Time to Abolish the Popular Vote!

Sorry about that headline. But since Democrats are so eager to abolish the Electoral College, I felt that someone needed to offer up a genuinely contrarian position to that argument. Lord knows the Republicans in Congress won’t do it. Mitch McConnell has now ordered Senate Republicans to not contest the fraudulent 2020 election. The good news is that McConnell has already lost that fight. It looks like we may be headed toward a first-ever, genuinely constitutional election in America, now that the popular vote is so hopelessly flawed and clearly fraudulent.

Just a day after I explained the strategy behind dueling electoral votes, everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Roll Call is suddenly talking about the Electoral College Act of 1887.

Brief recap:

The 1886 presidential election between Rutherford B. Hayes and Samuel Tilden ended up being contested. Fraud in three states resulted in those states sending dueling sets of Republican and Democrat electors to Congress for the Electoral College vote. This resulted in a split contest where neither candidate had enough votes to win. Hayes and Tilden cut a deal behind closed doors and Tilden conceded.

In order to prevent this from ever happening again, the vague, hazily-written and never-before-used Electoral College Act of 1887 was passed the following year.


When the electoral votes are counted on January 6, 2021, it may or may not decide who the next President of the United States is. As I noted previously, the President of the Senate (Mike Pence) is about to be faced with an unprecedented decision. Pence will be handed dueling sets of electoral ballots from the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico.

Those states were riddled with election fraud and yet were “called” for Joe Biden. Democrats appointed slates of Democrat electors who cast ballots for Biden – but Republicans in those states appointed Republican electors, who voted for Trump.

Pence cannot count both sets of votes for those seven states. He has to choose, and he has sole authority to choose under the Electoral College Act of 1887. Pence can discard the Republican ballots, count the Democrat ballots and elect Joe Biden. He can discard the Democrat ballots, count the Republican ballots and reelect Donald Trump and himself. Or, he can chuck both sets of ballots and throw the election back to Congress.

Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL) has committed to challenging the votes of those seven states on the day when the Electoral College votes are counted. Since this is a rare event that involves both houses of Congress, he needs at least one Republican Senator to join him in challenging the disputed states’ votes. This appears to be why Mitch McConnell has ordered Senate Republicans to stand down and allow Joe Biden to steal the 2020 election. McConnell knows the rules and he knows what’s coming.

If you are of a mind to preserve the Republic, now would be a good time to call your Republican Senator(s) and urge them to challenge the disputed Electoral College votes. An easy way to reach them is by dialing the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121.

What happens if one Senator and one Representative challenge the votes? It then goes to a full vote in the House and Senate. This would result in a split decision (hopefully). The Democrat-controlled House will vote to count the Democrat electors, and the Republican-controlled Senate would vote to count the Republican electors.

Game over.

Under the laws of the Constitution, the presidential election would then fall to the states, with each state receiving just ONE vote. The 27 red states will vote for Trump and the 23 blue states will vote for Biden, and we finally have a resolution to the 2020 election that does not involve fraud or deceit. This is all perfectly legal, and the steps are laid out before us.

This is one of the peaceful methods of keeping the rightful winner of the 2020 election in office, which does not involve the use of the Insurrection Act, tanks in the streets, military tribunals and Netflix being taken off the internet for several days (total chaos!). We can sort out the fraud and arrest the guilty parties later. What’s important right now is preserving our system of free and fair elections. That cannot and will not happen if we allow the 2020 election to be stolen. America will be the laughingstock of the world if we allow Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to set foot in the White House under such a fraudulent pretense.

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81 thoughts on “Time to Abolish the Popular Vote!”

  1. Please save our country, and do not let the corrupt Biden and Harris steal this election, and then go after all politicians that have made money illegally, especially from our number one threat China, along with greater restrictions and caps on campaign contributions !!!!!

    1. Don’t let the thieves steal the People House. Judge the man by how and where he wants to lead this beloved Country.
      Please consider the future of this country and the future of generations to come.
      We have been betrayed for so long. It’s time to get rid of the corruption and make this country clean and great again.
      Thank you for your consideration.

