Worthless FBI Finally Forced to Release a Small Handful of Strzok-Page Emails

Why do we even have a Federal Bureau of Investigation at this point? FBI Director Christopher Wray testified before the House Homeland Security Committee this week. After Wray’s dinner theatre performance, where he told House Democrats that Vladimir Putin is trying to help Trump win reelection by putting videos of Biden looking senile on Facebook,  it’s easy to see why the rest of the Trump administration has basically sidelined the FBI as an inconsequential joke. From top to bottom, the post-Obama FBI appears to be a partisan cesspool that has been completely compromised by the Democrats.

To see what true leadership in law enforcement looks like look to the US Marshals. These law enforcement officers just wrapped up a two-week operation in which they A) rescued 39 kidnapped children, B) arrested a bunch of child traffickers and kidnappers, and C) reunited the missing children with their families.

Quick! Name a single accomplishment of the FBI in the past 20 years that comes even vaguely close to the accomplishments that the Marshals Service and the Border Patrol achieve every day. We’ll wait.

You have three whole FBI Directors to choose from as you search for an actual accomplishment of the FBI: Robert Mueller, James Comey and the current worthless Director, Christopher Wray.

Still coming up empty? Well, we did too!

The latest “accomplishment” of the FBI under Christopher Wray was this: The bureau finally turned over a small handful of previously unreleased emails between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Judicial Watch won a FOIA lawsuit against the FBI for all of Strzok and Page’s emails back in 2017. And… they still don’t have everything.

This latest batch of emails reveal that Strzok was conducting an in-depth investigation of President Trump’s… tweets. Yes, his Twitter feed. Donald Trump said mean things about Barack Obama and James Comey, which could have only meant one thing: He’s a Russian agent! A Putin puppet!


If you think back to March of 2017, when the FBI was all over Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, there were some other important things going on that the FBI may have wanted to be focusing on as well. You know, like a certain domestic terrorist group that is still burning, robbing, looting and destroying American cities in 2020. But the FBI wasn’t investigating Antifa in 2017, because Donald Trump’s Twitter feed was just too damned interesting!

And why does the FBI get to drag its feet for three years when it has a court order to turn those emails over to Judicial Watch? Do you think any of the rest of us could get away with that with a federal agency?

“Gee, sorry, IRS, but I’m just really super-busy. You’ll have to wait until 2025 before I can submit my tax returns for last year! Oh, and, um… it’s going to take even longer to send you guys a check. You understand how it is!”

Despite nearly four years of sustained terrorist attacks by Antifa, we still have no idea about the organizational structure of the group. They are clearly organized and have a hierarchy of officers and troops. A group of Seattle Antifa terrorists were just arrested in Kenosha, WI. But they weren’t caught by the FBI. Local police caught them.

The FBI has informants inside nearly every Second Amendment hobbyist club in the country. But they still haven’t bothered to infiltrate Antifa, after all this time and despite the group’s obvious terrorist tactics against American citizens.

We know next to nothing about Antifa, because the FBI simply hasn’t been doing anything aside from spying on the Trump family for the past five years and stonewalling Judicial Watch.

For example, I was under the impression that Antifa was comprised of young white college graduates who were unable to find jobs due to globalization. Silly me!

Teenage patriot Kyle Rittenhouse allegedly showed us a random sampling of three individual Antifa members in Kenosha, WI last week. It turns out that all three of them were dangerous, volatile convicted felons. All three had served hard time in prison for violent crimes. One of them had raped multiple little boys all under the age of 12! I would have lost that one in a quiz!

The point is that I could only make assumptions about who was in Antifa – and I was completely wrong in my assumptions – because the federal agency that is supposed to be watching out for and protecting us from domestic terrorists has no clue who is in Antifa, either. Which brings up a very good question: What are we getting in return for the huge amount of taxpayer dollars that are poured into the FBI every year?

The US Marshals are incredible. They’re catching dangerous fugitives, rescuing kidnapped children and kicking bad guys’ doors in. The Border Patrol is equally incredible, taking on drug cartels, human smugglers and the scum of the earth, every single day. What in the world is the FBI doing, when it can’t even be bothered to hand over emails until years after a court orders it to do so?

