Tyson vs. Jones Was Boring, Biden vs. His Own Yard Was Pretty Entertaining Though

Two really big, slow-motion cultural events happened over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Every Generation X boxing fan’s dream of seeing Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. finally take each other on took place. And a doddering Joe Biden fell over in his own yard and had to be rushed to the hospital with some broken bones. Both events involved old guys past their primes who should have known better. But in terms of sheer entertainment, I have to give the edge to Joe Biden’s yard out of these two major events.

I say this having grown up in a household of major fight fans. My parents were huge fans of Muhammad Ali, way back when. I can remember household parties during my childhood when my folks invited friends and neighbors over to watch championship bouts. I fondly remember my grandmother jumping up off the couch after drinking a couple of beers one night and yelling, “Knock the son-of-a-b*tch out!” when Sugar Ray Leonard took on Roberto Duran, even though I can’t remember who won the fight. Good times.

Roy Jones Jr. was an astonishingly talented boxer during the height of his career. Mike Tyson in his prime was downright scary. His fists seemed to be made of concrete. While watching Tyson’s fights when I was a kid, everyone thought that there was a very real chance that he was going to kill someone in the ring.

True story: During the first Tyson-Holyfield bout, after Tyson had learned to be extra mean in prison, my college buddies and I pooled our couch change to watch the pay-per-view. During the second or third round, one of my friends said, “This could be it. Evander Holyfield could actually die right here.” We all pretty much felt the same way. Tyson was a legend, throwing punches that looked like they could literally kill a normal person.

When Holyfield knocked Tyson down the second time, neighbors called the cops on us with a noise complaint. The cops came inside to watch the post-fight highlights with us. It was the 1990s, and America was still an amazing place.

The Tyson-Jones charity bout over this past Thanksgiving weekend was… well, I have to say it even thought it pains me. It was a couple of past-their-prime tubbos shoving each other around the ring for eight rounds. Yeesh. A myocardial infarction was a more likely cause of death in that “fight,” rather than a hard-as-a-rock punch. It was all for charity, though, so God bless them both.


From all the boxing fans out there: We love you guys because you were amazing American champions years ago. Stay safe and, um… find a grill to peddle on TV or something. And maybe cut back on the Cheetohs.

But as for the now-legendary Biden vs. his own backyard bout… Whoa, Nellie! Now THAT was a fight!

According to the “official” story, Joe Biden was playing with one of his dogs in his backyard when he not-unexpectedly-for-his-age fell down and broke some bones in his foot. After his hospitalization, Biden will be wearing a goofy cast boot for several weeks or possibly months as he tries to recover.

That’s the official story, but the conspiracy theory about it is even better!

I just love a juicy conspiracy theory – the wilder, the better! I’m going to have to put together a “Best of 2020” retrospective sometime around Christmas, because this has been such a banner year for amazing, over-the-top conspiracy theories. Here’s the latest one about Joe Biden falling down and failing to get up:

Biden doesn’t trust Donald Trump, but he trusts his long-time Senate rival/ally Mitch McConnell. So, Biden went to his buddy Mitch McConnell’s house to try to broker a deal in secret. Biden knows that his fraudulent “victory” in the election won’t pass the smell test when it eventually ends up before the Supreme Court.

So, Biden made this offer to McConnell: He’ll concede the election if McConnell can secure a pardon from President Trump for all the Biden family members over their illegal financial pay-to-play scams in China, Ukraine and a half-dozen other countries.

But – according to the conspiracy theory – Cocaine Mitch the Murder Turtle refused and then had his henchmen break Joe Biden’s frail old leg for having the audacity to come to him for a favor.

Man, I love this country!

Whether the “official” story or the conspiracy theory is true, who knows? But I’m certain that it would have been a better use of my money to watch that than paying for the Holyfield-Tyson bout.

128 thoughts on “Tyson vs. Jones Was Boring, Biden vs. His Own Yard Was Pretty Entertaining Though”

    1. I think he tried to “smell the dog’s hair” like he does with children & women & the dog pushed him away & tried to bite him!