      1. Mitch McConnell is not thinking of what’s best for America, he has cut a deal with the Democrats to benefit himself to the detriment of all of America. If Biden Harris get in there will never be another election, we will be a China satellite and slaves . China will have control over America without firing a single shot. There will be no 2024 . Our lives as Free Constitutional REPUBLIC will end the day Dementia Joe and Phoney Kamala enter the White House.
        Anyone with eyes and half a brain can tell this election was stolen. Look at how many people showed up at Trump rallies vs. how many didn’t show up for Biden rallies.
        Biden need to be in jail or a nursing home, not the highest office in America. Kamala husband is a industrial attorney for China.
        Prophet Kim Clemens said Trump would have 2 terms and he was to drain the swamp and make America great again. This was prophesied from 2007 to 2014, before Trump even ran for office. It was also prophesied that there would be economic recovery and peace in the middle east. God said he would make Trump a Trumpet for God. Trump is not a career politician. He didn’t make his billions from our tax dollars like Clintons and Obama’s and Bidens. There is 35 billion still unaccounted for from the Obama administration. Their corruption is still costing us to this day. They came to office not owning a home but leave office owning 5, the Bidens own 5 houses plus the island next to Jeffrey Epstein, how did they afford that on a public servants salary?

        1. What you say is true. However, knowing the political animal as I do, given my age, you have Republican senators on record as opposing challenging the electoral vote counting. Assuming it is successfully challenged, can we really count on the Republican senators to vote for the republican slate of electors from the contested states?

        2. Well and accurately said!!! Call your House and Senate Reps and demand they question the ballots of these 3lectors.

    2. I will do anything I can possibly do to keep this election from being stolen. If this is allowed to continue we will never have another fair election in this country. Mitch McConnell needs to be leading this charge but I suspect that it’ll be someone like Ted Cruz who had lead vote for for president one day.
      President Trump has done more for this country than any president in my memory or my knowledge of history. So very many people love him and then there are those who hate him and want nothing more than to destroy him we have to do everything in our power to stop them. Thank you

      1. Janice I have read a lot of the comments and I like yours the most, what you say is exactly how me and all my friends feel, I just wonder how a normal thinking voter would vote for a party that has done told you they would triple taxes, allow abortions even up till time of a new life coming into this world, they are anti religeon , anti gun, and the anti gun deal will start a civil war here at home, I have a gun collection, I will not give up, they would have to take it from my dead hands, the left wants to let every one in to our country and let them draw a check, give them health care, free education and lots of other things, the left has lost it’s mind, if we dont get this changed in 6 months we will be like Argentina and a lot of other third world countries, the left wants us unarmed so they can do as Hitler did if they feel like it and they want the one world order which one size does not fit all. Pray for our nation.

        1. Democrats are Not Normal Thinking Voters and tens of Millions of those Biden Votes are Not from Real People. Biden will sit in the Oval Office Over My Dead Body as I will Die before I Allow the Democrats the Steal an Election! I would have Accepted a Legitimate Biden Win no matter how hard that would be to Stomach, but No Way in Heck will I Abide by this Farce. Biden wants to be President then let Him Win an Election Free of Fraud!

      2. Janice, you hit the nail on the head about Trump doing a lot for this country. Just look at the umemployment rate being the lowest in decades!

      3. the problem is so many democrats AND republicans are knee deep or deeper in the SWAMP, and would not
        know how to get out of the swamp and will be flushed like so many *urds

    3. Everyone please call the number from above article. Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 and let the senate know that they need to challenge the disputed electoral college votes!

      Thank you!

    4. With the fact that all ballots are serialized and sealed in an envelope how does one know how to select Republican or Democrat votes to throw away?
      If ballots are opened to check the Vote to decide which to throw away the ballots are no longer valid…
      All this talk about people throwing away Republican or Democrats ballots to favor a certain candidate is not really feasible!

      1. All you need to do if you’re a demoncrap is see if the oval after “Trump” is filled in: You can pitch the ballot or, if you have the authority to “adjudicate” the ballot, simply change the Trump vote to Biden. The “Adjudicate” is a “FEATURE” of Dominion, according to the Dominion manual. There are other “features” that bulk manipulate votes, too. Since the Dominion machines are internet connected, anyone with the knowledge (read and have a manual) can excersize the “FEATURES” online from the comfort of their computer desk!