68 thoughts on “Worthless FBI Finally Forced to Release a Small Handful of Strzok-Page Emails”

  1. Sounds like the FBI needs to be replaced with other people who will do there job. Not sit around and look busy but really do there Job

      1. What happened to the FBI, once a respected law enforcement today they are literally a joke. So far it looks like Wray is part of the Swamp. The CIA also have a very tarnished reputation especially after their corrupt leader Brenan. Some police depts are worthless, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, etc.
        Today the only Law Enforcement group with credibility is ICE! The democrats want to dissolve ICE, is there a huge conspiracy against the USA>

      2. I believe the FBI are controlled and manipulated by the Democrat Party as is the Media. I see a sinister plot to destroy the USA we know today.

          1. Yes I agree defund the FBI get rid of them we don’t need to waste any more of our tax dollars on them and I like the one of defunding the demoncrats. They haven’t done nothing for years now get rid of that party all together. They are a group of tyrants let’s see to it they get the punishment they all deserve and yes I am talking the laws for tyrants in the Constitution very harsh punishment. No slap on the wrist and no jail time tyrants and traitors should be hung or lined up in front of a firing squad. Or ship them to China with a one way ticket and make it known they can never come back to the United States Of America. Trump 2020

          1. Individual FBI agents can also be a problem. They frame people for crimes they didn’t commit, manufacture evidence, entrap people…and target known conservatives for harassment and contrived charges.
            It’s time to rid this country of the greatest threat to individual liberty.
            Conservatives are labelled “domestic terrorists” while antifa and BLM are
            Virtually untouched.

      3. Save taxpayers money we have made it almost 5 years while do Nothing to stop terrorist antifa and blm IT is much more important to them to spy on our duly elected President Trump. Increase to Us Marshals and Border patrol Dissolve the useless fbi.

    1. I think what we went through during the past 3 1/2 years has put a doubt in everyone’s mind. Sorry but true! Something is still going on that’s not on the up and up. Justice will prevail!!!!!!!

    2. Correction, it sounds like the LEADERSHIP of the FBI needs to be replaced. I personally think most agents would do what they needed to do if given the opportunity.

      1. I agree but I also think that there are several agencies that do essentially the same thing. If they could be merged together – FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, NSA? It seems like the redundancy only succeeded in creating multiple secret budgets and excess government jobs. Couldn’t hurt to address this review now, especially under a President that would be willing to honestly address the effectiveness and relevance.

      1. Unfortunately the Clinton’s seem to be above the law the crooked ass holes its time to really drain the swamp and eliminate the fbi period lol

    3. Try calling the FBI. The listing in the current phone book under “Federal Government FBI” is : National Toll Free 800-324-2255. You get “be flexible an anti inflammatory————–” You can’t even get the FBI on the phone. FBI needs to be Defunded and done away with!

  2. US Government as a whole is a political quagmire of lies, fraud, corruption, treason, sedition and multiple other violations at the expense of American taxpayers. Few and far between are the competent appointees that perform according to directive of their job description.

  3. If they were doing their job properly I would have no problem as it is instead of trying to defund good working police maybe defund the FBI and start all over again with a new group of people at the top.Larry Byers says:

    If they were doing their job properly I would have no problem as it is instead of trying to defund good working police may be defunded the FBI and start all over again with a new group of people at the top.

  4. Don’t worry Antifa is on domestic turf. They are not terrorist it is the Russians who are the problem. We ought to be prusuing the Russians on the Democrat side of our country. Looking for traitors look there there are plenty there, along with your seditious representatives in the House. If Pelosi Shumuer, AOC and the gang, Schiff not domestic terrorist then the word doesn’t exist.

  5. Has become way too political!!!!!——This is the SWAMP on steroids!! Bring back the old FBI –actually help protect AMERICA————–DO YOUR JOB!!!!—–Find the bad employees and give them early retirement

    PS: Turn over the flippen e-mails————-NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. It was necessary to remold the “old FBI” and reel in J. Edger and his copious wire-tap files he used to compromise prominent politicos (a prime reason for his longevity in office). Thus the FISA Court.

    1. Call your Congressmen everyday and express your views and what you want done. Put pressure on them, believe me they want re-election. Also if everyone calls they will see Americans mean business, and just might instigate an intervention to improve the situation.

      1. Got a better idea, lets put the FBI under the direct supervision of the U.S. Marshall’s. By the way great job the Marshall’s and Border Patrol are doing. Trump 2020

  6. I want to know why Christopher Wray is still the head of the FBI. He needs to be fired. I’m voting for President Trump but Wray has to be fired today! After what I saw last week in the hearing’s in the House. He’s pathetic.