        1. It is all about evil and good. When Donald Trump entered the race for Presidency, he wanted to exceed, expel to be the best President, maybe that the world had ever known. But there were too many dirty hands and minds, that were present to attack him. He had no idea the why. Was it because he was already wealthy? He did not have to cheat the tax payers for money. He already had money. He just wanted to gain back the America that he remembered, that he cherished, that he loved. When Donald hugged the flag he was trying to send the message, this is “my” America help me to make it great again. Seventy eight million people love you Donald J. Trump. Just there was not enough love to support you, I truly am sorry, and you will be missed.

          1. Don’t give up! It isn’t over yet! I
            And so many others need to know
            The whole truth of how corrupt
            The election was! They must investigate
            All things! Any and all people that
            We’re involved with the fraud should
            Be prosecuted to the full extent of
            The law! Why isn’t the Biden
            family getting their illegal happenings
            Being brought into the open, all
            The People deserve to know!! God
            Bless America

          2. Sharon,
            Beautiful piece. But Don’t count the Donald out just yet. He doesn’t wear a hat because of all the rabbits in it, waiting for him to start pulling them out. That day is coming.

      1. I like PJ and Craig Murphy thoughts. We were first told Joe was (fully dressed) outside playing with 2 fully grown (bigger than Joe) German Shepherds who got the best of Joe.
        Now, we are told that Joe was butt-naked in the shower and (for reasons unknown) the dog was in the shower with Joe. No telling what demented Joe was trying to do (“smell his hair”)when the dog gave Joe “the boot”. Story goes Joe was trying to pull the dog’s tail. Why??
        Bottom line………. Demented Joe has no business being president of anything.

      1. Has anyone noticed the adulterer only holds Hiden’s finger tips in photos-and maintains distance ? She’s too old for him anyway…

        1. I agree ! why hasn’t the FBI gotten into the situation of Joe Biden and his son? That’s very strange to me and other people I know feel the same way. Does that not bother you? This too shall pass. God bless the USA.

    2. Funny but in poor taste. Not a Biden fan by any means but I think the name calling on both sides is inconsiderate, in poor taste, and rude.

      1. I Don’t Think You Are Going To Be So Worried About Name Calling When You See What Bidumb Is Going To Do To My Country . I Was In The Army AND The Navy For 6 Each . I LOVE THIS COUNTRY AND I REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT NAME CALLING . THIS IS MY COUNTRY AND I AM PROUD OF IT. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT —-GO TO RUSSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. Get over it! Biden is a liar & a crook! He needs hung as a traitor to this country along with Obomb, Hellery & the rest of the deep state. Whatever Lyin, Biden is called, that’s not bad enough


    4. That boot he’s going to be wearing for weeks, possibly months, is covering up the ankle arrest bracelet underneath…

    5. I think the whole “deal” occurred because Biden cant walk to his inauguration, now he will have an excuse to ride in a car.

    6. I read the “official” reason for the foot break – hairline- VERY small….was he, playing with the dog he “tripped over the carpet” …WHO knows if they have a carpet in their back yard or not????? STILL funny.

  1. Another theory is that Biden is wearing an ankle monitor, because the DOJ has already decided he committed TREASON.

    I have no idea if this is true, I believe he had another aneurism, tripped over his dog and fell down a flight of stairs.

    1. Ohhhhh. And he survived? Such a pity…
      Hmmmm, wonder if BiddyBoy’s Christmas will be as eventful? Maybe Santa will bring him some Orange pajamas for his new home in Rikers? One can Hope!

  2. Are you sure it was his foot? He acts like he hit his head, but maybe that happened a long time ago.
    The brain hasn’t functioned properly for quite some time.

      1. I agree Connie about this being a charade so Biden can stay in his basement. Afraid DIJ or FBI will catch him and throw him in jail for treason. He has always sold America to other countries!!

    1. I’m a republican and I even think these are far fetched and crazy , I am in my fifties and anyone knows with dogs you can all but break your neck sometimes trying to get out of your pets way without falling on them and killing yourself at the same time . So this one on the broken bone and the dogs is probaly true.

        1. Biden is trying every trick in the book to assume Presidency but does not want to be in the limelight because this election was a farce but Democrats will do anything to run the country including putting the people second to politics

        2. You’re probably a lot younger than Biden, anyway. As for dogs, the only thing ‘stupid’ about them is they tend to trust humans. They trust you to ‘not’ step on them and have ‘good brakes’! LOL My cats are far worse. They think I’m a ‘goddess’ and can have no trouble reaching their food dish from 10 feet away while they stand on my feet!! Go figure!!