    5. The president should act on his EO, declare martial law. If we leave the election up to Pence we will NOT win. ALl of these people are intimidated. I wouldn’t trust one of them.

  2. The senate must get involved with the constitutional means of correcting this fraudulent voting crisis. Any Republican Senators who don’t must be voted out of office.


  3. I Agree with our US Republican Lawmakers

    only this issue, abolish immediately

    ❤CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020/2021 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen❤

  4. Where is the Republican Strongman who will step up and do the right thing and vote along with Rep. Mo Brooks? Is there not ONE brave leader in the Republican Senate?

  5. AMERICAN GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME SO CORRUPT! If America doesn’t repent and turn back to God it’s all over! Satan owns America! The Democratic Party is evil beyond belief, led by Satan and pushes all these things: Hatred for God, The Bible, and Jesus Christ, they push Evolution in stead of Creation to our children, Drugs, Lying, Cheating, Gambling, Pornography, Human Trafficking, Homosexuality, Gay Marriage, Corruption in the Government, Corrupt Law Keeping Agencies, Corrupt Elected Officials, Corrupt Appointed Officials, Abortion, Broken Marriages, They took the Bible (1948), Prayer (1963), and the 10 Commandments out of our schools, teaching our children that homosexuality is OK, teaching them they can change their gender, Godlessness of all kinds, and list goes on and on, God is tired of the U.S., we have traveled too far from God and His Word, and the way this country was founded over 240 years ago, too far! In 1620, 400 years ago the Pilgrims made a covenant with God (Mayflower Compact) about this country and we have destroyed it 110%, Revival! Who will turn back to God is the question now? America has been too arrogant. We are in the end times, ‘as it was in the days of Noah’ ..And the time of Lot! .Since 1973 We have killed more babies than ALL that died in WWII, America is a sewer, a garbage dump of Sin! Repent! Turn from our Sin!! Ask God for forgiveness! Pray for healing! TODAY! The Bible IS THE Final authority on this planet! Jesus is the only TRUTH there is, JESUS Said, “I am the WAY, The TRUTH, and The LIFE, no man comes unto the Father but by ME” The only way out of all this is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Will you answer the call?, will you open the door for Christ? Or are you too Proud? JOHN 3:16, READ IT TODAY Jesus said he was coming quickly, God doesn’t lie, Humble Ourselves and cry out to the Lord!! The end for America is very close! Without God, we can do nothing! The Bible is THE final authority on this planet! AMEN! Romans 10:9 Today! Believe & Confess Jesus! Let us all spend eternity together in God’s Kingdom with the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords Jesus!

    1. Gary is so right all you have to do is go back to the Bible in the old testament and read Isaiah the prophet and then Ezekiel the prophet in the United States is falling in line just as they said the other countries were that were opposing Israel and if the United States does not turn back to God the same thing will come about here in this country and that is the thing that we all have to understand history repeats itself at least profits or prophesying 2000 years ago and it still applies to us here in this great country the land of God in the United States

    2. Thank you Gary for your response. What you said is spot on and I totally agree with everything that you said. I have family that came to America on the Mayflower and I’m proud that they came here seeking religious freedom. We must fight to keep the religious freedoms that they established and the freedom that our veterans active, no longer serving and those that made the ultimate sacrifice fought for. Freedom is not free and must be fought for. Stand up Christians and fight for Our Lord and Savior Jesus and our right to worship.

    3. There is really not much if anything more to say but Amen because we are living in a modern day Sodem and Gomorrah and something has got to change so we need to repent, pray and turn it over to God before it’s too late. Thank you Gary L Boldt for your input. God bless us all

    4. Amen and Amen ! You speak the truth from the heart of a God that so many have left out or turned against without truly knowing who he is. He is a loving God but also a vengeful God !! We have thrown our arrogance in his face for too long. He has tried to warn us of coming punishment but we have ignored every warning. TIME IS UP !!! Yes, we need to contact our Senate’s but first we need to make contact with our heavenly Father on bended knee and ask for forgiveness !! I hope and pray you all will join me. Our future and that of who comes after us depend on it ! GOD BLESS AND HEAL AMERICA…….I PRAY !!!!!!