    1. -The FBI will no be a credible agency, until the President nominates a honest agent from within the ranks of the FBI……not a political Hack like Christopher Wray, who tries to undercut Trump every chance he gets…..another undercover Demorat…………like Romney.

      1. Pain, and Pain, and more pains…the FBI becomes the enemy of USA and his peoples. Wray was a president of the Investment Bank from Saudi Arabian and Iran. I don’t know why he is Director of the FBI, professionally he doesn’t know anything about Counter Intelligence. He knows the financial just in his mind is $$$$$$$$$…very clear…dear patriots

        1. So why is it that the democratic party wants Ice removed? Well here is why. Have heard from persons who work for Ice is the main reason the democratic wants to keep the wall down would mean that all children would be documented. Well this way with no wall then the coyotes (drug and people runners) can bring children across and NO ONE knows they are here. Plus each girl is g iij even a bottle ed of the day after pills to take e a.c ch day.

    2. Because President Trump would again be vilified for it. Maybe after the election. That’s why it’s important to vote and re-elect President Trump.At least that way if Trump wins total control does not go to the Socialist/Marxist. If Biden/Harris wins they will have TOTAL control.

  7. The FBI failed the US on 9/11, they are a country club, but there is still a lot of hard working people in the FBI, so the DOJ should turn the FBI over to Home Land Security and cut through some government Red Tape. The FBI was the first department for home land security and now it not what it needs to be. Time changes things and culture, so change the FBI……….Get rid of Wrey

  8. Christopher Wrey won’t release anything, if he doesn’t have too! I don’t know if he’s another “Comey Buddy” or doesn’t want to embarrass The F.B.I. then it already has by being political?


  10. Not all are worthless. Weed out the best agents fire the bad. Can and should be done. Now what agents are left ,find the cream of the crop and there you should pick your leaders. Reward from within. This will take time and energy, but it has to be done. Trump has to be elected or else this would never be accomplished with brain dead Biden and creepy Harris.While I can still say GOD bless .

  11. Yes I agree get rid of FBI they are not in line with our camander in chief but against him.
    We need more U.S. Marshals.
    We are under attack with BLM, Antifa etc
    These are Marxist groups against America and we need US Marshall’s to go after them FBI has done nothing for 30 years!!

  12. Christopher Wray states he has a good relationship with President Trump on a recent interview.
    If that is so, where is the response that is so needed with respect to numerous missing e-mails on the Russian collusion quagmire.
    It can’t be that difficult, unless Hillary Clinton (deleter of the free world} is involved.

  13. need to get rid of FBI and prosecute the guilty democrats including Hilary and that lying traitor Obama and the rest of the swamp whose getting away with cheating and robbing our country, Pelosi needs to resign and check into a mental institution

  14. There may be some merit in scattering the DC headquarters of the FBI, turn the building into medium income housing; reassign the lower level headquarters staff to the field offices in each state. Bulk up the FBI legal attaché offices in the numerous US Embassies, retire all of the senior staff, executives, & lawyers.

  15. The sad fact of the matter is: that the FBI should have been re-examined and re-organized after Hoover. It was not. The FBI under Hoover had a nasty habit of blackmailing high level politicians, and even Presidents going way back. In recent history they attempted to do the same To Trump. If you think for one second that the way that the “Clinton/Steel Dossier” was presented to Trump was anything less than a blackmail attempt, you are mistaken. That WAS a blackmail attempt. —Unacceptable.

    Let’s not forget The FBI recently, and possibly STILL IS, participating in an attempted coup on the lawfully elected President of the United States. —Unacceptable.

    When the American People have demanded accountability and full disclosure about the actions of OUR AENCY, (yes this agency belongs to, and is accountable to us, the citizens of this country), they have chosen not to comply, or to slow walk the release of information. —Unacceptable.

    The Hatch Act is quite clear: Federal employees may not engage in political activity while on duty. It is also quite clear from their own e-mails that they did.—Unacceptable.

    While I believe that the Agency fills an important role in service to this Country, It needs to be examined with a microscope, and cleaned out with a fine tooth comb, to rid us of the parasites infesting it. The honor of this Agency needs to be restored in order to regain the complete confidence of the American People once again.

  16. YES!! We need to be rid of them and re-hire with half of each party affiliation to keep things fair and just. This is the problem when we keep leftovers from another party. They can actually form a coup over a President they don’t like. And being in the FBI affords them the ability to know exactly how they will conduct it without a trace. Same for the CIA….not a good thing to have all one party in there either. And the head should always be the Party in office.

