just about everyone in Washington is crooked. Biden wants illegal aliens to vote and other CRAZY ideas. President Trump is the best president we’ve had in a long time. The United States is going to hell in a handbasket and there is nothing we can do but pray.

    1. Someone once told me, “the best thing you can do is pray.” God is Able, if it is his will. He is always with us. Standing for Trump is standing for Life! Too bad many on the left never got the memo that Biden supports murder, calling it women’s choice through abortion. Lay your burdens down at the foot of the cross. I pray God delivers us a miracle!

    2. Richard,
      The only way to find out is have a new election in the contested States.
      Belive that some of the above remarks should come from non Republications.

    3. Trump will prevail. By the court not doing it’s job. And if congress doesn’t do their job They opened the door for the use of military force it’s on them. Not Trump when the force is used

  7. John Roberts is a traitor and should be given a death sentence. He has no doubt been paid off by the deep state. There is no way Biden out performed Obama and Hillary, Especially in certain counties in the swing states. Look up the facts of the election. It’s there for everyone to see. The 2 senate seats in Georgia will be stolen too. According to the Georgia state constitution, if you did not vote in the first election, you can’t vote in the run off but 75,000 newly registered voters will be allowed to vote. This is a coup de ta. No laws apply for the liberal idiots that will destroy America. All the riots are in liberal run cities. When they bring it to the conservative run cities or to the places where Americans hide behind their religion and their guns, there will be less rioters. I promise. Look at the record gun sells. Get ready cause it’s coming. Real Americans hide behind their religion and their guns. Cowardly deepstate liberals hide in the liberal run cities and somebody else that has a gun. Judge Roberts when the s—t hits the fan, you will be a target. Your a loser.

    1. Dec. 29, 2020 10:45 a.m. NY,USA

      Yes, I also agree with you. Get rid of these SPINELESS JUDGES! Why do we have a US SUPREME COURT if they don’t do their job????
      If there was someone to gather everyone, I would go!
      WHOSE WITH ME????

  8. The Supreme Court has kicked their own ass out . Now who can depend on them anymore ? Their no better than the F B I .

  9. Donald Trump – Truth, Justice, and the American way. Democrats – Demolish all that, corruption that has brought down many nations/empires.

  10. We need to pray for our country. All the good President Trump did for us will be lost. People who voted for Biden have no idea what’s in store for them. Let’s not lose our beloved country!

  11. Well, here we are. In the past we never took elections seriously, kept re-electing incumbents because we were not paying attention, and just went along because we thought that politicians were as honest as we were. Well folks, remember the day that Obummer said “elections have consequences” . Probably the only truth he spoke in the eight years he was in the White House. Oh yeah, that’s the people’s house. Now we should all see that that is not true anymore either. Unfortunately, when Donald Trump leaves the White House he will take the country as we know it with him. BUT, we have nobody to blame for this but ourselves since we have a lot of skin in this game and it’s not going away because the ship of freedom and free speech has sailed while we watched and helped. It’s the legacy we leave our children. Are you feeling proud now??????????

  12. Why are these reply’s marked “December 26, 2020 12:55pm” etc. I’m in MST just reading these on December 26, 2020 and it’s 6:42am. Not sure how people in the US are responding 6hrs ahead of time?

      1. Nope. I noticed that myself. The “posted” times have very little to do with when the commebts were actually posted. It is something to wonder about.

  13. We are at a point where our elected leaders and our entire justice system are complicate or too weak to stand up to the evil that has infiltrated our country. They will go down in history as the weakest of the weak. They have broken their oath to the country and proven themselves useless to the people. If we are no longer “the home of the brave”, then we will cease to be “the land of the free”. God help President Trump. He is fighting them all and we, the people, need to fight with him.