    5. I feel your sentiment completely. But I want you to consider something else. God made a covenant with America. he did that knowing full well what we would become. But he made a promise that America would be established in the tops of the mountain. True we have truly fallen as a nation, but God cannot lie. Nor can he break his word. I was praying and interceding on behalf of our nation before the throne in heaven. I was weeping uncontrollably for America. I heard the most high speak and he said, “I have heard your prayers and America will continue. The decree was entered into the Books in heaven and now his word will be carried out by all the Angels in heaven. There are still over 72 million souls in America that want God to be our King and who support President Trump. God will not destroy America because of all of us. When he destroyed Sodom, Abraham pleaded with God the he would spare Sodom if Abraham could find only ten souls that were righteous. We have way more than that. God plans to use the minority to judge the world and to reveal his power and might right in front of the whole world. he will redeem us that are his own and his Kingdom shall be established on the earth. This is the most exciting time in history to be alive. All his saints shall do exploits and all the wicked shall continue to do wickedly until they are taken out of the way. “Where Lord. Where are they taken. To where the eagles or vultures are gathered together. Where the birds eat the flesh of wicked men. The parable of the wheat and the tares tells us that the wicked shall be removed first and bundled together to be burned with unquenchable fire. Then the righteous shall be reaped and gathered into the Master’s barns. Some for food and some for seed.” This is the plan of God today.

    6. Gary, the corruption is out of control and Satan is winning. What you say is so true and we need God’s help with a lot of pray for this country to be saved. How much longer can we continue this life style without God stepping in and taking control?

    7. I feel genuinely sorry for you that your belief system has clouded your ability to love and accept other people for who they are and how they identify. Did you forget about the separation of church and state on which our democracy is founded? Leave Christianity out of politics, and let people live the lives they want to live.

    8. Amen and Amen! Thank you for your post. And in the meantime, continuing to pray for our President Donald Trump and Vice President Pence and that God will be merciful and guide our President and those who are working for and with him to see that the election is not stolen by the fraudulent votes and that it might be corrected and all fraud will be brought to light and thrown out and only valid votes will be counted. That our election will work as it was intended and that our Constitution will be upheld and strengthened in the process. And may God be praised and glorified as we honor Him in and through our efforts!!

  6. McConnell needs to fall in line and supportTrump. If not he needs to move aside. In fact it’s more then time for him, Schumer and Pelosi to go.enough of their bantering back and forth for their own interests. Americans first should always be he way. It’s not only Trump’s call it’s our way of life. China, Russia are our enemies. Politicians seem to have forgotten that. Swalwell, Pelosi, Feinstein, Biden family, NBA owners, coaches and players need to get in line with our values. I’m sure there are others on both sides that are guilty but it’s our right, it’s our country. Whatever the outcome we need to dig in and find out how deep is the fraud, not for Trump but for our country. The media needs to just shut up because their in on it big time. Big money, big tech, social media has gone too far. All voters need to take action and elect new blood that support our ideals not theirs.

  7. The popular vote in this case really doesn’t matter. this cheat is so big, it is one for the history books. So many fake votes were added to this election, I only have 3 messages to the cheaters out there that tried to steal the election. 1. To China, no you will not rule this country, not now, and hopefully never. 2. To Obama, no you will not take out Joe Biden, and use Kamala as your puppet as you think you will serve a third term. you did nothing good in the 2 terms you had. 3. To Hillary Clinton. get over it, you didn’t cheat enough back in 2016 to win, move on. I would like to also add that all the people in the white house that do not like Trump need to change their attitude. Their negative rude behavior should not be tolerated by any means. It sends a message to the rest of the country that it is ok to treat an elected official like a piece of garbage, when in fact you are the one that is a piece of garbage. The president should be respected, if you can’t do that, then please remove yourself before your negativity spreads. Stop the lies!! That is treason!! any un-American behavior is treason!! AOC is a traitor, Pelosi is a traitor! Waters is a racist traitor! Omar is a traitor, these women need to be dealt with. May God Bless what is left of America

  8. Dear God ! I feel I was spared when the lightning hit me as a child ? Surely this is not the reason ! Please call on Jim Jordon and those that have stood with him to fight with the crazy Nadlers/Pelosi’s etc.
    Surely there is enough of us out here worth it !
    We can already see what is coming in Ga. as Schumer has stated. ( Do not let them take over..over,,over…
    This movie must be stopped !