      1. Who the HELL cares, Creepy Old joe is not just a menace to himself, but an evil vile corrupt DEMORAT. He gad 47 years in Congress lining his pockets with corruption. No one ever asks him about his and John( the TRAITOR) Kerry and their 3 MILLION stolen from the UKRANIAN PEOPLE?

  3. I think Harris visited to “reason” with Joe, got aggravated (needed a Snickers), shoved fragile Joe and he fell over. She said, “If you think thus us ugly, wait until your coronation! Can you say, ‘King fir a day?’’”

  4. Biden is wearing a foot boot but inside is an ankle monitor , he and his piece of shit son should be locked up with the Clinton’s , Obama’s, Nancy , and chuck , and Harris , and Maxine and a few more ..

  5. I think it’s funny that the senile old geezer doesn’t even have the ability to play with the dog. It’s a clear sign what’s going to happen to the old codger if he gets sworn in as president. Kamala might just shovel the idiot down the steps instead of waiting for the 25th amendment to be activated. Old uncle Joe should take this as a warning of what’s to come.

    1. i think Joe was drunk and fell over the dog in his drunken stupor. Not reported to America for 24 hours while he sobered up. Where was mommy Jill when he was playing with the dog?

  6. Joe needs to concede, but for other obvious reasons. Particularly for treason, election fraud, lying to the American people, and acting like he is the smartest idiot in the world. Why doesn’t he save face and get out of this election while he can still walk. He’s like a one man idiot in a ass kicking contest.

  7. We all know that this election was stolen and they the Dems should all be put in Jail for treason. Trump won this election so hopefully this country will make this right

      1. A-MEn Trump is for America . He Honors and always gives his respects to to the Vets and honors them and Salute them did you ever see Obama do it Or Biden , Hillary In my book Trump is tops in that .

    1. I hope that the DOJ is working on a case to make sure the Bidens, Clintons, Obamas and everyone who is at any way involved with this fraudulent election be arrested and prosecuted to the absolute fullest extent of the law. We need our Country back. We need to go back to no mail in ballots and voter ID.

      1. We do need our country back before the pandemic hit. Trump is the only one that can do it. DOJ needs to get off their asses and prices cute all the people that have rigged this election. And I’m afraid that if by some chance Biden is given the White House we will never see those people prosecuted. I have lost faith in our justice system!! It seems that all these people that have sold our country and our American ways are never going to be put in their place…..PRISON!!

      2. To Kate: The DOJ is ‘missing in action’. They are ‘not at home’. The big shots have sold out to the DEMONocrats. Barr appears to be dragging his feet and killing time in case Joek (is) Buying (the election); actually makes it to the White House.

    2. The DEMORATS are nothing but CORRUPT, VILE AND DANGEROUS. WE MUST GET THEM ALL OUT. Lets start eith Creepy Old Joe and then Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler .

  8. i agree the Clintons, Bidens should be locked up. Who is protecting these people. Why are they being protecting them and sheltering them. Why don’t they identify themselves. This is illegal what is happening. I guess this secret group is above the law and runs the government. What ashame this country has gone down so much. I will be praying God will intervene and destroy this secret society.

    1. I agree. Joe needs to watch his back. We all know how Dems work. He should not be in a dim room with Kamala due to all she would have to do is sit on Joe snd he’s a goner. Then there is Nancy with her bunch of thugs. Better lock the doors at night Joe. And then there is Hillary. She’s probably figured out how to put Joe beside Mr Foster in the park. Joe you better watch the company you keep. Remember none of these have ever been convicted of doing one bad deed. They are all pros at getting what they want.

  9. It’s an ankle monitor. Flight risk due to corruption on many levels. I laugh at the Media again trying to cover for old Joe. Since when does a sprain make headlines?

