Trump and Biden’s Debate was Uneventful Until the Very End

The second presidential debate was more of a debate than the first slug fest. It had much more to do with policy, and was quite heavy on substance this time. In truth, though, the debate was a bit boring, in terms of it not really doing much to convince anyone to change sides. At least until the very end of the debate, when Biden let something seismic slip.

Before we get into that it must be noted that moderator Kristen Welker was a much better moderator than Chris Wallace was in the first debate. The debates ran so much smoother without her trying to be the 3rd debater on the stage like Wallace did.  That’s not to say she was unbiased. Her questions were clearly geared towards helping Joe Biden by being more touchy-feely than substantive.  Nearly every question began with, “What do you tell people of color…” or “What about families sitting around the table…”

Welker did a pretty good job moderating, letting each man respond to the other without interjecting much. However, she promised at the outset that she wouldn’t fact check, but, like most liberals, her mouth wouldn’t let her. In fact, many of her critical questions to the President were loaded with biased “facts” and liberal talking points, for example about poor immigrant children left to rot in cages on the border.

She was shut down on the cage question when President Trump pointed out that Biden and Obama were the ones who built those cages. Also, her question on why President Trump said bad things about Black Lives Matter demonstrators fell flat when the President pointed out what he actually heard the thugs chanting about “pigs in a blanket.”


This debate, showed a more presidential side to President Trump. He was more reserved, while still landing some heavy hits as he pointed out the obvious. Joe Biden is all talk and no action. Where Joe Biden was Doctor Doom, the President was the guy that wants to open up the country. Where Joe Biden was going to save the environment, President Trump pointed out that the Biden Plan was the $100 trillion pipedream of “AOC plus three.”

As expected, Joe Biden didn’t have to face any hard, fact-based questions on all the money he and his family have raked in over the years from the Ukraine, Russia, and China. Welker never pressed him to explain what Russia got in exchange for the $3 million Hunter got and split with him. Nevertheless, whenever Biden brought up the subject of anything mentioning those countries, the President effectively skewered the Biden crime family.  Joe squirmed and grimaced through his unnaturally white teeth. He really came off as quite smug throughout the debate.

Joe seemed well prepared and did pretty well on several liberal talking points like healthcare. But it seemed like every time Joe was doing well spewing his memorized speeches from the heart, President Trump would point out the obvious: Biden had 47 years in the Senate and eight years as vice president to correct all the problems he was currently whining about. He never did anything then, and as President Trump pointed out why should anyone believe that he’ll start doing it now?

The knockout blow that really won President Trump the debate occurred at the end of the night. The moderator asked a loaded question about minorities having to live near energy plants. Once again, Joe waxed empathetic and alluded to how he wanted to do away with the oil industry. President Trump rightfully seized on that seismic answer. Even Welker was astonished and interrupted him to ask “Why would you do that?” It was obvious from Biden’s answer that he had let something slip—and that something was his far-left Green New Deal plans for the country if he wins. The President pointed out that would destroy the economies of states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.  Take heed, the President said to citizens there, Joe is coming after your jobs, folks.

Truthfully, the debate did nothing to convince voters on either side of the aisle to change teams until that point. Trump’s wise strategy to let Biden keep talking and trip over his own facts worked. Biden let slip his economy killing climate change plans about the oil industry and it likely sealed his fate. Biden had tried to hide the fact his plans include anything from the far-left side of his party, but he failed.

Expect polls in Texas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania to swing drastically now towards Trump. Pennsylvania being a key swing state in which polls showed the two men running neck and neck. That will change. Biden lost them when he let slip his far-left plans to transform the country. Let’s just pray the rest of the country was listening too. Biden has a lot more far-left plans than he’s telling voters about.

205 thoughts on “Trump and Biden’s Debate was Uneventful Until the Very End”

  1. Joe Biden will ruin this country. It will be socialist and Communist and we need to leave the communist over where they are. We are the land of the free and the home of the brave.

        1. TRUMO 2020 is our only hope for the Future of the USA. Without him we will be penniless, and with no job possibilities, Under Biden, people are getting out of jail ahead of time, just so that they can vote. Oh Please give me a break, When they get out of jail they are going to do 2 things, Get high and not vote, that you can Bank on.

          1. Did anyone note that Joe Biden said: “I never took a penny!” That way he did not totally lie – a “Penny” for your thoughts anyone? It will be a Landslide for our President who Loves our Country and its people!

          2. Exactly. In 4 years we will vote for Pence. After working with Trump for 8 years, Pence will no doubt have a better understanding of what the American people really want. I can’t wait to see us this time next year. I can’t wait to hear the words “President Trump has just won another 4 years in the White House”. What a celebration we will have. I also can’t wait to see the faces of the Democrats. They will be asking what happened. I guess they didn’t lie good enough. You know you will always fail when you try to continue to lie about so much. You can’t keep up with the lies.