    1. I Totally agree with you I know that I am going to stand with My True President Donald Trump Joe Biden can go to HELL WHERE HE CAME FROM

  14. I am 70 years old and I am dismayed at the lack of courage from a majority of people in this country. We will lose our freedoms if we don’t fight for them. We’re seeing people cower and cave because they’ve been “doxxed “ , or threatened or called racists and bigots. Our forefathers and mothers gave their blood, their fortunes and their lives , but we can’t take a little pressure? John Roberts is a perfect example of this cowardly behavior. He screwed us with the Obamacare decision and now with the refusal to hear the Texas case. Our RINOS won’t support our President in spite of overwhelming evidence of fraud. Are we really going to allow the corrupt Biden family, beholden to the CCCP to run our country? Are we really going to be governed by the likes of avowedly Marxist BLM thugs rather than stand up to their racist actions? The only thing that allows evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing. I am not willing to stand by and let my grandchildren and great grandchildren suffer because I was afraid to stand up to evil.

    1. I will give my life for my True President TRUMP 2020 HE IS THE TRUE WINNER OF THE 2020 ELECTION not Sleepy Joe Biden

    2. So again what exactly can we do Koby? I am 78 and I want to help but How?
      If I go to Washington what can I do Support Trump? I can hardly walk but I fear for my Children like millions of others, and lost and my representatives and idiots in Delaware are all Democrats so have no recourse in my state.

  15. John Roberts is a pussy….. worried about riots when the stake of our nation is in the crossfire.
    These 9 people can right this heinous wrong and stand proud….. or they can bow down and take 330 million people with them

    Never imagined this scenario would EVER play out in our lifetimes…… if there was ever a case the high court should hear, it is this case

    Wake the F—- up John Roberts and do the right thing!!

    1. They need to get a little backbone and stand up for the American People and the Truth and make things right before they destroy everything that we know and love

    2. Kathy;
      I do not believe Marshall Law should take place/ Supreme Court should do their job as sworn!
      Represent the Country and People as was written by framer who wrote our constitution.
      Not use excuses to turn their back on Country and people.


    3. The 2016 was NOT and NEVER has been about voting for Donald J Trump, it was about voting against Hillary Clinton. We The “Little” People are tired of being used by the upper crust people. Used to collect money to giveaway to every god forsaken country that has bowed their knee to satan. Tired of our military minds being war hawks and starting endless wars that take our young people and send them back dead or crippled and destroyed mentally. Tired of being lied to by politicians that promise one thing and do something totally different. Tired of being SPIED on by our own CIA, FBI, DOJ, and very want-a-be James Bond. We wanted a President that was NOT a swamp politician. We wanted a President that believed in the Constitution of the United States of America. We wanted a President that believed in the People and not the lobbyist in Washington.
      We wanted a President like Donald J Trump who does not take bullshit off anyone foreign or domestic. So you see the 2016 and 2020 elections are not about Donald J Trump it is about The President. The media and The Democrats just can’t figure out that the “Little” People are tired of their Bullshit and Liberalism. Trump was re-elected by a landslide, and the Democrats stole the election for fumble butt Biden so that Obama can have a Third Term.

  16. The American People are relying on the Supreme Court to do their job PROPERLY if they don’t they should all be replaced

  17. Fuck the USSC traitorous, backstabbing unethical pansyass, commie sympathizers! & I got news for Roberts, we have had mass rioting across this country since fucking May! Does he REALLY think that won’t get worse of Pedo Joe & Kameltoe Hairyass overthrow this country & abolish the cops & reduce our military to pre WWII levels?! NEWSFLASH! It will be epically worse! & Trump has the full authority to enact the Insurrection Act, if he is to win it, to quell all the anarchy, & terrorism from the left! & he needs to do that to secure this election too! I know his lawyer & other advisors advised against this, but 2 things, 1) whose side are they really on? & 2) What IF all legal actions in all courts fail, & then there is no tine left to do this? & that is a massive IF the size of fucking TX.& AK combined!! Hell, it’s as big as Jupiter, to be honest!