    1. Oh sweetie I wouldn’t worry to much. Trump has got this one, believe me when I tell you that he is going to clean house and he will have a very good 4 years coming. I think he has learned to play their game, and they fell into his trap, People will be going to jail if all works well.

  9. Biden is such a dumb-ass, he actually thinks that he go 80 million votes! Ha ha ha ha everyone else knows it is way less, like 68% or more

  10. American Government has become so corrupt, that every aspect of it is compromised! If Biden/Harris, a Godless duo gets into the White House, the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies will become their ‘Brown Shirts’ TRUE… We will lose what is left of our freedom. We will never see our borders open again (Canada) for Americans to leave only to let criminals IN! Masks will be forever to brake our spirits, no more privately owned business, property, or open Church Doors. Satan Will be in charge. We must repent and get on our knees and pray like never before to our Creator, ask for forgiveness for all the evil this Country has done so much in the last 100 years, turned our backs on God, took the Bible and Prayer out of our Schools, taught Evolution instead of Creation, produce more than 50% of the worlds pornography, gambling at every corner store, teaching our children homosexuality is OK, Gay Marriage, teaching our children they can change their gender and the list of things this country has done against God and the Bible is so long I could go on and on….We Need Jesus Christ and His Finished Work on the Cross! John 3:16/Romans 10:9 Today! Repent America! Please! We can do nothing without God! TRUE!

    1. Praise the lord & pass the ammunition, that was a popular song during WWII …. and it was never truer than today. Believe on the Lord but be ready to fight to the end for your Freedoms.

      1. You read my mind!! Trump should not leave the White House under ANY circumstances!! We, the people, will gladly and patriotically defend the legacy of our country. We will fight against enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC!! I hope that all of you Communist lame brains understand that Liberalism is a mental disorder.






  12. If we allow this fraudulent election to stand, the swamp has taken over. I am calling my republican senators urging them to get behind this action, and keep the best president in my lifetime (85 yrs) in office. Maybe he can undo more of what Obama has done to ruin our great country. Reagan was good, but Trump has truly made America great again,and he has more of a job to do. We must give him a chance to do it. Joe Biden has done nothing in 47 years in government, and we cannot expect anything else from him. Harris is nothing but a died in the wool socialist, bordering on communist.

  13. Oh sweetie I wouldn’t worry to much. Trump has got this one, believe me when I tell you that he is going to clean house and he will have a very good 4 years coming. I think he has learned to play their game, and they fell into his trap, People will be going to jail if all works well.

  14. Do you really think Democrats will simply lie down and let Pence throw the election to the guy who lost? People talk about how angry the MAGAs are. That’s child’s play compared to anger such a stunt would generate. We would see a massive Bluexit, the military divided. In 18960 MAGA’s ideological forefathers thought the Republicans, who were the liberals and progressives of that time would roll over and play dead, and were convinced that their heroism and martial culture would prevail, despite having inferior numbers, inferior technology and an inferior economy. We all know how that worked out.

    1. I know who would eventually win if it comes to a gun fight and it sure isn’t the liberal progressive Democrats !!! And there are 74 million or close to that that are willing to join the fight. As for the military my guess is 80% or more would side with us. I do not think a fight would last long as the other side is far out numbered when it comes to guns and ammunition and you sure are not going to win by sucker punching people and running !!!

  15. We’ve got to get rid of the deep state and never let it happen again. For the sake of our country we must deny Biden and Harris the illegally obtained offices and keep the dems. from making DC and Puerto Rico states that would insure a dem. victory in every upcoming election for years to come and maybe forever. God help us.