          1. Prooud to have all of you wonderful and brave patriotic guys/gals as our Vets! Thank you! We may still need your services!

      1. Joe Biden is a total disaster. He hasn’t a ghost of a chance to win the White House. Republicans will win the Senate and the Congress with President Trump in the White House for 4 more years. That is my prediction as a Parapsychology PhD!

        1. I see things, can you help me. Just kidding. But I agree. Then we will have Pence for 8 years and then maybe Don Jr. Or Josh Hawley. He is a young senator, but he is a spitfire and he would be a great President.

      2. I hope you wonderful military men and women will NOT do the dirty deeds the Dem’s want if they win. They will order you to murder ever conservative out here along with the elderly, the handicapped, the sick and all babies. That is exactly what they are planning. There is a video out showing Kamala saying she is going to do to us.

        1. That can’t be true. Where did you see this video. Not that I don’t think she would be capable of it, but I can’t believe she would publicly say such a thing.

    1. On some levels, we are already in a socialist like mode given the behavior of so many Democrat run states… “ what is good for me is not for thee ” and “ shut up and obey”.
      They continue to want to “ transform” the USA as Mr. Obama stated 5 days before the 2008 election. Remember???! They want to destroy our history and remake our country! We American patriots must step up and nip this cancer before it becomes a full blown metastatic cancer.

      1. The democrats are following their agenda of fundamentally changing America with their culture cancel, bans so you can’t say anything because out come the adjectives of racism, bigotry homophobic etc. That is crushing free speech as well. Be watchful.

        Florida had loads of people from Cuba, Venezuela, South America who left their socialist countries. They had a huge participation for support of President Trump. Vocal of No Socialism for America. They know first hand how that turns out.

      2. I agree with the moderator last evening, she was better than (what his name heck I for forgot ) President Trump was very presidential . So this crappy green deal and other job killing issue took everything out.It’s a big UMM. Trump and Pence for Four More Years!

        1. She was better than Chris Wallace, but she was still trying to help out Biden as much as she could. She also did interrupt the President at least 5 times more than the President. She was trying to keep the President quiet and not allow him to finish what he was saying so would couldn’t hear him. But she was definitely better than Chris.

      3. You are so absolutely correct ……I was born in a country that was taken over by a communist revolution and my parents took me out and brought me to the United States of America in 1960. I am a conservative all the way and an American citizen since 1967. Trump our only salvation. …he is a true Patriot

        1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, which is THE TRUTH. Your words, Roby Dumovich, are more powerful than mine because you and your parents have experienced a communist revolution and takeover of the country in which you lived. Share those words as often as you can to help save those Americans who think that “something for nothing” is the answer with socialism, which is always followed thereafter by communism. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CONVERT THEIR THINKING TO BECOMING PATRIOTS!!

      4. we have been that, for probably since 1850, when they put their goddess Minerva on the California State Seal…; maybe even sooner…

    2. It has come to mind that leaders of the FBI and CIA re neck deep in dealings with the Biden’s and other democrats that they are hiding every thing they have had from 2019 on them and going after TRUMP to cover their unlawful dealings hoping nothing would be uncovered

      1. I totally agree! The FBI has been sitting on this Biden lap top for over a year and were not going to let the tax paying citizens to know anything about this. Another cover-up for the lying cheating democrats! Biden should not be allowed to seek the presidency at all.


        2. I totally agree. The President needs to get rid of Christopher Wray. He is a Biden man and he needs to go. There is no excuse for them sitting on that evidence for almost a year. There is so much corruption from the Obama/Biden presidency, you hardly know where to start. The Democrats are the most corrupt political party ever. We should have been paying more attention to what was happening so we could have put a stop to it. It only changes for the better if we get involved.

      2. 4 more years with Trump is what we need! And with the latest development surrounding Hunter and Joe’s pay for play scheme, I feel sorry for those who already voted without knowledge of this information which has been suppressed for a year.
        Shame on Bidens! And our slow govt. Intelligence Officials!

        1. What nobody is mentioning is that when ANYBODY becomes part of a cover-up, they become co-conspirators, co-criminals therefore will be persecuted as such.

      3. Kerry, they failed at a cover-up. The “goods” on the Biden family have come out and have been verified by their ex-associates. They have the computer drives, etc. They are doomed. In fact, by law, the President has the right to remove Biden from running.

      4. KERRY, Exactly, except the burying of information started when they felt they’d covered all their bases for Hillary to be guaranteed winning the Presidency in 2016 as the Russian Hoax was her “invention” to try to make sure Trump was discredited and couldn’t win . . . So when God and the American citizens decided otherwise, they had a lot to start burying, again thinking THEY WERE ABOVE THE LAW AND WOULD NEVER BE FOUND OUT. THAT CORRUPTION RUNS VERY DEEP!!