  10. Old Joe needs to go back to his basement and take his side kick with him. .
    By the way not a dang thing will happen to them. Barr has been bought

  11. Although there are hearings being held with 1. witnesses who signed affidavits that clearly show chain of custody issues with mail in ballots and no poll watchers allowed close enough or in the same rooms where ballots were being duplicated. 2. spikes in vote counts 3. flipping of votes 4. machines shown to be linked to the internet 5. manuals showing how to change the results by use of thumb drives, remotely anywhere, or at the server level 6. voting shutting down people ushered out and mail in ballots dropped off 7. statistical improbabilities, etc. they don’t have the courage to stop the certification. The mounds of evidence they have along with the servers said to have been confiscated by the military, and the digital footprint must have already been verified with the military clearly proving the fraud and interference and the who that were involved. The military witnesses at these hearings are saying they have been involved in the investigated process which tells you they have been engaged in this effort from at least 2018 when Trump issued an executive order regarding election fraud and interference.
    This will go to the Supreme Court but I think it is clear to those closest that criminal activity took place and safe guards put in place until this gets finally settled. The rest of the world is seeing the mounds of credible evidence being shared that clearly puts this election process in serious doubt of its credibility. The Supreme Court will follow constitutional law and IMO can’t rule Biden won, but may also not rule Trump won.

  12. The wrong in this horribly corrupt, fraudulent election, will never be made right.
    The only path I can see to right this wrong is through the Supreme Court.
    Not sure that is going to happen.

    As far as justice being brought to bear on folks such as the Clintons,, the Bidens, the Obamas, there is a two tier justice system in this country.
    There are the haves, and the have nots.
    It appears that the aforementioned folks are in the have category, therefore true justice will not be brought to bear on these people.
    That is just the the way it is.

  13. So Good Old Uncle Joe cannot even handle a routine romp with his pooches that he has had for years. Ironically, the Biden’s announced that when they get to the White House, they will get a cat (gotta show that diversity). Maybe they should rethink that. I wonder how many oldsters have had to activate their “Help me, I can’t get up buttons” because they tripped and fell over “Kitty”. For Joe it may be a lifesaving Godsend if the election is reversed in some way.

  14. These are the times that determine the fate of a nation. As I have been told by many patriots who love this country, as a people we have only three choices before us.
    One: Sit back, do nothing and hope to God that you will be left alone.
    Two: Express your displeasure with the “Fraud” and do everything in your power to see that your opinion is heard.
    Three: Give those in power some time to correct this injustice. If it is not corrected justly, then it is up to the “People” to take back this Country in order to save this Union. As I have heard many times before, “No justice no peace”.
    Joe Biden, in my opinion, is truly an illegitimate President, he may be guilty of “Treason” and other high crimes and if allowed to take the reigns of power, this nation will not be better off, but put through a period of tribulation, we as a nation haven’t seen for at least 160 years.
    The Truth as we know it and how our “Elected and Unelected officials” handle this situation regarding that Truth, this will be the indicator as to who we as a people truly are. I hope that we understand that we must take a stand here and now, so that Truth and Freedom prevail in this great nation for all.

    God be with us.

  15. Perhaps the Secret Service boys moved Pervy Uncle Joe along a bit too firmly after they caught him groping/sniffing a 12 year-old… AGAIN!

  16. My only answer to the question — will the groper make it to Christmas — I couldn’t care less !!!!!! It is a sickening thought that this corrupt POS might be walking into our Oval Office.

  17. All the other crooks in the Dem party know that if Biden doesn’t pull this fraud off they stand to do jail time. From their point of view he isn’t allowed to concede. The broken bones were a reminder from the enforcement wing of the fraudsters that their may be worse things in store for him if he capitulates.

  18. The SMELL TEST is like SNIFFING the SOUTH END of a NORTH BOUND dog . . . or WORSE (like a grilled LIMBERGER cheese sandwich cooking on the STOVE?!?). Oh, if this conspiracy story was TRUE. Get well Joe! You’ll need to be able to run in FEDERAL Prison for SEDITION and TREASON. One THOROUGHLY Enlighten Patriot. Team Trump And his Allies 2020.

  19. Don’t forget Skinny Joey. Mobster who confessed to getting paid by Dems $10 per ballot for 300,000 ballots = $3 million. Just one of many ballot dumps!