  16. There is a beautiful “print” of Jesus kneeling in what looks like an ocean amidst huge waves…He is holding out his hand to you and it reads “FOCUS ON ME NOT THE STORM” absolutely calming…..I urge everyone to focus and pray for our President who has been so beaten up and still fights for our Republic, also for all the brave witnesses who have risked their lives to stand for the truth and are being hunted and assassin attempts to them and for the brave attorneys and leaders who stand strong for us. I have lost family members in wars and never thought I would be involved in what is about to take place. I feel it could be a rough couple of months but God is not ready to let America burn to the ground and will stand tall with all of us loving, forgiving, but hard working and strong persevering AMERICANS…..GOD BLESS AMERICA.. stay alert and together

  17. First of all you are WRONG when you think President Trump lost this election. This was the most brazen attempt to unseat the one President that has achieved his promises, virtually by himself, carrying everyone on his back while they were dragging their feet.”, leading from the front while enduring a un-ending assault by a bunch of politically corrupt, crooked, scumbag Democrats.
    I think you under-estimate the loyalty that President Donald J. Trump has and the extent we are prepared to go to, to see he is vindicated and returned to his rightful position as President of The United States of America in 2021.

    1. Randall, if you are referring to me that I think President Donald J Trump lost the election than you misunderstood my email and I apologize for that. I know President Donald J Trump won the election and will win when all is said and done. What I was saying is trust our hard work in this fight it will be worth it and thank all who continue to come forward 🙂

  18. I F’n LOVE IT! Lately i’ve noticed much less negativity on social media towards Trump, and less “bragging” about the supposed President elect Biden. Much of the lack of reporting on Biden, I believe, is the facts that he is putting a bunch of nincompoops into offices that are totally unqualified for the positions and are “payback” for their support of the fraud that took place during the election. Also, no matter how much the media and “big tech” think they have won, it shows just how much they don’t know about the Constitution. It was expected that everyone would just get tired of the rhetoric and just accept the results of an obviously fraudulent election. Since civics & government have basically been eliminated from the curriculum taught in schools over the last 30yrs, I’m afraid it’s blatantly obvious that much of the population doesn’t know or understand the majority of what is contained in the Constitution. I’m very proud that Trump is continuing to fight for the office that is rightfully his! Unfortunately when Trump retains his office, I’m fearing what what will end up is a literal civil war bewtween the corrupt left Dem supporters and the the right Republicans. I’m fearing that the 2nd amendment is going to be coming into play on a grand scale!

    1. It may be a one-sided civil war, because Trump will be able to use the 2018 EO against them and remember, the numbers are fictitious. How many of those terrorists will continue to resist when faced with years in jail.

  19. Please, pick up your phones and call your Representative and Senator and tell them to reject the Electoral College report. Those that will not act are the swamp! Also let them know you will not fund the Republican Party. There will be a new party that answers our need, all 74 million + of us.

  20. I love all the great comments. I have only one thing to say. Looking at the last 4 years how the left and left thinking tried to usurp the election of 2016 from Trump and we the people who voted for him, this is treason. Those who used fraud to try to win this election of 2020 is treason and they should be accountable for what they’ve done. President Trump and his allied should use any legal way they have to stop this fraudulent election under the Constitution. We can’t let this election be stolen and let the perpetrators get away with it.

  21. The democraps are pulling a fraud on this election in all fifty states. Under the United States Constitution Harris is INELIGIBLE to be vice president. At the time of her birth her parents were not citizens of the U.S. They were here on educational visas. Her mother was from India and her father was from Jamaica. They did not apply for citizenship until four years after her birth. So she is not eligible for vice president or president. This is another obummer tactic.

  22. Are you as sick as I am of the unending emails asking for political donations? I am a 90 year old man living on social security and a small pension not adjusted for inflation, and ytd I have given over $500 to Trump , 100 to my congressman, a couple hundred more to the Georgia run off election, and today I have over 25 new requests, How much is enough? I love my country and hate democrats, but there is only so much money available especially here at Christmas time.

    1. Hey Sam! I read your comment and i get tired of the requests for donations as well. But from their perspective, it’s just a mailing list and they hope that a percentage of people on the list will donate.
      Even though the email software inserts your name, it’s not personal.
      It just feels that way! You wish they’d stop for the same reason I do. Because you truly care and your heart aches to do whatever you can to make a difference.

      I too have nothing left to give and have already given more than I should have.

      It’s OK to simply ignore them! You’ve done your part and will do more when you can.

      You can also go to the bottom of those emails and hit the “unsubscribe” link and you went be bothered by them any longer after a few days. That’s what I did, along with just ignoring any new ones by exercising my ability to hit “delete!” lol

      You may still be frustrated and wish you could do MANY MORE THINGS to help fix all this and reclaim America.