    3. Whatever the United States once had pride in is being destroyed by the leftist, without Biden as president. We will all be in trouble if god forbid, Biden wins

    4. Amen President Lincoln said it best “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” That is Joe Biden’s and crazy Nancy Pelosi’s Plan it is all about the power, money and greed. They don’t care at all about the American people.

          1. I totally agree. That bum started the whole thing when he bought Obama’s way into the United States. He was an illegal president. He was born in Kenya and Soros spent millions of dollars to keep a majority of democrats quiet.

    5. never BIDEN healthcare? Biden is not good for America.
      corruption, lies, and check his watch to see is over yet? Yes is over for good Biden, and you can’t be President. Period.!

      1. When Democrats speak about free healthcare and Medicare for everyone, no one explains how that is going to happen. Will it be middle class like me who will be footing the bill? It gripes me that some, even border crashers, have their health taken care of when I and others have had to have our salaries taxed all during our employment to pay for our government to spend our money. Why?

      2. Are you sure his watch was really a watch or did it have talking points? A tiny teleprompter? Only thinking have no facts to back it up?

    6. Does anyone realize that the three red lines in Joe Biden’s campaign posters are not an “e” but a symbol for the Chinese Communist/Socialist party? If Biden wins America will become a socialist country. Say goodbye to freedom.

      1. That is scary. I didn’t know that. It makes it even clearer that we must do whatever we have to to keep Biden from winning. We need to take a stand and let our voices be heard. It’s about time.

      1. The Democrat Governors and Mayors are already taking over as dictators. That’s why they don’t want the virus thing to end. They’re enjoying the power of a dictator, and they know when and if it ever ends, they will have to go back to dong what their real bosses, the people, want them to do.

      1. Well, I don’t think he is the best president ever. However, he is by far better than any the Democrats are putting up.

    7. I believe that Joe and Hunter could be arrested before election for their crime family affairs. It doesn’t stop with Joe and Hunter, Joe’s whole family is involved.
      We got a taste of what he calls Biden Care. What a mess!

      1. I don’t believe at this point they will be arrested, but maybe something might happen after the election of Trump. What about Hillary ???

      2. It galls me to see Ms. JILLb prancing around so innocent. She let her boys down by not being the “teacher ” she claims to be while gobbling up the gravey.

        1. Yes, Creepy Joe belongs in a nursing home, and wife should be in jail, for elder abuse! What ever mind creepy had, has obviously gone to Mush! He behaves like an Alzheimer’s disease sufferer.

    8. Your right on your summary that people heard how The Big Guy would transform the country. God Bless our Beloved USA . Trump will win . Watching TV n see that more Republicans are registering to vote than Democrats in Florida.

    9. Biden once again revealed he has a communist agenda. No one wants to admit it but Joseph Biden has a Communist agenda. Give Joseph Biden his dream, send him off to the Soviet Union and he can ride horses with Putin and learn more communist election procedures and maybe he can run for political office in the Soviet Union. Joseph Biden has little interest in the United States of America other than eating the food at the White House. President Trump should arrange take out food orders for Joseph Biden and he will go to his basement and eat, never to be seen in public again. GOD BLESS AMERICA Frank P. Barrasso

    10. We have fought for freedom for more than 250 years, defied Socialism, Communism, Islam, denied Hitler the world, and now we face a Socialist future of destruction designed by elitist idiots supported by Soros and his legion of Billionaire “Matarese” Plutarchists. We must remain the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, or the Free World will fall to the wolves.

      1. As Arnold Toynbee, historian, said: No civilization has ever lasted at its peak for more than 250 years. We are at 244 years and falling fast. And, it we want to stop sliding downhill, we should realize that it will be harder work to go back uphill to our previous best.

    11. The public does not get that speaker Pelosi wants him to win so she can use the 25th amendment to kick him to the curb and put Harris in as president and then she would be the ones running the country. I just hope that the huge oil industry and everybody working for these companies turns the tide on Biden that he wants to kill the oil indurstry and rid this country of another 20 million jobs. The democratic party has too be the most develished low life people in the United States. My thought that anybody that votes democrat will be eating out of the toilet with Biden turning this country into communist and socialist country. What nobody is thinking is how are those maggots going to pay for all of there horrid ideas??

    12. You are absolutely right, horrible how many people in this country still do not understand this. They will vote AGAINST THEMSELVES because of their ignorance. The funny thing, people of this country will not be able to survive socialism because they are too spoiled and don’t know anything about it. Especially young people – maximum 2 months and they all will not be able to survive. Well, we, coming from socialist society, will be able to handle it, although definitely would not like to.