  17. No party involvement, not in government jobs period. Who you vote for is a private affair, only your personal and private life. Never should the two meet.

    1. the FBI and CIA are controlled by the council on foreign relations and the trilateral commision. these are the shadow government. also check out anguish and action (the obama organization) they use the cloward-piven strategy that we are seeing today.

  18. Fire everyone in the FBI then hire someone that has proven themself in law enforcement as an honorable person then task him to start hiring good agents and instill in them the importance of non-partisan behavior. They will need to study the history of partisan behavior that took down the previous FBI so they will know the consequences of partisan behavior.

  19. The FBI is just a publicity seeking agency ever since Hoover. He buried Eliot Ness because Ness got the credit for taking down Capone. In WWII Hoover took credit for catching the German spies dropped off our shores by U-Boat and nabbed by a US Coast Guard sailor patrolling the beach. The FBI has been taking credit for catching criminals by local law enforcement for years.
    Except for some TV series about the FBI, it seems to be an agency that isn’t very effective catching actual criminals.

  20. The FBI, CIA, should have to be like the Military was and I hope still is when I was in the Army. NON-POLITICAL. We were not supposed to discuss our political thoughts in public. This didn’t mean we were censured. Never. These outfits respected the rules. PLEASE bring them back. Our Judicial system has gone to HELL. Mr. President please, please if one of our agents get caught with his/her hand in the cookie jar, hang there asses. Make a lot of public examples and maybe these traitors will get the message. I am a 90 year old Korean Vet. and I remember the GOOD OLD DAYS. WHEN BEING GAY MEANT HAVING A GREAT TIME, IF A POLIEMAN SAID TO A YOUNG PERSON, JUMP, there were 2 question we could ask, HOW HIGH, AND WHEN CAN I COME DOWN. The COP was the best friends we had out there. Cap’n Jack Wilson

  21. In the past, the FBI was one of the most outstanding organizations in our government. It is still difficult for applicants to even get a position with the FBI. When President Trump campaigned, he said he would “Drain the Swamp”, needless to say, I don’t think he even knew just how deeply infested our “Swamp” had become. With criminals of the past leading OUR government, they appointed key figures in nearly every department of our national structure who aligned themselves with those in charge and it has a dwindling effect which eroded one of our most prestigious law enforcement organizations: the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). Just think of how a real swamp exists in real life, the spawning grounds, the murky waters, the spooky feeling as you peek through the cypress trees, spotty appearances of alligators, water moccasins, the eerie sounds that are frightening and this is just in the daytime. Our federal government is the head of the swamp and there are thousands of tributaries leading to and from it. This is why it is so important for the Swamp to be drained of all past criminal activity and we need to keep President Trump in office so he can continue to DRAIN THE SWAMP. Those gators & crocs have been restless for the past few years, doing everything they could to bring him down. But, he sits on the highest stump at the head of the swamp and we need to keep him there for the next four years!

  22. In reality, the FBI was never any damn good going all the way back to when it was founded by J. Edgar Hoover.
    It needs to have all it’s functions absorbed by the U.S. Marshal’s Service. Take Hoover’s name off the building and replace it with Bass Reeves.

    Bass Reeves
    American lawman
    Bass Reeves was an American law enforcement officer…

  23. I would nominate all the politically fired and resigned police chiefs as administrators and the policemen and women that have been thrown under the political bus as agents to replace the FBI and turn them loose.

  24. I believe it’s time for Trump to defund the useless FBI agency and lift up the stellar US Marshals and let them replace those idiots! Thank you to these amazing brothers and sisters of the US Marshals for protecting and serving our beloved country! Amen

  25. The swamp rats are the professors in our places of higher learning placed there by unsuspecting deans and staff who know nothing about the Marxist leanings of the people placed in front of unlearned students. Paid good money, subsidized by US government and unaware alumni. The future leaders of America are not learning about America, they are learning (falsely) what is bad about America and how unfair it has been to certain people. Explains why people are using every tactic, paying large sums to enter the “Horrible America”.

  26. The FBI have been worthless from day one. Founded by J. Edgar Hoover, a cross dressing homosexual, the FBI has only been a figurehead in law enforcement.

  27. The past 3 years have shaken my faith in the FBI. They need a real shakedown and a complete housecleaning from top to bottom. Drawing salaries that don’t help anyone. Give me one thing that they have done for the last 3 years. Bet you can’t do it!!!!!

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