      TRUST ME, you are not alone in feeling that way!!!!

      But you don’t need to feel guilty for not donating. Your conscience can be clear.

      Right now? There still ARE some things you and I can do that are important and helpful even if they don’t FEEL very helpful.

      First: PRAY. For out President and the other leaders fighting the good fight and that Satan be bound and that God’s plan and will be done, in the name of Jesus by whom all authority and power is given.

      Second: When possible, share your insights and concerns with others who may not feel the same. But do it in a serious but calm way pointing out the logical and factual realities of the situation… in essence, the common sense reality of the situation. Be sure to mention YOUR stake in all this (what you have to lose) not just in ideals like “freedom”, but in tangibles… effects on your ability to continue living your life, things that hit us ALL right where it matters.

      Third: Pray some more! lol… THEN, CALL and WRITE those in office to register your opinion on specific issues. They DO pay attention to what their constituents think!!

      I know the heart, body, mind and spirit wants to do MORE than that and it IS very frustrating!! But in a way, I think that part of the reason that all of this is happening the WAY that it is? Is because God is using these circumstances to do a couple other important things.
      1. He is using this to get our attention. To motivate us to get RIGHT with HIM and once again put Him in the driver’s seat of our lives.
      and 2. He’s using these circumstances to test our FAITH in His ability to hear our prayers and our faith in His POWER to answer them. So HAVE FAITH! BELIEVE and TRUST that God is as powerful as you think he is!

      Those may not seem like “enough”, but they are incredibly important things are can be doing.

      Remember! God can’t just do whatever He wants! He promised to let US have our OWN will!! BUT!! When we use OUR will to ask for GOD’S will to be done?? Watch out world!! Because that one simple act, is what releases the FULL FORCE of God’s power!
      … where two or three are gathered in my name and they ask… I WILL answer!

      You see, God made US part of the equation!! HE can’t DO what WE don’t ASK for! And the MORE that ask? The MORE He can DO…
      … if My people, who are called by MY name, will pray and seek My face…

      Yes WE are a KEY PART of GOD’S equation!!
      So lets do our part and TRUST God to do HIS!!

      Hope that helped. I know its hard when you want to do more…

  23. I hope & pray you are correct Eric M. Since the Dems aren’t holding up “their end of the bargain” with BLM & Antifa, hopefully they will “throw down their arms”. Unfortunately there will be many that will not accept defeat of their lying, corrupt party though that even now they have been shown to ignore what “agreements” were made to cause mayhem & destruction as a show of power. The Dems literally owe so many because of the plan to steal an election, there are not enough positions to appoint everyone they owe for conjuring up all the plans for breaking the law through all the illegal activities and total disregard of the Constitution! The biggest lie and fraud would be, if that puke Biden were to take the oath of office, with one hand on the bible and the other held up, swearing to uphold the Constitution!

  24. Amen to all. We have become like Sodom and Gomorrah! For all the reasons mentioned above. Dear LORD , we deserve justice, but please give mercy to us. We promise to change our ways and abolish murdering our babies, rampant fornication, idolatry of all kinds. We must let our Light shine in this dark world…that shining light on a hill for all to see.


  26. All you need to do if you’re a demoncrap is see if the oval after “Trump” is filled in: You can pitch the ballot or, if you have the authority to “adjudicate” the ballot, simply change the Trump vote to Biden. The “Adjudicate” is a “FEATURE” of Dominion, according to the Dominion manual. There are other “features” that bulk manipulate votes, too. Since the Dominion machines are internet connected, anyone with the knowledge (read and have a manual) can excersize the “FEATURES” online from the comfort of their computer desk!

    1. Never use Dominion Machines again. Reregister everyone. Use full name, and address, and date of registration. Place thumb print on square provided. Card is added to National Data Base. When voting fill out ballot and place a clear thumb print in square provide. When inserted into voting machine, if it matches thumb prints, votes are counted. If no match, a security guard usher voter to a jail cell where he/she can explain why they were cheating. Convict and send to prison for ten years.