    13. Amerika has been socialist since the republic was destroyed in 1865. Maybe you are referring to the oligarchy that has let “those with the gold, make the rules” when the deep state killed JFK in 1963. NO, you are NOT free in Amerika

    14. And it’s not even so much a matter of what he will do to destroy our nation, because it’s what he won’t do. He will not raise a single finger to stop or even slow the “progressive” leftist, socialist movement taking hold in this country. Biden will simply let them have and do whatever they want. And they all know it – that’s why they chose him.

    15. The debate was good even before this debate I was voting for President Trump the country was finally getting on track when covicc hit and he is doing a great job with it Biden is a fake he alway’s was and I’m glad people finally found out he is a liar. Now I want to see what happens

    1. “47 Year Joe Biden. A career Politician”
      If nothing else, this campaign should show folks just how much power information companies like Google, Facebook and the Media have in swaying people’s thinking; even when they are only hearing what those far left outlets want you to hear and know. They’ve done a great job of keeping the truth from millions of voters. Should be a Felony, punishable in prison for knowingly lying to the American people about something as important as a Presidential Election. For goodness sakes, Dems are still telling people that Donald Trump colluded with the Russians in the last election and that he cheated on his taxes; both were found not to be true by Robert Mueller in his three year long witch-hunt.

      1. unpunished crimes only happen in evil empires. Amerika is an evil empire. You are a slave to the STATE….wise up (if’n ya can)

  2. For our country’s sake, I pray Trump wins…
    the Biden faction…which sadly includes China who is out to seize the globe…
    will effectively destroy the America we like to believe exists…
    one with Freedoms.
    to work, to speak, to pray where, when & how we want, and, most of all,
    to build up this country’s economy and services…
    and, schools!
    Biden and his ilk have helped improve nothing.

    1. I Agree. Trump all the way.

      Mr. president you did a great job last night. We are proud to call you leader of our United States.claire



    2. Amen President Lincoln said it best “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” That is Joe Biden’s and crazy Nancy Pelosi’s Plan it is all about the power, money and greed. They don’t care at all about the American people.


    3. Love your comment it says a lot about the American people Vote Donald Trump 4 more years let’s keep America safe and free then vote the Democrats out of office

  4. Biden is a pig. He should just go away. He’s a closet sexual pervert and should be locked up with the rest of them. He’s don’t nothing but lie along with bitch Harris. Nether one should ever be allowed to be or stay in congress.

    1. Joe, when you looked into the camera and said: “I did not take one dime from the Chinese or Ukrainians”. I couldn’t help but recall Bill Clinton looking into the camera and said: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman”. Bill was proven to be a liar and once the truth is fully out, you will also be proven a liar.

      1. It was true old Joe didn’t take one dime from them. He didn’t lie!
        We all know this to be true, but most won’t believe the truth.
        He took millions and millions of dollars from them and still is

      2. Great call Kevin!!! I cringe each time that friggin wretch of a corrupt piece of human feces calls our President a liar. Biden is such a chronic liar that he lies when it’s uneeded.
        What bothers me more than any one thing in this election is….. these left wing idiots will vote for this self serving POS knowing that he’s a criminal. Not so much a vote for Sniffin Joe as a vote against DJT, again, this leftists are impervious to just what it IS they’re voting for.
        Great job CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the Democratic media…… you’ve managed to brainwash all those sheep on the left to further your crooked, American hating agenda. Got em all hating the best President we’ve ever had ( in my humble opinion). God be with us on Nov 3rd…. the Donald will once again make the Demmys (dummies?) cry like little babies…. dumb little babies at that! 4 more years…. for now

        1. Big John, the Gentle Giant
          An old Colorado mountain man said it best- “Biden would lie if the truth sounded better,”

    2. True. Biden is a freaking pervert! God forbid if he wins! Parents and grandparents have to keep their little girls away from him. He will have a field day in the WH.


  5. I agree. President Trump did an excellent job; the moderator did a better job but still let her liberal leaning show!; and Joe Biden repeated himself and stumbled over words.

  6. President Trump won this debate even after being shut down many more times than Biden by the moderator. Overall she did a good job. Biden lied on many of his points. He and Obama caused people to lose good paying jobs in the power and coal industry including the company I worked for by adding extreme environmental policies to the clean air act. This could have gradually been phased in over time as these older plants were retired. I thing the left policies going forward are going to be bad for the country and economy in spite of what they claim. People forget what they have done in the past too easily.

    1. I believe president trump will win. like if he does win there is going to be hell cause the democrats have said so. i pray that there will be peace made in ISREAL and that every thing comes just like planned.