    We CANNOT risk it to let the country fall back into the hands of the commie left again! It will be exponentially worse than what Osama-Obama did this this country! As Pedo Joe & Kameltoe Hairyass will abolish the cops, dwindle our military, & spend every dime on everything to do w/illegal aliens, Muslim goatfuckers, foreign countries-esp. our enemies, the commie republic of China, & the likes of BLM & ProFA will destroy this country & attack every STRAIGHT, white, Patriotic, Conservative, Christian they cross paths w/! & the violent cartels from central & south America will ravage this country to no end, raping & killing at will, along w/the l9ther street gangs from here & there too! & they will forceibly take everyone’s guns away, except for the gangs, cartels, ProFa & BLM, so none of could defend ourselves against these terrorist bastards! & on top of all of that, the Muslim goatfuckers will enforce Sharia Law & enslave & rape every women & lil girl in this country w/out mercy, & slaughter every non Muslim they come across too. This country will become a combo of China, Iraqistan, & Somalia! A true hell on Earth! & then endless spending of the left will crater our economy & put us into a depression worse than that of 1929! & we’ll never recover from that! & that will in turn crater the world’s economy too, as all of our economies depends upon each other’s economies! This sis all a part of the NWO! Wake up, people! If Trump doesn’t enact the Insurrection Act, & the courts buttfuck the constitution YET AGAIN, then WE, US Patriots are the last line of defense of democracy! WE, THE PEOPLE! We will need to have a civil war to take it all back from the commie left! Luckily, the military & most cops will be on OUR side! As Thomas Jefferson famously said “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time w/the blood of patriots & tyrants!” Just as true now, as it was back then!

    1. Eric;
      I agree with all you comments except we do not need to go to the extremes of a war.
      WE as a people have allow the politicians to secure power beyond a dreams. Yes this has to change.
      Politician forget why the were elected and whom they need to perform for.
      I was always under the impression that government,( In the United States!) (Was for the people by the people!) Not government for the politician by the politician! ( Politician presently make laws!)
      However to make changes to suggestions listed below, (It will have to be by the people voting on these changes.)
      (1)- Limit Congress to no more then two terms. (2) Stop paying for their high priced Insurance Premiums. ( they are only part-time employees.((3) Stop paying their full salary after serving just one term or at retirement.(3) make congress pay into Social Security.( they make the laws.)(4) Have a limit on how much money they can have for re-election-(5) Have a computer program that cross checks Social Security numbers with fingerprints to stop fraud on many fronts ( use it on voter registration also.

  18. Trump has said since day one when he was asked “Would he concede if he lost the election?” Trump’s answered it the same every time he was asked. He said If the election was all legit without fraud no matter who won. Again as the dem party always does the question about Trump conceding is because Hellary never did. Everything they have accused Trump of they left a map of there corruption with them mirroring their actions.

  19. Yes I agree with you all. Now how about instead of just telling each other our opinion we actually do something. Each & everyone of us need to contact our Senators, Congressmen, Governors & Mayors multiple times demanding they do something about this voter fraud & that Biden is not the legal President he is a traders who needs to pay for his crimes, get Pelosi out of office now! If they do not want to cooperate we will start petitions on them to have them fired like Calif. is doing to Newsom. And of course keep praying to GOD to help us! Lets go America, God Bless us all!


  21. The headline is correct. It’s not about Trump. it’s about the 25%-30% of Americans who wish the South had won the civil war, and prioritize race and religion over liberty and democracy.
    They believe that America should remain the White dominated overtly Christian ethnocracy it was for the first almost 200 years of its existence. It seems clear beyond doubt that there is no way these people will ever accept an America that is not that, but a diverse meritocratic democracy.

    No one can force anyone to accept core values, and this is what we are talking about, they do not believe in. Since ethnocracy and democracy are inherently incompatible values, there is no way a house divided between them can survive,

    Thereby I suggest that the best thing for this country is to let that substantial minority leave the country they no longer believe in, and do not wish wish to be a part of. Let every state hold a plebiscite, and any state that wants to leave and be part of a CSA2.0 will be free to do so. Whoever wants to go live in the country their state decided not to be part of (rump USA or CSA2.0) will be able to relocate to the state of their choice,

  22. They will not stop riots by allowing this steal to go through. The left now believes that they are untouchable and we can expect to see more riots, even assaults on Trump supporters. Once the left arrests Trump or starts attacking the Bill of Rights you will see some millions of protestors.