    As for Biden, I’m suggesting that Christians email him to share the Gospel. google: contact Joe Biden. Click on: Biden President Campaign Website –Biden for President to bring up the email form.

  20. I call B.S. to a fractured ankle. I’ve fractured mine several times. I was on cast and crutches for a good 6 weeks. I didn’t walk out on my own.
    This theory is funny. I enjoyed some humor.

  21. oh, were it true he was fitted with an ankle monitor!!!! but looking at it realistically, why would that old gasbag need a monitor? he surely can’t move fast enough to get away. maybe it is for his dementia? they can track him down sort of like a microchip in a pooch?? there is no way this a–clown will ever see jail. he is too protected. a case in point, an attorney from Fl is under investigation for advising a group he was addressing to relocate to GA> to vote in the Jan. election. even though Buffet Stacy Abrams has been all over the media telling her “folks” how to do exactly the same thing for months, the officials decide to come after this guy. they know she is off limits, due to her status in Ga as the savior who got the millions of disenfranchised people of Ga to vote for Biden and all his free crap promises….. talk about double standards.. if dementia Joe and his California ho get in the Whitehouse, we the people have an obligation to make it as miserable for the demon rats as they have made it for our President Trump. we have had 4 long years to learn the art. lets put it to good use!!!!!!

  22. The theories are an interesting read

    I like the cut a deal one the best

    But if that shows up to trump

    I’d recommend
    A). Ok all money you stole is turned over to us treasury
    B). All names of where you got money are turned over to DOJ and President fir further prosecution
    C). Your entire family is pardoned and you give up USA citizenship and depart USA permanently in 90 days
    D). All you financial and email records are surrendered to US DOJ and To President for us to prosecute individuals and corporations
    5). We will allow you to keep $6 million max but it is transferred to your new care takers at
    1/3 Russia
    1/3 Iran
    1/3 China

    It’s up to those country leaders to meter out that money to you and your family at the poverty level in their countries

    No GTFO of America

  23. It is George Soros who is funding all the mayhem, riots which includes all the deaths and his ilk. He called a meeting at the Mandarin Hotel in D.C. FIVE DAYS AFTER TRUMP WAS ELECTED, to plot to get him out. Attending that meeting were Pelosi, Abrams and other left wing people….oh yes and Steyers another billionaire. I have been screaming about Soros being here illegally since the late 60’s to no avail. He broke the bank of England and caused millions of everyday people to lose their savings, he had his German journalists write an absolutely lying article about the Conservative running for President of Austria which caused him to be defeated and Soros’s left winger was put in instead. The President of Hungary recently stated that Soros is one of the most evil, corrupt people in the world to which I replied “HE IS THE MOST CORRUPT IN THE WORLD.” He should be tried for treason.

  24. All coke heads come up short and meet the ground at some point, and another one bites the dust.Why ain’t he and Hug the bed Hunter in jail ? What a disgraceful bunch of clown suits.

  25. I bet the story above is more true then tripping over his dog. He knows he has done many criminal things during his life, and he doesn’t want his son whos is a criminal punished for the things he has done. Personally they deserve the firing squad. Biden admitted he had the best largest fraud team in the world so this should tell you he had a fixed on ballots to win the election even thou it was done illegeally. Personally I think we should all be allowed to vote again and do it in one day, w/o illegeals, or released prisoners’, or criminals or dead people voting And there should be registration vs ballot count, if there are more ballots the registrations that polls votes will be thrown out PERIOD.

  26. I totally agree mapeace ,Ive been saying all along we should all vote again,theres just to many questions I mean they are not even doing a very good job of hiding it which tells they know they can get away with anything they even managed to suck Barr into their play for pay…they are all so ugly with greed they will have God to answer to ,they all know they have nobody to answer to here oh maybe China

  27. Everyone that voted for Trump should send a letter to the Supreme Court. Simply your name and address and I voted for Trump. Let them count those.

  28. I’m willing to bet that is the plan. To get rid of Biden so Harris can get her other 4 cronies into the White House to ruin this country. Have they ever proved that Harris was a natural citizen? What am I saying – that what they did to Obama.

  29. Kamala Harris will spray Pam cooking spray on the top of every staircase in the White House and encourage Joe to come down to the bottom to see her.