    2. Biden lie’s every time he opens his mouth, he’s been doing it for the last 47 years doesn’t know how to tell the truth

  7. Moving from one energy source to another is not something that can be done quickly. How can millions of Americans go from the vehicles they currently own – and in many cases the cars are “junkers” – to very expensive electric cars they cannot afford? More government subsidies? How can the airline industry revamp their entire fleets of planes to something else. ? Trains? Ships? How quickly can solar powered factories and ALL those high rise buildings around the country come online? California has frequent rolling black outs. If you are on the upper floors of a high rise how do you get down to the ground during these black out? What if you are not in good enough shape to come down 10 flights of stairs? Let alone 90.

    1. Where do the leftist Green terrorists think electricity comes from? And how would we produce all that electricity for cars, homes, business, manufacturing, sporting events and Hospitals? Wind? solar? I think not! Clean energy…a Tesla battery can’t be recycled and it damages the planet just making it. Most all newer cars are near zero or zero emissions.

    1. I thank God every day that Donald Trump is our President and believe God will give him 4 more years, and the us to be thankful

  8. The so-called “green new deal” is a thinly disguised welfare program for the super rich – an elite group of globalists, neo-fascists, plutocrats and pedophiles. It had naught to do with environmental protection.

    1. The Demorats are control by the dumpiest AOC who promised free tuition and free healthcare those that voted her and got suck into her lies and not to mention when she stop amazon from coming to NY you should send back to bartending

      1. They say Mazie Hirono is the dumbest person in Congress.
        Maxine. “ Impeach 45 “ Waters is every bit as dumb as Mazie…. I’d stake my life on it……..
        But AOC…….. there is the most uneducated, stupid, loathsome, delusional reprobate ever elected to Congress. When she opens her mouth and starts to speak, it’s s boundless cacaphony of ideas that are so off planet it makes my head hurt. This one got ELECTED. What in the name of all things sacred does this say of her constituents. People of NY, have you been paying attention to what this idiot is trying to do…. get her smelly ass out of Congress and soon. She is stupid enough to think she is really going to make a difference in this world. NOT MY WORLD!! Wake up Alexandria Baby…….your absolutely a much bigger moron than you give your self credit for….. and how is it the Dems let her get up in front of a crowd and say the first word at all?!!
        DEMOCRATS……….. you’re all out of your fucking minds. Your presidential candidate is not only demented, he’s as corrupt as the day is long, a racist, a fondler, a liar. Unfortunately America, this is the BEST the Dems can do. It is. Sad huh?! But if you look back just 4 years, you’ll see they’ve actually taken a step forward from 2016…….. and that’s creepy enough in itself. Slow Joe and Baby Boy Biden need to be the tip of the Democratic iceberg that NEEDS to be held accountable. Once DJT wins this election, and he’s going to in form fashion, there need to be several “special counsels” perhaps spearheaded by only GOP members…. why not, turnabout is fair play. Hillary, Queen Nancy, Adam Schitt, you too Baracky Boy, LOOK OUT!!! Your turns coming too!! Barack, you’re the most corrupt and worst president this country has ever had to endure. Shame on you and your reprehensible minions

  9. I don’t think I have ever prayed so hard for anything. Trump has to win this election or our country is gone.
    He loves this land as much as I do, even more cause he is working hard each and every day to help all of us to understand just what is happening to our great land. We will all be living in a deep cave if Trump doesn’t win.
    GOD BLESS him and GOD BLESS AMERICA, now and forever more!

  10. Trumps the man. Helping veterans,active duty personnel,police,oil and gas industry,health care,every facet of our lives and we live in freedom protect the second amendment and rest of constitution. Biden wants turn us socialist and that all.

  11. A lot of what Joe said was absolute lies about what Trump did and didn’t do. He even lied about his taxes as compared to Trumps. Did he ever give up his salary for the country, instead of taking so much to give to other countries of our countries money. Trump has taken all money from other countries in tariffs to give to veterans, military & their needs and to farmers. Then what Joe said about Rudy Gilliani was also a lie. The example was what Rudy did for New York and now the Democrats have ruined NY. If Joe gets in NY, Chgo. and CA cities will be ruined by tearing down houses and putting all these immigrants in free apartments w/no payments and our poor citizens will get nothing. Get the homeless off the streets and put them in tents in the deserts of CA, Nevada, etc. Put them where they cannot rob or take money and drugs from guilty people.

    Trump needs to talk more on what this country needs and how he can help the situations instead of talking about what he has done. He is a great President for those who really love our country & God Bless America.

  12. Trump needs to lead America for 4 more years or there will be no more America. Obama is salivating to be active again and we can’t let that happen either. Prayers are needed people. Vote!

  13. it finaly out that biden would hurt all of us his idea of getting rid of oil and gas and other heating source would kill a lot of jobs for americans. he’s finaly showed his trur colors.