  23. John Roberts has sold out to COMMUNIST SOCIALISM group! He better start worrying about getting home or leaving home! I’m not sure he is working for the AMERICANS PEOPLE! But the ENEMY! Don’t take my word on this! You can see he think he the KING IN THE SUPREME COURT! BUT NOT! It a shame they get to sit on the bench til they DIED! Those put in by Trump are a disgrace to the COUNTRY! Letting the enemy of America scarce them like FOOL! Don’t believe any of them are following the CONSTITUTION LAWS OR BILL OF RIGHTS! Just as those federal lower Court judge! So it time to start another CIVIL WAR AND BRING GOD BACK INTO THIS COUNTRY! LIKE THE OLD SAYING GONE IT FREEDOM OR DEATH!

  24. The 7 Justices that shirked their duties need to be removed. All land, companies, and all other physical and or intellectual property in America that is owned by the Chinese Communist Party needs to be seized and sold to United States citizens. All proceeds go to people who lost their business in this scamdemic. You can’t own land in Mexico if you are not a citizen, why should the United States be any different? All people involved in the ridiculous criminal activity that they expect us to believe was an election, need to go to Gitmo. Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Maxine Waters, Diane Feinstein and all other corrupt Politicians need to be executed and their lands and monies should be given to our homeless vets. Fauci, Gates, Clintons, Obamas, Bush’s, Soros, Rockefellers, Schwabs, Rothchilds, Mountbatten-Windsors, Davos Summit attendees, Big Pharma, media etc. need to be executed and their Estates need given to all who have been harmed by their Agenda 21 nonsense. All persons raping, torturing, killing and eating children get death by a thousand cuts and their fortunes need to be distributed to children around the World. There! I fixed everything. Well, not everything, but a lot.

  25. SHAME ON “US” for allowing this invasion of this constitutional republic. Voting in traitors who DON’T believe in our country. Allowing people who “worked” for us to continually be voted back into the system even though they have done nothing to protecting our freedom while in office and THEY ARE STILL IN OFFICE. What does it take to get them out. If I don’t do my job properly, my employer, (to protect his company), must fire me. That’s the right thing to do! How do these people, who go against our Constitution and revised it as they go along, make sure they make their millions get away with this. We MUST wise up and get rid of them before they destroy this country!!! My heart is sick over this fiasco. We are the losers. God help “US” and pray that HE reinstate our real President: President Trump

    1. Is there not one honest democrat who is willing to say “Let’s stop and investigate all the allegations of fraud and let’s find out what really happened.” Not one democrat who knows what happened and is willing to come forward and tell the truth. Not one democrat who cares whether we have a free country. Mob rule and socialism will come back to bite everyone, even the democrats.

    2. From Day 1 after Trump was elected…there were Obama leftovers in Washington. How is this possible? That is why you had witch hunts through out his Presidency

  26. America, as we all know it, is at a ” crossroads.” All God-fearing, freedom-loving, family- centered Patriots know it. And it goes without saying, President Trump knows it. What we do now is pray and fight-and as Patrick Henry meant what he said, “…as for me, give me liberty or give me death.” Yes, my true Patriots and fellow freedom-loving Americans. If blood needs to be shed, so be it! My grandfather fought for my freedom in WWI. His son, my uncle George, fought for my freedom and my families freedom, when he served as a paratrooper, in WWII, My father and my Uncle Vilas, were both stationed & trained for imminent activation to fight for my families freedom in Germany, during the war in Korea. Now I am ready to fight the enemies of America, the enemies within (our country), for them, in memory of them, and my family-all of whom I love dearly. How about you, what say ye?