    What a Fraud he will be in a Nursing Home before 2024.

  30. So sad!!! Our country is disintegrating and people do not seem to understand what they are doing/wishing for.It is worth remembering history. All the great civilizations have never been conquered from an enemy but have fallen from within!!!

  31. I read the “official” reason for the foot break – hairline- VERY small….was he, playing with the dog he “tripped over the carpet” …WHO knows if they have a carpet in their back yard or not????? STILL funny.

  32. We have now “elected” the Paul von Hindenburg of the left. Feeble and demented to begin with, Biteme is already a puppet of Xi Jinping and of Soros. The real politics is the struggle behind the scenes between the corrupt Deep State oligarchs who want to refill and expand the swamp, and who plan to use the plandemic that the democrats started in order to steal the election to achieve unprecedented state and personal power over citizens, and the committed marxists who are all for personal power but who have instead an agenda closer to that of the Castros and Pol Pot. The only way to prevent either Obammunist gauleiters like Tiresome and Witchmer from fastening a permanent hypocritical tyranny on the country, now with the pretext of the Chicom virus but later on account of racism or climate change, or the Squad and their comrades from instituting a permanent Cultural Revolution, is to hold the line against Pajama Boy and The Reverend Vehicular Assault in Georgia. Biden delendum est! #NotMyPresident. #StolenElerction. #F-ckBiden. #Resist.

  33. Puppies are always under foot. I have a puppy; when he’s fully grown, he’s going to be very LARGE.
    Biden’s dogs are FULLY GROWN GERMAN SHEPHERDS. They are much too big to be under foot. They may weigh more than Joe.

  34. This country has really gotten interesting a fix. We have federal employees that make too much money. This cash causes them to be more concerned about their Montgomery County homes and upgrades more than our country. To let this crime infested individual get back into the Oval Office is beyond reason after he and his former partner in crime with John Kerry gave $150Billion to Iran’s terrorist account, and he want’s to do it again. I thought the meeting in Saudi Arabia with the head of Mossad was a warning? If you threaten Israel, things can happen. Anyone helping the mad mullahs destroy Israel could find themselves in a sling. Did our voters really put this pair in office because we haven’t had a woman of color in the White House? Why didn’t we vote in a hampster? We haven’t had one of them yet? And a hampster could also get more than 1% of the vote like she did in the primary! Don’t Americans know how to read? Peter Schweitzer’s book, “Secret Empires” told all about the corruption with proof of Biden crime family. And had it not been true, Hunter, Joe and Kerry would have sued for defamation. Obama and company sent more flag-draped coffins back to this country on their “cash-making” run and nobody seemed to care that President Trump put an end to it? We have no DOJ, as Judge Jeanine said last night. Barr and Durham must be proud of themselves, or did someone stop them in their tracks? Is the Supreme Court looking forward to be expanded by “The Joker”, Chuck U. shumer? Most of us that wore a uniform for this country now feel betrayed. Why would anyone, again put it on to serve in Biden’s corrupt regime, as we now see how dirty our elections are? Deport Biden to Ukraine where he faces open charges with “Heals Up”. The Chinese flu was released at the perfect time to help their friends that are compromised.


  36. These freeloaders that voted for these skanks are in for a big surprise when they don’t get their freebees.Then lose their freedoms.I suspect within a year we will be in a civil war.Patriots against Communists.


  37. Lock and load!! The enemy is at the gate. Now is the time for ALL Patriots to prepare to defend our country and constitution from destruction. Never give up or in to these corrupt Bas tards.

  38. I hope to Hell the Supreme Court will have the spine to do what is actually right for this country and void this entire election and throw it to the House of Reps. according to the Constitution, and that the result of that will be a Trump victory, which it actually was in the first place. This communist-democrat party needs to meet its demise soon. When Trump is declared the winner, there will be rioting and burning of buildings in the streets of all the communist-democrat controlled places. Hopefully those places controlled by conservatives will have the spine to arrest and charge and try and convict and appropriately punish anyone that tries that crap in their cities and states. We can hope. There aren’t many political leaders with backbones these days.

  39. I haven’t laughed in several days, but reading all these comments have really made my day. Thank y’all when i’m Feeling sad – I will go back and read them again.

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