  14. People listen to me. I work in the Oil and Gas Industry and have proudly done so for more than 20 years. It will affect way more than those three states. Do you have any idea at all how many people come to these three states from other states for jobs. You just would not believe. O & G feeds MANY families from many states. Hell I am from NC. Do we need to do better in some environmental areas. Of course. But do away with it. What complete fools Biden and his cronies are. The one thing I love about this country is we may not always initially get it right but in God’s name we keep trying until we do. And that is what is going to happen with Oil and Gas. Remember what Biden said last night when you get in your gas guzzling SUVs which we all love and drive around for your kid’s sports activities. Or just to go get brunch. Just saying. Do away with O & G. Ask all those liberals in California how they feel when the lights go out.

  15. I am for Trump and Biden never said he would eliminate medicare and social security if he wins. He will turn our country to be ruled in a communist way and socialism is not for us. So much will be taken away from. Peoples with good health plans will be taken away. Biden is a sick man and should be put in a care home. I pray for
    trump to our president. Hope the people will vote for Trump and win. God bless everyone who will vote for Trump.

  16. Biden is white face lier he couldn’t do nothing in 47 years and 8 years as VP what makes you think he can do anything as President,he can’t do nothing but make things bad for honest American.

  17. It was obvious JB was attempting to satisfy his trio ( AOC, Kamal and Bernie) as well as those that work in the energy industry. He should know by know you cant please everyone. Pick a stance and stand behind it. Hes a demented puppet being extorted by his left radicals. Shame on them and his family for not stopping this.

  18. the two lefty’s are ready to pounce on everything mr president worked sooooo hard to correct from eight years of total destruction by bamy and his band of crooked thugs. there wasn’t an honest one among them, all ruled by the hand of a leader out to ruin a total nation just to line their wallets and egos with power. now as all the truth is revealed little by little ever so slowly we will look back in history to a failed time of eight years. the corruption, socialism, hate, power has no place in our world now or ever….

  19. I’m relatively sure both sides think their man won, but given the facts are what we believe them to be, both sides will snuggly say they’re right. One candidate tried to sell us on “the new normal” of decline and the other says our best day are ahead. Who should be put in charge?

  20. Joe lies lies In the first debate there were 33 Lies from transformation to fracking to packing the court. On China payment it was a half truth. Payment to him was funneled to him by his sons and their partners. With all plans of his whole political group they are all about control and if elected we will end up being a communist nation with no rights. They have been working toward this and setting the stage since well before the 1940s. And they have been doing it through our children Time to get back to teaching true history and learn from it. And now they are threatening those who have supported trump and will make us pay if and when they take over. They are using fear right now to control us if we don’t go their way

  21. I thought one of the notable comments by Biden was when Pres. Trump said he has done more for the Black community than any other president since, perhaps Lincoln…Biden responded by saying that Lincoln was the most racist president in history. Seriously? Lincoln emancipated the Black slaves, and, because of his anti slavery policy, he ultimately, paid the price, giving his life at the Ford Theater. To me, that was completely outrageous, especially coming from someone that has done NOTHING for the Black community during tenure as a public official. One that has gone on record against integration, and, uttered many racist comments himself.

  22. God doesn’t sleep and I believe He allowed this lying, conniving, and vicious Joe Biden to finally slip up and tell all watching what idiots they would be to elect him to run this country!! God be with us in this election by directing the voters to pay attention to who has led this country to a state of courage, might, and well being among those willing to CARE!!

    1. trump does not accept a salary…he donates his pay to the army…navy,,,etc, biden is out for the money. any body , any time any where. he is a multi millionaire and you do not getthat way honestle even if you do work for the government for 47 years…….


  24. How can you believe anything Biden has to say? He has lied about being raised in Scranton ( moved to Delaware when a young age ) his education and all the wonderful BS things when in the senate & as the v p . Come on man !

  25. TRUMP is all about Hope ,Prosperity, and Law and Order.
    For the freedom of our Children, Grand Children, Trump is the ONLY OPTION.
    It is disgusting that BIDEN believes this nation to be stupid and uneducated as to
    see that if he has not done a damn thing in 47 years other than to enrich your family and yourself.
    politicans like him should be VOTED out of Congree and Senate.

  26. Trump did an excellent job last night but if I were him, I would not have agreed to doing the debate with another liberal demo. moderator. That is so, so unfair and I am suprised that Trump agreed to do it. Anyway, Biden lied all the way through the debate and didn’t get asked the questions that are the headlines of the news today about his son and him getting all that money. Said he never spoke to his son is such a lie. So where did all that money he got to buy several homes comes from when he only makes $180,000. The moderator just did not press him on any and all of these questions related to this big story. So very unfair to Trump. Also the moderator didn’t give Trump a chance to respond after Biden answered a question she just went on to say “let’s more to the next question”. Biden several times got the chance to say I want to respond to a question where as Trump did not get the chance. Unfair again. There is so much more to say but I cannot list them all.