  27. I just finished doing the math using Georgia as an example. Given the 4 suitcases full of fraudulent Biden ballots in the Atlanta counting center, the MSM narrative of first, no voter fraud and then okay, well some…but not enough to change the election results is FALSE. Assuming 140,000 fraudulent votes per suitcase, that is 560,000 unearned votes. The original vote count had Biden winning at 2,473,633 to Trump’s 2,461,854 votes. Subtracting the 560 thousand fraudulent votes from Biden’s total yields a Trump victory by 548,221 votes. Not enough to change the election results? I’m calling B.S.! Then add in the vote shaving done by the Dominion Voting System and the count changes yet again. The one machine that was tested yielded a vote shaving from Trump to Biden of 13%. By multiplying Trump’s count by that 13% and adding back the votes shaved from him, says that Trump won the Georgia election by 2,781,895 to Biden’s 1,593,592 or a difference of 1,188,303 votes.

    Now the MSM, or as most intelligent people call them the democratic propaganda branch, says “Not enough to change the results,” I believe that the grade-school level math says differently.

  28. John Roberts must be impeached and removed from scotus! He bullies the junior members of the court to do HIS bidding! How dare he tell the other members that they will vote as HE tells them? Who the hell does he think he is? This is an atrocity! The scotus is SUPPOSED to be impartial, follow the rule of law and the constitution! Clearly Roberts is compromised, and is compromising all other justices by his actions! Time to revolt in the court, do their sworn duty and rule rightly and fairly! If they refuse to do that, impeach and remove them! This is OUR country! And as the old saying goes” if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything”. Myself, I stand for our rights and freedom !

  29. Love you Trump. Pull us out of this mess! Pence can do it Jan 6 as he will be the most powerful man presiding over the chambers of congress then and he can, and I implore him to, declare that he can’t accept the fraud laden states certified electors because they were not legally appointed due to overwhelming evidence of election fraud. Attorney advice Ivan Raiklin.

  30. I have lost total respect for the Supreme Court! Why are they there? They have no guts? Or have they been bought by Soros & his group? Whatever their problem is they are a disgrace! They are afraid will cause riots. What do they will happen with all communists in Oval Office???? American’s want to be free not controlled!! We won’t let it happen!! You all should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  31. The couple that was arrested, Mc Closky, for bearing arms to defend their home & property have the Castle Act
    in their state. It’s a law, how did a judge not recognize that. Castle Act is close to the “Stand your ground” law.
    Texas stands their ground & all judges respect it, that’s why Antifa stays away from the state of Texas. I read Antifa was run out of a city in Texas, Mc Allen. There’s a sign posted as you enter Texas, “Don’t mess with Texas”. I believe they mean it. Constitution stands with Texas & other states that have the “Castle Law.” Vote for all states to have this law. America has the “Right to bare arms” NRA claims 1 In 9 Dems. have purchased arms. Antifa doesn’t stand for anything but “kill” & destroy.

  32. If this is actually true — the scumbag roberts needs to be thrown off the bench, not resign, not retire but thrown off the NOT SO SUPREME court and left in the gutter where he belongs. Afraid of the riots — BS — about afraid of losing everything America stands for ?????? Give the American citizens the right to handle the dirtbag rioters and do what you are there for — HERE THE CASE !!!! If roberts is afraid of scum like antifa, blm or the democratic libtard socialists — he doesn’t belong anywhere near the supreme court, he needs to go crawl into his little bunny hole in the ground and shiver . If this is true — it is the — “supreme” injustice and act of cowardice this country has ever been subjected to — absolute disgrace !!!!!!!

  33. Okay, many of you are locked and loaded, ready to fight for your country. Are you?? How many of you who write, are too old to fight? How many are too young? Do you really want a bloody war to solve this? I do believe that we need to place the nation under Marshall law. This is plainly a very old Coup D’Etat. We have the strongest military in the world. It is up to them to put down this insurrection. To bang on doors of the corrupt politicians and take them any for committing treason against our country. This is one of their jobs. “To preserve and protect our nation from all enemies, foreighn and DOMESTIC.” Why aren’t we out in the streets demanding that the Justices who pantied out and trampled the constitution be removed? Why aren’t the 75 million people who voted for Trump walking up and down the streets of their state capitals demanding this election be thrown out due to fraud? No my friends, we don’t want a Civil War. What we want is Justice based on what the constitution allows. Insurrection needs to end by our military which is charged with means to conquer the enemies from within. Let’s start with Hillary, Comey, Brenner and Clapper!