  27. Well and accurately said!!! Call your House and Senate Reps and demand they question the ballots of these electors.

  28. This may be the only way to get out from under (at least temporarily) the nearly immeasurable level of corruption and fraud in Washington, and especially in this election. For anyone to deny that there was MASSIVE ‘interference’, and fraudulent voting counting in the HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, all created, designed and implemented by the DEMOCRATS, in this election is absolutely LUDICROUS,. EVEN JOE BIDEN ADMITTED IT…
    In perhaps yet another “senior Moment” he stated publicly, on the LIVE VIDEO recording, that “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    His campaign claim it was a slip of the tongue, he meant to say ‘Voter Protection’. But the truth falls out his mouth only by accident, and this was an accident. and from the looks of the results, TRUE,
    The evidence is EVERYWHERE and of every kind. Live recorded Videos, Personal EYEWITNESS STORIES, Electronic evidence, Blank Ballots captured being SMUGGLED across the border, shipped in from CHINA,, recreated miscounts caused by weighted voting software, THEFT of BALLOTS by the truckload, Interstate transportation of completed ballots, BLANK BALLOT Printing, records of thousands of votes both ABSENTEE and IN PERSON, by THE DEAD…..( pretty good trick by the way) what else can we do when the so called “National Mainstream Media’ refuses to cover ANY STORY about the obvious fraud, denies it exists, and has DENIED VOTERS the information they needed to make an informed decision. MSM has abandoned their primary purpose to even exist in favor of Supporting a RADICAL SOCIALIST POLITICAL Agenda. TWO STORIES that are crucial:
    1. A national POLL SHOWS approximately 50% of BIDEN VOTERS were NOT AWARE of Hunter Bidens legal problems , BURISMA, His ‘LAPTOP” story, Compromising Photos, Emails etc.. and the alleged INVOLVEMENT of Joe Biden. Even today, MSM agents continue to claim there is no ‘THERE’ there…
    2. HUNTER BIDEN: a National Poll showed 14% of BIDEN Voters said they WOULD NOT HAVE VOTED FOR BIDEN if they had known about the HUNTER Biden Investigation, Hunter LAPTOP, Interviews/sworn testimony with Former BUS Partner Bobulinsky (SP?) implicating Joe Biden as a partner in Hunters Business dealings . This is DOCUMENTED IN company /Key personnel EMAILS

  29. HEY, I saw a piece last night reporting that ONE of the the key individual involved with the “Ballots Under the Table” video from Atlanta has flipped and is Singing like a CANARY about Everything and EVERYONE… Dominion, Democratic Training protocols, plans to block republican observers. EVERYTHING.. Baby don’ wanna got to JAIL jail.. WHO ELSE WANT TO SAVE YOUR HIDE from Going to jail where you will never lack intimate companionship ever again…?? Whether you want it, or not…

  30. Texas should inaugurate Trump President based on winning more states than Biden. Willing to have runoff on New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia, Minnesota. Biden is not President. Has to win these states legally to win.

  31. All good comments. I did not have time to read all, so my next comment may draw fire, but here goes.

    In all the comments I read or scanned, I saw nothing about an item that will solve much of the problem. The Congress (both houses) are in disarray and are not paying attention to business, but are focused on their next election. You may recall Susan Collins of Maine failed to act decisively this year for Trump, sobbing that she was in a “tight election” this year. You may recall also that she had the same tear jerking comment at the time of her previous election. And she’s not alone in failing at her duty because she is a career politician. Congress is full of them, a large bunch of self-centered people not doing the people’s work. I went to NYC several years ago to give a check to then Sen. Al D’amato on behalf of the Society of Real Estate Appraisers (now merged into to the Appraisal Institute). After handing him the check, I asked the Senator if he would help us enact meaningful legislation to license or certify appraisers (since passed and in place countrywide). His response was that “the first things we have to do is get me (the senator) reelected.

    There is no way any self loving politico is going to suggest term limits. But there is a way they can be brought into being by a system that starts with the people. You may remember for civics class a concept known as Initiative and Referendum. I’m not politically minded, but I believe the Initiative part relates to efficacy of a grass-roots effort to effect change that would be in the nation’s interest, if not the interest of the swamp dwellers who make their living for generations at the expense of the rest of us.

    I’m approaching 80, so the nights and weekends required for this effort would fall much better to our upcoming younger generation of conservatives and moderates.

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