  27. Amen President Lincoln said it best “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” That is Joe Biden’s and crazy Nancy Pelosi’s Plan it is all about the power, money and greed. They don’t care at all about the American people.

    1. President Trump states at all his rallies that(WE WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY). Does he know something we don t?I am a vet who served in the ARMY SECURITY AGENCY . Trump 2020 GO OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!

  28. trump does not lie Biden lies ever time he opens his mouth. They need to go to prison, Hope he enjoys the money he sold out the USA to theses country. He is sitting a good example for his son. President Trump 4 more years Please GOD our country needs you & President Trump. GO Go Trump

  29. Joe Biden doesn’t have leftist views, but real Bolshevik views. If people believe him, the country will be completely destroyed in every way. It is enough to look at Donald Trump’s face, it radiates honesty and courage. By contrast, Joe Biden’s face is dominated by cynicism and masterly acting. ONLY Donald Trump: for FOUR MORE YEARS !!!

  30. God bless outlr persdent that has worked for us unlike biden an obama that did nothing but hurt our country an rob our tax money now that we have the truth time for the dem to start paying for there carims agaist us the tax payers that pay there checks


  31. Trump is an amazing President! Biden Only cares about the far left, and how much he And his family can scam off the American people. I particularly liked it last night when Trump. Called him on several of his “my people don’t have a lot” comments!!!

  32. Do you know what they did not asking about the 2nd amendment it backs up the whole constitution if we lose that We lose the Constitution and that aint happening For those of you who don’t know history may have forgotten it an Admiral with a Japanese Imperial navy was once asked Why didn’t you just attack the mainlandIs answer was really simple because behind every tree there would be an American with guns So does anybody not think that still true And I might add a hell of a lot more guns now and people You democrats should take a tip and let it go quit picking on 2A

  33. I watched the debate last night with pointed interest mostly to see when and if Joe Biden would fumble over his words while trying to make President Trump into a bad guy. Biden failed last night and if he happens to win in November, we will be, as they say on the street, “in a big bunch of doo-doo” as China takes over our industrial might, our agriculture, even our schools, and probably our churches, especially after the latest enlightenment from pope francis about gay marriages. We are going to “hell in a handbasket” and the democrats would increase the speed of that departure.

  34. When Joe let IT OUT that he plans to kill the oil and gas industry and completely phase it out by 2035……I could not believe my eyes and ears! Then I looked at DJT’s face and could see “the look”…..of satisfaction that Slow Joe had just stepped in it BIG TIME! DJTdid not have to do a thing, Biden slit his own throat and stabbed himself in the back! All the President had to do was stay quiet and let Joe have the floor!
    Obviously Joe doesn’t know or has forgotten?? how many jobs the oil industry provides the American people and how pleased we are to be fuel independent with much less fuel cost to us! However, Joe may realize all this and feels the American people should have no say in it like we didn’t “deserve” to know whether he planned to pack the SCOTUS!
    Very interesting and I wonder how many liberals heard it and now know supporting Joe will not only raise their taxes but every cost of anything the oil industry provides, and even will have to buy a NEW ELECTRIC CAR! Imagine having to line up at a charging station to recharge your car! AND imagine the cost of installing all the charging stations it will take! WOW!
    I know this, Joe Biden and the Dems scare me so badly I need a clean diaper!
    #WalkAway to help save America!

    1. The demoncrat are such dumbasses that it will take power plants to provide the electricity for their electric cars.

  35. The best thing about living in the United States is the freedom that citizens have to “chase” the American dream. For some it is a decent job, a nice home, a nice car, and an adequate amount of money to live a nice life. Biden epitomizes the greed that some people have, as he played his position in government to make “big bucks” mostly from foreign countries on the back of his son Hunter!

  36. I Voted Early Here in South Florida and I Voted “REPUBLICAN” ALL THE WAY !!!
    The Demonic Democratic Party wants to take away our freedoms and change our Country. They use any tactics to keep their Agenda Alive !!!


  37. President Trump should tell the evil dems “I will show my taxes the day after Obama shows his proof of American birth. That will shut them up for awhile.

  38. Trump has done a great job for us veterans thank you. Most if not all the democrats has got to go. How much longer do we need to feel trapped in our homes or not be able to go to church or our children not able to be with their friends?? It’s got to stop. Nam Vet..

  39. I believe on Fox that someone said that before n after the elections that riots will start but will get worse if Trump wins . Be prepared. People.

  40. I thank God every day that Donald Trump is our President and believe God will give him 4 more years, and the us to be thankful

  41. When I asked my Democratic friend why Biden wouls lie more than once in plain sight, she said “Phyllis what do you mean by saying he lied? He never lied.” Some people need to wake up to dishonesty!