    1. I may be old, but never too old to fight for my country! As long as I can still pull that trigger, I’m in it.

  34. To ensure election security in Georgia, why can’t the federal government use their police forces, not military, to watch the election process and step in if election watchers and ballot mishandling is happening and local police do not act to enforce the law? I would think national security is affected by elections for federal offices, so DHS designated police crews would have authority with an executive order to enforce the law, with or without Georgia OK. Even courts would have no jurisdiction, as they all have stated. RNC better send the entire available folks to Georgia to watch all drop boxes, election, precincts, ballot couriers, as well as entry to all counting station entrances and roof tops. Especially Fulton County.

  35. Problem now may just be more Riots for the action they took then thinking Americans would cheer a crooked election they lost. Time will tell if they once again by hook or crook we’re on the socialist side of a true loss.

  36. SO, in essence, we have all these YELLOW BELLIED ,Elected SOBs who have the spine of a snail WE ARE DOOMED to go to war, drain the swamp and piss all over the Yellow bellied Bastards …WAKE UP AMERICA the rug is being pulled out from under your feet by a new version of HITLER!

  37. the democrats are only the trojan horse for entry to the halls of power. the people in the horse are the communist chinese. They said that they would win the war without firing a shot. if biden is put in power they [the ccp ] have won the war..

  38. Trump’s presidency has been one of revelation to believers. Bias and deceit of the MSM, perversion of Hollywood’s crowd, corruption of the voting systems, infiltration of communist in our government, and so on. As believers in Jesus, the Christ of God, we can rest assured that everything will be revealed, evil will have it’s day, God will protect his church, and Satan will be defeated. Hold tight to what is good and just, father God will prevail. Amen

  39. I will refuse to recognize that we have a President/Vice President for the next 4 years. Biden/Harris did not legally
    win the election, which was a total fraud and a slap in the face to all American voters. Now the “Demoncrats” will have another 4 years to plot another fraudulent election for 2024. It appears that most of the Supreme Justices are also a big part of the “rigged electoral system”. Democracy has been destroyed, and there is only one current, outnumbered President fighting against this type of corruption. Love him or hate him, everyone deserves a legal and fair election process, and without that, we are no longer a free America.

  40. I am not so sure there will not be riots if Biden is sworn in. Anger is a powerful passion that can overwhelm reason.
    Let us pray that the Lord will have mercy on our nation for we have been very ungrateful of His blessings, and we will humbly acknowledge His sovereignty and see the present state of our country as his way of getting our attention to Himself.


  42. I realized after this election that there is no reason to ever vote again if we let them get away with this. If they fixed this election what will stop them from doing it in each Future Election. Those who believe in socialism like Cortez should go live in Cuba if they think it is so great. Citizens pay 40% out of their pay checks for socialized medicine in England That is something I am not willing to do. We need to stop teachers and professors from brainwashing our youth. Talk to your kids/grandkids let them know the truth and what is really happening. This is how it starts and then hello Venezuela. Naturalized citizens see this clearer than us native born Americans. They left their countries because of socialism/ communism. They are freaking out because they have already been there. I was always a proud American now I am a scared American.

  43. I realized after this election that there is no reason to ever vote again if we let them get away with this. If they fixed this election what will stop them from doing it in each Future Election. Those who believe in socialism like Cortez should go live in Cuba if they think it is so great. Citizens pay 40% out of their pay checks for socialized medicine in England That is something I am not willing to do. We need to stop teachers and professors from brainwashing our youth. Talk to your kids/grandkids let them know the truth and what is really happening. This is how it starts and then hello Venezuela. Naturalized citizens see this clearer than us native born Americans. They left their countries because of socialism/ communism. They are freaking out because they have already been there. I was always a proud American now I am a scared American.