  42. Agree with all of the above. Biden said he didn’t take any money from foreign countries, he took it from his son. The laptop proves it. His son had to share with the big guy. He is a puppet for the far left who is pulling all the strings. Hopefully, the silent majority will put the Donald back for 4 more years! Why hasn’t the FBI after all these months say what is on the computer?

  43. Something I noticed and was sorry that Trump didn’t pick up not. The question was, “Should we make China pay for the Coronavirus?” Biden immediately went into the tariffs and trade etc. totally ignoring the real question. Trump instead of stopping and reminding Biden that he was not answering the question posed , retaliated with his stand on the tariffs etc. Now why would Joe Biden not want to go after China for the virus? In fact remember all the fuss about calling it the Chinese virus? Now we know.
    Should have put Joe on the the spot… “You’re not willing to place all the blame on this pandemic on China? “

  44. TRUMP 2020 Go Team (USMC) If for some unknown reason If sleepy creepy Joe and Krazy Kamala do manage to get in the White House, Joe will be forced to take some sort of test that will show he DOES in fact have some sort of mental issue like dementia. Psycho Nancy Pelosi will have him removed (25th Ammend?) and Krazy Kamala will take the throne and who knows who will take over as VP? Nancy Pelosi? That has been my thoughts/predictions after Joe stepped on his you know what and committed to having a “women of color” as his running mate. Why didn’t he just get one of the self proclaimed MARXIST founders of BLM instead? That would expose them for what they REALLY stand for. SAY NO TO JOE !!! Liberals are destroying our country and I just don’t understand WHY more people CAN’T see that. GOD HELP US!!

  45. I much rather be an American, than a Democrat. I’ve served 22+ years actively against the Communist system, I don’t want to see it manifest in my own country. I also served more than 30 years as a law enforcement officer, I seen the BLM organization function, it is a Communist run organization.

  46. SOCIALISM: where a “powerful few” rule/CONTROL the lives of the many!

    With the Biden Families reputation for Corruption, Americans would be forced to live lives that were dictated by the Bidens! NO FREEDOM OF CHOICE. JUST RULES AND REGULATIONS ABT WHERE YOU AND I WOULD WORK, WHERE WE WOULD LIVE, HOW MANY KIDS WE COULD HAVE (if any because of our genetic make up), IF WE GOT MEDICAL HELP BECAUSE WE WERE ILL (Or if they let us die instead). If we became too sick, the govt would decide whether we lived or died and what kind of treatment we got.

    THERE IS NO FREEDOM OF CHOICE UNDER JOE “the Bad Dude” Biden, only “options” decided by the govt. regarding your life! BELIEVE THIS!! AMERICA WILL BE NO MORE…YOUR LIFE AS IT IS NOW WILL CRUMBLE AND THE GOVT WILL OWN YOUR SOUL AND YOUR LOVED ONE’S SOULS. Remember: democrats do NOT care about anyone but another corrupt democrat. Just research their LEGISLATIONS that have destroyed jobs and people’s lives.
    Joe Biden is the cancer that has invaded our nation. PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE CURE!

    1. Unless President Trump wins Nov. 3rd then this will be our last free election. The Politburo will select our future leaders! Welcome to the United Socialist Republic of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Those of you that have not yet voted, please don’t drink the Biden/Harris kool aide. They are not nice people.
    President Trump, like him or not, tells the truth. He admits, he is not a career politician. I believe he is a Patriot,
    And that is why, we will repeat 2016. The political tide is changing back to President Trump. This President has completed more promises in his 3+years, than Senators Biden and Harris have in their career political years.
    President Trump, we have your “six”

    Retired CSM, United States Army

  48. Remember when Hillary gleefully announced to the world that she was going to put a lot of coal workers out of a job and close the mines? I’m sure that didn’t help her in Pennsylvania!

  49. It was a much better debate without Chris Wallace being there to debate President Trump along with Sleepy Joe. However I wish President Trump would have mentioned the $33,000.000 that Biden cheated the Government out of by not paying taxes but starting a bunch of non profits to hide his money. I also wish President Trump would have pressed Sleepy Joe much harder on his illegal dealings with Hunter.

  50. Trump has been said to be our most polarizing President ever. Not so. That would be Abraham Lincoln. When Lincoln was first elected, people were upset to the point that 11 states seceded from the Union, starting the Civil War! (How’s that for polarizing?) Today, Lincoln is revered as arguably our greatest President, even including George Washington. With all he has done for our country, history may well honor Donald Trump as one of our greatest Presidents!

  51. Yes, I heard Biden say in his first 100 days he’s going to give millions of illegals America Citizenship, free Health Care, and Better Welfare, what he left off was taxpayers will foot all the debt!
    Your family will do without, so Biden can give illegals better benefits, than what Americans receive!

    I also heard him say we owe Illegal Aliens!

    Why exactly do we owe people, who are in this country illegally?


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