  44. I vote to impeach and replace each member of the Supreme Court that voted not to help President Trump prove that the election was a fraud, I can’t believe the Supreme Court has turned on it’s own country. I am a Christian and I know for a fact that God is watching this and some people better watch out because they dont want the wrath of Godto come down on them.

  45. This post is an exercise in denial. With the imminent departure of the greatest failed Presidential apprentice from the Oval Office, most of these letters suggest that American now needs a Psychiatrist in Chief and a grade three teacher to nail down a basic appreciation of mathematics.Does no one ask how, if election fraud were as extensive as they suggest, not a single collaborator / conspirator among the thousand involved has come forward to clear their conscience and admit guilt. If the charges of Democratic fraud are true, America should be thankful to have have such a well oiled machine in charge, as opposed to the comedy troupe that has been mishandling things for the last four years. Beyond their establishing the world’s record for corona virus deaths, and missing the largest cyber security breach in the nation’s history, the Republican administration proved to be dismally incompetent in seeing their own voter suppression project through to conclusion. Sour grapes and charging fraud simply because your guy lost is not only childish but in this case
    evidence of serious mental deficiency.

    1. Mike Flynn just watch you ass as god is cvoming and youn wqill be one of the ones that will be eating black buzzard guts.

  46. President Trump has done more good for America than presidents before him with the exception of Ronald Reagan.
    I am disgusted with the so called Democratic party that wants to really change America, what does that mean? Does it mean to continue to degrade or society, bankrupt our country, continue to giveaway Americans rights, sell off our country to China.
    The two distinct things America has that others do not have is our Constitution and America is a country of laws. It is extremely apparent that the Democratic party wants to change that by condoning violence and constantly attacking our constitution. Beware of what is coming if they control the total government.

  47. What do They have against Roberts ? He is Not the man we Supported and a Great Dissapointment to The American People..Thankfully God is Still in Control..Watch out Roberts Your Career will End after Betraying the American People

  48. The supreme (Stupid) bubble headed ass’s are just that Stupid ass’s payed by Sorry ass and the dumbocrats.

  49. I have been accused of drinking the “kool-aid” by some of those who drink “swamp water” because I support Trump but what they don’t comprehend is that I back Trump because many of his ideas and ideals correspond with mine rather than me conforming to him. I’m just a couple of years younger than he is and my political notions started when I was in the fourth grading reading a lot of history books in the bookcase beside me in my classroom.
    I think we need to advance the phrase “swamp water”.

  50. GOD BLESS President Trump, thank you for all that you did for our country and its people while you were in office. We all know that the Democrats along with the DEEP STATE were the ones that rigged our last election. Apparently this is going to be allowed to continue as no Court Of Law is willing to look at what proof there is to show who the real winner of our election was. I Agree with Tim for the same reasons he put forth. I’m same age President Trump. GOD HELP OUR NATION.

  51. If it’s true that John Roberts said what is being stated. Than he’s not fit to be on the SCOTUS. If also the other justices can’t decide on their own, than they’re not fit either!!! Personally I feel that no matter what happens concerning the election, there will still be disruption/riots of some sort. Time to stand up against corrupt politicians and their buddies!

  52. TRUMP sees this coming if everything goes on as is.
    The following quote will fit.

    It’s been almost sixty-one years since Russia’s Premiere Nikita Khrushchev delivered this speech (actually tirade). Many of you may not remember his quote or were even alive when Mr. Khrushchev of the Soviet Union made his remarks to President John F. Kennedy. His bragging remarks gave me the cold chills at the time and today to see the radical left-wing of the democrat party carrying on about socialism gives me a similar feeling.
    The date was September 29, 1959. I was fifteen years old and I remember it like it was only yesterday. These are Premiere Nikita Khrushchev’s exact words in their entirety:
    “Your children’s children will live under communism, You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright, but we will keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you will finally wake up and find you already have Communism. We will not have to fight you. We will so weaken your economy until you will fall like overripe fruit into our hands. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.”
    It is important more than ever today that you, your children and grandchildren remember what Russia’s Khrushchev said in 1959, It is equally important that you remember that socialism inevitably leads to communism.

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